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A New Year
Rule Numbers: 1, 10, 16 & 40
January 1st 2022:
The question is: will it be any better than the last?
Regardless of what people say, you can be pretty sure the governments will continue to eliminate the most creative people in the world.
       It's just what they do no matter what you think.
       Maybe it's because the politicians are afraid of people wising up to the cooked deals they do, or is it because they are paid to eliminate the competition by snuffing out the smart guys.
       Just remember, we here in the US have now eliminated two generation of intelligent offspring.
       Its intelligent people you never got and you can never get back. Thousands of smart kids that should be born every day are not being born.
       You can be sure that this year will be either the third or fourth year in a row that their is less patent applications filled than the year before.
       I'd be scared if I was you.

I kinna need to apologize.
       It's more of a clarification of something I wrote about in my last post. Its about how I said I laughed about some shootings.
       What I thought was humorous was the news flash I didn't even pay attention to and don't even know any details about, however it was about five or six people being shot. The only humorous thing about it was that it was something that wasn't about the covid 19 shit for that I sick and tired of hearing about.
      The part I want to apologize for is the case where a 14 year old boy was shot by cops who obviously didn't know what the hell they were doing and my heart felt feelings go out the the mother, friends and family of the boy.
       The whole thing is saddening to me. The stupid cop should have just let the criminal think he was getting away and got him once he was outside the mall.

Then there is the stupid guy who had his arm chewed up by a Lion
It's another case of stupidity in both the stupid guy and the stupid cop and an unfortunate Rare Lion.
       Tell me why the cop didn't just use his taser? Or even just shot off a warning shot would have startled any animal.
       The sad thing about that is that the Lion was worth more to us than the stupid grounds keeper. There is only 200 of those Rare Lions left and there are millions of stupid people and this is a case where natural selection should have taken place, but since we have plenty of stupid cops to protect the stupid people, those stupid cops are aiding in the selective breeding of stupid people.
       The stupid ground keeper was treading on the lion's turf, the very little lands we humans caged it into, so it had the right to have the grounds keeper's arm for lunch.

Good reddens Betty White:
I was never a fans of her's because she was just another old lady, none the less I hated the bitch ever since she had her comity show.
       I didn't like the bit where she approached people on the street with questions and comments that she and her producers thought was to be entertaining.
      There was one clip where she approached a girl and made some degrading comment about the girls looks. I don't know why, but it seems like I was the only person that felt the pain the girl felt inside. The only thing I can think of is that the girl must have been desperate for money and she must have taken what ever money they offered her for the permission to use her appearance in the television show.
       It was a really for anyone to do and I can't believe I'm the only one that saw it. Just goes to show you just how blind people truly are.

What's in front of us in the New Year
       I don't expect much..
       Just having to hear the kind of music humans are producing now days makes me realized that we can't be getting any better.
       (Avril Lavigne rocked the New Years and was the best talent I saw on New Years television coverage.)
       Lately I've also witness just how mean your kids are becoming. Kids in the 12 to 15 year old range are not at all like the kids I grew up with and it sure makes me glade I grew up when I did.
       It makes me think of Alison, a girl who worked two to three jobs just to be able to pay off here college loans as early as she did. She said that because of the way things are going, she wasn't even sure she would even want to raise any kids anymore.
       If I was in her shoes, I don't think I would either. (Hell, they already have bullet proof back packs for kids.)
       I'm convinced that happiness is another stamp in my passport.

"Cautious Optimistic"
Rule Numbers: 4, 10, 26 & 40
January 24th, 2022:
According to the lady on the news as to how people feel about the economy for the year ahead.
Yeah, tell the people in the stock market, I say.
       Biden's stimulus check didn't prop up any of the charging station or battery stocks.
       In fact after he cut that first check back in December, the market took a dump.
       Now with his threats of sanctions on Russia, the market has fallen 25-30%. This morning just after opening, the market is down over 700 points and Cripto had taken a beating. Good thing I had only $8.93 in DogeCoin which is at $6.56 at this time.
       As of pre-market opening this morning, my portfolio is down over 32% and not even one of my positions are out of the red.
       Can't sell anything without taking a loss, so the only thing for a person to do in this case is sit it out and from what I gather, it can be a long wait. I'm sure there are many of us who are wondering if we'll be sitting on the dead beat stocks until we get a new president because I'm sure there are many who feel he doesn't know what he's doing.
       When the defense contractor stocks are down at this time, you've got to be worried.

Yes in deed, Cops are very well the kind of people who you should fear if you are an inventor.
       I could get into it more in detail but I don't want to contaminate the rumor mill.
       But I'll give you a hint. The cops are know to force others to do their dirty work for them.
       The last I heard, that person in question hasn't been seen around.

Funny thing:
How it took my sister three days to get around to telling me that my father is in the hospital with covid.
       His new wife only takes him one place and that's to church.
       From what I gather, all they watch on TV is more church.
       I just don't get it. Just how people can dwell on where they might go to when they die. Kinna like looking forward to dying if you ask me.
      I wonder how much they pay for that gateway to Heaven year after year.

On football:
A little disappointing as far as the Chargers not making it into the play offs because the Cowboys won in a game against some other team, but I guess that's just how things work.
       None the less, I was glad to see that the Rams are moving on, but also disappointed that Greenbay isn't.
       Then the downside of this weekend is the uncertainty of Rogers or Brady returning next year. I for one sure hope they return because they are like staples in my mind and they are inspiring to so many and like Rule #1 they would be missed.
       I also would like to add that I sure like Drew Breeze as a commentator because it's like having a first hand experienced person's view and opinion that is fresh out of the league therefore his comments carry more weight.

I'm left wondering.
Was it a hack inside my phone or a bug inside my cages?
       Reason I ask this is because before I even received it, everyone and their brother seemed to have known what I had ordered and I had only informed one person of what I was about to receive, had he doesn't even live in Oceanside and I seriously doubt he told anyone. Needless to say, it has to be one thing or another.
       Now how can I say that it is more or less a turn-off and I don't even feel like doing anything with it?
       It's like why would a person want to make them self even more public when they obviously have no privacy in the first place?
       Then you have to ask yourself, how can so many people sit there and watch a inventor get screwed over so much and yet have any pride for the country they live in.

Tell me who hired Walker?
Was it A B or C?

Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
January 25, 2022:
Talking about the cop who most likely hired Danny to give me pot laced with Creosote.
Yeah, no doubt there was a hotel voucher involved.
       And no, I didn't smoke it but unless I got drunk a threw it away, it just seems to have disappeared.
       I wish I had it because there was a chance of some finger prints on the Officers card part of a citation form. (The give away of where Danny got it.)
       Needless to say, I think I'll spend more time in other towns where you can be sure there will be another Walker to do the same kind of dirty work. I think it might be better if I keep them moving around and I'll just forewarn people of what is fallowing me around

Beside the hotel voucher Danny received, you have to wonder what kind of money that was passed down to someone who was willing to poison another who actually let him fly his drones?      The sad part, the camera I lost with all the good footage I wanted to post on Youtube; Danny either found it or stole it from the homeless guy who I thought got to it before I did.

Funny thing:
Someone else is control of this computer.
       The stuff I witness this computer is just unbelievable.
       It will let me type what ever I want in unprintable areas but when it come to readable text, that's another thing .

Tonight I tried to call anyone who I had in my phones index and tell them just what I was experiencing and you can imagine that no-body wanted to know and my family members were even more reluctant to listen and even hung up. I guess it's just too easy to say I have a head ache.
It's amazing how many people say they don't like the way this world is going.
It's only obvious as to the reason why.
So many know and understand but they don't even try to stop what is happening.
       Funny how even the last two sound clips president Biden produced was all about the stupidity of the reporters inside his press room.
       Still he's able to live with it.
       His partner Obama was a big part of it and he's willing to live with the consequences.

Sounds like Walker is the Cop to learn to stay away from.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
January 26th, 2022:
They sure don't have any problem finding crooked cops in Oceanside.
Stocks are up on the pre-opening this morning.
       One thing you can learn about your stocks at this time is just which ones are the good ones because my best ones didn't loose more than 5-10% in the last couple weeks. The ones I'd rather not have bought are down 25-70%
       I was thinking of buying some more of the good ones at these discount prices but I'm guessing that I should have been on it yesterday when they had hit a bottom looking dip.
       I'm up 4% in pre-market at 6:22 eight minutes before opening this morning.

The 3 Ft. swell:
       According to the bouy, it consists of a 2.6 ft. 15.4 second ground swell and a 1.6 ft. 9.9 second wind swell. I'm sure the surf reports will brake it down more, but at 1.6 its just too much wind swell to let it amount to much.
       From the camera, so far it Doesn't look too bad, gotta make something to eat. Later.

76% feel the same way as I do.
Rule Numbers: 4, 26, 35 & 40
January 31st, 2022:
They think that the Supreme Court appointment should go to the person best suited for the position and color should have nothing to do with it.
       Ironically, at the same time the Supreme Court is currently deciding on something to do with Affirmative Action.
       None the less, it appears that the new appointment is racist, if you ask me.
       But then again it was a campaign promise and then if you think about it, Obama's pick of Sotomayor was considered as the minority appointment. But then again, from the obvious point of view you have to realize that there are plenty of Republican female congressman as well as congressmen of color on the Republican side that will less likely be apposed Biden's pick, therefore the woman Biden picks is considered a guarantied shoe in.
       Oh yeah, you have to laugh at the British government. Sounds like the people within the Parliament has double standards too.
      And are you like me, wondering how much money our own defense contractors may have offered to Putin to start a war?
       And wasn't it Iran that supports a bunch of that shit going on in the Ukraine? Funny how there are so many people on the eastern side who think they were better off when the were a part of Russia.

$3 Billion in SD for the homeless.
Boy if that doen't sound like a money grab if you ask me, because with that kind of money we should not see any homeless sleeping on the street any more.
       One thing you can be sure of is that the ones who actually do get a roof over there head make some lots of money and you can bet will cost plenty. I'm willing to bet there isn't going to be much difference around here because those motel vouchers only last a couple weeks and they will be back on the street again.

I haven't flown is quite awhile.
When it gets down too it, I realize that this place gets a little boring when I don't have anything to do so I've been trying to get a quad back into the air.
       It comes down to the realization that either my Taranis or its R9 module is haywire.
       Out of three receivers, even one being is brand new, only one of them will a solid reading of the RSSI and that's on one of the older used ones.
       I figure that it's probably the R9 module that is bad because the outputs seem to work on the screen but the Betaflight configurator says there is something wrong with the receiver signal.
       As a result, I decided that for only $50 more than another R9 module, I can get a Jumper T Pro with a 1000mw ELRS module built right in and a couple receivers at only $13, my troubles should be over.
       I'll pretty much have what I've been wanting for quite awhile ever since the Crossfire Tango 2 came out, but at less than half the price. From what I gather, it should have Edge TX already installed.
       I've been at this hobby for four years now and I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that every thing that was when I began is obsolete now and trying to get any of the older equipment to work is just more trouble that it's worth. One thing for sure, FrSky sure crippled themselves. They're just a bunch of junk nobody wants anymore.

I figure they have the crooks living in one of those town houses.
Because every time I'm parked down by the waterfront I get an ear full from the people who walk past my cage.
       Let me tell you that there are many times I've been approached by strangers who could be very well the ones who are paid to perform the dirty work of spreading phony rumors on me. I just don't understand how they can justify the expense of it all. The only thing I can think is that they must have been paid a lump sum to do it for a very long period of time.
       As a result, when I do meet a stranger, I often tell them about how we are selective breeding stupid people as an effort to make them feel bad about what they are doing. One thing for sure, you can count on them not liking me whether they are the bad guys or not and it's not like I'm looking for any friends anyway.
       If they are smart enough to understand the simple result of the patent laws, they will not care for the conversation and if they don't understand it they will probably feel like I insulted their intelligence and they would rather consider me as some kind of crazy person. I figure they will often default to the idea that most geniuses are usually mentally ill and since they are usually of a lower level of intelligence they will usually describe such a person as "crazy" and not necessarily prone to use a sophisticated word such as insane because most people consider insane people as the Howard Hughes type with long fingernails, collecting urine in jars and such.
       Therefore, when you hear the rumors of "everyone who knows him say he's insane," you got to remember that there really isn't anyone around here that can actually say they know me very well at all. The fact of the matter is that I don't actually have anyone around here I can even consider a friend.
       One thing you can be sure of is that I spend almost all my time alone and it's not like I'm looking or even need anyone around here as a friend. I've learned a long time ago that it usually a new friend that beings trouble to me and I'm not looking for any.
       If I want a friend, I'll get a dog, but I'm not into picking up their shit either.

Only if all my stocks weren't in Red.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 4th, 2022:
I would have sold any of the stocks I had in Green and spent it all on Boeing General Dynamics and Raytheon Technologies.
There is a lot of profits made off wars.
       Just the last week Boeing shares jumped up $15 per share to $206.
       Just in the last two weeks General Dynamics gained $7 per share from $205 per share.
       Raythelon went up over$6 starting at $87, so that would have been the better deal if I would have been dumping it all about now.
       Funny how Lightning motors took off like a rocket and petered-out at less than it stared earlier this week.
       I figure it will do more for Lightning than it will do for General motors. It's amazing how people can even hype General motors when they say they are going to spend $35 billion to transition to electric vehicles when the company is already in the hole for about $&% Billion already. There has been word in the internet that General motors have been interfering with Tesla's supply chain. Just another reason why Elon has been able to succeed is that his efforts have away been in house manufacturing and even Ford doesn't manufacture the running gear to their electric Mustang.

That Supreme Court Just must have received one hell of a Severance Package.
       The guy had a real nice speech and just seemed too damn happening to be leaving.
       What amazed me is the realization they actually spent money on publicly encouraging him to reassign.
       If you don't know, it was all about the timing and the Democrats are facing the possibility of loosing a few seats in the up and coming election.

Californians spent at least $207 Millon Dollars on trying to take Governor Gavin Nuson's job away from that.
       Funny how we just had the Local Sheriff retired on the same day as a report was released about the activities that should not have happened. Amazing is how many people they let die in the jails around here.
Last Week: Instead of the word Racist I should have used Discrimination.

Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 5th, 2022:
It's either the movie or just that they are waiting for me to dye
I'm sure I mentioned the cheeper version of those rumours are that it would be cheaper if I was dead.
       I don't even have to wonder if this is the third year that the number of patent applications are down .

I feel sorry for you all.
       The Jumper-t Pro has some problems.
I can get the batteries for the Zoro, but that's either back-order or Pre-orders and the module's are sold out. Sure you can get a Beta module but the USB-C pug ain't worth a shit.
       Need I say tht I'm pissed off because I have to pay to ship his piece of shit back?
       I'm down to trying to load Edge-TX onto my 9D and trying to flash my 9R shit with ExpressLRS.

Let's just say that may hands are too big.
But really, I never saw the Radio settings at all.
       Its obvious to me that the firmware was never ready for the release or even sale of the radio.
       There is nothing I can even do with this $90 object that I have to pay money out to ship back. Its not worth the space that it take up in my cage and it jut blows my mind out the reviews posted are making it out to be use-able at all. Bu when you actually think about it, you actually can't even find a video of someone actually flying their quad with this piece of shit. Right know its so obvious why so many people I know have left F.P.V.
       Funk, they not only want us to be stupid, but they are counting on it.
      I'd say you've got a problem people!
       (Update: after just messing around with the T Pro, I discovered that they put the Radio Settings in a different page order, -after the SD contents.)

Pro Bowl Day
Rule Numbers: 1, 4, 35 & 40
February 6th, 2022:
I may very well be hallucinating, but I'm pretty sure the audio is different than usual at a foot ball game.
It's all about the background sounds.
       Don't know if I heard was what I actually heard, but I can assure you that the likely hood they got to my camera and computer before the came into my custody.
       Guess everyone like the surf-skating on the slop I did last night.
       Get this, I had a guy try to tell me not to skate yesterday at a spot I skate every week. And shit yah, I called the cops on me. And can you believe he is packing a skateboard around.
       But you know that say that when one door closes, another opens? Well that was last night. I'm same spot today because I discovered another spot that get ABC and there isn't a freeway parked next door.
       Yeah, I turn on the camera and my TV is gone.

Funny how so many don't want to loose the text.
       I didn't realize just what mystupidrules means to so many people.
      Talking about some who have reluctance to the idea that I might go video.

       All I can say it will all baout the same thing. I'll just try to make the journal entries everyone seems to laike are not much more than the scripts I plan to use, because it's all about the order upon which the words are presented and if I can clear things up before I say them in a video, no doubt things won't change much.

Its like I had a long vacation.
Rule Numbers: 4, 20, 26 & 40
February 8th, 2022 Updated:
It's been a long time since I learned how to FPV
       Things have changed so much that it's like I almost need to start all over and learn how to use the newer products and fireware.
       It's more difficult to upgrade my older controller and module than it is just going with a new control and receivers, but even that is difficult decision because I either want to go with a bigger TS16S controller with touch screen and an ExpressLRS Module like most people are doing or just learn to get by with a less sophisticated radio like the Jumper-T Pro because of the size and weight I'd rather be climbing around in the bushes with.
       Not everyone runs around on a Electric skateboard with a backpack filled with lipo batteries either.
       With the jumper-T Pro, I could easily add about four more batteries up from 6-8 and sometimes 10 to more like 8-10 or 12.
       Then if I add a camera and lens, you get the picture, I'll still be carrying more weight.
       Simply said I could live with a lighter controller and just fly 8-10 packs each time.

Update: Another Reason why so many pilots leave FPV:
After you get pretty good and learn how to make your components last. They dump all the support for the electronics you have.
       Like I've been on==wondering if the Flywoo Flight Controller went bad during the crash.
       The Gyro works when hooked up to beta flight but the receiver panel shows nothing.
       The next thing that comes to mind is thinking I should try to re-flash the firmware to see if I could revive the thing. Now it turns out that I should have save the HEX. file to my hard-drive because the firmware is none existent about a year or two later. But it won't even go into DFU so it's a goner.
       So this other Matek F722-HD I bought from RotorRiot must have been bad from the get go, so I'm waiting for a good old Matek 405 STD to show up with the 3500mah Batteries from GetFPV, any day now.

So until then:
Good Thing:
       I'm trying to get Edge-TX on to my Taranus X9D+ and at least try to get a receiver bound to the Jumper-T Pro.
       Funny how there isn't any support on YouTube for doing anything to a Taranus any more, considering only two years ago it was the radio that everyone was using.
       I wonder were all those Taranuses went to.
       You probably can't give them away.

We've got plenty of Hollywood Picnic Rumors
       Funny how I heard about a book publisher today and other than that the rest of them have been going around for years.
       Had a guy walk up to a teller today and ask him if the child molester rumors were true. At least the teller just said, "no."

       Unlike last week week I had a teller at a different store spreading phoney rumors before I was even ready to be checked out. Some bitches just like to run their mouth of saying anything they can think of.

Ah it's late, I've got to go.

Super Bowl Day
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 13th, 2022:
I say the Rams by 10 points or better.
The Rams better defense with make the difference.
Bummer, this commentator who sits on the left for NBC. I just wish he would just shut up sometimes. Makes me wish Fox would have got the airing rights.

The National Anthem: Just a reminder that the United States highest prerogative is being the biggest and the best War Machine.
       The numbers in the stock market only prove that it's true. The US is willing to go broke for the profits of the defense Contractors, therefore we will always be looking for a war to fight.
       Let me remind you all that the US spends ten times the money that the other top ten defense spending countries all combined.
       We're like the bad cop out looking for trouble even if there isn't any to be found, so they just fabricate it.
       Like the bully on the street with a pocket knife looking for a reason to use it. And when you are breading stupid barbaric animals, watch out.

Half time:Funny how the referees were not even taking up any time during the first half because the penalties and such were non-existent because of a very cleanly played game, -other then some plan stupidity by a undressed player from Cincinnati.
      As far as half time entertainment:
       Hell what do you expect for free.
       Half the time I can't even understand their poem and I really don't care to listen to a drum machine a dozen times to understand and know exactly what words they are trying to convey.
       I just wish people were intelligent enough to move on beyond past the Hip hop shit, but then again I'm afraid of that because of the stupid people we are producing.
       Must be some pretty good weed, because I couldn't understand more than to or three words Snoop Dog sang and I can't say any better for Dr. Dray. I can't believe he's a billionaire. Goes to show you how stupid people are now days.
       The female was the only one I could understand what she was trying to sing. If that was what it was.
      In my day, we could put the all those instrumental musicians on a loop tape and call it something to play to.

Super Bowl 56 in summation:
       Just about one of the most boring games I watched this year. It almost went to the Bengles because of Higggins masking Ramsey and the officials letting it slide.
       I almost fell asleep during the third quarter. I was mostly a game of unsuccessful plays and the loss of Beckinham, one of the Rams receivers placed too much concentration on Cooper Kupp who was doubled team throughout the game.
       Luckily Stafford and Kupp had a good run of plays in the four quarter and Donald was the one who got it back into their possession with two very important plays.
      And did I say its a nice stadium?

Sometimes, I just like annoying people.
       But first off, just let me say that often after the fact of doing the pitch about how we are breeding stupid people, I feel like an ass. Just like last night, I was a little drunk and I somehow found myself in doing a spell again. Afterward I felt like an ass for doing it but when I woke up this morning I was able to think about it in a different way.
       It's like why not? Most of these people are not as smart as they think they are and too often, even if they act like they don't know who I am, they actually are and there is no telling what they think of me nor what they will eventually or even have already said about me.

       If they don't know anything about me and they really don't care, they will usually got the mind overload and too much information route and find a way to get away.
       On the other hand they may let it play out and then the odds are they've already have a negative opinion of me just because of the rumors that fallow me. Since that's the case in most cases, I make fun of the situation by making fun of it.
       To say the least, it is kinna fun just rubbing it in saying things like, "and you have to worry about your daughter bringing home a moron."

Funny thing:
You just have to figure that most people can't even comprehend more than 180 characters at a time and trying to explain anything to them is nearly impossible, so only thing they will get out it is an insult to their intelligence however that isn't always how it plays out and most stupid will play the insanity card as an excuse for the reason they didn't understand very much of what I said anyway.
       None the less, last night I had one of the two guys actually participating in the discussion so I'd have to say I'm on the fence with him as not being a waste of time even though I did a pretty good job of wasting his.
       Anyhow, there is little doubt I was somewhat annoying, but at the time, its just about they only way I can do, what I do trying to save the other inventors they are snuffing out year after year.
       I don't hink I have to check things out to see if this is the third year that the number of patent applications has declined. Even the high number of new EV companies can help us out there. We're just getting dumber by the day, simple as that.

Jumping the Gun
Rule Numbers: 4, 10, 12, 26 & 40
February 15th, 2022:
Sure they want those hospital beds full
2,300 are dying every day.
None the less, those numbers have been making the medical industry a good amount of profits and they would rather not see it disappear so soon.
       I'm wondering if the guy in the Carmel Valley skate park was right about the true immunity comes after catching the latest variant of Covid 19.
       I hope the guy was right however all we can do now is wait and watch the numbers.
       Regardless, dropping the mask mandate this early will prolong the pandemic.
      But what the hell, they chose to spend billions on texts and nothing on providing N95 masks like they should have from the get go. They either wanted Covid to hang around for profits or they were just too damn stupid to even deal with a Pandemic.

Seed & Berry is now Seed IP.
       Talking about the law firm that was able to use the local government in Tacoma Washington in order to make sure I was unable to afford to obtain a patent on my invention.
       Just the other day while I was parked down by the waterfront, they had someone walk by my cage saying, "they are going to build it once he is dead".
       I'd been hearing a fare amount of idiots saying that for over a year now and it didn't surprise me when a few minutes later a voice walk by saying, "I wish he was dead."
       Unlike the idiots that have been helping them spread the rumor over the past year, I'm sure that person walking past my cage the other day knows that it's only a lie to see if someone would be stupid enough to kill me. (But maybe it was suppose to drive me crazy.)
       See the deal is that the patent lawyer at Seed & Berry stole the patent and got paid to keep my invention off the market. The fact of the mater is that their isn't going to be anyone building my invention unless they can actually depend on the government protecting them from organized criminals by enforcing the laws that are suppose to protect us.
       But since the United Auto Workers Union has control over our politicians, there isn't a chance in hell of getting any law enforcement agency to stop the corruption.
       It's like the time I called the FBI and told them I had a video of a government official in a exempt licence plated vehicle on a Saturday afternoon, making a pay off to my neighbor who actually works for the city as a laborer.
       The FBI didn't think it was worth their time to even look at the video and didn't even ask for the plate number.
       I myself at the time was wondering it I would be set-up for something and sent to prison because I had already witnessed the corruption inside the court rooms in Tacoma's city hall.
       Sad to say these local governments know they can have people running scared long enough to run out the statute of limitations and get away with it, so when it comes down to a patent lawyer offering them money to prosecute an innocent person, they know they are above the law.

Oh Yeah:
So far you only have a few un-ruley passengers and a few idiots with guns.
       However I'd like to mention that we are only experiencing the result of the dirty work Bill Clinton did to the patent laws by making the clock tick while the patent is still pending. Most of the results selective breeding surfacing because it's moved on to the loss of two generations of smart kids that were never born.
       The damage to the patent laws Barack Obama did by changing it to first to file was nothing less than license to steal, which in turn will no doubt be at least three times a significant as what Clinton did to us.
       However, the eventual result of Obama's selective breeding won't even be experienced until around the year 2035.
       So to say the least, we've got about 15 more years until the true dumbing of American will be experienced.

Where did I get the 3 times the effect?
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 17th, 2022:
To be honest, I guesstimated it.
But what would be the difference between 2&3?
       We already know we are effected by what I figure is only one.
       Are you going to be ready for two when it gets here.
       Hell, having a cage in the back of an airplane may be more common than you think. You can be sure there will be an effort to hide them if they do.

Oh, I've got one for you:
It's the year 2030....
       And AI has aloud for us to replace police officers with Robots. Which one would you rather have?
       I know, that's a tough one.

       So I thought about it awhile and figured that most of you might be wondering it it was a 2 or 3, or a 3 or 4 times the effect Bill Clinton gave us?
       Thinking a computer may be safer than a barbaric animal with a badge.
      Face it:
       It will be down to wondering just what kind of justice system you've got behind it.
      If I were you, I'd be a little worried.

My latest creation:
Skateshred 34" kicktail.
       With Carver CX trucks and 58mm Spitfire 97a Formula Four, Full Conical.
       It just surprised the hell out of me.

Funny thing:
I'm willing to bet.
       Stanford will be haunted by his actions for a long time.
       Yeah, I myself wonder where his head was at..
       Can't help but think less of him for it.
       Shit! Son of a bitch.

Updates from Yesterday.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 18th, 2022:
Oh yeah:
They were right about the 18 & 3/4 truck holes.
       Wonder if they told you that mine is modified but grinding off part of the casting label, drilling out a couple holes in the front truck, therefore I'm a set back shorter by 7/16 of an inch.
       What surprised me is how much I like a little slide instead of the sticky wheels that are commonly used on surfskates.
       It blew my mind by what I was found of capable of once I got used to the on these harder wheels, (and lighter.) They seemed to grip enough to pull the sideways g's in the turns on a downhill slalom.
       I happen to like the cushion effect when I finish a spin on the drop a trunk. In a way they are more forgiving with that screech of the Spitfires. There is something to be said about having a controlled slide. Kinna comforting in away
       Kinna like being famous on Instagram without even have an Instagram account.
       Sounds like Tweeter is is lighting up about me, even using my account.

Sounds like someone Tweeted my Stafford bit
No doubt, if he's playing against one of my other favorites, you can count on me to be rooting for the opposing team.
       Apparently, I have a bunch of people who feel the same way.

Indy 500 day
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 20th, 2022:
Come on:
Tell me how much money the US defense contractors paid Putin to prepare for an invasion into Ukrainian?
      Then tell me how much Biden has offered Putin to not to invade Ukraian?

If I could interview Shaun White I'd ask him whether it was the injuries from the Skateboarding or the Snowboarding that lead to his non competitive status.
       I've been assuming it was skateboarding that has held him back from something he might have been doing at forty.

Shit, he's like the two sister's with a shit load of money and a still out back.
Just another figure in the Check book.
Time for the last drink.
I have to say, I fell sorry for you people when the numbers alone, -indicate that China is most likely to out smart the rest of us and I really hope that it is untrue.
The amount of time committed to what I do and what I don't do.
Is be substantial, to say the least.

       But at least I've got Google to help me spell substantial.
       I'm already a user of artificial intelligence.
       But I'm happy with it at this point.
       It's the rest of you I have to worry about .
       Funny as hell how smart people seem think they are.

If I don't want to live amongst paint cans.
I've got to put it on the truck.
       That's what I've got to do today.
       As much as I try to tell myself that I'm too old to skate, I can't see myself giving it up anytime soon because that's what I'd rather be doing today.
       I looking at some of the video of me at that skate park and I don't see what all those guys were looking at.
       I guess it don't really mater what age a person is, because they obviously know that what I'm able to do just doesn't come to people that easy in the first place.

I thought the video about taking a squatter truck to the dismantling machine was pretty cool.
       But the part towards the end where they took some small parts and put then in jars and offered them for sale was beyond the mark of entertaining me.
       Sometimes I'm just amazed at how simply stupid people can be. And the fact that stupid can get very rich for being so stupid at the same time.
       He just knows that there is plenty of stupid people who will find his antics hilarious for a giving time.

Leave it to the USPS
My new Flight Controller sat in LA for over a week.
       For something I ordered from GetFPV on the 4th.
       Yeah you can bet I'm a little annoyed.
       Another annoying thing:
I wanted to buy Lift-off, a FPV simulator.
      Turns out, you have to install the Steam App to be able to buy it.
       So I downloaded it and took a look at it up to the point where you need to connect you control but since it was late, I shut down the down the computer and went to bed.
       Later the Steam App became annoying popping up their pop up shit, so I uninstalled the app.
       Now I can log on to Steam and see that I have made a purchase of Lift-off but it is nowhere to be found on my computer.
       Customer Service doesn't seem to be alive.
      I thought I would get used to the Jumper T-Pro, but now that all turned to shit on me.
       Don't tell me I have to load that shit into my computer again.

Fill in the blanks:
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 21, 2022:

Apparently what's hot now days in FPV:
Is running a Fet tec Kiss flight controller with a Behli ESC
       But if it isn't the new Ultra Kiss you need a working Betaflight FC to be able to use pass through to set-up your ESC setting.
       The Ultra cost $90 and you've got to wonder how many weeks it can handle getting bashed into things.
       Would love to fly one even if I have to make different wiring harnesses to be able to do it at $72 Fetec Kiss F7 and the $80 mark for the newer G4. If you can find one.
      Must I say I'm one who would rather solder my ESC to FC connections and that ends up making even more work in the end.
       But for my most up to date quad, I'd like to set it up with modern technology. I want the one rails feeling.
       I'm going to my older outfitted quad with a Matek 405 STD. They are no longer $30, now $40 but I know they can take a beating. If it ever gets here, any day now.
       Just wish me luck at getting the ELRS to bind. Hell, I've even got the button on the RX but that doesn't mean nothing, they want you to jump through so many hoops and in everyone of those hoops a problem can arise. Not actually making anything easier.

A proposal for a new Law?
The bit where if they have 100 employees or more, you are suppose to disclose everyone's salary....
       Boy if that isn't a good way to destroy so many business .
       They are trying to extinguish the expression, "that's none of your business."

Rule Numbers: 4, 10 & 40 They can fool you.
February 22,2022
We gotta invasion going on?
Wonder if they will ever call it as it truly is
       The price of gas lead a bunch of idiots to thinking that now is the time to buy an electric car.
       I myself an getting tired of listening to every dude hooked on the Fast and Furious franchise.

According to the folks on Wall Steet.
President Biden is suppose to be touting his efforts to shore up the supply chains today.
       The funny part about it is how they're able to list the three mineral mines he shut down.
       The real funny part about the mine projects, I wrote about before, is how all of a sudden the supply rare earths has shifted to something of importance. I've said many times before that we should have been recycling them. I just hate throwing old drone motors away. They not only have high grade magnets in them. The have copper, 7000 grade aluminum and titanium.

It gets deeper
I still own a share MP Materials, a company General Motors just bought into and now Biden is going to take credit for dumping $35 million into the same company.
       And I'm suppose to be happy about that. Oh yeah, the Pentagon has already dumped $10 million to MP. In my book, that's fallowing General Motors with at least $45 Million in taxpayer's money.
       Lets remember the Antofagasta Pic ANFGF mine in Minnesota, where the Defense Agency has dumped millions into the project and at the same time the Governments Agency of Tree Hugger's/Bird Lovers and Biden was able to shut it down.
       Biden has taken steps to slow down the Ioneer Ltd lithium mine in Nevada.
       And hard times have set-upon the Rio Tinto Ltd owned copper mine in Arizona all of a sudden.
       Biden is promoting electric cars in one hand, while cutting the supply need for the wiring to build them with the other.
       I think the deal with MP Material is all about monopoly. The whole thinks Stinks if you ask me.
       Hey, my STD is delivered.
Shit it bricked itself while flashing it. I should have left it alone and just configured what ever firmware that was on it.
       Now I've got one from Rotorriot and one from Getfpv and I'm sure wishing I would have bought them from RDQ.
       I can see why so many people have gotten out of FPV. Shit this is my third or forth STD and I didn't even have to worry about an inverted signal.

Got a question to ask.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 10
February 24th, 2022:
Why didn't Ukraine join NATO when it had the chance to?
From what I gather, the whole thing is about the US wanting Ukraine to join Nato and Russia not wanting them to join.
       Now they say since Ukraine is not NATO country, no other NATO country will defend them.
       Don't you think just the assassinating of Putin would solve the whole ordeal.
       I get the impression that the only person in Russia who actually wants to invade Ukraine is Putin.
       Putin dead, invasion gone.
       End of story.

Frustrated to say the least
Rule Numbers: 4, 10, 26, 35 & 40
February 24th, 2022:
I've got two different builds.
Yet I'm unable to get either one working at this time.
       Guess the only way you can apply yourself at this hobby is buy your way there with pre-built. But then if you have trouble binding to the thing, your in still in trouble.
      I've got to try my way through the wifi bit again. Just to see if I can get controls, and can you believe this is a F7 and the filpover mode doesn't show up in the betaflight Mode Tab. Hell if that isn't a looser on the which FC to buy if you ask me. Definitely means you would spend a lot of time fetching the thing out of a tree.
       The next thing I might have to do is switch it over to the 45 amp Spedix esc because the 60amp Hobbywing has hit the river and I don't know if it is any good anymore.
       Yesterday I saw an Electric longbouder with large backpack on back.
       Next thing I noticed a couple 5" tri-blades on his back. I wonder who gave him that idea?
      Frustrating to say the least. I think it's been two months since I last flown.

Nothing like war to transfer the wealth in the Stockmarket.
Makes be wonder whether Biden cashes out Putin.
       You know it would probably the most cost effective way to do it.
       I went from -30% to -10% then back to -25.8% at the end of today.
       I didn't know I had invested in pennies stocks when I started out.

Funny thing:
Lighting E-motors expanded their facility
       You would think just making a deal with General Motors would make the stock go up but when you factor in is that they only expect to produce 20,000 vehicles next year and double that the following year.
       It's not enough to do GM any good when much of it will be just bare frames and suspensions.

Now that I've wasted how much time?
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 26th, 2022:
I've determined that my R9 module burned up.
And that the Matek 722-HD is not defective.
       However, I have determined that the Jumper T Pro "is defective."
       I must have flashed the firmware to the TX and RX at least a half a dozen times.
       Had to lower the packet rate before it would even hold a bind and eventually the Link Quality would go down to critical levels and eventually loose the telemetry and then the connection all together.
       My guess is the the module inside the Jumper T is overheating. Not good.

At least I know I have a good 60amp Hobbywing ESC
It was disarmed when it hit the water so we're good on that.
       I'll be returning the Jumper T and I've already ordered a BetaFPV Exspress LRS module for my X9D, therefore Rule# 1, by next weekend I should be back in the air again.

What does Ukraine mean to you and me.
Certainly not oil, but it is the largest supply source of Titanium in the world.
       Yeah that stuff we FPV pilots are suppose to throw away when we bend a titanium shaft on our motors, along with the best kind of magnets and quality aluminum and copper.
       Not only light weight components will end up scarce but the pastel tint based paint will go up in price too, or just get worse coverage.
       Ukraine has something better than oil I'd say.

I want to thank You.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 10
February 27th, 2022:
Talking about the people who make up the numbers in my Stats.
Anyone with any common sense would tell you that the numbers of visitors hitting my site has gone up since....
       I've been making uploads every day or two, instead of the two or three times per month."
       I figure that by transitioning to my own hot spot has influenced the increase in daily visitors by a substantial amount.
       I'm delighted to say that it is most likely you who has fallowed me through this journey and I'm betting on the fact that you just like my style of writing.
       It is that you've been around awhile and it can be measured.

I would also like to thank the people who have been reading my book.
       One of the smartest things I've ever done in my life is posting excerpts of my Lousy Book on the home page.
       Believe me when I say that my book has carried it's weight when I wasn't posting more frequently.
      ; I admire the way Casey Nas would pack a backpack full of cameras to perform story lines. But around here, you'd probably have trouble with getting a camera stolen. I'm thinking maybe it it was my mistake not starting of with just a go pro.
      The digital stabilization would do a better job on skateboards and drones. I just don't like watching myself fly heavy drones, although I'm optimistic that the Thumb might be just what I'm looking for at least in the drone department.
      And oh, this Jumper T....
      One of the AUX channels(I think ch-11.) just bounces all over hell. I've never seen such a thing. Guessing it's noise but I don't know if it's some telemetry, but I'm game to ignore the warnings and I just want to fly the thing.
      Everything seemed to work before hand but then the video decided too go haywire during the process.
       Had a Rush Tank sitting here on the bench for this drone for awhile. The thing that is very exciting about this drone is that it's the better and more current technology I usually use as my backup. Let's hook it up, see if this thing will fly.
      Oh yeah,looking into this ELRS system is what I would say is a big mistake. The fact that most manufactures have got with the SMA antenna plug than a RSMA. It's just inferior and a bad choice. (At least on fat sharks we leave the adapters on the goggles.) Need I say that it's the female side that can go bad more often?
      Come on. I've already got a really nice rsma 2.4 antenna from years ago.
      What kind of shit is this?

I flew today.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
February 28th, 2022:
The jumper T bitched about the telemetry constantly.
They thing certainly has problems with getting it to bind. Half the time it doesn't want to bind and I have to turn off and on the TX and unplug and plugin again just to get it to work for me. Something is seriously wrong with the thing.
       I could tell there was less latency, but I think I'm more comfortable on full size gimbals.
       Don't care for the switch placement either.
      I tied to use the vibrator to tell me if its armed or disarmed. I only wanted it to vibrate on disarmed so I can tell were I stand when I have music in my ears. Unless I can figure out how to operate with logic switches differently I'm stuck with either it vibrating on both or just armed only. Armed I can see in my goggles. Therefore there is no way to confirm if I disarmed after a crash. (It's a deal breaker.)The two momentary buttons not good for anything other than a buzzer. The three position rocker switches just seem weird to me somehow.

I've got to try my luck at installing a boot-loader for Edge-TX onto my X9D
At least it came home with the same props it started out with.

Maybe not the smartist thing I've done.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
March One, 2022:
As to whether my book excerpts are even worth a damn.
They could be some weird ass shit tha is actually causing controversy.t
       And the results is that their is more attention to my book excerpts.
       I was going to shut down my book excerpts because of my realization that someone could have hacked my web-site and switched out all my book chapters for fake ones. Then when you think about it , it would happen to be some of the ones they would rather not you even know about.

But really, it's only a lousy book.
I'd tell you where you could probably get the close=ist thing to the real thing is paying for it to a company that will tell me that I didn't sell a damn thing.
      But let me assure to that they will obligate me to the IRS to pay taxes on a book that I've been told they didn't sell a damn thing .
Let me tell you about officer Moore.
I'm not shitting to you one bit.
This cop in Oceanside pulled me over for skating on my Electric Skateboard.
Damn, I swear, He even admitted he was making up laws.
      This barbaric animal could end up arresting me and throw me in jail for something that would not even taken to trial.
       This guy is trying to tell the only guy I've seen in Oceanside within almost two years, who has ridden a skateboard with reflectors on the side.

Waring a helmet with a rear reflector, A headlight.
Not going more than 20 mph.
       Gonna tell him that he can't do what was in the guidelines of the California state laws cordoning to how you are suppose to ride an electric skateboard legally.
       When it come to this idiot, he could have me tripling my carbon foot print in less than a month.
       The son of a bitch has a hard on for me and that's not joke.
       The son of a bitch is telling me that I'm suppose to be riding oin the sidewalk even though they are clearly marketed not too.
       Moore said that they were not Enforcing that bit with the side walks.
       Tell me what the law is folks.
       This is the game where you have cops who think they can run you out of town, but you know damn well that the next town over is just more of the same but you are starting out from scratch.

My Fly woo seems to be working.
       All I need is a VTX for my backup quad and it is as good as in the air.
       For those of you who don't know; I like to fly the older technology and use the newest and the greatest as a back up. that way you are not going to end up is an old out dated piece of shit when you brake your rig.

And yeah, I could tel the difference in the Rush Tank.
Well, you know.... /p>

Gotta Barbaric Animal in Power.
Rule Numbers: 1, 4 & 26
March 4rd, 2022:
The kind of thing you will get when you are breeding stupid people
It's even worse when you don't have the intelligence to stop him before he creates a nuclear disaster.
       I thought doing such a thing was a war crime and I'm surprised that it's not front page news like it should.
       Funny how you never get a good reason why Putin wants Ukraine, other than the passed history he doesn't mention why the place means so much to them.

Israel should have loaned Ukraine a few segments of the Iron Dome missile shield.
They are bought and paid for by the US Taxpayers so why didn't they just give them some Iron Dome.
       I'd like to mention something I have observed:
       The Afghans chased down moving planes to cling to as an effort to leave their country.
       The Ukrainians showed up for guns and willing to fight for their country.
       However we're not exactly comparing the same kind of Apple
       The US left the Barbarians in Afghanistan $24 Billion worth of War machinery.
       None the less, from what I see is the Ukraine's have shown what a few balls of fire can do.

I think one of the most difficult part of this war must be:
It's when you live in Moscow and your Father lives in Ukraine.
And your country is is at war with his.
Could very well be invading your old neighborhood by blowing things up and killing people you know.
       And it's your tax dollar providing the ability to do.
       I still say, its all about the Titanium.

Can you believe BetaFPV?
Once I received the Express-LRS Module.
       It appeared that they had it set-up to up date by WiFi just by the looked of the screen on the back.
       The sad part is that BetaFPV had taken down the web-page to the new Black 1000 mw with OSD.
       As a result of that the only file I could find is a file for the 1000 mw and that was were the mistake happened.
       In guess I was hopping the luw Script would cover the lack of screen at the moment, but the mistake is that I didn't check before I force flashed. So for now I have to take on the task of adding a new bootloader to my X9D so I can put Edge on it and then I need to get a LUW script working and at the same time try to find the proper firmware for the BetaFPV ELRS Module.
       Well the flash did work part of the way because they bound together but I have no information upon what wattage it's on; which I'm guessing is 25mw.
       It was easier to just shorten the sticks on the Jumper-T, which actually makes it more comfortable and with the buttons being more reachable or less awkward I might say.
       Made it vibrate on both arm and dis-arm and added an extra sound track of Engine-Off and there is a Window for channel monitoring that has the front page information I need, so I have a longer sound track and a visual. All I need is a VTX for my backup quad. Don't like these Cyclone props.

10 Day of Putin releasing his Evil
Rule Numbers: 1, 10, 26 & 35
March 6th, 2022:
I'm guessing no one wants to talk about
the Titanium Putin is after.

Rule #1 in a big way.
       You can't even imagine how important the mineral happens to be about with anything mechanical these days.
       If it has to be strong and light, it's the go to.

So nice to be back on the Taranus
At one point, the transmitter was only giving me a black screen and constant Vibration.
Managed to get it to a near version of Open TX with crossfire working.
I'm pretty confident I'll be able to get Edge on in now that I figured out just one of the mutable ways to up date this equipment and mind you that every way has several way one can screw up the process. Then once you get one of them down, you think about how simple it is actually.
       I can't believe,
      I was thinking of cutting back on the power of my quad because the throttle was too touchy for me.
       But once I was back on the Taranus, with the full sizes gambles with higher resolution,... the power seemed to be in control again.

Two days flying and crashed twice
But still rocking the same set of props.
       Oh, another one of those not so smart move from the people who provide us with these FPV components.
       This stupid move has to do with the developers of Express LRS.
       Apparently all the 2.4 modules made by all the manufactures are using SMA antenna connection instead of the better RSMA we were using three years ago.
       I myself even have a real nice one and I know that if I could match the UFL connection I could convert over to the longer lasting connection.
       But then again, the component I wanted a couple years ago, the SWR meter sure would be nice because without one, a person could convert over to better R-SMA Connection, lead and antenna and still burn it up because of a bad SWR match.
       You can change all that stuff on a receiver with no problem but a transmitter requires a good SWR reading.
       Oh well, these FPV post never draw much attention, so I'll just go now.

Copper, Nickle, Cobalt & Titanium
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
March 8th, 2022:
We can't handle the loss of the 10% he supplies.
At the same time we have sanctions on Venezuela.
       From what I gather is that the value of the US dollar is propped up by the oil that is bought from Saudi Arabia.
       And are we actually stupid enough to let an Evil Dictator go after and take raw materials that is worth much more than his 10% oil supply?

I should have stayed with my original holding.
I went from primarily holding steel companies to lithium and electric vehicles
       Then on top of that I just can't see why BYD is around $52 when it was in the high 60's and last quarter they've managed to produce much more then their competition.
       Cleveland-Cliffs and Piedmont Lithium are my best positions these days and I wish I had more than only one share of Tower Semiconductor because that one is ahead by 27% right now.
       Yeah gotta laugh. My NIO is down 53%

Since we keep printing money....
Rule Numbers: 65 & 85
March 19th, 2022:
We no longer keep enough Gold to shore up the value of the US Dollar.
So we made a deal with Saudi Arabia to only sale oil with the use of US Dollars.
       I recently learned this agreement happen in 2010 or earlier and I'm guessing that it is the very reason why the leader of Saudi Arabia was the first leader of a foreign country Donald Trump meet with.

Prior to those sanctions Venezuela.
Venezuela was either producing or exporting 3 million barrels of oil per day. With the possibility to produce 5 million per day.
       Those sanction reduced the production of oil in Venezuela to one fifth of that prior figure.
       I think it is obvious that the US government's goal was to eliminate any competition with Saudi Arabia.
       Now the ironic part of it is now that we have sanctioned Russia, the Biden administration is reconsidering the idea of easing sanctions on Venezuela.
       I would also like to add that China hasn't been happy with our arrangement and how we pulled out of Afghanistan. Therefore China has been talking to Saudi Arabia about buy oil without the use of American Dollars.
      I don't know about you, but I can thing of the implications to that situation. One thing for sure: the value of your American dollar sure doesn't buy much gas now days.

The thing that amazes me:
Is that Putin can even get his army to do what they are doing.
       While I was in Australia's Department of Immigration's detention centre trying to get political asylum my best friend was a Russian soccer player who defected after competing in the Olympics over there.
       He said he like living in the detention centre better than being in the Russia Army. He said the Russia government would make them sleep in underground bunkers. While inside those bunkers they would have to turn off the lights for five or ten minutes at a time and then turn them on again with their guns in hand just to shoot the rats that would come out of the cracks.
       He said that the rats have a chemical in their saliva that would numb anything they would nibble on and said there were men who would wake up with there ears, nose and lips chewed off.
       I often wonder if they shipped him back and what the Russia government would do to him once they did.

Strange how we don't hear or see about what is going on in Afghanistan any more.

Rule #85
All I had to do is walk into Walmart to hear about what my so called friend just did.

Yeah, with friend like that who needs enemies?
Over and over I've learned I'd rather spend my time alone.

It was Richard Nixon
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
March 23-25, 2022:
Who stopped the US from using Gold Reserves to shore up the value of the dollar
Shortly after that the arrangement with Saudi Arabia was made.
      As an answer to my last post, I found an article at Quartz ( this week.
       At the moment only 2.48% of the reserves are in Yuan and 55% is in US. I'd get more into the explaining it all but I would rather tell you to check out the article yourself if you are interested.
       The take away is that it is unlikely that the Chinese will succeed at their attempt to get Saudi Arabia to sell oil in Yuan instead of dollars because the value of the Riyal is tied to the US Dollar.

The Stock market recovered some.
I was down 30% a few weeks ago.
       Today 3-23 I saw that I was only down 13% for a couple hours and finished out the day at -17%.
       Piedmont Lithium, one of my better stocks is pulling a Richard Brandson by planing to offer 1.75m shares at $65 per share.
       I only wish I was paying more attention because my average was about $59 and it had made it to $75 but was down to $69 before I found out about what they were doing so I sold all but one share just to watch it. Kinna pisses me off.
       The last week was a pretty good rebound for 6 days of green, but yesterday 3-23 it went red on me and today 3-24 it was 0%.
      Update 3-25: Goes to show you that I know about enough about the stock market to be dangerous at it. The price of PLL never even got close to $65 as it sold those new shares and it rebounded to $75 so even though I made $10 per share, I'm actually lost out on my move to sale my shares.
       I picked up a couple more shares of Magna to average down because they say it should to go up to about $90. I also bought some Green Power knowing it's bound to go up too. None the less, I'm just going to sit on more than half the money from PLL and wait for a sell off so I can get back into it in some degree. I also bought another share of BYDDY
       Even though I'm down by 15% on my account, if it went to 0% I maybe ahead about $300-400 on my initial investment because of the profits taken from the times I've sold off shares and reinvested them.

On the Quadcopter front.I manage to get the Matek 405 STD working
But just like the Flywoo, I can't get the beeper to work.
What blows my mind is that on the STD, the channel mapping is out of order and I just don't get it because the Flywoo was working on the same receiver willing to fly but without a beeper.
      I guess I've got to check my channel order in Beta flight again but than again, something tells me I should re-flash the receiver.
       And yes, I'm trying to set both quads up as the same model on my Transmitter.
      I've been studying quite a bit because Betafight has so many new features and I need to know what is what however, the next time I by a new Flight Controller, it's going to be a Fettech Kiss. It's only $12 more than the Matek F722 I bought; I just hope they hold up as well as a Matek.

From what I learned, Russia has already lost most of their smartest people
Richard Brandson and Elon Musk picked up on most of their Rocket Scientist.
       The result is that you can bet the Russian government and industries were stealing from and snuffing out their independent private inventors, therefore they've been selective breeding stupid people for a long time and by the way they've been fighting a war, you can tell that I'm right because they sure didn't cover all their bases.
       It's sad that the US is a country that has rolled perfectly good airplanes overboard and out fitted other with remote controls just to use them as targets for practice, BUT we are too damn tight to give the Ukrainians a few airplanes.
       We've got a shit load of older models we us a trainers and yet we give away some of our most modern F35's to countries like Israel.
       Just were is our common sense?
       I wish Poland would just give Ukraine some of those Mig Fighter Jets, because it would be a more even playing field and just go to show all of you just what happens when you are selective breeding stupid people. I have a strong feeling that the Ukrainians are smarter than the Russians.
       But what do I know?

I had to laugh at what Catie Curic
She appeared on Kelly Clarkson's show today, promoting her new media company.
She said she started it because there was so much mis-information out there.
      The funny part is that Speilberg paid her to do a blue screened interview to paste into Obama's second inauguration which he was in prison.
       She sure knows how to profit from mis-information.

I was a bit surprised when I looked over my Stats
Of course it's the time of year when the numbers start to go back up.
But the surprising thing is that I can tell there are many of you how have read all the book excerpts.
       It didn't take long before I figured out that much.
       Funny how agents and book publishers acted like no one would be interested.
      Well at least there are some of you who know just what kind of shit I've had to go through.

If history repeats itself.
Rule Numbers: 4, 10, 12, 26 & 40
April 9th, 2022:
When there is an inversion a recession is likely to fallow.
The interest on 2 year note is higher than the 10 year.
       It's got a lot of people invested in the stock market wondering when it will crash.
       Other than the past week, the two prior were pretty good.
       I went from -30% to -6% to -20%.
       My EV stocks are what I would call long term investments but they have me wishing I didn't invest in them because there are some that may go to zero if a recession did come on and they are too far down to sell at a loss in my opinion.
      I've been trying to prepare myself for the worst as if the market tanked.
      Eventhough my portfolio lost value this week, I managed to take some profit by transferring my funds around between my mining stocks.

Looks as though Biden's round and about way of bailing out the auto manufactures fell through.
Talking about trying to pour tax payer's money into the raw material development for EV's.
       Actually, it would be a lousy appropriation of more debit.
       To fast track the development of EV's should cost a thing if you understand what has been holding it back.
       There is already plenty of money available for these supply chains from the private sector who have been already investing in them. No matter how much money is poured into these mining and development companies, you can't fast track anything unless the red tape of the the granting of permits are fast tracked and that really don't cost more than a few signatures.
      The two things that hold up progress is the environment studies and the people who are worried about endangered species.
      As far as the environment goes: we already know how to protect it, they just need to make sure that things are done properly. As far as the so called endangered species: Species have come one gone for centuries and it really isn't the end of the world if a few goes extinct. For the most part they will usually learn to adapt and survive. Like the spotted owl that shut down the logging industry: I learned of a government worker who surveyed the situation. He said if he told them what he found, that he would probably be out of a job because the spotted owl prefers to live along the edges of clear cuts. The Spotted Owls live on field mice and snakes and things that are easier for them to find in the clear cuts.

In an effort to raise they profit margin, at Ford, the United Auto Workers Union supplying Temp workers.
The question is whether they will stay longer than a half a shift. It's what happens when they can make more than $16 per hour at McDonald's
It's a sure sign that the UAW isn't doing anyone any favors.
       I figure that most of what the UAW is doing will only help the Big Three make it to their demise because the UAW is Ripping off the people they represent.
       It's what you get when you place middle men in between you and you medical care and retirement funds.
       I'm sure all Unions do it because offering 401k's are the perfect way for them to invest in several different funds and some obviously will do better than the others. Therefore you can bet they will offer the most profitable returns to people who pay them kick back money for the better retirement funding. I could be wrong, but I seriously don't think so.

It only takes two days
Before the rumors catch up to me.
       I've moved around to three locations this week and no doubt I've got a tail.
       Regardless, I seem to enjoy myself more in other towns than existing in Oceanside. The only thing that keeps me near Oceanside is my Post Office Box and my drone park.
      It appears that the rent for the P.O. Boxes have increased so I think it's a good time to shop around for some other place.
       I would like to mention that one of the advantages of not living in Oceanside is that I'm staying in places where there has been less phony rumors planted and yet people seem to already know about me and the already know that I'm not a child molester so it's like living with less lies surrounding me.
       Get this: I was actually helping a guy who didn't know how to skate teach his little girl how to drop in and skate in general. And today as a little blond girl waved good bye to me, I reminisced of that last time I pulled out of the driveway of the shop in Parkland WA, and the two little girls standing on the side of the street, waving good bye to me.
       Needless to say, a better quality of life and less riff raft.

How can I say that it is no surprise to me anymore.
Talking about walking into a store in a different part of the county and hearing the stock boys or anyone for that matter say, "Sunnyside is here."
I realize that if I go to a skate park I can expect to hear, "he's dropping in" and "he's grinding now."
At least that is what I've been hearing the last few days and I've got to admit that's better than the shit I have to hear about in Oceanside.
       But a Milestone it has been for me, at least in a small scale because I'm only dropping in from 3-4 feet and only grinding copping that is down low in a snake run.
       But I've gotta say that dropping in certainly helps me get higher on the walls of the bowls and closer to the copping in them. I should mention that I seem to do better when there isn't anyone around and I'm more focused.

Need I say anything more about Smith?
Other than: aren't the people in Hollywood full of them self?
       Shit, it's all about the ratings.

You know what is annoying to me?
       It's when I has a stupid person complain to me about the stupidity of others.

On Elon Spending his Money:
Rule Numbers: 4, 23, 26 & 40
April 15th, 2022:
My first impression was that there are better things for Elon Musk to spend his money on.
But then after thinking about the content I posted on both Myspace and Facebook that disappeared.
       I wouldn't doubt the auto manufactures spent a shitload of money on advertising with a few conditions attached.

Buying Twitter may just end up being another good thing Elon has done for all of us. It would be the first good thing he has done for us either.
None the less, I can think of several other things I would rather see such money spent on, but then I guess there will be just that much more money from where that money came from.
       But then again, I bet if he bought it, just because he would own it, the increase in value of the shares would almost be like doubling his money.
       Boy would those share spike.

Funny how the people in Oceanside can spread the polar opposite of rumors.
I would rather be a little modest and not repeat what one lady said to her kids about me the other day.
       None the less, it was something I heard a few times when I was out of town the last few weeks.
       Though anyone would be proud to hear such things said about them self, the first thing that comes to my mind is Rule Number 23 and thinking they are jumping the gun.
       The thing is, the politicians still have not changed the patent laws back and they still have you all breeding stupid people and it's been years that they have been saying so.
      Nothing has changed other than it's quite clear I've made many of you aware of what is happening to the human race.
       The thing that annoys me is I keep running across stupid people trying to tell me about things they think are stupid.

The USFL made it to the second year
Eight teams kicking things off Next Week.
They have the help of Fox and NBC
Wish them luck.

I had a guy tell me:
When his any of kids fall, that they should get right up and try it again.
       I told him he should re-think that idea, because considering my age, you really don't know if you actually hurt yourself and just going at it again right away could only compound the damage into a more serious injury.
       If I fall, I have to decide if I actually hurt anything and if I think I did, then the best thing I can do is call it a day.
       Last week it was pretty hot out so I didn't ware my hip pads and fell. I thought I had hurt my hip a little, so I called it a day and later realized that the fall actually torqued my back which was actually much more painful than the hip the next day. It's taken over a week to recovered from the fall and now looking forward to get back at it again.
       I hope I still have the strength I worked up in my legs I had last week later.

God help us....
Shit, it only take 6 months to be a cop
      Something I think should take at least four years worth of collage to be able to do.
       But no, you can get the 6 months worth of training paid for free and then you can go put a bullet in the back of someone's head.

Only in America,
where we have the monopoly on killing people.

We'll kill another inventor tomorrow.
       It's the law, but you won't see anyone protesting in the streets over it.
      And there are people who think that the guns are the problem.
      Talking about stupid people talking about stupid things.

Rule # 10
Just because you see it on TV
doesn't mean it is actually true.

Rule Numbers: 4, 9, 10, 16, 21, 28, 40 & 42
April 21st, 2022:
Talking about the commercial a politician is running on tv.
The one where they show a Tesla screwing up while not so self driving....
      Come on: they don't even show the whole steering wheel.
       It's a trick by them using their knee to turn the steering wheel.
       So they are suggesting that they can put an FPV drone in the air and know exactly within a few minutes when the self driving vehicle is going to make a mistake.
       Anyone with half a brain can tell you that if they had to correct the AI on the turn once, it's not likely that it will make the same mistake twice.
       It's more likely that the politician has received a boat load of money from the United Auto Workers Union to make the phony commercial.
       Even more likely that Elon Musk and I both have the big three auto makers using their Union to make our lives more complicated than it is already.
      Wouldn't it be nice if Elon would throw some money at some lawyers to sue the politician and the United Auto Workers Union for slander.

Rule # 42: Its been two days in a row
While I was at a skate park in another town, there has been skaters from Oceanside showing up with the phony child molester rumors.

I was going to say something but:
       There was plenty of other kids who were able to tell them that they were wrong. That being said, it's better them saying so than me because:
       If I say anything, they are less likely to believe me.
       For instance: I've learned to realize that people are so stupid, that if I tell them that Steven Speilberg was in prison for ten years, they won't even believe me.
       Because: better than 9 out of 10, they will never even ask what he was in for; and even less likely to believe me if I actually tell them the reason he was in prison.
       Yeah, that just show just how stupid people actually are. But of course, most people actually think they are smarter than they actually are, but better said is that people just don't care that they are not as smart as they should be. Its Rule # 16 no doubt.

So excepting:
Transgender that is.

In New Jersey they are allowing Transgender men into women's prisons
Yet they can't figure out why so many women are getting pregnant.
Funny how gullible people are.
With a little lipstick, there is no stopping the trend.
Shit, just give them birth control and let both sexes go to the same prison.
      But then again, you would have problems with women getting raped in prison now wouldn't you?
       Just thinking ahead, something people are less likely to do now that they have you all barbaric animals for people.

NASA takes for ever to get anywhere with their rockets.
And they do it so over budget.
Yet the FAA will approve a launch for NASA in a heart beat.
While Space X has to wait for a launch they could have done last month.
       Holding up progress is the thing to do when you would rather deal with stupid people.

Good Reddens Orrin Hatch
Rule Numbers: 65 & 66
April 25th, 2022: A very good day.
The evil bastard took up a seat in the Senate for 42 years.
The world is a better place without him, none the less we are left with the damage to the intellect of human race he helped cause.
      If you are unaware, he is one of the two who created the Bill in which motivated the politicians to have Bill Clinton sign on to joining the GATT Treaty.
       The GATT Treaty is a Treaty that was originally created in 1947 after the war in the European countries and the significance of it is the it changed the frame of time for a patent start ticking away once the patent application was filed instead of once the patent was granted.
       Therefore, since the clock was already ticking away while the application is still pending and therefore there is was no longer any motivation to get the patents granted to the inventor in order to get the term of the patent ticking away because the patent was already ticking and the only motivation left is the motivation to make sure the inventor would have not money to pay to proceed though the office actions of the pending patent application to actually see it granted to full protection.
       The result is the the inventor will have their phone rigged. Their job disappear and very likely discover that there is phony child molester rumors that fallow them ever where they go.
      For example, both Canada and Great Britain has had these ridiculous terms much longer than the US and it took me 7 years to receive a patent in Great Britain. That resulted in only 13 years of true protection.
      As for my Canadian patent, it took me 11 year to get it granted, so I was only granted 9 years of true protection. And here is the real stinger. For the full 20 years in both countries, the inventor has to pay annual maintenance fees that increase year after year, even while the patent application is still pending.

So It looks as though we are going to continue on down the path of selective breeding Hatch and his Senator Patrick Leahy got US started on. I seriously don't think I have to do any research to find out if this is the third year in which the number of patent applications file in the US has declined. Its just a given we've already eliminated up to two generations of offspring because of the lousy patent laws Bill Clinton and Barack Obama signed into order. If the same kind of thing happened to any species of animal, we know they would go extinct.

Needless to say, I would like to see some kind of restitution for all of US inventors who got pushed aside because of these guys. If the rest of you want to carry on cherishing their legacy, just go ahead and show the rest of us just how comfortable you are with being as stupid as you are. These two wanted you all stupid from the get go.
If you would like to read the bit I wrote in 2006:

Bad Lawmakers in PooP

On Zelenskyy running the Offensive moves.
Glad to see he got his hand on a few missiles that have more then a 75 mile range.
You have to admit those Ukrainians are kicking butt.
       Aren't you all glad to see a leader who didn't just hop on a plane with as much money as they can and leave their citizens to fend for themselves?
       Shit, if I remember right, the US government offered to help him do just that.

Oh yeah, more on that bit I posted last time:
Talking about the US Politician who sponsored a defamatory commercial on TV.
       Hell, they got stupid people on the East Coast vandalizing other people's Teslas.
       I gotta say that some people do not have a clue.

Like Bill Gates:
What the hell is going on in his head?
He spends his money shorting Tesla's stock by a half a billion dollars and then he asks Elon Musk for money for Gate's charities.
       Yeah I had to laugh myself.

I'd say, look at the house you live in Bill and then look at mine.
       Heck, all of Elon's wealth is tied up in Philanthropy.
       And you don't see Elon buying up a shit load of farms either.
       And need I say, Elon didn't earn his wealth by stealing someone else's code (DOS) and selling it to IBM.

Yeah we've got shit heads of all types.
It probably wasn't me.
       Talking about my stench.
       You should have seen the black water that my wrist, knee and elbow pads created when I washed them today..
       It's the wrist pads that stink the worst when they get bad.
       Oh yeah, I'm back to riding a Popsicle stick board with wedged ACE's at the parks. It's just too difficult to pull off a fakey while going fast so I just made my T-Funk Baker board turn faster so that it's not so difficult to transition back to a traditional board design.
      I'm glad someone got wise a Poods and did a background check on me. They were sure to tell everyone else that was there yesterday.
      But then that's not the only annoying thing about skate parks.
      To be honest, I'm getting a little bored with it all. I need something else to do with my time and I think kite surfing is the thing I should try but I can't afford it until sometime nest year.
      Oh well, I've got to get off my butt for awhile.

Winner by a long shot!
Rule Numbers: 1, 4, 10, 16, 26 & 40
May 8th, 2022:
Talking about the Kentucky Derby.
Boy, wouldn't you wish you had a few thousand dollars on that horse?
       If you did, CONGRATULATIONS!

It's a good segue to my stock market bit.
       I'm running about 30 percent down, but as funny as it may sound: last week I couldn't help myself and I invested another hundred dollars just averaging down some of my most loosing stocks and buying more of my favorites.
       I bought more of Nio, Cleveland Cliffs, Lithium Americas, Xpeg Inc and Virgin Galactic and couldn't help myself from buying more Workhorse and Volta.
       Since they are now considered penny stocks I bought few more more Arrival, Volta, and Cbak Energy tech.
       Now the next question is whether next week will make me feel like a fool because I just may have forgot this country is under control of the Biden administration and things are set to fail. None the less, I saw a few things that resembled a bottoming out and I'll kick myself in the ass if the better deals are still around the corner. Update: 5-9-22 Yes I could have saved $6-10.
       It's sad to think that a recovery is still three years ahead of us, but then again, doesn't it look like his wife in standing in for his public appearance's and from what I've seen, she is already telling him what to do.

Damn, I had a whole list of topics to cover and I can't seem to find them in this mess I happen to live in.
However if you haven't learned by now, I pretty much live elsewhere.
That is NOT in Oceanside.
But then again, I do have a post Office Box here and I have to show up to pick up my orders and I do like flying my Quad in the park I put together down by the river.
       Can you believe I got my Quad stuck in the same tree as the last time I flew? However this time it wasn't so easy to get it out.
       Shit, when I think about it, the last three times I flew I got stuck in a tree.

Hopefully the next time I post:
I'll be showing you all just how much money I will be throwing into the trash can.
       This is because even though this hobby of mine has some of the most talented and smartest people in the world developing it, the industries that supply it are either the dumbest son of a bitches or they think people have money to burn and don't care how much of their product ends up in a land fill completely unused.

Oh Yeah, I've been watching "The Drop Out,"on on Hulu....
Let me say that the biggest crime of the Theranos story was committed by the United States Patent Office, (USPO.)
The United States Patent Office enabled the fraud committed by Elisabeth Holmes by granting Holmes fraudulent patents.
       Has clearly shown that the USPO will patent Ideas that are not necessarily inventions.
       The US law makers made it possible for Trolls to receive patents that are veg in which the only purpose for them is to create interference for true inventors. These otherwise worthless patent are used to persuade true inventors to buy the worthless patents in order to avoid a long drawn out law suit.

The USPO enabled the fraud committed by Elizabeth Holmes.
Since Holmes had a few patents on an unproven idea, she was able to attract investment from investors.
       You can't say the patents granted to her ever disclosed an mechanism that actually worked.
       Back in the day, an invention, or should I say that a patent application required that not only that the invention would work, but the invention needed to be marketable also.
       It was the very reason that there was an exception called the Experimental Exemption.
       It was so that an inventor could build a proto-type and put it to work in order to refine it by working out the bugs, just as I did by changing the operating system. However, since Obama changed the patent laws to "First to File," the whole idea of Experimental Exemption is out of the question, or should I say past history and nonexistent?
       As an example, I receive two patents featuring the synchronized system and I don't consider the original operating system described in those patents was even marketable, but then again there could be several different type of operating systems designed for it.
      I should mention that someone stole the first page of the Hydraulic Sequencing chapter from my text book that would have discouraged me from using the method. I eventually changed the operating system to a better sequenced system.
       Get this: I would like to mention that not only did someone steal the first page of the Hydraulic Sequencing chapter from my text book, but two or three years later, someone place the missing page back into my text book.
       I could go on and on about what I've already disclosed in my book, none the less, this bit is about the way thing are going by the way of the United State Patent Office not always honoring the inventor and the integrity of their inventions. The USPO is also providing the ability to create interference against inventors and their progress to invent.
       To say the least, the USPO is controlled by the corporate dollar and not necessarily the well being of the intellectual minds and their intellectual property.

This post just got side-tracked.
Rule Numbers: 4, 26 & 40
May 14th, 2022:
Its all because of Elon Musk and the Everyday Astronaut.
I just watched the most enjoyable/interesting/informative post on Youtube.
       It wasn't just a tour of Starbase, but an interview including Andy Krebs, the Director of Starship Launch Engineering.
       Damn, as dumb as I am, I understood everything they talked about, and even amusing to hear that #20 isn't even planed to launch ever and it's because of optimization's they have achieved since they began assembling #20.
       It was interesting to hear Elon say that he has had second thoughts, or should I say several, that the front flaps my prove unnecessary.
       As for now they have moved the placement for the flaps just because of pressurization. Something I had in the back of my mind all along. The same kind of thing goes for the Grid Flaps on the Booster which they think only needs two and maybe a small third one. I should also mention that the Grid Fins they are using now are even smaller than the ones they've used before.
       It all has to do with the center of pressurization and the center of mass and that I would imagine a computer isn't able to simulate near as well as a proto-type.
       I get the impression that Elon has doubts about the success of re-entry of the nest orbital launch of the Starship, but he is willing to gamble on using the launch to dispense a cargo of satellites with what he describes as a cross between a pezz dispenser and a mechanical pallet stacking machine included. Something that could work differently on zero gravity.
      Above all is the effort to make launching cost less than a billion dollars per ton is what they are striving for because Elon said, "that is what really matters."
       I get the impression that one of his goals are to get it down to about $100,000 per ton before we can even consider going to Mars.
       I could go on and on about this, but I would rather just suggest checking out the video for yourself if you don't think it will be over your head.

Moving on to the notes I've been taking down this week.
First I'd like to thank Rand Paul for taking that check book away from Biden this week.
Like where in hell did Biden come up with the $40 Billion dollar figure to hand over to Ukraine?
I'm not against helping out Ukraine, but I think there is better ways to do it.
       Cutting a check for $40 Billion would not only water down every dollar we have and even cause more inflation, it would open the door for our defiance contractors to soak the shit out of that check.
       Better played would be handing over some of our over stock of defense weapons we've already paid for and let out own government determine the price that is paid for replenishment. Let's just say there is better ways to get more bang for the buck and just handing over a large sum of money because it isn't going to buy anyone out of a war.

---More to come----
Get this:
       Yesterday I had a guy try to recruit me to fly my drone along the side of the freeway to find a bag of money.
       Yeah, for some reason I felt it wasn't just money but a mighty fin way of landing my ass in jail.
      Funny how Elon Tweeted about how people were voting for Biden thinking they would see less drama. none the less, I should say the ever since Biden was placed in Office my life has been filled with nothing but DRAMA. Just creepy to say the least. Only if I would have know how to handle things as I do now when I was younger. But then again, nobody can predict that someone else can write into a script.

I've probably got my priorities wrong.
       Here I am, wondering is swapping out the receiver on my backup drone will get me the Buzzer I need, when I should be learning how to use a video editor.
       I kick myself in the ass every time I sit down to write these posts because something tells me I could cover more topic faster if I just used notes and posted the videos.
       I'm all set up for it, I just have to make time to do it.
      Damn, where can I find the motivation?
      I know it has to be easier than this in a long run because it's all about the rate of data input, something Elon has talked about before and I fell I'm dogging myself.
       It's something to do with the realization after meeting a young man named Austin yesterday. Like I have something more to offer and I need to reinvent myself in order to make a larger impact.
       For instance I spent 5-6 hour in the last couple day teaching tips and tricks about flying FPV and I just need to get about 4 hours of it on videos and then there would be a lot of folks learning what the other guys are not telling you about. To say the least it would save a lot of guy a lot of trouble. now I could even get into it farther, but I know it would be just easier if I was to put it all on a video. So dam, I just have to apply my self but right now all I feel like doing is putting my pads on and going for a bowl ride.
       Another funny thing. I can actually watch the evening news a 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Yeah, it's a script. Something well planed out and designed to keep you happy.
       Sorry but this internet connection is extremely slow. Maybe later I will post more of the topics I had planed for.
       I'm going to go out and get some exercise for now, so Later.

Sorry, but I just have to laugh.
Rule Numbers: 4, 26, 35 & 40
May 22, 2022:
Just a couple of things that appeared on the news, but just disappeared.
I'm sure the reason for not hearing about it more than once is because of the law the government has is if they say you can't say anything about something, you're braking the law.
      Like the shortage of Baby formula.
       Hell I saw shelf's full of baby formula and from what I recall is they said they had at least four warehouses full of it.
      It's all down along the border and the department of immigration has it on hand for the illegal refugees that come across the border each day.
       They say they come for a better life but our quality of life is what we loose for trying to be the nice guy and do what we think is the thing to do.
      The fact of the matter is we don't have the homes for them and we end up paying a fortune for what we are able to buy.
       Its lowering the standard of living for everyone who happens to be a US citizen.

Its just an example of how people feel a dog should have more rights protecting it than an inventor.
Its the same thing as we care more about an invading foreigner's baby than a baby of our own.
       To say the least: we care more about a dog than our own intellect.

Then there is the 40 billion dollars I was talking about in my last post....
I heard only once, we are borrowing it from the Chinese.
So they say we are about to pay interest on the of expenditure for a purchase of weapons at an inflated price?
Now I could be wrong about this post, but the fact that Biden just offered to cut the trade tariffs with China kind of leads me to believe the Chinese wanted something in conditions for the loan.
Meaning we the tax payer, nor the government has anything to do with the investment Ukraine makes with our money.
       I can't tell you more than it's a failure as to anyone deciding upon what we should be doing with our money.
       Gosh, I wish I had something good to say butt.

They just said that California alone has on the average of 4 mass shooting per week.
So who is deciding which mass shooting to cover on the evening news?
       Heck I remember as a child, the evening national news only lasted 15 minutes. But just the other day I managed to watch an hour's worth of news and realized that I watch more than a half hour of it covering another idiot with a gun.
       The one where all the news media green screened as if they were across the street behind a hand rail,... I think the cops should have just killed him. At least let him kill himself as that us what he wanted to.
       Damn, do you know how much that son of a bitch is going to cost us?       

Hunter says he's been paying the family bills for 30 years.
Hell yeah, that's where all the money from spacial interest has shown up.
You only need more Republicans to Impeach the dude.
But then you got to worry about the gal that wants to take his place.
       Shit, the videos the Network news stations in other countries are broadcasting are nothing less of than making fun of our two upper ranks of command.
       It's because they are failing us.

Another failure the government invested our money into.
The whole idea that if we grow corn and make it into alcohol and add it to our gasoline, it would cut back on carbon emissions.
       Well studies have shown that it actually causes more greenhouse gas emissions.
       To say the least, they would have done better if they didn't plow the ground to clear and plant the corn and just cultivate the natural sweetgrass and ferment it for alcohol.
       Even then there is a lot of doubt it would be cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions.

Just add some alcohol and I can be a jerk for the day.
It would be easy to say to just ignore me but....
       Usually there is a reason I get all wound up.
       Like when I suspect someone arrives just to spread rumors just as yeasterday whn I noticed one guy carried a skate but never skated the whole time he was there with his friend. Fortunately there wasn't anyone to spread the rumors to and got onto one of my rants.

It wasn't hard to do if you know what kind of things happened in the last few days.
Needless to say there is no way to prove any of it.
       But tell me how a few girls can be standing in front of the shelves where the product I'm looking for should be and I walk up behind them only to hear them talking about me showing up at the store and they were guessing upon which color I was going to get, and they were guessing right.
       Something tells me they had knowledge of what I was shopping for on my phone earlier.
       Tell me how they found that out.
       Then tell me why a young man wanted my phone number earlier in the week and the next day I received a text message with a link in it. Shit even my phone's operating system flagged it as dangerous spam. Something I was hoping to avoid by getting a new phone number.
       My rant at the checkout only proved that there were plenty of others who truly understood the things I was talking about. Being a little buzzed only makes it fun for me because I sure do know how to rub it in and I apologize if I offend anyone of you. I think for the most part, the people who know me kinna expect it out of me at times. I think they know that the checkout lines are the places most of the phony rumors originate.
       Like my would be legacy. The one where I'm known to be the guy who got the patent laws changed back.
      Like after having people trying to poison me twice in the past couple months, am I going to still be alive when if ever they change them back? Or if I end up dead, are they ever going to change them back?
      There was one guy who I'm sure he was thinking the same thing because he kept nodding his head in agreement with me.
      Another thing I should mention, people tend to react funny when it appears to them that I have someone fallowing me. To say the least, this last year sure has been a creepy one. Sorry if I seem to be a jerk because of it.

Tried a simple task on a video editor today.
It's nothing special.
      Just a video I was going to delete, so I clipped it unto a few segments and posted it without a thumb nail.
       Just a ride down to the waterfront.

Tell me what I should comment on.
Rule Numbers: 4, 10, 26 & 40
May 24th, 2022:
Watching Jurassic park
I can see why I never watched it a second time before.
       Guess, West Side Story didn't rake in the money you would think with all the positive reviews and all.
       With what I saw on TV tonight, I would find it hard to believe that Speibrg could still be in Prison
       But this park thing just seems just step above the Brady Bunch if you ask me. Just can't see why people even make a fuss over it.
       And I would bet anyone three to one that if told anyone Spielberg was in prison, they won't even ask, "for what?"
      Guess there is a bit more EDD going around than they would like to admit.

Oh shit, can you believe these stats:
Yesterday I got 5 visitors and they viewed 7 pages.
Should I figure out how much time they spent on each page?
Yeah, I can't help myself from laughing.
       I heard someone stole my Girls of the Day website. Yeah I realized they can right in here and stole off my flash cards.
       Hell that website probably got triple digits of what they say I get now.

Oh, I get it.
Amber heard used an insurance company to sew Mr. Depp
      Can't help but think Elon dodged a bullet on that one.

And oh. For the past year I've heard the rumor about an EX girlfriend saying she would like to go out with me again.
To be honest I would rather go out with two or three of the girls who I didn't go out with because I had a steady girlfriend at the time.

You know what really pisses me off?
I must have watch four or five hours of how to use Davinci Resolve video editor on YouTube and NONE of them showed me how to do a simple Green screen.
Sure I have to learn about how to use nodes'
But wouldn't it be Green Screen as a beginner how to learn the basics?
       I would doubt it's less than a three push button thing, but they like to show a lot of things I seriously don't think I will ever use.

Gee, I find it difficult to believe, that I have spent almost two days in Oceanside hand haven't even heard the rumor about how nobody likes me, -yet.
I did hear how everyone likes the comments I leave on Youtube.
       I guess that's a good thing

What do you expect?
Rule Numbers: 1, 4, 10, 26 & 40
May 25th, 2022:
Biden is asking, "why?"
Well, I'll tell you why.
      It's because you and your law makers set up patent laws so that you are snuffing out the independent inventors resulting in breeding stupid people and those stupid people you are creating are become barbaric every day that goes by.
       You think those children are a loss, yet you show no concern for the hundreds if not thousands of smart kids that were never born each day. As time goes on each generation will become more barbaric than the one before them.
       We're killing the smartest offspring before they ever had a chance to be conceived.
       This country has been the most innovative country in the world however the Chinese will eventually out perform the US intellectually simply because of the factor of population and the few intelligent newborns who slip through the cracks.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!
I would like to congratulate New York

For passing the additional gun law changing it to 21 instead 18.

I think we've learned that kids are not as sharp as the used to be.
Our need breed of intellect isn't as responsible as it used to be either.
       It was threes weeks ago when they let the son of a bitch surrender.
       They should of killed him right then and there and save use all a shit load of money.

Then we have this police department stand around out side a door instead of just blasting through the window.
I would like to congratulate New York Turns out Border control agents bust in after watching people beg for the Police department to go in and save their children.
       But what do you expect out of a Police department that will except 6 mounts of training to be our officer of enforcing the law and safety?
       I think it would easily screen out the flunky cops if there where laws requiring of at least four years of training and education before the position of being responsible enough to protect us from crimes against us.

I've written it so many times before.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 6, 2022:

Boy Gimp in Windows just sucks.
Had to shut down the computer on the last project.

When you think about it.
I've been smack dab in between two or three Golf Companies.
       They have influenced the kind of rumors being spread around me.
       Kinna makes the idea of leaving Oceanside behind a little more enjoyable.
       I've become more like a Tri-city dweller from one skate-park to another. Believe me when I say I should be worrying about warring out my welcome at times and that it's more bearable for the people around me if I spread myself a little bit thin at these places.

I've discovered that is something I have in common with many of the younger skaters....
They're playing music that was created before they were born.
       It's like they are keeping the music from the 90's alive or at least when music was actually performed by musicians. And I'm not talking about the surf punk rock some of the older skates like to play at times. I would prefer to say, grunge and hard rock.
       Last week I worked on some street stuff and I managed to converter back to a traditional skateboard.
       I just don't see how I could do certain tricks on a surf-skate because pulling off a fast fakie isn't very likely for anyone riding a surf-skate. Just about the most concerned during the past week,... just getting used to riding backwards.
      Crazy as it might sound, one of my milestone minutes was performed by habit of sliding my foot just by habit. The very minute I realized it is when I spun myself around about 340-360 degrees on the smooth pavement. Needless to say I got a laugh out of it.
       My trucks must be getting broke in because Sliding on copping is getting easier for me.
       I ended up converting my boards to a wedged 5 degrees 8-3/4" Indies on a 15 wb bowl board with 56mm Bones 99a for now. And I put the C5's trucks back on the stock Scape deck at 16 wb.
       I'm hoping going short on the C5's will work for me now that I've spent a bit of time on the heavier 17 wb YOW deck.
       Need I mention I've taken a few days off from skating because my back got torqued a bit from the falls I took over the past week. It's like each one of those falls teamed up and gave me a stiff and sore back to wake up to.

I suppose global warming has something to do with it.
Or maybe yet the rotting wood in my cage just smells better to termites.
Yesterday I had to gas them out with some Ant and Roach Killer.
I masked around the area and spray the shit in the holes.
      Seems to work for me, but within the last 5 years, I've been battling them and I've been debating on rebuilding this thing from the inside out with metal.

Today I'm going to work on my Davinci Resolve skills.
I plan on putting together an example just to see the end result again.
       It just pisses me off you find out that the clear way to produce Green screen is through learning how to use Fusion.
      I don't know about you but I think it's a difficult way of creating Green Screen if you ask me. I don't give a shit about nods. Please give me something a commoner could use, without someone trying to charge me for thinking around the confusion they set me up with.
      Damn, they want you stupid.
      The whole thing on You-tube is to confuse you so much, you might pay them for unscrambling your mind or just paying them to do the simple project for you.
      Shit it is all set up as a scam in the first place. I think I should try another platform because I happen to think these people are for sale.
      I may be drunk,but I've learned to recognize when I'm being lead around the bush.
I can't believe just what I witnessed myself.
Damn where does the sound track go in Green screen? Just how many hurdles do I have to go through? Anyone else witness the same hurdles?
       About right now is whether is can produce any better than 24 frames per second.
       So, hell, lets give 24fps a try....
      Shit I've got to look for a different avenue.
      Yeah, we are up to four people who I have told about Spielberg being in prison and no-body asked -for what for? just something I thought should be started.
      Oh yeah, Austin is a young guy who I realized would never get into FPV Drone flying for a hobby. He was just paid for to get my new phone number in order for a text message with a link you would rather not touch.
       Tell me I'm crazy, but rest assured, I'm worried about you.
      Damn, get this. Just one more months of payments, My camera is going to be paid off and I have yet to produce a video worth producing.
       Tell e it's just the hard way.
      Hah, there is no way near a G to an A. Fuckers have my whole keyboard rigged I might say.

       I just had a kid called Austen want to learn how to fly FPV Drones. I bet he had my phone number before I tried to explain the screwed up patent laws to him. If he can't understand the fucked up patent laws, he'll never understand how to build a drone.

Let's just say I have a reason for discouraging stupidity.
       What a guy will do for $10,000.oo

I've written it so many times before.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 6, 2022:

Boy Gimp in Windows just sucks.
Had to shut down the computer on the last project.

When you think about it.
I've been smack dab in between two or three Golf Companies.
       They have influenced the kind of rumors being spread around me.
       Kinna makes the idea of leaving Oceanside behind a little more enjoyable.
       I've become more like a Tri-city dweller from one skate-park to another. Believe me when I say I should be worrying about warring out my welcome at times and that it's more bearable for the people around me if I spread myself a little bit thin at these places.

I've discovered that is something I have in common with many of the younger skaters....
They're playing music that was created before they were born.
       It's like they are keeping the music from the 90's alive or at least when music was actually performed by musicians. And I'm not talking about the surf punk rock some of the older skates like to play at times. I would prefer to say, grunge and hard rock.
       Last week I worked on some street stuff and I managed to converter back to a traditional skateboard.
       I just don't see how I could do certain tricks on a surf-skate because pulling off a fast fakie isn't very likely for anyone riding a surf-skate. Just about the most concerned during the past week,... just getting used to riding backwards.
      Crazy as it might sound, one of my milestone minutes was performed by habit of sliding my foot just by habit. The very minute I realized it is when I spun myself around about 340-360 degrees on the smooth pavement. Needless to say I got a laugh out of it.
       My trucks must be getting broke in because Sliding on copping is getting easier for me.
       I ended up converting my boards to a wedged 5 degrees 8-3/4" Indies on a 15 wb bowl board with 56mm Bones 99a for now. And I put the C5's trucks back on the stock Scape deck at 16 wb.
       I'm hoping going short on the C5's will work for me now that I've spent a bit of time on the heavier 17 wb YOW deck.
       Need I mention I've taken a few days off from skating because my back got torqued a bit from the falls I took over the past week. It's like each one of those falls teamed up and gave me a stiff and sore back to wake up to.

I suppose global warming has something to do with it.
Or maybe yet the rotting wood in my cage just smells better to termites.
Yesterday I had to gas them out with some Ant and Roach Killer.
I masked around the area and spray the shit in the holes.
      Seems to work for me, but within the last 5 years, I've been battling them and I've been debating on rebuilding this thing from the inside out with metal.

Today I'm going to work on my Davinci Resolve skills.
I plan on putting together an example just to see the end result again.
       It just pisses me off you find out that the clear way to produce Green screen is through learning how to use Fusion.
      I don't know about you but I think it's a difficult way of creating Green Screen if you ask me. I don't give a shit about nods. Please give me something a commoner could use, without someone trying to charge me for thinking around the confusion they set me up with.
      Damn, they want you stupid.
      The whole thing on You-tube is to confuse you so much, you might pay them for unscrambling your mind or just paying them to do the simple project for you.
      Shit it is all set up as a scam in the first place. I think I should try another platform because I happen to think these people are for sale.
      I may be drunk,but I've learned to recognize when I'm being lead around the bush.
I can't believe just what I witnessed myself.
Damn where does the sound track go in Green screen? Just how many hurdles do I have to go through? Anyone else witness the same hurdles?
       About right now is whether is can produce any better than 24 frames per second.
       So, hell, lets give 24fps a try....
      Shit I've got to look for a different avenue.
      Yeah, we are up to four people who I have told about Spielberg being in prison and no-body asked -for what for? just something I thought should be started.
      Oh yeah, Austin is a young guy who I realized would never get into FPV Drone flying for a hobby. He was just paid for to get my new phone number in order for a text message with a link you would rather not touch.
       Tell me I'm crazy, but rest assured, I'm worried about you.
      Damn, get this. Just one more months of payments, My camera is going to be paid off and I have yet to produce a video worth producing.
       Tell e it's just the hard way.
      Hah, there is no way near a G to an A. Fuckers have my whole keyboard rigged I might say.

       I just had a kid called Austen want to learn how to fly FPV Drones. I bet he had my phone number before I tried to explain the screwed up patent laws to him. If he can't understand the fucked up patent laws, he'll never understand how to build a drone.

Let's just say I have a reason for discouraging stupidity.
       What a guy will do for $10,000.oo

Just freeing up some space on my hard drive today.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 7th, 2022:
Took what was decent out of 3 files.
The two green screen cuts never made it because the audio tracks were missing.
      I figured I'd give that Fusion Green screen bit another try today.

I tried the shorter 16" wb this morning.
       It was kind of sketchy a first, but just tightening the bushing a bit helped.
       None the less, I can tell I have advanced in the last six months because nose diving wasn't an issue this time around. Being able to turn sharper actually makes it more forgiving in corners. Kick turns are easier and quicker with a shorter and lighter board.
       I have to ride with my back foot farther back to accommodate my stance. If I don't my front foot gets crammed up sideways straight across the board instead of at an angle like I'm used to.
      Well, Hello Italy!

Anyhow, the link below will take you to my Sunnyside channel on YouTube.

            Project #2 @ 30fps

Three Posts in three days!
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 8, 2022:
I'm amazed myself.
Just goes to show the amount of time I've spend on this computer.
      The noises I have to put up with is just unbelievable right now.
       I've been skating and I think I found my guy. The guys who isn't trying to make green screen as much technical skill as possible.
       I've just got to walk myself through it a couple times and then I'll have the skills to accomplish what I'm willing to do at this moment.
       We're taking about:
      But really, I would rather get some more time on this board before I move away from this spot, and might even get around to trying out another set of wheels before the day is over.
       (I Should make build a salad for either before of after. Coming up on 4:00)

             Road Reality -on Youtube

I don't know about what you think, but I think this guy has the in the door foothold of what I'm willing to learn about Fusion at this moment.
This just is going to teach this dumb ass how to do Green Screen while I'm Drunk and Stoned at the moment.
       Something tells me I'm glade I ran across this guy.

Links to Sunnyside YouTube Videos:
FPV Drone Footage
Riding Mission #1
Project #2 @ 30fps


8.75" @ 5% Hollow Indies.
Rule Numbers: 15, 35, & 40
June 12th, 2022:
Sad to say I'd been Using Free Gimp for Linux for over a decade.
Had to pay $3.oo to get it for Microsoft Windows.
       I think it's obvious I need to look somewhere else for my photo editing needs.

Come to think about it.
I never got very good at fakey on a conventional board.
       I think going back to a conventional for fakey's actually helped me get better at performing fakey's on a Surf-skate.
       At lease it did this morning.
       Got five degree wedges in my 8.75 Hollow Indies, Riptide Pivot Bushing & 54mm Bones. Runing 56 mm on the C-5 Scape Surfskate. I think the more radius edge of Bones helps reduce the C-5's from locking up on coping, they sure can fly off a rail edge. Kinna like the quite slides you can get out of them too. I wish I could get another set 4 degree wedges, because they require less height. But it's not bad when you consider it's probably less height than my Bowl Surf-skate and for me, It's all about getting them to be as close to the same, because rest assured, trying to be proficient a both conventional and Surf-skate is never going to be an easy task.
       For some reason, I like a Surf-skate in a bowl and that may be my problem, but maybe I can make these two boards over lap as much as possible.

I think I've learned enough to know.
That Green Screen in a Cage
Just isn't going to work very well.
       I'm betting on separate lighting on Subject and Screen is probably the best route and having subject close to the green screen is only asking about color bleed.
       None the less, I still needs to learn how to re-size and placement within the background.

Another challenge is how to find a place quite enough.
You may have noticed:
       The topics of discussion at this site has changed a bit over the last week since I just stopped watching the News on TV.
       I kinna learn my News through the stock market.
       My BYD Stock is up 15.72%. It's the only Company I own through Robinhood.
       My other account with the other 27 companies is down about 32%
       The only this I did right about my investments is that I spread my investments thin over a good number of companies.
       The advantages of owning a low number of share in 28 companies is when you buy a share or two at a time and it is much easier to lower your averages.
       You may find it difficult to imagine that a good percentage of my shares have been picked up during the worst days Wall Street has had lately. Discount prices are the only way I buy anything any more.
       It sure would be nice to see the stock market turn around, bu then again, we could be set to fail also. I'll keep buying more of them even if they turn into Penny stocks.

The Sad Thing about so many of my investments is that they not only rely upon the abundance of lithium, but the abundance of rare earth.

I'm just giving you the heads up before the realization that the supply chain so many of us are relying on in Magnets.

Magnets are 50% of the Efficiency of any electric motor.
You are going to need Magnets for that electric vehicle you want to drive someday.
       So far we've depended upon China for the Rare Earth. There is one source, other then that for the United States as far as I know.
       Yet we through magnets away every day. They are used in packaging and tossed away like waste. It's free energy and we are throwing it away every day, and there is very likely going to be a shortage of it .

Links to Sunnyside YouTube Videos:
FPV Drone Footage
Riding Mission #1
Project #2 @ 30fps

When it gets down to it.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 14th, 2022:
A Bowl Board is probably serve you best at a Pump Track
I just put the bigger 58mm back on it.
      Just putting a kick turn in on the run might even cause a commotion.
       I know I need to head down the road or my body will remind me of just how stupid I am.
       None the less, I seem to have more poop this time around and I think I found the right board set-up for me at this place.
       I know I should make a video of this tour and if I'm still here early tomorrow morning I think I will document some of my travels.
      There is this one place I've got to see.

How could it be that they are so blind?
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 17th, 2022:
Think raising taxes on corporations could help curb inflation.
Especially when raising those taxes contributed to the inflation in the first place.
       And now everyone is bellyaching about the Price of Fuel for those obsolete rolling hunk ah junks.
       Well look at it this way: Those people over on London as well as Sydney were paying these prices two decades ago. The US has been spared the high prices other countries have had to pay. Now the Petrol Producers see their Gas Hogs going away in the next two decades and you can bet they are not about to leave any money sitting on the table.
       All You might as well get used to being gouged because I've never seen the price of fuel go back down to pre-inflated pricing.

And women with their child on a scooter:
Don't they have any common sense?
      Don't they see their 75 pound kid dropping into the way of a 175 pound man on a skateboard?
       That was the kind of shit that was going down at Rancho Pentasqitos.
       Their kids don't show much common sense either because they never look both ways before dropping in and they don't even know how to take turns.
      Back in my younger days, we were taught manners by our parents but I wouldn't count on that now days.
      It was kinna a bummer because although it was more of a street park, there was several good runs I would have liked to have the time to work on them some.

It was just like others have said about the skate park Powey.
Just a bunch of kids on scooters too.
They mentioned that the roll-in in the deep end was just straight into another wall.
But that roll-in just may be the curse of that park.
      I say this because the scooter boys like dropping in across from the roll-in and using the roll-in as a jump to fling their scooter around.
       It's like skating around something that can fling that contraption in a 5 foot radius. After a teenager with one came closer to me than I prefer, I decided it just isn't worth going there unless the kids are back in school and it wasn't 80 degrees out.

Graffiti is what happened to the Ocean Beach Sk8 Park.
Or should I say all the paint removal with the use of pressure washers over the years.
       They must not have painted the floor much because that is still in good condition, but the walls have exposed aggregate and they're just too rough for a guy like me to produce the extra energy it takes to condensate for the drag created by the roughness of the surface.
       Its only good for bikes and scooters now. It's so far gone, that they should paint the walls just to smooth them out some, or just pour a new park inside to old one since everything is too far apart as it is. But then you'd have to figure out how not to have those idiots paint it in the first place.
       It's really stupid to be painting skate parks in the first place because a bare concrete park dries out faster than a painted one.

I'm happy to have come across a park with no bikes or scooters.
Its a DIY park that started about 25 years ago.
It's a bit lumpy but at least its smooth.
The radius is quite radical beginners.
       But I didn't have any problem finding a few lines were I could actually keep it going longer after a couple runs.
       I got a few places I want to check out on my E-Sk8.

Thank You San Diego
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 21st, 2022:
For Speaking the Truth
I had to apologize to my Family
      Guilt of all the shit I put them through because of crap the was 20 miles around me.
       Had to go 50 miles to outrun the phony rumors.
       I bet Oceanside is glad to see me go other than the loss of tourist dollars.
       Crazy as in might sound, I have state to this web-site that says I have only 10-20 visitors per day.
       The rule funny part about is that I don't believe the stats that YouTube feeds me either. Therefore I should just ignore them because what I experience on the streets is just not possible.
       The voices I hear around here are of a different story.

Its about how a Patent Lawyer and his firm and a City Government can steal a patent.
Over course they want to make a movie about it.
       I've know that several years ago. The question is whether they are going to make it while I'm still alive or not.
       The question we all need to ask ourselves is after all this time and all these people know about what has been going down, how come no one tipped of the law officials and they haven't done anything about it?
       I'd say we're in some kind of trouble here when justice has proven far from being done.

Anyhow, I've have a video sitting here for a few days so I think I'll up load it for you.

I've got some new footage to check out now and I need to spend some time with it.
Just thought I'd post something to day.

Beach Hotel #2 FPV

Living in a Big City.
Rule Numbers: 4 & 40
June 23rd, 2022:
It just never worked for me back in the day when there was good waves.
But being a Social Security Bum a Big City can have it's merits.
       I should moved here as soon as I received my E-skate because during lock-down this place would have been much better to explore than Oceanside.
       I'm considering softer wheels for all the sidewalk seems but when it gets down to it, will naturally figure out where all the smoothest road routs are. I prefer to ride on the roads however there are many old roads around so naturally just going over a block or two I'll find a smooth one.
       One way streets are the best a because you can wait for the band of traffic from the signal light to pass and then fallow it. Yesterday I traveled down through several green lights, all by my self without any cars around me. I seemed so magical, I only wish I would have had a camera going, and gimbals to mount it on.

So they block my web-site.
That kind of Idea can make people think you are crazy.
       None the less, that's what I've been hearing outside my window this morning.
       I Kinna figured that some guys like those Cal-Poly Guys would have figured out how get it and past it on. I always figured it gets repeated through Social Media somehow.
       Anyhow, I either have to sit down with my video clips and editor or go out and do some more exploring.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules


Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

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New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Cleaning Out Toxins

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Cleaning Out Toxins


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Sunnyside's Last Resort

Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

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His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
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New: the full version of the story about the fire

Burning Down the House

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Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.


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Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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