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What would house do

What would House do?

Stupid Rule No. 10

House, what would you do I you wanted to know the date of the time something went down several months ago. But they got every idiot around trying to keep it a secret from you.
     If you asked someone, you wouldn't know if they were lying now would you?
     The only hint is that the word on the street says it's only a few days away from 6 month mark.
        Well the logical way to get a decent answer out of anyone is to get it from the very person who you know knows, but who has already denied even knowing anything about it now wouldn't it be?.

Here's the deal:  No one said a week away either. And you've got the 6 month deadline right?
( Sorry but you've got to be in the loop to know what I'm writing about.)

Here is how a guy like House would do it. He'd go in and before the 6 month deadline, fill out the form and write down the day of the incident as equal to being about a week off, because criminal minds will look for some kind a stupid mistake and they will blab about it.

So you go in on the third and you write down the tenth because you can write down any date as long as it's within the 6 month period.

Guess what, you've got everyone in town knowing that you've made a silly goof and they say you didn't ask for enough. Golly gee, you've got a couple days to do it again. 

Is House brilliant or what?
Aug. 4,'10

Today the fourth, I heard more Marty Boy's than I would want to think about. Gee, what was it with the guy. Is he a moron or what. Hell, he told me I should be taken to a mental hospital and it appears as he should have been the one going. I told everyone he was a loaded gun and he would eventually go off shoot someone in the ass.

I don't know, maybe I'm crazy and I'm imagining all this. Aug. 5,'10

Today the fourth, I heard more Marty Boy's than I wou

Morro Bay's new fire department's garage lookes gay too me.

Any painter will tell you that once the sun gets to it, the red will fade and it will look pink. (I'll get a picture of it when the masking is taken down.

Apparently, the meatheads burned down their own office complex while pulling of some kind of training drill. Boy, just the kind of crew to call if you need help. Gotta laugh at that one.

Morro Bay's engineer and planning commission should be fired.

Gee, what is this sh_t with all the stop signs on Morro Bay Blvd? Every morning I find myself going up Pacific Street to avoid them, but it takes me right through a residential street. I'm sure the people who live there would rather I didn't.
  And this new road they just put the curbs in for the Embarcadero. Gee what are you going to do now? Tear out the island? And no one realized that the new part wasn't about to line up with the old one. Well, I guess it's a way to weed out the drunk drivers or people on cell phones. I just wonder how expensive of a street light they plan to put there so people will have to pay to replace the whole damn thing instead of the city just paying the price to change the light bulb once in a while.
Update: Yep, they had to tear out the island. How much did that miscalculation cost? Oh well.
 Update: and this Trex sidewalk bit. I've worked with that stuff before. How much you want to make a bet that stuff looks like shit in ten years because it will sag and you'll have to pay to rip it out and put brick veneer like you should have in the first place. That trex shit is sure expensive and it's only good for railing caps. I wonder how much tax payers had to pay for that. That side walk will look like an ocean, that is if the sand doesn't built up underneath it and push it up. What a mess they created. Who came up with that idea. Idiots.
    Update #3 4/24/08: People are laughing about the street light put exactly where I thought they would put it. We give it less than a year before someone piles into it. They should have made it a break-away. But I guess we will see a memorial with cross and flowers.

Update #3 9/28/08: Yeah, like I don't know what I'm talking about. Well there are at least two front ends that got blown out on the curb. A third one is at the drain, but I bet they just got the front-end knocked out of alignment.

I guess it's another way of creating revinue for the local auto shop. You know - towing and repairs- and don't forget the taxes that are paid on that.

It turns out that Morro Bay is using some agency in SLO for all there ideas. I think the boat yard would be a good idea for revenue. And I don't think that having it cross the street should be any problem because there wouldn't be that much traffic and people wouldn't have to wait long anyway.
     What they should do is develop the big dirt parking lot into a paved one, with park benched and all. A little grass would be nice to. It would be nice because we wouldn't have these assholes hauling ass and spreading dust all over the place. And getting rid of the pot hole they create would be a bonus. I only wish they would enforce some kind of 5 mph speed limit there.
     I got more ideas for it, so check back later.

Morro Bay's Del Mar Park

Is getting some of my handy work. Its a grabrail that I helped put in.

There is the metal work yet to be galvanized and installed.

Morro Bay's Planning Commision

While the local government was clearing the way for their plastic board walk that will sag just like their 3x3 plastic park benches already have. (Kinna silly to look at a failure and then buy another one at how much a foot?) The designated the area in front of the electric plant's intake, (Where the sea otters hang out, which have pretty much cleaned up on any of the harbor's shell fish.) as a sensitive marine habitat. So now they realize that they should be putting in a boat yard. And the boat haul out would be crossing that expensive plastic walkway. Not only  that but they created a sensitive marine habitat for those blasted otters. Now they will have to fight that too. I wonder how much the lawyers are going to clean up on that blunder. Like putting the buggy before the horse if you ask me. Hey, it sounds like a stupid rule that hasn't been assigned a number yet. I wonder who is doing their thinking for them. They've got to be some kind of idiot. It's very clear to me that the people who are running Morro Bay sure don't have their thinking caps on.          However, we already have Rule Number 51.
         June 22nd, '08

Morro Bay's Police department is on it.
They serve and protect what? Sure isn't the water.

While I was getting the run around (in May '08) about the citations their officers of the law wrote me up on. I told the guy at the front desk about a boat that is usually parked on Harbor Street. I said, you could at least find the guy and tell him to put a bucket under it. It's obvious the boat has a bad oil leak and I'm sure most of it is washed out at the boat rinse down station down at the water front, so I'm sure most of it has already went into the bay before it ever makes it to Harbor street. But hey,  he's got a hellaous oil patched along Harbor Street. Of course it's been about a month and they the servants of the law has done zip. June 22,'08.
(Update Oct. 23rd '08: Saw a bucket under it -- finally. One time I saw that someone had spread some cat litter on the pavement at the corner, I wonder who did that and where it went?

Update : October 24, 2008:
Apparently there was one good thing that came out of the hearing hosted by the Morro Bay city attorney Robert Shultz. That is after my little talk with him about the boat leaking bilge oil on Harbor Street,
I saw that the Morro Police department may have made the guy put a bucket under it like I wanted.
Some good things can come out of bad things I guess.   
    (I may be wrong and it may because of my posting right here and some private citizen did the honors, however, do to the amount of time factored in, I think otherwise.)
    We surfers would like to thank Robert Shultz for getting something done curbing some of the pollution we have to swim through.

Morro Bay's fire department sure likes to keep their little red fire-engine shinning.

But gee, doesn't that soap from washing them every day just end up in the polluted bay that I have to swim through. Bad enough to loose my house to a bunch of wanna bee heros, but I've got to swim through their crap too?

Click on this picture for a look at the suds to the right

I never see them was the trailers, so why should the truck need to be clean? By the way, the city is looking into dipping into some other cougher funds so that they can replace those trailers with a $250,000.00 cube van.  I say that we don't need any more soap from their truck cleaning. And why do tax payers have to pay to have these wanna be heros drive these trucks around so much. They run up the milage doing city driving and then they wonder why they need new ones all the time. I think that if they are not on a service call, they should be parked inside the garage. No need for them to be parading around their little shinny trucks, getting them dusty, just so they can wash them later. Also, the price of fuel and what ? 7 miles to a gallon? Hell let them sit and collect dust.


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For more information about the City of Morro Bay and it's corrupt Police Department Check out:

sign of Morro Bay News Information

  Calling all citizens of Morro Bay
  So here it is kids, if you don't want to get to know Officer Martin like the local kid who drives the white Chevy pickup in town, who got pulled over three time on his 18th birthday my Martin, you may think about what we have here.
      Think about it. Martin has cost me a thousand dollars so far. And for you. How would you feel if you became one of Martins next victims. Having to defend you driver's license. Watching the cost of your insurance go up. You could also end up with a criminal record that would only make you look bad if you ever did do get into trouble someday.
        Think about the reputation that the town of Morro Bay has for their police department. I bet some of Morro Bay's finest wouldn't even mind us getting rid of the bad seed. It would only help the reputation of the rest of the officers who I feel aren't all as bad as they may seem.
       You citizens of Morro Bay have the power to compile a list of names who witnessed the false testimony (or slander as they call it.) Come forward with the video. Soon I will be posting the name and address of my lawyer and you can provide the statements or list of contacts directly to him if you would prefer. You have the power to get Martin's badge because he has no choice but to lie in the court of law.

January 29th, 2011: I heard Moonahan quit the Morro bay Police Department.

July 26, '08: It looks as though Morro Bay is about to lose a good cop. Cpl. Robert Root has applied for a position with the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control agency .

MB current Officer of the Year,
Tyler Brooks is trying to get a job in his home town of Santa Maria


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Another thing: I just walked into the police department and told the cops about a boat that is usually parked on Harbor Street, that has oil coming out of it's bilge. Its usually parked in front of the laundromat or just west of it. The cops did nothing about it.     
     And people here wonder why their bay is so polluted.
    I say it's because the local government doesn't give a damn.

Sept. 2010: I'm probably not the only one who is sick and tired of hearing about how little Miss Marry wants to go out with me.

She might have had a chance three years ago when she was still a mystery and packed around about 25 pounds less. But damn, the ding bat just doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut.

It doesn't matter how many designer cloth's she has in her closet, and tattoos on a fat girl don't make her any sexier, they just look like tattoos on a fat girl.

I just don't get what makes her feel like she is so desirable. I'm sooooooooooo out of her league.


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