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Political Asylum

Petition for the grant of political asylum

Seeker of Political Asylum: 
Dennis James Sattler             29 June 2005

Dear Sir:

This cover letter is designed to be a summery and guideline to introduce the significance of the documents provided in this petition for the grant of political asylum and the reasoning behind the desire to stay in Australia.

The documents I've provided will show how the corruption in the United States has made it impossible for me to lead a normal life with any standard of living above the level of being homeless.

Prior to November of 1993, I was a reasonably successful painting contractor, who was buying a home and had good credit standings with several hardware and paint suppliers, as well as credit card companies.

However; my life took a turn for the worse one morning as I was getting ready for work and accidentally caught my work van on fire. Things got even worse when the fire brigade showed up. Apparently most of the crew on board were hired because of the Affirmative Action laws granting minorities preference during the selection of hiring personnel for government jobs. Explained better in my book, Sunnyside's Lousy Book: The part about the fire.

    During their attempt of extinguishing my van, I found myself involved in helping a small woman hold the fire hose nozzle because it was too powerful for her to hold on to without the back force spinning her in circles. I was embarrassed when I discovered a neighbour video recording the incident and even more troubled when the lady fire-fighter endangered my life. (She ran the fire truck out of water and set the hose down without shutting off the nozzle.)

Unfortunately the fire-fighter lady must have seen the neighbour with the video camera and told her captain about the incident. The captain must have encouraged the crew to leave the scene as soon as possible, and they did so without making sure the fire was all the way out. They had to come back and put out my house.

A peculiar thing about that day of the fire is that although all paints or solvents had burned up along with my work van in the first fire; the fire department didn't call the hazardous materials team until after the second fire which was just the house alone. They lined off my property with a yellow caution ribbon and spread some cat litter around my van and tried to convince me that I had a hazardous waste problem.

The next day I met the investigator who was working for the insurance company. He said that the Environmental Protection Agency inspector had just been there the EPA inspector said my place well organized and that there wasn't any hazardous waste to worry about.

The question one would have to ask: is why the Hazardous Materials Team was called after the second fire when all the hazardous material burned up in the first fire?   

As you may guess, the fire department would be afraid of a possible law suit. That would not only interest the local government; but also the lobbyist for Affirmative Action as well.

Next in line would be the interest of the Democratic political party, since it is known that the Democratic Party is the main supporter of Affirmative Action. It has been said that the Democratic Party receives 13 to 18% of their votes from minority supporters. Though it's a bit hard for me to prove at this time, this is where President Bill Clinton became part of the ordeal because he was interested in saving support for his second election. (Which had only a 5 points spread between him and Bob Dole.)

Though it's easy to assume that the Democratic Party would not have wanted a major problem with Affirmative Action to surface, in this case, it would most likely include the story about how the victim took the last $15,000.00 of the insurance settlement and built the proto-type of the work truck of the future. (Or visa versa.)

The method if tilt used on the truck had never been done before and that meant it was patentable, which might make the inventor rich and famous. I can assure you, the corruption within the US government wasn't about to let that happen.  

1. First Action for Means of Hardship Committed on the Federal Level:

Within a few weeks in to my task of building the prototype, Bill Clinton signed the United States on to the GATT treaty that had been in existence for almost fifty years. The GATT treaty changed the way the patent terms tick way; from: the time the patent is granted; to: the time when an inventor initially files for an invention. (More information in my Lousy Book: The part about the fire, page 6 and Making the Legacies of Crooks, page16.)

Prior to the US signing onto the GATT treaty it usually took two to three years to get a patent granted in the US, but since the US joined the GATT treaty, the clock is ticking away as soon as the inventor files for a patent. The result is that an inventor such as myself can find him self homeless and ripped off by 3 out 5 five patent lawyers. Nine years later I have had only one patent granted out of four that I applied for, and
I've been suppressed (or you could say: experienced forced hardships) so that I'm not able to do anything more than pay the maintenance fees on three of the four patent applications.

2. Second Action of Corruption Committed by Pierce County:

The next action was taken by the local government in the city of Tacoma, Washington. They looked into whether I owed any back taxes as well as any past crimes I might have committed. These efforts were made in order to incriminate me if there was a chance that I would take the local government to court for the endangerment of my life during the fire.

Apparently they had a difficult time finding enough evidence against me to make me look bad on the witness stand in a court room, so the local government decided to make a habit of smoking marijuana into a criminal offence. This was done by controlling my supplier and controlling how frequent I could purchase the contraband. Their goal was to get me to possess more than the 40 gram limit which would have been just a misdemeanour offence. (A felony offence is what the city wanted.)

This all came into play as soon as I decided to get incorporated to raise money to patent my invention and get it on the market. Overnight I found myself in jail and the out come of the ordeal was that it provided police reports that prove that the city was also out to cost me not only a loss of creditability, but a loss of money, the loss of ability to make money, the loss of a perfect driving record, which intern would raise the cost of insurance I'd have to pay to be able to drive a vehicle.

The first set of police reports prove just how they turned a simple speeding ticket onto a negligent driving offence on top of the speeding ticket. Though the police report No.95.273 0229 says that I was pulled over at around 6:30 - 7:00 am, officer Terry Schmid #37 who arrived at the station at about 9:00am provided a Report & Agenda, newsletter produce by the Lakewood Beatification and Clean-up Committee. Officer Schmid used the news letter to claim that there were boy scouts and similar groups, walking the road and picking up litter, (which would turn the speeding ticket into a reckless driving citation.) One question you can answer yourself would be: do you think people would be able to get their kids up at 6:00am on a Saturday morning to pick up litter on the side of the road by 7:00 am? I think it's safe to say that the parents wouldn't even show up for breakfast on the other side of town before 7:00am. In fact, the flier provided in the police report stated that a meeting regarding the activities for the clean up was held five days prior on a Monday at 7:00am, at a restaurant on the other side of Lakewood. I've spoken to a person who said that they knew the people listed on the news letter, and that person assured me that the people listed would not have been able to get their kids out of bed before 8 or 9 in the morning on a Saturday.

Of course when I appeared at the pre-trial court proceedings, I pointed the discrepancies out, but the only thing that was done, was the charge was dropped to negligent driving, and later in court the judge wouldn't drop it. The result of it was that my clean driving record was degraded and I had to insure myself having a speeding ticket with negligent driving attached to it. (I was not only fined $500.00 but it cost me an extra $500.00 per year on my insurance premium.) And if you read the portion from my book Burning Down the House, pages 195 to 217, (excerpt 1-A, page 1) you will get more information about how this all came about. From pages 299 to 305, (excerpt 1-B, page 16) covers just how the court proceedings turned out.

3. Third and Forth Case of Corruption Committed by Pierce County Court System:

The next case involves a situation began with an accident where I ran into a light pole with my truck as I left a coffee stand. The light pole was in a bad place and I managed to just tap the pole, but the base was so rusted away, the light pole fell over. (I have digital pictures.) Since the local government raised the price of my insurance and ran my business into the ground, I hadn't been able to pay for insurance on my truck. Driving without insurance alone would be a $450.00 fine and I'd loose my driver's license if I didn't show that I was insured in the aftermath. Therefore, I had nothing to loose if I just drove off because there might have been a possibility to get away without getting caught for it. Although the accident happened in the morning, it took until after 4:00 in the evening before a sheriff showed up at my place.

Deputy Kahler arrived and tried to put words into my mouth and I wasn't falling for his game because I felt he was only there because the local government was well aware of the special truck I was driving and didn't need a license plate number to determine where I lived. My intuition told me it was a mater of planning that took most of the afternoon and they had no proof of me running into anything that day.

Before long he called for back up, arrested me and placed me into the back of one of several squad cars that arrived. As I was about to be hauled off, Kahler opened the boot of his squad car and then opened a case full of photography equipment. He began to take pictures of not only my truck, but the proto types of my inventions I had in and around my shop. (When I arrived at the city jail, I had to call a friend to go over and lock up my house and shop. Deputy Kahler had left the trailer I was living in unlocked, and my truck parked half way out of my shop, with the keys still in my truck.)

A surprise appeared in the Declaration for Determination for Probable Cause of case No.9911594 paper work I was given before the pre-trial court appearance. The surprise was that there wasn't the proper license plate number listed. It appeared that the case should be thrown out of court, but the real surprise was when I waked into the court room. The court room was empty except two policemen who were standing in the back of the room, the court clerks and the very judge who just eight months earlier let the neighbour lady who committed perjury and slander against me walk free. Eight months earlier I had appeared in his court room with documents with a number of signatures proving the neighbour lady guilty of perjury and slander, and he let her walk free.

The earlier court appearance involved a neighbour lady who was encouraged by a sheriff to take out a restraining order against me and in turn she committed perjury and slander. The case is covered in my book in pages 377-379 (Excerpt 2-A, page 18) and 382-385 (Excerpt 2-B, Page 20) and I have the documents I handed to the judge. (I also have a digital video picture of someone apparently from the major's office, who dropped by my neighbour's house on a Saturday afternoon.) I heard one of the neighbours say that they saw an exchange of an envelope, which has been suspect to being a pay-off. Pages 388-389 (Excerpt 3-A, page 23) and digital photos, Lic-Exempt and Pay-off. Pages 391-392 (Excerpt 3-B,C, page 24) and Digital Pictures: City Truck and G-door, covers what happened after I took another picture of the neighbour guy who worked for the city, as he arrived at home outside of the city limits with the city's work truck before three o'clock in the afternoon.

Pages 426-435 of my book, (Excerpt 4, Page 25) cover the light pole incident. And I have digital photos Light Pole, Rusty light pole, Fixed light pole, Strap, Everybody loves Raymond, covering the light pole situation.  

The light pole case No. 9911594 is where I ended up having the said judge tamper with a signed witness statement. I don't have a copy of the witness statement, but I do have the document supporting my accusation. There are court documents that need to be requested and gathered from the Pierce County Court system to be able to prove it to the fullest extent.

The question would be whether the judge tampered with the original witness statement or not. I happen to think he did. In that case copy of the original witness statement can be gathered through the public disclosure act and I'd bet that it should be a copy of the original, just as the one the attorney Mr. Reese had. The one I saw in Mr. Reese's file had the 4 crossed out and Y placed next to the license plate number the witnesses had provided.

I have a number of citations and pictures of my truck which have the true licence number on my truck, and the court document that show a different number which the court clerk had typed from the arrest report. If the 4 had been crossed out and Y placed beside it on the original witness statement, just about anyone would agree the clerk who typed up the Declaration for Determination for Probable Cause would have typed the Y instead of the 4. Another thing that should be mentioned: is if it was a type "O" like the judge said, then how possible would that be -- when the 4 and a Y are not next to each other on the keyboard and most likely type with a different hand? Its common sense to me that we don't even need the original witness statement to determine that my accusation is true.

Then the problems with that case went even further. That is I ended up with a warrant for not reappearing in court for that same citation, even though I was in the same court house, the same day, receiving another court date for a completely different citation I received that same day on my way to court. The story seems to go on and on and most people would realize that there wasn't any way I was going to win. The city was going to take away my driver's license and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. Every cop in town seemed to know about it, and I can assure you, I was about the last person in town to get pulled over for anything because most of the people who worked for the local government knew I was writing it all out in my book titled, Sunnyside's Lousy Book.

4. Fifth Case of Corruption Committed by Malibu Sheriff Department

The next time I came across documents at proved corruption was this year. Before I came to Australia I requested medical reports from an Olive View Medical Centre in Las Angeles where I spent 48 hours of a 72 hour evaluation. I requested the documents expecting nothing more than entertainment value from them.

I feel that if a doctor is going to alter my creditability by diagnosing me having a mental illness, they better be prepared to have their credibility made public because I am one who is confident there are enough people out there who know me well enough to know there isn't anything wrong with me, and I am one who will post it on a web-site or even included their documents in my book to show just how creditable the so called doctors really are.

There is some back story you must be made aware of: the fact that when I was still in Washington state, I found myself participating in what I thought was a publicity stunt being carried on by what I thought was me and a publicist working for a actress in Hollywood.

In the second half of 1999, I heard rumours about Sarah Michelle Gellar, a Hollywood actress, who liked me because she had read some of my literature. I
didn't know if it was true or not but went along with the game and pretended she had access to what I was writing on my computer and I had no way to contact her. My part of the publicity stunt was that I wrote journal entries as if they were letters to the girl of my dreams. It caused people to fuss over whether it was true or not and even more so when I typed Sarah's name into a ruff draft of my will.

I played the game as best as I could because I wanted to make people think my attraction to her was genuine. I thought that if a person wasn't able to get publicity, there was no better place to get it than through the people within the media and in Hollywood. Grabbing their attention was about the best way to spread the story about the man who invented the work truck of the future, and the book he was writing.

I knew that the folks in Hollywood take great precautions in protecting themselves from stalkers. I knew that there wasn't any other way to get any more attention than to have them guessing whether I would actually try to contact the Hollywood actress. However, I was also curious if the Hollywood actress Sarah Michelle Gellar even knew about me and the closest I ever got to her was a call to her publicist just to find out if they would even admit to knowing who I was.

The publicist denied having any knowledge about me, but I thought it was because I was actually doing their job for them by making the actress even more popular. At the time, Sarah Michelle Gellar had her own weekly television show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was appearing on the cover of many popular magazines. You could say that she was at the top of her game and I was wondering if I had much to do with all the attention.

However, I got tired of playing the game and even more tired of hearing the rumours about how the starlet was going to get to see me. I got so tired of the rumours that I even quit writing the journal entries. Relief finally came after she announced publicly that she was seeing Freddy Prince, another Hollywood actor; however it still took quite some time before the rumours would fade away.

Now that I've received the medical reports, I realize I wasn't playing a game with the publicist at all. It appears to me that I was playing a game with Affirmative Action all along. My guess is that it was an effort to see if they could really get me to actually stalk the Hollywood actress. My guess is that Affirmative Action wanted to get me into to serious trouble and even ruin some of my creditability.  

To make a long story short, I got the medical reports from Olive View Center and it said that I was a "known" stalker of Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the Malibu Sheriff's computer said I was banned from.... Unfortunately, they copied one of the pages so that I wouldn't get all of it, but it was mentioned three times in the report and we can always request another copy with the whole page in its entirety, just to see where it goes. (I plan to do so.) It's also possible to get the arresting police reports from Los Angeles.

You may wonder why the whole arrest took place in the first place. The most practical explanation I can come up with is the timing.  It was within ten days of when I was suppose to pay maintenance fees on patent applications I had in countries out side the US and in my opinion, it was Affirmative Action's way of incarcerating me and taking the money out of my pockets by the way of towing and storage bills.   

The whole experience is written out in Malibu goes to the funny farm, pages 451 to 473, of my book. (Excerpt 5, page30)

Sarah Michelle Gellar's talent agency :

(ICM) International Creative Management                           Ph. 310-550-4000
8942 Wilshire Blvd.              Fax:   310-550-4100 Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Publicist: 310-550-7776

5. The Reason for Coming to Australia:

The main reason I had to come to Australia to find out if I could save a patent application here. I have the desire to get a patent granted in Australia so that I can incorporate and trade shares with the goal of manufacturing my truck in Newcastle.

I arrived in Australia on Saturday the 16th, 2004 and on the very next Monday morning. I contacted patent lawyer Jack Redfern at 60 Margaret Street in Sydney. We set up a meeting at noon the very same day. Our correspondence over the last 3 to 4 years had become interrupted. I had thought my phone was rigged and our letters were getting intervened. (At least that's what I thought, but I think I know better now.)

He informed me that the first office action arrived from the patent office in May of 2001. That was when I had a Post Office Box in Santa Cruz, California, but some how the letter was sent back to Redfern. From what I understand; I should have had a patent in Australia years ago.

He informed me that I could reactivate the application if I paid back annual maintenance fees and late penalties which were $50.00 per month. (However he did say that he would have to check on the amount of the penalties.) He tried to discourage me by saying it would cost less to file on an entirely different invention than to reactivate the original one. (Somehow he was aware that I had another invention - which he
shouldn't have known about- and that's where I should have been suspicious.) Since I arrived in Australia with $18,000.00 for expenses; the $5-6,000.00 he led me to think it would take to pick up the interest in the application I had already filed on seemed reasonable to me.

I bought a van for $2,500.00 from a couple of backpackers after having the engine and everything checked out, but the fallowing week the engine went. Once I had my money transferred and newer engine put in my van, I found that my attorney had gone on a holiday. While I was on a surfing trip on the Gold Coast, I made a few attempts to contact Jack Redfern. I wanted to find out how much money was needed for the patent application, but he never called back so I sent him $2,700.00 for the penalties; just to get him motivated.

It wasn't until I was back in Newcastle and only two hours away before I was able to speak to Jack Redfern on the phone again. He said he needed to talk over the reasons that the application had become abandoned so that he could write a letter stating those reasons to the patent office. (I thought we did that during the first meeting.) Over night I took on the task of writing a four page letter about what I had gone though back in the US. Once I was back at his office, Redfern haggled over it saying that it was too complex to hand to the patent office and he suggested he write one that was more generalized. So I agreed to let him do so and our plan was that he would mail it to me for my signature when I was further south on the coast.

I headed south to check out the surf in Victoria and made it as far as Wollongong when I received a call from Redfern. His Friday had already turned into Wednesday and my intuition told me if the letter needed editing, it would take less time if I just drove back to Sydney to sign it. Along with the paperwork to sign, was a statement of how much his services were going to cost me. It turned out that his services were no longer $250.00 per hour, but $520.00. And the penalties on the delay of the application weren't $50.00 per month, but $100.00; and the total price tag Redfern gave me was now $13,000.00.

This is for something he said months earlier that I could do myself and in my opinion there is nothing complicated about it because the work had already been done. That is: the letter I'd wrote; and claims needed to be submitted are the same one's used in the patent granted in the United Kingdom. Basically, I could still save the application myself for under $5,000.00, but at the time, I had little more $3,000.00 left and regretted sending Redfern the $2,700.00 earlier. My opinion is that: Jack Redfern's goal must have been to let me travel around the country so I'd spend my money so the costs involved with the application would put the patent out of reach.

Things began to fall in place about Jack Redfern: The accounting errors on his billings sent to me in the US, weren't because the merger with the New Zealand firm as I'd expected. There must have been alternative motives why I couldn't get any answers back from his office about the false billing while I was in the US. (However the checks I sent would cash be cashed.) The services rendered for me while I was in the US amounted to $800.00 (US) for the initial filing and one or two adjustments for about $500.00 each. However, even after paying for the first two services I was sent a billing for $3,700.00 and after all this happened in Australia, his recent statement said that his firm had wrote off $4,000.00 that I had owed them from the initial filings while I was in the US. I don't see how that would be since he never did that amount of work. Now after meeting with me twice and dictating a page and a half letter, his statement said that he had already performed $4,000.00 services since I've been here in Australia.

If I was Tom Cruise and my life was like the movie The Firm; Jack Redfern would be the one sitting behind razor wire for mail fraud and false representation. But this is the real world.

I found myself $2,700.00 short and all I had to do was sell my bass guitar and drive to the patent office. I also looked for a sponsor, (of which I thought I'd found,) but the painting contractor backed out when he found out about the financial commitment involved, just two weeks before my visitors visa expired.

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I'm not sure how the people in Australia gathered their information about me, but one thing for sure, I was able to learn about few things that I really didn't consider until I heard them from the word on the street down there. Like the knowledge of my own aunt had been bought off. That is, she was motivated to influence my family members in a way, so that they wouldn't help me out in any way.

My mistake while travelling throughout Australia was that I took the possibility too likely that I would find a sponsor, so that I could stay and work in Australia. I found myself over staying my visa and then a couple of months later, I found myself sitting in a detention centre.

To say the least, I was too politically powerful there, because there were people there who wanted the jobs I could create there. They had the manufacturing  infrastructure  there already, all they needed was something to export. 
       Many knew I was an illegal, but most didn't want me to leave. The problem for anyone was the auto manufactures who were making their rounds with their rumours. Even one town ran their rumour mill out of town. 
      I'm sure the pesky auto manufactures wanted to turn me into the Department of Immigration but it was kind of difficult when I had no address because I was living in a backpackers' van. But that was taken care of by a street gang. I got slammed up side the head with a metal pipe. It split my ear into two and gave me an address at the local hospital and an American doctor turned me in.

I found myself trying to get political asylum so I'd be able to stay in Australia. Here is an excerpt of the cover letter I supplied the Department of Immigration:



If I was Tom Cruise in a movie like the Firm, this guy would be in prison.

But I live in a real world.






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