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Don't know if any of this shit may apply to you.
      (Kinna hope it doesn't.)
     Anyway, I've been out there busting my neck in the water since the day when wet suits were like putting on a leather suit. The wasn't much stretching going on. It was more like two pair of Levies and some rubber they call neoprene layered in between.
     Just getting the wetsuit on was more exercise than any body would want to add to their daily routine. However, getting your body into one of these was some what of a challenge to retain your energy for surfing and not for the getting ready part. Instead of stretching a pulling, I learn to roll a wet and sticky wetsuit on from inside out. (yeah just have to remember to have the chest or knees facing up when you do.) This is also a kinder way for the wetsuit with less strain on the rubber and seams and all.
      Most guys with the modern days just turn the suit outside out and let the stretchy material do it's thing.

But I have a Helpful Hint for those who like to do slide them on like a pair of pants. Take a plastic bag over your foot before you push it through. It works really well when the suit is dry, (and over your hands as well.)
      And please keep track of the baggy, the wind is known to take it from you, and you could hurt yourself chasing it.

Earplugs in a Tube

Home made ear plugs
Pop them out of your own mold

Home made ear plugs with molds

Ear plugs are a must in my book. Unfortunately, before I even knew they existed, I already had the problem. Rule 77 - going without.

Helpful Hint:
Traction Pad and Leash

This one is to avoid that time when your leash will catch on your heal pad and rip it off. I trim mine. I'm also accustomed to a 7 ft leash which eliminates most of the chances that the leash will even snag it.
     Update:Aug.13: I noticed today that the folks at OAM might have seen this Helpful Hint, because most of the OAM traction pads I saw in a surf shop today had my modification done to them.
     Guess I should have patented my idea, but I've got enough problems just trying to keep the patents I have already and I'm not out to find more trouble in the first place.
     I also found 6 1/2 ft. leashes are available at Surf Ride. (The size I always thought would be best.) And get this- they have no labels, made of good quality and they are only $20.00.(update: now they put their own label on them and charging $3.oo more for them.

Triming surfboard traction pad

Painting Synchro-Grapicis 101

February 18th, 2013:
On wet suits.

I've been beefing up the seams on my new wet-suit, by brushing Acquaseal on the seams of the inside of the new Mutant,hoping to make it last a little longer, but the sad thing about it is that this year they changed the neoprene and I've already wore out a spot on my left knee. There is no neoprene left in about a square inch already and it's only two months old. I can't be that hard on them. Maybe it's that 9% better chance by kicking. I thinking put marine Goop on the outside, like I did on my old Sycho-freak. At least it helps by keeping the water from flowing in and out. But I'm wondering if I should use Acqaseal instead. I would advise you to stay away from wet suits with the air pocket technology, because there is that much less neoprene to brake down. The air pockets just end up being holes

Helpful Hint:
Sunnyside's Foot-Stop
Modification Technique

Do you keep finding your foot on top of your foot stop?
       I found that having a kick stop that is too high can be a problem,
       Not only that, it creates drag when paddling.
       So here is what I do with the help of a hack saw and file and some Marine Goop.
       I cut out the main portion with a hack saw and then I clean out the middle until the binding force goes away.

Traction pad modification by sunnyside

With some masking tape and foam to strap it down while the Goop dries overnight and we're good.
       I like the low profile it's more air-o-dynamic and it still does a good job as a foot stop when you actually need one.

sunnyside's traction pad modificatiom complete

If you are thinking of taking up surfing because of something I may have wrote.
       Please do not think about it.
       Surfing is too dangerous with all the Sharks and other things like Stingrays.
        There are plenty of surfers already, and we don't really need another.

And if you come to the beach:
PLEASE do not feed the seagulls,
they ended up shitting all over the rocks I would rather sit on myself.

Seagulls are dirty creatures;
feeding them will only cause them to fly around dropping lice on people below.

And if you are coming to the beach:
Please leave you dog at home.

For one thing,
dogs are not allowed on the Pier,
and we have enough e-collie to swim through as it is,
and we don't need any more.

Graphics layout on surfboard

This Tar shit. I don't know where it comes from, but if it came from BP or something or another like them, I wish they could stop by and clean this shit off my board for me.

oily tar shit on board



tube wave ride

So I wanna be

Excerpt From : Sunnyside's Lousy Book

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Surfing Edict
-Gotta Know, from the Get Go

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Just Might Make It

Hot Tips from Sunnyside
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Excerpt From : Sunnyside's Lousy Book
So I wanna be

Helpful Hint: on Wax
For those who either reach in the wrong drawer and grab the hard base coat wax instead of the soft cold water stuff. Keep you wax along with it's original label in a zip tight baggy and confusion is less likely to fallow.

Rule No. 4
Boy I hate it when I do that.

Helpful Hint:
Traction Pad -or-
Not to Traction Pad
I never did get around to putting a traction pad on my MBM. For two reasons. e
    #1 I think that gum sole booties tend to stick to wax better than to traction pads and since the MBM is my main winter board.
    And #2 reason the shaper kinna screwed this board up and gave the right side a little more rocker in the tail. (But I happen to think it fits my skill level more since that means less rocker on my back side.)


Lighter fluid and sand paper used by surfers to dewax a surfboard.

Getting ready to put a traction pad on your board, but wondering if you've got it Clean enough?

Another good idea is to pick up some lighter fluid at your local drug store, (any place sells it.) It's pretty much the same stuff as the wax and grease remover the auto body supply store would sell you but will take less money out of your pocket.
       The trick to using the stuff is use a small saturated rag to wipe on and a larger one to dry off the fluid before it dries by itself. (Please use rubber gloves. Hot fluid brake down molecules smaller than skin cells.)
      Another thing you should think about is a air respirator. The paper ones are fine for sanding and better than nothing when it comes to spraying the paint. Keeping junk out of your lungs should be a priority. Make sure that you have enough fresh air flow to keep the fumes down. And remember: Please use hand protection with hot solvents.

Painting Synchro-Graphics 101

laying out graphics surfboard for  paint job

Earplugs in a Tube

Home made ear plugs
Popped out of my own mold

Home made ear plugs




Sam Egan is one of Australia's best shapers.
I've seen many of his boards
and never saw a bad one.


Oh yeah, I have to admit that I did do a bit on Dan Reynolds back on March 6th, 2013. The whole bit was a put on. Something I wanted to be corrected by.
       Never the less, I did surf Rincon with a guy who looked like Reynolds but with a beard. After the great session together, they guy walked up to my cage and offered me up a fresh head of Roman lettuce from his garden. (I was wrong, it wasn't Dan Reynolds, how could of I even thought.)
      However, I do think I surfed Ventura point when Reynolds was there. A guy who looked just like him, (without a beard,) cut across the peak and ran his forearm into the rail of my board. I wrote the "put on" on March 6th 2013. I don't know where I wrote about getting my rail gashed by the guy, it's somewhere, probably within Adrenalin, that I don't post any more.
      Most people I surf with just push the nose of the guy's surfboard out of the way. A guy did it to me a week ago and I did it to one of my young girls two or three weeks ago.)
      Oh, I should mention, I might have heard who it really was at Rincon, -but I'm not really sure.


Sharky Waters
I didn't even see this warning the day it was sited, but I felt that the conditions did feel sharky the same day just a few miles south while I surfed at the Rock.
I took this picture the day after.
2/26/11 shark warning in Cayucos


M&D Warning
(under Blood and Guts class)
Check out this You Tube film clip.
These Aussies are insane.









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