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Body work from a tube

Bodyfiller from a tube
Rule Number 27

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Oh Ben
Rule Numbers- 1
November 1st, 2014:

After those double south swells formed a channel between our sand bars and our shores, I did my travelling around looking for other brakes that may have not weathered those swells so badly.
       Just as I often do no matter where I go on the California Coast, there will be people who claimed to surf with me before.
       That's nothing new, but when I went around recently, it wasn't uncommon to hear parts of conversations of people who have said I did a pretty good job of taming the crew that shows up at the Pier.
       And you know, I would have to agree it is a little more civilized than it used to be. I remember years back, before I went to Morro Bay I wouldn't even try to surf at the pier because I knew it would be a battle just to get a wave by yourself.
       Since I moved back, it's been kind of gradual and you can never eliminate crowds, but there has been kind of a change when you have someone who isn't afraid to call out someone when they are not playing fair.
       So you can bet there are a lot of surfers out there who are hoping that what I posted in the last couple days will help civilize their local brakes just as well.
       The whole objective is that everyone should end up having more enjoyable surf sessions in the future.

Oh I got more:
       I'm sure there are a few parents who are wondering if their son is a Rich Surfer Rat and wondering if he's taking them for a ride.
       The question is how often should my kid be up for a new surfboard?
       For the kid who's surfing is what he does, and that's his thing, and he surfs regularly, he'll probably be needing two. One for the Winter bigger waves, and the other for smaller summer waves. So in my opinion, one new board per year is not to many and not too little because a reasonable life span to a board is able two years and out of almost three decades of surfing, I've only broken two boards.
       Sometimes we need a spare just so we can take the time to dry out and repair a damaged board properly.
       If your kid is out braking boards, that's because you are not making sure that they are at least 2 1/2 inches thick. The 2 1/4 and 2 3/8" brake and that's why the surfboard manufactures fill the racks with them. r>       (It's what I liked about a nice round tail Wahl sold to his neighbour kid in Santa Maria, it was at 2 1/2 inches thick. I bet you the last thing you would want is the neighbour kid coming back complaining that his surfboard just broke.)

And oh, if you are one of those people who give boards to Surf Rats who Want to be Pros. You should think of them as driving one of your cars around. A kid saying the board just broke should be thought of as the kid saying he wrecked the car.
       Now if your kid came home and said they wrecked the car, isn't the damage to the car the first thing you want to see? Yes of course, you want to see if there is any paint from another car don't you?
       Well before you hand over another board, (just as another set of keys to another car,) don't you want to see what kind of damage the board had been seeing before it was broken?

None of the Above
Rule Numbers- 38, 65, 66 & 88
November 2nd, 2014:

Something I'm sure of many of you wanted me to say.
       Yeah, if you vote for any of these propositions that are on the ballot here in California, you are a complete idiot. (Prop 1 would cost you over $7 Billion alone.) And it is just the reason you should go out and vote. The last thing you all need is only the idiots showing up to vote. That's how you got Obama. And he's got your check book so the best thing you can do is vote republican to get the check book out of his hands.

You came to the beach to watch me surf? But didn't get a chance to see me?
       Well it wasn't worth the risk of getting sick. So many of you take up a rodent as a companion and you have no idea just how filthy they are. The are so many of you 8%ers have to get up in the morning just to end up with the chore of taking you dog for a walk so it can take a crap. Even if you it has you trained to pick up its crap, you are not doing anything about its piss and I'm suppose to get up in the morning to go swimming in it.

Rule Number Eight, -squared, no less
Got a Pro Surfer Rat today
Rule Numbers- 8, 33, 34, 65,65, 78, 85 & 88
November 3rd, 2014:

Ripcurl pro surfer saying Evil prevals.

Sorry, I didn't supply the larger image with a click this time.
       I left the file at 101k so you have to zoom it on yourself.
       The Rat went out without a leash this morning and his board ran over my head.
       I told the guy he should be more considerate .
       He came back with "tough-shit, I'm a professional!"
       I came back with a camera.
       Can you believe the message he has written on his board?
       (People around here have been saying, "not around here.")
       Guess he one of those guys who pull in front of you so you quit paddling for the wave, from what I hear.)

Offficer Hoovers buddy the Rip Curl Surfer Rat

Hoover said he had three calls on me.
       Well it would have been even nicer of him to let me get a couple more.
       No doubt it was fun while it lasted, I could tell his arms were getting a little heavy. It looked to me he wishing he had doubled up on the energy drinks beforehand.
       I guess the right thing to do would have been the first to call the police but I was wanting to play it out because I wanted to see if his photographer buddy would try to spin everything to the cops, -and I was right about that too.
       Just seeing him run for the beach made it all worth while. I thought he hid in the garage under the pier but he had chicken-ed out and paddled back out.
       Just seeing all of it play out made it so much more fun. It was real, I had a real live one, the kind of Surfer Rats I have been writing about the last couple days.
       He didn't just put a couple larger stickers on his board for nothing. Just he thinks he's famous like he and his sponsors wants him to be?
       Don't these sponsors pay these Rats for more for being famous?
       (I don't know about you, but I think he's famous enough because I've sure heard his name enough tonight and I don't want to hear it any more, -thank you.)

Rip Curl Surfer Rat with a truck load of boards

I bet this is where he keeps the nice ones. The ones for uncrowned waves, where their isn't anyone around to run into.
       Wonder if he can sell enough of those boards to be able to buy just as good of truck?
       More info about this post at:


Oh yeah, I have to admit that I did do a bit on Dan Reynolds back on March 6th, 2013. The whole bit was a put on. Something I wanted to be corrected by.
       Never the less, I did surf Rincon with a guy who looked like Reynolds but with a beard. After the great session together, they guy walked up to my cage and offered me up a fresh head of Roman lettuce from his garden. (I was wrong, it wasn't Dan Reynolds, how could of I even thought.)
      However, I do think I surfed Ventura point when Reynolds was there. A guy who looked just like him, (without a beard,) cut across the peak and ran his forearm into the rail of my board. I wrote the "put on" on March 6th 2013. I don't know where I wrote about getting my rail gashed by the guy, it's somewhere, probably within Adrenalin, that I don't post any more.
      Most people I surf with just push the nose of the guy's surfboard out of the way. A guy did it to me a week ago and I did it to one of my young girls two or three weeks ago.)

Vote! None of the Above!
Rule Numbers- 19, 38, 65, 66 & 88
November 3-4, 2014:

Something I'm sure of many of you wanted me to say.
       Yeah, if you vote for any of these propositions that are on the ballot here in California, you are a complete idiot.
       (Prop 1 would cost you over $7 Billion alone.) And it is just the reason you should go out and vote NO on it.
       I'm willing to bet that most of the propositions through out the country are not any more than schemes to rob the next generations and put our country further in debit.
       Funny thing: after 8 to 9 fires in a day, these firemen in California got $1.8 Billion from the federal tax payers. I called them on it for setting the fires themselves and what did we get? A summer of less fires. We paid them a fortune, and now they've come up with Prop 2 so you can pay the pyros' even more more.
       The last thing you all need is only having the idiots show up to vote. So the only way you can vote "None of the Above" is show up to vote and VOTE NO.
       By only having the stupid people show up to vote is how you got Obama.
       Now Obama has your check book and he's spending you kids money, so the best thing you can do is Vote Republican to get the check book out of his hands. - Post originally for home page

Get out to vote NO, -None of the above!
Vote Republican
Rule Numbers- 19, 33, 56, 66, 82 & 88
November 4th, 2014:

Rule 82: I guess I should have checked his sponsor's web-site before I posted yesterday. (Yeah, like I really wanted to know anything about him, however if he was featured, they were pretty fast to pull his name from their team list.)
       Never the less, I did notice they let him get a few third places with the big guys, but seriously folks, I watched him for at least an hour, the kid doesn't do anything that we all see every day . All these pros do is keep photographers around to catch the shots when they manage to launch themselves in the air.
       It's all about getting air and spinning around. Other than that, they don't do anything the rest of us are doing every day.

You know what I like?
       I like it when I drop someone a line and say, "I'd get rid of your Google adds and the java script for the Google stats isn't a very good thing to have in your code either."
       And the guy listens.

Got Some Money left?
Rule Numbers- 7, 15, 19, 35, 55 & 56
November 5th, 2014:

The first thing I was hearing this morning was how people felt that they were waking up about a thousand dollars ahead. That is compared to what yesterday could have cost them if they would have not voted -none of above.
       At least that's how it went down here in California. but I couldn't count the number of times over the last few days I had heard the phrase, "none of the Above, -in the background noise on TV; so I figure it went about the same way everywhere else in the country and I think you all deserve a few Brownie Points for that.
       Maybe there is still a little hope for you all.

We have some rumors going around that the kid went home and killed himself. It's not the first time I heard something like that and it turned out not to be true.
       Never the less, I wish you all would keep in mind, no matter how you feel about a situation like that, keep in mind that they were someone's son or daughter, and there are usually some people who loved them and it's their loss of a life they loved, is what we should be thinking about.

About a year and a half ago, maybe two; I was hanging out in Pismo, waiting to either got to jail or waiting for the next month's check so I could get out of the place, is when I ran into PJ's neighbour kid with the nice round tail.
       It was about that time I checked out the internet to see if PJ had a web-site.
       I can't be fore sure but I remember it as being pretty much a single page web-site.
       Then I saw it the other day and I noticed he had several pages, but the thing that stuck out to me the most was that he had Google Adds and it appears to me that someone had rigged his adds to the wrong key words because the adds had nothing to do with surfing. Then I got to thinking, maybe the whole web-site is rigged to the wrong keywords and Wahl's key words had nothing to do with it.
       Kinna gets you thinking about the Corporate Conglomerate that just bought up Al's company just up the road in Santa Barbara.

In Westport, back in the 80's the guys were already taking about PJ Wahl as a legend.
       From what I understand is he's a well travelled man. I seriously doubt if you can find a person who has surfer more brakes on the entire North American Coast. If your local brake is somewhere on the west coast, if he hasn't surfed it himself, you can bet he has shaped a stick for someone who has.
       Many of the guys around here have been talking about how he's one of the better shapers out there.
       The thing I can tell you is that his boards always look sexy. They are like a good looking woman with some meat still on her, not like some blank finished by a rookie who took it to far and now it's a sliver.

PJ Wahl and his surfboard

From what I've been hearing, business has been picking up a bit in the last few days.

Now if the water temp would go back up. I'm telling you the rest of the country, where you've been dealing with a cold snap, we are feeling it too.
       The other night was colder than most of the nights last winter.
       Even though the Global warming has kept the water warmer and warmer longer into the fall than usual. The thoughts about how much longer my 3/2 is going to work for me.

And oh I've been meaning to tell you folks is that the last thing you need is Apple being a middleman for the credit card companies.
       Hold on to your britches, (I've got a rule for that,____)
       Anyway, you can be sure the banks are going to figure out a way to work with merchants to come up with a verifiable digital check, that will be drawn directly from your bank account.
       You can be sure both the stores and the banks will realize that the cost of working together to make it happen should cost less than what credit cards companies charge them.
       The store is paying the credit card companies now, but eventually, the banks will get the stores to pay them some of the store's savings from not paying credit card companies.

I'm stuck, I know there have been things I've wanted to mention but, just can't recall them when I want to. Going over the rules helps some times.

Oh yeah, this Hillary gal, that has many of you wondering.
       I think she should fess up early if she wants to do her party any favour. She would end up loosing just as any other candidate the Democrats can come up with.
       They would be better off spreading their money widely, just to give exposure to a number of people instead of one who is just a criminal and will never win any way.

From what I understand, I'm pretty sure I know who the majority of people will want to vote for.
       I'm not about to say who the next president will be, because I have a feeling I can pretty much pick the next president, but I think it's best to keep an open mind and keep the possibility of changing it open too.

However, I would like to mention that I would like to see that my candidate isn't going to jump into the game any time soon.
       I suggest he just carrie on and do his own thing and let others play the campaign trail game.
       I'm in favour of as many TV appearances or interviews he can handle, but TV commercials are something we would prefer not see until the final weeks before the election.
       I'd rather have the people know the candidate and not be brainwashed into thinking he's the lesser evil then the other.

What I'm getting at is:
       Wouldn't it be nice if instead of hearing shit like, "we just spent a record amount ($4 Billion) on a mid-term election," wouldn't it be nice if we could say we only spent a fraction on the most recent presidential election over the one prior?"
       It would mean the the big corporations just stuck less money into the politician's pockets and the politicians would owe them as many favours. (I know it's a cheap shot, but it's the truth.)
       Ah, wouldn't it just be nice if it wasn't election after election. Commercial after commercial all the time.
       Just a waste of money as I see it.

None Sense
Rule Numbers-3, 39, & 70
November 7th, 2014:

I think you all should look at it for what it actually is.
       Since I can't even vote, what you are all saying, really doesn't make sense when you look at the true meaning of the words many of you are saying.
       However I must admit that it looks as though We did a pretty good job of controlling the vote.
       Now you have to admit, that if it wasn't for all of You all out there, -We could not be saying anything like it .
       Never the less, you have to be proud of what We pulled off.
       I have to admit, I really curious upon how it went with propositions through out the country because the media has sure left a big blank for us there.

Over here in San Diego County, we even sliced and diced with surgical precision and cut out a funky Republican who was kissing his boy friend on the evening news and settled for a Democrat at the last minute.

And I noticed that the media is referring to the Gaza Strip as Palestine Territory now. They showed a clip on the News last night where Israel is now building on the Gaza Strip.
       And we put up a fuss about Russia wanting to take back what was once theirs. Yet the US of A gives Israel all the weaponry to take land that is not theirs to take.
      The US facilitated the whole destruction of communities just so a neighbouring country can take over land on another.
      3,000 lives wasn't even a bump in the road.

Pretty Flat
Rule Numbers-
November 7th, 2014:

We're scrapping for waves around here.
       The tide has been too high in the mornings, meaning the Wimpy little wave end up on the shore.
       Strangely enough, I've reverted to those cheep old broken-up plastic 415 SC Pivot fins on the back of my board. Don't know why but I feel more at home with them. They are loose, and very pivotal, yet I can get drivy when I need it without feeling drivy when I don't expect it.
       Never the less, I think what I like about them the most is that it just makes me feel like I'm surfing my old Quad. It lust feel more natural.
       I think I'm going to just brake down and buy some new ones. (One got the tip broke off from ramming it up my butt and the other a longboarder tore a piece out of the side of it and gluing it back was only so good. )

Too Deep and paying for it.
Rule Numbers: 50 & 77
November 8, 2014:

I'm not sure if I just read the wave wrong or it was more likely I was just giving the kid and the wave a run for it's money. I was counting on him not falling and I was going to see if I could sneak up from behind him, -but the wave closed out. And there is one thing about boards with no leash, is that you don't know where it will end up going and I was stupid enough to direct myself right into a bunch of white wash with his board lost inside it.
       Sure enough, I found it when one of his fins flayed a piece of rubber from my ass. It left the inside lining, but it completely removed a couple square inches of material.

Any-how, even stranger is getting back to my Cage and turning on the TV to what is suppose to be a live foot ball game.
       What I thought I heard what I've heard on the street on the way home, "he's got his Tom Decker back."
       I'm quite aware that everybody and their brother has been trying to copy my style of surfing. It could be a reason for the rash of pro surfers showing up lately. They seem to think it is because I surf more with my hips than usual.
       I guess I could let this fall into a conversation of Helpful Hints, but I've already realized the need of me to put together a few more web-pages on surfing edict and helpful hints and pointers for surfers beginning and even the ones who are more experienced and would like some advice.

Never the less, I am quite aware of what people are aware of and am quite impressed that they can tell when I'm surfing like I surf, surfing the board instead of the board surfing me.
       I think the Tom Decker in me comes out when I'm in control of the board and not letting the wave over power me.
       I've watched Tom Decker for hours for which you could turn in to day and I think it did have an influence upon where my surfing was going to end up someday even though at the time I was still holding onto the security belt of the wrong kind of board.
       But then again, I think there is a smoothness to my surfing that I got from surfing a 7' 1" egg for those early years. I think it taught me some longboard techniques even though I've never surfed a longboard.

I can remember how Tom decker powered a board though anything, then catch another on the inside while paddling out. (Just about every set.)
       Tom had a board at one time that must have started out as a 6-4 or 6-5. It had at least 3 or 4 inches broken off the tip.
       Tom said the board wasn't loose enough, so he took a hack saw after it. Instead of trimming down the fins like most people would think of doing; he took out a hacksaw and cut about an inch or so off the tail end of it, straight across, squared corned and everything. He glassed it and it was good to go.
       Tom was modernizing and old board back then, as I look at it; with a hacksaw no-less.

Putting money into Slo County hasn't been part of the game plan, but from what I've heard, there has been a lot of Glassing going on there. Nothing wrong with some of my old surfing buddies getting some work that would have been going to Thailand.
       Never the less, it probably came about the right time when the winter slow down happened and we know these guys know what they are doing.

pm: Well I managed to put together a start on those three pages for Adrenalin. Even made one featured entry for each of them. The links can be found on the side bar on the Adrenalin page.


Got StoneWahled?
Rule Numbers-
November 9, 2014:

I heard the words "back-orderd," so many times today, I thought I could come up with something other than that word at the last minute, thank God.
       The other word is a number, but I ain't in to bragging or anything .
       Never the less, it's in line with what I figured it would be, if what I've heard I'd sold over the summer had any truth to it.

You've got to admit, that it is not considering it hasn't been until about now that the first ones are finally hitting the water.
       They sold purely on reputation and recommendation.
       I'm curious what percentage of them are getting glassed as I had described? And wondering how they hold up.
       I figure using S cloth takes less resin than regular fibreglass cloth because it is suppose to lay down nicer. So I figure keeping it two fours on top with patches probably weighs about the same as two fours of regular cloth and going with six on the bottom would make it hold up a lot better. I played around with the weight total numbers in my head, combining different combinations of top and bottoms together and came up with it.

And that thing Ed said about Engineers; with leaving a hole in it so the engineer picks up on it and puts his two cents worth in on it and takes on with the idea as if it was their own.
       Same goes with Surfers. Right off the bat I was hearing guys say, "hey look out!"
       Yes of course, the "hey look where you are going," when someone is about to run over you.

Oh yeah; this bit with Obama sending a letter to North Korea.
       You all may look at it as a success and the result of using one's head. But really folks, don't you think Obama would have asked for someone like a past president or someone even like Rodeny. Because sending the head of so much security and secretes, I would have been afraid of Cu____ along with his security crew getting gassed, then hypnotized and brain washed for all the secrets he knows.
       I know if I was one of those crooked leaders, you couldn't put it past me because I would think of it as a weakness in the intelligence of the United States.

What was in the Letter?
Rule Numbers- 34, 38, 55 & 66
November 10th, 2014:

Now I've got you guys thinking like me.
       Amazing how much stuff would sneak by most of you, if you didn't have me around to see things for what they really are.
       I've often thought that you've gotta have some people out there with some common sense; and overnight you all pretty much proved it.

The whole, wonder what was in the letter bit.
       Have you all come up with a few ideas of your own?
       You are all wondering if many of us have come up with a similar scenario. The Most Likely and what I would have my money on if I was betting on the whole ordeal.

Oh yeah, there is many of us who think it was an effort by Speilberg to make Obama look like some kind of a hero and give Obama some kind of success story to shore him up. (And to butter him up too of course, because if it is true, -Speilberg would have something to hold up to Obama as a bribe no less.)
       Yeah, I bet the letter has some Swiss Bank account numbers with the codes and all.
       I wouldn't doubt if it wasn't access to a shit load of gift cards to many of those places in Beverly Hills. No less than paying a ransom for the hostages, and getting around all those multi-government enforced sanctions.
       I myself don't think that one kid who tore up his paper work would be worth more than a gift certificate for a MacDonalds Happy Meal.

South winds came in today and messed up what little we had the last few days.
       It was fun while it lasted you could say. Got one of those slow smooth rides this morning before the wind came back up from off shore to onshore.

Got a Challenge
Challenge for Speilberg....
Rule Numbers- 4, ,9, 44 & 88
November 11th, 2014:

Got a Challenge for Spielberg, just try to buy the new set of spoony fins out from underneath me.
       Something tells me that isn't about to happen, and if we could see him coming, we'd charge him ten times the price.

Also folks, just remember Rule Number Nine, -that Speilberg has probably bought up the final editing rights to your local and national broadcast, (at least the English speaking ones that is.)
       I noticed yesterday that the media focused on the Letter Dennis Rodman had sent over to North Korea and not one word about the letter we've all been haggling about, -the one Obama used Clapper for a Pigeon for, -the letter containing the most contested bribe money.
       The only Cherry on Top for me would be a Yes or No answer, as to whether any of those Gift Certificates came from Rodeo Drive.
       That answer would be like Rule 44 getting two answers with One Stone

Also I would like to point out for your Awareness and Amusement most of all.
       The similarities of actions presidents are likely to do. Like Clinton and his Monica thing. The first thing they do when they smell trouble is get a new Attorney General. All those accusation and charges just seem too melt away.
       Sure I'm full of shit, but who wants to challenge it because we know I'm probably right.

We're all of a sudden running 66 to 68 degrees around here.
       I probably got the Wave of the day today, considering how the south winds chopped it up so much. Just the most difficult waves to catch. But I did get one to jack up after I pumped it a good ways and found myself up on top of a nice glassy hallow lip at one point.

Today Marks the Day of Loosing my House to the Fire, 19 years ago. The last time I had real toilet of my own to shit in.

Got Speilberg Whores?
Rule Numbers- 9, 10, 15, 42, 60, & 75
November 12, 2014:

Yeah, even Surfers can become Speilberg Whores if the price is right.
       I'd say take him for as much money for nothing because we all know a tax number doesn't cost any more than a surfboard blank.
       It doen't matter if the surfboard I shape is any good because I can pick the best side and use the computer to fix my mistakes. All it matters is that I can go out and ride it.
       I figure the only time I need to touch the boards is sanding the blanks once I get them from a machine. I think Sam Egan told me was able to do 12-16 per day for Xanadu and JS. You can bet I can find more guys who can do the same thing for me.

And I have just one simple question to ask Mister Richard Branson: Tell me Richard, do you think we went to the Moon?
       That's all I want to know about you and your thingy dingy.

And this thing in China could be anything more than a photo-op for some of the top world leaders, but things don't go as you might think when they are nothing but a bunch of criminals who are gawking at the one who is more of an obvious criminal.
       The real bad makes the bad look even better, but you can be sure the talk of Mechelle Obama's big feet were probably the most popular topic and it turned Obama into a Freak Show.
       (I wonder if they could tell if he wears diapers?)

Got An Idea
Rule Numbers-
November 12th, 2014:

Yeah, I got an Idea from Wahl's Web-site.
       I'm going to start out shaping surfboards by striping one down and making a new one out of it.
       I was going to make a Tom Decker board out of my 6'-9" but the deck is so crushed from the big guy that owned it, so I figure I'll just strip it but I understand I will be luck to make it 2.5 inches think. (Like a lot of guys say that I'm best off trying to make a fish.)
       I'm just wondering if reusing fin pockets are worth the trouble. Never the less, I plan on Rule 5 and I'm going to pick up enough new for a Quad. Not even going to bother with templates.
       I figure'd I could just grab my Jammer Set and a decent piece of cardboard I can clamp to my level and make a rocker gauge for each board. I'll just use which ever surviving board I've got as a template; and I'll make up my mind on what kind of board I'm going to shape once I set my eyes on the blank. (Probably go with a three fin first and buy a new blank for a Quad.)
       And yes I know, the smart thing for me to do is just go get the right kind of board and make proper templates of all of my boards.

I've got to check out my woody, cause I do think I have enough 6 oz for the bottom and I think have almost a quart of regular (yellowing type,) laminating resin.
       However, it's going to have to wait until I finish painting my truck. Then I'll get my templates in order.
       When you think about it. My old Quad would be about the most valuable template I could make out of my boards because most shapers around can tell you that they've had templates for that board before people even road Quads. It's kind of a standard template that has been around for decades and just held widener at the tail for a Quad.

Think about it folks. While I surf other a particular surfboard brand, I make them rich, and they have no problem with paying me nothing. And no mater with brand I surf or direct the money to, I make the US Government more than $5 million Dollars per year, -for their war machine.
       Just the piece of foam that sits under my ass has I've got many of you spending Millions of Dollars Per Year Killing People.
       All you US Tax payers killed 3,000 people in the Gaza Strip over the summer and how many are you going to kill when Israel wants more land cleared next year?

I got a kick out to those guys in Turkey, making sure that those US Sailors know they were not wanted there. No body who is decent minded wants evil murders around, I would want people from the US in my country either.

Obama should go back to the school of negotiations and get his money back.
       Like what is this bit with China, we in the US get standards that are unbeatable and even put certain auto manufacturers at more of an advantage than others when it comes to building trucks because of the credits they get from building electric cars.
       Obama agrees to let China do noting for 16 years, -while they put another coal fired plant on line every ten days.
       I rally don't understand where the Chinese Government think that there is a maximum allowance before your people start dropping dead in the streets.

I feel China is suffering from it's own selective breeding and now the government there is running on the intelligence of it.

Kinna what they did just lately in Mexico, -they went and killed some of their brightest college students. If that doesn't do a number on the I.Q. Test, nothing will.

Got a better color on the way
Rule Numbers-
November 14, 2014:

If you've seen my truck, it isn't the color it's going to be. I'm going to do a Half and half on that baby.
       I didn't like the gray in the old color and that's what it would have ended up if I would have just added white to it to lighten it up. But I checked a spot and it will a truer blue and yet soft.

Got some of that 1/8" MDF with vinyl on one side for my templates. Trimmed it to two 10" wides and used 77 glue to put two 8.5 inchers together for a rocker.
       I'm trying to figure out an adjustable jig for transferring fin pocket angles. They probably have them. but I've never seen them.

I've decided to make a quad first, so I can sale my newest board for the materials to build a new winter board.
       I'm thinking of getting a cheep HPLV gun so I can stock up on paints and cut out a few templates to do graphs on them. Probably the only part of the whole process that I'll actually like doing.

Paddled out in junk this morning. Did manager to get a couple good rides. Had this one try to section on me and it was going to be a long-shot to make it around it, so I just jumped over it.

Had Enough?
Rule Numbers-
November 16, 2014:

That wave yesterday had the guys talking about it immediately.
       I don't think I dropped in more than a third of the way down the face but I still managed to pump it 4 or 5 times before the lip finally stole my board from me. I made it over the bake ok, none the less, -the tug on my leash told me it was a good close out to stay out of.
       This morning was one of those malnourished mornings where a bowl of cereal just wasn't doing it.
       I was batting 2's and 3's all morning, however there was this wall I found myself in.
       I must say the white water jumping like little snarling teeth was a sure give away that any time inside would soon be over so I pulled out to watch it zip by.
       I have to say I've been pretty lucky in the department of at least getting one or two that are worth all the 2 to 4's I've been getting lately, never the less, -the sand on the bottom has been making things more possible.
       And I must have heard, "hold it in a quarter inch," so many times.
       We'll call it winterizing the quad. (I figured 19 5/8 to 19 11/16 and the length is going to be where ever it lands.)
       I'm going to keep it about 2 11/16 thick in an effort to keep it in the 32-33 litre range.

Sounds like the guys at Cal Poly played around with my wave generators, -by using scaled down models in model wave pools.
       I figure even a bus would work,
       -for a while at least.
       However, with my wave generators, you have to have someone who is crazy enough to put a bunch of money into them, and then not only dump them into the ocean, -they'd have to go pull them up every 6 months or so.

Kinna like the proper way to use sand fencing. To do it like it needs to be done, you've got to have people who are willing to move them from time to time during big swells and extra high tides.
       I've got ideas on how two or three people could move the fencing in or out with less effort, in a little given time.

After hearing what people would be willing to pay for one of my paint jobs on their surfboard:
       I got this corny idea of taking percentage of what people would pay for one of my paint jobs, to go to paying for sand fencing and Wave generators.
       We'd just plan on putting them just about anywhere the governments would let us.
       I figure that if I'm putting more surfers in the water, something needs to be done about creating more surf-able coastlines.
       I'm afraid that I'm putting more people in the water than Gidgit ever did and she sure didn't do any of us surfers any favour.
       The crowd factor is just getting unbelievable and we all need to do something about it. Nothing better than having something on your surfboard saying that you've done something about that. Better than paying $75.oo per year for a license plate with a whale tail on it if you ask me.

Yeah we all know Obama is trying to make US take on 5 million stupid voters who would surely vote Democrat.
       Obama wants us to put them in the same classes as our English speaking kids, disrupting and slowing down the learning process for the Nationals, which have fallen behind and then you go throwing a wrench in on it, making it a pain in the ass to learn something when half the class doesn't know English.
       You don't know if you've got a kid with learning disorders or just an language bearer.

Set to Fail
Rule Numbers- 50, 51
or should we call it 5150?
Tue. November 18th, 2014:

You are telling me that they made the use of Sand Fencing illegal?.
       I'm not sure but I think they did it right here Oceanside..
       Well, gee, later on today or tomorrow, -when the sun gets at a better angle to the shore line, -south of the pier, I'll take a snap shot for future reference, (so if I'm even still around here, -say five years from now.)
       I'll do what I should have done a long time ago. (I may have good enough photos already already, -got to check.)
       Anyhow, all try to kick the, -bit and I'll show you all the two piles of rocks that will undoubtedly grow over time and overtake the shoreline.
       I'd also like to invite you all down to those two piles of rocks so you can try catching a wave out in front of either pile of those rocks which will undoubtedly brake up into smaller pieces and turn what was once sand into grave over time.
       Someone will undoubtedly burn a Shit-load of Diesel to get more of those rocks there along Oceanside shoreline.
       Dana Point will continually dump carbon pollution upon their neighbourhoods and will undoubtedly continue to breath more silica sand from the machines that build the berm. And let us not forget about the Silica Sand that Berm kicks up into the air they have to breath from it all.
       I'm sure none of those street sweepers we have here running around our streets in Oceanside have any type of HEPA Filter that would be worth a dam after ten minutes.
       Heck here in Oceanside, they dump the Silica Sand on the Surfers with their little push blowers that blow the silica sand back out to sea every morning, day after day.
       Don't you get it? The beach that you should be growing is ending up in your vacuum cleaner instead of the beach.
       What you are trying to tell me is that Sand Fencing is only allowed in Old Movies and Modern Television commercials.
       And I should mention it's like salt in the eye when you see that they've got two TV Commercials running right now,
       -with actual Sand Fencing in them,
       -but the stupid legislators have been trying to make them extinct.
       I say its Evil

Fighting for Sand Fences?
Rule Numbers- 35 & 36
Wed. November 19th, 2014:

I couldn't tell you the number of times I heard the two word, "Dana Point" in the later 24 hours.
       I"m not sure what people are saying about Dana Point, but I'm guessing that the residents there have been up in arms about how they've been handling beach erosion.
       I can't tell you how they could put up with those machines running across the beach all the time.

Anyhow from what it sounds like is that maybe we've got some of those funky laws changed.
       I think it makes more sense to most of us it's better to use the power of the sun and wind to grow our beached instead of trying to build them with carbon emitting machines, (-for the sake of those contractors profits and the kick back they give to the local politicians that grant them the money to do so.)

I figure that 3/4 electrical conduit would work best for most of the stakes, but I would recommend either heavy walled 3/4 or going to 1" electrical conduit for the ends.

I would recommend plastic pipe to be used around or near children's play ground areas, (and maybe place protective caps on the metal end pipes, since the ends are where people will run into them the most.
      One problem with the plastic pipe is that you will may need to drill a hole in though the pipe so a cable tie can be used to keep it from sliding down, and I'm not big on loosing a bunch of used plastic ties in the sand and I'm afraid of what happens with the broken part of a plastic pipe if it's left in the ground.

I would advise looking into the kind of plastic pipe they use for plumbing natural gas, since it is a bit softer material and less likely to crack, split or brake when pounded into the grown, or even ran into by someone.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could make those orange plastic construction fencing more of a gray or brown color and make them only about 30" high? Even a little bit bigger holes would be nice too. (But hey, cut it in half to 24" and it should work pretty good anyway.)

The One mistake I see most when people use sand fencing, is that they put the fences too close to parking lots and side walks. The thing you need to remember is that you want the fence at least 20-30 ft. in front from where you want sand deposited.
       Two rows about the same distance apart is even better, and if it woks right, the second row will get buried much faster than the first. Second row should be on a safe from the tied spot and the first row you have to figure on moving from in front to behind the safe second and to front again about every month as the tides stay below around five foot.

Where pedestrians is present, you just stagger the openings of the front and back fences.

In the winter I figure that just using one or two rows that just stay in safe places is probably the more practical way to go about it since the summer months are when we need to capitalize on the higher elevation of the Sun which dries the sand out more efficiently and will let Mother Nature's Wind carry it up the beach for Us.

Got Screwed?
Rule Numbers- 20, 42, 51, 53, 65, 66 & 88
November 20th, 2014:

Did you get screwed out of your waves this morning by a Moron?
       Well I sure did. Two of them in fact. One sat there like a bump on a log in the impact zone and the other thought he's bump elbows with me and then he chickened out. I was watching him instead of the wave I should have been launching myself into, -by myself!

Well one good thing came out of someone calling the Oceanside Psychiatric Emergency Response Team on me.
       I learned from the gal that the Cali-Connect that Obama Care is trying to force on to me isn't worth a shit.
       Now what do I do?
       It's like the way the Painter's Union handled my retirement pension. They asked me I I wanted to stay on the old deal or go with a IRA like everyone was going to at the time. Well I didn't have a lot at stake so it didn't mater to me at the time and they switched it automatically to an IRA.
       I guess the thing about IRA's that nobody tells you is that they sometimes have charges against them and I figure the only reason I even have $800.oo available is that it's probably because it keeps it as an account they can charge money from.
       I'm sure it the amount will never grow and it will never disappear but you can also be sure it will never amount to anything substantial no matter what the market does.

Anyhow, I've been signed to both Medi-Cal and Medi-Care for the past two years, why must I search for something better, especially when I know there isn't going to be anything any better unless I pay for it? Something I feel is entirely unfair considering I was expecting to retire with no bills because the last two presidents have made my retirement pension I get from Social Security about 60 cents on a dollar.
       If it wasn't for Bushe's wars and Obama's bail-out, I'd be able to afford to go some place nice to surf a couple times a year, but thanks to them, I have a hard time just keeping my fuel tank full.

And Obama is going to come on my TV tonight and tell me that we owe these folks from south of the border a favour. But what he doesn't know is that he isn't really doing the people there any favour by enticing the younger generation away from their homeland.
       Obama is robbing those communities of their next generation of young workers.
       He actually thinks that they need to leave because of all the gang violence, but once he takes them, there will be a higher percentage of violent citizens per capita.
       The end result for those people south of the border will be even more violence and crime if they are taken away.

Something about Sharks
Rule Numbers- 20, 51
November 21, 2014:

I want to express is that people like that gal on the web who calls her self shark lady is doing us all the wrong kind of favour. All she is doing is as well as other's who feed sharks is putting humans in to the shark's food chain. Sharks will associate the sent of humans as a part of their food consumption and consider the sent of humans as part of their meals.
       I figure that most of the shark bites on surfers are a result of that and it isn't until the shark tastes the difference of man's red meat over the taste of fish or the blubber from sea-lions and harbour seals.
       The people who die the most from shark attack are usually divers and something tells me that they were feeding them in the first place.

The words I heard the most lately as been, "we don't owe them any favours."
       Most people feel just as I do. That we need to round them up as fast as we can find them and put them on a train.
       I figure there is an expense that should be considered, -other than the train.
       That is: offering up a Couple Million Dollars for construction for a facility in each of the Countries to handle the returning people.
       (Some countries might not want their criminals back so much other wise and there will be a need for temporary housing and care for children missing their families when they return.)

Many of you wake up to see a chunk of your shoreline gone this morning?
       Heck the play ground down by the pier has barely enough beach to put up two rows of Sand Fencing in front of it.
       And as many of you have noticed by now, that I'm right about the second fence catching more sand than the first. That's because the first fence slows down the winds and the second allows the sand to stay put.
       I laughed at what they did over at the harbour last year. They took some of that Black Construction Erosion fencing with wooden stakes and all and placed them about fifteen feet in front of the parking lot. Sure some sand was trapped in front of it, but that just made a ramp and most of the sand just got launched higher into the air, landing somewhere in the parking lot, but of course it was never going to stay there.

Oh yeah, something you will eventually learn that I'm right about.
       There is a major difference from running just one line of sand fencing, or even two that stay in place is: that to tend to build a mountain of sand if you keep pulling it up out of the sand as the sand level rises.
       But if you want to grow a shore line at an accelerated rate, meaning developing land protruding further out to sea, you have to work the front line out towards the water line as much as the tides will let it.
       That means you have to look at the monthly tide chart and figure out which two weeks out to the month you can set up a fence line farther out until the higher tides come back.
       I figure with my Sand Fence Kit, some folks would just take the fencing off the stakes and leave the stakes and hope the tides don't mess with them so much.
       (I plan on putting a web-page together for the Environment section, just for my Sand Fencing Idea.)

As a result of Yesterdays session in bigger waves with my newer quad. I decided to change my mind on what kind of board I'm going to shape first.
       Reason being: it's all about the rocker. Just one look at each of my boards with a long level for a straight edge shows the reason I was just plowing water like my old quad would do in big waves.
       It wanted to let me in at the last moment and when you do that on a big wave, the speed you get before you reach the bottom will teach you every time.
       Funny thing is that the manufacture of the board claims it was designed for 4 ft. waves. And then you take a look at my three fin and that was originally labelled by it's manufacture as a small wave board, but of course mind is a little stretched so that's probably why in seems to handle bigger waves as well or better than my big wave board.
       My round tail thruster has a real mild rocker. Nothing much for nose rocker, but a pretty good flip in the tail.
       I figure I will widen it by almost a quarter and I'm going to use the nose template from my newer quad to pull the nose back making it two to three inches shorter.
       So it will probably be 6'2.5" x 19.5 x 2 11/16" and I'm hoping to keep it in the 32-33 ltr. range.
       I'm also considering going with a 6 oz. bottom and a 6/4 oz. on the top. I'm going to try to at least use S-glass for the 6 oz. (which is actually 5.7 sometimes.) but I realize that it's availability isn't always there like the 4 oz. I plan to just go with E-glass on the 4 oz. just to save money.

Thanks for Nothing
Rule Numbers- 9, 10 & 51
November 27, 2014:

I don't think any of you understand how disgusting you all sound.
       It's like everyone is going around talking shit about what they are going to do for me. Or to put it straight, they are actually saying that they "want", to do for me, which is a big hole left in their statement.
       The reality here is that I've pretty much put Oceanside on the map since I moved back here, because from what I hear, -I've sold over $5 Million Dollars worth of Hotel rooms, -yet next week I've got to go to court just to get 120 day to pay the county $560 for having their police officer slander me.
       Or should I say that I've got to pay for criminal activity now that the name Gunzalus is connected to those rumours and now the criminal is out to try to run my out of town by robbing me of 5% of my annual income .
       But really folks, I know just how to get even. Or just as I said about the surfboard manufactures, I sure as heel going to direct the money somewhere else if I can. Therefore, don't come to San Diego County to see me surf, because if I do, it's not going to be at some other obscure location and I'll be changing them all the time once I get my own board built.
       It's like how greedy can people get. This surfboard manufacture made over $200,000.oo per month off me over the summer, and I didn't even get a word of thanks from them, yet they sure put out the word that I was selling over a thousand boards per week for them.
       Then I direct some of that money to local shapers instead of labors in Thailand and they don't even know how to thank me, they just brag about what I did for them. (Should have kept my mouth shut and let Google dog that one guy and he's still be in his garage where they put him in the first place.)
       So you can conciser their boards as that last kind of board I would ever want to ride. (And those boards from Thailand: They are glued together. They may seem a little more durable at first, but once you do bust a rail or something, you will find out that repairing such a board isn't the easiest thing and getting the water out from between their lamination is questionable. They got three types of material all glued together, and do you think all of those materials flex with each other at the Same Rate?
       Yeah, you are depending on glue on foam to hold it all together.)

And on this Darren Wilson, the cop that shot the kid:
       I can assure you that I usually know what I'm looking at and when I see him and the con-cocked story he put together. I'll be the first to say that the guy is a bully and he murdered the kid because he had a new gun and it was legal for him to us it to kill someone.
       Just like Zimmerman who killed a kid with his gun. He should have stayed in the car and waited for backup.
       Oh yeah, the gun wasn't a revolver so just by having someone's hand on it, isn't going to stop it from firing. Also, who dosn't go buy a box of shells when they buy a new gun? Yeah, you are a cop who depends on a gun for your protection at your every day job as a cop, and you are not even going to make sure that it works without misfiring? And I thought cops are not allowed to use hollow points?

And boy, talking about stupidity, They had the National Guard there, but they were not used and didn't protect any of the businesses. Loosers, I tell you. Dummer by the day and too damn stupid to do anything about it. I just can't believe that so, so, so many people could be so blatantly stupid.
       There is no doubt in my mind that the human race is becoming barbaric animals.

Oh yeah, how many of you morons are going to take your kids to the new Speilberg flick? You all made the crazy nut bastard murder $200 Million last year with his Dragon cartoon.

Got a Bug in My Place
Rule Numbers:
4, 6, 11, 14, 20, 33, 34, 55, 85 & 88
Sunday - November 30th, 2014:

I knew there wouldn't be any withholding information going on. Just pulling into the right parking lot would have got the word out. Same goes for a web-search. And the posting last week probably got the Speilberg/Obama crew suspecting of future out comes so I figure that they've been out trying to shut down doors in front of me. (And let us not forget about those surfboard manufactures who've been making profits off me would have been thinking the same.)
       But the problem with that is that it cost a lot less for me to build a surfboard, than one of my trucks.
       And if I skimp and save, and the cops don't rob me any more than Obama's healthcare, -I can come up with enough money to make another surfboard every month.
       And if I can double that investment with a little work, I'll have enough money to build three the next month. If you've played around with log rhythms before, you get the picture..
       But I know a couple short cuts. One of them is speeding up the process by pawning my bass guitar. Damn near enough to crank-out two more this month alone.
       I'll settle for just one for myself, and two to sell. (Well, maybe two for me, one for someone else.)

Oh yeah, today in the dark shadows near the outlet in the coffee shop, I almost planted my face in the face of one of the Blue Pit-bulls.
       Guess many of you heard all about that.
       She said it was raining outside.

Apparently someone managed to look up the serial number on one of my boards. Figured, since they had the file for it, that they could replicate my next board of the description I gave for it earlier. Had to laugh yesterday, when I heard they were offering up my next board.
       Even funnier is that it doesn't take more than three words to describe why just having that prized same Old Rocker, doesn't mean they can produce my next board, -because of the "law of averages," - if I used the same Old Rocker, the rocker in the tail would surely be the thing that would screw up the board.
       Just as I told my Dad yesterday, I may have not have ever made a surfboard before, but over the years I've learned a lot of stuff about shaping surfboards than I've seen in any of those how to shape a surfboard videos.

But gee thanks guys.
      What you are telling me? That the rocker template I'm about to make is a pretty good one to be making?
       A good one to go off as one would say?
       I'm willing to bet if I take it and use it in the process of making my own version of my big wave board, that my next big wave board will even be that much better.
      I guess once the board got popular and gave their own surfers trouble with the competition using it, they decided to dog the board by changing the rocker on the boards sold to the public so that boards sold to them would only work in big bouncy sloppy surf like they got in Morro Bay in the winters.

Well, things don't get done by just thinking about it.

Plan D
Rule Numbers- 5, 7, 8, 12, 44, 56,
December 2nd, 2014:

To be honest. just one look at it in my hands, and imagining all like new, -and then the nostalgic part of it for my fans because it was probably this board and its paint job that probably made me many more time famous than what I might of been. I'm guessing and you never know. For the girls at least. It probably put me on the map you could say.
       Anyhow I'm going to call this model the 75% white with the highly advanced Tom Decker Modification.
       It will still have the swallow tail with its little radius ears, but the ears will be a little bit wider, 15" instead of 14 1/2 after taking a couple of (3/4 - 7/8") slices out of the tail.
       Update pm: Now that I've taken a measuring tape to it. the tail says 15 1/2 originally and 7/8" TD would make it 15 & 3/4". I figure it will end up with about the same square inch area as my newer quad at over 16". (I'll probably do 3/4" TD.)
       And it looks as though both of my quads start the front edge of the front fin at 16".
       And I figure I'll be moving the fins further forward in respect, and maybe even more of the amount I take off the tail.
       The goal is to make the board into a 6'2" and make it even more of a back foot board. (Figure I might nip off the tip of the blank a bit and sand a little more curve in the nose to give it a little more modern day radius to help shorten it some, who knows, I might get it as short as 6' 1.5"?.)
       Until I've seen the rocker template to my new board, I'm holding off with the plan of using the Old Rocker on it. Reason being, is that I think the old rocker is probably better suited for a thruster.
       With the New 75% Quad, I'm going to make use of an Idea of making a rocker template of not only the bottom of my newest board, but the top deck rocker as well as well. I figure top rocker template will help me with moving some of the volume forward to compensate for the narrow nose. Also along bottom rocker, I will use some of the concave features of the newer quad as well. Also I'll be bring along some of the concave features of the newer quad.
      I think of it as putting a modern technical advancement on top of the highly advanced Tom Decker Modification, its got to be good one.
       I think it's going to be like hot rodding the old 70% and it's a good gamble. I'm sure it will be a good board for the waves around here.

I'll probably go with Dick Brewer advice and stay with the fin original fin angle department so that it's of my earlier quad and I'd be more familiar with it. (But I don't know? Could change my mind. Gotta see it further, and I'll compare fin placement templates when I get there.)
       Funny Thing: Everyone is saying I should use the fin placement of the newer quad.
       Shortly after arriving to Smart and Final, where I cut out the templates a scribed today, I was apparent, the must have been watching me by satellite or something, because there sure seemed to be quite a bit of excitement that I went as far as making a template for the Stoneman.
       Actually I was hoping that the nose of the Stoneman would work on my next round tail thruster.
      That, board they said they would sell you, -wouldn't happen with a back foot narrow nose board,-I saw it with my own two eyes last night.
      So I figure I'll try the Stoneman or the nose of my Old Quad for my next thruster.
       So if you bought my next board from those guys, - ask for you money back.

I figure I'll give the Stoneman a new Rocker, or should I say the Old Rocker. I plan to bring it in, (narrow it,) enough to make it a 6'8" and I'll even give it enough TD so the tail is the at least the same, (or as I was thinking, -a hair wider than the original Stoneman at 6-9.
       And for myself, I'll thin it down to 2- 9/16-5/8" thick. (Down from 11/16ths.) I want to surf it at less than 40 litres.
       I think it will make a good long board for me and I bet there are a few guys who prefer bigger boards and would like one built to be high performance from the get go.

And of course, now I see why my old surf buddy was always looking for 6'-0" MBM's. And he did make a point of flipping it over and showing me that it lacked rocker. He was probably looking for any remittances of batches made for the pros. I bet he could just look at one and see if it had a crunched up nose or not. Now that I compare rockers, I know just what he was looking for.
       Anyhow, once I do get the 75% done, the model I'll be shaping will probably be a 6-4 Squash Tail, (since I don't have to figure out which nose will fit like I need to do with my next round tail thruster, _but who knows?)
       Of course it will be called, -The Real One.

I suppose you all heard, because I heard from all of you, so I'll save me some time and just say that isn't it a surprise. To be some middle aged surfer dude, who is no more than a rambler with a surfboard. Can actually have one of the 32 top surfers, of the largest surfboard manufactures in the world, -trade one of their factory pro boards for a hand-me-down of his, -that he bought new at Frogs in Huntington Beach for only $300.oo
       It was probably a better board for him because it was a very thin and light 6-6 at 2 3/8". I was just too old for a 18 3/4 board with a long constant rocker with so little foam.
       The timing was about the right time and I know for a fact that Nate had unloaded some of his boards there in Morro Bay because I saw them myself and I just happen to know the shop owner's son who would have negotiated the trade. It wasn't like he ever disclosed what happened to my old board, (it went within a couple weeks at $259.)
       And the real funny thing is that nobody said a thing about who was the previous owner of the board I bought about six months later.
       (If any of you have the time, you may just verify all this in my journal.)
       I think it's pretty funny just knowing all this after I just wrote about Pro Surfer Rats dumping their boards at shops a couple weeks ago. It's posted over at my Sports page.
       Anyhow, I guess we all can mark a good one on the wall for Good prevails over Evil.

I bet there are hundreds of shapers out there with their old flyer template and borrowed pop out, trying to make my next board.

Hell, if I were them, I'd be doing the same because I'd probably be a little bored other wise. Gotta figure it will sell just as good as anything else. It's not like I'm the only one capable of doing so. And I bet most of those shapers will tell you that my modifications to both the Stoneman and the 70% should be good ones. There is even rumors saying that I should be renaming my Quad to 85%.

Got Something
Rule Numbers-
December 3rd, 2014:

But I ain't Telling you anything.
       Well I did get an 1/2 and 1 - 1/4 in Router bits. And it looks like I only need one sliding jig for doing the job.

Looks as though I'll be working on a few new web-pages for my new site .
       I Know I need another web-site like I need another hole in my head, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
       There isn't actually much work to be done, because I wouldn't think of costing my future customers an arm and a leg for it either. Never the less, there should be some information upon what my plans are and what kind of direction the company will be going.
       I'm going to try to post a few thing there over the next few weeks before anything truly gets going. In the mean time, I'll be posting things about the preparations that I can do.

And Oh, did you hear about Gunzalus?
       Well you know I'll withhold details so that I don't cause any rumors myself, but....
       I'll tell you one thing I did hear right from a north county Sheriff's mouth, -yesterday, -while I was down at the court house.
       It's safe to say they are well aware that Ganzalus was going around spreading child molester rumors on me. It's no secrete to them.

And Mister Brown should take a good look at himself as being just as much to blame for his son getting shot. He should have done a better job of raising his son and he would still be alive.
       Yeah, have fun trying to find someone who won't just take you for your money filing a civil suit.

Got to go
Rule Numbers- 36 & 55
December 6th, 2014:

For those of you who are unaware, -I've been leaving most of my comments at the Current Events page of my new web-site under construction.
       I'm a bit tired of being reminded of all the crap the cops have been handing us. Just don't want to be reminded of it right now when I've got more important things to do .

Got one down and one to go
Rule Numbers- 12, 36 & 55 -
December 8th, 2014:

While I got my Quad Rocker done last night. I figure it will work for 5' 10" thru 6' 4" with a little help on the nose rocker on the short ones. Anyhow it looks good and I'm going to perform the same fine tuning on my Thruster Rocker today and finish up my jig.
       I'm gong to pick up another sheet of 1/8" MDF for more templates today so I can layout the outline for my next round tail thruster.
       I think I'm going to do both so I'll have two new boards by Christmas. While they are curing, I'll work on the template for my new Squash tail thruster. I figure I'll widen it by almost a 1/4 and shorten it by 1 to 1.5. and I'll bump it up to 2 5/8" think.
       I'm going to compare the Stoneman rocker to the Old Rocker today to see if the Old rocker will work on it, other wise I'''l be grabbing the rocker from that one before too long because I plan to make my third board a Stoneman before I do the 6' 4" Squash.

And the word is out, that Affirmative Action hired Gonzales to spread phoney child molester rumors on me.

The guys gave it a ten
Rule Numbers- 35 & 55
December 9, 2014:

Even the folks on land are saying I got the wave of the day.
       Well, I'll be the first to day that the waves not good enough for a ten, but it took me two hours to land a long one and that one I had to do a little more work for it than you would expect.
       You have to admit, it wasn't the easiest wave to surf. Most guys probably would have bit it right off the start with the drop in -that was exactly that. Then the rest of it was just instinct upon figuring out what the wave was going to do, because there wasn't any time for looking around because the thing was fast and I found my way around a couple spots that wanted to end it for me.
      When it was all over, it was pretty obvious that most of the guys to the south of me had a good view of the execution of a wave as I rode it towards them.

Oh well, things don't get done by just thinking about them .
       I was going to do a couple things to my new site and hit the road.
       Gotta burn some fuel to go to Sand Markos sooner or later. And what annoys me sometimes is that I have a tenancy to to get the worst things out of the way first, at any job I'm involved in.
      (Except when it comes to getting dirty, I rather do that at the end of the day and not right off at the beginning.)
      Then with my luck, I'll get hit with dust from a guy with a leaf blower.

Yeah gotta laugh at this Lockheed Martin Blunder of a plane they sold you. The F-35 can only fly on jet fuel under a certain temperature due to a range of heating issues attributed to the F-35B variant’s short takeoff and vertical landing engine. According to the USAF, the dark-green trucks that carry that fuel absorb too much heat from the sun to keep the planes in the sky.
       “We painted the refuelers white to reduce the temperature of fuel being delivered to the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter,” Senior Airman Jacob Hartman of the 56th Logistics Readiness Squadron at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona said in an Air Force news report. “The F-35 has a fuel temperature threshold and may not function properly if the fuel temperature is too high, so after collaborating with other bases and receiving waiver approval from [the Air Education Training Command], we painted the tanks white.”
       Not a very good way of hiding your fuel supply I'd say.

Got the Tax Number
Rule Numbers-
December 10th, 2014:

Somebody should tell those folks down at the city of Encinitas that they should up date the information they hand out for the Department of Equalization.
       Boy I wonder how much fuel is being burn needlessly.
       To hell with the six month out of date address and phone number, and just give the web-site address. If you go there you will have to deal with a track ball so just stay home and do it there .
       You wouldn't believe the amount of money that must have been spent on those stainless steel kiosk they bought. They would have done much better to have stayed away from the track ball set up and just gone with a mouse.

Found myself on the wall of an overhead tube this morning. I was practically standing on my toes trying to keep the rail in the side of the wave to keep the board from rolling. I seriously don't think my heals were even on the board for part of the wave. It had to be a pretty good size to it because it sure sounded heavy and it slammed close.

The numbers speak for themselves
Rule Numbers:
7, 10, 12, 29, 35, 38, 39, 42, 48, 50, 75, 78, 85 & 88
December 11, 2014:

We'll let the numbers do a lot of my talking today.
       However, -there was one thing I've been meaning to mention for a few days, and have sort of delayed saying anything about it because I was wanting to confirm the numbers, -whether it was 6 Million or sixty million dollars it cost the US Tax payers to have the report on torture written up.
       I'll tell yah that it was a failed sample of Diplomacy from the get go, and the only reason it even came out was that you had a couple of guys who where no more qualified to be a doctor of anything than a chiropractor, -found themselves in a very lucrative situation and they took it for all that they could.
       (Hell we don't even trust these guys with a prescription pad, so how in hell do you think you can trust these guys with a report on the CIA?
       I'd think that if the CIA is experienced at anything, they should be able to keep a few secretes away from a couple wanna be doctors.
       I bet there are a shit load of Hollywood script writers looking into writing 600 page reports now days. (One news agency said the report was 600 pages and another said it was 6,000, but would the later make it any more difficult if you knew that you were getting $6 Million Dollars for it in the end?.
       Hell, I'd be down at the local writers club hiring anyone I could find, and pay them $10 per page and that whole report would write its self.)
       I've put more than enough time trying to find out the real numbers because several web-sites I've been to haven't thought to ask any of those important questions.
       They aren't even handing out the names of the two lucky guys who got paid to write the report.
       But you know, -the wanna be psyho-doctors are not that stupid either. The reason I say this is that I did see one segment of an interview with the leading Psychologist who wrote the report.
       He said something like: What are you telling me? That dropping a Hellfire Missile on a family while having their evening dinner is not against the morals of this country but torturing a prisoner of war is? He said himself that it was "stupid."

Get this: Not even CNN News was giving out any important numbers, but I did find a couple of bits that sounded like a very profitable business to be in, at the expense of the US taxpayers of course:
       The company would assess the mental state of detainees. It would then collect extra money if its own interrogators were cleared to use "enhanced interrogation techniques."
       The report reveals that two psychologists formed a company "specifically for the purpose of conducting their work with the CIA." The company was paid at least $81 million and had a nearly-exclusive contract for staffing the facilities.
       Those interrogators were paid $1,800 a day, "or four times that of interrogators who could not use the technique."

Got the Business License
Rule Numbers- 15, 22, 45, 56, 75, 80 &88
December 12, 2014:

I received my business license yesterday and today we are going to take everything we've heard as a bunch of hot air.
       Really folks, I paid over $500,000.oo into the war machine that killed 3000 people this summer, and they killed them with my best invention.
       Really, do you actually think I'm into killing more, just because of the money it could make me if I put more surfers in the water?

To just make an effort to saving lives from my own invention, I have to go pawn my bass guitar so I can replace the killing machine I bought four months ago that in turn supplied the US of A (or should I say, - to give Israel,) 7 more Hellfire Missiles from Lockheed Martin. Tell

81 Millions spent on studying torture
Rule Numbers- 42, 51
December 14, 2014:

Gee, you have over a hundred prisoners to torture and you don't even care if as many as 26 of them are in there for nothing more than having a new pass port. (Pretty damn careless if you ask me.)
       But really fokes, do you thing these wanna be doctors really care about any of it whwhen they were paid $81 Million dollar you only have to hand over 5,000 pages of crape that in the end, nobody is going to bother taking the time to read.
       That's a lot of wasted trees in my book.

Isn't it strange how the world is so full of Evil?
       You have Evil in the government, Evil in the Corporate world and Evil in the people in the streets and Evil in the Officers who's job is to protect you from Evil in its self.

me, how many people were killed with each of those missiles?
       Wouldn't it be better if we where all delusional and it would all go away because we can just put on rose coloured glasses and paradise is what we'd see.

Got Robbed Again
By Oceanside PD Officers Perez & Heathman

Rule Numbers- 4, 65 & 66
December 18th, 2014:

The facts of the mater is that I generate over a Million Dollars a year in revenue for this shit hole of a place and they not only have me shitting in a bucket but they have robed me of about 15% of my annual income this year and they have me living on less than $700.oo per month because they rob me.

Citation by Huntsman of Oceanside Police

From what I hear, Affirmative Action hired a fake security guard to call in a complain. Well, it looks as though I'll have to check on the security guard thing, but I'll have to say, I've been staying overnight in the Kinko's parking lot occasionally for years, (in fact once just last week and now all of a sudden....
       And oh, my experience with these security guys in parking lot. There is a lot of boredom between 10 and 12 o'clock. If they are going to do anything about someone staying over night, they'll do between 10 and 12 and NOT 3 a.m. in the morning.

five Citations this year (2014) from Oceanside Police Department

After there harassment was over, I felt like kicking myself in the as for closing my door because of my past experience with perverted cops just harassing me just to get a chance to look into my cage.
       Also, this time around, even though I only opened my door because I thought it was Gunzalus at my door,) I felt there was something different going on the way Heathman acted as if I was a criminal being arrested for something other than just camping. Something I was leery about since the day I went to get my business licenses. It was like rule number 4 in a big way because the last time I went to do something like that, I spent the weekend in jail..
       Anyhow, the part about me being stupid, and closing the door: That's because backup officer Perez was quite the talker. If the bugs in my Cage are sensitive enough, I'm sure you all would know what I mean.
       Perez is a perfect of example of a how so many cops think of the homeless they rob.
       If you heard it, you heard him say that he was smarter than me because he lives in a house, and that the reason I live in my Cage is that I'm stupid and dumber than he is.
       Well, I'll have to say, I don't have to get into where that whole conversation went to. (I've got things to do, and no time tto write it out right now, because-.)

Did you hear that Channel Island Surfboards have been making runs to the dump?
       Yeah, I guess there just isn't much of a market for rice papered surfboards.
       I'm left wondering that my perditions would be right, that they would pay to dump them at night so people would see or take picture of them.
       And I'm wondering also if there isn't just one of my fans who happen to work at the dump. Boy would I like to get my hand on one of them.

From what it sounds like, Channel Islands Bought the rights to reproduce my surfboard art after I'm dead from at least one of my sisters for $10,000.oo
       Basically what we're saying here is that Channel Islands plotted to kill me sooner or later, and we all know Kelly Slater was thinking of robbing me as a dead man a long time ago.

Also I'd like to mention that the word on the street is that Firewire Surfboards had=ve had their cronies out running around to every surf shop or business that has a shaping booth and telling them that there is a child molester out looking to use a booth.
       I say that it's pretty bad when you make a company a Million Dollars and they go around thinking they can keep me on their board if they make sure I can't shape my own.
       Well, today that ball of glue they made, -goes up for sale on Craigslist. And if I surf at all, -until my new one is cured enough, I'll op-out for the Stoneman, because it's probably the safest ride.

Which arm of the Justice System?
Criminal prosecution ?
Yeah the part I'd like to sue.
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, &
December 22nd, 2014:

There has to be laws that protect us from a Justice system that dosen't let us get to the money that is stolen from someone. That continued hardship brought on by a justice system that doesn’t come forth to the victim to inform them that someone is embezzling money form them.
       I bet there is a real good penalty or should I say damages to be awarded, -of which I'm thinking would be triple damages to be paid because it's all about a protect other criminals who are linked to the crimes committed against me.
       It's obvious that the criminal prosecution system looking into and watching these criminals had to have known about me all along. I think it would be safe to say that they knew about Slader and my sister at least a year or two. (Since Kelly Sprained my neck.))
       Like should Kelly Slaer a murder still walk the streets because he made a deal with my sister to rob me as a dead man?.

Anyhow, them the prosecutors as well as my sister had the gull to let me sit here in this boax shitting in a bucket, needing dental work badly and needing an ear operation because I have to live with an ear infection all most of the time.
       On top of that, I'm left here homeless so that the very cop who did criminal acts against me, and put myself in danger alone with other,can come up to me and rob me of what money I have.
       The thing that most people have been saying to day is that, "they have been inflicting hardship onto him."

Got rid of that Sodahead link
Rule Numbers- 20 &
December 31, 2014:

I'm not sure if my suspicions are correct, but I don't like installing all new software twice in one day and that is exactly what I had to do after I visited that Sodda head site to see what percentage of people surveyed thought Mechell Obama id a tranny.
       Once i click on it, I noticed that the survey only counted 27 visitors after all this time.
       That is just not possible, therefore I would suspect some evil being bought the link at Sodahead, so for those think that is a good web-site to let your kids hang out at, I'd think twice about that. But what am I to think you even give a damn, when Speilberg made money of entertaining them.
       And if you yourself received some trouble for going to the link I posted, I apologize and from now on I'll think twice about posting any links to other sites from now on.
       I think the new policy around here is that I will expire all links after a short amount of time. (I'll no long leave any outsource link on my front page for more than a day or two. (Until the next up-load or update.
       I had to reload all my soft ware today because of What looked like a notification withing a yahoo email account. They were able to overlay something stuff right over the top of Yahoo, software images.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
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Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

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