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Jesse Jackson,is a moron who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut. (His remarks  saying that he would like to cut Obama's nuts off.)
      Jackson is a hypocrite who calls himself a reverend, but just another one of those idiots who think they are some kind of smart ass. It's obviously he doesn't know jack about the ways of the Lord.
       The media calls him a civil rights activist, but I wonder why they even puts him on the television. (Half the time I think he pays them to do so.) 
       He is always out to call some one racist, even though he is nothing but a racist.
        He's obviously and advocate for Affirmative Action which are a bunch of stupid lobbyist for people who are either afraid or too stupid to take the same test as everyone else. BBC has post the part of the Jackson' comments that the mainstream media didn't.
Check it out
    July 10, 2008


OJ Simpson got 9 years.The judge and jury had it so easy, everything was recorded, before during and after. Kinna like there was a documentary made of the incident. The thing that blew his defence out of the water was that he walked in the room with a gun and said:
"Nobody leave the room."
(He took hostages not just his stuff.)

December 5, 2008:


October 5, 2008: Looks as though OJ Simpson finally got taken off the golf course. Good riddens.  

May, 2008:
I read in the USA Today Newspaper about the fact that there are 60,000 defence contractors that owe back taxes. The funny part about it is that many are still billing the US government and the tax payers are still paying out money to most of them.  I bet those defence contractors will tell you that the US is the greatest place on earth. LOL.

April 9, 2008: In the news is a story about some young cheerleaders beating up another class mate. They filmed it and then posted it on the web. I guess this is a trend and they just haven't figured out that assault is a criminal offence, punishable with jail time.
       Like go rob a bank and video tape it. Then post it on Youtube or MySpace. Boy if that isn't a real sign of us breeding stupid people I don't know what it is, but this entry belongs on Morons of the day.
       Just hope your son or daughter don't being home some friends like them.  Rule Numbers:
51 & 85


On March 7th, '08, I saw a little bit on page B3 of the WSJ about the four guys that went down for selling 70,000 tubes of toothpaste containing diethylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze. Can you imagine two of the guys got off with Misdemeanour’s criminal charges.

Vernon Sale, inc, Pres. Kamyab Toofer and Vis. pres. Pejman Mossay each were charged with 14 counts of receiving, selling and delivering an adulterated drug.

Selective Imports Corp. Pres. Frahad Nazarian and Vis pres Yone Ghermezi were each charged with two counts of the same.
Gee, all their names sound Chinese to me.

However, I notice that non of the media groups had picked up on the news that was furnished by Associated Press

January 23, 2008: Kinna late to mention this but:
            In the Dec. 27- Jan. 10th'08 edition of the
Rolling Stone magazine, they had a bit on page 15 called - The Death of High Fidelity
       It report on how the way music is being compressed and mixed to be loud, a lot because of the way MP3's have caught on.
    Believe me when I say I can tell. It's probably the reason I haven't got into the MP3's by now. I like the idea of the format, where as its not likely going to get a scratch and skip during your favorite song. But the problem is that you can't hear the room of where the song was recorded .

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Friday the 13th wasn't so lucky for Federal Judge
Alex Kozinski,
was to reside over an obscenity trial, but  posted sexual material on his own personal Web site. June 13, '08

May 14, '08: In the news is a deal where some cops got out of hand in Philadelphia and thirteen were taken off duty. Gee, just hope they can find some new ones that aren't a bunch of bullies. Apparently a cop got killed and the cops thought they had the guys. And it looks like they beat the crap out of the wrong guys.

April 29, '08: A lot of fuss over the fact that there was a photo created by the famous Annie Leibovitz of Miley Cyrus published in a magazine.

April 23, 2008: People in the UK fussing over the fact that Prince Williams landed a Chinook helicopter at his girlfriend's house.

April 9, 2008: In the news lately is all the protest about human rights violations that are going on in Tibet. I feel if they want to protest, they should all be in Utah at the offices of the Olympic committee, because the human rights violations were going on long before China was chosen to hold the Olympic games.
        I could care less about the Olympic games  or how China wants to treat its people.
       I know of something that bothers me even more. That is how the Chinese mafia is stealing timber from
Eastern Siberia.
      The police in Russia have just established a new forestry division to conduct spot checks. But because of the corruption there are many pay-offs and there are many points in the new Russian Forest Code that contradict each other. The lack of clarity leaves room for unlicensed logging on a large scale, with poachers avoiding taxes and pocketing huge sums of money.
    I found this bit very interesting
BBC News


Eliot Spitzer hooked by Ashley Alexandra Dupre
March 10-14, 2008


March 14'08 New York
Crane fell in NY. And the question is how much money is going to be spent trying to figure out what went wrong. (Let me save some time and money.) Picture and More

Eli Lilly, the drug maker, could and should have warned physicians as early as 1998 about the link between Zyprexa a medicine, and diabetes.

It's only a Ball Game
February 12, 2008

Funny how the US drops out of a global math and science competition.
August 20th"07

Feeling the pain of Clinton's and Greenspan's false economy.
August 18th,'07:

Baby Einstein -
dumber by the day

August 12th, '07

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