A Numbers Game

There have been people who happen to think that I'm a guy with wild theories.
     Well, I've always said that numbers don't lie. I've got the documents to prove the crimes committed against me and the rest should be left up for lawyers to decide. But I'll be the first to say that this page should be taken with a grain of salt because it could be considered theoretical.
      I happen to think it's just to snobby to display as my handy work.

I just hope you've read Numbers for those Dummies first

 A Numbers Game

Let's have a look at the so called, "damages" the US government owes me. But first let's go over how we can determine the amount of the damages.

    The video tape proved that the city of Tacoma should have paid me for the fire; otherwise they would have never tampered with it. The conspiracy following the fire incident has documented that Iím the true inventor of the wonderful truck and the accessories that go to it. The changing of the patent laws proves my inventions are indeed patentable. That in itself is what anti-trust and conspiracy laws are designed to protect us from.

    Therefore, since the conspiracy started between the two fires, the City of Tacoma knew that they owed me for the losses and endangerment. When you look at court cost and lawyers share, you can easily say a settlement was easily worth a million dollars. The city should have just coughed up the cash in the first place right from the get go and spared themselves the court cost that would have accrued if the law suite were to be settled after a long and expensive court battle.

    Once they knew of what I was up to, the local government should have thought about how my invention could have stimulated growth in their local economy within eighteen months after the settlement money would have been paid. But they had a problem; they had Affirmative Action and the federal government involved by then and things truly got out of hand. Since no one other than myself have benefited from my inventions, everyone has become a victim of the conspiracy.  

    Now let's say I would have taken settlement money; along with the gag order the city would have had me sign. I would have started out by renting a warehouse. I would have purchased a cutting table, a hydraulic hole puncher, a few welders and set up some jigs for producing the main components at a productive rate. Once the first 10 units were prepared for market the idiosyncrasies were figured out, I wouldíve farmed out most of the parts to other fabrication shops and focused more on and automated assembly and installation of the system.

    With no advertisement except for the exposure of having a few out working on job sites the first ten units would have sold themselves because if Joe Blow the plumber shows up on the job with the truck, Tom the electrician, Dick the roofer, and Harry the drywaller will likely notice how nice the World's Greatest Work truck is to work out of and at least one of them would have thought about the needless work the truck would save them and the money theyíd be saving as well. Maybe Harry is the only guy who noticed Joe Blow's truck and was able to put two and two together and decided he wanted to have a truck like Joe Blow's.  

Since Sunnyside only kicked out ten units right off the bat and there was only one guy who saw each truck that had the brains to put two and two together; means each of the ten trucks would have sold itself to another customer within thirty days.  Therefore, Sunnyside would have to have another ten built by the second month. Then as you can assume -- during the second month there would have been twenty units rolling onto job sites and then another twenty Tom, Dick, or Harrys' would be smart enough to put two and two together then decide that they would be stupid if they didnít get one for themselves. If so, by the third month Sunnyside is going to have to find a way to kick out twenty units to keep up with the demand. As thing go, the fourth month he'd have to kick out forty units, now wouldn't he? As the log rhythm goes; the fifth month it would be up to eighty and no doubt Sunnyside would have been farming out most of the manufacturing of the components to local fabrication shops and focusing on an automated ways of performing assembly and installation work by then.

    If you doubt the units would sell themselves in thirty days, then how come I had guys in Los Angeles asking me every week or two if they could buy mine, even though the cab is all bashed to hell? Believe me, once per month is putting it lightly because I know itís more like every week. So get out your calculator and play with those numbers at selling once per month. I did it myself and in fourteen months itís up to 40,960 units per month. In fifteen months it would hit 81,960. Not saying it would reach those numbers as soon as that, but according to my estimate it would level off in the United States at about 40-50,000 unites per month.

Since the banks don't like the way I set up my will, they've investigated the conspiracy I've written about to find out if my story has any truth to it just to find out if my will has any weight to it. They realize Iím entitled to patents on my inventions and the damages owed to me. The banks also realize that if it wasn't for power of my will, Affirmative Action would have had me killed because of my book.

    Banks know the fact that only half of the trucks sold are actually used for work trucks and they have evaluated my invention. They estimate two out of every three work trucks would have my system on it by now, which translates to one out of every three new light trucks built, and get this: anti-trust laws are triple damages.

Hereís the game:

If only half the light weight truck sold in the US are actually used for work trucks that would equal to 100,000 works per month. If 2 out of 3 of those work truck were trucks like mine the numbers of work trucks needed would drop considerably even if there was a rush on updating company fleets. So a practical number for all the new work trucks needed would be cut to 50-60,000 unites per month. At 60,000 trucks per month, my share would be about 40,000. That is if I didn't build them too well and they lasted twice as long as junk they offer you now.

    Keep in mind that in the United States alone 200,000 light trucks are built every month and globally there is about 600,000 light trucks built per month. (So if you think globally, I think it's safe to say it would be between 50,000 and 100,000 per month.)

Another angle on this pitch: The auto manufactures realize that result of my 40-50,000 unites, their 200,000 unite per month in the US alone would be depleting to 120,000 per month. That loss of 80,000 unites at only a $5,000 profit each would result in a loss of $400,000 per month in profits. You may guess how much money they are willing to spend to keep that revenue.

Then you should figure royalties alone would be about 5% and I'd make more if I was manufacturing it myself, so let's just use a 10% profit margin to keep it simple. And donít forget about my other inventions and accessories people would but to go with it. Get out your calculator and just go with either a $1,000 or $2,000 for either a 5% or 10% profit margin for every unit sold.

Helpful hint: You may want to use $1 or $2 to calculate the numbers and then add on the three zeros later because your calculator will probably lack the digits youíll need.

(Also -- donít forget the anti-trust laws award triple damages.)

Basically it sounds like I'm selling the US gasoline, at triple the price; without having to pump oil out of the ground, now doesn't it? You may think I'd be worth too much money, but I think you should think about the revenue that is being lost because my inventions are not on the market. Remember that sales tax in the US alone is about 8% in most states. Therefore the local state governments have lost about as much as I have. Also the jobs I would have created are just a figment of imagination as well as billions of dollars in revenue I would have created for suppliers.  The sorry part of the deal is the expense the US tax payers are obligated to pay me for the last 7 or 8 years. That amount equals to the revenue I would create in 14 to 16 years. Another 5 years of this bullshit, we'll be set back 24 years before the US government will see any revenue in return from my inventions.

The question would be how much the local government in the state of Washington would have to pay? And if Clinton and Congress was involved; how much the federal government would be obligated to pay?

Now you may be another one of those who would say I'd never see the money. Well I more or less agree with you. However I don't exactly see the truck parked under your ass and it's not going to be any time soon. But there is one thing the government is able to do to attract industry and that is called concessions. And I bet I wouldn't have to pay as much in taxes if I were to do anything with it in this country.

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