Stupid Rule Numbers - 4, 10, 29 & 42
Hillary Paid Trump to say it

I'm sure he has said it before
I said that the big whole in it is that you have to take people word on it and they will just lie.

December 8th, 2015:
       Remember, I mentioned my friend dabbles in a few religions and you never know when he might pick up another one.
       However, I'm guessing that this time, Hillary not only Paid Trump to Say it, the bitch paid the media to fuss over it.
       From my point of view, I think it is all just plain reckless, but I guess 8%ers just don't get that.

Top space official slammed a new ground control system for GPS satellites being built by Raytheon Co as
"a disaster"

Air Force spokeswoman Captain Annmarie Annicelli said the Air Force would develop new cost estimates for the troubled GPS Operational Control System, or OCX, to reflect an additional two-year delay in completing its development.
       Yeah burning more money
       Air Force officials earlier this year said the program had an 80.5 percent cost increase, to $1.6 billion, and a two-year delay due to increased cyber security requirements and issues with the contractor's performance.
       Call burning the money on something that doesn't exist. There is no way to kick the tires and see if it's actually worth the money.
       How can people think buy a product before it exist is a good Idea?
       The folks at the Pentagon sure can, with your money.

As for the US sponsored killings:
109 Palestinians
17 Israelis
1 American
1 Eritrean

December 5, 2015:
Just since October 1st in the West Bank and Isreal
The US gives them $3 Billion every year,
-they gotta do something with it

       Give it a couple years from now, they will do some more killing in the Gaza Strip
       Rule Number 4
       And oh that money John Kerry gave to the Palestinians a couple years ago after we sponsored the killings in the Gaza Strip; ($200 Million has been said, but I think I wrote about at least twice that when it was happening,) according to Rand Paul's book, Hamas, the terrorist organization there got $47 million of it.

They got their Priorities Wrong:
Rule Numbers- 42

November 4, 2015:
       Fighting Global Warming and Terrorism is meaningless when you are breeding Stupid People
       Heck the human race has lost 75% of it's brain capacity, it will only be concerned with surviving itself.
       As the brain capacity diminishes, the human being will only get more barbaric in nature and animalist extincts will drive there desire to have sex and reproduce.
       The is another problem about the diminish brain capacity and the easing of the ability to brain wash people and as long as you have that problem, you will have terrorist like ISIS.
       If you think you can beat ISIS on 25% of what you were designed for, you are wrong because there will only discover that someone else came up with the idea that they can be another ISIS.
Some Morons think:
-Gun Laws must be the solution

It would only make the guns we give to Iraqi soldiers more valuable on the black market, same goes for the ones we hand over to the Syrians and the Libyans.
       They would be walking off the battle field with the weapons and putting them on the next ship to the USA
       I wouldn't doubt that is happening but the guns are being shipped of to other terrorist groups in Africa.
       Get it folk? The USA is the supplier of the weapons for terrorist.
       Taking the guns rights away from the American people would be putting terrorist right smack dab in the USA and they would get their weapons from the people the USA gave them to.
       Pretty stupid don't you think?

What would I do to fight terrorism?
I'd change the Patent laws
and I would make up a voluntary army to fight ISIS

I would hope I could get people already trained in our military and leave the Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi solders out.
I figure I would easily get 10,000-20,000 on the ground solders in each of the three countries.
       And you could probably almost double that by the support staff on ships and at airports.
       What I would hate to see repeated is the problem with oil wells, because of the disaster Sodom created with the ones in Kuwait, which I think is even worse that killing a bunch of people on earth.
       Sorry to say that I happen to think people are more disposable than the planet they need to live on. What China is doing to its own people is fueled by nothing but evil, greed and stupidity.
       Every time I see the place on TV, I wonder what kind of life expectancy you can get out of a person living those condition. They'll go from a producing society to one that is disabled do to medical health issues. The older dying will become the burden of all the younger worker bees.
       If the people can't keep care of the planet, they can't survive anyway, I figure why ruin it for the spirits that live here without harming it at all?
      They are watching over us while we make barbaric fools out of our selfs while we destroy their home.

Turkey Day in the USA:
Rule Numbers- 9, 10, 20, 44 & 86

Told you so.
Wouldn't you know, the first family are for hire.

November 26, 2015:
After 7 years in the white house the youngest takes up wearing glasses.
       You have to admit they look nothing like the picture shown of the two seven years earlier, none the less, they were certainly not going to use the images of last year because that would be too much like a side by side.
       The clip of Obama with the girls with each to each side of him was like, "here they are." (Sorta like Bill Curtis in away.)
       Didn't fool me, -and I should add that this morning a voice from one of my Angles said, "they killed the first daughters."
       When you think about it, -it would have not made sense if they killed themselves, because from what I gathered, -they were actually fond of me and I don't see how my Angeles, or the Grim Reaper would even have anything against anyone who is a fan of mine. None the less, -it probably didn't go over with the Obama administration too well.
       The Obama Administration probably got most of the politicians thinking they are covering up a couple teenage suicides and not a couple assassinations within the first family, -by the President of the United States of America.
       Can't help but wonder how deeply ingrained it is inside the Democratic Party.
       None the less, they probably didn't even get the Demo Party involved because it was probably something set-up through a secrete operation of the FBI or CIA. More likely the FBI unless they whacked the girls when they were on vacation in another county. If so the swap of the replacements could happen anywhere on the way back to the USA.
       (Oups, I heard Obama used the FBI.)

Cash-N-Kerry got himself in some deep shit.
       Another thing I've been hearing the most is that John Kerry Cashed in his Chips.
       Apparently I was right about the Iranian's buying him off and that's way his negotiations were not worth a shit.
       I'm pretty sure he's been taking money from the Israel defense contractors we've been funding too.
       There is no place on Earth Kerry can hide his crooked crimes from my Angles. Let us all hope my Angles can figure out where he stashed all the money.
       Maybe he was thoughtful, -and left the information in a Suicide Note.

You get what you get what you ask for:
Rule Numbers- 29, 50, 66 & 80
You provided the stupid people for evil
& you provide the weapons for them too.

November 16, 2015:
You gave the enemy the weapons,
and you breed the stupid people for the enemy.

       (Is there another way to put it into words?)
       The enemy brainwashed your own stupid people and sends them back at you.
       Two hundred people are jack shit when it comes to thinking about the Vietnam war we killed 450,000 Americans for a war we paid Lous for a place to drop bombs, - for the profit of defense contractors. What bothers me is no one is thinking or crying about thousands of men ISIS has been killing every month and nobody sheds a tear for the women and children who are taken for nothing more than sex slaves they rape every day and with the weapons Bush and Obama has given to them, they are able to do this in every day in every town they take-over .
       And how come no one is saying anything about the fact: it was under Hillary's watch they gave weapon directly to ISIS in Syria?

The other day I discovered a lady taking a picture of my truck. She said her husband says that the US Government gave ISIS money to buy Toyota Trucks.
       At the time I didn't give her too much credit, -but you gotta figure the odds of her husband being in the military are pretty good and you've gotta admit that the videos the media uses to show the public ISIS never show any of the 5,000 Hum-V's, and those Toyota trucks do look spankenly clean and shinny, and look as though they may have been just given to them for the photo-op.
       I wouldn't doubt we paid for their clean ans shinny black flags too.
(You know how black will look once it gets dirty.)

Johnny w/knife must have felt belittled:
because they only used only one Hellfire Missile.

Saving the US Tax Payers $67,000.oo
But three drones an hour cost as much as if they used three more to do it.

I saw part of the Demo Debate
What a put-on:
       If it wasn't designed to make the Democratic Party look good, I'd shoot myself in my own head.
       Sounded like Hillary had practice a script that was made for every question she was to be asked beforehand.
       And with the other two, all they did was reverse engineer the questions, to match whatever they were saying prior to the debate. (Like the game show where they have to answer with the question.)
       None the less, I couldn't stand watching it because I was just astounded to think that people were stupid enough to elect Sanders to the position he is already. The guy is a complete idiot.
       Makes me believe we have too many Congressmen and too many Senators. I think one of each for each state should be efficient. Less people taking kick backs means less money spent on war machines, less deaths, and less money waisted.

Donald Trump should watch some Rifleman
Or maybe even some Gunsmoke

October 12th, 2015:
So he can understand what kind of guy he is.
       He's like one of those evil ranchers with about twenty gun slingers working for him.
       He thinks he can tell people what they can own, buy and keep.
       Just ask Steven Tyler, he'll tell that is just how he is.
       Donald is also the guy who comes to Dodge and takes investment money for a Hotel he'd never planed to build.
       The plan on TV was just to split town with the money, but modern day Trump way is to gobble up the money using lawyers to do it.
       You can bet if he could sue himself, he probably would because he'd have lawyers working on both sides working for only a small fraction of what they bill him for. Or should I say owning at least two law firms in pretty much mandatory in his line of business.
       What I just wrote may sound confusing, but you just have to look at it in the way it is written.
       People have invested money into Trump Projects and all trump has done is dig a hole in the ground, (like the one in Mexico,) and use lawyers to gobble up the money people invested in the project.

Wall of Israel 101:
Rule Numbers- 10

September 15th, 2015:
Trump said the Wall works.
       Well I can argue that to be a lie and it goes to show you just how little Donald trump knows about foreign policy.
       Someone should tell him that the US Tax payers pay Israel $3.15 Billion US Dollars per year to manage what is on both sides of the wall.
       That managing it is destroying what ever is on the other side of the wall and then moving the wall to suit their needs, (like water rights and other natural resources.)
       And do I need to mention the reason given for the whole Blunder of Wars from time to time is that there is always tunnels made underneath it?
       I'm wondering, why count?
Counting dead bodies isn't going to do any good:
At least until they get the people who are between me and my money.

       I'm also wondering if anyone is counting the dead bodies that are connected to Lockheed Martin and the other defence contractors who have been profiting from the killing machines they stole from me.
       Those and the politicians involved are the bodies I would like to see fall most. They are the instigators of all these wars you all have going on and I think they should all go to hell, the sooner the better.
       Tired of waiting around for it to happen. The crap has been going on long enough and let's just all hope that the most of you are right and it's about time for God to clean house, and so be it.

September 10 & 11th, 2015:
Hillary's calculated sound bit of the Week:
              "Dis-trust and Verify"

Goes to show you the difference between having a woman like her for a president, because I don't think I would even need to worry about the "dis-trust," part.
       I had to laugh at her appearance on Ellen Degenerat's Show. It was just like having your friendly grandma on the show.
       Gave a little girl a matching pant suit and everything. The only thing, the little girls out fit wasn't designed to hide the stomach of a pregnant woman.
       And the color of Blue was a bit much for me; it would give me nightmares if I ever saw my grand mother wear such a thing.

I take it Donald Trump:
Never looks at woman his own age.
       Talking about a guy who has to where a tie to hold in his flabby Turkey Neck.

July 22, 2015-
I Guess the word is out....Updated:

Everyone knows I want people
to Vote for Rand Paul:

I'm hoping he will ask me to be his VP.
       I just don't see me working with any of the other presidential candidates and I sure as hell don't want to be president myself.
       I'd rather be on the inside where I can have a better handle on what's going down so I can have some influence upon what is going to happen in the future.
Update: Sept.'15

Wouldn't that be nice:
I think God just may have other plans and me being VP may not be good enough for him.
       Believe me when I say I would have to hope and pray Rand Paul would actually live to see the day when he moves into the White House.
       However, if God wants me to be President, we should just put me there the first time around and spare us all the trail of dead bodies.

July 22, 2015:
There are those of you who think
   of Rand Paul as a Failsafe.

--They have the Right Idea,
--Evil would kill me and brain wash the in coming president.

Having Rand Paul as acting president gives us someone who is more familiarized with the duties of presidential office than I have, and should I say, -- a little more qualified to be a president me too, -- at least at this time.
       Therefore we should go with him as our pick for the next president of the United States.

Our combination of the two at the top would be like having double layer of protection by me being part. I feel I should be involved in the presidential office as a safeguard to the wellness of its citizens and the land of which they live.
       I want to be second opinion and the double check verification which may keep you out of mischief and will help prevent the government from doing things wrong.
       Rand Paul and I should verify understandings, before he acts on anything.
       Did I say we should work together to keep this countries matters in check?

Not a very good idea....
Rule Numbers- 12, 19, & 38

July 14th, 2015:
Some Stupid Idiotic Deal:
Ten years go by pretty fast
It's no more than kicking the can down the road ten years. And allowing them Access to even more weapons on top of that.
       Pretty screwed up deal if you ask me.
       I figure that they will become a middle guy arms dealer, giving Israel some competition with what they do with the $3.14 billion the US gives them every year.
       Boils down to the fact that Israel has got a legitimate gripe when the USA is funding a competing war machine builders.
       And once the ten years run out, trying to reimpose sanctions on Iran will not be ass easy as you may think when so many corporations will be crying hardships because of the loss of revenue.
       Therefore to save revenues, -they will be willing to pay a portion of those revenues to pay off politicians so that they don't put sanctions back on they .
       I think it blew the whole opportunity of getting Iran to get rid of Nuclear everything. No one should let them manufacturer any more than enough atomic fuel for their electrical generation plants for the next 15 years.

With this deal Obama has going, -has another big whole in it. It say Iran must export its nuclear waste.
       I don't know what exactly that is about, but it sure dosen't sound very good. Sounds like trouble to me?
       Who in hell is going to want radio active waste?

However, I do think a deal should include a limited lift of sanctions conventional military equipment, -primarily defensive, and they should only be able to buy the arsenal for Iran only. They should not be aloud to provide the equipment to other countries or organizations.

I don't know how they got so far off from a decent way of doing things, but you can only hope these negotiators are running on at least 8%. So what do you expect? Really.

Bet the Philadelphia is retired:
Rule Numbers-

July 8th, 2015:
Gotta Wonder if it was the size of a 767 or a Jumbo Jet.
       Bet you all the rest of them are moving at half speed because of that question.
       Guess they felt lucky just to survive that one and with such a jault it probably shook many components loose on the inside of the ship. They would probably have to worry about electrical fires and that's why it either has to be either retired or scraped. I wonder how many Billions you all lost on that kind of thing.

Wonder if they plan to keep on Building them?
       I myself think they should build non nuclear hybrid subs.
       Ones that run on Diesel and solar power and only have conventional weapons on them.
       Batteries are a bit flammable for a war ship but weapons are pretty flammable too.

A collision with between a sub and a flying jelly fish is something I figured would happen some day, if I wasn't just crazy and imagining it all. I figured that if they don't show up on radar in the sky, I had serious doubt they would be able to see them in the water. They probably look just like a school of fish. However, I'll just consider it to be the same thing as the gun shots going off in Morro Bay during my two or three day stupper.

Kinna makes me change my mind, on an opinion of mind, I had way back before those days.
       Even though I was against having them all together, I figured that having Nuclear weapons, aboard a submarine was probably the best and safest place to keep such war heads.
       I figure any stock pile of radioactive material is nothing but a target in the first place and ocean was big and as good as a place or better to hide such a thing.
       I figured you could pretty much move it anywhere with out others knowing.
       I wonder how many fishermen are catching them in their nets. .
       I know a captain of a commercial fishing boat catch what they thought was a Submarine once. The thing began pulling them backwards and all he could do was let out the reals and hopping that the cables cable clamps at the end of the line weren't any tighter than they needed to be.
       Lucky they were, but the doors, the net and the cables cost something like $60,000.oo to replace, so you can bet they were inquiring with the Navy about any sub in the area.
       They all had to write it off as most likely being a Russian Submarine.

Donald Trump is a Moron
June 2015:
Donald Trump should have been in prison a long time ago.
       It doesn't take much for me to jump to conclusions on the guy, I just know his type.
       I'd challenge anyone to prove my assumptions are wrong. That most of his stuff is built by a company he throws together on paper for just about every project.
       I call them throw away companies..
       The kind that file bankruptcy and stiff his sub-contractors as well as his suppliers who provide materials .
       It's like why should he car if the company can only legally file bankruptcy every 7 year, when he's only had the company a year and a half and the building will be done in four years. (Only need a paper company for 5 and 1/2 years leaves the man an extra year and a half to get it done, even if there are a few delays, like the need to find new suppliers.)

Someone should tell Donald:
       Well maybe he never stays in other Hotels, but maybe someone should tell him that the Mexicans not only build Hotels, they also Clean then.
       Yeah have to laugh at the guy, he's probably too old and on too much medication. I bet he thinks he's mister Hollywood.
       Anyone giving him money to help him run for the president is only looking for favors. I suppose it would be nothing to do with the presidential campaign at all. (You know the term, - FAT CHANCE!)

As for Donald's Hotels:
       I would never step a foot in one because he let a contestant on his TV Show become the a general manager for the construction of a building in Chicago.
       Yeah, no way.

June 2015:
ISIS is getting a hell of a deal:

I don't know if I heard it wrong, but I think my Angles even tried to tell me that within this $2 Billion Dollar check for war machinery we are giving to Iraq; apparently the Pentagon put in an order of another 1,200 of my trucks.
       So I got out my calculator and played with some numbers and at a total of 2,200 units, ISIS will have only paid $20 Million for $550 million dollars worth of trucks.
       Get this, of those, you owe me over $84 Million.
       On the back of those truck, if they hold 24 hellfire Missiles, @ $67,000.oo each you've also handed over $_______ Billions worth of destruction .
       What a mighty fine way of burning up you kids money.
And whether you give a damn; I update my web-page on war a little bit.

Bing Bang Boom

Hillary Clinton is an evil bitch logo >

Learn to walk away,
and not be dogged another day:
Rule Numbers- 88

June 24, 2015:
I call it the Heckler, but take it from experience, I'll get these morons in a crowd and in they can flat out rumen the whole spiel. To have an interviewer dog their own interview so bad as this one with this Candy Crowly bitch; you would have to think someone paid her to do it on purpose.
       If she wasn't out to dog him before she sat down with Rand Paul, she's a complete moron.

I found this video of one frustrating Candy Crowly Bitch.
       From from about four to six and a half minutes in the 09 minute video, the stupid bitch had Rand Paul repeating everything he had been interrupted on earlier in the interview by the stupid bitch cutting him off with another ridiculous question.
       I know just how frustrating when stupid people don't have a clue to what you are trying to explain.
       I call it chasing my tail and at about 4 1/2 minutes, I would have gotten up and walked away.
       Those kinds of women can only make you look like a fool Paul. But nice going for just trying not to say that we have been giving the rebels equipment, very expensive equipment and they sell the stuff to ISIS for 4 cents on the dollar that is if we didn't just give the stuff to ISIS directly.

Hillary Clinton is an evil bitch logo

My take on the Patriot Act:
May 23, 2015:
I say you all owe Rand Paul a bit of thinks for standing up there making it a hassle to have them pass it.
       The thing about it is that the government agencies can easily request all that stuff anyway. And apparently they don't bother keeping track of who they are suppose to be keeping track of anyways.
       What I see as the biggest problem with the Patriot Act is that it gathers all of it. Everyone's info from all phone companies. And what make that a problem is the amount of other companies and private industries that wouldn't mind getting there hands on the information.
       So tell me that there hasn't been at least a half a dozen government employees who have been selling that information.

Is Speilberg is helping Clinton with Green Screen?
The deal is: I'm willing to bet that Bill Clinton suffered a stroke and the right side of his face isn't working for him any longer.
       I noticed in certain videos, ones mainly taken from a distance when he was around other people, that his mouth seemed to hang open. And when he did talk, he was only operating the left side of his face.
       But when I saw him being interviewed, -closer up: it seemed like both sides were working.
       Butt then again, when you take a close look at that, one side is a mirror image of the other so I'm guessing they painted the right side of his face green and imposed the left side on the right side so he will look right when he talks.
       A phony Clinton I would say.
       Don't you wish he would just go home and kill himself?
       I sure do. -May'15

Hillary wants an atomic vibarator

Other things:
March 5th, 2015:
I don't know, I'm drawing a blank here.
       but for some reason I lost my reception at just the spot where someone gives Hillary some Internet advice or something .
       I have some doubt about ever hearing the conversation I want to hear, but she sure learned about how to have control over the true deletions of any email she wanted.
       But naturally, nobody is asking to scrub her hard drive either. The funny part about it is how someone could have been scrubbing it for her and she wouldn't have known and in really no position to really do anything about it either.
       I laughed at how many images of different times of her during just one new report. For the most pat, they are usually ones of Hillary looking up so that her jowls don't show up so much. But recently, she had a face job to help out there. it's probably a two or three step process, up until the day she actually goes on the campaign trail with a bright new face courtesy of the surgeon's knife.
      Update march 9-15: Funny how many days have gone by and Hillary is still working on a response to the whole e-mail bit.
       You just have to figure that she's had every word doctor in town over.

And I saw an interview with the prime minister of Iran. He said that Israel has 200 nuclear missiles.
       My question if that is true, is where did Israel get the nuclear missiles?
       Are you going to tell me that the US Government gave the Nuclear Missiles to those death mongers?


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Hillary Clinton is an evil bitch logo

Another thing I wanted to mention
is that they just made it legal for members of Congress to make profits in the stock market from insider information. Something they had made illegal back in 2004. So much for stopping the corruption they say.
     I've got a bit of information about the defense contractors profits I'll try to post tomorrow. And get this, just by cutting defense budget by 11%, it is saving the tax payers 4% of there annual debit. Gee, that means if they would cut it by 55%, that would equal a savings of 20% of what we are suppose to hand over to the government. Now you have to ask yourself: do you need a killing machine that bad?

morrobaynews info sign

I've decided to post an old log from my stats I saved since the summer of 2007.
It's from the:
US Treasury Department.  
Executive Office Of Asset Forfeiture

I take it's the Office that has everything to do with damages the government pays out in law suits. And boy did they spend some time reading the good stuff. 
      Funny: on the same day I got a visit from the CIA also.
August Stats  enjoy.


I found this web-site that is titled
Clinton's body count

Stupid people tend to vote Democrat by default.

October 16th, 2012 :
They got a article on A-13 of the IBD about Obama Care.
     It is pretty pathetic. About 15% of the Hospitals are predicted to go bankrupt because of OBama .

I know I've mentioned before about the fact that there are many people who feel that the the Republicans are for the rich and the democrats are for the poor and working class.
     BUT as I've mention before, both parties happen to know who actually goes down and votes in November. Both parties know that it is not the poor and the youth. It's the elderly and the wealthy that vote and contribute to the campaign money chest; both parties have known that for years.

However lets assume there are number of those who vote with one party or another just as many of you happen to think the same way with the religion they choose. Some are born into a religion and some decide one their own.
     Regardless, what ever the method they chose to decide is up to them, but I'm afraid that there isn't much thought put into it. (Like Clinton said him self, that it is usually one little thing, like how he was on abortion.)
      Basically it's usually one simple reason in one area of expertise if I might say in such a way.

Never the less, I'd like to mention the stupid voters that are bound to be on the rise in all the states.
     Well the way I see it, the Democrats would rather have us all stupid. Stupider the better because stupid people tend to vote Democrat by default.
     Why, Must you ask?
      Well, there just happens to be more poor stupid people than rich stupid people.

I'd advise anyone who can get their hands on today's (Jan.24,'12) Investor's Business Daily, to check out page A-3, Gingrich Vs. AlinskyAnd on page A-12, there is an interesting article titled:
      "Obama Flunks His Own Fairness Test."
It mentions how corporate profits are up 68% and the Dow is up 50% but the Median family income is down 5%.
     Do I need to say any more to the 99%-ers?

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

Guess what Craps?
An analogy about how I was set-up by Congresswoman Louis Capps with the use of insurance fraud.

Louis Craps

Congress woman Louis Caps

Congresswoman Louis Capps Making millions from the defence contractors by aiding them the efforts to steal inventions from the inventor Dennis Sattler of the Synchro-link by the way of criminal prosecution for hire and using San Luis Obispo as a social experiment.
More info to the story at:


December 14th, 2010
     I the news it's all about the Bush extending the Bush Tax cuts. And extending the unemployment benefits.
      My take: It's best to extend the unemployment benefits.
But people seem to forget that Reagan had already gave the rich tax cuts. Then Bush came along with more tax cuts for the rich. And when Obama ran for office he said he was going to tax the rich and leave the middle class alone.
    I happen to think he should take away the Bush tax cuts for the people over $300.000.oo per year. That way the people at $260,000.oo won't be the ones that got screwed for being just over the limit.
     And the inheritance tax should not even exist because it puts families out of business and or it takes a fancy lawyer to figure out how to dodge the whole thing, which I think isn't fair..
    Oh yeah, you would be amazed at the attention this column has been getting. Thanks readers, and for telling your friends

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger screws over the Solar Industry in California, and Newsweek Magazine still calls him green.

Hey check out this e-mail
I got from a political robot.
Are we so Stupid?

N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer
hooked by
Ashley Alexandra Dupre

March 10-14, 2008

I found this web-site and they actually let me post something on it.

Sept. 17th, '10: I've been wanting to.
write this bit for a while, as to why we need to do some kind of drastic campaign reform in order to keep from becoming nothing but a big war machine.
     Got this friend with the sneakiest laugh.
He's an ex- Marine, who fought the Vietnam war.
We watched the Hurt Locker together.

Mr.M. was involved with blowing up POW's that were use as human shield for fuel supply.
I had read all about this stuff in a book by Terry Read who started out as a marine and ended up working for the CIA later figuring out where all these POWs and Fuel Stations are.. (Somewhere - need to find- Book Reviews)

Anyhow Mr.M somehow found himself in trouble for doing something wrong or another. But the reaction was that the military, used it against him in order to make him do some more crazy stuff that wasn't exactly on the level.
 What ever this crazy stuff was, his wife would not watch the Hurt Locker with us.

What really bothers Mr.M is the fact that a person can walk into a building in Nevada, sit in a comfortable chair, in an air conditioned room, can fly and airplane on the other side of the world and drop bombs on people and watch it all on a TV screen.
A man can do this all day and then walk out of the building at the end of the day and drive his car home to his wife and kids.
"There's just something about that, that really gets me." he said.
                  I hear you bud.


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"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

-- Harry S. Truman,
message to Congress,
    August 8, 1950




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September 10, 2010:
OMG, it happened, a lousy pastor with 50 idiots and two web-sites have disrupted our president's day.
And he did it with no Teleprompter. Gee, they must have figured that it would look more like it was from the heart.
I wonder how much this cost tax payers.
I'm willing to bet that the media has paid for the ticket for to take the idiot to New York.

Like I just told this guy,; I'll bet this $1000 computer against you $100 that the media didn't pay for the ticket.

I couldn't get any challengers. I probably couldn't find on for $10          I'm sorry, I had to laugh.

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