Tell me who's the sicko's

Yeah, like he knows what he's talking about
To think the government of Australia has a guy like him in the position to make people take drugs or shock treatments with no one else to have any say.

Pretty crazy if you ask me.              

I know nut cases when I see them, and Dr. Dillon is one of them for sure.

With a medical Degree, the nut head should at least know how to write.

 How about going to
Seeker of Political Asylum?

Wanna Go Back to Documents?

I sure wish I could have seen this document ,
before I decided to apply for political asylum.

Yeah, like I'm going to claim that the Australian government
is conspiring against me when I'm asking for a citizenship.

It only goes to show you that these doctors who think
they can help you, don't even know how to listen.
They only hear what they want to hear