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If you can't handle the thought of reading about how corruption truly works.
You're best move onto is designed for the people who actually like true story telling.
                  - Sunnyside

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It's more than a work truck at stake

I think of it as my brain child and I named it, Synchro-Link.  If you ever get a chance to see it operate, I'm sure you will think it's the most fascinating truck you've ever seen. It's a victim of Affirmative Action and this story is about how we all have become victims of Affirmative Action right along with it. My life could be thought of as a great adventure, but the unfortunate thing about it is that the corruption involved in this history has dishonored the idea of the American Dream. Disappointing is the fact that the good contributions I could have provided society have been withheld from us all.    

The main plot of this story begins in November of 1993 when I caught my van on fire. The van was in a make-shift garage which was more or less a carport comprising one wall that extended from the back of the house. The problem started when the fire department dispatched a fire engine staffed with employees hired because of Affirmative Action. During the ill attempt to battle the fire, my life was endangered and the incident was caught on video tape. Then the firefighters pulled out before they had the fire extinguished all the way. I have a strong suspicion that before they came back for the second attempt, (at extinguishing my house,) the conspiracy had already started. They feared that a lawsuit would fallow so they decided to make efforts to run out the statute of limitations and incriminate me at the same time; just in case I decided to file a lawsuit against the City of Tacoma.

Itís my guess the Affirmative Action was probably up to bat next, because itís not just a few laws granting them preference, but there is also the lobbyist and the organization, that is affiliated with it. To protect their image and reputation was in order.

Next to get involved was the Democratic Party in Washington D.C. which happens to support Affirmative Action because 13 to 18% of their votes derive from the minority voters. It's my impression, President William Jefferson Clinton got involved soon there after because he was interested in protect the minority vote for his re-election campaign.
Remember: Clinton and Bob Dole had a 5 point spread
More on that theory at:
Making the Legacies out of Crooks


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