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Sometimes I'm Impressed,
but then Not So Impressed

Rule Numbers: 50, 66 & 86
June 9th, 2021:
Talking about skaters.
       Talking about the talent of so many and the challenge involved and the unlimited improvement of my own skills. Certainly something I'll never begin to master.
       I love watching those who have instinctive control of their own talent as if its just a reflex of what is often called muscle memory. Its the human body with the most minimum exterior vehicle. The simplest form factor of just a piece of wood and some wheels attached.
       In a way its similar to surfing to me as how is so entertaining to watch in the natural form, but in contests it looks all the same and when it dose come to contests, it's not a equal playing field because it can't be measured and it's just a mater of a few opinions.
       Then on the other side, is the culture that I'm not too thrilled about. In fact it's just disappointing as I've mentioned before. It's to total disregard of other peoples property that so many of them feel they can overlook without any consideration upon who the obstacle belongs to and how much it cost to have it installed in the first place.

Like the new concrete work that was just installed down at the waterfront park next to the amphitheatre.
       It's all coloured brown and flawless. Unique in design and lacked skate stops other than the design for the park benches.
       Before it was opened up I looked to see if there was going to be skate stops installed before it was turned over to the public and sad to say, it never happened.
       One thing for sure, it only took a few hours before there was wax and blacked aluminium ran over a unique curved curb.
       Yeah, and the kids I asked if he had any idea of how much it all cost to have put in, he looked at me as if I was the bad guy.

Then there was the other day at the skate park.
I didn't want a bunch of keys inside my pocket just in case I'd fall on them so I just put the two keys for my cage on a small ring and placed them in the pocket of my sweat pants.
       Later on that day as I was walking past a bench on my way back to my truck I overheard a few high school aged kids talking about some keys that someone had lost. Shortly there after, once I arrived at my truck I realized that it had to be my keys they were talking about.
       I turned around and headed back to the bench with the four or five that had been talking about the keys. Once I arrived I inquired about the keys, or even worse, I asked, "did you guys find any keys?"
       Maybe I should have inquired as if I had just heard them talking about it, but what amazed me is that the one of them said, "no, what were they to,"
       Shocking was that all of them condoned the lie I was told. Its like the young man was as good as stealing my keys and the rest of them was going along with his decision to keep possession of my keys from me.
       So of course it wasn't the first time I had to change my locks. It's usually the cops that steal them. I guess skater kids are no better.
      Hope he made good use of those keys.

Then there was just the other night.
Rule Numbers:50, 51, 66 & 86
I was down at the amphitheatre, a little drunk and getting some exercise with my surfskate.
I as hanging out with another guy who I used to surf with a few years back.
       We had gotten to know each other a little bit since he had recently bought a surfskate too.
       He was sitting with his cousin and at times I would go down and pump around to get some blood moving.
       I can't remember what was said, but a small group of four teenagers must have made some kind of remark. One that I might ignore if I wasn't buzzed, but I must have considered it another battle of the wits.
       Suddenly one of them said, "someone just took off with your skateboard."
       I looked over and noticed that it was my electric board was gone and so was my friend and his cousin.
       I could only guess the direction they went, so I gathered my surfskate and things and headed off in the direction to the north.
       There standing near the AMT was my surfing buddy, pointing out my board not far way sitting on its side.
       I figure it took the short distance before one of them figured out that trying to steal someone's skateboard while their was at least to video cameras on it, wasn't a very good idea.
      Guess I need a better way to decide who my friends are. Or maybe just considering the times, maybe I shouldn't have any friends in the first place because most of the people I meet, I soon wish I would have never met them. Being alone all the time can very well be a good thing because you can never be disappointed in anyone other than yourself because you can't expect to possess any social skills.

Propellers for the trash becuase of stupidity

More than $7 going into the trash can because of stupidity.

Just Pure Stupidity,
from the smartest kind.

Rule Numbers: 1, 3, 4, 8, 20, 42, 50 & 51
May 28th, 2021:
Stupidity runs within some of the brightest industries.
You would think the guys that sell drone parts would be smarter than this.
       Some of you know I've been campaigning for a change in the way the industry sells their propellers.
       I've sent emails to the manufactures, the teachers, and the suppliers numerous times over the past three years.
       The last time was in the comments to a Youtube video put together by JB and Rotor Riot, about what is the most annoying things involved with flying FPV Drones.(Funny thing is I even had to explain to a guy who replied to my comment and then he actually realized that I'm right.) .
       I'm right about: that if you run your props in reverse rotation, you will brake more clockwise turning propellers than counter-clockwise propellers and it's the other way around if you run with standard rotation.
       As a result of the industry NOT selling propellers in separate packages of CCW or CW but instead they sell them in sets of 2 CW and 2 CCW together, we end up with waste. Meaning I going to be throwing away perfectly good propellers because I will always end up with more lefts than rights.
       I would like to be able to by 6 packages of lefts for every 7 packages of rights if I want to, but they just don't think that way.
      Like what are they morons or something? What the hell is wrong with these guys?

My Shake Junt and Octo-pussy

8.5" Shake Junt, now has ACE AF1 55 trucks's,
54mm x 34mm Bones Servold, Gone Skating 99a STF

9.75 Octo-Pussy with 8.75 Indy Forged Hollow Trucks, Riptide Pivot Bushings,
Now has Bones 56mm x 36mm Ben Koppl 99a STF

May 26th, 2021:
I don't think I fit in.
Talking about the whole skate board thing.
       There is a lot of things about the culture that I'm just not too thrilled about.
      Its like when I looked up Shake Junt on Youtube. I thought it was kinna neat the way it evolved, pro skaters getting together with non-pro Skaters, just to make some good videos and a few products to support themselves. But then I ran across one about using some greasy chicken to grease down a curb to skate on. The idiots couldn't even pick up their own trash and left it behind for someone else to pick up after them.
       Another thing about the skateboarding culture is the lack of concern when it comes to destroying other people's property. They have no concern that someone paid someone to paint the handrail they are grinding down. Ruining custom concrete work is something I can't stand either. Just look everywhere, people have to install skate stops on anything they don't want waxed up and black from skateboarders trying to master there tricks.
       I think skating is a great sport and past time, but I feel it has it's place and that place is where it's made for it and it doesn't have to be destroying other people's property, or property that tax payers pay for. Its why skate parks are needed and I think skate parks are a good investment for communities.
       You might be amazed at how many people from other states or even other countries that show up at skate parks. They are tourist attractions and you can bet, any time I'm going near one, you can count on me stopping by one, especially if it has bowels because I'm not one who particularly cars how many times I can flip my board or grind a curb.
       It's not like surfing where you can distance yourself from socializing with the crowd and the more I get to know them, the less I care to hang out with them. That and little kids who don't know how to take turns or look both ways before taking off is why I don't even go to parks on weekends. Its gotten to the point where I only like to go to the skate parks during the weekday mornings.
       Maybe it's just that I've spent so much time alone, and I've learned prefer to spend my time alone.
       I like skating and I like the exercise but it's clear to me that the more time I spend with other people, the more I realize that I just don't think about things the same way as they do.
       It's like meeting a new friend but because of something they say you realize that you really don't want them for a friend anyway. Often it is just the feeling they are just too primitive for me to relate to.
       It's like I'm not any good at small talk and I end up talking about things such as my drones as if I'm an instructor and often they will end up thinking I talk too much. I figure it's most likely because they have attention deficit disorder or something like it because most people will just get lost, which in turn will result in a waste of time trying to teach them anything.

Sunnyside's Skateboards

8.5in Shake Junt skateboard with Indy 149's & Bones wheels

Needed something to do.
Rule Numbers: 4, 12, 14, 21 & 40
May 16th, 2021:
Exercise with moderation.
A good way to keep my reflexes up to par.
       It's not like I'm going to be jumping off any stairs or sliding any railing any time soon. My goal is to become a pretty good bowl rider and after a few days into it, I already feel more at home with the wheels under me.
       I've been holding back on just what I attempt because I've been nursing a sprained wrist and just getting through my sessions without having to ice it down is a good day.
       None the less, it does feel good being a little sore at the end of the day and I can already tell that the lower half of my body is getting in pretty good shape. The whole idea with all the padding is that eventually I hope I build up my bone density because the last thing I want to do is go out and brake a hip.
       Need I say I need something to do with my arms once my wrist get better because I notice that I'm not unlike the rest of the skaters with skinny arms. (I do however have a pair of dumb bells.)
       And hey, I met Andy Anderson. Funny how he kept telling me how he thought I was on to something. Good thing I haven't heard him say that to others, however I sure wish he would learn a few other adjectives other than "sick." I admire him so much but I sure wish he would use more variation in vocabulary. But then again, I bet he or his generation probably notices every time a guy like myself uses the word, "cool."
       (8.5" Shake Junt Deck, 149mm STD Independent, 54mm Bones 99a V6 Servold Gone Skating, Riptide Pivot Cups.)

Shake Junt skateboard deck

It's either "Sunnyside" or "Old Man."
       That is what I hear at the skate park all the time.
       I couldn't make two passes without hearing, "loosen your trucks," a few times, therefore I could tell that people have been paying attention to me just being there.
       I like hearing them say, "He's been getting better." (At least I'm not wasting my time.)
       I just say, I'm in no hurry, I'll get there in time, it might just take twice the amount of time as everyone else.

I did have a couple firemen show up.
Of course they were there spreading their child molester rumours.
       Funny thing about it is that it only made them look bad because most of the skaters know that it's just a lie and they can pretty much tell I'd rather not even see any little kids, that is unless they are really good, because some of them just amaze me.
       One thing nice about skating is that it is not very easy to learn and it only makes you feel good about yourself when you notice that you are doing better than others and for a old guy like me, it makes me feel good about myself. I consider my progression as an accomplishment.
       Its sure a lot better than sitting around doing nothing.

      I should have mentioned, earlier:
That I had emailed Carver a couple photos of their workmanship.
       I'm really sorry if you bought one of these boards because of my posting a picture of the board.
       I didn't even mention in the email about the bearing that clicks, or the wheel that wobbles. I figured that they were cheepo's and I'd just replace them with better after market.
      I must say that when it comes to replacing a hanger, you are stuck with the junk only Carver can provide you with. So to say the least, the board is not worth your time or money and it is manufactured to fail in due time.
       Need I say there must be hundreds or even thousands of these defective boards out there.
       Need I say I got their replacement part today.
       Guess they just look at their spread sheet.

It's late and I've got to get to sleep Later.

Carver Truck Hanger Pivot Defect

Carver Truck Hanger Pivot Post Defect

Carver Surfskate C5

Carver Surfskate C5

Even though they call it a Surfskate,
don't think it will be anything like surfing.

Rule Numbers: 1, 10, 36 & 40
May 5th, 2021:
If nothing else, it makes me miss the good waves.
Crazy as it may seem, I found a new obsession.
       Only if I wouldn't have cut the brace out of the palm of my working man's hand for my remote, or if I would have just bough the wrist braces right off the bat, I would not have spent the first week re-spraining my wrist. Now it's just difficult for me to stay off my board long enough for it to heal.
       If nothing else, skate park skating gives me something to improve on.
       By they way, I did get a popsicle stick and some Independents. (I'll post another day.)

Custom Stingy FPV Drone frame by Sunnyside.

Can you believe,
it's been over a year?

Rule Numbers: 4, 12 & 40
April 21-26, 2021:
Since I built a new Quadcopter....
I find it hard to believe myself.
       But it's true, I retired the Reverb awhile back and I only have two spare legs left for the iFlight Xl5 frame. Since I don't like their newer iflight frame, I went for the Copy of a Stingy V2 with 4ml legs.
       I did perform a customization to the Stingy by making my own 30mm camera plates in order to extend the lid and I sure like the camera position, tucked down and allowing a 20 to 25 degree camera angle. (I prefer running at 23 degrees.)
       The main components are from the Reverb. It has the Matek 405 STD flight controller and Hobbywing 60 Amp ESC. (Which have proven to be bullet proof.)
       As for the new parts: I upgraded the motors to the Xing2's @1855kv and and I went for the new Foxeer T-Rex CMOS camera.

I've Got to Say I am Impressed:
       The motors are much more notchy than the V1's and they not only have curved magnets, but they also have a channel cut into them. What ever those channels do, I wish they would do the same kind of thing to Skateboard motors because they must be about 20% more efficient and they just flat out HAUL ASS.
       My flight time with the older Xings ran a little over 3 minutes, and now with the V2's I'm getting 4 minute flights, just as I did before adding the weight of the Runcam 5 digital cam.

As for the T-Rex
Right away I noticed the sky being truer shades of blue.
       Just the image alone makes you feel like you stepped closer to a digital image. I got a real good impression, once I fired up my older Xl5 quad with the Predator and right away I realize just how much it looks like a screen of a flight simulator.
       Right away I felt like retiring the Predator in the now back-up quad and replace it with a T-Rex. (But I've already got a retire Eagle2 and RR CCD
       The only thing I'm not so hot about is that Foxeer used a 8m lens on the T_Rex instead of a 12m lens, and finding a replacement for it at this time is unlikely. I should mention that the T-Rex camera cost $45.oo, a bit more than than the $37 for a Predator.
       None the less, you just have to see it to believe just how good an analogue image can be and I don't have to say it cost less than converting to DJI system.

Next on my agenda:
I've got to thump my brain and install the ExpressLRS firmware on my R-9 gear.
       Modifying the module with the resistor is the easy part for me, that is if I want it to be more future proof at 400hz, however at 200hz without the mod is about good as Crossfire is at the moment and upgrading to ExpressLRS has to be better than the crap that is going on inside the FrSky firmware, (-dropping frames and such.)
       The thing I'm not looking forward to is getting the radio ready to run the new open source firmware by up dating the Open TX firmware within the radio transmitter itself.
       The deal is, it's been at least two years since I even tried to upgrade the Open TX firmware and that alone wasn't successful and I just determined that I didn't need to anyway but now I just have to challenge myself to.
       I figure once I get past the Open TX part, the Express LRS should be easy, except for having to take the receiver out of the quad and hard wire it to flash a boot loader firmware on to it. After that is done, installing the should firmware I should be fairly easy. Apparently they have it set up so that it works with a pass through or over the air update method and I should not have to take anything apart to flash flash new firmware to the receivers. To say the least, as time goes by, I hope the developers are able to make it easier to install.

March 16-24, 2021:
On my Skateboards:
Took care of the high speed wobble on my Kit Board.
I put a 2 degree wedge in the rear truck making the 20 in wheel base board a 50/48 kingpin set-up.
       The advantage of originating with 50 degree trucks is that the thicker end of the wedge is on the out side and it raises the motors a bit instead of lowering them when you are coming from a 45 degree truck.
       It's funny how I find myself riding on the ball of my rear foot. It actually helps my bad heal, gives a suspension cushioned ride and its just the way the pro's ride their skateboards.
       Good thing I never got around to the second coat of clear urethane on the 22.5 wheelbase board, because the other day took a good amount of it off.

March 7-8th, 2021:
Like a tourist attraction
       It appears that someone got organized with a Clearview station and streamed it live.
       Also photos were taken of the loops I put on my board and the next day they were talking about my strap.
       During a gulf tournament I think someone said he watched it with Virtual reality goggles and the back flip into the bowl almost made him puke.
       It's actually something that evolved out of a Matty flip. Nothing new, but new to me.
       Passed on last night 3/6, because too many people and the wind was a little bit much.
       Yeah tell me I imagined it.
       While flying out in the bush,(3/7) I mentioned (with my phone near by,) that I was going to fly the backside.
       When I arrived, there wasn't many people at all on the front side. None the less, when I when to where I was going to fly from; there was so many people hanging out, even the cops were there chasing them out. I ended up flying from a pile of gravel near by, but was a bit too windy to be shooting holes.
       Hopefully, today I'll be getting some 1440 high definition for you all. ND8 filters (to help prevent jello in the sunlight.) are due at then end of the week. Now I just need to learn how to use a video editor; something I'm just not into I'm afraid.

March 5, 2021:
I feel sorry to say.
It's a bummer that our society is so screwed up.
       Back in my day, teenager would know how to build and modify any electric skateboard, that is if they even had the parts to do so.
       The thing that blows my mind is the number of people who presently own and ride an electric skateboard, but don't have a clue to how one would repair it.
       Us guys who build and fly high performance quadcopters will tell you that there certainly not much to an electric skateboard, or electric bike for that mater.

Oh, oh, oh. It was so cool. I was doing one of my quadcopter shows and while flying the third pack, I noticed the pool and hot tub was illuminated. Then I did a manoeuvre or two and all of a sudden it was like some kind of virtual reality acid trip; all the light arrangements had turned on.
       They've got the lighting arranged with different shades of color in different places .
       When I was done, and the lights went out, I thought about the guy in Carlsbad who looked at me as if I was crazy when I said, "you know anyone could set up a Clearview station and record better video than I can get with my goggles."
       Well, folks, I broke down tonight and pushed the button for a camera that will shoot in 2.7 K. I'm wondering if using 60 frames a second has any adverse effects over 50? I realize that many pilots prefer 30 fpm. I'm sure if I looked at a bunch of review videos, I can learn beforehand but I'd rather figure it out on my own, however if you have to learn fast.... It could be something to do with post editing and that is something you'd be wishing before hand. If you know what I mean, Rule 26, let me know,

On that Surf Adapter:
February 23 - 24, 2021:
It lasted 3 or four days with me.
I was like taking a finely tuned quad and put some funky props on it.
       Like all the work with getting the geometry more to my likings with the proper Riptide Krank Bushing (Burgandy -on deck and Green on roadside.)
       I found myself taking it all off and placing the hard stock bushings in place.
       I prefer the 50/47 king pins and the ability to be able to run and jump on my board. I'd post a picture of the board, but I'd be taking away a reason for another person sneaking a picture of it. I bet there isn't anyone out there that hasn't had as many pictures of his skateboards.
       If I was to thread a needle on a board, there is no question to what kind of board I rather do it on.
       The Surf adapter is alright when you are going slow, like on a none electric skate board, but then I wish I would have invested the money towards some independent trucks, because I want to set-up a board for bowl surfing in skate parks.

The state of California has offered up
  $8 Billion to open schools.

       I can save you $4 billion of that.
       Offer up $4 billion to the kids, divided up equally for ever student. Say, either go to school now, or take a equal share of the 4 Billion and just return to school next fall.
       I'm betting that those kids with a broken heart, missing school and all, would rather be happy and content on social distancing on a new surfer board and wet suit, or (wouldn't it be nice,) even as much as E-skate or E-bike?
       It may just save some of us from the carbon you would have dispensed into the air while driving your kids to school.
       Wouldn't it been neat if next fall, your kids could drive to school on Electronic Personal Vehicles.
       Gone would be some of those lines of cars.

34 inch Speed kicktail deck for esk8 custom reshape by sunnyside

Like the shape of my board?
      February 3rd, 2021:
Gotta make a template in order to true it up and I'll put a new clear coat on it.
       I push the button to day and ordered a surfskate adapter for it. Something tells me I'm going to like this board.
       I gave it new surfboard nose so wheels stick out more kinna matching the amount as the rear ones do. I couldn't count the amount of times people have snuck pictures of it. So I figured I post the most up to date one. In the few days ahead, it will be transformed.
       I'm sure he holes farther up the nose are going to come in handy. It's sad, they don't even sell that blank any more. It sure turned out nice.
       It's 8.25 inches wide under my rear foot and 9.25 under the front.
       Oh, I finally got a new winter suit. Water being 58 today, something tells me that the 4.5 3.5 will come in handy. It's probably the finest wetsuit I've ever owned.
       Sitting here working on this web-site at 1 am isn't the kind of sleeping habit I need to be doing if I want to get to use that new wetsuit. Later....

Shortened Reshaped Speed board.

Shortened & Reshaped Speedboard #1
Rule Numbers: 35

January 19
At least it wasn't anything like shaping my first surfboard.
Don't have to worry about anyone putting wax in my polly.
       Its amazing when you can just hop onto a board anywhere and your feet can easily fine their proper position.
       Kinna looks like a stretched cruiser.
       I put wedges under trucks so that I'm running 50 degree king pin in front and 47 on back. I'm using Riptide Cannon Krank bushings with cupped washers in back and flats on front. It's got 8 inch trucks and a 22.5 inch wheel base. 17.3 lb.
       Those new electric bikes seemed tempting to me for awhile, but when you think about it, skateboards and bikes run on the same kind of batteries with about the same number of cycles, so their longevities are about the same. A typical replacement battery for one of my skateboards are $300 however a battery for a bike cost at least two to three times as much.
       But then you can't beat a skateboard for portability and I really don't have the room for a bike. I figure a bike would be great if one lived farther from the beach because they would be great for going surfing.
       Around here we have restaurants moving in on the side walks, they are making efforts to keep bikes and skateboards off the sidewalks. I don't think forcing any kid to skate in the street is a very good idea either because I sure know what kind of people are able to get a driver's license. That's serious business in the street. You don't want you kid riding down the street on his skateboard, checking out the action on his cell phone either.

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Flyer Quad surfboard bottom

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Archives of my Hobbies

A friend once said:
         "Everybody needs a hobby.
Mine happens to be drinking.
I had to sell all my tools and I've moved back to my mom's house.
I'm starting all over again.

JP took some shots of a flying session with my Canterbury F-20 with a JW wing core

One thing for sure:
       You can bet I won't be posting much about my personal life any longer.
       However I would like to mention a little bit about this hobby of mine with flying RC planes and such.
       The thing I learn most about it is that the industry is into selling you a bunch of foam no matter what the cost.
       See the deal is, you've got to wonder if they even have a human being unloading the molds that inject foam these planes are made in. The sad part of it is, they save about two dollars on the cost of each plane by putting a speed controller in it that will not handle the amperage it actually needs once you get an handle on it and start running the underpowered plane at full throttle.
       It doesn't matter what brand it is, they all do it because they know that at $2 per plane and at a million planes per year, that equals to Two million dollars more profit and when that speed controllers give s out and it shuts off the power to your plane, it is certainly going to crash and you will be looking at buying another plane to replace it.
       Needless to say, they want you stupid and they've got plenty of people in the chat rooms that will tell you that they've had no problems using the stock speed controllers.
       Just like when a manufacture like tower hobbies put a collet type propeller adapter on a motor instead of a three screw type propeller adapter on their planes, they know that it will come loose sooner or later; like the one that came loose on my Corsair today.
      The sad thing about it is if I would have received the real Amax power connector from a supplier instead of the substitute piece of junk, I would have had the better power train in it already and my plane by now and it would not have gone into the ocean today.
       Must I say that going to is just like going to Pickuptruck dot com.
      It's all the same thing; they want you stupid, because there is more profit in it.


May 21st & 22nd brought in wind over 40 mph to the central coast. It's been a long time since I piloted the F-20. You sure can get out of practice. To bad there isn't many places to fly around Morro Bay and Cambria, where the wind tends to have too much north in it.

May 3 & 4 2007 brought some wind, On the 4th just before it got dark, I had to add 32 grams to my F-20, Met a guy who took some pictures. Lets hope he send us some. We worked together on the shots and he took over 100 shots with his telephoto lens camera.

April 15th we had some wind that got to 15-20 and I was able to fly my Tigershark.

March 27,'07 Had some 30 mph wind. I added 32 grams and it wasn't really enough. Crashed twice and had one real scary landing, but it survived.

Jan. 16th, "07:
The week supplied three afternoons good enough winds to get three sessions in. There were a couple days I flew my Rader.
        Had two scary landings because the wind was too north and I had to bring it down in the middle of a housing development.

Folks, if you see people flying an RC plane. And it comes down somewhere near you, please don't pick it up. Many of us have had our flaps screwed up just because someone picked up our plane up wrong.


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Helpful Hints for Pet Owners


Spinner kite

This is called a Spinner
Its an ultra light stunt kite.
Got pretty good at it, and its something that it more enjoyable to do when listening to music.


Feb. 23rd'07 winds kicked up about 25-30 today, I added 32 grams to my F-20.
The wind was a bit north though and it left a low ceiling.

Feb. 28th brought enough wind for my F-20. The wind varied. I started out with 28 grams of ballast, but settled on 21 for when it got light.


F-20 jet fighter


Have you been to
TUNES yet?

Check out this link to a different kind of patented WingFan design

This page is in memory of Dave Kellogg, a fellow surfer and about the only sponsored pilot I've ever known. Anybody that knew him, knew he was always a wealth of information.
       Dave charged my batteries a few times.
       He also read all three of my books.
        Bless him.

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