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Obama's evil promises

Can you actually believe this guy?.

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Got Nothing
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February 1st, 2015:
Guess it's not only time to make a new journal file, but maybe for my night club as well.
       I must have heard the name Bonnie Rate a million times.
       I think people realize I need the parking lot to the north as well because people like her arrive with two tour buses and a U-haul truck.

Below are some photos upon which will show you of the first two modifications I plan to do to my new home.


(I bet all those musicians I used to know up north would be jealous)

front angle vew of club

First things first


I'll move the headers up as high as whey will go on both window, and make the garage door opening match. Then hang the ceiling as high as the fire sprinkler system will let me. I'll raise the floor by 28 or 35 inches.
       I figure on make the bottom foot and a half of the windows, -openers, so that if I need to replace a scratched up window, I can do it with a screwdriver.
       On the surf shop side I'll replace the sliders with roll-up doors like Old Betty's place, -maybe go split level in the back half if I have room inside for a wheelchair ramp.
       My own Grange doors will match the surf shops' and be taking place of the slider on the north end, as as well as the original emergency exit doors.
       I'll be moving the front emergency exit doors out the north wall next the the new stage loading dock.
       I figure the first Garage will be good for using as a work shop to build stage props and work on things.

The two fallowing pictures show the difference of only about two feet and I plan to go up four or five steps of 7" each Hopefully the 28 or 35" if I can still keep the lowest part of the ceiling at seven foot or better.

low view as of current original

View of Sunnyside's future pad

And before I go replacing the roof, I want to add a pool table room along with a bar at the end of a row of tables. I figure that I will be drilling holes below the window opening for bolts for the ledger on the inside of the window opening, so why not bolt a ledger on the outside right above the storage room roof? The out side is post and beam.
       Knock off the cap and one or two rows of block and we're in. (We just step down from the seat hight there.) there.)
      (I'll have a dart board and foosball table, but no electronic games other than an old pinball machines. My apartment will be too small for everything, but the real bonus is business wise because it will enable me to raise the total maximum occupancy as a whole, -which they are saying should make it good for 500.
      I think you get the picture.
       Anyhow, as of now, I only plan to build from where the line drawn, -to the Stage Front wall for my game room.
       I'll eventually give the chairs and tables that are in there now to the Thursday night thing if they got some where to put them. But for now, some grass hung on the walls for acoustics is all I need.

Update 3pm: got to see my new kitchen and the first thing I did was which I had brought my camera. I just love it. Its just like the kitchen I always imagined I would have, all professional equipment and stainless this and stainless that.
       I figure that they put in a grease trap because it would be one hell of a bonus the they used extra large plumbing as a result of it, because if not, it would be some work to put in a toilet for myself. (As it is now, it would be along way to the toilet.)
       Well I would move into the surf shop first and use the girls restroom, and there is a locker room for a shower way on the other side. I figure on building my own bathroom with shower and laundry on the surf shop's side of kitchen, I'll put partial glass windows in place of two of the three doors and glass in the center door.
      Don't need three doors off my kitchen and I'll turn that area into my breakfast table area with the bath and laundry behind it.
       The the surf shop will start at garage door and end after the walk through entry door on the south of the two roll ups. If I raise the floor up, on the back half of the surf shop it would allow me to run the plumbing into the girls locker room if I had to without tearing up much concrete, otherwise, I would have to take it to the street. (Keeping my fingers crossed.)

And my luck with moving the exits west of the stage isn't looking so good with a big electrical panel in the way. I was kicking myself in the ass for not bringing a tape measure.

My old light show would look pretty god in there. A couple "t's" are in the back and one pipe across the front stage wall and one across the middle. There is two curtain tracks ready to go. Just need a couple drum risers on wheels.

I'll have to put a large walk in freezer where that sea-train is out back and I think the locker/shower room and storage room together will be sufficient space for a new kitchen for dinner theaters.

It is looking like the water temp just may have bottomed out and working on its way up again. I figure I didn't really need a new 4/3 after all.
       When to wash my arm pits yesterday. Kinna freaked myself out because those wimpy looking things sure don't look like mine.
       My back aches and I feel like I'm ten years older than I was just six weeks ago.
       Never the less, I did hear that depending how they look at it. how they figure it, they've lost either $2 or $3 million dollars since I began the strike about six weeks ago.
       If you compare that to the way I figured they would have made $150 million off me in the next 15 years, -with these new numbers, and put them into the equation, it would come out me being worth $150 million to the local economy in only 6 years time.

Sunnyside's Game room

And that whole thing about not even having to worry about driving home afterwards, -that's just what they Hotels that dwarf my place are counting on.

View from Oceanside Peir

Just one look at this picture will show you how much this place needs a guy like me looking after it.

Bad wire

Changed my mind
Rule Numbers-20, 35 &

February 3rd, 2015:
I've decided I'm going to go with a rack wall floor to ceiling glass for myself.
       I'll match the pitch and angle of the barge boards over the entry and match that fort my living room. I'll have vaulted ceilings. I'll just run two valleys down the original roof and rake wall will make it look like a really large stylish house from the pier.
       And I'm not going to go that route of having awnings to clean bird shit off of. I'm going to go the solid route and just tie into the rafters like I around back and extend them out just fare enough to make a table chairs and a walk isle league. I'm guessing eight or ten feet so that I have at least a foot overhang for that, it means cutting down a few walls be for floor joist.
       I'll try to get some illustrations, but I'm sure you'll agree that it's a better design. I just think building as a whole, in any color, will just look better.

rake addition

Most of it is suspended ceiling that would naturally come out, but things like the kitchen and stuff could actually stay. and the Ceiling where the line is low is where even though I have to cut it down or demoed for the future floor joist above it, I see no reason I couldn't keep an eight foot ceiling hight in the surf shop and my kitchen. (My kitchen is actually safer than the outside wall from being torn out because it actually only the outside wall that need to go where I have it drawn down low.
       From the corner of the main building by the girl's restroom is where the transition is to go back higher again. (I'll get some better straight out picture angle tomorrow that will work better.)
       Oh well. I think I've had enough today. e

The more I think about it.
Rule Numbers- &

February 4th, 2015:
I figure the best thing to do is remove all of the front wall from the point of the start of the girls restroom all the way north and around the corner including the north wall of what would be the work shop.
       I would glass one double swing commercial walk though entry door for every two 7 X 12 roll up garage doors. Solid panels on the bottoms of the G-doors.
       I'd even put a roll up on the north side of the shop just because there wouldn't be a curb and it would amount to good commercial window space if I wanted it later. Some goes for the rest of the front weather it is my living quarters or not. The ceiling hight will probably turn out about 8.5 ft. by time I fit the roll-up inside.
       But then again, until I get a tape measure on it, the are some who feels that there might be a possibility that just moving the ledger down for floor joist hight might be enough and I just might be able to leave the front was as it is and still get enough head room up above on the second level. (You really can't tell until you see how low the rafter will end up going.)
       If that is true I would be interested in raising the windows and floors as I said early on. Then I would go with the same hight on the G-doors. It would be really nice if I could put in 12 X 8's with 9.5ft ceiling (what I'm hoping for, I'll like to go rolls so I can hide them instead of tracks on the ceiling if I can,) and still get the headroom I need above on the second story. Who knows? There has to be a good happy spot, I just need to spend some time on the end of a tape measure.

And as some of you already now, -I finally hit the water.
       When everyone including my Guardian Angles were telling me that I had made my point and it was time to get back in the water.
       It just wasn't doing my heath any good and it was beginning to be point less. I just need to learn to stay away from the pier.

<- written last night * today after 1:30 pm ->
       Well at least I now what I'll do first.
       I'll put a garage door in the exit doors and the slider next to the kitchen will com out and if I can raise up the ceiling without too much trouble I''l do that or just be gone with it all together.
      I'll raise the header and put a window in only the one opening I showed in the drawing, and because everything you see along that wall will be gone some day.
       I'll just make a two or three 8 X 12 Drum risers and call it good.

And around back I've decided it would be worth the hassle to dig the deep footing into the hill side and make my gaming room to the corner of the building because it would be a good place to start a stairway and also pool table would fit nice right there.

Below new exit doors will be add and I'm convinced that to old ones will stay right where the are. Out back where the sea/train is I'll build a 10 X 24 walk-in freezer for the new kitchen. Everything there will be fenced in and under cover which will make a great delivery area for trucks.

Got some better camera angles today, so it will be later on I'll shoot you some photos. I even got some of the inside.
       And later today, I'll get some dry markers so I can just draw things out and take a picture of them.

It would be so cool if the patent laws could allow a guy like me to be so open about inventions that are working on.
      Believe me folks if it was not first to file and it was first to invent, I could be just as open about what I was doing with my invention, but as it stands now, a person can not show you a damn thing.

south wall deck and sophit modification

south wall modification

south wall madification

Sunnyside's VIP Lounge

This upper addition will match the Barge Board angles just the same as the one above the main entry of the club.
       I'll even bob a short deck out over the side walk to mimic the overhang that will be over the foyer.
       Eventually it will become a VIP Lounge part of my house, because ultimately when everything is done, I'll build a home for myself over a big carport big enough to hold two buses, a simi truck and trailer

south wall deck and sophit modification

As I mentioned before I plan to plan to match the horizontal angle upper barge board for the angle of the front deck and foyer entry.

Coffee and Juice Stand

The dots are where I think a good Coffee and Juice Beverage stand should be.
       To me there is nothing worse than listening to a coffee grinder of a blender, but when they are outside in the open, they are not near as loud especially if they have the sound ocean to drown then out.

This bit about covering the jam Shack over three pages has to go.
       Snip snip.

All a carpenter needs
Rule Numbers- 11, 35, 56, 60 & 75

February 5th, 2015:
The waves don't seem to be co-operating today.
      I posted some critical drawing on the jam Shack page.
       I gotta go see if the tide change is helping any.

Got passed up
Rule Numbers- 60 & 77

February 7, 2015:
Sound like a lot of people saw it. I knew I had two possibilities on my left. I guess the second one back out and I dropped in so late, I was on my rail wondering if i had anyone behind me and sure as hell he got enough speed to get around it. He passed by me as I was holding on to the side of the lip.
       Tried to make my way up behind him, but without a head start, he did, I didn't have enough speed for the wave.
       But that kind of stuff don't happen every day. Yeah gotta now what you are doing when you are jumping into a near close out wave.
       I got another wave where I did make a fast run and made my way up to the lip while doing it and then launched myself over the lip while it pitched. That was probably the best wave of which I didn't get many. Just too many guys out too early. I need to get my body clock back to being more like a roster.

I posted some of the development information on the Jam Shack page.

synchro-link-surf template

Same thing as insider trading.
Rule Numbers- &

February , 2015:
It's probably been going on now for some time. I'm guessing a few weeks into the strike, there have been those who realized that things would go one way or another. I would file claim or not, -and if I did file, - would the city of Oceanside pay me or not?
       Anyone on the inside and knowing what's been going on has been looking into a lot of distressed beach rental properties and even those foreclosed upon timeshares have been seeing a lot of interest in the last month.
       I'm willing to bet that the day after I file, realtor's all around had people walking in the door with earnest money.
       So if you are wondering how they could be so stupid for letting so much money burn, well not exactly.
       It's just like wall street and all their crooked bankers, but in this case, it's most likely anyone on the City Council or anyone who has anything to do with the county dishing out the money as well.Those are the people who are holding up the train and they are scheming on all of you and someone should look into it and prosecute the very ones who are doing it, just like a banker on wall street gets prosecuted.

I figured I'd show you kids how it's done using a stencil in stages, even here, -I'm experimenting with shifting a dot and a letter over about an eight of an inch.

Boy this morning was quite a joke. I knew the pickings for clean waves wasn't going to be easy. But the only two good possibles were interfered with by a yahooer. Then when I did get a good one from on the outside, everyone was sitting there like a bump on a log instead of getting out of the way. I think I got three waves out of three hours of paddling around.
       Funny thing: how after being gone for six weeks, everyone seems to want to say hi as I walk to the beach as if they actually missed me or something.

Today I''l pick up something to draw on and I'm going to take a walk though the industrial park. See what kind of improvement or maintenance that needs to be done. See if there are any vacant spots available so I can move in. I wish I knew what vacant land the City has over there because it sure would be nice to pickup some near by land for a truck factory someday. Who Knows?

Update PM: Boy wouldn't it be neat if the City owned that big empty lot at the east end of Production lane?
       Boy and if a person connected the two building that are next to it together with what ever I build on the vacant lot. Then run that across the street which would make production lane a dead end, -but them look at what you've got on the south side of production lane, (about a quarter of a mile long stretch of buildings all on about the same grade.)
       All I would have to do is fill in the gaps with bigger and better buildings and I'd have a production line that would be almost a mile long.

Oh well, I've got to do something about getting up early. Let's just hope that wind settles down.

Industrial land plot

Got 1/3 mile assembly line
Rule Numbers- 12 & 35

February 9th, 2015:
Looks as though Borst Surboards took down his sign.
       It looks like the custom window place and it's mill is the most developed tenant in the industrial park and one that is unlikely to be moved.
       However I'm not really interested in move anyone from the north side of Production Ave. And can you believe I already have a nut and bold screw manufacture there. Just think, I could custom order my bolts to have just the right amount of shank and just the right amount of thread.
       The plot marked on the map shows the industrial park and the parts of it I would like to develop for myself.
       The little triangle at the east end of the plot has three large building that could be brought together and connected to what ever I build on the vacant lot at the most easterly point. Then I would build a connecting building right over Roymar Rd. to connect them to a long string of complexes on the south side of production Ave. -all the way down to Airport Rd.
       If I fill in the gaps between the buildings, I'd have a plant with two assembly lines about a third of a mile long.
       Large bridge cranes be installed in the newer buildings for unloading trucks of raw steel and aluminum.
       The photo shows where I would open up the building on west side of Roymar Rd. for another triad with the two assembly lines running through them moving west down production Ave. and ending at Airport road.

Openings for assembly lines

Oh yeah, get this:
       Yesterday I had a guy order me to pull my truck out of a parking spot so he could get into his car. I was parked within an inch of dead center and he was the one crooked. He had the security guard there call the cops on me.
       Yes folks, we have to thank Officer Smith for being so kind and crawling into the guys car and backing it out for him.
       I laughed and said, "gee all he would have had to do is ask nicely and I would have done it for him."

Synchro-link funky lot plan:
The building drawn out in this illustration isn't exact in anyway, but I think you get the point how I would join existing building together to make an assembly line go all the way to Airport Road..
       One couldn't ask for a better situation with the grade, (compared to everywhere else in the industrial park.)
       And I'm sure I did mention in my book upon how I was lucky to have a nut and bolt distributor just a few minutes from my house when I built the first prototype. Believe me when I say I spent a few trips there. They learned not to ask me if I needed help and I would just ask them if I did. I'd just roam the place and walk up to the front with a box of what ever I wanted. Be neat to have a place around the corner where I could have production runs of custom sized bolts with the shanks and threads where I want them. A sort of detail I found in short falls in this Chrysler thing I got.
       I figure the front corner of Mission and Foussat Rd. would be a good place to put a showroom, and along Foussat Rd where the sewer lines run would be a good place to display different beds for the truck.

And one of the big pluses is that if someone had to fly in, they sure would have to have a good excuse if the were to say they couldn't find the place. And a rental car wouldn't even be necessary because there is a Motel 6 is just next door of the plant.
       I only noticed one vacancy and that is one I posted earlier where I would open the wall for the production lines.
       The one on the right is vacant now. Just give me the keys to it, -please.

And oh, if you are wondering how I would motivate the tenants that have nothing do with either manufacturing my surfboards, trucks and things is that I would help encourage them to move by offering a rebate of one or two months rent, depending on the length of the lease agreement they had with the city.
       I don't plan on having the window factory mill move unless they want to; I plan to work around it.
       And there are people who are going to be wondering about brother Benno's.
       Well that and the Handycap place and a few others I would put further down on my priorities on where I need to get my space from.
       North of production avenue is not what I'm so interested in developing myself other than maybe a paint shop and a couple building for manufacturing custom beds for the truck. However, any businessman will tell you that it's my best interest to be renting the building to my suppliers.
       Surprisingly, -from what I hear, there are a few who say that they are willing to move just to get my factory in there.
       From what I gather everyone has been checking things out on google maps and they too can see how it is so wonderfully set up for me and all I have to do is go in there and finish it, -just like my night club.

From what they say on the street is that they have more than enough money to pay me. I bet they combined the insurance money with a land swap deal and robbed the Hotel tax for economic development and promotions.
       You know that is exactly what it is.
       I happen to think you would be getting your money's worth.

Lot plan for synchro-link factory

Got Three
And not bad for three days work.
Rule Numbers- 4 & 77

February 10th, 2015:
Just getting out paddling against the current got these wimpy little arms all used up withing the first half hour. But what it looked like, just catching two or three isn't bad considering all the bump that was in them.
       I got my back torqued pretty bad just for more or less sitting on my ass. I thought I was fare enough out but a lip of a wave pull me back over and put me though one hell of a hold down.
       Another guy tore his fin box out with the bottom of his foot. You can bet he'll be limping around for a couple days. He luck out his foot didn't get it as bad as his board and his board could have got the bottom damage worse then it was. A nice clean brake for a missing fin pocket.

I'm going to get a T-square today so I can do some better drawings. And I'll take another walk down production ave. But wouldn't you say I was able to do a great job on the night club design in two days, and I came up with what the Industrial Park had to offer in an assembly mode by just one walk though in the dark and then I drove around a bit.
       They say it would support 10,000 jobs.
       I realize that most car factories cost around $500 Million to set up. So you've gotta figure I'd run out of money, but then again my surfboards and night club would help finance the plant.
       Another thing to consider is how much of the plant is already build and just needs the equipment to go inside it.

Anyway, the Internet is slow here and I've got to get going. Later.

Got some
Rule Numbers- 4, 35, 75 & 99

February 11, 2015:
Today the waves were more ridable and the currents backed off some.
       I caught a right that sounded really hallow and it was one where I'd only have to squat a little and pull in my arms in to fit. (One heck of a hairy ride.)
       I would have stayed out longer but I was afraid my sloppiness was going to end up beating up my board. My arms are not anything like they were two months ago and it sure shows then I go to take off sometimes and I managed to get slammed once real good today and that was enough.

the stretch of Synchro-link factory

To the right just north of what is shown here is one more viable building that is an auto body shop right now, with a pretty good space between it and what you see in the picture above.
       If you look straight down the road, you will see one of the builds of the Three building cluster I will join together before crossing the road in front of it.

The smell that is coming from the small L shaped building on Airport Road should be smelling like Burgers and Burritos once I get something going for a factory. I bet the folks who live in the apartments next door would prefer that too.
       It looks as those I already have a tenant that is into making wiring harnesses. Unfortunately, they are in my strip hire and will have to relocate to somewhere else.

The two red bed buildings to jonn together

Sorry, but who ever is in these two building on the North side of Production Ave are just going to have to go because these two are going to be joined together for my little Red Bed Shed for building custom payload beds.

Red bed shed with Bridge crain

I'm going to get over there at night time tonight and drag my 100 ft. tape around the place so I can make a better to scale drawings.

I think it's time to put together a web-page for my factory and even go with a sub-domain for it. I'll set-up it's own menu, -something like I did for my surf shop.
       But for now, I'm going to go out side for a walk and take a brake from this thing.

Got some
Rule Numbers- 12 & 35

February 12th, 2015:
For anyone paying any attention. they will realize I would need to come out at least 7'5" with the curb, just to get a curb in front of the electrical vault.
       When it gets down to it, the boundary should be set at 8" and I'd plan on going out 7' 9" so that there would be exactly 12 ft for the traffic.
       I think the island should be removed so that the front parking would be of a double angle parking verity. (Leave the East side curb next to the frontage road.)
       out front where the garbage can pads are should be a newer 6 to 10 ft wide sidewalk along the beach side of the parking lot and the sidewalk that come from the north should split into tow paths, one along the front of the club and the other going out along the beach. I think if we could build more beach, a good Idea would be to stretch the double angle row parking up father north.
       All it would take is a tow or three year of using sand fencing and the beach would be large enough to extent the parking lot north some.
       I'm going to get a better angle on a photo of the parking lot and take a few measurements and I'll show you what I mean later.

north parking lot

This is where my home will be.
       As for any details about how I'm going to build it, I really haven't put any more thought into other than what the outside shell will consist of.

old foyer

As you can see, there isn't much to the entry and those offices with the black windows are going to be about half gone by time I add at least a half a dozen toilets on each side.
       So the few feet that don't get used is probably best served up for widening the foyer a little.
       The ceiling hight will also be a little higher, because what you see above just isn't grand enough.

jam shack stage

I'm actually thinking of opening up the stage front more if I don't run into any road blocks doing it.
       The floor is actually wider than the opening and there is plenty of space above to raise it to. I just think it would look better for concerts with more exposure to the lightshow and it would let me hang them higher.

vacant corner lot

This is a view point to the vacant lot from the road in front of about where the show room would be. be.

old and ugly south back wall of factory

Another thing the apartment people and Motel owners will like about me: is I will switch things around and have employee parking behind the building so that they won't be looking out over a bunch of junk laying around.
       I dig the angles they used on the entries of many of these building. They will make graphic strips look that much cooler. And on the south side where you just see pealing paint now, I'll over- lay fake painted shrubbery and trees similar to what they did to the Parker paint factory on South Tacoma way.
       I'll be taking deliveries to the factory off of Production Ave, so all the junk and pallets will only be seen from the industrial yard.
       What is now the Surfboard supply shop will most likely end up being my Shaping and Glassing shop for my surfboards, so that if anyone has to put up with the smell will end up being my paint shop workers and welders who will be running a shit load of fans, therefore the cutting and welding part of the plant will be sucking up are and throwing the mix of fumes and air above the plant and diluting the smell a bit.
       And I don't plan on on using the building on Roymar Rd. that the Day Care is in now for any three building combo thing I'd thought about. I think it's worth more to me being just what it is now.

Good Luck Today
Rule Numbers- &

February 13th, 2015:
Oh, this morning, NBC had a guy on TV instructing people to a little trick as to how they can prevent ice from forming on your roof valleys, gutters or something.
       He instructed people to put salt in a nylon stalking and throw it up onto the roof.
       Boy if that isn't a sure fire way of ruining a house. For one thing it will rot that valley right out of it. The water that goes over the side of the gutter on a house with no overhang will rot every nail away in the wall, and if you do have an overhang, don't be surprised if your fasha and gutter fall off.

Need I get a calculator out when one news network says we used 5,000 missiles against ISIS and another says we paid for 2,400.
       Well, 3,000 times $67,000 is $201,000,000.oo
       I think it would be a hell of a lot cheaper if you just figured out who is selling ISIS the trucks and guns. I Bet it would take less than a few dozen missiles to put that shit out of commission.
       Then I'd ask ISIS how they like hitch hiking.

Got Nasty Channel
Rule Numbers- 4 &

February 14, 2015:
I think we are paying the price for those big waves from the north last week, just like we paid the price for the big swells from the south last fall.
       We've just ended up with a big channel that goes down the shoreline that sucked all the sand away and left it too far out.
       Only if we had something blocking those channels from happening so bad.
       It would be much better having a bunch of points instead of a wall that everything dumps over.
       Got nothing but close outs this morning. Best one sounded pretty hallow, but it came down on me in the end.

And it gets back to that two or three foot Island I thought about for the parking lot out in my club.
       To get the same measurement configuration as the side parking lot, one would need two more feet than just the sidewalk being taken out. That would leave enough for a 3 1/2 ft. Island.
       Never the less, since the trees are in four groups of two, I would propose re-panting every other tree out further in line with the light poles of what I would call the ten foot concession stand strip.
       Since the tree on the north end isn't even in the way, I'll dig up the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th three and transplant them the ten foot concession stand strip.
       If a six foot board walk was put in front of that, and at the south end just removing one small street lamp and a concrete curb would leave a decent opening into the walkway just in front of the lifeguard station.
       I think a 2-1/2 ft. island would keep the front end of cars out of the road in front of my club and lease a center road way a foot wider than what is on the north side of the building.
       On the south end, -the tree obstruction would be a good place to put a handicap parking space the other two in the middle could be either walkways incorporated next to the tree spaces or just motorcycle parking. Either way, parking for 21 is better than ten along that strip.
       From what I hear, everyone like the Idea of a board walk along there. It would be a lot nicer for the walking traffic to be able to walk along in front of the parking lot instead of behind it.
       I just think that the water front could be a lot nicer, but what can you do when the rout they must have been figuring on is when they may loose it to the ocean.

And there has been a lot of people speculating the number that The Little Factory that could....
       I'm amongst those who feel it could create about 10,000 within it'self and effect and or even create about another 50,000.
       A lot of consideration needs to be taken on the ultimate guess as to how many the little factory could produce per day.
       And that number would have a considerable variable with it come to how much the factory is fully automated.
       I figure that the only thing going for it from the get go is the number of vehicles that would be on the line at a given time, - being able to supply enough parts to the slower areas to keep it the line progressing at the same rate. By Man Power or Machine.

Some trouble with the existing buildings is lack of loading docks.
       When I fill in with a new building, I need to provide the ability of either running tracks inside a 40 ft. van or the ability to drive a forklift into them. (Having to pallet jack the loads to the rear edge of the truck just isn't productive. )
       I figure that the trucks will loop around using Roymar and then head west on Production Ave.
       I'll build pop outs loading docks out of the front of the buildings so the truckers just have to look over there left shoulder to back up to an angled loading dock.

I'm hoping I can easily pull the nice tinted glazing work from the Production Ave. side and reinstall them on the south side facing the employee parking lot and Apartments.
       Then the roll-ups could be moved over to the Production Ave. side amongst the Loading Docks.

Well I put a web-page together, just to keep all the information I wrote this month about the Proposed Factory.
       Check it out at:

The Proposed Factory

Pennies on the Dollar
Rule Numbers- 12 & 51

February 15th, 2015:
Funny all the fuss over whether I go surfing or not.
       Guess it's because so many people show up for the chance to see me surf, that it's been earning the Hotels about $25,000.oo per day.
       And here in a week or two I'll have to go back to the Superior court in North County San Diego to get robbed for another $300.oo
       And then let' us not for get that about a week or two after that, I have to show up in court there again to face Officer Gunzalus again so he can rob me of another $300 on top of the $600.oo I already owe the country because of him.
       You have to just laugh about it because with out my factory and with out my night club, the county and the Hotels both are loosing out on about a Million Dollars per day revenue.
       From where I come from, that's settling for pennies on a dollar.
       Or another word we have for it is leaving money sitting on the table.

Correct me when I'm wrong.
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 55

February 17th, 2015:
Sure I was counting on being corrected.
       Anyhow, I didn't hear any other figures mentioned.
       Never the less, I figure the numbers that the Hotel revenue would bring in if I was operation my club would probably be around $100,000.oo per day and if I had a factory under construction or running, the combined revenue would probably be around $250,000.oo per day.
       And everyone has been fussing over the $25,000.oo per day I make them by just surfing here. .
       That's what we call around here is counting pennies and not dollars.

Oh, if you check out the intersection of Production Ave. and Roymar Rd. in Oceanside on Bing maps, in the walking mode, don't be surprised if you see me with a tape measure. (I can't see it because I don't have Microsoft Windows on my computer.)

And yes, I agree, that I do have the makings of a three lane production line.
       I see that myself and the more I realize that my plant will probably end up on being more of an assembly plant than a manufacture.
       What I'm getting at is something like the auto manufactures were doing a few decades ago, was that a larger portion of their parts were outsourced and brought to the plant in vans.
       Now days, one of the reason the Manufacturing plants are so big is so that they companies they are outsourcing with are often set-up with space within the plant where the part is actually manufactured on site instead of trucked in.
       It's obvious this Oceanside Plant would be too small for that, but having other warehouses available within a forklift drive is to somewhat of a good compromise.

In the beginning, I figure that I will be outsourcing most of the bigger components and using the vacant lot for either storage of the outsourced parts or storage of the trucks that are produced.
       I figure a good way to get off and running is to figure out what I'll produce by building a proto-type, a couple jigs for each part and a part sample of every part along the way. And while I'm doing that, I should be working on the construction of the building that connect the existing building that are there already.
       And as a few of you, you realize that the true starting point of the whole thing is buying two fire-hydrants, and hoping I can use the base of the one off of Roymar Rd. as a supply line for the sprinkler system in the new building that will cross the street there.
       I think I've got enough measurements to put together a scaled map of what I plan to do to the site. And crazy as it may seem, I think I may draw a simple drawing of what my carts are going to be like. Because the more I think about it, the more I think I should just build them myself and save a shit-load of money because it's sure going to take a bunch of them, especially if I'm going to build a three laner.

PM Update: Now I don't know if they may have done this just so I would think they don't have any money.

Pavement repair Oceanside style

Lousy pavement left by Oceanside maintenance workers

You've got a dump truck, two guys on the ground, and two Bob cats with the three attachments.
       Gee, how much longer would it have taken to do the whole thing? About the same amount of time it took to measure, line-out and mark where to make the cuts?

Workman ship of Oceanside maintenance crews

Getting your tax dollar money's worth
Rule Numbers- 10, 50 & 51

February 18th, 2015:
About the time I left for Morro Bay several years ago.
       The City of Oceanside was considering or at least voting on paying $ 700,000.oo to an outside company to study the down town water front area and to come up with suggestion upon what to do to it for redevelopment.
       What it looks like to me, they spent all the money studying it and now they don't have enough money to even maintain what they got.

Funny how I heard all this twelve foot shit. I'm guessing it had to do with the size of slab they would like to put down for concession stand carts, behind the so called board walk I proposed.
       Well, these images speak a thousand words upon how they would manage that.
       I think there are more than one of us around here who wonder who's managing the managers?

Lousy pavement left by Oceanside maintenance workers

You've got a dump truck, two guys on the ground, and two Bob cats with the three attachments.
       Gee, how much longer would it have taken to do the whole thing? About the same amount of time it took to measure, line-out and mark where to make the cuts?

Yeah I know. I agree. I would think I myself have given the City of Oceanside enough money for just being homeless this year to have paid for the new assault that would have finished the whole parking lot for all those nice and shinny police cars they got running around town.
       I bet just the money they spent on the radio gear in just one of those SUV's would have paved the whole parking lot with an extra inch think for extra lift. But no....

Oh yeah:
       You can bet the rumor of Speilberg killing himself with a necktie was just a lie.
       I couldn't stand watching so many Spielberg whores on the 40th anniversary show; but the Extra TV show provided us an image of Speilberg sitting next to Taylor Swift.
       It looked as if they had Taylor Swift sit next to and empty chair in the front row. It looked green screen as hell to me.
       Kinna explains the Taylor Swift rumors I mentioned about a couple weeks ago.
       And no. Taylor Swift will never be welcome to my club.
       Isn't she an Obama whore anyway?
       I've always thought she was a dike who uses relationships with guys to write songs that people can relate to.
       I think she's a Nut Job.

Painted lines on new pavement

Painted lines on new pavement

Just like Rose Colored Glasses
Rule Numbers- 4, 42 & 75

February 19th, 2015:
They say everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint on it.
       I thought I'd give you another image to just rub it in a bit more.
       I just don't get it either.

And if we haven't heard the word tomorrow enough.
       Yet your president comes on the TV and says that ISIS is Brainwashing people .
       Then you better think twice about breeding stupid people because you tend to get a bunch of idiots who can be brainwashed when you are breading stupid people.

       You want to know just an example of just how stupid people are?
       There are thousands of people who look at the news every night. They see the label upon the trucks the ISIS militry has. Yet those people will go out the next day and buy a Toyota the next day. Supporting the company who is supplying ISIS with pickups.
       I think it's totally crazy to have the same company that sells ISIS there pickups doing business in the very country that is spending money to defeat the enemy.

From where I come from, if you want to get rid of an enemy, you get rid of it's supplier. You sure as hell don't let the supplier of the enemy make money by selling it hardware in the country that you are spending money to defeat.
       Is there a better way to write this out so people will understands what it means? What can I say that will make it soak in to their thick sculls?.
       It's what you get when you've got a bunch of 8%ers running the place.

Looks like Steven Speilberg bought the producers of Saturday Night Live too.

Sarah Pallin is a Spielberg whore too.
       In this photo you can see where goerge Lucuse is out of focus with an empty row of chairs. Everyone forward was paid to do a blue screen trick. Sarah was probably instructed to pull the same thing off live that night, but amongst different people for the actual show. (And I bet that it was Taylor Swift sitting right next to Speilberg.)

Sarah Pallin is a Spielberg whore too.

Sad but Good
Rule Numbers- 9 &

February 20th, 2015:
Sad to see San Diego loose their Chargers, but isn't that good for me?
       I'm a little curious my self about how theese two teams came across this 160 acres.
       I bet some developers bought the land on speculation and then sold it to the two teams for pennies on the dollar, -with a stipulation that those very land developers get to be the contractors involve in the building of it, just as well the owners. The owners that realize that they can fill a stadium in LA easier than in SD .
       And of course those owners will also have something to do with the ticket prices.
       But really, not only the team, but the visitors will have to learn to breath in that stuff they call air.

But on the other hand, I see San Diego County Loosing a shit load of revenue and you have to wonder if Spielberg can pay them enough to keep chasing me around with child molester rumors.
       To tell you the truth, I think I should be moving it all up to Solona beach, because we already know how it goes around here and I don't need to be hanging around making these fools any money.

And I got a sample of the Monster Hotel they plan to build here in Oceanside. They sold their most valuable parking lots to one that will have a parking garage that will go under Mission. Something like 500 rooms total.
       Boy, wouldn't you say that they should think about building a Farris Wheel?

City got Land, City got deal.
Rule Numbers- 4, 7, 20, 39, 50, 56 & 60

February 21st, 2015:
Gee, it's the last time I'll ever take anything a network news case seriously.
       I wonder where they even got the idea that the Raiders and Chargers even bought any property together .
       Guess you could put it down as Carson City was trying to get a Ferris Well.

But really folks, the only reason why those kinds of things go on is the same reason I pulled a strike of my own.
       The Chargers know, (just as any decent football team,) that hotels and restaurants make money off them and the Local government in turn makes money off all of them together.
       The Managements of the teams are always going to be looking for some benefits when setting up in any town, just as an auto manufacture will get tax credits and such before choosing which town to invest in.
       You can bet the look for reduced property taxes, reduced liabilities and you can be they slip in a reduction or sliding scales on what they pay in taxes to those counties.
       So what it gets down to is tax credits and land, usually. And that land usually comes with tax free incentives and free for City Counsels to deal and trade with everyone.
       In my opinion, half the reason people pay to pave their way to a City Counsel is so that they can be in the very position to negotiate such deals.
       Just think of how much bribe money from Speilberg, everyone of Oceanside's City Counsel has to pass up before a deal could ever be reached out side of a court room. It's the very reason for no matter what you hear on the street, you can pretty much figure Speilberg will find one or two who will sell a nay.
       The Idea of putting together bond thing for the people in the whole county to vote on is not exactly fair either because many could care less and down like the idea of helping big money take more money.
       And really folk, the Chargers really don't make the county much money because there are only so many games in a year. (I bet Lego Land or Seaworld generates more money for the county than any Football team ever would.)

And you have to laugh at the Gun fight in Las Vegas.
       Anytime you have to go home to get a gun to feel safe, - you should probably stay there.
       If you want to go after anyone, with or with out a gun, -you should just call the Cops, because that's what they are paid for.
       But hell, they were just a bunch of tweekers, -meth or Oxy if my guess is right. Never should have had a gun around with that kind of stuff going on.
       I don't know how to say it, but that 22 year old with a gun sure didn't do a very good job of protecting his mother now did he?
       But didn't the mother just drag him into it.
       He's lucky he isn't the on waring an orange jump suit, because it just as well could have been him.

Burning Money?
Rule Numbers- 22, 25, 30, 35, 36 & 42

February 22nd, 2015:
Just how much money would lawyers walk away with in a law suit.
       What good would that do you.
       It would be just like burning it, wouldn't it?

But that's kinna what you would do if you put the price tag of a new stadium on the ballot, when you know the franchise has more than enough money to build it on there own.
       They'd squeeze yah.

And tonight is the night the Hollywood whores pat each other on the back congratulating each other for being able to get more money for their Next flick.
       I think people are starting to realize that the whole idea that Speilberg has of people spending $150 to see a movie, -is pretty far fetched.
       Hell people have big screens and state of the art sound right in their homes now and they know that in six months, the whole family can see it for five bucks.

Any of you wondering if Speilberg will buy a green screen appearance tonight?
       I wish I had a recorder so I could just fast forward though it later, because I sure as hell don't want to watch a bunch of Speilberg Whores pat themselves on the back all night.
       It's like watching a bunch of guy kissy face people, talking about each other as if they are some kind of genius or royalty or something that deserves more than being pissed on.

Getting discouraged,
about the motorized cart by wire method.

February 22, 2015:
After looking into transfer carts. Self contained electric carts are not common place enough to be cost affective, especially when you plan to move over 10,000 pounds around.
       Never the less, I plan to make a few makes shift manual push button operated, but I'm not about to set up a plant depending on using them for production.
       I figure it will just cost less in the end to suspend the tracks and go with carriages, similar to the way they build cars cars.
       There are several advantages that come from hanging the truck from a track. Its the ability to place it at any hight and make it easier to install things from underneath and having it at ideal heights to work on it at different stages. I could have it drop the truck down onto running gear that is set in pre-determined place rakes as well.
       I'll probably have transfer carts on rails at the early stages when the engine and transmission are put inside the frame and the system carrier installed.
       Rail or track has to be about the most effective method of moving things along in the long run and I figure my plant will use both methods arranged so that the loops of track are shorter and I'll go back and forth from one method to the other, rather than trying to use just one method from one end to the other.
       The advantage of going with track and rail is the cost of only having to buy a few AC motors and gear boxes to move it along, -heck of a lot cheaper than all the sophisticated electronics and batteries, of which I'd have to replace some day.
       Never the less, one of the biggest hurdles with suspending with racks is making it work for different wheel bases, a bit more difficult compared to a cart that could just stretch to the length needed.

Proof Reading
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 22

February 23, 2015:
Since I've been spending some time down at the court house, I've taken advantage of the PDF reader in my phone to check out how the soon to post chapters of my book a little bit.
       For the most part it was alright, -some parts were out of place and I'll do a little work on them before posting.
       But the thing that concerns me is some of it is just a bit too weird.
       When you have to self edit, it's difficult to decide which is none sence and what stuff has to stay because in most of the worst segments, their is something important for people to know about.
       For me, I don't know where to draw the line and I think I'm going to have to settle on the fact that what I am reading is the journal entries written by a guy who is defiantly going through some shit and all he is doing is letting anyone who ends up reading the material, to know what he is having to deal with.
       It really meant to be a good read because the difficult part about those parts of the book is that it wasn't a book to begin with, and it is something you just have to except and get through the rough parts.
       The whole fell of it in places feels a bit immature, but them look at how many years ago it was written, almost two decades ago.
       I wonder what percentage of my readers were not even born when I began writing the Lousy Book.

Just Hollywood acting as if they had morals
Rule Numbers- 10 & 50

February 23, 2015:
I didn't watch much of it.
       I thought it was pretty much an insult to black people and myself if you ask me .
       It was like they went out of the way to make sure black people were part of the show, even though not even one black person was nominated.

When that faggit Patrick tried to get a black dude to play along with what was suppose to be a joke wasn't any funnier than a scrawny pale dude standing on stage in his underwear.
       Ok , you are gay and you are comfortable with yourself, in your underwear, on a stage before millions.
       It looked to me as if they were desperate for a laugh and it didn't work as well as it did during rehearsal before all the idiots.
       Then when that guy came on and said, "call your Folks." Yeah, like the criminal all of you are protecting has be telling a total stranger that I loved him because Speilberg gave him my father's phone. And I bet that it's no secrete to all those A-listers upon which day of which year Speilberg killed my father.

I think Hollywood's number one problem now is that the more people who learn about Speilberg and his whores, the less anyone will ever think Hollywood has any Morals at all.
       We around here realize that they are just a bunch of nut jobs.

F - Y - I
Rule Numbers- 51, 65 & 88

February 24th, 2015:
I'm wondering who down at Reef cuts the checks for new surfboards for their Mr. Pro. Surfer Dudes.
       The reason I ask is that I'll offer them some advice and maybe even save them some money by telling them that the guy from Venezuela who bought a sponsorship so he could get a green card is over here in Oceanside trying to use the carbon reinforced surfboard for a weapon. The moron thinks its a bat and I know dam well that it's just a carbon reinforced piece of foam.
       And know doubt the the rich bastards found ways to bring their friends along and they may not be the kind of company you want hanging around with your surfer dudes. One of those dudes you helped bring over here just told me he was going to kill me today.
       I told him that I'd fallow him to shore and let him have a chance to fetch his gun, because I'd rather see the guys sitting in jail than paddling around here trying to steal everyone else's wave.
       These guys are morons folks, they'll go too deep because they are not afraid of a little over head sized wave and they sure don't want to see anyone but themselves riding the waves.
       These guys never just give up and relinquish the wave to someone else in better position get the wave. Half the time they paddle for a wave they are too deep because they're not letting someone else get the wave. 8%er's folks and they are professional!

You bet,
Just my intuition
Rule Numbers- 4, 10, 20 & 65

February 25th, 2015:
Gee, get this: On April 15th I will be going to court for two different citations on the same violation.

Amd for those of you who have been going around saying that the City wants to pay me; got the letter ttoday from the City risk manager, -rejecting the claim.
       Do you see that big pile of money burning?
       Yeah, I'd agree with that pennies on a dollar thing.

And oh that bit about how much the Chargers actually bring into the county is pretty much like I said it was.
       Now I've never been to the Existing stadium, but I think it had just been upgraded not too long about.
       And it is my understanding that it seats about 80,000; which is comparable to what has been proposed elsewhere. But what gets me is the wondering why they feel they deserve and new stadium when they have a difficult time filling the one they have.
       I'm well aware of the empty seats being bought up just so that the game isn't blacked out from television broadcast.
       I just don't get it i suppose because I would think that they should be filling the seats before they ask for something bigger and better. (or is it that the old stadium isn't god enough anymore, because someone else has something better?)
       I just figure that half of it is just developers and contractors looking to create profits for themselves, and politicians looking for kick backs, and if they can get it out of the tax payers, they will go after it, you can be sure of that.
       Then you also have to look at the finance industry. Someone out there would want to finance it too. But the bottom line is that I think the team has the money, but would rather use someone else's money.

And I'm guessing my intuition about the Reef surfer Pro Dude was pretty much dead on. At least that is what I'm thinking because everyone has been saying I was right all about something.

I know it my sound funny, but after listening to some of the stuff bitch Hillary has been saying, -I'm actually looking forward to seeing her kick it into high gear and run her mouth off some more.
       I'm telling you right now, she's going to be so easy to roast, because the stuff she has been saying is just far fetch mumbo jumbo that adds up to saying nothing.
       This gal has been putting away all the generalizations that actually say nothing but sound good to idiots for safe keeping I'm sure. The ones she's been using has added up to nothing but a bunch of woman's lib crap and you can be sure she will turn it into a pep rally like Obama did.

I was going to mention that back in the day when I built my truck, I was pretty lucky to be living where I was, because the components were not farther than Seattle and most of the stuff I got right there in Tacoma.
       But when I wanted to learn more about what was out there, I had to depend on the Hydraulic Pneumatic Magazine and its bing cards that would put catalogs in my mail box.
       I had a shelf with a bunch of binders of stuff, but now days the Internet has made such tasks so much easier.
       I've been slowly piecing things together not so much for the truck, but for the assembly line. I'm wondering how many of you have figured out that the best way to start the line is with the frame of the truck sitting on a transfer cart upside down. There is so much that goes under the truck that it's the best place to start. Even the leaf springs, suspension parts and axials will install easier if they come down from above.
       The things I've been looking into is wheel blocks for transfer carts and Bridge Cranes. You can get wireless controls now and you can even have three controllers for each bridge crane. You and either buy bridge cranes to order, or even buy the components to make portions of assembly lines. (Kinna the same stuff actually.) It's probably one thing that will differ from my factory from the traditional automotive factory. In an automotive factory, -you may see more free standing robots, -where as my factory will resemble more of a big machine that conveys parts to the proper places forming an assembly line.

Raising the Roof
Rule Numbers- 14, 20, & 41

February 27, 2015:
I'm sure people can image it easier them the actually doing it, but I have to agree.
       The remark I've heard the most about the Jam Shack is: "he should raise the roof up."
       And it's definitely been on my mind from the beginning, but that would mean doing sections of it at a time wouldn't be possible..
       Never the less, I would have to agree just start by stripping all the sofits of its plaster and after getting all the roof striped off and all the weight is off. The vents in the roof would provide access points for cables to reach inside. I could place beams underneath the trusses and use about three large cranes with beams to spread the cables.

But get this, what I want to do with it once it's up is to move the whole roof structure 22 feet to the south. Basically placing everything one truss too the south leaving the stage wall without the original truss, of which would be replaced by four metal posts and a lesser drop from ceiling metal truss.
       This will not only raise the opening of the stage, but widen it as well.

       I started the drawing featured below to help explain it, but I goofed and should have started with the south elevation first, to get a better calculation of exactly how much higher I need to go with it. This drawing is representing a ten foot lift. (And the front walls are represented at 12 ft. instead of 11 ft.)
       However, once I do the south rake wall elevation, I'll have a better idea of how height gain I'll need.
       And one I do the next drawing, you will get the picture of why I should just tare into it and do it right from the get go: is that I'll gain at least another row of tables down both sides and possibly three more rows in the back south end. And if that doesn't get it up to about the 750 mark, something is wrong with me.

west elevation drawing

As a result of what I plan to do to it, - everywhere there is a flat top roof, except over the the two kitchen areas which will be built over using post and beams,) will simple not be there. It will all be covered (even over the top of the kitchen areas,) with the main roof, extended on all sides
       Looking at it from the ocean there will be a quite some distance from the top of the Garage doors and the windows of the night club because of the step up in floor hight.
       But that's good because a 6 ft. deck going along in front of the building will fill it in and the people on the will not be blocking the view of the ones who are inside. (And: I'm figuring on going with 9 x 12 or 10 x 12 garage doors.)

south elivation of Sunnyside's Jam Shack

One step ahead of me
Rule Numbers- 4 & 20

February 28th, 2015:
I must have heard the number 12 at least a couple dozen times before I actually sat down to draw it, so I knew from the beginning that I should just draw it at a twelve foot rise and see what I get. And I end up with seven foot ceilings at the ends and even though the Drawing illustrates the Garage doors at 10 ft. ht.; -I can go as high as twelve foot on the Garage doors if I want to because the ceiling inside should run about 13 ft. (At least twelve if I hide them.)

The dotted lines are indicate where the original end wall will need to be cut down so the back rows will be looking over it.
       And I like the pitch of the elevations off to the sides; it looks like everyone would get a decent view of the stage.
       And the roof over the foyer of sort of like a bow rider, - a fakey front of a roof for a short spell before it turns into a deck, that is if I put a deck there at all because it may not look right and I'll have other routes for a fire escape once I pull the front out 22 ft. (The next West elevation drawing will show you what I mean, but I'm you get it anyway.)

The Proposed Factory

Jam Shack

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week
The Dianetics Video


Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

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New: the full version of the story about the fire
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Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at:Poop Bad Law.

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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December 28th, 2012

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