Going to the Movies

Warner Brothers production of Animal

Evil Hollywood whores are in town:
Rule Numbers- 20, 22 & 26

April 19th, 2016:
Those of you who have the ability to listen in, know that within a half hour of last nights post covering the evil whores in town, I had the cops knocking on my door with a bunch of lies.
You'd have to laugh at the title of the flick; they are barbaric animals alright.
I hope some of them either drown or just plain drop dead.

       It was was obvious someone from the Warner Brothers Production Company not only knew what I had uploaded about them, but also just where I had done it from.
       Anyone with any common sense would know that I wasn't up to anything different than I've done at least a hundred times this year.
       Obviously it was a false call and anyone would know that, even the cops. But do you think the cops would do anything like check to see where the call came from, just in case it wasn't a pre-paid cell phone owned by no-body.
       Shit no, because the cops only enforce the laws they they chose to enforce and when they want to chose to enforce them. If it's a crime committed against me, you can bet they will over look it because they are just as well part of it. They condone crimes against the victims the Oceanside police department victimizes themselves.
       To say the least: the Oceanside Police Department is a co-conspirator in the crimes committed against me.
       And boy, I don't know what the hell they are cooking up to serve their whores, but it sure smells like shit.
       They are nothing but a bunch of lazy asses who think they are better than everyone else. However, I can tell you that for sure, most of them are nothing but a bunch of nut jobs.
       They figure that they are so above the rest that they can be rapist, murderers and child molester and everyone will still work with them as well as work for them.
       Who am I talking about you may ask?
       Well Bill Cosby for one. Just think of how many of his people knew exactly what he was doing, while he was doing it. His agents and lawyers, just to name a few who were involved in covering up his extra curricular activities, drugging and rapping women.
       Just to name a few, there is Stanley Kubrick who Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicol Kidman, didn't have any problem going to a different country to do a flick for him. And let's not forget Kidman is also a Spielberg whore because she had to have gone to San Quinton Prison just to get filmed with Speilberg.
       Need I mention another crook, Roman Polosky?
       Then you've also got that Australian whore Kate W among other like Blake Livley who see nothing wrong with working for a child rapist Woody Allen on on of his flicks.
       To say the least, Hollywood whores should just go to hell because after all, all they do is entertain us with flicks about evil. Let us not forget about all the Cops shows that just build up the egos by making them think they are smarter than they actually are to the point where they so disillusioned the think shooting people is just part of their jobs.
       Basically they entertain people with evil and you wonder why so many people are so screwed up. Like you ask yourselves, "how could anyone do such a thing?"
       Well Hollywood just showed them how.

April 20, 2016: posted on 4-21-15
Sounds like the Animal Kingdom had to get a new director this morning.
       All things lead to me being right about the other night.
       Like yesterday, I could have sworn I heard one of the crew members say that they had called the cops on me.
       Then this morning I had heard guys in the water talking as if the director had killed himself last night.
       Then today, I didn't see much of the hired security they've had the past couple day, and they were replaced with a shit load of Oceanside Police officers surrounding all the Hollywood whores.
       I suspect that they were just looking forward to me trying to create some trouble so that they could make some kind of example out of me.
       Pretty funny actually. Like I'm not the one they need to be afraid of. Rule No. 9 like what the hell can they do when they can't see spirits, like my Angles, Jesus, God, and the Grim Reaper of course.
       From what I recall, I don't think the director of the last Hollywood shoot here had a very good time either.
       I don't think anyone from Hollywood is going to have a very good time coming to Sunnyside's backyard to shoot any flick.
       And can you believe someone called the cops on me today while I was at a ball park after the um-teenth time?
       The police officer said someone didn't like the stuff I had written on my truck.
       He thought my board looked pretty good and said, "good luck with your new board," before he left.

Sounds like it would
make a Good Movie:

Rule Numbers- 33, 44, 65, 86 & 88
September 10 & 11th, 2015:
However, I have a couple questions.
       I'm wondering if the surfboard was green and if he had green bands on the bottom of his trunks?
       If that was that case, it sounds like Mister Director was trying to steal my talents for his son, -and it Backfired?
       I'm still trying to piece things all together, but it almost sounds too unbelievable to believe.
One thing that amazed me is: how many trucks would show up for only about 6 hours of shooting, none the less, for a TV show, like their signs implied.
       As I walked down the ramp, I noticed that they had at least a half a million dollars worth of Cameras just sitting there and I figured they were planing to put a couple to use just getting shots of me. If they had ones hidden when I walked by, I'm sure they didn't get anything near what they were hoping to get. I asked them if they thought Speilberg's angles were better than mine?
       I would have to say they had it coming.
       I'm pretty sure I heard the shot inside the trailer.
       I would have to say they had it coming.

Train your brain with Dreamworks and get brain washed by Speilberg

For 1600 at 120k click here.

He thought he would be able to make the ultimate movie and it didn't matter to him if the conspiracy was not only wrong, but illegal as well.
      Spielberg had my family brain washed and he tried to cloned me 8 times.
      From what I heard, he got nothing but a bunch of wild animals. You can be sure God put some kind of protections in there and a sole is what only God can create.
      I'm still lost as to whether Spelbergs goal was to have me at mutable ages or whether it was an effort to just replace me all together.
      No one in the media is saying anything because Speilberg must have bought up the final editing rights to every media outlet and he has even gone into sponsoring TV shows like TMZ, ET, talk shows and even weekly dramas.
      Hell, he even bought Oprah by giving her producer credits on his latest movie.

And the Award shows: they are protecting his image with the use of the green screen tricks
      Now they are trying to tell people that he is away on a sailing trip around the world. Yeah right.

Steven Speilberg is in Jail

Steven Spielberg in jail

Hunger Games

Well it finally made it to DVD and I got a chance to see what all the hooplaw was about.
       For me it had reality check problems with the script. That fantasy of having something being possible was more or less blown in a few spots. The couple that would have ruined it for me were, luckily towards the end and I'd had a chance to enjoy a few heart felt moments by then, and wasn't about to let myself fell insulted enough to turn it off.
       I thought the fire storm part was a little bit on the edge of believable fantasy, but I let it ride because I had to tell myself, well it's still viable.
       Like the part where she's down on the ground with a knife at her throat and the black guy steps in and saves her ass. Then he says, just this one time. Heck yeah, when she's got a bow and arrow set up. That kinna thing just wouldn't happen.
       And not just the one flesh eating dog, but what three? The animated dogs and the before hand fires pretty much blew it for me. I didn't really think much of if from there out.

Country Strong

I wonder how many musicians felt the insult.
It was like some Hollywood writer or producer had their own way of how the business of music might be, I fast forward through most of the songs, I thought it was a joke.

The Runaways

I enjoyed the movie. It's too bad the roady turned them on to drugs. The way I look at it, he not only contributed to ruining the band, but he shoot himself in the foot too.
     Did any of you noticed the upward camera shot of the two older building that are connected by beams in down town LA?
      I ended up being an extra in a movie that was filmed right in that spot in the alley. The movie was called Half Way There. It was directed by a French guy and I was a zombie who nearly gets run over by a car.

Iron Man Two

I thought the dialogue deliveries where bit fast for a movie where you can't hit the reverse remote button to they said. The scene didn't settle enough and when you get jerked all over the place, it gets too busy.

Downey's character was a bit full of himself in the second movie. I told my dad to at least rent the first one before seeing it.

The Hurt Locker

I thought I was about the best movie I watched all year. This is even though I'm not actually in war time movies. However the cinematographer was one who is known for documentaries and did a wonderful job. What went on in the editing room must have been somewhat endless.
        I would like to congratulate the cast and crew for a job well done. To do the stuff they did in such a warm climate was quite an accomplishment.
(But would have gotten a backup of hands on the bolt cutters. And the part where they go out at night in some strange building, that would never happen, but I realize that it's just a movie.)

This is it

I thought I would be more impressed but I wasn't. About the worst thing was shortly after I inserted the disk into my TV I discovered I was watching an Obama trailer. Gee, another pep rally to get me in the mood to be an American.
    But the feature film itself with Michelle and all his yes men. As for musician wise, all those brakes and cues would get a little redundant, but I'm sure Michelle knew that the applause would fill in the blankness quite nicely.

But if I could go to a MJ concert or a 1975 Yes Relayer tour; I'd say Yes.


Bruce Willis had a interesting part to play in this one. It's kinna about how technology and become the source of one life. One would think it wouldn't be possible for people to hand over everything they experience for a lazy third party existence. But I do understand just how lazy people can be. Technology and laziness is a bad mixture.

Almost Famous

I have to say that it was about the most enjoyable movie I'd seen in quite awhile. I actually watched it twice in a row in one night because I liked the sound track.
    Kate Hudson was great in the film, but her co-star who played the writer kid was pretty dorky. I don't know what the director had in mind because they let the kid play the part with such a blank face most of the time. Anybody who was suppose to be intelligent enough to skip a couple grades should be a bit more passionate about things. It was if the director would say pout like you are going to cry here and there. Smile in a couple spots and look like you are tired here and there.
      I'm sure the film received flavorful reviews, but it sure could have been a lot better with someone else playing the part.

I guess Johnny Deep played a part in it. -

Pubic Enemies

Well I wrote it off as a waste of a dollar about ten minutes into the film. I just don't understand what is so entertaining as a shoot-um-up gangster film.

I'm sure there has been about a dozen who have suggested that I check out the movie -


Well I finally did the other night. The gal at the video store said it was a comedy, but I didn't even get one laugh out of it. It was just too stupid for me and I can understand why a girl I know couldn't even watch the last half hour of it.
      I wonder how Rupert Murdock, owner of 20th Century Fox could even invest in such a piece of crap, thinking it was a comedy while his sponsors are killing off the smart guys.
           The only line I liked in the whole damn movie was, "I wonder if Einstein thought that people around him were stupid, (something like that,) no wonder why he invented the bomb." but I certainly know the feeling.
          I see the stupidity already out there. Like saggy pants. Gee, who wants to hire a guy who has to pull his pants up about every 25 steps?

I managed to see the movie:
Flash of Genius
    About the guy whom invented the delayed windshield wipers and about how Ford, stole his idea and the other car makers fallowed suit. It took over 13 years before the inventor got anything restitution.

Gee what a watered down piece of junk that was. It was produce by Spyglass Entertainment. I have to wonder if General Motors had their hands in it just to make Ford and Chrysler look bad.
   The film was created three years after Robert's death. And at the end of the film it didn't even included the amount of money awarded to him from GM.
   The film was more of a summery of what went on and the parts during the so called meeting, the people involve lacked name tags or labels. I was just mine boggled trying to figure out who was who.

Then it lacked anything but a few frames of his factory in progress. It was like the director said, get a forklift and a move a few boxes around a bit and we'll call that the factory scene. However it did show that they were receiving the wrong parts all of a sudden. 
     There was just too many unanswered questions and I wouldn't doubt the Robert would have said that they sure botched it
     Funny thing: I wonder who called him and told him the vice president wanted to talk to him, because there have to be some reason he would get on a bus and drive across the country.
   Guess you could chalk it up one for character assassination, because I realize the guys at Ford knew that there probably be a day in court. And of course, right before the closing bell, that's when they pull out the crazy card on him....

I got my hands on the DVD to the movie:
The Wrestler.

I was about the back room world of the professional wrestling industry. The main actor (I'll get his name someday) was dusted off and put to work and he did a mighty fine job of it. I'm kinna proud of the guy and glad to see he took home an award for his handy work.
     As for the story line and script:
the script was alright, it had all the elements, but the story wasn't much of an uplifting experience. To me, I thought it was just another take on a story that had been done before in one way or another.

2008 seems to have been the year of the supper hero at the box office.

My favorite was Hancock,
played by Will Smith

What I liked about it: The script writer knew that a guy who is alone all the time will lose may of the social skills may of you take for granted. Being isolated, lead to his drinking problem and the lack of concern what people thought about him.
   He knew it was right for him to catch the villains but didn't care about being in any popularity contest. The end result was that the public ended up not appreciating what he was doing for them. The public hated him and he disliked them even though he knew that it was his job to help them.
   To say the least, I can say I identified with the social position that he was in.
   It was a fantasy I though was well played out and
Charlize Theron did and excellent job, so did the co-actor husband and son.
It was a good laugh with touching moments, but again, I'm stuck with the same question that I'm often left with in so many movies? Where did he get his cash from.
Help me out with an answer if you can

Ironman: Cool Flick
An inventors dream. To be able to tell your robots to build your prototypes and
Gwyenth Paltrowserve your coffee. Ah wake up, it's only a fantasy dream and that kind of shit don't happen in America.

Batman Dark Night:  I'm not that stupid.

I'd rather watch the old television reruns.
The joker just couldn't be so clever. And if he was, or you were, what would you do with such a pile of money. About insultingly stupid as Hollywood gets.

Bengerman Button:
Brad Pitt andand Cate Blanchete,
It was pretty good for such a sad movie. It was and interesting take on it though. I guess you can't expect much from a script that derived from a short story. The part where he decided to leave the girl of his life and his own child behind was the part that didn't make sense to me.  

Bourne Ultimatum:
Matt Damon,

I saw the latest film last night. However, I was a little disappointed. First off, the film started of with an over zealous camera man shaking the hell out of the camera. It was full of action, and the fights with other assassins where cool, but the car chase parts where so much like a modern day Spielberg film I almost had to laugh.

The chick in the first two provided the romance part well, but in the third film Julia Stiles, who played Nicki, just gave strange looks mostly, but maybe they are suppose to rekindle their old romance in a fourth film,but what would the story line be about?

        I liked the line Jason said to the reporter before he expired.
     "This isn't just some news story, this is real!"

And what is this? A producer named Greengrass? What was his real name before he moved to Hollywood? Brownturd?

There where several studios involved with the third instalment. I'm sure it was all about distribution. The main one that probably bankrolled it was Universal. But what do I know?

I went to see the Astronaut Farmer: Boy what a crawk of sh_t that was. Hell it's a show you take your kids to so that they may think you can do anything you want in this country.
     For one thing, the barn would have burned down after the first mishap. And then he would have gone to jail. And NASA and all the corporations that make money off the government would have been over there sabotaging his rocket.
     Hell even in the real US they are trying to stop hobbyist from launching model rockets.
      The movie is a pipe dream and there isn't any wife and kids out there that would give a dam about a man's dream. I know that first hand and if you think a friend would be supportive - you're are wrong - they would just be jealous and for sure your best friend will tell you're crazy. Warner Brother Studios sure screwed up what could have been a better story if it was anywhere close to reality. It was an insult to my intelligence.
   PS: We never went to the moon. It was a put-on during the cold war to make the Russians think we were ahead of them. But the Russians weren't fooled because they know that the outer orbit is full of radiation. And the temperature on the moon goes from 250 degrees above (Fahrenheit) to 250 below. We still can't do it. We're just too stupid anyways.

I went to see the Rising of Hanable last weekend. It was too much like a history movie. Afterwards I snuck into the A Night at the Museum and enjoyed it more.

I went to check out the award winning move, A Beautiful Mind, and thought the first half was boring as hell. Though the overall movie was pretty good, I think that the holiday picnic ending was the thing that was meant to save it. If not for the later part of the movie, the movie would basically suck.

      However, I did like the witty sense of humor the writer gave the guy. It was one quality he had that made it possible for his constitutes to like him. One line I will always remember was one I can identify with: He said something like, "People don’t really like me, but I don't like people anyway."

     Comparing it to the book I can see how much many things had to be left out because of the time allowed for a film. But when reading the book, I got bored with it. I gave it a 7 out of 10.

Spider-what? I hate having to realize that one of the biggest draws to the box office was a theme that was ripped off from a cartoon. I had great expectations for Spiderman, but it wasn't too long into the film when I was counting the pages the script-writer should have thrown out. It started early in the film when the kid’s aunt and uncle were introduced. It's just that people don't talk that way and it wasn't believable if the writer thought the dialogue would convey personality. Basically the dialogue sucked through much of the movie. I never understood how the writer would think that super-boy would know where to plant cameras to go off at a certain time and place when a crime was going to being committed. I couldn't make heads or tails about it except that it would have to been an inside job.  Another thing is that I've never known a waitress who  wore high heals to work.

      I'm sure I would have thrown out at least about fifty pages of the crape. Even the most of the words of the last scene were garbage and made me leave the theater thinking I got took for my money. Even the director did shit that was hell on the big screen and I knew right then that it was better suited for the small screen.

      To think that Hollywood producers would have put a love story within the story-lines and have the love choked boy walk away from the girl of his dreams is an insult to my intelligence. Like: "I'll always be there for you," and then walk away from her. Shit yeah, "I'm bad, I'm Spiderman. Don't need any stinking girl friend."  Yeah like hell you don't because your uncle said, "Being powerful is a responsibility," -- my ass.

      That was how it ended. Bad taste huh? 

      6.5 out of 10 because it was a unique film in the long run.

On 12-26-02, I went to see Spillberg's movie which was a supposed to be true story titled, Catch me if you can. Gee, bud: I just don't believe it. It's just the thing I would hate to see done to my life story. Hell, it's the holiday picnic, romance story I warned you about. It has too many holes in it. I just don't see how it would work. Like a guy is going to put on a contest to find a few girls to hide behind while he walks in to an airport filled with the F.B.I. looking out for him. I'd think people are going to want to know who the judge is. If I would've been the guy, I'd have bought a $500.00 beater and never even put the title in my name. The next thing I would do is by a map so I would know of the back roads out of town. I suppose it's what you could call another James Bond movie. It's what I would call a comity; something I would take the whole family to see, but I'd save my money and wait until it came out on DVD.

Spiderman Two: Kinna funky if you ask me. The media said it was better than the first one, but I just think it was pretty blah with more of a love story put into it.

Scooby-Doo : was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger. It was among many of the ones I can identify with. The cartoons they have now days are too much futuristic with words that may have been stolen from Star Track. Thought there are two or three cartoons I enjoy watching now-a-days, I long for the ones of yesteryears. I guess it’s because they had more sole and a personality of their own. So when I heard of the Scooby-Doo movie coming out, it was another must see for me.

      As I sat in the theater, the biggest question on my mind was whether it was filmed on regular film or was it digital? Sure the effects were digital but I had to wait for the closing credits to find that it was shot with the use of Panavison equipment. Thought I realize there are some limitations to animation, the faster movements of Scooby seemed translucent and blurry. The real annoyance during the movie was the cinematography was terrible. It seems like the cinematographer should have kick up the camera speed a notch or two while shooting the fast action scenes because they sure turned out blurry as hell. It might be the fault of the editor, whom might have speeded up the film while making the final print. Never the less, much of the action scenes were as bury as the animated actions scenes and I laugh at the fact that Warner Brothers would ever kick out such cinematography. But the fact is that it wasn't just the Warner Brothers label in on this one. It was a WB and its sister company, the Cartoon Network, both owned by EW parent company AOL Time Warner. It links everything into merchandising through the Cartoon Network stores located inside Mervyn's stores nationwide. With the first weekend box office revenue of over $50 million, it goes to show that the advertising dollars were doing their work.

Either it was sound effects on Freddie's voice or the sound man had the EQ set way off. Maybe it was an effort to make him sound like the original cartoon character. What ever it was, it didn't work because it had a synthesized effect on his voice that annoyed me also.
As for the script – I thought it could have been better. It lacked suspense and whamos. The only part I can recall laughing much was are the end just as the credits began during the time Scooby was eating red peppers. Oh yeah, the part where Shaggy farts in a suite of armor and a near by flame ignites it was a laugh. I got as kick out of the line Sarah got, which is the same thing as my Stupid Rule Number 34, There’s a whole lot more where that came from. 4 out of 10

I find it hard to believe that the folks in Hollywood would even produce a movie such as, Pay it Forward. I guess it was supposed to be a tear jerker, but the only thing I felt that got jerked was my leg. The people in Las Vegas are on the take and the folks in LA are not much better. I live in the real world folks and I know just how selfish and greedy people truly are.
       Don't bullshit me. I know better. Don't hand out false representations

      I think a lot of the problem with these producers now-a-days is that they watch it on a small screen when they shoot it and the result it that it turns out to be bigger than life on the big screen. It gets annoying to me.

      I'm not trying to say that I'd make a great director or anything but I feel I sure know what makes the bad ones. I think egos that bring on catchy gimmicks are the thing that turns me off. When I got to the movies, I just want to feel like
    I'm there at the scene where the action takes place. I don't want it smeared all over in front of my face. On the small screen the shit is across the room, but in the theater, it startles me. Spiderman was filled with that kind of shit.

Bad Company: All I can say is that Chris, "Rocks." Out side of the fact that some of the work projected by the director was a bit phony, but the script was great. Matching Chris Rock with the script was a good thing for the film, because Chris was able to pull of the lines as if the guy would have truly done so. Anthony Hopkins was a good match up too. The film was financed by Jerry Brukhelmer and Touchstone. I gave it a 6.5 out of 10.

Meet Joe Black: I thought it was a good film. A good script with good actors packaged to it. The gal who Joe fell in love with was quite a babe. Brad proved to be a good character actor in this one. He was able to change his mannerisms to fit an uncultured figure. Now that I've seen Brad in a few films, I agree with the public opinion that he is the best choice for playing my part.    7.5 out of 10

Mr. Deeds: I figured it would be a family orientated film and expected to get a few laughs out of it. I didn't expect it to be so stupid though. It was just about as stupid as Airplane. Sandler was good as in his kooky kinda way, but $25 million -- I don't know…. Wynona Rider was sure foxy in the black dress with the wonder bra and damn cute to boot in the rest of the film. Sure she wasn't suppose to be convincing when she was lying, but when the lying was suppose to be over, she wasn't convincing. Just hope she can act in court.

     Sure the silhouette shots of the two riding the bicycles down the stairs were stand in stunt doubles, but the following shot had Rider in high heals and no doubt the scene started off with her feet on the ground. Tell me why the script coordinator didn't speak up on that one. It was one of Columbia Pictures efforts. Sound mix was done at Sony Pictures studio. The sound track was the best part of the movie. Of course I went to a matinee.     I give it 4 out of 10 scale.

Minority Report: So far this year it has been the best film I've seen. It must have been an interesting one to produce because of all the futuristic features. The parts I liked most is when Cruz had to fight it out with the cops warring jet packs and the assembly plant where robots were assembling cars. The cinematography was blurry a few times and one of the worst shots was of a few framed pictures in moving pan shot that lead up to a scene change. For as much money put into the film, I don't know why they didn't re-shoot it since it was an inexpensive shot. The only too close up action shots that annoyed me was the very beginning of the film, which in case was re-clarified shortly there after. The whole story as well as the script was good and there was even a sequel for a sequel to fallow. Like: What was the bio-hazard Tom bathed in and what will his next child turn out to be like because of it. Maybe a little bit morbid, but that’s just how Hollywood works. Fox helped Dreamworks finance it. Funny thing about the film is that I think I saw the production of it scheduled in The Hollywood Reporter. I sent a resume in for it and got a form letter back. I gave it a 9.5 out of 10

Men in Black II: Produced by Amblin; Financed by Columbia or should I say, Sony. All I can say about it is: I don’t know. I guess they can dump a bunch of money into something and figure that if they spend enough money on advertising, that it will pay-off. I don't know about you, but I would want to be proud of something I've spent so much time on. This movie is one I wished I'd waited until it came on TV. But I don’t even have a color TV to compete with what I had to do on a Sunday evening.

I give it a 5.5 out of 10 only because of the special effects

Insomnia: Another one by Amblin. The director did a nice job and the scenery was beautiful in BC Canada. The cinematography was well done except the part where Al Pachino and Robin Williams met up under the big hydraulic machine by the lake. The use of a shaking steady-cam was a good effect, to show how things were shaky for Al because of lack of sleep, but the shoots that were suppose to be from Willaims view was too much. Willaims should have had a steady view, but with two views shaking, it gave me the feeling that the cinematographer was jumping around with a hand held video camera, instead of the effect that it was suppose to do. As for the script; it was well writ-ten, but the story was just another good cop bad cop story in a place that doesn't go dark. I give it a 5 out of 10.

Crocodile Hunter: This wasn't a film of which it mattered whether the script was written well or not. It was a matter of Steve Irwin and his wife Teri, doing their thing. The cinematography was better than usual because MGM flipped the bill for it. However the authenticity went down a few notches in my book, because it was obvious when they rustled the Croc into the boat from the water instead of shore, the Croc was tranquilized. The thing was limper than a doorknob and when they switched places in order to hold the croc down, it wasn't going anywhere. It wasn't going to flinch. It wasn’t even moving any once it was placed in the box and Irwin placed the lid on it. They just picked it up and put it into the truck. This leads me to believe, the second time he picked up the snake from the ground, they had already forced the venom out of the snake and that was why he put his face into it. The snake knew it was helpless and just wanted to crawl away.
When the gal used the dynamite to blow open the barn, it was a little two much Hollywood too because the fire went out on its own and the question of why the plane didn't get damaged only left me with the feeling that the producers thought of me as a fool.
Also after Steve did the Hollywood; crawl around the truck and fight off the bad guy, Teri didn’t just stop the truck and let him walk around to the door. This point in the movie and the jump over the log trick while in the boat was where the stunt double earned his pay.
A high point in the film I will always remember is when they found the baby kangaroo and Steve told his wife to take her shirt off. This got my attention and her cleavage was a bonus.
Never the less, the audience got more laughs out of the film than they did with Mr. Deeds; so it did its job for a lot less money. I give it a five out of ten because it's Steve and Teri that make it worth watching.

Signs: It was amazing that such a spooky movie would have as many laughs in it as it did, but there was many holes in the story line. Hell anyone who would live out in the middle of a corn field would own a few guns. Like way didn't Gibson call the cops and let them know about the monster in the pantry? Also way didn’t he just go out and get a shotgun and a few boxes of shells like any other man would? Was it because he played a man with no balls? The movie just didn’t make sense to me.
I give it a five, just because it was spooky.

The Road to Predition: This one was one Fox searchlight and Dreamworks decided to keep Tom Hanks busy with. It was a big name movie, because the names were going to draw people into the theater to pay for another shootem up movie. Good thing I didn't pay for it. I wonder how they are going to edit it for TV. I give it a three out of ten, only because it was free.

The Bourne Identity: This one was an independent produced movie either financed and or distributed by Columbia. It was based on a novel and I bet it's the reason it had great characterization. I liked the fact that the main character played by Matt Damon was a smart one. The personality traits he displayed were a good example if how the part of myself should be played. He was quit calm, but on the other hand quit loud and out going at times. He didn't have any knowledge of what he was up against, but at the same time he didn't fear it. He just used his head and did his best to out smart the negative people he was up against.

     The girl who played Marie was also astonishing. I liked the fact that her character had guts; more guts than most of the men we are breeding now days. I like how she stood by him and had faith in the choice of actions he took. I also like the fact that she could think for herself; as in the time when Matt came up with a game plan of how to get information and she went inside and used the advantage of being a woman and just said she was a personal assistant looking for records of a hotel stay. The chemistry the two had was good compared the shit I've seem in other films like Speed 2 with Sandra Bulluck and whoever he was. What a joke that film was.
The only part that was hard to believe was when Matt jumped all those stairs with a dead man's body for a soft landing. But I as well as the rest of the audience thought of it as a humorous part that was thrown in. Also the snow on the ledge of the building he was climbing down off of, had to be fake, because I'm sure his hands would have slipped.

     All in all, it contained good cinematography and cool action shots. I happen to think that it was one of the most interesting and entertaining films I've seen lately. I give it a good 8.

Born Supremacy: had a director who thought a shook up steady cam was a good idea. (Not.) It gave me a headache by the end of the car chase. I have to wonder where Born got his money. Berlin looked like a beautiful city. The Germans sure know how to build a good Taxi.

I've been wondering what ever happened to Harvard Man that was supposed to be out this summer. I bet it's still on the cutting room floor. Must be pretty bad. Don’t see it on the horizon in the Entertainment Weekly’s Calendar.

It’s funny I can't even remember the name of the film I went to see in February of 2003.

Phone Booth was certainly a different spin on a motion picture distributed through FOX. I lacked character development, which would have lengthened the beginning of the short 1 hr. 15 minute film. How ever I give the script high marks because of the great job on the dialogue. It must have been an inexpensive film to produce, and what I think was the second weekend at 7 million must have proved to be a success for the interesting film. I also liked the fact the film held its own without the names of actors from the Hollywood "A" list. I give it a 6.5 because it kept my attention and I couldn't guess the next move as I do in so many Hollywood films. But hell – what was the "R" rating for? (Because of the automatic draw it tends to make.) They should have at least shown the whores breast.

Anger Management was shot by a guy named Segal and he tends to put the over sized facial shots on the big screen. It sure packed the theater for a first week at near 45 million. However I think it was the names of Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson's that brought them in. The film itself was too passive on Adam's part and Nicholson was too obnoxious, especially with the close facial shots. Sure it had a few laughs, (I like the part where he shoved the Beemer over the edge, But don't they have guard rails?) but other than that, I'm sure glad I didn't waste my money on it. It just wouldn't work in real life and tell me – Who was flipping the bill for the waked out doctor? The girl friend? I don’t think so, because I know women would rather buy a dozen pairs of shoes. I gave it a 4.5, However; I only saw the second half, but something tells me I didn’t miss much.

What a girl wants: Though I expected it to be a teeny bop flick, the attendance was mostly old ladies in Vegas. Being a take off from a book and shot in London was a bonus. Though it was a cute film, it was a bit too much a Hollywood holiday picnic. However, I did enjoy it and the smile warn by the old lady next to me assured me that the lead character did her job well. I doubt if it will go over very well in Great Britain because it more or less slammed the Brit's in a Hollywood way by the way it portrayed them a bit unfairly. The take over the weekend was 6.7 mil and I think it will do fairly well on DVD. I gave it a six because with a cool sound track, it was fun, and it was cute.

On July 3rd, 2004; I misted the first part (1/3) of the movie, Billbo Baggens. Boy was that a mistake, because I wish I would have learned where it all came from. It's a film based on a novel by (Parson?). The film was directed by Robert Redford, and the screenplay written by Tony? Leven.  Actors, Matt Damon, Charlies Theron, and Will Smith were signed on. Throughout the film, I couldn't help but wonder how Will Smith felt when he first read the script. I bet he couldn't set it down as well as he couldn't turn down any offer that was to be offered to him to play the part of Bill Bagens. I'm sure he was restless, because his lines were like poetry. What ever the case, Will delivered it as if they were. With lines like that, it made me want to pick up the novel to have a good read because the words were so wonderful. Redford's presentation was a noble take on the whole essence of the story told. Matt Damon proved to me again that I'd like to see him play me in my own story. And of course, Charlies did a mighty fine job of portraying a vintage babe. In the film, Bilbo (Smith) said, "Golf is a game that can't be won; it can only be played."

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Surfer Dude

The movie staring Matthew McConaughey, Alexie Gilmore, Woody Harrelson, and Willie Nelson.
   Wasn't much of a surfer movie as it was a movie about a bunch of pot heads. It was cool to see Willie do his part in acting. McConaughy didn't even do his own surfing, but what the heck only about 1 out of 10 longboarders can even surf the damn things. If it wasn't for Alexie Gilmore in there to spice it up, I would probably find it hard to even remember the film.


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I Can Relate
The movie
Phenomenon was an exhilarating experience for me.

Extraordinary Measures

Sorry Kerry, I could only watch about ten minutes of it. It was so staged that I felt I was watching a Disney film.

Bad Latinate
Bad from the very first script I suppose?
I got tired of seeing a movie about a slob.


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I like the scene in Lethal Weapon, where Mel Gibson brings home the cute Dutch girl and sets her down in the lawn chair out side of his fifth wheel. He knew that the house wasn't going to impress her, but the place would. He fetched her a beer and made her feel right at home.
       Then later after the house is shot all to hell, he asks her as they are making a get away, if there were any bullet holes in his dog.
       Then he asks, "Hay, what are you doing tomorrow night."

My Best Friend's Wedding: I don't know why but I checked it out at the public library. It must have my own curiosity as to what kind of film Tri Star Films would make (in 1997,)with the A-list Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts. The writer Robert Bass must be one of those Hollywood script doctors you here about, but I think the whole film was kind of stupid. I just used it as background noise while I worked on my book.


Black Snake Moan
Christine Ricci
Samual Jackson  and  Justin Timberlake  in it. 

Ricci was chained to a cast-iron heater.

I suppose I'll have to check out the film.
   Update: I saw the about the last 20 minutes of the film. I guess it's about two nut cases. I don't think I want to pay to see it.



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