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Laws Change:
Rule Numbers- 9, 20, 65

June 29th, 2015:
Robbed again by Oceanside Police Department
With slander for the forth time on top of that, -mind you.
Update 7-5-15: Add another two to it,
6 times in one year including Carlsbad Police

       Honestly, just how blatantly stupid can they be?

Hell, I'm still looking at the flags, because I would like some kind of indicator that the rumors going around are true.
       Still at the top of that flag pole.

Oceanside citation for smoking

Don't you think they would learn to press harder:
When they write you a citation?
       They wouldn't even tell me what they were writing me up for until after I signed the citation. (They said it was a 1167, I think.)
       Anyhow, they didn't even inform me that it was illegal to smoke on the bridge, where the cigarette butt canisters have been for years.
       Smoked a cigar on the bridge this morning like any other time in the last 13 years .
       Just like getting a citation for dumping sewage down the storm drain right next to the RV dump station I'd been going to for about the same.
       Oh yeah,
       This Media Jay guy from SD something said I should tell the judge it was retaliatory animosity.
       I call it robbery, -on top of that.

Oceanside PD saves me,
from their own ODPO
Rule Numbers- 42, 50 & 51

June 25-26, 2015:
Even got to slept in my own bed
       Had theses two Security guards hand cuff me and pin me up against the wall as if I was a serious criminal .
       Shoulda seen the niffty little trick he had to disable my leg in an uncomfortable way until he finally let me sit in the ally after he had smashed my hat and trampled over my signs as if they were nothing more valuable than the trash left behind on the street.
       At least the real cops were kind enough to take the cuffs off me before they did their fifty question and other advices.
       Had me all scared at first, I was wondering if I'd be spending another night in the dunk tank.
       Told them I needed a couple drinks to get myself even motivated to do it.
       Good thing I didn't end up with another one of those Spielberg whores.

Funny Thing: Wouldn't you know someone was recording the incident and caught the Security guys telling the cops that I was a child molester. (I don't know what exactly went down, but you get the likes of it.)
       Well I'll just have to mark the date on the calender so I know when to file another claim by.

I know, it's pretty bad:
Rule Numbers- 12 & 42

June 27, 2015:
Even the Boat paddlers watched them rob me are amazed.
       That it hasn't even been a year and I gottum for the third time.
       The six month deadline for me to find a lawyer was less than a week away, if you want to consider Carlsbad as a different law suit.
       The thing that is so bad about this time is that everyone and their brother had been hearing rumors about how they all want to pay me.
       Defiantly an example of by doing .
       Sounds like these guys were actually showing off their capture.

I had to Laugh this Morning
       CBS News re-ran the clip of Obama Starting off Saving grace, -
       They helped him out with electronic pitch control.
       Gee, even a stupid gay president can be a pop star these days.

On this Black guy:
       Who knifed two firefighter/paramedics.
       Don't tell me he is one of those guys you all paid to fly out from New Orleans during hurricane Katrina.
       The only other question about it at this point is:
       Why with all those people, no one had a gun. The guy should be dead already and, well the next two questions would be, how long do you think you can keep him off the street and just how much money the US Tax payers are going to pay to do so?

EVIL is alive and well in Carlsbad:
Rule Numbers- 65

May 20th, 2015 posted on 5-21:
On the upper levels of the Evil Totem pole is Carlsbad with its corrupt law enforcement and FBI assassins.

Evil is Socially acceptable.

For those of you who have not read the Journal entries lately may not know this but it sure didn't take long for me to locate a handful of criminals. In fact it actually took about three or four days to have the Evil Buggers come out of the woodwork.

Can you believe that they conspired to throw me in either jail or a mental hospital as a way of running me off.
       Not only that: they actually canvased complaint forms so they would have a way of throwing me in jail and they slandered me with child molester rumors to encourage reluctant people into signing the complaint forms.
       I don't know what you think, but I think that is pretty bad.
       That's about Evil as you can get.

But no, no, no way as Evil as the ability for the FBI in Carlsbad to set a time and date for the death of anyone, -at the discretion of the President of the USA.
       Totally Socially Acceptable in Carlsbad
       My Dad and Jone Rivers got the same surgeon who lives in Carlsbad and walks the streets and in San Diego county that is just totally socially acceptable .

The Surgeon's gun notches for his kills happens to be fancy cars.
       Jone Rivers got him a $311,000. Farrarii.
       I know because I saw it busted up into pieces on the news and it still had the window sticker on it.
       Of course the reporter didn't say who car it was . They just said the driver ran away, but I would think it would take about five minutes to find out who it is registered to and I don't think anyone is going to be able to even walk away from what was suppose to resemble a car.

Obama Speilberg killed my family and friends

Helpful Hints
on Que Card Making
and to all copies of my cards.


An unhappy award for Obama from Speilberg

I just wanted to repost this picture, just so many of you can examine just how creepy it is.
      This is the guy who killed my parents and replaced my father by the use of a voice impersonator on the phone.
       The president of the United States who has killed my sister has gone out of his way to see the criminal in a prison hospital,
       -to receive an award for humanity,
       -from a murder of the same family.
       We're talking the president of the United States and the King of Hollywood, partners in crime,
       The question I have is it just a coincidence that they killed people in the same family?

Train your brain with Dreamworks and get brain washed by Speilberg

Tell me I,m wrong.
      Please someone tell me that the rumors are not true.
      Please tell me that they didn't kill my little brother Leon,
       the World's Greatest Guitar Player

I've known Leon since he was about twelve or thirteen years old and that's probably why later on in life, I was one of the few who never quite felt comfortable calling him JR like most of the fellow musicians.
       At home they called him Junior, but I respected him to much to call him that, so I naturally call him by the same name as I did his father, -Leon.
       I wouldn't doubt that it was something like signing up for America's got talent that got him killed.
       But maybe it was because he was more like a little brother to me, one who would know me from an impostor.
       The fact of the mater is that America just killed the World's Greatest Guitar player.
       Americas have proudly taken on a Speilberg whore that squeaked his was onto the music scene through a bunch of country idiots. They even gave him a spot on a TV show as if he was any authority on talent.
       I bet Speilberg did the same trick a publishers for their books, -Spielberg bought up a shit load of his albums in one month, just so it would make the charts and and cancel the orders about three weeks later and the idiots buy it up from that point.
       Update: they say Speilberg killed Leon. Like that was difficult to figure out.
       Boy, there isn't anything I can do that could not be done by someone else. But with JR, you don't.

And apparently Speilberg put together something for the media again
 s      I don't think he was there at all.
       I'd use the library's computer to check out the old link below, - go there at your own risk. -January 26, 2015

What do you think of Mechelle Obama?
Tranny or Not a Tranny?
I say it is a First Tranny of the US of A
October 22, 2014:

first tranny in front of NBC News van

Mechelle Obama's man feet

Rule Number Ten

Michelle Obama looking like a man Obama-a-man-proof


Obama and no brains

Down to a diminished 8% Brain Capacity?
Your Cyborg Gear is on its way, which is much better than
a Lithium Ion Communications device.


It's an Award from that Evil Speilberg Guy
Be Happy Barak Obama
On May 7th

An unhappy award for Obama from Speilberg

Hollywood Whores on Speilbreg's leash
Oh, Barak Obama too.
On May 7th

Barbra Streisand
Samuel L. Jackson
Kim Kardashian
Bruce Springsteen
Conan O’Brien
All must have been paid well to sign confidentiality statements and to show up, if they showed up at all. Well some of them must have performed for Spielberg and Obama at Century Plaza on May 7th, 2014. (or did they?)
       I found the video at the Hollywood reporter, (of course.) In which even includes some made up entry among other people, what was suppose to look like Obama and Speilberg walking through a doorway. They even imposed a shadow with down to the nose, and curl of the hand detail. And now that I see the video, all Speilberg did was barrow the drapes from Century Plaza and Obama's Presidential podium have Obama show up at the jail and do his acceptance speech. The room reverberation doesn't sound right either.
       But I'll have to say, the trickiest shot is at 1:20 into the video when someone who is suppose to look like Speilberg sitting next to Obama in the dark audience while whore Springstien played. But it was a small audience. I like to think it was all fake, but the again if Speilberg was really let out, that is about as creepy as you can get.5-8-14

       I'd use the library's computer to check out the old link below, - go there at your own risk.

Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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The Health Inspector


Things are getting interesting at
Present Day Journal

Current Events

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

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Vaccinating Against Measles?

Rodents and Lyme Disease:
Rule Numbers- 9, 16 & 51

I became fond of the girl while I traveled around the land down under. And lately I began to wonder why she wasn't out scooping up some of the money the other girls are raking in.
       Discovered her wonderful face on a magazine yesterday, and it lead me to finding out just why.

Turns Out Avril Lavigne caught Lyme Disease, a disease often spread by a bite from a tick which is known to be predominantly spread by dogs.
       I'm guessing it's as bad or even worse than catching Malaria, which never really leaves your system.
       My Dad got Malaria in Korea and he could not donate blood because of it.
       However, I would like to mention that this Lyme Disease has kept Avril Lavigne down for quit some time and I wish her well.

For the Girl of the Day Pictures
of Avril Lavine
Click on here

Miss you Avril Lavigne

The reason I brought up this Lyme Disease isn't that I just miss Avril Lavigne, but I think people should think twice about even getting a dog, or as I say rodent for a companion, because they say that we are approaching an epidemic rise in Lyme Disease cases. I think they are carriers of just too much bacteria and germs to consider a safe play thing for any kid or adult for that mater.

Update May'15:
      Add one of the Olsen Twins is suffering Lyme Disease.

       Unforunatly I fear the list of names will grow. ( Rosie Odonald's kid got it too.)
       As I mentioned before, about these so called Service Dogs that everyone and their brother is beginning to print out new identities for, -if they are not seeing eyed dogs, -they should not be allowed inside public venues, as well as the fishing piers

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)

Bing Bang Boom



If the Marines tell me what the Navy is using my inventions for,
they would have to kill me.

Check out the Journal Sept.28'12.

Meathead Martin
left us an anniversary gift

Mark Martin of Morro Bay Police Department

I left him the words" Dead Man,"
but it wasn't with " You are."

I gave him the " Kill You,"
but he needed the G word.

I told him,
" I want to see you rot in hell!"

So the best he could make out of the audio track was:
I want to kill you!

Morro Bay Police Officer David Smith
David Smith

Two month rooky who wrote phoney paper, landing me in jail and kept Martin's tampered evidence out of the court room.

Criminal Bill Black of Morro Bay Police
Bill Black

Helped spread rumors
and wants to get a police dog.
What to harass people with ?

Bill Black with crap in pants

I thought I could smell
the crap in Bill Black's pants
For more info on the run in with one of Morro Bay's finest....

Check out:
Journal Page @


If the Marines tell me what the Navy is using my inventions for, they would have to kill me.
Check out the Journal from Oct. 19th


Moron of the day
Well, one dead moron

Boy common sense isn't very common now days with 8%ers everywhere.
       One more Moron dead, good riddens.

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12 years later
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Current Events

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010


The most revolutionary tool box in the world, sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide
September 2009


Wondering how things got this way?


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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
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Dumber by the day
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Turning an 1/8 inch whole into a 1/4

Rules of Nature
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Thanks to the Baby Killers
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Of course they want you stupid.
     They're the ones who tell you how to dress each morning. How to cook and how to raise your children.
     They tell you how to cope with the fact that your children may feel a little afraid to go to school today.
      Well maybe your children aren't as dumb as I sometimes think they are.


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The Health Inspector



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Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page


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Guess what Craps?

An analogy about how I was set-up by Congress woman Louis Capps with the use of insurance fraud.

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