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Meb Keflezighi

Congrats Meb Keflezighi
1st Place Winner of the Boston Marathon
April 21st, 2014:

It's my impression karma may have something to do with it. May I add that he's a local San Diegan and you can bet you'll only here good things about him.

Boston, you be running....
April 21th, 2014:

There must have been a bunch of happy surfers out there. On Easter Sundays we had some of the most beautiful waves in some time, without me in them. It was crowed enough with out me.
       Something tells me strapping a board to a bad leg might not be such a good idea. Never the less, I'm sure there are others who feel more capable of walking around on a surfboard than on pavement without getting getting into trouble with too much pain. My only question is wondering if my leash will get in the way if I put it on my forward leg. It's worth a try, right?.

I bet they have a wireless camera on every garbage can. And no backpacks?
       Wonder where they go that idea?
May the good Lord be with you all in Boston.


Steven Speilberg tops Forbes 2014 list of the Most Influential Celebrities in America
April 16th, 2014:

I guess even the people a Forbes became little whores for Speilberg. It's amazing what money can do. Funny how the list is all about the creeps in Hollywood isn't it?

Speilberg to Honor President O'bama,
in Los Angeles on May 7th 2014

Come on folks, you're telling me that a convict guilty of so much is going to get out of prison to give the president of the United States an award for being an Ambassador for Humanity .
      Gee, after O'bama steals the inventions from of so many private inventors?
      Come on folks. Don't you see anything wrong with this picture?
      Think about it. A criminal who has given your president millions of dollars and has kept you from driving my truck by keeping me broke with the use of slander and everything else in the book. A guy obviously guilty of murder.
      This Speilberg criminal you support by going out and seeing his movies has made millions off you and you still don't have the truck.
      Don't you think that criminals belong and jail, and I should have been the one making million, and you should have been driving the truck saving money a decade ago?
      But you have a president who is obviously in bed with a criminal, and they are rubbing it in your face.
      Posted on March 25th, 2014:
to honor-president-obama

Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

Photoshop by Speilberg
I would think he could have done better

Spielberg on red carpet

I bet even a ten year old can tell his head is too big on this one.
On his wife, they must left in an extra vertebra.

I imagine the stock prices of Deamworks as well as a hand full of other production companies would drop a bit if then general public a was informed about the situation.
      But really folks, I appears to me that they cut and pasted he and his wife's head on the bodies of entirely different couple taken at the event.

Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

I'm not the only one who is saying-
Wow, Obama and Speilberg is just rubbing it in my face.
     Or should we say that they are just rubbing it in all of our faces.
Yes folks, if you have enough money, even the president of the United States will take a pay off and make comity skits with his secrete criminals and rub it in our faces on prime time TV.

steven spielberg, guy in jail

Barak Obama keeping a secrite

Yeah, I also heard that he will get out in only a year.
     Get this, people around here are laughing about it all because apparently Obama sold a pardon to Spielberg for what many say would be worth at least a twenty five year prison term.
     Get this: even if I took every bit of the $3.2 billion dollars they say he has today. I can image that with the $150 million dollar per year salary Speilberg gets, he must be set up to make back the $3.2 billion dollars whether he is sitting in prison or not.
      I figure Speilberg has it set up so that even if he starts out with nothing at the beginning of a long twenty five year prison term, he will still end up being worth every cent he is today. .
     Tell me folks, did Obama sell a $ 3.2 billion 25 year term for less than $150 million Speilberg will still be making in a year?
(What a fool I'd say if he did.)
     Gee, from what I hear Speilberg wouldn't have even had to wait until the end of Obama's term to get out of prison.
      That's one hell of a pardon I would say and that is what money can do when you have so many politicians on the take.

A rich nut job can brainwash my father and family. Buy off everyone around me, and take over my life for over a decade, and he gets less than a year for it and the media and the Hollywood elite can help pull the wool over everyone's eyes making it seem like he never did anything wrong. And turn the whole bit into a comity skit with the help of the commander and chief.
     I'm wondering if there are others out there who wonder if Romney would have had better morals?

I found the skit at-

Another one of Speilberg's Blue screen tricks was made for the presidential inauguration. One should know that the government provides the video footage for such an event and the media isn't even allowed to have their camera crews there. That is why video clips of the event are not posted on the internet. So you can bet Katety Curik is just another whore who was bought by Speilberg.

Decipherer Rumors 101

Over the last week and especially over the weekend, there were plenty of rumours saying, "they are going to send someone to talk to him."
     Well, for those of you new at deciphering rumors might like to know the true meanings of those said rumors.
     Here below is what the true meaning to those rumors.

needle holes in hand

I woke up Monday morning 8/26 and noticed the bolt on my door wasn't engaged.
     Then I took at look at my hand, wrists and the rest of my body.
     Here below is what the true meaning to those rumors.

needle holes

I guess I'm not dying fast enough because the hole in my foot makes three.

needle hole in foot

Guess what Craps?

An analogy about how I was set-up by Congress woman Louis Capps with the use of insurance fraud.

Cortney Cox, soon to be staring-
as the Black Widow as she sits in jail.

Cortney Cox the balck widow

Maybe it wasn't a very good idea to give Marta Kaufman a copy of my Lousy Book.
     I figure that Cortney Cox found out about me through her. Whether it was Matt Damon or Steven Speilberg she told about me next; I'm not sure about.

Marta Kauffman who recieved Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Never the less, it's pretty creepy how the media and motion picture industry is willing to protect their reputation by not informing the public about it. (However I have noticed that Jimmy Kimmle has mentioned several times that Matt Damon will be appearing on his show, but then more than once I've noticed he apologizes for Damon not showing up.)
     Folks, these people are a true example of just how the rich and famous get preferential treatment, even if they are flat out criminals and should be in jail. On the web it mentions that Matt Damon is in Russia filming a new movie and you have to wonder if the government let him out on bail. What is remarkable about it is that they would have had to let him leave the country to work on a film if it was truly being filmed in Russia.
     The question I have is what kind of extremes was Matt Damon willing to go to be able to play the part of me for Spielberg.

Matt Damon Criminal who should be in jail

No telling what kind of favours Speilberg got, but the media is getting paid to tell you that he is on a sailing trip around the world this summer. And lets not forget they made him the head of the Cans Film Feasible; not to say that he would ever have to show his face there. Never the less, I would think that position would be a conflict of interest, but I'm sure it's just a title they gave him and he truly doesn't have a thing to do with it. It was just posted to make Spielberg look busy when he is actually not.
     The question I have since I've heard a few rumors about some one already being prosecuted. Whether is Speilberg or not who has already been prosecuted leaves us with a couple more questions. If it wasn't Speilberg, then who was it? And if it was Speilberg, then we may assume that keeping the information from me just may be an effort to run out some kind of statute of limitations on me being able to sue him. (I've also heard rumors stating, "they have a settlement all set up for him." Not saying it has anything to do with him, but in any case, settlement or not. I would think the prosecutors a dogging the whole case when there isn't any testimony from the victim during such a trial. I don't know about you, but something is a little fishy don't you think?

Steven Spielberg in jail

Needle holes in wrist

December 17th, 2012 :
No I haven't been to any doctor

A couple nights ago, I forgot to lock my window closed and once I woke, I realized what a mistake that was and I checked my hand for any marks. But then to day I noticed that they got creative and they used my wrist instead of the top of my hand.
     To think that something like this can happen while I'm being watched so much. It doesn't take much to figure out it must be be the same people who are watching me. Could it be the same people that went into the Target Store before me the other night when all I heard about was how the store went so quite every where once I showed up. Pretty creepy around here and I'm do in court tomorrow morning again.
     I don't think you should believe anything you hear around here, because if things were truly as they say they are, they wouldn't have stepped things up.
     From what I gather, Morro Bay is handled already already and now they've shifted to working over San Luis Obispo the same way.

I've also been thinking about how the conspirators get their victims to come to San Luis Obispo County where they can pay to have them prosecuted for crimes they didn't commit.
     It's pretty simple when you actually think about it. You can bet that before had these victims have lost their jobs and you can bet just a couple want adds placed at the right time in the right adds can get just about anybody to travel great distances for a job opportunity that would be too good to be true. They get them here. Maybe even buy them a job for a short time and then bam.

And today I loaded my probation officers answer machine with a whole shit load of stuff. Of course, it didn't take long for someone was trying to make something out of it. Anyhow, you can be sure I've alienated a lot of people in the last couple days, but the for the most part, the word on the street heard the most is, "he's right."

Oh and get this, I had my own customer help spread the child molester rumour yesterday. You can bet that the other workers there didn't like me around from that point on. Well I can I can assure you, those same guys have a real good reason to not want me around after today.

October 4th, 2012 :

Last week, after I almost got my neck broke. There were many people out there who thought of it as an attempt on my life. Or as what I'd heard several times. "I think they were trying to kill him."
     Well, I'm even more likely to agree with those people today. After the realization that I'd just drove my truck around for two or three day with nothing but a piece of mechanic’s wire holding the front of my truck together.
      Now I know I should not have substituted mechanic's wire for a cotter key, but I'll tell you now, I don't even want a cotter key in it now.
     The problem is when someone takes the nut off the end of your track bar and files out the threads on the inside of the nut and then put's it back on. Of course, if it's not for the cotter key or wire, the nut would pop right off after a few bumps. But with something like a cotter key holding the hollowed out nut on; that sucker can take you down the free way with three other lanes of traffic, at 60 mph for fifty miles.
     All I can say is that I'm sure glade that Mc D's parking lot had no holes or bad seams to catch my track bar as I drove through their parking lot. Happened Monday Oct.1st 2012

sabotaged front suspension.

September 20th, 2012: I've been dealing with the guys snaking and dropping in on me, for I don't know how long,
but it's the guys like Kelly Slater trying to run over me and stomping on my head I get a little worried about. I'm not sure if it's because I don't ware his brand of wetsuit or if it was because Steven Spielberg was offering him some kind of move deal, but after getting ran over by him and his friend 3 times in a half hour, it takes the fun out of it when your neck ends up getting sprained and you can't surf for a couple months.

sunnyside smacked in the head for $100.oo

I was wondering if I just happened to have gotten myself in the way by choosing to paddle the wrong direction against the current.
     But then again, I did get ran over three times by the two guys in a half hour. Of course my board nor myself was going to come out of it unscathed.
     The next day my neck felt like it had been wrenched over by the knee of a 200 pound guy with 2 tons of water behind it. Never the less, the first hit was what looked like a bald guy about fourty who didn't look straight at me but he did ask me if I was alright.
     I said, "I guess today wasn't a good day to bring out my new board. (I'm just glad I got my board between him and myself, because I probably would have got my neck poped and he would have said he was trying to save me, just like what happened to Mark Foo at Mavkicks.)
     Next time I was paddling back out, I almost got ran over by his partner. But after getting ran over by the bald guy the next time paddling back out, Kelly looked at me and said, "my friend," I knew something was up and made my way south making sure those two guys went around me any more.

Punchers from drawing blood

I already gave

I'm willing to bet it was Meathead Martin calling with the restricted call on March 28th. The call was a guy asking if I had a U.F.O. I guess his plan was to pretend he was a marsion looking for a UFO, but I could be wrong because he was probably just calling to make fun of the fact that he started the rumor everyone has been talking about and pointing towards Martin as the originator.
      What had just happened to me all makes sense because I'm able to go into a bank and hear the lady behind the counter tell someone about the a hybid theory.
     I just had someone knock me out with gas or something and they reached through my window to pull some blood out of me, (back on Feb. 21.'12.) In the morning I discovered that I had blood leaking out of my hand. A blood clot must have broken loose, because blood just drained out of me, even though I had not cut or banged myself on anything. (And the question is whether they were injecting me with something.) Not the kind of thing to happening to a guy who has been called a national security more than once.
     Then of course they must have told others how they did it, because I figure that it was a copycat the next day who actually taped into a better vain. However, the pain it left in my hand was enough for me to get out my camera and take a picture of the puncture marks from the two different nights.
      I can assure you that it hasn't been the first time something like this has happened. UCLA was way ahead of these guys. I could tell you about the other times things like this has happen. but I'm sure enough of you won't even believe what you are looking at today. Never the less, there is that line I've wrote before, about how all they care about is getting all of us into a test tube. And with a little help from google, you'll be able to get your hands on some cyborg gear for the stupid ones.
      To get a grasp on what I'd like to convey, check out:

I can Relate

People can be so thoughtless; as George's doctor points out to the brain surgeon, you have one hand grasped to technology and the other grasped on science, and you don't have anything left to grasp the human spirit with.

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In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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If the Marines tell me what the Navy is using my inventions for, they would have to kill me.
Check out the Journal Sept.28'12.

Guess what Craps?
An analogy about how I was set-up by Congresswoman Louis Capps with the use of insurance fraud.

Louis Craps

Congress woman Louis Caps

Congresswoman Louis Capps Making millions from the defense contractors by aiding them the efforts to steal inventions from the inventor Dennis Sattler of the Synchro-link by the way of criminal prosecution for hire and using San Luis Obispo as a social experiment.
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Meathead Martin
left us an anniversary gift

Mark Martin of Morro Bay Police Department

I left him the words" Dead Man,"
but it wasn't with " You are."

I gave him the " Kill You,"
but he needed the G word.

I told him,
" I want to see you rot in hell!"

So the best he could make out of the audio track was:
I want to kill you!

Morro Bay Police Officer David Smith
David Smith

Two month rooky who wrote phoney paper, landing me in jail and kept Martin's tampered evidence out of the court room.

Criminal Bill Black of Morro Bay Police
Bill Black

Helped spread rumors
and wants to get a police dog.
What to harass people with ?

Bill Black with crap in pants

I thought I could smell
the crap in Bill Black's pants
For more info on the run in with one of Morro Bay's finest....

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If the Marines tell me what the Navy is using my inventions for, they would have to kill me.
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Current Events

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010


The most revolutionary tool box in the world, sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide
September 2009


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     They're the ones who tell you how to dress each morning. How to cook and how to raise your children.
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      Well maybe your children aren't as dumb as I sometimes think they are.


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