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Making Que Cards for Twirling

stupidity should be painful

The Hollywood pitch at 1600, click here.

If a marine tells me

The Hollywood pitch at 1600, click here.

Synchro-link que card

Then again, I never thought it would be 20 years later,
and the only thing human beings learned to use it for is killing people with it.

Obama Speilberg killed my family and friends

The Hollywood pitch at 1600, click here.

Clinton and Obama lousy patent laws

kelly slatter killed mark foo and andy irons

Clinton and Obama lousy patent laws

Selective breeding stupid people

Humans at 8%

Just another way of saying:
Just a few steps away from Barbaric.

Religion and War

Lockheed martin stealing patents

Bullies with a badge logo for calicops

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Train your brain with Dreamworks and get brain washed by Speilberg

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the first lady is a tranny

For 1600 size click here
I bet this one has been trending on instagram

If you have a color printer and some large card stock, I bet you could cheat, but something tells me that you've got a few lines of your own to say.
Never the less, I'd be really cheating if I just put the large images on my screen save and let it go from there. (There still fairly small files at about 100k.
       I up loaded a few images and started a new web-page for them today on April 9th, 2015.
       Of course the lettering and the colors work much better once I outline the lighter letters in fine line black or even colored on the larger letters.

The marines would have to kill me

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first tranny cards infront of channel 7 nbc news van

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Obama Slater foamy cards infront of News 7 van

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Dennis Sattler, his Tooler invention and Surfboards with matching Graphics

So I wanna be

Excerpt From : Sunnyside's Lousy Book

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Pacific Coast Shark News

If you are thinking of taking up surfing because of something I may have wrote here. Please don't, it's too dangerous with all the sharks and things.  
        There are plenty of surfers already, and we don't need another.  

Excerpt From : Sunnyside's Lousy Book

So I wanna be

And if you come to the beach,
PLEASE do not feed the seagulls,
they ended up shitting all over the rocks I'd like to sit on.

And seagulls are dirty creatures;
feeding them will only cause them to fly around dropping lice on people below.

And if you come are a real surfer,
You may want to Check out-

Helpful Hints Might help.

Sam Egan is one of Australia's best shapers.
I've seen many of his boards
and never saw a bad one.


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