Rule No.26

This page is for the people who have actually read some of my literature before. This portion of the intro is where I'll tell you how I came up with the Stupid Rules. But since the MD Warnings came first,  I want to introduce the Mon & Dad Warning system  first. I came up with back in the 90s' during my hand written journal days.

Excerpt from Burning Down House

There were times in the local grocery store and heard people talking about the things I had written. When I heard a lady say to another line, "It's good for the kids,"
          I was quite surprised. I contemplated watering down some of the subject matter because I felt some of it wasn't appropriate for children. All of a sudden I realized I had a dilemma on my hand. I felt I needed to cater to all age groups, but I still wanted to be a good influence for the kids. If I only wrote material that was only suited for children, the material could become too soft and corny for adult readers and I didn’t want to loose them.

The pages were written in the spur of the moment and I never knew when something would be inappropriate for children until it was an after the fact, so on July 20th, of 1998, on page 159, I came up with the idea for Mom & Dad Warnings.

    I introduced it in a really cute way by writing a spiff:

I'm going to have Mom & Dad Warnings.


Drop what you're doing and get your folks.

        M-D Warning is the Cue.

It's like a Safety Rope and Help’s on the way.

Since topics of interest I wrote about were spontaneous and could change at any given moment, I'd turn back to the previous page before mature oriented material and write in the margin with a red pin, "M-D Warning.” I thought if my journal was being posted on an Internet web sight, a parent would be able to look over their child's shoulder every once in awhile -- see the warning -- then distract the child away from the screen while they check out the nature of the material on the next page before letting their children view it. Many times instead of writing an inappropriate word, I'd just draw a line with a letter within it as a hint as to what the word would be. It was a way of showing kids I was aware that some of my literature wasn't proper.

There was a time I was in the local grocery store and I overheard a couple women talking about the things I’d been writing about. Then one said, "He should come up with some rules."

I thought: I bet I could come up with some rules, but theirs got to be something special about them.

I wanted to make the rules easy to remember so I matched them up with numbers in significant ways. Coming up with a name for the rules wasn't very difficult because it only came naturally.

Now days when I look back on all those hand written journal entries, I can't help but crack up at some of the outrageous things I jotted down. It got to the point where if I wrote something down that might require a Stupid Rule, my readers were sure to let me know that it called for one. It became a game and my followers knew the numbers better than I did.  

Just for Belly Achers

I would go through and change some of the words I've used in this site, but then it wouldn't be honest. The way I look at it, dirty words have never hurt anyone. I feel it's the way in which words can be used that can hurt people. If I offend anyone please understand that it is in no way a well polished site. To be honest with you, some of the material you'll read here may be only first or second draft, and out of all the material I've written I'm not really sure what is actually on this site. I'm actually trying to save some of my material for my books, so don't be surprised if you are left with some unanswered questions

Excuse me for any ill valued remarks I might have used. They should only be considered as figments of speech. Just as a few of the statements ion this web-site will amuse some people; there are a few statements that may offend others. I feel if I'm going to have to write this lousy website I'm going to write it as I see fit; so you'll just have to live with it.

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House


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MD Warning Update:
Mom and Dad can self edit my web-pages
Rule Numbers- 55

March 18, 2015:
It was apparent to my that one thing my Angels said to me when I wrote a dirty word yesterday was, "you are going to loose a few readers every time you write those words."
       But my argument is form that creative artist bit i have inside of me, trying to make what I write flow as is someone was saying it to themselves; after all all I'm doing is writing done what I'd say to my self anyway and if it don't some right it just doesn't flow.
       But I hope I can score a few Brownie Points with my Angeles and at least tell my readers how to safe guard their children from the undesirable aspects of my literature.
       Basically I would advise just blocking out my web-site entirely and pre-screen any page your children are interested beforehand and then set that page address code for allow on your web-browser settings.
       As for the journal before I usually do my own editing a day or to later; if you would like to edit the material yourself, - it is not difficult to edit any of my web-pages because the code structure is not that sophisticated at all.
       It's really simple:
       All you have to do is click with the right button of your mouse on the outer edges,or body of my web-page and click on "view page source."
       Then or before hand open up any text editor, - even most writing soft ware.
       Cut and past the source code in the text editor and just look over the words for the on you want to delete.
       Just by looking at it you can see the independent sentence markers as well as the beginning and end of paragraphs. If you plan to take out a whole paragraph, just be sure you take out the closing /p maker with it.
       You can save the file as a .html file of which it will probably save by it self.
       Then if your kid wants to read th material, just look up the file at where ever the folder you saved it in and just by clicking on it will usually open it in your browser just as if it was on the web.

January 1, 2008: Happy New years folks.
I want to thank everyone for stopping by over the past year.
I happy to be able to say that in just the last 6 months, the amount of visitors to my sites have quadrupled.
        I think of it as some kind of success for us all, because if you would ask me what the main goal of all this is: I'd have to say that I would hope it would get the patent laws changed for the better. At least back to the way the US had it before Clinton got his little slimy hands on them. And globally I hope we all can abolish the GATT Treaty.
     I'm sorry if any of you found yourself upset at the bad news you may have found here on this site. There is stuff I'd rather not have to post, but it's a difficult job and someone has to do it.
       I think it's the reason I'm still on this earth with all of you. I guess it's my calling in one way or another. I just don't want anyone to forget about the other inventors who we've already lost. We can never get them  back, but we can sure try to save the smart guys we still have left. Lets just hope we can help them prosper and reproduce so that we'll have more of them around us all.
     Thank you and God Bless,

I'd like to mention, that there is a high percentage of the new material never makes it to a first rewrite stage. I figure that I pull as much as 50% of what I post on this site within the first day or two sometimes. So if you are one of those who frequent this site -- well excuse me, -- because you're one who knows what I'm taking about.
     But thanks for stopping by anyway.

If you'd like to help out, it would be great if you posted a few links back to this web-site from others. It helps a lot and thanks to you if you have done it already.

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