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Jam Shack

south elivation of Sunnyside's Jam Shack

Other things:
Rule Numbers-20 & 35

March 1st, 2015:
I've got to brake down and buy the proper paper and pencils because I've already go revisions and this poster board stuff isn't very good for erasing stuff.
       But anyhow, I've already heard I need to go out at least a foot and a half instead of a foot in front. That will put the road at 14.5 away? Minus 6 is 8.5 for a patio, which makes it kinna more of an open area.
       And the front walls of the south foyer may go to 12 instead of 14 so that it will be easier to put a pair of emergency exit doors on both angled walls.

I'm telling myself that I should be drawing a floor plan before elevations, but I have a lack of interior measurements and my mind has been on overload since I took all the measurements anyway. And my notes pad is so sloppy, -and between both sites, I almost need to double check everything before I get too detailed with my drawing. But anyhow, it sounds like everyone likes them.

One step ahead of me
Rule Numbers- 4 & 20

February 28th, 2015:
I must have heard the number 12 at least a couple dozen times before I actually sat down to draw it, so I knew from the beginning that I should just draw it at a twelve foot rise and see what I get. And I end up with seven foot ceilings at the ends and even though the Drawing illustrates the Garage doors at 10 ft. ht.; -I can go as high as twelve foot on the Garage doors if I want to because the ceiling inside should run about 13 ft. (At least twelve if I hide them.)

The dotted lines are indicate where the original end wall will need to be cut down so the back rows will be looking over it.
       And I like the pitch of the elevations off to the sides; it looks like everyone would get a decent view of the stage.
       And the roof over the foyer of sort of like a bow rider, - a fakey front of a roof for a short spell before it turns into a deck, that is if I put a deck there at all because it may not look right and I'll have other routes for a fire escape once I pull the front out 22 ft. (The next West elevation drawing will show you what I mean, but I'm you get it anyway.)

front angle vew of club

Raising the Roof
Rule Numbers- 14, 20, & 41

February 27, 2015:
I'm sure people can image it easier them the actually doing it, but I have to agree.
       The remark I've heard the most about the Jam Shack is: "he should raise the roof up."
       And it's definitely been on my mind from the beginning, but that would mean doing sections of it at a time wouldn't be possible..
       Never the less, I would have to agree just start by stripping all the sofits of its plaster and after getting all the roof striped off and all the weight is off. The vents in the roof would provide access points for cables to reach inside. I could place beams underneath the trusses and use about three large cranes with beams to spread the cables.

But get this, what I want to do with it once it's up is to move the whole roof structure 22 feet to the south. Basically placing everything one truss too the south leaving the stage wall without the original truss, of which would be replaced by four metal posts and a lesser drop from ceiling metal truss.
       This will not only raise the opening of the stage, but widen it as well.

       I started the drawing featured below to help explain it, but I goofed and should have started with the south elevation first, to get a better calculation of exactly how much higher I need to go with it. This drawing is representing a ten foot lift. (And the front walls are represented at 12 ft. instead of 11 ft.)
       However, once I do the south rake wall elevation, I'll have a better idea of how height gain I'll need.
       And one I do the next drawing, you will get the picture of why I should just tare into it and do it right from the get go: is that I'll gain at least another row of tables down both sides and possibly three more rows in the back south end. And if that doesn't get it up to about the 750 mark, something is wrong with me.

west elevation drawing

As a result of what I plan to do to it, - everywhere there is a flat top roof, except over the the two kitchen areas which will be built over using post and beams,) will simple not be there. It will all be covered (even over the top of the kitchen areas,) with the main roof, extended on all sides
       Looking at it from the ocean there will be a quite some distance from the top of the Garage doors and the windows of the night club because of the step up in floor hight.
       But that's good because a 6 ft. deck going along in front of the building will fill it in and the people on the will not be blocking the view of the ones who are inside. (And: I'm figuring on going with 9 x 12 or 10 x 12 garage doors.)

Parking Lot and Boardwalk
Rule Numbers- 22 35 & 55

February 13, 2015:
Of course we have to realize that this is just speculative. At Least on the grounds that the beach doesn't get any smaller than it it. With of course we get the City, County or who ever to let me put some erosion control in the water and a few sand fences on shore and I'm able to see some growth to the beach which would indicate that it would even be worth doing.

One of the first questions I have is what kind of water proofing is in those electrical boxes that they used for the street light? .
       See, I would have done it differently with all the connections up high as you can get them, like the inside the side covers of the street lamps poles themselves.
       When doing that, it would have been smart to pull some extra wires so that a street cart or concessioner could plug right into the pole for power and all the connections would be that much safer for any storm water ever getting to it..

Future Board walk

In the picture above, -where the man is walking is 6 ft. boardwalk and 10 ft. concrete. the lines in the foreground are 8 ft. board walk and and 6 ft. concrete. (It would be really nice at 8 ft. wide boardwalk and 10 concrete. But the board walk you have to figure on the cost of maintaining so six is probably best.)
       See I figure if you put in some kind of storm Wall and a ten foot sidewalk in front of the parking lot, with a six foot wide boardwalk a concession stand would fit in between the light poles and garbage cans.

Parking lot

I'm hoping the Palm trees are not too big to move and replant. I'd like to see two or three planted in my patio area and 3 or 4 planted out within the ten foot side walk area along the same row as the light poles.
       But if you look at this image, you can see that if the just the sidewalk and the west curb was removed and moved over to the stamped concrete next to the trees where they are, a person could still angle the second row of cars, -I would think.
       Then with the island remove there would be enough room for angled parking instead of parallel, gaining about ten more spaces and that would only be about 4 shy of what they have before I go building a buss shed on the one north of the club.

Got some
Rule Numbers- 12 & 35

February 12th, 2015:
For anyone paying any attention. they will realize I would need to come out at least 7'5" with the curb, just to get a curb in front of the electrical vault.
       When it gets down to it, the boundary should be set at 8" and I'd plan on going out 7' 9" so that there would be exactly 12 ft for the traffic.
       I think the island should be removed so that the front parking would be of a double angle parking verity. (Leave the East side curb next to the frontage road.)
       out front where the garbage can pads are should be a newer 6 to 10 ft wide sidewalk along the beach side of the parking lot and the sidewalk that come from the north should split into tow paths, one along the front of the club and the other going out along the beach. I think if we could build more beach, a good Idea would be to stretch the double angle row parking up father north.
       All it would take is a tow or three year of using sand fencing and the beach would be large enough to extent the parking lot north some.
       I'm going to get a better angle on a photo of the parking lot and take a few measurements and I'll show you what I mean later.

New curb line in front of club

I drew the lines in front of the building as an indicator that I'll eventually remove the red stamped concrete side walk and poor new forms in front of where the original slab and wall is.
       And since the new overhang will actually be a deck too, I plan on making the overhang 4 ft. along the west waterfront side.

north parking lot

This is where my home will be.
       As for any details about how I'm going to build it, I really haven't put any more thought into other than what the outside shell will consist of.

old foyer

As you can see, there isn't much to the entry and those offices with the black windows are going to be about half gone by time I add at least a half a dozen toilets on each side.
       So the few feet that don't get used is probably best served up for widening the foyer a little.
       The ceiling hight will also be a little higher, because what you see above just isn't grand enough.

jam shack stage

I'm actually thinking of opening up the stage front more if I don't run into any road blocks doing it.
       The floor is actually wider than the opening and there is plenty of space above to raise it to. I just think it would look better for concerts with more exposure to the lightshow and it would let me hang them higher.

They are say 12 ft for buses
Rule Numbers- 11, 12, 20, 35, 60 & 75

February 7-8th, 2015:
Well all I need now is some paper big enough to draw it out but I think I can cover most to the exterior modification.
       I swear that 60 years ago this building was partially build for me. The guy who engineered it with sound acoustics in mind. I would have either had to start from scratch, or build a dividing wall out of square inside most existing buildings, -other than theaters, of which I always had in mind.
       Now you take that and put it right smack dab in front of me front right where I surf anyway. How could I miss such and opportunity? Couldn't be any better.

And Man-O-Man, I measure up the kitchen prep area and I thing those chiefs are going to be quit happy with it, the prep area is going to be 18 X 44 X 8 and the main cooking area is 21 X 18 X 10

I figure on moving the curb out seven feet to where the man hole is. It will give me more or less a 16 foot promenade/patio out front, along with a 24 foot driveway for those trucks that have stacks higher than 12 foot.
       Funny thing how the loading dock is just 40 feet under my house. Couldn't have asked for it to work any better.
       I'll have to put a riser on the SG&E Electrical box where the new side walk will be. I'll put in a natural gas fire pit in and a bar-b-q in for the band house. I figure that if the original kitchen survives, it will have a bathroom on each side of it and the band room to the north of the kitchen. The band room will comprise of hopefully six 9 X 12 rooms for the musicians and crews. They'll have the option of opening the roll ups and enjoy having a patio area. The far north west corner of the property where the two palm trees are is going to get another bar-b-q, fire pit set-up for the guess who stay in their buses. I'll have four 12 x 12 sliding doors front and back that will allow for a 24 ft center opening between post, (spanned by metal I suppose.) Same kind of door they use on airplane hangers, (Ill make them stainless framed like the other g-doors out front.) and it will make it easy to maneuver the buses, truck and trailers into place and figure they will have a pretty good view if they want.
       Also besides the 50 amp RV hookups, I'll have dump station for them too, that should make the drivers happy.

I figure it's best to just pay the city of oceanside 20% commission of the rent revenue from the Carts/stands set up outside until I redevelop the 80 feet to the south and hook up the power outlets to my own meters.
       They just put new power sources in and I would rather not worry about where to cut in until I plan to up grade, (I'd like to see the plans of what they did put in,) so I'd just pay them something for the electricity while I use it, I figure that they will probably make more money from the area than they do now.

I think the SW corner would be a good place to build a small show case like surf shop just in front of where the underground utilities are someday and that will enable to do something better for the band room or something else.

Some seem to think it would be a really good place for Taylor Swift to have some of her special invite fan parties she usually has at her house. A bit larger scale and their isn't much work involved when the lights and sound are already built into the place. Sounds like every one wants to play there.

And you look at what kind of things San Diego is considering in investing in. Not only to invest in to but also taking up preciousness waterfront area.
       The only people who make any money of those Farris wheels and roller coaster building are the Contractors that Build them and the insurance companies.
       Those kinds of investments only make a City more appealing to first time visitors. They may help attract new visitors to a City, but those visitor are unlikely to be repeat visitors to the same attraction more than once. A one time use you could say.
       I on the other hand is capable of having something a visitor will be interested in visiting several times.
       I'm willing to better that visitors of oceanside are repeat visitors and at least my attraction will have a new look and a new name on the marque.
       I don't think anyone else is as capable to revamp the look and feel of a tourist attraction and I happen to think it would be silly to think other wise.
       I've crunched the numbers and I'm certain that every day that goes buy with out the keys in my hands, the economic numbers say they they are settling on pennies on a dollar and missing the boat on $50,000.oo to $100,000.oo per day in revenues.

I'm willing to bet that some of those nay sayers out there who claimed I would never get any money out of them, and at least not $150 million.
       I bet there are a few of them that would now tell you that I should have asked for more.
       Believe me, I would have but I think I heard that once you go higher than 150 it's the the state or federal government gets involved and it could get difficult to get the money. Whether I heard something right or wrong I don't know.

All a carpenter needs
Rule Numbers- 11, 35, 56, 60 & 75

February 5th, 2015:
For the middle section of the water front side from the VIP lounge to the corner of the main build where the coffee/juice stand ends, I came up with this design for the floor/ceiling joist.
       I figure I could span across with 2 X 4's and if I had room I could possibly do it with 2 X 6's and do 12 foot wide doors; but the way I'm leaning is good with 12 foot wide doors and Head out with steel tube parallel to the G-door header, (about 6-8 inches out,) with build in hangers into it and then run 2 X 4 ceiling rafters to the beam. And with this framing design, I'll pretty confident I will be able to use 8 X 12 Garage doors and hide them in the ceiling.

Update 2:00pm: It sounds like someone must have the original blue prints for the place and tried out my design because every where I go I've been hearing that I made it by six inches.
       The funnest thing about it is that I never got farther than plugging in a few of the numbers in my head without any paper or drawing and I came up with the same figurings.
       And when you look at the building now, realize that those sliders are 7 X 10s; just think how much nicer it will look like with 8 X 12's.
       And i love how the roll ups will disappear into the ceiling.
       And you've got to figure that drop down for the opening will go half way across the VIP room so I can spy on my little critters..

Anyhow, I ran around it with a tape measure, and with out a level the roof pitch measured 2.75 inch per foot fall. Then with only playing around with the measurements in my head and using a 3 inch per foot pitch, my design for the front will allow for 8 ft. doors. And you have to realize that the building gets 6 ft. narrower in the middle so the over hand will be about 10 ft at the corner and 13 ft in the middle. Couldn't ask for it to work out any better.
       Once I get a few more measurements with my long tape, I'll trying to draw something to scale.

I decided that it would be easiest to just over shoot the drainage ditch and retaining wall on the hill side and go out 24 ft. over the 18 ft. storage room to the north corner. by just by eye-balling the angle of the overhang I'm estimating about a 6 ft ceiling hight at 20 ft out, which means I'll have to put display cases an storage along the wall and get a room the is only 21 wide.

I also measured out the parking lot to leave me four lanes of dive through. I figure an 80 by 50 ft foot print would be good for a 4,000 square foot home, but a lot of that wouldn't be usable footage unless I raise the ridge line a bit. I Figure go with a ridge about 4-6 ft higher than the original and with the same roof pitch and same barge board angle as the front entry on both south and north. The south end will over hang the original so that it will mimic the front over the main entrance. In the space between the house roof and original I'll put some windows even if I have to angle them to make them look right; -so I can see the winter sunrise, and you can ever have too much of a view of what is going on in your back yard.
       By raising the ridge a bit I will actually have a better chance of using the whole 4,000 square feet with at lease eight foot walls front and back.
       I'll put a matching deck as with the VIP room off the north end over the side walk and build another deck out over my driveway too.
       Later I'll draw out lines on the parking lot to show you how it will be on the property. I want it easy to just drive a bus or truck right thru.
       I'll have 50 amp power hook-ups so that the guest don't have to run their generators.
       I still have to figure out what I hight the buses and trucks will need. Something tells me that I can't be build for the height of trucks, -I should be building it so that at least their trailer will reach the loading dock and with the truck parked in the drive way.
       Once I know the clearance hight I need to have, then I'll have a better Idea if where the ridge of my roof should be to get at least a eight foot wall hight.

And I figured today that it's best to just build the freezer 26 X 9 and i wonder have to redo any concrete drainage ditch. If I stick build it myself, I'll build it with extra high ceiling hight for the extra storage. Also there is a good chance to save on the size of floor joists with a few post and beams built into it, -because the game the middle of the building goes narrow by three feet so the Game room could actually reach 27 or 28 in with. (I figure the wall hight to end up about five.)

I'm wondering if they used 6 inch walls in their figuring of the front wall, because I figured that I would have been an option to go with just to get a shorter header hight, -could go with steel if I needed to. I think what is there is 4 and I planed to go 6 if I don't have problems fitting the plate work on the existing footing, (or slab as I predict.)
       Codes will probably have me doing 6 anyway.

Joist plan for middle section of west side front

The back is pretty self explanatory.

Game room floor joist

Pretty much all a carpenter would need to see to redo both sides of my club.

Any general carpenter would probably agree with me that I would not have to shut down the club more than Two days in a row for any of the work on either side of the club.
       However the three stages, -the lid and deck of the front foyer as well as the lid over the boys restroom on one side and the girls on the other. So I figure I have three five day sessions where I would have to close the club completely.and no I wouldn't even try to do them back to back. I'd figure in taking at least a month to actually perform each stage with the foyer being last.
       The finishing touches would have to be done in the early hours of the day when the club is closed or on Mondays and Tuesdays when I will have it closed most of the time during construction.
       Later on down the road my final House part will be a different deal all together and shouldn't interfere with the night club any.

The more I think about it.
Rule Numbers- &

February 4th, 2015:
I figure the best thing to do is remove all of the front wall from the point of the start of the girls restroom all the way north and around theJoist plan for Game room corner including the north wall of what would be the work shop.
       I would glass one double swing commercial walk though entry door for every two 7 X 12 roll up garage doors. Solid panels on the bottoms of the G-doors.
       I'd even put a roll up on the north side of the shop just because there wouldn't be a curb and it would amount to good commercial window space if I wanted it later. Some goes for the rest of the front weather it is my living quarters or not. The ceiling hight will probably turn out about 8.5 ft. by time I fit the roll-up inside.
       But then again, until I get a tape measure on it, the are some who feels that there might be a possibility that just moving the ledger down for floor joist hight might be enough and I just might be able to leave the front was as it is and still get enough head room up above on the second level. (You really can't tell until you see how low the rafter will end up going.)
       If that is true I would be interested in raising the windows and floors as I said early on. Then I would go with the same hight on the G-doors. It would be really nice if I could put in 12 X 8's with 9.5ft ceiling (what I'm hoping for, I'll like to go rolls so I can hide them instead of tracks on the ceiling if I can,) and still get the headroom I need above on the second story. Who knows? There has to be a good happy spot, I just need to spend some time on the end of a tape measure.

And as some of you already now, -I finally hit the water.
       When everyone including my Guardian Angles were telling me that I had made my point and it was time to get back in the water.
       It just wasn't doing my heath any good and it was beginning to be point less. I just need to learn to stay away from the pier.

<- written last night * today after 1:30 pm ->
       Well at least I now what I'll do first.
       I'll put a garage door in the exit doors and the slider next to the kitchen will com out and if I can raise up the ceiling without too much trouble I''l do that or just be gone with it all together.
      I'll raise the header and put a window in only the one opening I showed in the drawing, and because everything you see along that wall will be gone some day.
       I'll just make a two or three 8 X 12 Drum risers and call it good.

And around back I've decided it would be worth the hassle to dig the deep footing into the hill side and make my gaming room to the corner of the building because it would be a good place to start a stairway and also pool table would fit nice right there.

Below new exit doors will be add and I'm convinced that to old ones will stay right where the are. Out back where the sea/train is I'll build a 9 X 26 walk-in freezer for the new kitchen. Everything there will be fenced in and under cover which will make a great delivery area for trucks.

Got some better camera angles today, so it will be later on I'll shoot you some photos. I even got some of the inside.
       And later today, I'll get some dry markers so I can just draw things out and take a picture of them.

It would be so cool if the patent laws could allow a guy like me to be so open about inventions that are working on.
       Believe me folks if it was not first to file and it was first to invent, I could be just as open about what I was doing with my invention, but as it stands now, a person can not show you a damn thing.

south wall deck and sophit modification

south wall modification

south wall madification

Sunnyside's VIP Lounge

Sunnyside's Vip room

This upper addition will match the Barge Board angles just the same as the one above the main entry of the club.
       I'll even bob a short deck out over the side walk to mimic the overhang that will be over the foyer.
       Eventually it will become a VIP Lounge part of my house, because ultimately when everything is done, I'll build a home for myself over a big carport big enough to hold two buses, a simi truck and trailer


final home of sunnyside sattler

As I mentioned before I plan to plan to match the horizontal angle upper barge board for the angle of the front deck and foyer entry.

Coffee and Juice Stand

The dots are where I think a good Coffee and Juice Beverage stand should be.
       To me there is nothing worse than listening to a coffee grinder of a blender, but when they are outside in the open, they are not near as loud especially if they have the sound ocean to drown then out.

Most of it is suspended ceiling that would naturally come out, but things like the kitchen and stuff could actually stay. and the Ceiling where the line is low is where even though I have to cut it down or demoed for the future floor joist above it, I see no reason I couldn't keep an eight foot ceiling hight in the surf shop and my kitchen. (My kitchen is actually safer than the outside wall from being torn out because it actually only the outside wall that need to go where I have it drawn down low.
       From the corner of the main building by the girl's restroom is where the transition is to go back higher again. (I'll get some better straight out picture angle tomorrow that will work better.)
       Oh well. I think I've had enough today.

And I stand corrected again
Rule Numbers- 21, 23 & 35

February 3rd, 2015:
Believe me when I say that I never used a calculater or any pencil and paper; I only ran the numbers through my head.
       Guess you may have heard that they would have stood to make $150 Million off my in 7 years not 6.
       But that's just me surfing, just think of what they would make off me if I had my own night club?

Think about it. I have a 500 seat night club I average 300 people five nights per week. Figure 2/3 of those people would most likely be out of town. That's 1,000 rooms per week and how many weeks are in a year?
       Biy you could say that they are so lucky I plan to try to stay open at least two nights per week while I do construction. I figure I know the business well enough to do 5 day spurts where 12 hours days will be the norm, just to get past a stage and get everything back in working order again.

Today I'll show to the next two major stages in the revamping of this old place,they were going to make into a parking lot. (Not including what is going to be going on inside for which I'll get to that later.) -
       Never the less, there will even be a temporary stage of building a temporary deck, just so I have another emergency exit.
       And it's too early in the game to determine witch major exterior changes will happen first, but these photos I'll provide today will give you and idea of where the exterior modifications will take place in order to increase the capacity.

First off is the temporary deck for several reasons: I want to get rid of the old ugly fan boxes and install doors that will provide air flow and provide more exit doors for the upper level.

Sunnyside's temporary deck

And say you can see below is where I'd pour my footing with the same angle of degree as the barge boards on the building above (top level.)
      The line further out will be the new roof deck one one and it will be high and much more Grand as you walk inside the foyer, just as you would expect at a larger theater.
       And I'll have to had to the rest rooms and replace what the the space that I take up by doing so.
       Behind the new ticket Box will be a Kiyos type two side gunlockers so that no guns will even be going into the front doors of the building. I'll have it to where we won't let you get your gun back unless you blow a .o7 or less.
      The over hang will aid in keeping people standing in line dry, if the weather happens to go sour, or cool if it's a bit warm out.
      And looking at the picture below shows how once the new and improved foyer is built, the glass work up on top a will have sliding doors and be mounted under the soft only about only a foot way from the barge board, -which I figure will give me 8 more tables inside.

New entry foyer for sunnyside's club

Back glass work

Now no 2 aril navy

My Jam Shack Page

Got Nothing
Rule Numbers- &

February 1st, 2015:
Guess it's not only time to make a new journal file, but maybe for my night club as well.
       I must have heard the name Bonnie Rate a million times.
       I think people realize I need the parking lot to the north as well because people like her arrive with two tour buses and a U-haul truck.

Below are some photos upon which will show you of the first two modifications I plan to do to my new home.


(I bet all those musicians I used to know up noth would be jealous)

front angle vew of club

First things first


I'll move the headers up as high as whey will go on both window, and make the garage door opening match. Then hang the ceiling as high as the fire sprinkler system will let me. I'll raise the floor by 28 or 35 inches.
       I figure on make the bottom foot and a half of the windows, -openers, so that if I need to replace a scratched up window, I can do it with a screwdriver.
       On the surf shop side I'll replace the sliders with roll-up doors like Old Betty's place, -maybe go split level in the back half if I have room inside for a wheelchair ramp.
       My own Grange doors will match the surf shops' and be taking place of the slider on the north end, as as well as the original emergency exit doors.
       I'll be moving the front emergency exit doors out the north wall next the the new stage loading dock.
       I figure the first Garage will be good for using as a work shop to build stage props and work on things.

The two fallowing pictures show the difference of only about two feet and I plan to go up four or five steps of 7" each Hopefully the 28 or 35" if I can still keep the lowest part of the ceiling at seven foot or better.

low view as of current original

View of Sunnyside's future pad

And before I go replacing the roof, I want to add a pool table room along with a bar at the end of a row of tables. I figure that I will be drilling holes below the window opening for bolts for the ledger on the inside of the window opening, so why not bolt a ledger on the outside right above the storage room roof? The out side is post and beam.
       Knock off the cap and one or two rows of block and we're in. (We just step down from the seat hight there.) there.)
      (I'll have a dart board and foosball table, but no electronic games other than an old pinball machines. My apartment will be too small for everything, but the real bonus is business wise because it will enable me to raise the total maximum occupancy as a whole, -which they are saying should make it good for 500.
      I think you get the picture.
       Anyhow, as of now, I only plan to build from where the line drawn, -to the Stage Front wall for my game room.
       I'll eventually give the chairs and tables that are in there now to the Thursday night thing if they got some where to put them. But for now, some grass hung on the walls for acoustics is all I need.

Update 3pm: got to see my new kitchen and the first thing I did was which I had brought my camera. I just love it. Its just like the kitchen I always imagined I would have, all professional equipment and stainless this and stainless that.
       I figure that they put in a grease trap because it would be one hell of a bonus the they used extra large plumbing as a result of it, because if not, it would be some work to put in a toilet for myself. (As it is now, it would be along way to the toilet.)
       Well I would move into the surf shop first and use the girls restroom, and there is a locker room for a shower way on the other side. I figure on building my own bathroom with shower and laundry on the surf shop's side of kitchen, I'll put partial glass windows in place of two of the three doors and glass in the center door.
      Don't need three doors off my kitchen and I'll turn that area into my breakfast table area with the bath and laundry behind it.
       The the surf shop will start at garage door and end after the walk through entry door on the south of the two roll ups. If I raise the floor up, on the back half of the surf shop it would allow me to run the plumbing into the girls locker room if I had to without tearing up much concrete, otherwise, I would have to take it to the street. (Keeping my fingers crossed.)

And my luck with moving the exits west of the stage isn't looking so good with a big electrical panel in the way. I was kicking myself in the ass for not bringing a tape measure.

My old light show would look pretty god in there. A couple "t's" are in the back and one pipe across the front stage wall and one across the middle. There is two curtain tracks ready to go. Just need a couple drum risers on wheels.

I'll have to put a large walk in freezer where that sea-train is out back and I think the locker/shower room and storage room together will be sufficient space for a new kitchen for dinner theaters.

It is looking like the water temp just may have bottomed out and working on its way up again. I figure I didn't really need a new 4/3 after all.
       When to wash my arm pits yesterday. Kinna freaked myself out because those wimpy looking things sure don't look like mine.
       My back aches and I feel like I'm ten years older than I was just six weeks ago.
       Never the less, I did hear that depending how they look at it. how they figure it, they've lost either $2 or $3 million dollars since I began the strike about six weeks ago.
       If you compare that to the way I figured they would have made $150 million off me in the next 15 years, -with these new numbers, and put them into the equation, it would come out me being worth $150 million to the local economy in only 6 years time.

Sunnyside's Game room

And that whole thing about not even having to worry about driving home afterwards, -that's just what they Hotels that dwarf my place are counting on.

View from Oceanside Peir

Just one look at this picture will show you how much this place needs a guy like me looking after it.

Bad wire

Got Interrupted
Rule Numbers- 16

January 30, 2015:
PM Update:
       Changed my mind on the number of the new rule that will save me a shit load of key strokes. This one has been a long time coming and well deserved.

I got a kick out of the fine print talk going around.
       The by line people add to their answer as to whether I get the $150 million or not.

       The line I get a kick out of is, for the most part, they say, "one way or another."
       Then one of the next questions everyone will also ask themselves is what am I going to do different this time around compared to last time?
       Well to begin with, I'm not going to let any unnecessary time go by before preparing myself. The next time I go out to Melrose Place, I'm going to stop in at the clerk's office at the county court house and pick up the necessary forms to prepare for a filing with the county, for when the City Of Oceanside turns it down.
       I'll stop by the book store and find one of those books that will help me fill it out and learn how to arrange the court proceedings without a lawyer.
       I figure by the second or third week of next month I should have the paper work figured out and ready before the City of Oceanside comes back with a denial. Once I learn of the denial, I figure I'll wait to file papers with the county court for about three or four months unless I get motivated by police harassment or ending up in jail. Never the less I'm not about to let myself end up as one of Gonzales play toys as I did with Martin in SLO County.

But of course I'll be putting feelers out for lawyers, but sure that the City has been crunching the numbers and they know how much lawyers on both sides are willing to bring in with such a case that really can't be won. I'm sure the City also realizes that those lawyers may not be interested in the same kind of things I may be interested in, which in case may be something they have to offer.

You've got to realize that if Gunzalus would not have entered the seen. The City of Oceanside would have made $1-5 Million per year off me for the next 10 to 20 years if I had chose to stay around. So with Gunzulua putting that at Jeopardy, the whole ordeal is a loss of more than $150 Million as it stands right now.
      They can either loose it and figure that it was just a blow to the local economy, or pay it to me and turn it into an investment that could turn into over a Billion Dollars in revenue over the next 10 or 20 years instead.

I'm sure the City has property they're having a hard time to maintain as well as property that isn't creating revenue like it should be.
       I'm sure they bought land an built a few Industrial Warehouse Parks in the days when the economy was growing in that sector in the past.
       Also there has been a lot of talk about the Coliseum at the base of the Pier. Its something that needs some costly maintenance and I bet they wonder if it would be a good investment to do so since with Global Warming, they couldn't tell you if it will still be there in 50 years unless you come up with some better erosion control than you have now.

Buy the way; did someone goof up when they poured the footings because the place has out of square walls behind the stage and in front they are straight. I just don't Get it?
       For sound, I bet it sounds best behind stage and like a square box out in front.
       The biggest obstacle for turning it into a good night club is New Restrooms need to be built on the opposite end. Then I would remove the wall that is the dividing stage front wall and move the main entry lobby to the side facing the ocean. What is the entry now would be back stage area.
       But of course one couldn't dream of doing anything more to the place until someone goes in there and removes those rotten rig beams that are the down fall of not picking the best rig cap for that lack of pitch in a windy beach front environment.

I'm not sure what kind of kitchen is in there, but something for Simple stuff like Burgers and Pizzas would be in order for my night club, however I'd like to see it set-up well enough to entice top quality chiefs to work in it for occasional dinner theater performances. (Sunday afternoon and evenings would be ideal I think.)

I figure I'd just add a second level to the front for an apartment with deck and VIP Lounge.

If there is room I could put a small display or surfboard only shop out front. I'm really not interested in going into the clothing business any more than a restaurant business. I figure I'll leave that for the people who are actually into it.

Oh yeah,if this when to court, -Not even counting the money the City spends on lawyers defending itself is lost, vanished for good, so does $50 Million in the pockets of the Lawyers on my side. I figure it would be like seeing $80 million of the tax payers money vanishing. Nothing gained to the tax payers.

Also, if the Lawyers who work for the City want to do something constructive with their time. I'd be looking into the laws on voyeurism. There is no doubt in my mind there has been a few hotels using my likeness as well as my name in way to promote tourism dollar for their hotel profits. I'm sure that the City would have little argument in dipping the Hotel Tax fund for what we can call tourist promotions, exactly what the hotels were lead to believe it was for.

Noon Update: I want you all to know that I'm all in for making it easier for Oceanside to pay me, and I'm entirely flex able in which ways we go about achieving that.
       As of now you can bet they are crunching the numbers trying to figure out where they can as well as how they can come up with the 150 big ones.
       Well what would you say if I could help the City with the ability to come up with at least a portion of the amount they need?
       You'd say that would be very kind of me now wouldn't you?
       Well, I tell you what, -I'll make the City a deal. They take their City Attorney and have him build a case against the hotels for their little cameras and the unauthorized exploitation they got into to and file a civil case on my behalf. I'll split the return down the middle and I see no reason the City shouldn't be able to use their half as part of the payment to me.
       I wouldn't be surprised if they are willing to settle out of court, -and I'm always looking for a little extra money like everyone else is.

Yeah, like the guys just said, it would be like hitting two birds with one stone.

Funny thing: I've been made aware that I could not just have a surfboard only shop. They say I need to at least sell T-shirts to because people w&ill want a souvenir.

PM Update:Well it seems people are aware of who said the line about me needing to sell T-shirts because people will want a souvenir.
       The not so funny part about that line and that line everyone seems to know who said it, -came to me as a subliminal message.
       So what everyone is telling me, is that I'm receiving an edited version of the televisions shows as well as the news. They just used ____ voice track from what everyone else seen and fed it to me a a voice only track in the background noise of the portion of the news show piece they feed to me. Basically they feed me the voice track of one of the parts of the morning news program they edit to keep away from me. Or another way you could put it is that the NBC network is talking about me behind my back.

Get this: I've heard rumors as to the reason why they don't put me on the news. The rumor is that my sister has licensed my name and they would have to pay my sister to use it.
       I find that logical since I wrote about that kind of thing in my book so it was not difficult to come up with that idea a long time ago.
       But if that would mater since she did it fraudulently, and since it is a crime, she has no personal privacy rights protecting her from the media using her name and likeness, -that is unless she can prove that she is innocent. (Like Bill Black.)

Like put it into the same category as my Aunt Rosebud, whether the rumors are true or not about my Aunt stealing the patent.
       If she did, I seriously doubt if she ever made much money off it to speak about. I figure that the government watched her do it in even took on itself to call in a top secrete invention, and withheld it from anyone other than the US military top secrete operating and I bet they didn't even tell her so. I bet Lockheed Martin wouldn't even talk to her, and if she did find out they were using it, they would pay her because they didn't have to pay her on a patent was stolen, they may have just came right out and told her that.
       The Auto Manufactures probably let her flap her mouth and buy a few airline tickets for nothing, but they knew from the get go that she was more or less a stew pigeon and she was doing a fine job of keeping it at bay. She really couldn't go public with it herself.

Oh and those of you wonder if I plan to set up shop and sell My truck with this money from Oceanside.
       To be honest, if the night club comes into play, it would be in the 3rd or fourth priority for me.
       First would probably be to set-up the Synchro-link Surfboard manufacturing company.
       I would like to build my own night club, -somewhere as second in priority.
       And if I can get permissions necessary to experiment and use them, I'd like to set up a concrete plant somewhere, or hire some other company build Wave Generating Erosion Control Systems.
       And some of you may find it kind of pathetic that the manufacturing of my truck is so far down my list of priorities.
       Well, I agree with you there. The reason for it is that I've been pretty much a true believer in holding it ransom unless the patent laws are change for the better. And from the practical side, anyone in the auto motive business would would know that with the current emission standards that will be in effect by 2020 because of Obama no less; I would have to put manufacturing my own electric car in front of the truck, and just like the clothing, and restaurant business, I'd rather leave that to people who are into it.

But don't get the wrong Idea though. I'm not about to forget about my truck. I figure right along side of my surfboard manufacturing, I'll find some shop space and continue on with fabricating the next Synchro-link Proto-type. This time around I'm going to build it like I should have the first time If I knew a little more of what I was doing.
       This time around I'll use much wider sources for supplies and I'll make jigs for every step of the way.
      This time I'll not only have a better truck for myself, but I'll have the tooling and a better supply chain in place for the opportunity to go into production should it arise.

And there has been a few debating on how much the old building is worth.
       Well if it is true as I suspect, I sure would have wanted to be there the day someone figured out they pour the footing backwards. I wonder how far along where they?
       I think even a bigger mistake is that they didn't just flip the rest of the plans along with it? They should have modified lobby to enter from the side and kept the rest , just flipped.

I'm willing to bet it didn't attract play productions, stadium or arena use because of the sound of an empty gym.

And on how much it is worth?
       Nobody really know until the roof is opened up and whether the trusses are gone or not. If so, retro fit with steel may be the way to go because of modern day earthquake regulations, but I would prefer and hope that it could stay wood, simply because I think it adds to good attributes in acoustics.
       I figure, that the building designed as it was in wood will only be enhanced against earthquakes because of the modifications I plan to do to it.
       Basically, for the most part, I would be filling it up and tyeing it all together from one side to the other

So all it really is until someone opens up the roof and look what is inside is a bunch of concrete, cinder block and re-bar.

Rockford's Old Trailer
Rule Numbers- &

January 31st, 2015:
Today I did a little walk through, sorta like you home buyers do, -and I came to the same judgment about the old place, just as I heard in the background noise of the golf tournament as well as many others one the street, -they say its kinna like the old Rockford trailer. Looks a little shabby on the outside, but actually kinna nice on the inside.
       First off, it was an Optical allusion that made ne think there was anything square at all with the building. In fact, the only square wall is the back wall behind the stage. Heck it's a turn key operation that needs a new ridge beam and new roof.
       I'd like to replace the softs with and facha with something else besides plaster, but there would be much more work in removing the good softs than patching up the few spots that are bad.
       One of the first things I've been thinking about and one I would need to make up my mind about is moving the front of the stage side exit doors to the stage front wall right next to the stage just underneath where I would mount the speakers.
       The doors should be moved because I want to build multi level coliseum seating I figure it would increase the seating capacity by about 20-40 more by doing so.
       I'd just re-route the west side right thought the front of the old Surf Camp office at the north end. With a garage door, I'd turn the existing exit tunnel into my garage.
       As far as the backside Exit: I don't like cutting the doorways out of the solid wall, but I guess it's done all the time. I figure I'd try to add extra exit doors in to the occupancy capacity, but you've got to figure a different capacity for a dinner theater than you would a rock concert or night club. But I'm figuring on the capacity for being between 500 and 1000.
       There is a big window on the north side I'd probably cut it open further down for a doorway about loading dock hight and put about a 3.5 to 4 foot door in loading equipment into the backstage area.
       I figure it will go up with the way I'll be setting it up because there is a good chance that I would actually be adding more footage. I plan on building a deck out the back on the south side some day. (Over the main entry someday.) It's a good spot because the arena itself will block the north winds and it even has a fairly good overhang that projects out over it to protect it from the weather.
       I figure I'll have to install a short section fire exit stairs on south east corner into the side of the hill.
       Next to the garage will be my bedroom, then my front room and the kitchen is already there, but does anyone know if there is a shower in the place?
       Next to the south would be a good place for my board and T-shirt shop.
       Eventually I'd like to build an apartment above, but I think I want to see if I can get some of the seating to have an oceanside view by installing windows to the openings that are already there.
       I figure if I build my apartment on the north end above the garage, my apartment would block the wind for my own private deck.

Anyhow, I've been trying to figure out how to make it look better on the out side and popping things up out of it like an apartment dosen't strike me right. (I need to do something else other than having the ugly fan boxes above the front entrance.) But thats where there may be doors some day.
       Never the less, I figure that I need to do what I do best and just go with a new paint scheme every year or too.
       Like I see those old concrete post out front that have the re-bar popping out and the trellis in mostly cut away. The post are too far gone to hold anything structural, but I thought I'd re-purpose them for a couple years and use them for temporary yard props.
       I figure I'll re-purpose the concrete post a couple more years. I'll cut down the old trellis the rest of the way and before I go removing the post, I'll paint the post fake wood. I'll get some quonset hut reeds material mount it on the top of them, -and about eight feet high, I'll make a couple big round drink tables and put large fake drinks with umbrellas on the tables. The whole idea is to make the arena look smaller than it actually is from the bait shop on the pier.
       I'll accent the exterior with big fake bamboo trim around the windows and doors and try to simulate what the huts looked like on Gilligan's Island.
       This time around I'll Paint it up so that if you look at it from the pier, -amongst all the other background around it. It will be at home within the palm trees and look like a little surf shack resort some where down in Central America.
      Like Sunnyside's jams shack, by the beach no less.

Apparently there are a few of you who have heard of my talents with lights, -and so have your kids. And there has been people voicing their opinion that I should have something for the kids like on Saturday afternoons or something.
       Well I figure that i's do able once or twice a month. I figure I'll at least set something like that up on the peak holiday vacation periods or one or two Saturday afternoons per month.
       My place should be big enough to have a bear garden within it'self, (like the back deck someday,) and with Pizza around, it may just be more fun than chucky cheese.
       I figure during spring break and Holiday seasons with three day week ends or maybe once or twice per month I'll do a Minors under 21 show during the night time for the teens. (If you try to have something like that every week, I bet you end up with trouble.)
       My place will have walk through metal detectors, hand wands for the bouncers and guns safes available just inside the door.
      Since I have sensitive hearing, you won't have to worry about loosing your hearing when you come to my place. I like to keep the level where you can still carry on a conversation.

See the way I look at it. Once the word gets out about my light show, I bet I can get top notch talent to come play for almost nothing, if fact I bet they would even pay me to play just to get a chance to see what they look like under my like shows.
      But gee, -just think of the people I could get to play with. People you just don't get to see or play with in your whole life time.
       The joy of living life like your in a rock band, -but your are really not in a rock band.
       Ah, what are the words?
       Ah, at least I don't have to worry about driving home.

p.s. tomorrow I'll get a few pictures of the place for those of you who don't know what it looks like.

>Got Nothing
Rule Numbers- &

February 1st, 2015:
Guess it's not only time to make a new journal file, but maybe for my night club as well.
       I must have heard the name Bonnie Rate a million times.
       I think people realize I need the parking lot to the north as well because people like her arrive with two tour buses and a U-haul truck.

Below are some photos upon which will show you of the first two modifications I plan to do to my new home.


(I bet all those musicians I used to know up noth would be jealous)

front angle vew of club

First things first


I'll move the headers up as high as whey will go on both window, and make the garage door opening match. Then hang the ceiling as high as the fire sprinkler system will let me. I'll raise the floor by 28 or 35 inches.
       I figure on make the bottom foot and a half of the windows, -openers, so that if I need to replace a scratched up window, I can do it with a screwdriver.
       On the surf shop side I'll replace the sliders with roll-up doors like Old Betty's place, -maybe go split level in the back half if I have room inside for a wheelchair ramp.
       My own Grange doors will match the surf shops' and be taking place of the slider on the north end, as as well as the original emergency exit doors.
       I'll be moving the front emergency exit doors out the north wall next the the new stage loading dock.
       I figure the first Garage will be good for using as a work shop to build stage props and work on things.

The two fallowing pictures show the difference of only about two feet and I plan to go up four or five steps of 7" each Hopefully the 28 or 35" if I can still keep the lowest part of the ceiling at seven foot or better.

low view as of current original

View of Sunnyside's future pad

And before I go replacing the roof, I want to add a pool table room along with a bar at the end of a row of tables. I might have to go with a row of bar stools along the opening in the wall, depending on how high the seating comes to on the inside of the arena and the ceiling high height available at the wall.
      (I'll have a dart board and foosball table, but no electronic games other than an old pinball machines.
      I think you get the picture.
       And the more I think about it, from where I have the lines drawn, if i was really on the ball before putting the new roof on it I would build a place south of that line for a new kitchen. But who knows, what's already down below may be already big enough for freezers and a kitchen.
       Anyhow, as of now, I only plan to build from where the line drawn, -to the Stage Front wall for my game room.
       I'll eventually give the chairs and tables that are in there now to the Thursday night thing if they got some where to put them. But for now, some grass hung on the walls for acoustics is all I need.

Sunnyside's Game room

And that whole thing about not even having to worry about driving home afterwards, -that's just what they Hotels that dwarf my place are counting on.

View from Oceanside Peir

Just one look at this picture will show you how much this place needs a guy like me looking after it.

Bad wire

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