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Funny how the US drops out of a global math and science competition.
August 20th, 2007
I found a bit on the
Newsweekweb-site about how the US backed out of the competition. Well it just goes to show you what happens when a country with such corporate power is doing to its self. I guess it my back my theory about us killing of the private inventors because of the way the patent terms are set up. We must be killing more smart guy per capita than other countries and the gene pool for smart guys is getting even smaller. Even Bill Gates is looking for more creative people overseas. (I read something about how he is setting up shop in Canada because they are open to more high- tec people immigrating.)
           But what the heck, here is the link to the Newsweek article about the US chickening out.
Newsweek Education

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I read that Bush took away 50% discount on filling fees for small entities, (private inventors.) but after checking out the USPTO web-site, I noticed that we still have a discount. I also read that he took that away 2/3 of the operating budget away from the folks down at the US patent office, but I haven't been able to prove that way one way or another. But if he did, it could get corrupt just like many Asian countries.
       Gee, even if we can find a patent lawyer that isn't working for the corporations instead of us, we'll have to worry if we would have to send an extra check for 10% for bribe fees like they are known to except in the Asian countries. (Yeah, otherwise an application is likely sit on a shelf for a very long time.) 


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