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I like them on the looser side:
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 14, 30

I like the Flying P a little loose in the Bigger stuff too.
I need a looser board for my style of late take-offs.

May 1st, 2016: (posted on May 3rd.)
Other guys get a kick out of how an old man like me will commit to a wave so late.
       I realize after watching Pipeline that my approach to catching a hollow wave is a little different. When most guys are holding their rail, I'll usually throw my board sideways and stand right up and ride down the face a little sideways. Yah gotta have a loose board to do that, and I think that's been the problem I've had with my new Quad, is having too much fin under it. So my next session, I'll be going with AM1's instead of the the EA's. None the less, I do have those Rusty's I reshaped to more like an EA with more cant that worked real good with the Stoneman, and I'm guessing they will be the ones to use, but they just won't look so pro surfer being cheap plastic ones.
       This morning was short lived. It was difficult from the start, but as soon as the winds switched around south, I was missing my old Gun because it sure got bouncy with the Flying P.
       I need to be going for something longer and narrower to replace my 6'5"s boards since the old round tail dosen't paddle very good anymore, (and it's been kinked twice.)
       I think I'm going to shape a 6'5"R blank into a 6'4" at somewhere between 19-3/8 to 19-1/2 wide with a round tail at about 14 3/4 and about 2 5/8" thick. (Basically about the same as the first board I shaped, but that one got sabotaged.)

And tell me who are the fools?
Just take a look at what the Assie's figure the surf brakes on the Gold Coast are worth in revenue.
       There was a link at Magicseaweed to a bit about the concerns of what a Cruise Ship terminal might do to the place.
       With the Gold Coast being known for its surf spots, they bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and just the one spot is considered worth a number of times more than the $6 million per year the ship terminal would bring in.
       Then what am I getting at?.
       Well look at what is going on here in Oceanside and a number of places of SD as well. They are putting big rocks on the shore for erosion control and eventually just getting into the water will be about as scary as getting in and out of the water at the shores of Seaside, Oregon.

The Ironic part of it all:
       These crooks they got running this place, don't want me to have any money, but they like the idea I bring tourist dollars in for them. But then again, the tourism has actually dropped this year and they are considering spending money on more advertising to turn things around. (Which isn't going to do anything about preventing their shores from getting rocky, which will only make their destination look less appealing.)
       Now for the really stupid part.
       Like what would I myself being a surfer do if I had any money?
       Well I certainly would do what Kelly Slater has done.
       Slater has invested a shit load of money in a wave machine, for what purpose it isn't actually clear. Since it is not commercially viable because of the liability involve, it must be considered an attempt to build a private wave. And if it was open to the public, it would pretty much be for the wealthy.

Where my investments for more waves would differ:
       First off, I'd buy a barge, portable cement plant, a couple cranes and a shit load of epoxy coated re-bar.
       I'd create more surfable waves than any machine cold because I would use the power of the ocean.
       I figure I could create monetary gains once I proved how my underwater wave generator/erosion control devices work. I figure there will be people willing to lease them from me, just to protect their water front.
       The deal is, once they are manufactured and placed in the water, most of them will have to be maintained by being pull up and repositioned a few times a year depending on the hard pan below.
       But then again, if by time I see any money, I'm too old to surf, I really wouldn't give a damn about it. So tell me, Who's got the most to lose?

Oh yeah, pretty funny to see that Kelly Slater dose not have any stickers on his boards. His fans even look phoney. I wonder if he has to pay people to like him.

And tell me why:
Speilberg didn't make one of his appearances at Obama's correspondence dinner?
       You know he was always a staple around there and one of Obama's best chums.
       Was it because I picked apart his blue screen tricks last year?
       Embarrassed the White house I guess..

Oh Yeah, another thing:
Sounds like my aunt Rosebud chowed down a bunch of sleeping pills
       I take it she had problems sleeping .
       Like I said something like it before about my sister Donna: that if I'm half as famous up in Tacoma as I am down here, she probably couldn't go anywhere where they know who she is without people talking about her behind her back. And when it's not good things said about her, the fame will get to her. (If not that, my Angles or the Grim Reaper would have of course.)
       I bet she did get taken with the patent deal over my truck. Like I said before, I bet they only gave her enough money to get her to sign her name to seal the deal. After that point, they were not about to pay her anything because they knew she stole it and she wouldn't want them to tell me, nor would she want to go to jail or prison for a felony for signing her name claiming she was the true inventor.
       Once she signed her name on the line, it was out of her hands and no longer any good to her. I wonder it it even bothered her that thousands of people died from it because of what she did?
       I bet the only reason she lived as long as she did without Speilberg or Obama killing her was that she had done me wrong, so she would have been in a spot and would have had to keep her mouth shut just the same.

Who's favorite now?
Rule Numbers- 20 & 55

The last couple days, they were saying,
  "that's the good one."

(Referring to the Flying Panamanian.)

May 3rd, 2016:
But after today with smaller fins on the Kah-plunker, I think my fans will be re-considering which board is their favorite.
       The AM1's definitely helped me catch the waves properly without diving for peals. And being able to turn it sideways sure helped me slow it down and go more vertical.
       The thing that surprised me the most is how it hangs on to a wall without rolling and I think where it will prove to excel is in waves that are blown by on-shore winds, -like later on in the mornings when waves are usually difficult to catch. Like this morning, I was able to get up so early on one of those wind blown waves where you can't tell which direction to go because the lack of a peak and nothing but a wall, -that I was able to get up and then check the wave, go one direction and then change and go the other.
       None the less, I began to real that the board is sort of a hybrid as far as characteristics go. It's a blend of the feel of a twin-in and a quad.
       It favors being surfed rail to rail and not do back foot dominate quad feel. It surfs back foot well but if there is chop, it is better to have some weight on the nose so that it doesn't bounce so much, therefore having it looser and sliding it rail to rail is the way it likes to be surfed. Big fins just had me riding it too far back and it caused the front to bounce around too much, so I figured out that the smaller fins let me move forward more and I'm less likely to lose the wave when it gets weak. But don't get me wrong, it will spin on a dime if you put your weight on the tail, it's just too boaty to do it on choppy stuff.
       And on which one of my boards is the best, of my favorite: I don't think I could have bought any surfboards off the shelf that would have been better for what I wanted. I happen to think both of them are good.

Up-date: I would not doubt the rumors about my aunt being false.
I have to say I have heard that Charles Gould has been arrested.
       I get mixed feeling as to whether he got busted for insider trading or even the possibility he had my aunt killed..
       I think they may have planted phoney rumors about my Aunt taking sleeping pills so that I might repeat them and cause false rumors.
       And oh, I got to thinking about my uncle Robert Pace. With him being a US Postal Inspector, it's not difficult to believe he would have been capable of controlling what happened to the mail I would receive. (Something that I wish I would have thought about a long time ago.) I bet he was the one who was opening the letters from the patent office.

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Another failure of the Criminal Justice System
Celebrity without the money to protect myself or property.
Bargain Pawn of Oceanside California
Rule Numbers- 65

August 8th, 2015:
Apparently everyone else has known for awhile,
       that the Bargain Pawn Shop here in Oceanside California has been renting out my Basses.
       I guess, from what I've heard, they've been getting $1,000.oo per month for either one of them.
       ($5,000 deposit, from what I hear.)
       Makes sense: because they didn't care if they were only collecting interested on $300.oo instead of $500.oo which would have increased profits.
       But since they were making more money off just renting them out, it's not difficult to figure out a reason why.
       Sounds like it was no secrete, except to me because it sounds like everyone knew all along and they only began talking about it once they heard me taking it apart to figure out what was wrong with it.
       I saw the nick and scratch on the back of my five string. And I've been noticing unfamiliar marks over the years. Kinna sucks I've been having to supply the strings for the Evil Assholes over the years. But this time my old Fender came back with the electronics toasted.
       I don't know how they could have done it other than hooking it up to either a real old amplifier of some kind of high powered pre-amp; but my Jazz pick-up is gone.
       (I tried jumping the pot, but that wasn't the problem.)
Update: they hooked it up to an old amp that had something wrong with it.  And of course its an old vintage pick-up that contained some non-existent wire.
       I can't even play it, because it doesn't sound the same. the whole thing is like being violated.
       It's like these guys have been renting out my wife so others and rape her.
       I wouldn't doubt they raise the price they were asking once they learned about the naked pictures of me that the local San Diego County Sheriff leaked out onto the Internet. The sad thing about it is that they still have my 5 string and I don't have the money to get it back from them.
       Once I discovered the problem
my Angles went off and they haven't let up in their efforts of telling me what they were doing.

I was wondering if a guy there was taking it home with him, but once the Idea popped in my head that they would have been more interested in renting them out for profit, -my Angles wouldn't let the thought go away, --all night; every time I woke up it was left on my mind.

Surf supply Wholesaler in Oceanside California

And should I mention that I pawned both basses so I could make my own surfboard so I wouldn't be making criminals money because I was surfing their brand of board. I even laid out my basses pawned money for a business license and tax number so I would be able to sell my own brand of surfboards.
Then the Wholesale Supply
       here in Oceanside,

       switched the label on a can of resin,
      which in turn sabotaged my board.

And do I need to add that the sabotaged board ended up being scanned and stolen by the very criminals I wanted to stop making money for.

I think it is safe to say, there is a lot of Evil stuff that goes down here in Oceanside, California
       Or should I add that there are a lot of Evil people who reside here in Oceanside.
       It's really creepy here folks.
       It's obviously cursed with Evil.  655 words 8.8.15

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Present Day Journal

EVIL is alive and well in Carlsbad:
Rule Numbers- 65

May 20th, 2015 posted on 5-21:
On the upper levels of the Evil Totem pole is Carlsbad with its corrupt law enforcement and FBI assassins.

Evil is Socially acceptable.
For those of you who have not read the Journal entries lately may not know this but it sure didn't take long for me to locate a handful of criminals. In fact it actually took about three or four days to have the Evil Buggers come out of the woodwork.

Can you believe that they conspired to throw me in either jail or a mental hospital as a way of running me off.
       Not only that: they actually canvased complaint forms so they would have a way of throwing me in jail and they slandered me with child molester rumors to encourage reluctant people into signing the complaint forms.
       I don't know what you think, but I think that is pretty bad.
       That's about Evil as you can get.

But no, no, no way as Evil as the ability for the FBI in Carlsbad to set a time and date for the death of anyone, -at the discretion of the President of the USA.
       Totally Socially Acceptable in Carlsbad
       My Dad and Jone Rivers got the same surgeon who lives in Carlsbad and walks the streets and in San Diego county that is just totally socially acceptable .

The Surgeon's gun notches for his kills happens to be fancy cars.
       Jone Rivers got him a $311,000. Ferrari.
       I know because I saw it busted up into pieces on the news and it still had the window sticker on it.
       Of course the reporter didn't say who's car it was. They said the driver just ran away, but I would think it would take about five minutes to find out who's it is registered to and I don't think anyone is going to be able to even walk away from what was suppose to resemble a car.

Obama Speilberg killed my family and friends

Helpful Hints
on Que Card Making
and to all copies of my cards.


It's an Award from that Evil Speilberg Guy
Be Happy Barack Obama
On May 7th 2015

An unhappy award for Obama from Speilberg

I just wanted to repost this picture, just so many of you can examine just how creepy it is.
      This is the guy who killed my parents and replaced my father by the use of a voice impersonator on the phone.
       The president of the United States who has killed my sister has gone out of his way to see the criminal in a prison hospital,
       -to receive an award for humanity,
       -from a murder of the same family.
       We're talking the president of the United States and the King of Hollywood, partners in crime,
       The question I have is it just a coincidence that they killed people in the same family?

I'd use the library's computer to check out the old link below, - go there at your own risk.

Train your brain with Dreamworks and get brain washed by Speilberg

Tell me I,m wrong.
      Please someone tell me that the rumors are not true.
      Please tell me that they didn't kill my little brother Leon,
       the World's Greatest Guitar Player

I've known Leon since he was about twelve or thirteen years old and that's probably why later on in life, I was one of the few who never quite felt comfortable calling him JR like most of the fellow musicians.
       At home they called him Junior, but I respected him to much to call him that, so I naturally call him by the same name as I did his father, -Leon.
       I wouldn't doubt that it was something like signing up for America's got talent that got him killed.
       But maybe it was because he was more like a little brother to me, one who would know me from an impostor.
       The fact of the mater is that America just killed the World's Greatest Guitar player.
       Americas have proudly taken on a Speilberg whore that squeaked his was onto the music scene through a bunch of country idiots. They even gave him a spot on a TV show as if he was any authority on talent.
       I bet Speilberg did the same trick a publishers for their books, -Spielberg bought up a shit load of his albums in one month, just so it would make the charts and and cancel the orders about three weeks later and the idiots buy it up from that point.
       Update: they say Speilberg killed Leon. Like that was difficult to figure out.
       Boy, there isn't anything I can do that could not be done by someone else. But with JR, you don't.

And apparently Speilberg put together something for the media again
       I don't think he was there at all.
       I'd use the library's computer to check out the old link below, - go there at your own risk. -January 26, 2015

What do you think of Mechelle Obama?
Tranny or Not a Tranny?
I say it is a First Tranny of the US of A
October 22, 2014:

first tranny in front of NBC News van

Mechelle Obama's man feet

Rule Number Ten

Michelle Obama looking like a man Obama-a-man-proof


Obama and no brains

Down to a diminished 8% Brain Capacity?
Your Cyborg Gear is on its way, which is much better than
a Lithium Ion Communications device.

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Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
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Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

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Bill Curtus of Oceanside fire department lifeguards

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The criminal with a badge must think he has won. Like he's all over the six month deadline and it hasn't even been a year since he put the City of Oceanside in Liability of his immature minded Stupidity.
       He was out there stocking me this morning at the shower.
(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


If the Marines tell me what the Navy is using my inventions for,
they would have to kill me.

Check out the Journal Sept.28'12.

Meathead Martin
left us an anniversary gift

Mark Martin of Morro Bay Police Department

I left him the words" Dead Man,"
but it wasn't with " You are."

I gave him the " Kill You,"
but he needed the G word.

I told him,
" I want to see you rot in hell!"

So the best he could make out of the audio track was:
I want to kill you!

Morro Bay Police Officer David Smith
David Smith

Two month rooky who wrote phoney paper, landing me in jail and kept Martin's tampered evidence out of the court room.

Criminal Bill Black of Morro Bay Police
Bill Black

Helped spread rumors
and wants to get a police dog.
What to harass people with ?

Bill Black with crap in pants

I thought I could smell
the crap in Bill Black's pants
For more info on the run in with one of Morro Bay's finest....

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Bing Bang Boom


If the Marines tell me what the Navy is using my inventions for, they would have to kill me.
Check out the Journal from Oct. 19th


Moron of the day
Well, one dead moron

Boy common sense isn't very common now days with 8%ers everywhere.
       One more Moron dead, good riddens.

Looking Back on 911
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In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010


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