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Welcome to Painting Synchro-Graphics 101

The Helpful Hint: When painting with water base before glassing, those stick on foam letters at the 99 cent store work pretty good for stencils. (I later used a small artist paint brush with white paint to fix them up and covered the stringer.)

stick on letters as stencils


Paint job on K-quad

FlyingP top paint

painting strips on surfboard

Flying P masked for first stripe

Graphics layout on surfboard

First Off- I'd advise you to go down to your local auto body supply store and pick up some some 1/2 in. and 1/4 in. fine line masking tape, and a couple sheets of scotch bright. The purple is like 220 sand paper which is good to use on the fiberglass and gray similar to 320 which is good before the second coat. (Cut into thirds with old scissors, the shit ain't cheep.)

Another good idea is to pick up some lighter fluid at you local (any place sells it.) It's pretty much the same stuff as the wax and grease remover the auto body supply store would sell you but will take less money out of your pocket.
       The trick to using the stuff is use a small saturated rag to wipe on and a larger one to dry off the fluid before it dries by itself. (Please use rubber gloves. Hot fluid brake down molecules smaller than skin cells.)
      Another thing you should think about is a air respirator. The paper ones are fine for sanding and better than nothing when it comes to spraying the paint. Keeping junk out of your lungs should be a priority. Make sure that you have enough fresh air flow to keep the fumes down.

      (Helpful Hint: When not using, pull off pre-filters - if they have them - and store the charcoal filter or mask in an air tight container. Because the charcoals are expensive and once out in the open, they continually absorb gases until they are full, even if they are only setting on a shelf. So to keep them fresh, don't let them hang around in the open air.)
I happen to like the idea that it's only been used a little when I put on a used respirator.
       (Boy, you don't know how important this bit is. Just the first 24 hours with such as a hole like this one not filled; people were on it like flys on shit and I was sure to be haunted by it. feb.21,'12)

Reverse stenciling with needles

I don't have much talent for painting waves or anything. My artistic talent comes from nothing other than simple geometry. I love 45 degree angles. What's neat about the 45 is that 22 1/2 and 90 degrees angles work so well with it.
      Then you throw in a simple Circle, if not the circle itself, But the diameter of the circle can really mean something when deciding the with of your stripes. But the really cool thing you get from the circle, is the Radius. The Radius is one hot tool because it works so well with both the stripe and the angle. With all those things at hand; who needs any artistic blood in their body.

Shane Stoneman Surfboard layed out with Synchro-Graphics

The way I approach laying out something, I figure I'll screw up something along the way. For some reason, things don't always turn out the way I intended them to.
      So the way I approach it is: that as long as the stripe measures the same on one end as the other, and I've got my angles right. Its all good. I figure it will look good because everything is square and it balances out.
(It always seems to work for me.)

Masking corners on a surfboard paint job

I use regular masking tape to lay out the border, stripes and angles. Then I like to use th 1/4 in. fine line laid down next to the layout tape. (1/4 when ever possible because anything more will cost you. )

The 1/2 in. is kinna the minimal with you can get away with when doing radius corners.

It's a good idea to make those little marks when tracing your corners and they take off straight.
(The more layers of tape, the more cuts it will take with a razor within a parts of a corner .)

Masking Synchro-graphics on surfboard

Cheep trick but:
Works only once....

Another handy and inexpensive trick is picking up some shelve paper at the Dollar Store. This stuff happened to be clear which was kinna nice when trying to figure out where the original label is or will be. (I used a compuss with a scripto.
   A Warning though: It only works with one coat of paint. It will wrinkle up when the paint dries up.
(The fine line tape works for multiple coats.)

Masking sychro-graphics onto a MBM surfboard

Being lazy can take time

MBM masked off for Synchro-graphics

Painting the stripe over the base coat takes at least an extra day to dry - to avoid checking, but there is less masking to do.
       Funny thing, I ran into a problem with paint checking because I didn't weight 48 hours before the second color. And now that I have the empty can of the Rustolium oilbase enamle and and a new one with the shrink wrap type label. It says to wait 48hours when the (I think,) old can says 24. Can't remember the detail exactly since it's been a while since I knoticed.)

The formula I've been using is using the diameter of the radius as the with of the stripe.


Masking dots on quad surfboard

Shelf Liners works out great for dots in the base coat on my Quad. You can see how I made sure the material wasn't wrinkled were I need to cut out the circles.

Connecting the dots:
Half Inch Fineline

Connecting the dots on sunnyside's quad surfboard

January 30th, 2012:
Stoneman's turn

Just as with my MBM; when I cleaned it up to paint.

Helpful Hint:
For when you know that someday your leash will catch on your heal pad and rip it off. I trim mine. I'm also accustomed to a 7 ft leash which eliminates most of the chances that the leash will even snag it. I'm thinking of trying a 6 ft leash on the 6'2" this summer, it may help with keeping my board out from under some other guys board.



tube wave ride

So I wanna be

Excerpt From : Sunnyside's Lousy Book


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Pacific Coast Shark News

If you are thinking of taking up surfing because of something I may have wrote here. Please don't, it's too dangerous with all the sharks and things.  
        There are plenty of surfers already, and we don't need another.  


Excerpt From : Sunnyside's Lousy Book

So I wanna be

And if you come to the beach,
PLEASE do not feed the seagulls,
they ended up shitting all over the rocks I'd like to sit on.

And seagulls are dirty creatures;
feeding them will only cause them to fly around dropping lice on people below.

Sam Egan is one of Australia's best shapers.
I've seen many of his boards
and never saw a bad one.


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Sharky Waters
I didn't even see this warning the day it was sited, but I felt that the conditions did feel sharky the same day just a few miles south while I surfed at the Rock.
I took this picture the day after.
2/26/11 shark warning in Cayucos

Helpful Hint: on Wax
For those who either reach in the wrong drawer and grab the hard base coat wax instead of the soft cold water stuff. Keep you wax along with it's original label in a zip tight baggy and confusion is less likely to fallow.
Boy I hate it when I do that.

Rule No. 4

Helpful Hint:
Traction Pad or Not to Traction Pad
I never did get around to putting a traction pad on my MBM. For two reasons. One, the shaper kinna screwed this board up and gave the right side a little more rocker in the tail. (But I happen to think it fits my skill level more since that means less rocker on my back side.)
    I also learned to think that gum sole booties tend to stick to wax better than to traction pads.
   Since the MBM is my main winter board;
I ended up sticking the pad on a summer board.





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The spectators on the central coast


You're dreaming Sunnyside





M&D Warning
(under Blood and Guts class)
Check out this You Tube film clip.
These Aussies are insane.


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