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November 1st, 2013:
Got ridiculous

stash of ear plugs

The price I'd have to pay for a pair of ear plugs.
      The annoying thing about it is that it is usually the one for the right side. But to get a new one, with tax included, surf shops are having to charge over $18.00 to get the dam things.
      Then you look at what you are getting is more packaging than the idiom that you need. It's like you are handing over three or four times of what it should be.
       So this time around, I'm thinking about how many could get a tube of silicone, or what ever in this case since I'm starting out with elastomeric (because I already have some,) but I figure silicone will be better because I know how dirt will stick elastoimeric caulking even after it cures. And I figure that there will be less chance of skin irritation with silicone. (Maybe some of that cheep hospital grade shit you can find on the Internet, but I think I'll try to find the cheepest and probably the smallest tube possible. (I wonder if the dollar store sell a small tube?)
       Update: I got over zelliouse when and screwed them up a bit when I tried to pull them out a day or two early. However they ended up feeling even softer then the original and they seemed to work just fine. However, I did loose one on right side the first time out but that's ok because I've got three of those in originals, and the right side is the one I have a difficult time with and need the most.)

ear plug mold making

Anyhow, I used a piece of RC plane tape (which is similar to packaging tape,) and fastened it down upside down with the use of addition masking tape. I did this so that I had the sticky side of the wide plastic was upward and after cutting the leash tab off the ear plug, the earplug was sure to stick flat to the outer side of the ear plug.
       I squeezed out some micro-fiber fiberglass resin in a some what orderly cone shape thingy bop. Even sprinkled a bit of fiberglass matting around the little mountains and set them in the sun to cure. After it kick off for some time I put a dose of the light resin on top of the little mountains I made to make sure they where sealed up and solid.

ear plug mold after removal of original

At this stage in the game, you are just glad to see that the little bit of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly wiped on with a q-tip did it's job and released the new ear plugs I had just bought. For the last time, I hope.

silocom ear plugs and elastimerc earplugs on mould

ear plugs still curing

This is about and hour after I squeezed my new ear plug out of a tube.
       The photo below shows it after three days and yet still needs another.

earplugs drying


mini drill bits for ear plugs

Got what we call a blow out on my right side, of which made it a bit difficult to remove without stretching the hell out of it.
      The left one worked just fine with 100% silicon, which only took two or three days to cure.
      I prefer the elasimeric? (DanaFlex 230) because of how soft it is, but the fall back is that it takes about at least week to cure. Having the needle inserted into the hole I made with the micro drill bit allows it gas-out/dry-out from the bottom and it aids to the speed of curing the material.
      Having the needles piercing the material for at least the first week also provides a really slick way of provide tunnel I will eventually push the insulation for a fine USB wire through.
       Another trick tool to have is an Exacto Knife with radius or as I would say a rounded blade.
       Once everything is cured and out of the mold, the rounded blade makes cutting out the excess material a breeze, which also makes the whole earplug softer, more ply-able and even more comfortable too. No doubt a person can get pretty good at making them after a while, as for me -I need to take another try at making another mold, because I'm using what I call a patched blow out, but for now I'm holding on to what I have left of my tube of resin.
      Now days I bring a couple spares with me at the base of my neck under my wet-suit. Something I wish I would have been able to do like the time before I made my molds. I lost my right one early in a session and stayed out without one. Here it is about 6 weeks latter and my ear is draining right yet.
       Elastomeric does tend to shrink a bit so going to a bigger original may be necessary for some. But I happen to think they are more comfort able Silicon doesn't but it's a bit stiff for my likings..

ear plugs and the molds that made them

earplug with blown out mold

Walla. After filling in the blown out mold with a few drops of resin, I inserted the lubed up original again and that seemed to do the trick. One the left mold I went with even a smaller drill bit because the tunnel was bigger than I wanted, however a piece of wire insulator worked great because it even prevents the tunnel from squeezing closed, being a softer material.
      These two photos show what you can look for if you are using a clear substance. The cloudy white one was a little early out of the mold. However I expect the elasimeric ones to soften up and turn white with long hours in the water since the material is not recommended below the water line. However, it isn't as slippery as 100% silicon in not as firm either. They look a bit gross, but I happen to like what I get with the DanaFlex 230 stuff.

home made ear plugs, came from a tube

ear plugs that came from a tube

I got some thin plastic wrap at the dollar store and I might even get a little more elaborate and making this home made ear plug. I'm wondering if I cam manage to make them more of a custom with a more exact fit.
      I'm wondering how successful I can be with Goop inside plastic wrap to make the original. (Slice it flat and make a mold that.)
      A small hole in the mold where the vent should be would allow for a small electrical wire striped of it's insulator shielding to stick through. After it cures, I'll pull the copper through and leave the wire's shielding behind in the earplug for the vent. (This first time I'm going insert the wire and shielding in after the plug is removed from the mold, because I need my tiny drill bits and they are hundreds of miles away.)

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tube wave ride

This Tar shit. I don't know where it comes from , but if it came from BP or something or another like them, I wish they could stop by and clean this shit off my board for me.

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Pacific Coast Shark News

Broke down
On April 16'14 I broke down and decided to make another mould for my left side ear plug manufacturing operation.
       The reason was of course because I seem to loose about two rights to ever one left. Some of you also know my first one is a patched up blown out one.
       Regardless, I've realized that if I let them set for about 30days, the end result is much better, however, that can be a problem if I'm loosing more than one per month. So, I'm just matching my supply with my demand is all.
       Butt Golly Gee did I do a nice job this time. I stayed way from the matting material this time.
       This time I went more liberal on the resin, then I poked around a little bit with the shaft of a Q-tip to make sure it was clear with no bubbles. Then I used some scissors to trim the feather edges off some 2 ounce fibreglass cloth. I just let the feathered edges gently sprinkle down on the mound before set it in the sun.
       I then I did it again but I taped down the loose fibres along with a few more to make the outside of the mould look more solid. Turned out great.
       I'll shoot you some photos of it once I figure out where my camera is.

If you are thinking of taking up surfing because of something I may have wrote here.
       Please don't, it's too dangerous with all the sharks and things.
        There are plenty of surfers already, and we don't really need another.

And if you come to the beach,
PLEASE do not feed the seagulls,
they ended up shitting all over the rocks I'd like to sit on.

And seagulls are dirty creatures;
feeding them will only cause them to fly around dropping lice on people below.

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Lab Rat Lance
Oct. 23,'12:

Koodos to Tim Thomas,

for being his own man.
And smart enough not to play into the self promotion of a criminal named Barak Obama.

Who in hell in their right mind would even want to shake hands with a guy who has extinguished the private inventors. Maybe Thomas actually cares and realizes that a president inviting celebrities to the white house is what some people would call self promotion.



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June 4th, 2012:
Man -o- Man

I put a link to a surf video today. I came across this artificial wave of some sort.
Arti-Wave Something I should be building.



Sam Egan is one of Australia's best shapers.
I've seen many of his boards
and never saw a bad one.


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