This is where things get interesting

Many of the crooks who work within local governments aren't very good and doing crimes. This page leads us to the documents that they handed over to me proving their own crimes committed against me.  

We got police falsifying evidence against me.
A judge tampering with a witness statement.
A false criminal record planted on the Malibu Sheriffs department's computer.
And a doctor who hands false statements  to the department of immigration in Australia

Now lets get started on the cops falsifying evidence:

How many of you can get your kids up a 6:00 am on a Saturday morning to pick up litter on the side of a road? Those imaginary kids cost me as many points as a DUI.

For a copy of my police & court documents

Originally the arrest started with Negligent Driving

A couple hours later, the charge was changed to a Reckless Driving.

With a use of the Street Clean-up News-letter;
the evidence against me obtained.

And this is how they wrote it.

I can see why my buddy at work wanted to read the next page of this report. It sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie. I'll have to round up the next page and post it. Regardless, the cop had a pretty good imagination and he should probably go to Hollywood and get a job writing, because we sure as hell don't need any cops like him on the street.

This is where we hang a judge for tampering with a signed witness statement.

For more about this set, check out -- What Light Pole?

If you have looked at the citations in the police report you'll notice that my license plate number differed from the pink court document.

                            See on line #19 that they had a 4 not a Y.

For most of you who have not read my book, the web-page
Political Asylum
is about the shortest means of finding out what all these documents mean.

And this is top drawer.
It opens up a whole bag of worms and I'm sure it's why most of you head to this page,

Medical reports from Olive Medical Center of UCLA.

Buffy Doc. 1

I've got another one that says it's no mistaking.


Buffy Doc.2

As I'm trying to get a patent in Australia, I got a quack documenting that said the government there was conspiring against me. Boy, I don't know about what you think, but I think that would be about the last thing I'd want to say. Especially when I was trying to get a citizenship there. How stupid would that be? Pretty fucking stupid I'd say.

Tell me who's the nut case.

Dr. Dillion

But then I met Michaela Wesson while I was in the detention centre and she actually listened and read my stuff. She disagreed with Dillion and even wrote a letter about it.

The Letter

We became friends and she wrote a poem about me.

It's all about labels.


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Seeker of Political Asylum:

Check out a cover letter I gave to the Department of Immigration in Austraila.


It's kinna long, but you'll get a much better sence of what these documents are all about and the crimes commited against me.


After Googling my name, Dennis J. Sattler, I noticed that my Canadian patent application was at the top of the list. I guess you could say its been fairly popular.

If you would like to see some of the handy work of Morro Bay's Finest


You may be interested in checking out the document page at



You may be interested in checking out the documents posted on "The Claim" web-page at


You may want to see documents created by

Morro Bay's Finest


You may want to see patents

Synchro-link documents



For 2 page  file

For long 10 page PDF

If you are a cop or anyone who can get their hands on the arrest report created by the Malibu Sheriff Department on Sept. 9th 2000. I would be greatful if you could get me a copy of it. I'm even willing to give you some pocket filler for it.
It was called a 5150 Hold on 9/12/00
File No. 100-07324-1029-461


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