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April 23, 2008: In the news lately was the story about people in the UK fussing over the fact that Prince Williams landed a Chinook helicopter at his girlfriend's house. Gee, it was all prearranged and there is a shortage of places that they can perform practice landings.
        Then their where those who thought that there was a shortage of helicopters for Bush's war. Hell, that war is a waste of the British tax payers money anyway and that is what they should be complaining about.
       And for my opinion, I think William should have brought a picnic basket and everything. He should have picked up his girlfriend and taken her to a high mountain peak or a deserted island for lunch; where the media would never find them.
      Its called perks folks. He guy has more noses in his face, he should be able to do what every he wants with the helicopter. And for those who felt insulted because William wore a natzy uniform to a costume party; get over it. It was only a costume and nothing more than a joke.
      I myself couldn't be more proud of those fine intelligent boys.  Over here all we got to talk about is a bunch of stupid Hollywood actors going to rehab. 

Prince Harry's cover was blown
February 29, 2008:
Thanks to some asshole American blogger, Prince Harry's cover was blown and they had to pull him off the lines.
    When I first heard that he had joined the military, I couldn't understand why he, a guy from a wealthy, royal family would even want to do such a thing. But just one phrase that was said on the news today made it quite clear. It was because he wanted to be normal just like the next guy.
     That pretty much made sense to me because it's just like me and surfing. It's the only time I can be sure that I'm not looked upon as some kind of freak show, I'm just one of the guys. Harry did it to get away from the tabloids and the public microscope.

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April 9, 2008: In the news lately is all the protest about human rights violations that are going on in Tibet. I feel if they want to protest, they should all be in Utah at the offices of the Olympic committee, because the human rights violations were going on long before China was chosen to hold the Olympic games.
        I could care less about the Olympic games  or how China wants to treat its people.
       I know of something that bothers me even more. That is how the Chinese Mafia is stealing timber from
Eastern Siberia.
      The police in Russia have just established a new forestry division to conduct spot checks. But because of the corruption there are many pay-offs and there are many points in the new Russian Forest Code that contradict each other. The lack of clarity leaves room for unlicensed logging on a large scale, with poachers avoiding taxes and pocketing huge sums of money.
    I found this bit very interesting
BBC News


It's only a Ball Game
February 12, 2008


Funny how the US drops out of a global math and science competition.
August 20th"07


Feeling the pain of Clinton's and Greenspan's false economy.
August 18th,'07:


Baby Einstein -
dumber by the day

August 12th, '07


(the column on politics)


I read in the USA Today; 3/10/08 that a kid in Mobile, Alabama fired a gun into the ceiling of his high school gym and then killed himself.
      I guess the fact the he was charge in a robbery of a Dairy Queen a few weeks ealier had something to do with it.
      Gee, the next criminal who wants to do such a thing, protect the hearing of the other students by doing it outdoors.
      One less mess to clean up too.


The other day I read about what the Jacksons are doing. As in the original Jackson 5 that Micheal originated from. While Micheal and his sisters are doing so well, the others are not so much. One is even stacking shelves at a VONS grocery store.
    For some reason I can believe that. Because that's just how Americans are. They really don't care about others, even if they are family. People don't take care of each other like the media leads us to believe.


February 19, 2008: Gee something tells me that it was a good thing to be inspired by a vegetarian few months ago. Because lately I've sure been eating much more fruits and vegetables more than ever. I wondered if I could converted all the way, because I've always been the standard meat and potatoes kind of guy. But now I see what kind of stuff happens to the cattle they sell us, fruits, veggies and nuts are finding my shopping bag more and more.
          Kinna late on any recall if you ask me. I'd be thinking twice before eating fast food or having any of my kids eating school lunches.
          Even a wild game hunter wouldn't want to tag anything that couldn't walk on it's own feet.

Stupid Rule Number 43

January 23, 2008:
Kinna late to mention this but:
            In the Dec. 27- Jan. 10th'08 edition of the
Rolling Stone magazine, they had a bit on page 15 called - The Death of High Fidelity
       It report on how the way music is being compressed and mixed to be loud, a lot because of the way MP3's have caught on.
    Believe me when I say I can tell. It's probably the reason I haven't got into the MP3's by now. I like the idea of the format, where as its not likely going to get a scratch and skip during your favorite song. But the problem is that you can't hear the room of where the song was recorded .

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