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As if we are not dumb enough.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
October 7th, 2021:
Senators Patrick Leahy and John Cornyn are peddling a bill to put another nail in the coffins of inventors
Leahy's patent laws had begun the selective breeding of stupid people 25 years ago and if that wasn't bad enough.
       The guy clearly has no concern about the well-being and intellect of society.
       Are you like me, wondering how much he has been paid to snuff out the independent inventors?
       I'm not sure what evil actions are in his new bill, but from what it sounds like is that he wants to make it harder to enforce a patent or as they say make patents weaker.
       The way I can imagine is that if you don't have a shit load of money already, your patent isn't worth the shit in your bucket.

Of course they want you stupid.
      Like the other morning I heard the president's press secretary say that the new infrastructure bill would not cost us anything because the plan is to make corporations pay for it.
       Well let me tell you it cost me over $200 the morning she said it because the stock market took a shit on all of us.
       Like where do they think the corporations are going to get the money?
      Well let me be the first to say that the money will come from all of us because the corporations will just jack up the price of the products we buy from them and like a bunch of idiots, we will think of it as inflation and ask to increase the minimum wage again, which in turn will cost us even more.
       The most laughable part of the infrastructure bill is the spending on charging stations. Well let me tell you that I own stock in at least one of several companies that are in the business of providing charging stations.
       Let me guess, the government wants to squander the money and pay way too much to install charging stations and dictate just which companies will get tax payer's money to install what they were going to install already.
       But really, we already know it's the companies that have been filling the pockets of the politicians that have written the bill in the first place.

Got an up-date on a question.
       I meet a girl who claimed that she finally paid off her collage loans. She said she worked two and three jobs to pay-off her loans early.
       I asked her the question about how she would feel if the government forgave the debits of those loans like they have been talking about.
       She said, "I would be pissed!"
       She said people advised her not to worry about paying them off because of the idea that they may be forgiven, but she said,"you really can't count on what the government will do."
      Well from what I heard on the news this morning, she's going to be piss-off.
       Alley was also interest in knowing the answer to the other question I had about how military personal felt about the pull out of Afghanistan.
       I told her that I did ask a few who were exercising together the other day. At least they were either recruits or at least in training.
       Well they never gave me an answer, but they offered me a Gatoraid.

Get this:
       In the last year, in San Francisco, more people died of Opioid Overdoses, than the people who died from Covid 19.
       The medical industry; a profit making machine.
       I ended up on Blueshield Promise after trying to get Blueshield 65 Plus through Covered California.
       I learned that the Blueshield Promise health plan isn't really Blueshield at all. Its actually an independent company that Blueshield licensed their name to. I'm convinced that the company is just like Molina, just a call centre with people on phones. It's been almost 4 months and I haven't even received a list of doctors that will except their plan. DHS did set the plan up with a primary doctor at clinic that went to school in the Philippians in the nineties.
      The BlueShield Promise gal offered free mental behaviour coverage and I thought I should use them to unload once a week so I don't unload on to others and maybe I wouldn't end up talking too much when I do talk to people.
       She could'nt come up with a referral list for that either, however she offered me a "Case Worker," for the whole ordeal.
       The "Case Worker was nothing more than a gal on another phone who performed the classic physic evaluation. Let me tell you, I gave her such answers that stretched the evaluation out to at least a hour and a half.
       I certainly could have made myself look worse, but let me assure you, by the time it was over she didn't like me either.

Am I Boring you?
Get this; with all the companies that have been in the business of tunnelling for several decades, then why was it the new guy, Elon Musk who's company has come up with the machine that can dig a mile of tunnel in a week?
       Yes, The Boring Company doesn't even have to dig a hole to drop it in to to start the new tunnel because it will descend from the surface on its own.
       Congratulations to Elon and his Boring Company. Sad to say that the other guys in the tunnelling business were just common folk who learned entrenched thinking.
       I'm disappointed in the main steam media for not even covering the development of Musk's revolutionary machine.
       But I get it, by dumbing down Americans, more and more people don't like people who are smarter than they are.
       I laughed when I discovered a group on Reddit that only bashes Elon Musk, calling him evil and such. I posted that Elon Musk has done more for all of us that anyone else I know of and the moderators sent me a message telling I was banded from posting anything more. I laughed and replied, "like you actually think I even give a damn?"
      They're just idiots with shit for brains.

       Oh I got a laugh out of what they said on the news this morning.
       They said that GM wants to be more like Tesla.
       Yeah, funny. Shit I sold my share of GM a few weeks ago because I'm not really interested. I myself just wish GM, Dodge and Ford would just go broke a disappear.
       I own more Lucid stock than anything else, however let me clue you into some what I call good investments. None the less, don't think they will show a much profit for year or two when the chip shortage is over. For right now, the lower the shares go, the more I average down.
       I own LI, ARVL, MGA, WKHS, FSR, OSK, XPEV, NIO, LCID and ZEV.
       ZEV is actually a conversion company, but I like it because they are making what could be kits for larger work trucks and Construction companies and Construction Workers who have the larger work trucks shouldn't wait for the manufacturing of complete Electric trucks.
       Construction companies and workers should convert their fleets over to electric running gear rather than buying whole new trucks from GM, Dodge or Ford because the so called big three have been dogging them for decades and it would save everyone a shit load of money in the process.
       I sure wish some company would get into recycling Magnets, however next to that, Recycling Batteries is very important for the success of electric vehicles so I invested in LICY.

The sludge hammer discount

The bank wanted to repossess it after letting people into my safe deposit box.
Years later they had found me and sent me the title instead.
If a Dodge is a piece of junk, it might as well look like it.

Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Excerpts found by hovering over each chapter title.


Part One – It's more than a truck

1.  It's more than just a work truck at stake
2.  Setting it Straight
3.   Making legacies out of crooks

Part Two --Yeah, I do have a past

1.  Yeah, I do have a past
2.  As far as my Family Tree goes

3.  The Cabin                                   
4.  Getting some wheels at fifteen        
5.  On the Road at Sixteen    
6.  Party On            
7.  What about the Girls?                
8.  Give Me Lights        
9.  The Worlds Greatest Guitar Player       
10. The Recession of the Early Eighties     
11. Back to School     
12. So I wanna be….

Part Three --Burning Down the House

1.  Burning Down the House
     Yeah, let’s scare him with the Hasmat-D
2.  I asked for a sign….
3.  They called it newsworthy
     Getting on with life
     Hay, where's your women and minorities?
     The Eyes of the City
     It’d be nice if I had a house to live in
     Back to the snoopy city
4.  Building the World’s Greatest Work Truck
      Here you have it kids

5.  What happened to my drawings?  
      Tell me who's crazy?       
6.  Wanna buy a lawyer?
     It would be nice to have a larger bed     
      It would be nice to have a phone that works 
      Strange People    
      Heat on my tail           
7.  In the game    
      It's hard to out run a radio 
       Boom, boom, it's going to blow              
The Bust                                        
Funny Water                                 
Did they do a switch ah-rue?      
    Oh, you're talking to me?  
9.  Hay, he's a bankruptcy lawyer!       

      Did the neighbors get threatened or just scared?
      So you make mountains out of a mole hills?  
      Got to find a job
      Catch Twenty Two
10. The Court Appointed       

      What the hell did they want from me?    

      Hey John, I think we're being watched    
11. What a Bud        
12. Dam, another Lemon   
      Laser on the window?                
      Doesn't work. I believe in the good Lord        
13. What a Pal          
14. What's that Guy doing here?             
      What was it?           
      Doctor hah? Of what, may I ask?       
15. Oh yeah, that Guy again                         
      Keeping Things Covered            
      Sale the house? Yeah right       
      Trailer Court                             
      She looked fine, but what a bitch       
      On the Bench outside Superior Court     
16. What a Bro        
      On second thought, I better cover all angles  
      What a Family    
       Happy Holidays -- my ass.        
      Top Secrete, Confidential         
      They actually let me sell it. Tell me why.      
17. Oh, you’re dumping me hah?       
18.  What happened to my painting business?  
19.  The Rental Paint Job in the North End       
20.  A Free Man.    
       Not so safe is it?       
21.  The Summer of 97     
        Foreign Patents                  
        Raising its ugly head again                     
        Happy Birthday                               
        The Underground                             

        Dirty Deeds                                 
        Keep your mouth shut Sattler       
        Smells Funny     
         Rule Number 77
        The Book   

        The Will   

        The Lousy Book                              

        The Magic Scrap Pile                            

        The Shower Hose Trick                       

Have You Ever Thought of Killing Yourself   
       Bam Bam     
       The Dianetics Video  
       Dead Man  
       New Years Eve
23. Scummy Place - the lousy book grows
23. The City

      Journeyman -Whatever they Want
24. Best Friend; My Ass         
      The Health Inspector       

      Did I Count Fifteen Butts or Was it Sixteen?    

      Is my stuff Safe here?
      Wondering if the junk was brain washed?      
     Fudged Journal Entries            
     Tell me, does the underground use cops?     
     The Magic Scrap Pile Kicks Out Some More
What Light Pole?     
     Back to the Trailer Court

For Updated and other recent entries, check out:
Present Day Journal

An Award from Evil Spielberg while incarcerated,
--Be Happy Barack Obama

An unhappy award for Obama from Speilberg

I just wanted to repost this picture, just so many of you can examine just how creepy it is.
      This is the guy who tried to clone me and kill me and my friends and is in prison for it but the government won't even tell me.
       The president of the United States who was in on it has gone out of his way to see the criminal in a prison hospital,
       -to receive an award for humanity,
       -from a murder of the same group of people.
       We're talking the president of the United States and the King of Hollywood, being partners in crime.
       The question is when will the government actually tell me just what exactly went down and how many of my friends that actually killed. I'm afraid of trying to find out on my own because could end up making a bigger hit list for them.   - May 7th 2015

I'd use the library's computer to check out the old link below, - go there at your own risk.

And apparently Speilberg put together something for the media again
       I don't think he was there at all.
       I'd use the library's computer to check out the old link below, - go there at your own risk. -January 26, 2015


Obama and no brains

Down to a diminished 8% Brain Capacity?
Your Cyborg Gear is on its way, which is much better than
a Lithium Ion Communications device.

Spielberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

Another failure of the Criminal Justice System
Celebrity without the money to protect myself or property.
Bargain Pawn of Oceanside California
Rule Numbers- 65

August 8th, 2015:
Apparently everyone else has known for awhile,
       that the Bargain Pawn Shop here in Oceanside California has been renting out my Basses.
       I guess, from what I've heard, they've been getting $1,000.oo per month for either one of them.
       ($5,000 deposit, from what I hear.)
       Makes sense: because they didn't care if they were only collecting interested on $300.oo instead of $500.oo which would have increased profits.
       But since they were making more money off just renting them out, it's not difficult to figure out a reason why.
       Sounds like it was no secrete, except to me because it sounds like everyone knew all along and they only began talking about it once they heard me taking it apart to figure out what was wrong with it.
       I saw the nick and scratch on the back of my five string. And I've been noticing unfamiliar marks over the years. Kinna sucks I've been having to supply the strings for the Evil Assholes over the years. But this time my old Fender came back with the electronics toasted.
       I don't know how they could have done it other than hooking it up to either a real old amplifier of some kind of high powered pre-amp; but my Jazz pick-up is gone.
       (I tried jumping the pot, but that wasn't the problem.)
Update: they hooked it up to an old amp that had something wrong with it.  And of course its an old vintage pick-up that contained some non-existent wire.
       I can't even play it, because it doesn't sound the same. the whole thing is like being violated.
       It's like these guys have been renting out my wife so others and rape her.
       I wouldn't doubt they raise the price they were asking once they learned about the naked pictures of me that the local San Diego County Sheriff leaked out onto the Internet. The sad thing about it is that they still have my 5 string and I don't have the money to get it back from them.
       Once I discovered the problem

I was wondering if a guy there was taking it home with him, but once the Idea popped in my head that they would have been more interested in renting them out for profit.

Things are getting interesting at
Present Day Journal

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Something fishy with Amazon
May 6th, 2016:
Some things just don't add up....
       You up load your book in digital form to Amazon.
       Your Tax information and Bank information.
       Looking through my junk, I found a 1099 form they sent me for 2011, it said I made $13.74 in Royalties.
       Then tell me how come five years later the account says I did not sell one book?
       What's up with that?

And if I learned anything this week:
You can be sure you would have to be crazy if you think you should upload your book to Amazon.
       If you think they are going to make you rich, you've got to be pretty damn stupid.
       And if you think you can trust Amazon to actually pay you the profits made off your digitalized book, you are flat out dumber then stupid.

In the Forest Alone?
Wondering about Bears?
Click two rocks together as you walk along, you want a bear to hear you coming because the last thing you want to do is surprise a bear.
       If you happen to think you smell something like a garbage dump, it's because one may be up wind of you.

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

Bill Curtus of Oceanside fire department lifeguards

Moron of the Year:
Rule Numbers
23, 33, 44, 48, 65, 66, 78, 86 & 88

The criminal with a badge must think he has won. Like he's all over the six month deadline and it hasn't even been a year since he put the City of Oceanside in Liability of his immature minded Stupidity.
       He was out there stocking me this morning at the shower.
(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


If the Marines tell me what the Navy is using my inventions for,
they would have to kill me.

Check out the Journal Sept.28'12.

Meathead Martin
left us an anniversary gift

Mark Martin of Morro Bay Police Department

I left him the words" Dead Man,"
but it wasn't with " You are."

I gave him the " Kill You,"
but he needed the G word.

I told him,
" I want to see you rot in hell!"

So the best he could make out of the audio track was:
I want to kill you!

In court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Morro Bay Police Officer David Smith
David Smith

Two month rooky who wrote phoney paper, landing me in jail and kept Martin's tampered evidence out of the court room.

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the
The Loop

Criminal Bill Black of Morro Bay Police
Bill Black

Helped spread rumors
and wants to get a police dog.
What to harass people with ?

Bill Black with crap in pants

I thought I could smell
the crap in Bill Black's pants
For more info on the run in with one of Morro Bay's finest....

Check out:
Journal Page @


Bing Bang Boom


If the Marines tell me what the Navy is using my inventions for, they would have to kill me.
Check out the Journal from Oct. 19th


Moron of the day
Well, one dead moron

Boy common sense isn't very common now days with 8%ers everywhere.
       One more Moron dead, good riddens.

Looking Back on 911
12 years later

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity" - Albet Einstein
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If you can't handle the thought of reading about how corruption truly happens.
You're best move onto is designed for the people who actually like true story telling.
                  - Sunnyside


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The most revolutionary tool box in the world, sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide
September 2009


Wondering how things got this way?


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Immigration 101

Immigration 102


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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.


roll off camper logo 280


Dumber by the day
Just like drilling out a bigger hole-
Turning an 1/8 inch whole into a 1/4

Rules of Nature
@ Heath & Environment

Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

Thanks to the Baby Killers
@ In the Media

Of course they want you stupid.
     They're the ones who tell you how to dress each morning. How to cook and how to raise your children.
     They tell you how to cope with the fact that your children may feel a little afraid to go to school today.
      Well maybe your children aren't as dumb as I sometimes think they are.


synchro-link truck with caddy trunk

The Caddy Trunk
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sign of Morro Bay News Information

quad surfboard bottom in purple

Automated Guillotine

Speilberg's Lousy Page
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