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Reading: Food for the brain

Let me tell you something..... I've read a lot of books on the publishing industry, But you have to remember as Sargent Bolster once said, "Statistics are just made up."

But from what I read: 75% of the books that are sold, are read only to page 18 and then set down and never read again.

Also as one published author; who bought one of my Tightwad books said, "When I decided that I was going to be self employed as a writer, I knew I going have to write a book that sells. And if 75% of the books bought are bought by women who are 35 and older, I'm going to write books that they read. That's why I only write book on celebrities."

Well I'm happy to say that more than half of the books I've sold have been read all the way through.

I feel there are many people in this society now days depend too much on the television as their fluorite pastime and entertainment. What gets me is when people -- even myself -- tend to think they learn things from watching TV. The problem with learning form television is that the material is passed by us so fast; we mainly react to television and we really don't retain much of what we've learned for it, very long. Are brains don't retain the material as well as when we read it because with reading we're forced to decipher the knowledge from a printed form. For instance: You'll forget about a small clip in a movie easier than the small part written in a book. But if to don't read very much, I doubt if you will remember much, because an infrequent reader, I doubt if one could clear their head well enough to truly read the material at any pace.

One of the scary things about television is that it has commercialsÂ…. I know for a fact that some of those commercials we see have hidden pictures in them. The pictures are flashed by so fast that we don't even notice them but somehow I feel our minds are influenced by them. You may feel I'm getting a little heavy here, but I've examined some commercials by recording them and playing back at a slower speed. What I found was nothing too elaborate but I realized they put a different impression into the experience of watching it. Maybe I'm wrong and it was just the result an editor cramming in pictures he had nothing else to do, but on can never be too sure. The picture I found was more or less and innocent one, but what I'm worried about is the other commercials on the television of which I haven't bothered to take time to screen for these hidden frames.

I can't believe I fell in love with Ann Coulter; when I first saw her. I first noticed on Bill Maher's last Politically Incorrect show. I wrote her name down and planed to give her the Girl of the Day Award. I thought, what the hell, I'd have a hard time throwing her out of my bed.

I was totally impressed with the woman. I had no idea that she was a legal affairs correspondent or even what game was. All I new was she looked mighty fine in the dress she was warring and she spoke as if she was intelligent.

But on morning July 15, 2002, I saw her on an early morning talk show and I realized she didn't know shit. She didn't even know how to talk. I felt for the people down at Crown Publishing, because they must have been going out of their minds. She made attempts to run her mouth off but she was only making herself look bad. She was such a scatter brain she couldn't even respond to the questions asked.

Her creditability was flying out the window, the longer she stayed in front of the camera the worse her creditability was getting.

If I was her publisher, or agent, I would've been thinking: Shut up. Let the your picture on the cover of her book sell the damn thing. Television isn't going to help it any.

In my mind, her being on TV wasn't going to boost her sales any. I maybe I'm wrong. I guess there are plenty of people out there, dumber than I am, and will by the shit.

Regardless of the reviews she got from Robert D. Novak, Bill Maher, Harper's Bazaar, Geraldo Rivera, Rush Limbaugh, to George Magazine, and was able to print them on the back of her book -- the book stinks. I couldn't stand reading one page of the crap she put on paper. The shit isn't worth the paper it's printed on. She's a scatter brain and she writes like it. All she did was grab sound bites and put them in some kind of order and put them in her book. She writes with no sole what so ever. My question I have is, How many of these guys did she have to sleep with to get such fine reviews. The shit is just like George Stephontropoluse's flowery crap. She titled her book, "Slander" and slander is all it deserves.  I'm amazed publishers even think a person can cope with five distinctive definition words in one sentence. Hell, one paragraph of the shit blew my mind and then the next paragraph is usually about something else. I just don't see how people are going to be able to read it ten years from now if we're going to keep breeding idiots. It's just full of propaganda and I don't understand why people would want to waste their time reading such crap. Maybe I'm wrong and you can understand it if you are an attorney. I'm not and no matter how pretty she is, I can't see myself reading it. The price tag on the book was for $25.95; for words she got from other people and crammed them all together in what she calls a book. There is no flow and no sole.

Update: I discovered that her book landed the Number 1 spot in the New York Times Book Review the first week of June 25. By then 163,140 of her books been sold after four press runs in two to three weeks while the other book reviews only had the brick at number 14. Then by July 15th the Publishers Weekly stated that it had been only on the best seller's list two weeks and landed the number one spot. Buy then it had gone to press six times, amounting to 195,000 copies in print. I guess it all starts off with a 12 minute spot on The Today Show with Katie Couric.   I wonder how many she bought up herself, just to get on the best sellers' list. (That's the trick folks. Many people will order books through books stores and then cancel the orders within thirty days, just to get the volume of sales up high enough to land on the best sellers' list. When people on the street see it on the list, they start buying the junk.) People are gullible. I just can't see it. I tried to read it, but there was just nothing it that could turn my crank.

However I did find a bit written in the LA Times by Ana Marie Coy who is a columnist for, In These Times. It caught my eye because there was a photo-copy picture of Ann Coulter a comic book bubble saying Blah Blah Blah. I guess her impression was similar to mind. The deal is that Coulter was a no body until 9-11 came along. She was only a deputy press secretary to Senator Spencer Abraham until she got a few spots on Bill's show and the media put her pretty face on TV. Suddenly she became a constitutional scholar overnight. Ana Marie said that the book was in the works before 9-11 and shortly afterwards the publishers revamped the book to make it more appealing for the times.

That's it folks, this s_it was the bottom drawer.


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"Don't join the book burners. Don't think you are going to conceal thoughts by concealing evidence that they ever existed."
             -- Dwight D. Eisenhower
            speech at Dartmouth College
                                   June 14, 1953





I wonder if I put a picture of her a picture of her on the cover of my book, it would be on the best sellers list in a few weeks. Oh, I forgot, I'd have to by a few thousand of them myself to get there.

Update: Oct. 15th, 2007: hey I checked out her new book at the growcery store. It's different from her other books, it was kinna funny and I must have read about a page of it. It's just a book of sound bits, but her take on it all is actually funny to read.

Spring of 2008: I didn't have to read Lee Iacocca's, auto-biography. I happened to come across a cassette tape recorded version of it and I listened to it while I was driving around
    Time dated as it seemed because it reminds me of all the commercials I saw on TV when I was a kid.
   Up until the time I listened to it, I wondered if I needed some one like him to help successfully build my truck. But after listening to his tapes, I can assure you that I don't actually think need anyone like him. The reason I say this is that he was an engineer who got tired of drawing pictures and decided he like the sales end of the whole industry. All he did with Chrysler is the same thing anybody with a little common sense could have done.
   The only thing his tapes did for me was to inform me that the GATT Treaty wasn't exactly good for the American automobile industry. That's because under the agreement the Japanese government could issure a rebate check for $800 export subsidies. This meant that a the woman in Japan would have to pay more for the same car in Japan as the woman dose in the USA.




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