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It's only a Ball Game
February 12, 2008


Funny how the US drops out of a global math and science competition.
August 20th"07


Feeling the pain of Clinton's and Greenspan's false economy.
August 18th,'07:


Baby Einstein - dumber by the day
August 12th, '07


El Loco
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2,400 words the media isnít telling you about, because of advertising dollars

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(the column on politics)


El Loco


Pesky Car Guys



My Newsletter:
2,400 words the media isnít telling you about, because of advertising dollars

 Check it out



I read that Bush took away 50% discount on filling fees for small entities, (private inventors.) but after checking out the USPTO web-site, I noticed that we still have a discount. I also read that he took that away 2/3 of the operating budget away from the folks down at the US patent office, but I haven't been able to prove that way one way or another. But if he did, it could get corrupt just like many Asian countries.
       Gee, even if we can find a patent lawyer that isn't working for the corporations instead of us, we'll have to worry if we would have to send an extra check for 10% for bribe fees like they are known to except in the Asian countries. (Yeah, otherwise an application is likely sit on a shelf for a very long time.) 


P-Day Journal


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Current Events

July 13th 2007: the military has pushed aside 22,000 soldiers. That is: instead of diagnosing them with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they use their fancy pants doctors to claim they have Personality Disorder Syndrome, and then they say it was pre-existing. With PDS, they get the boot and no VA benefits. And some of the soldiers even get billed for some of their resigning bonuses.
       The David Mathews mention one soldier's name at one of his concerts; that resulted in getting the solder's diagnose reversed and his benefits back. Just goes to show you how these doctors will diagnosed a person anything they are told to.

June 30, 2007: apparently the US government has learned that they have just built 1 1/2 miles of their border fence on Mexico's land. The cost of digging it up and moving will cost about $3.5 million. I'll, bet Mexico would actually sell the land to the US for less.

June 10, 2007: Paris Hilton is being fussed about. Gee, what a baby. She's just spoiled rotten. I guess she is used to getting everything her way. I wonder if she bought off the cop. I hope he goes to jail. And Paris: Only the first few days are the hardiest. Three weeks will go by in a jiffy. The money will still be there when you get out. So don't sweat it. Hell, you should read about the games they played on me when the set me up and through me in jail. They seriously wanted me to kill myself. Hell you've got it made baby. Maybe you should just hire a driver. Then you can drink all you want, but remember: drinking only makes you stupid.

May 2, 2007: Rupert Murdoch has put in a $5 billion bid to buy the Dow Jones &Co. which owns the Wall Street Journal. His bid was almost double what the other guys were bidding, but the Bancroft family that owns much of it would rather see it go to someone else for less. Boy what does that tell you?

April 20th: Well it's all over the news. The shooting. It sure gave the media something to get past the whole Anna  Nicole thing. I for one haven't paid much attention to it because I think that is what you get when you are breeding stupid people. The sad thing about it was that out of the general population, the students were probably more intelligent than the average. It's a few less of the smart ones and yet we are left with so many dumb ones.

The letter probably gave the media something to focus on, other wise they would have had more of their friendly politicians voicing their opinions and how we should pass more stupid laws to protect us from our own stupidity.

The stupid thing I think about it was with all the gun laws, the guy was able to buy a gun with a green card.
(More on this topic at
Poop Stinks.)

April 12th: Funny how the Democrats in Congress can waste time that tax payers pay for on drafting a bill in order to pull troops out of Iraq. All the while Bush just said he'd veto it. And to day the newspapers say that the Pentagon just ordered 90 day extension for all active duty army troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Folks, it's the defence contracts and kick backs that keep the US in a war.

Then we find out the boys from Duke are just victim's of an over zealous prosecutor. And one of the mothers said, "I can't believe this could happen in America." (Wake up you dumb bitch, the Justus system you are complaining about just racked in millions of dollars from folks like you with wool over your eyes.) I think the prosecutor should spend a couple years in jail for robbing the folks their money, or better yet, pay them the money back out of his own pocket. Take his home away and let him learn what it's like living on the street.

April 11th '07: I just saw on the news the other day about a gal named Nichol who works for the department of transportation or something like that. She's working to get a law made to where by 1912, the auto manufactures would have to put accident avoidance systems in cars. Gee, someone should tell her that they just recalled 500,000 vehicles because of faulty ABS brakes. Hell we all now that these computers start going out about 40,000 miles. In fact my truck is more dependable than ever because the computer has nothing to do with it anymore but take up space and look silly. Gee, we got a ding-bat telling use to buy more shit to go wrong now. If these law makers let her have her way, it only shows you how stupid they are.

In the month of March of 2007, the media is covering a trial about a gal who is accused of running a prostitution ring in the Washington DC area. Apparently the government feels that they have enough evidence use our tax dollars to prosecute her. And since they presented the trial to the media, she is already labeled for the alleged crime that she has to defend herself from.
      Now she needs to spend her money on defending herself and the media has offered her cash for her little black book which allegedly has many politician's phone numbers in.
        Then this judge comes along and makes it a crime for her to sell the book, which would only protect the identities of the "Johns" as we call it. Gee, what the hell do these Marines think they are dying for? Freedom of the press?.
       Hell, just last week I had a Marine wanting to beat me up at the Post Office because I said there wasn't the freedom that his buddies were dying for. (He actually was referring to freedom of speech.) But I already know and very well proved that if you stand on a milk crate and voice your opinion, just to create a crowd, and if someone don't like what you are saying, they can call the police and the police will haul you off to a mental hospital for creating a disturbance. The doctor there will make money off the government for having you there and that same doctor is the judge as to how long you can be held there. And you will have no lawyer to defend you. I don't know about you, but I feel that is scarier than going to jail.
        Then there is the practice of the police putting a fine looking women cop on a street corner, just to trap the so called "johns" in the area. (Mind you, the lady cops usually look better than the typical prostitute, which  could very well attract more innocent men that a real whore would.) Then in many towns they will publish the names of the men who were trapped in the police sting operation in the local newspaper.
         I call it a double standard and it only proves that there is no freedom of speech or freedom of press and there is no doubt in my mind that the politicians who make these laws are also above the laws that they create.
        Tell me. What the hell are these Marines fighting for?
         I'd say defence contracts and the kick backs the politicians get from the defence contractors; wouldn't you?    

Feb.16, 2007: Looks like the war should be in Iran instead of Iraq. But what the hell, it's all about blowing up Hum Vs' These Marines should just figure out how to make an RC controller control a Hummers, if those flunkeys on TV can do it so could some machinacaly inclined Marines. They should rig up dummy Hum V's to drive out ahead of the convoy or troops.

I don't know about you, but I'll be sick of hearing about these wanna be presidents at least a year and a half before the elections even happen. I heard that for one of the Democratic runners has to come up with $2 million per day to cover the cost for campaining. Gee it must be a lot of Champain and  Caviar. What amases me is how easly they get the money. Money doesn't come without a price tage.

Jan. 22, 2007: In the news is a story about the Police in Tejwana arming themselves with sling shots. It was said that they had their guns taken away because of the corruption down there. The funny thing is, the media never gave us a clue about what the corruption actually was.
         Well I met a guy who lives down there earlier this year. He said If you want to camp down there, you should only camp out on the coast or in campgrounds. The thing you don't want to do is sleep in your car in a city. He said the the cops were taking people away and selling them for body parts

January 19th, 2007:
In the news there is a story about a girl who died from drinking over two gallons of water in a radio station contest. The questions that have come up are:
Who was liable, and who is going to sue who?
         I think liability isn't a question because the girl signed a release form. However, I do think that the radio station's management did the right thing in firing the personal who were involved in the contest. This is because they were just pain too stupid to be in the position to persuade people in taking part in such a stupid contest in the first place.
         I think the girl should have been calling a doctor; instead of her boss to say that she wasn't coming in.

It's like lets have a contest:
        Who can jump off this 500 foot bridge and make the biggest splash. The winner will get a week's holiday in Hawaii on my pocketbook. That is if they live to see the day.
          If you don't make it, you loose. If you win, well we'll worry about that when it happens.
            Boy, I could always use a pair of tickets to Hawaii.

Anyone stupid enough to sign up?

Hay, I got this other game. It's called Saddam Hussein Roulette It's almost like Russian Roulette, but we put two rounds in the chamber instead of one. It makes it twice as fun.

I don't know what you think, but I think we need another idiot around here about as much as we need a hole in the boat.

Early January 2007:
Currently the media is haggling over the fact that the US government says it wants to be able to open our mail. Just like when they complained about the Patriot Act, where the government is able to listen into private telephone conversations; for the sake of national security.

Well, I hope I'm not the first to tell you this but it's nothing to haggle about. I can tell you first hand that any large corporation is able to tap into your phone line, not only be able get into your mail but control it as well. Even your safe deposit box can be gone through by a number of different organizations. (The funny part of it is that there are people who work in the media who came on TV to express their concern about it, when the same corporation they work for could be doing it to them or anyone for that matter.)
        To think a government won't do what any large corporation can, and will do, is just being pretty dam stupid if you ask me. Just check out "Is my stuff Safe Here, in the Book Excerpts.
           Now that I've covered that, I guess I'm going to post  how they got into my mail and rigged my phone too, but I can't do everything at once.

Current Events can mean a lot of things, but currently we just learned that 3052 men have been killed in Bush's war. And we wonder what that means. Well one way to look at is the way these politicians may look at it. For them, they make money from kick backs from defence contracts. Billions are spent on the war and the cost of a life is only $400,000.oo in severance pay to the families of these dead troops. (I was a told the other day that they don't get it, but I've talked to a marine who was going off to war that it was so. Hum?)
           Well, I got the calculator out and discovered that it equalled $1.2 billion, and then they also have less on the monthly payroll. I think it's obvious to them of how little of expense a dead man is to them. Hell, with hundreds of billions in defence contracts, we probably spend more on blown up Hum V's. It isn't too hard to imagine that a politician may consider human life as a commodity. Or as they say, just a casualty of war. But against the cost of the was, a human life is a drop in the bucket.

Another thing: The media seldom mentions the fact that over 22,000 that have been seriously injured. (in a way, the dead got the easy way out, but you didn't hear that from me.)
         Update: Jan.30: funny, I see that two senators decide to dedicate a rehabilitation center.

     And I have a question: How many troops are over there. If I knew that, I could get a handle on what the odds are that a soldier won't come back the same as when they left. Another thing that bugs the shit out of me is the media doesn't exactly keep us informed about the troops from other countries that are getting killed or injured in Bush's war.

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