Yes folks, the political parties are using bots to spam us with intentions of gaining votes from idiots who may think they are actually chatting to someone who actually gives a dam.

January 10, 2008:
     I'm contemplating posting some of the e-mails I get.
It's just that some people are clueless and it's apparent they jump to some kind of conclusion when they obviously haven't even read much of my site, and they are judging me on how they feel about politics. Like one person e-mailed me, tell me to stop talking Bad things about the best President this Country seen in the last 25 years. Then they tell me after serving in Bush's war, that they are working in a Mac, D's .

Stop talking Bad about the best President this Country seen in the last 25 years. I would rather see his father up there for another term than that clown. Clinton did a lot for us and soon as Bush got his hand in there he changed everything for people like you, but you should give him some credit the deficit was never as high as is now aren't you glad you will never have to foot that bill. By the way where is the weapons of mass destruction. Do you realize that a DWI would never land me a Managers job at Mc'Donalds> How is it that Bush is the President.

I'm not going to stop talking bad about the guy until I get the patent laws back to at least the way they where before your good buddy Bill screwed around with him. Their are more smart people being killed than even in Bush's war. I think the problem is that you haven't read enough of the Bad stuff I wrote, but hay, I'll tell you honestly, bringing bad news to anyone was the last thing I would have had on my mind.

Another thing I might add: Bush took two thirds of the operating budget from the US Patent & Trademark Office. And he took away the 50% discount private inventors and small entities used to enjoy.

 January 11, 2008: Get this, I got another fallow up responce from this idiot who must be a political spam machine. Sorry folks for wasting some of your time, but I'm only posting this because I already mentioned the e-mailer. I'll be pulling this sh_t in another day or two.

Who's going to be your next pick for 2008. Just think maybe Obama & Hilary or Edwards & Kerry, for some reason I think Edwards  will Win but my ticket will be punched on Hilary because she is for all the people. Your candidates don't look to promising for Republicans besides Bush and his cronies have messed this Country over so bad they will probably vote Democrat. Only 12 months until someone else comes into Power and takes on the biggest mess they won't be able to fix in 4 years. It really don't matter to me to much who Wins because as long as there some rice & beans I will survive.   You must of been in the Military good time for Vets right now... Peace

Gee wiss, I'm being stalked by a political machine.
Folks, are we this stupid or what?.


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Gov. ArnoldSchwarzenegger screws over the Solar Industry in California, and Newsweek Magazine still calls him green.


An illustrated guide to
GOP Scandals

I found this web-site and they actually let me post something on it.

Imagine seeing that face on your TV after another four years in the White House. After eight years, she'd be real scarry.
But tell me, how dam stupid can people be?


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