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Feb. 20'07: was quite the bizzy day. We surved up 168 pages and we passed the 5,000 page mark by 118

Feb. 17'07: posted a hidden page with only one link to it.

Feb.15'07: Along with the rise in notoriety, so are the amount of phoney rumors. I heard one today that I haven't heard in at least 3 or 4 years.

Feb. 14 '07: I posted a link to a page, About My Box on the About the Truck page.

Feb. 13 '07: Yesterdays, I had my boss call me stupid. Kinna funny, because I'm not the one driving a motorized horse and buggy. He happens to like trailers because he thinks they save him money on truck insurance. I guess he'll live with the dents in his truck from jack knifing his travel trailer. I wonder how much his trailer is worth now.

Feb. 2nd, 2007: Yesterday's experience with a few of Carlsbad's finest, inspired me to put another book on the market. Because I have a feeling that since people like cop shows so much, they may as well like books about cops - real cops - mind you.
     Up until my fire, I had a pretty clean slate. I hadn't even had a speeding ticket for about a decade prior. But since then, the Justus system in this country has proven to be so corrupt, I've ended up with a rap sheet a mile long, and I have not deserved any of it. Now days, these bullies we hire to enforce the laws are just that. Just as a friend from High School once told me, that if he hadn't become a cop, he'd be in prison. Basically, if someone dose something wrong, it makes his day, because he can get away with about anything he wants.
      Like me, these cops come after me because they know that they can threaten me, hand cuff me and throw me in jail if they want to. They get a kick out of searching through my private things and I can't do anything about it. (That's why I had to post pictures of the inside of my box. Because these bully cops just happen to be nosey surfers who want to see the inside, so they invaided my privacy by just pushing me around.)
      If they were half as smart as they think they are, they would realize that if I had something to hide, I'd just keep it in my storage unit because my cage has been gone through three times in the last three months by them, so why in hell do they even thinkI'd have something to find. Unless it's picture of other inventions or something. Of course, I never get to watch to see if they take something. And I have to wonder which food idioms I have to throw out.
       Tell me, how much per hour does it cost tax payers to put a cop behind the wheel. Today they had 1 cop for an hour and a half and two more for at least 45 minutes. (That equals more than 3 hours.)

February 1st, 2007: I had posted a comment in an obscure part of this web-site. And when I did post it, I had wondered if there would be any retaliation. Whether the page would disappear like others, or would the retaliation be on the street. And when I say on the street, it's either frivolous rumors, or even worse cops.
But then again, was I paranoid, because I was expecting retaliation? Did I fear retaliation? Well if I feared something, then I should have pulled it. But then I wouldn't know if I should have been paranoid in the first place. And if I needed to be paranoid, then I need to examine the power of this web-site and what others my fear because of it.          Maybe this should be posted to Morons of the day.
         Bottom line is I got harassed by cops today and I've learned that the bust from a couple months ago (Check further down on this page.)I was pressured accepting guilt to a charge I was innocent of or sit in jail just to fight it while the towing bill on my truck just got bigger. But within the prosecution, they arranged where I'd signed over my forth amendment rights. Which lets cops search my property at anytime they want. But then again that doesn't stop any cop from stopping anyone and accusing them of being on drugs. Then they can search you anyway.
         I was parked down by the cave in Carlsbad, where I fly my planes. I had my box on the ground. I was inside watching some TV when I heard a knock on the door. It was officer Mud. He seemed to know everything because anything I was saying to him, he just couldn't comprehend. He was accusing my of being bipolar, but I feel he's one of people with attention defisite disorder.
         Get this: Eventhough I built my truck to make my life easier, it's not being used for what I intended it to be used for. So if I want to lower my box on to the ground so I don't have to climb into it, it will give this asshole a reason to say that I was camping and something to write me up for, but other people are welcome to pull up in their RV, pull out their awaning and get their bar-b-que going.
    Somewhere along the lines, this bully told me that it was an eyesore. I'd have to agree on that because it shows just how pathetic this country is.
          However, after he searched my box, throwing my computor on the floor and putting my bass away upside down with out the latches closed, amongest other things. He had two of his buddies come by to watch me load the box. Even though th morons didn't want me to have it on the ground, they wouldn't turn their backs when I had to load it. It told them about the story of the first night I left my truck out and the cops showed up while I was in the shower. Basicly I told them that they were a bunch of perverts and they had to wonder if their daughter will bring home a moron.
            Boy, were breeding stupid people and I have to live amongst them. Kinna sucks.

Gee, I find it hard to remember when I last spoke to someone who was intellectual and not someone who was trained or schooled to think so......

Oh the last guy I spoke to that had an intellect quite simular to mine was a guy I met almost a year ago. He cut his own plan because to him, that's the way people should do it. Like me, they don't build a truck that is worth a shit, so I'm just glad that I'm smart enough to know how to build my own. It's just too bad people aren't any smarter than they are.

Oh yeah, I added a link in Those Pesky Car Guys.
It's only Junk. I've got a lot of stuff I can put on that one. The funny part of it is these guys think their motorized tin can are something to brag about, well I've got news for you. I'll tell it to you straight just exactly what you bought.

Jan 30, "07: I think this web-site has done away with the whole coffee shop bit. One of those things you don't want to do unless you don't mind listening people talking about you. I have to get the THAT'S HIM shirts out. Freak show for sure.

Jan 28, '07: Added What Amazes Me from the book Sunnyside to the Book Excerpts.

Jan. 26, '07: Sorry for having the Book Excerpts all screwed up. Hay I even pulled a rewrite on I Wanna Be. Sorry for the bunch of junk that was too.

Jan. 25, 2007: I modified the Book Excerpts index pages to be three different pages for three different books. But thanks to Hermit, the older full page is still available.

Jan. 22, 2004: Today I posted last two book excerpts I'm willing to take from my books. The Excerpts are from Sunnyside and they're titled Both Side of the picture and The Last Real Newspaper.

 Jan. 21, 07: I've got a new column rolling around in my head. I think it's going to be titled El Local, for the local readers in North County San Diego. I'm not sure if it will be part of Current Events or P-Day. I guess I've got to throw it together and see what I think of it. 
       But since the Buick Invitational is in the area, I decided to grab another excerpt from Sunnyside and put links to it in Media Shit, Those Pesky Car Guys and So you want to be an Inventor. The new page is called:
   Up yours Tiger Woods.

Jan.20, "07: Added a whole bunch of s____f to Book Excerpts by the way of Health & Environment.
Check it out. Also what publishers are say about this site has simulated my word making ways, and I'm working on posting something new to:

                  Putting Words Together

Jan. 19, '07: New to the Origami Column is a link to Pets. The Helpful Hint should save the insurance companies some money. Who knows, maybe even some lives. I've got something new in Current Events.

Jan. 18, "07: Added a bit to Morons, and fixed up Origami a little bit too. The folks on the street seem to like what I did with this column the last few day. I guess they think of it as my magazine.
          Just wait, these new features have branches coming too.

Jan 17. 2007: Boy I sure robbed my Lousy Book today. I posted: It's More than a Work Truck at Stake, The Part about the Fire and Rule Number 8 to the Book Excerpts page.
Jan. 16 2007:
The induction of
The crap they put on TV, and it's mates right here in  P-Day Journal.
      I got an E-mail from
Francisco, a friend I met in London. He's a college student from Brazil. We both surf and he couldn't get enough of my story telling. All I can say is I sure think it's pretty cool to hear from him and I sure he'll dip into the stories I've robbed from my books, especially Sunnyside.

Jan. 15, 2007: Posted three new chapters from Sunnyside.  Check them out. Rescue Man, Think about Rule 16 and from the Road Rage chapter: Diesel or Gas.
       I also moved Setting It Straight to it's own file and I've added Numbers for those Dummies to Book Excerpts

Jan. 12th: I pulled my book Sunnyside today. Maybe some other day. Up next to get the axe will be my Lousy Book. And no, Stalking Buffy is staying for good because there is that Stupid Rule No.47, and I know that there will always be stupid people out there.
       I honestly didn't think this web-site had a chance. I knew from the get go that it was alll a matter of finding a host that would actually keep it up and running. The deal is that the most requested URL is the stats. Which is a much higher number than I could e ver get it by myself so it's obvious that some other people are watching it. The the other mater is that it shows that I post about twice as much as I actually do. The numbers don't ad up. like the days I get one request for a page, but the one page should take four request. Rule No. 10.

Jan. 10, "07: I went down to the post office at let the gal there know about my web-site. I told her about my experience with letters from the patent office. When she came back with no letters she said, "You don't look surprized."

Jennifer Aniston got the Favorite Actress Award at the People Choice Awards. I guess I'm not the only one that thinks she's top drawer.
        I sure couldn't throw her out of my bed.

Too bad the media hasn't been able to separate her from ex and just move on, because they sure don't give me anything to comment about. I'd do a fantasy love affair on her but there just isn't the right kind of material out there to pull it off. But then again, I sure don't need another publicity stunt stalking me.

However, there is one thing I will say; is that out of all the women in Hollywood, she's about the only one I'd want to go out with. She's  got some class. I just hope she carries a big fly swatter because from what I gather, they are sure swarming her.

I sure don't want to hear about who she's seeing. Boy I sure hope she didn't go out with that billionaire Bing guy. (The one who was with the Australian gal, Cuise's ex.) What is it that the media tries to make something out of a  relationship with a Bing guy. Guys like him are able to make their rounds and often just move one  I don't know about you, but guys like him give me the creeps.

But then again, you have to wonder about the women, which I often judge by the kind of guys they see. But you know, that's just Hollywood. Every year or two a whistle blows and every one changes partners. Kinna like musical chairs.

Saturday the 6th. of Jan: I went through and revamped the page colors so that the pages will be easier on the eyes. I've got an idea for another Column in this web-site. It will be Helpful Hints for the Homeless. Unfortunitly the homeless very seldom have access to the internet so I'll have to rethink that one.
       At the request: I came up with some
discount forms for books.
      Lower Left of Books
had over 5,800 hits this month.
    With over 2,500 pages served up you.
         Thanks for dropping by.

Jan 4th: I got my first three search engine referrals. One from yahoo and two from google. Boy, I don't know how it even happened in the first place. I searched a got some junk web-site telling me that the name og this site had expired. What kind of shit is that? I'll let you all in on something I heard down at the Coyote the day before I launched this site. I didn't know if it was a rumor or a wise-crack, but somebody said that the stock at Pay-Pal had gone up. However always have to wonder if the rumors are just phoney and "they" want me to repeat it. But with over 2,200 pages served, I can begin to understand that it was a joke.
      Jan. 3rd: Added
Setting It Straight to About the Truck.
      I think people are getting a taste of just how things are controlled around me. Yeah, 4,000 hits and not one book sold. Rule Number 10.

January 2, 2007: Got my new tide book yesterday. Today it was a funboard day and the waves weren't that good for it either.
                I a
dded two more excerpts to the list today. One is Creativity and the other is on Crooks
                Hope you enjoy.

Dec. 28, 06: I've decided that I'm going to change the format of this column to resemble the journal entries I used in my computer in days gone past. I might even go back ad grab some of the stuff from the past just to get things going. Please realize that none of it is polished and being first draft sometimes, things might seem a little off handed at times, but no matter what, it will be fun for the repeat viewers. So when you click on the links, just remember that you may be seeing my literature in the ruff once in a while. I never wanted to be a writer so you'll have to just live with it.

Dec. 26: the waves had been pretty good for a few days. My unemployment check didn't make it by Saturday so I had to pawn my bass just to make it past Christmas. Christmas day provided some waves, but I discovered that the threads were at the surface on one of my tires. Then today I woke up to the realization that my alternator on my truck had seen better days. (I guess they usually go out at about 90,000 miles. (Mine 148,000.) So I had to kiss good-by to another $200.00.

In less than three weeks, this web-site has had more than 3,000 hits. At first the Documents were the most visited, but I'm happy to say that the Book Excerpts have taken the lead. Boy my index page was sure a bunch of trash. I'm still wondering if I actually wrote it like that. Oh well, first draft isn't very good usually.

Dec. 14: Had to go out there and make sure I still knew how to ride one. Boy yesterday, I was slipping and falling and all kinds of nasty things. Today, the late summer wax job had to come off.

Dec, 12th, 2006: After looking over the daily reports on the growing activity on this web-site I can see most people head off to the document portion.
        I took some photos out that were slowing things down a bit. I've got a lot of work at resizing photos ahead of me, but I can tell that people are more interest in reading my material, which is a good thing.

Dec.10th. After a few days with a hasty web-site on my hands, I finally got it cleaned up a bit because it sure was a bag of sh__ . And there are times I can tend not to be as people friendly as I should be and there are people out there who will put me in check.

This site is being transformed in a lot of ways and I'm just trying to make something happed with the files I put together so far. I was afraid that I did do all the work and something would go wrong and I would have been polishing stuff for nothing. I had to junk my first attempt, by having to change all the file names. Then you give it a bunch of links like I did..... One thing for sure, I sure glad I didn't waste anytime working on a site tree.

November 25th 2006: I've been learning how to put together a web-site. I kinna went overboard as far as my links go. I just like to have most of the site available where ever you are. And of course there is going to be some places to discover while you are looking around. One thing for sure, there will be some kinks to work out.

Nov. 29, Bush got stood up by the president of Iraq. Hah.

In the beginning of September, I learned that my Canadian patent attorney had sent me a letter while I was still in Australia.  That letter said that I had a deadline of October 6th to respond to an office action on a patent application. Even before that on Sept. 24 or 25 is the date that I have annual maintain frees on more than just the Canadian application.

Boy the trouble you can get at 6:30 in the morning while walking into Starbucks.

Lucky I sent a $600.00 and $ 800.00 money orders earlier in the months. Plus I'd already established trust fund earlier.

I was a little paranoid, because it was similar to the time when my first Annual Maintaince Fee was due for Austraia, in 2000

Sure enough, on the 20th of Sept. I was accused of being on drugs at 6:30 in the morning while I was walking into a Starbucks. The cop ended up taking the Billyclub I'd  had since I was a teenage and I kept in the gun rack.

I'd been keeping it in my map pocket so I could check the air in my rear duallies. It worked good for checking for engine noises too.

I ended up thrown in jail and put back on the street three days later with a bus token. A towing bill at about $ 500. and I was missing work because of it all.

Now I'm having to pay off the $200 out of the $500 fine because I didn't just spend the weekend in jail. My truck was in truck jail until Monday and I would have been $200 ahead if I could have sat in jail a couple more days.

The thing that pisses me off, it was a billy club that the Perice County Sheriff department had put the billy club back in my truck, after they had taken it out along with many of my other personal possessions. I never got anything else back, a long list of phone calls and trips to the property room. But the billy club I got it back without even asking. Tell me, what's up with that. 

Then the other thing that really pissed me of was that when I did get to see my court appointed attorney, she informed me that the bail had gone from $10,000 to $15,000 because of warrants in Washington State. The thing was, I had to plead guilty to the charges and get out the same say, or say in jail if I wanted to fight the case.

Kinna like Rule Number 22

Then the next week on November 2nd, I got my truck impounded again. Another $500 towing bill and $165 to the cop station just to get a call to the towing company to get it released. And they forgot to make the call the first time, and my dad thought he was witnessing some of the crape I was experiencing first hand. I said, "Dad, this shit ain’t nothing because this happens to other people every day. All they say is that you wouldn't have to complain if you didn't brake the law.

This cope advised me to sell my truck and to forget about it. To buy a S-10 and that he wouldn't bother me if I camped out down by the river bed.
    He said that he and his wife read my Lousy book and thought that every chapter was Paranoid Delusional.
    I thought: Yeah like that's what you get; when you try scimming though my book you moron.

My paper work was all in on the 4th of October, so now I can relax some. Oh yeah, another $669 fine for officer 1001's advice, and I lost another week's wages.

And the warrents in Washington were so old, that I was able to get a driver's license in Arizona.

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