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Obama's evil promises

Can you actually believe this guy?.

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When are they going to tell me
That Speilberg killed my father
Rule Numbers- 65

March 1st, 2015:
It's pretty bad when I don't even know when he died.
       I even wonder if I so call and try to interrogate my sister, I wonder it it is the real her?

I posted some stuff on The Factory and Jam Shack pages.

Not that EZ 2 draw:
Rule Numbers- 20

March 2nd, 2015:
I'm guessing the engineer who designed the place must have come up with some kind of formula to apply to the measurements when drawing a wall that is bent int the middle.
       I find myself with a little trouble drawing things out to scale and things don't add up.
       I think I'm going to cheat. Like Ramjet once said to me, "they got all those engineers and computers and things, but the drawings usually don't work. At least I've got a a boat to go out and measure."
       Well, that's about what I need to do is go out and pull a tape measure differently this time. (When the rain stops.) And not having a tape that reaches end to end doesn't make things any easier.
       One thing I'm concerned with is if I could get an engineer to sign-off on my idea of wrapping the original columns in steel and using flanges to blot them to the existing floor. Basically it would be like making a slotted tube clamped to the walls and then out of the tube on the top above the existing concrete columns would be either girder beams or as I'm hoping for either square tube or even round pipe, which would obstruct the view to the stage less. I would have to run header beams between them for the rafters that will extend from the original main room's trusses.
       What I need to do is make up my mind whether I'm drawing structural illustration or whether it is supposed to be and visual illustration of the elevation . (Call it self discipline.)

I think it's time make put some of those measurements of the industrial park down on paper to scale, to get what I get. I think that's my task today.

Other things:
Rule Numbers-

March 5th, 2015:
I don't know, I'm drawing a blank here.
       but for some reason I lost my reception at just the spot where someone gives Hillary some Internet advice or something .
       I have some doubt about ever hearing the conversation I want to hear, but she sure learned about how to have control over the true deletions of any email she wanted.
       But naturally, nobody is asking to scrub her hard drive either. The funny part about it is how someone could have been scrubbing it for her and she wouldn't have known and in really no position to really do anything about it either.
       I laughed at how many images of different times of her during just one new report. For the most pat, they are usually ones of Hillary looking up so that her jowls don't show up so much. But recently, she had a face job to help out there. it's probably a two or three step process, up until the day she actually goes on the campaign trail with a bright new face courtesy of the surgeon's knife.

And I saw an interview with the prime minister of Iran. He said that Israel has 200 nuclear missiles.
       My question if that is true, is where did Israel get the nuclear missiles?
       Are you going to tell me that the US Government gave the Nuclear Missiles to those death mongers?

Nothing like being corrected:
Rule Numbers-

March 8, 2015:
I had to humiliate myself to find out the reason why they won't tell me that Speilberg killed my parents.
       Then of course like I said to a girl at the beginning of the pier. As we looked at each other, I asked her if she thought I could make it to the end of the peir before I end up in jail.
       I asked her what are the odds of Obama or Speilberg, -having someone on the pier to call the cops on me. Because it wasn't like the cops didn't know I was their, -I was greeted with a lifeguard at the tower, who asked me if I was going to jump overboard.
       Never the less, the look she gave me was one that didn't need any words to it.

Tell me I'm wrong:
Rule Numbers-

March 10th, 2015:
I'm wondering who's to blame, my sister or my aunt for getting Leon killed. The phrase I've been hearing the most lately is, "they killed his little brother too."
       Technically his was just a friend, but in my heart he was a little brother to me and it only goes to show you just how fare these criminals will go to make sure no one will help me.
       Then who actually did the killing and who arranged it, Obama or Speilberg.

And you can bet when they say something is trending on the Internet, it's just what they, -the media want you to think that is trending .
       I'm willing to bet my shirt has been posted more than just about anything else, and the media being a bunch of Speilberg whore are not about to say so.
       Just think, just by the mainstream media over looking the crimes the president has pulled off, -they are able to keep enough wool over enough of the tax payers eyes to keep a criminal in the office of the president of the United States.
       Boy, people are so gullible.

Boy, I bet all Leon would have had to do is sign up for America's got talent, and that would have been the end of that tune, if that isn't something like what happened.

I only felt I was good enough to maybe play just one song on one of his albums with him and I would have been just fine with that.
       I've got another picture of him on his 18th birthday I'll have to find.

How far did they go?
Rule Numbers- 65 & 66

March 12th, 2015:
How many people around me has been killed.
       Apparently, they didn't stop at my little brother whom I had not even spoke to for 15 years.
       Are you telling my that they went as far as someone who I had not even spoke to for over two decades?.
       Boy I can seriously doubt there is anyone left in my family.
       I take it that the kid I talked to on the phone last year for about an hour wasn't actually my nephew.

And around here, I've got cops coming around pounding on my door, just to see if I'd been drinking so they could throw me in jail again.
       This guy actually said that he thought I was alright with him, -like buddies. But buddies don't come around telling me that I'm crazy. (The answer i got when I asked him when they were going to tell me when Spielberg killed my dad, and when Obama killed my sister , of course.)
       Yeah nice guys they have for cops around here.

I can seriously see that there has been a diminished amount of people picking Oceanside as a destination this week. Probably not the best place to go to for spring brake.
       They come around here, they will be reminded that they are 8%ers and set to fail.
       I might even remind them that they are getting dumber by the day and they may just be looking a a large flying tube some day. One that is translucent and can suck up dead bodies faster than anything you've ever seen.
       Call it Cleaning House.

I must have been talking in my sleep or something, -because I've been hearing the term, "barbaric animals," quit a bit lately.
       To be honest with you, the voices in the Spirit World are the ones who had been using the term. They expressed to me that the human race is on the verge of becoming Barbaric Animals. My guess is that once you take away their common sense, and their morals; it can get down right nasty, just as a bunch of humans with no soles or .

And on this Music thing: Lets see the sheet music, transposed into the same key. Is there even a progression, or is the whole song just one chord?
       For sure, the bass lines are not the same. I think the family freeloaders are looking for a piece of the pie. It's just too easy for people to copy a sound without coping someone's song. I think they had a jury full of Morons. I don't know of any musician who wouldn't tweak a song into their own version, even if they meant to copy it in the first place. I seriously doubt if any cover band would play the music the same way, even if they were covering it in a club.

Looks as though some cops wanted some overtime and their intimidation got the best of them. You play war games, you get war games, -simple as that.

Well last night I saw what I think may have been my truck on TV for the first time. The Iraq Army had a couple missile launchers staged for a showing, -not necessarily shooting anything. But they did have the boom in the air and it looked as though the link was half extended. Gee, how many of them do you think they sold to ISIS?

And all you folks spreading rumors about how Jennifer Lawrance want's to go out with me. It's just about the same thing as some producer showing up saying they want to make a movie about me. (In a way, -looking for money is more like it.)
       Never the less, I just found a bit on LA times claiming that Spielberg is about to direct her in a movie.
       Now this adds some juice to the rumors that Spielberg is already out with a pardon from Obama. But then again, over the past couple years, their has been movies said to be directed by Speilberg, but never really materialized.
       But anyhow, let us see if America's sweet heard as she works very diligently to be, -is just another whore for an Evil Murder.
       I'm not about to post links to the news, because I feel like I was taking chances going there myself.

Friday the 13th:
Rule Numbers- 13 & 51

March 13, 2015:
Guess who distributes Dreamworks Films?
       If you guess Disney, you are right.
       I'll have to double check, but I think I heard or read that the successful Disney production call Ice is actually a Dreamworks film disguised as a Disney.
       Boy, if that's so, I figure Speilberg has got your children pretty bad.

And the words Cleaning House has been getting around lately.
       It does put a different spin on things if you consider that the flying jelly fish could have very well been planted by that one everyone wants to call God.
       Here all this time I've been trying to get people to battle these things, and I didn't even consider God would plant them in the first place.
       I thinking about now is the time when the figuring out whether the human race even has the possibility to gain intelligence fast enough to keep up with the technology that they are creating.
       All ready they are finding out that anything operating digitally is sure to be modified to backfire.
       One thing for sure, the human race can get dumber a lot faster than it can get smarter.
       That is your bottom line problem and you still have legislations around the world making it the law to eliminate the smart ones.
       Pretty Stupid I'd say. You're drawing that knife right up to your throat.
       Don't go stumbling now you hear. Put that one in you little book now.

PS: tonight I ran into a guy who works at Autozone. And don't tell me that his real Name is Israel Gonzalus, because I'm sure I probably couldn't pronounce it.
       How in hell did this idiot get into this country, I'll never know, but damn bringing in guys like that is half the problem.
       Isn't it enough that we pay his country about a Billion Dollars for every 1,000 Palestinians they kill?
       Do we really need to bring the evil over here?

PIE Day was yesterday:
Rule Numbers-

March 15, 2015:
And today is the day we begin to wonder if the people of Israel are stupid enough to vote Benjerman Netanyahu back into office.
       I guess part of his campaign bit is to scare people with the threat of war.
       Boy with a guy like that skimming off the top of $3 Billion per year from the US of A, - you can be sure there will be another war to be afraid about .

I thinks we all need to thank those American guys who volunteered to fight ISSL inside Iraq.
       But even that has to have mixed feelings though, because even though I don't think so, what if they were trying to get in on selling some of the equipment we give Iraq? Like the $1.5 Billion worth we just sent over there.

However the point I was driving at is that when you've got three of four hot spots and and you don't want to get into a full blown war in every one of them, -like even going up against Putin; I think it should be up to the guys who are in the military to decide which conflict they would feel worth fighting.
       I think arming American personnel with body armor and equipment is a bit more trust worthy than a bunch of guys who lived in concrete boxes in a desert.
       Oh there is some word on the street that Putin went ahead and killed himself.
       I wouldn't doubt it, because he's one of those evil ones I have on the list of people I'm trying to convince my Angeles to haunt and convince the Evil Ones that their troubles will go away if they just killed themselves.

Crowd Control by 8%ers:
Rule Numbers- 12, 51, 55 & 65

March 16th, 2015:
Had a guy doing that needless board damage as crowd control this morning.
       The kind of guy who will put himself in just the right spot to do so. Must have been one of those guys that hang out at the Jetty, -or maybe he's one of Dane Rynolds buddies, because what he did was just like what Dane did to the Stoneman when I was in Ventura. Same kind of thing happened to my round tail over there.
       To avoid damage to someone else's board doesn't register to them.
       Kinna sucks when I started out the session by saving another wanna be pro surfer's board from the rocks on my inishal paddle out. Turns out the Board I saved belonged to someone who had interfered with me in the past.

Folks must have caught one of my new tricks.
       I've never been into dragging my hand to slow down in front of a tube, so today I squatted down and pulled a Mini Fishtail.
       It worked pretty good on one, and on another smaller one I ended up hooking a rail. But it was kinna neat.

Rule Numbers- 4, 10, 20,

March 17th, 2015:
Yeah, last week; you know they knew I was on my way before I even made the Pier. But I was fishing with an old roller extension pole and a few signs.
       I didn't even bother looking at name tages because I was too interested in seeing all the cell phone cameras on us. And just about anyone around here will tell you that when anything truly interesting goes down, the place is swarmed with five times as many copes as needed. And I felt I deserved a few more because there had to have been more than one call and I wouldn't doubt the first on was the moron of a life guard. Too make things short, I only got two cops, even with an exchange of vehicles.
       What I'm getting at here is that Gunzalus wasn't the only cop paid to spread rumors, and in fact I've heard there were three.
       But something tells me that Gunzalus was the fool of the bunch and was doing it for free because he thought he was doing a good thing.
       Anyhow, you all know how reluctant I am about spreading rumors. But once I put a sign on my truck with Ganzalus on it, I began to hear the school kids talking about (Fisker or Fisher,) as if there is another cop that was spreading the rumors too. But after a few days, I'm betting that the name is rightfully Fisher, or I'm just hearing things.
       Never the less, if you are one of the locals around here, you all know that it just has to be either Fisher or the unknown gay who is out to run me out of town, just like Gunzalus. And I'm pretty sure I met the mistery cop a long time ago; but I'm not saying anything yet.

Oh my God.
       I watched you pairs battle it out on the vice last night. I swear they must be working to eliminate the competition by throwing away the good ones early in the game so the out come ends up with a pre-choosen winner.
       I'm saying this because the white chick sang to the rhythm of the beat, but not at all with the grove of the song. And the Black chick had the groove and even had to put up with the white chick was throwing her off when they had to sing together. It must have been frustrating and this Peral guy was totally blind to it you must say. Well if he couldn't tell who was the better one, he's a idiot.
       Then the next up was a couple of that man of the year guy's. It was the reverse, the black guy was singing to the beat and the Cowboy had the real groove and could actually sing like a black guy just as Joe Cocker. The Black guy was just a wanna be.
       Tell me I'm wrong, but shit, they are picking the loosers as their winners. It's either on Purpose or they are just a bunch of idiots.

And I want to say that I know how the lady with her teenage kids in Ferguson with a stack of citations a mile high. I know how she feels. There is just no other reason for $5,000.oo worth of citation in two or there years, and I know just how fast they add up with the cops are looking at you as a source of revenue.

MD Warning Update:
Mom and Dad can self edit my web-pages
Rule Numbers- 55

March 18, 2015:
It was apparent to my that one thing my Angels said to me when I wrote a dirty word yesterday was, "you are going to loose a few readers every time you write those words."
       But my argument is form that creative artist bit i have inside of me, trying to make what I write flow as is someone was saying it to themselves; after all all I'm doing is writing done what I'd say to my self anyway and if it don't some right it just doesn't flow.
       But I hope I can score a few Brownie Points with my Angels and at least tell my readers how to safe guard their children from the undesirable aspects of my literature.
       Basically I would advise just blocking out my web-site entirely and pre-screen any page your children are interested beforehand and then set that page address code for allow on your web-browser settings.
       As for the journal before I usually do my own editing a day or to later; if you would like to edit the material yourself, - it is not difficult to edit any of my web-pages because the code structure is not that sophisticated at all.
       It's really simple:
       All you have to do is click with the right button of your mouse on the outer edges,or body of my web-page and click on "view page source."
       Then or before hand open up any text editor, - even most writing soft ware.
       Cut and past the source code in the text editor and just look over the words for the on you want to delete.
       Just by looking at it you can see the independent sentence markers as well as the beginning and end of paragraphs. If you plan to take out a whole paragraph, just be sure you take out the closing /p maker with it.
       You can save the file as a .html file of which it will probably save by it self.
       Then if your kid wants to read th material, just look up the file at where ever the folder you saved it in and just by clicking on it will usually open it in your browser just as if it was on the web.

Well it is certainly clear I'm not one to control the vote in Israel. No doubt those people are stupid enough to vote Benjerman Netanyahu back into office.
       I guess there are too many people who get rich off the $3 billion per year the United States pays them to kill the Palestinians in Gaza.
       I don't know what kind of religion those Jews brain wash themselves with, but you can bet it is an Evil one because you can be sure they will be out to kill another 3,000 to 5,000 people this year, courtesy of the United States overflow of deadly weapons.

Benjerman Netanyahu is basically cut out of the same Evil as Putin is, but in Netanyahu's case, the United States taxpayers are funding the war mongering and killing.
       And let us not forget all those US congress men and Senators who are getting rich off the kick back from all the war equipment we pay to build and give away to evil people who of which often sell the equipment to the other side such as Isis.
       I bet if it wasn't for the 500 gallons of fuel in an Abraham tank, they would probably get as much for my truck because of the $67,000.oo Hellfire Missiles on back.

Rule Numbers 88 & 100
Ok, enough is enough:
I wouldn't doubt I've heard the two words John Jon about at least every half hour.
       Yeah, I had his business card around here a long time, but I think it got soggy with coffee or something.
       I met John back in the days when I was going back and forth from Morro Bay. In fact I think it was the day after Barak Obama signed the patent reform which allowed him and his buddies in Chicago to steal my inventions because Obama made the patent laws first to file instead of first to invent.
       Anyhow, this bitch with a Mercadies was racing stop sign to stop sign and ran up to me as I was crossing the sidewalk. She ran up to me and slammed on her brakes of which made me feel uncomfortable so I spit a big luggy on the hood of her car and told her her blue head lights sucked.
       Now someone must have seen me do it and told Jon about it. But that wasn't the story John Jon was telling me, because he said she approached him and told me about it.
       See the deal was, I was already out of the shower and I didn't believe him when he told me about speaking to her because of all the time that had gone by. (And he lacked the Luggy part.)
       Anyhow, this officer John Jon scares the hell out of me because he's an old school gangster cop if I ever seen one.
       This john Jon guy is so intimidating, I would doubt he'd be willing to harass you if you don't wave to him as if he is your buddy or something. (Because that is exactly what he did a few days ago with me.)
       What really annoys me is he comes around playing his loud gangster rape music with his windows rolled down so he may look cool at the age of 60 or better.
       Never the less, I kinna had Jonney boy figured out before I even heard of Fisher.

A Ring Leader:
Rule Numbers- 26 & 33

March 20th, 2015:
I must have heard the phraze "Ring Leader," no less that two dozen times in the last couple days.
       And there is another name that is been popping up right along with that phrase.
       Wouldn't you know, the "Ring Leader," couldn't stay away from me either. (That brings us to four bad cops on the take form a criminal behind bars.)
       In fact he bought me a cup of coffee of which I must have poured out 75% of it, which means our little meeting didn't go as he wanted. (I started out back in 1993 and the fire and got as far as when Bill Clinton changed the patent laws that have the US breading stupid people along with the rest of them.)
       Anyhow, I did find his Business card, but I don't plan on posting it for awhile because I wan't the word on the street to run its course a little longer. (You know how I am about contaminating the rumor mill.)

And Dreamworks is coming out with another film to shore up Spielberg's criminal currency chest.
      There is no telling how his new film Home will effect your little 8%ers brain. I'm sure it will not be in a good way, because Speilberg must be the master of Brain conditioning. He got Taylor Swift and Oprah, so I'm sure he can get anyone with a 1/4 of a brain or less.
       And it looks as though my intuition was right about Swift being a lesbian. (TMZ got a video of her and her best friend making out.)

And a little information about Dream:works:
       DreamWorks originally handled its own distribution when it was founded as a full-fledged studio in 1994. Then, after it was bought by Viacom for $1.6 billion in 2006 and downsized into a production company, it distributed its films through Paramount. That arrangement proved short-lived, though, and in 2009 he arranged a deal with Disney for distribution of there works.
       Well gee, Viacom involved that's just like the set-up in Morro Bay where NBC owns Comcast, the dominate cable provider in the area. And being partially owned by Viacom, you can bet Speilberg has his hands on many more set-top boxes.

Nice guy:
Rule Numbers-

March 21, 2015:
Gee, maybe I'm hearing things, but I just heard someone else tell someone else that hey called in a complaint on me for parking too close to a fire hydrant.
       More and more I realize just how much more like Morro Bay this place has gotten to be. None the less, I think I understand a little bit more now that I understand they had a whole crew of Corrupt Police Officers they had working over ever where I went. Anyone who hasn't been to my web-site is probably an excellent candidate for them to turn into a rumor spreader.
       I bet this Ring leader selected the recruits and then those recruits were put through a training course on how do do such a thing.
       The difference between Oceanside and Morro Bay is that Oceanside probably has 5 to 6 time the amount of officers to select from. (Then let us not forget the higher number of County Sheriffs they have, because Speilberg isn't about to forget about them either.)
       I have no doubt one of them approached Bill, my previous employer, before the recession. I bet if they would have not approached him, -just asking questions of course, Bill would have kept me working right through the recession and I would have never had to go to Morro Bay.
       And if it wasn't for that fisherman at the end of the pier who obviously must have heard the rumors, maybe sitting in jail a couple of weeks ago wouldn't of happened. You can figure I've had to go through more than my fair share of being picked on because of something that I've never done.

On this VAC guy with ten stitches in his forehead:
The guy has to be a prime example of how stupid an eight percenter can be.
       He had not done anything wrong. He didn't have a weapon. He had not hurt anyone.

All I can say is that you have to be pretty stupid to be that afraid of being handcuffed.
       I bet the moron smacked his own head into the pavement just trying not to get handcuffed.
       The amazing thing is all the stupid 8%ers who are out protesting over such an idiot.

Gotta 8%er with a Go Pro,
-on a longboard no less:
The makings of complete failure.
A moron no less.
Rule Numbers-

March 22, 2015:
If it wasn't for his piece of shit Go Pro, I would have managed to slide my board over his with out any damage, but instead, I got a crunch on top as well as the bottom .
       It's pretty bad when such a looser can afford a board and a Go Pro even if he isn't good enough to even record. The idiot has too damn much money and should buy himself a ticket to
       Bum Fuck Egypt or some where.

Can you believe that Israel taxes the Palestinians, and then don't give them anything for the taxes. And the US has been funding these Jews for what, 50 years? Currently at $3.25 Billion per year. And Israel only puts up $75 Mil. And Benjerman Netanyahu has only negotiated with the know terrorist organization Hamas.
       Don't try to tell me that Netanyahu doesn't pay Hamas to send missiles in to Israel so that they can keep milking the US Tax payers out of their money.
       I looked up the information that is not clear on the population. How ever it is fairly small, about the population of New Zealand and some more.
       Their GDP is about $300 Billion.
       It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you give a small country like that over $3 Billion in War machinery, that are certainly going to spend it.

And can you believe that Deloris's daughter actually called me looking for the color formula for the doors of the Mariners Cove Inn in Westport Washington.
       She had taken over the management of the hotel because her mother had died. I even mentioned that her mother once said she would put me in her will. She denied that and of course, either way she would naturally want to get off the phone as soon as possible once I told her which store to find it at.
       You would figure Deloris's lawyer should have had no problem finding me, but then again I had others trying to hide me.
       Deloris's daughter was obviously being greedy hoping she would end up with it.
       So how do you find money owed to you when your phone is rigged and you can be sure your computer is too.
       just think, I should have been a Millionaire over a decade ago, just for being a hard working nice guy.
       Boy, I can't wait until I can get out of here.
       Wonder what kind of run around I'm looking at.
       Kinna a Bitch when you have to hand over $1,500.oo to the City of Oceanside, when a round trip bus ticket probably only cost $300.oo.
       I wonder if that big hotel thing is still going through?
       Settle for less then add 500 rooms.

After the Zillionth time,
I get it:
Call the F.B.I.
Rule Numbers- 4, 9, 20 & 100

March , 2015:
Yeah, I've been there before, but now days I realize I probably would not be actually be talking to the real FBI.
       And I've experienced just how they can stage something just for me before I even walk in the door.
       First off, the default blow off would be the you are just crazy bit and I would actually have to wonder if they would use the opportunity to pull a 5150 on me; after all it's the FBI and all they would have to say is that they had a crazy man walk through the doors.

But lets cut ahead a bit and work backwards. Such as if I've already jumped through a few hoops already and they say that my sister has spent all the money and no matter what charges they have on her, -it will take a long civil court battle to get possession of her house, which the property taxes would bury me real fast if I didn't sell it for pennies on the dollar. That is if I could even sell it for pennies on the dollar.

Anyhow, I'm not one to have any more power of getting anywhere with the FBI than anyone else. The fact is, that it is a criminal mater of embezzlement and any Tom, Dick, or Harry can call it in.
       And even if anyone out there can get my sister prosecuted, that is if she is still alive, doesn't mean anyone can get the FBI to tell me exactly what has gone down, as if they haven't watched it go down for years.

And oh, I should mention something about stepping in the middle of this thing:
       I'm looking for the answer to a question I have, which of course can have more than one variable, of which can draw out different out comes quite considerably, -and the result could be that I'm confronted with something a little more drastic that I'd like to experience or even know about. I'm sure what I don't know about is even worse than what I do know, so it is the experience I'm not in much of a hurry to find out about, especially when a couple decent swells are about to roll in Wednesday and Friday.

The big question with the power to be drastic would be if my sister managed to just falsify an Power of Attorney, or did she go before a judge in a courtroom and get it.
       Whether it is as one would say, legally binding in a crooked court.
       And you are reading this from a man who as been in front of a few crooked judges in a few crooked courts.
       So what do you say. Any of you willing to go out and jump into something you would rather not?
       I figure it's about a 50% chance of a trip to the funny farm unless you can tell me deferent

Just an example of how getting mixes up with a government can be:
       Last night the TV News network reran a bit on a kidnapping case in Mexico. Doesn't take a ingenious to figure out that the Kidnappers have got some of there own inside the federal task force set-up to deal with the kidnappings.
       To make a long story short: my intuition says that the young man the federally sent on the bus with nothing but a computer of which he would not let anyone see what he had on the screen was actually working with the kidnappers.
       An inside man you could say and all he was doing was making certain that they could bleed the victims out of as much money as they could possibly put together. If his cut was only 10%, that would be several times more than the Government of Mexico would have ever paid him.
       And the News Reporter who made a whole production out of the story didn't get that.
       Pretty stupid if you ask me.

For those of you who wonder what I'm going to do once I get my hands on some of my money.
       Well you can be certain of one thing, there is now way in hell I would ever get into politics in no shape or form. The would be nothing but a recipe for getting my ass killed.
       I'll put myself far away from that and you can count on it. You are all on your own and I only three things my list that I'm even worried about and there isn't going to be anything added to that list until those three things are completed successfully.
       Basically, it's real easy. I'll buy a place in Indonesia, and one in Western Australia and another in Costa Rica.
       That way, no mater what time of the year it is, one of my homes will have good waves.

PM Update:
The more I thing about the scenario upon how my sister started out my have been influenced by a number of ways.
       Because of the timing of the phone call, about the doors, Deloris's daughter may have only found the name Dennis the painter and she mess up and didn't put it together with my last name.

Therefore, if my predictions are true, she was trying to be self executor of her mother's will and may very well worked with my sister on a kick back split kind of deal. As if a simple check written and deposited in a checking account with my name attached to it, may have cleared any settlement her daughter have to cover with me. The Cleared check for a million dollars would clear her part of the deal and all my sister had to do is acquire a checking account with the both of our names on it, just as I noticed with my sister having one with my father. (She probably opened them both up on the same day with my father sitting right next to her, and my Social Security number was probably the only thing she needed.)
       I figure that was probably Donna's first step into embezzlement and stealing my identity .

There is a question to whether at that time Spielberg or the government had probably been convincing Donna that I could very well be a child molester. So later on, I wouldn't doubt Speilberg may have arranged it so that she would learn how to get the power of attorney from a judge, which means the government may very well had their hands in showing her the ropes as well.
       That's my guess.

And I do have to admit, the thought of my inheritance being embezzled by her own daughter had crossed my mind over the years, as well as thoughts of whether my sister would try to embezzle any book deals or royalties that may have come my way.
       How ever as far as the inheritance form Deloris, I never thought it would even amount to more than something like $10,000.oo if there was one, because when she told me that she was going to write me into her will, I considered it as just her way of saying thank you.
       Deloris said, "thank you Dennis, I'm going to put you in my will," as I took the barricade and business closed sign down after I'd spend several hours that day. (As well as a few hours in the days prior,) cleaning up after the general contractor that wasn't performing his job.
       Needless to say, we ended up being pretty good friends.

From what I heard, Deloris's husband was quit the guy and she was very beautiful woman back in those days. She even made herself kind of famous for suing the phone company and winning.

Boy I don't know how they are doing it but if you go to my web-site and either got to compare or technically speaking. They sure did something to corrupt the files and I sure can't figure out how to fix it because I see nothing wrong with the code I see.
       I'm starting to think it's all because I've embedded You tube. So I think I'll just list the links to go to instead. I bet that is the solution and it just goes to show how corrupt Google is.

10's all the way across:
Rule Numbers- 4, 9, 21 & 55

March 24th, 2015:
I didn't have to say a thing to the guy, or even ask him if he saw it because he was only about 12 yards away.
       Sure enough, he couldn't wait to tell his buddy what he just saw me do.
       I launched that puppy sideways. (I was late of course.) But I threw the thing out sideways and slid down the face equally on both feet, -down to about 2/3's of the way before the fins kicked in enough force to propel me forward.
       I straddled the same rail as I dug it in and it was like an elevator, but it wasn't based on braking on the back foot.
       I skied it sideways all the way to the top to where I launched myself back down the wave as if I'd been riding it all along.
       I've come close to doing this a few times before, but the difference of this one is the wave co-operated and kept going for me well past the stunt.
       I honestly think that is a trick I can call all my own and I've got to come up with a well deserving name for it.
       (I've noticed that I'm more prone to do it back side; and you know, - having an original backside trick is kinna a Good Thing to have.)

(And this Cruz Guy )
Heck he's got the stage, the lights and some other fool paying for for it.
       . That's what Rule 21 is all about.

[And it Sounds like Kelly Slater Confessed
I bet that Killing Shit will come back to hunt you after awhile.
       I'm sure talking to someone about it will always help.
       Even if it's you close buddy in the same cell block, they will always be understanding and always lend and open ear.

And believe it or not.
There are a few out there who have read my book that know just how simple it would have been to hide my inheritance from me.
       I had no money for a lawyer, hell I didn't even have a driver's licenses.
       I was just trying to stay out of trouble not go looking for some more, and a few of you also realize I might not have seen the day when the money was to land into my hands. The inheritance very while have put me on Lockheed Martin kill list. And I figure the only reason that didn't happen was because the Government and Speilberg was too interested in trying to clone me to let that happen.

A Sympathy Gesture:
Rule Numbers- 10

March 26, 2015:
I think there are rumors going around that Speilberg has cancer and should be dead in about a year.
       Gee, why couldn't it be sooner. They should have killed the Evil Bastard a long time ago, but I'm sure that the rumors are just a last ditch effort to get people to pay for his new Movie Home due out this weekend.
       I wonder how much he will rake in this weekend.

And on my inheritance:
       Look at all the dead people who when after it.

I'm going to put a new Web-page together. It's going to be titled, My Theory.
       It will be a bit I'll put together for that spirit whom sound like my Mother.
       It will be my unofficial Speaking for God Spiel.
       Whether it is correct, right or wrong, or whether I will pass judgment at a different time and feel like changing something is something I expect myself to do, especially if I feel I've been corrected by the Spirit World.
       None the less, - the bottom line here is that you just screwed over your Sentinel, and that isn't a very good thing to do.
       Nothing good has come form it. You haven't received anything good from me and everything good I've created, you've turned it around and used it for Evil.
       The fact of the matter is that I don't have much sympathy for you.

Looks like you got another defective 8%er flying people around in a big tin can. That's what happens when you are breeding stupid people.
      Not the first time and not the last. How many people were on that Plane?
       That's a good start.

Oh just a reminder of something that popped up in the news links:
       Amnesty International said Thursday Palestinian rocket fire during the 2014 summer war in Gaza had killed more civilians in the Gaza Strip than in Israel.
       Army figures released after the war ended on August 26 showed Gaza militants fired 4,591 projectiles at Israel.
       Of those, 3,659 struck Israeli territory and 735 were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defence system, leaving another 197 falling short and landing inside the coastal enclave.

Tell me when?
Rule Numbers- 4 & 10

March 27th, 2015:
There is now way I could estimate how many times, (yesterday) I heard people tell each other that they are going to ell me tomorrow, (which happens to be today.)
       All I know is that The surf reports were way off and I'm wondering what kind of discovery I will find to day. The last time I did some doors, -even though I stood there and watch the customer use the list of doors with the needed dimensions, -along with the sales assistant at home depot, -gather up the doors.

Come to find out, they picked out 28 instead of a thirty, and I didn't know until the door was hanging on the hinges.
       I know, I truly do need to stay away from stupidity. But I have to come up with the money to pay the City of Oceanside another $1,500.oo for the criminals they have as cops. And I guess I'm going to miss out on the waves today because of it.
       The word for "it" is Evil.
       Get that?

A Gray Cloud, with Brownie Points:
Rule Numbers- 4, 7, 9, 14, 33, 34, 44, 55, 65 & 99

March 29, 2015:
If I got anything out of yesterday, the thing I appreciate most is knowing I got some Brownie Points, - according to my Guardians Angles.
       I take it wasn't such a good days for Kelly Slater, because I probably pushed him over the hill on just how popular he is. If they didn't know who he ws before, I figure there are a few million more who know of him now.

Also I think we hit an new record as to how many hits we got here at MyStupidRules; they are saying 10 million hits, however,- I'm sure if I check my stats they will tell me less than 600.
       Never the less, holding up my arms and walking around yesterday, had to get me something because I figured that the side job with the doors was a set-up and it just so happening on about the biggest weekend Oceanside has; -I figured, what kind of advertising could $500.oo get the average person.

Oh, let's just skip that. And think of how much these hotels lost with they way the Ironman triathlon cleared out. Heck this is Sunday and it fells like Monday around here. The only thing left of the Ironman people is the empty tents in the parking lot.
       And I don't think I need to mention, that to some around here, they are not very fond of me at all. Its like Morro Bay all over. Yesterday was like the Car Show people who found out what the cops had told them years earlier way a lie, it didn't go down so good for something you hope would grow every year.
       Once the locals realize they were wrong about the child molester rumors, they think of as all my shit that I've brought on to them. (Like they guy who works at the Bait Shop and the Lifeguards, trying to tell people I'm full of crap. ) You can be fairly confident you can find someone who knows these people and they will tell you that they had only helped spread the rumors whether they realized it or not when they did it. And now they sure don't want me around so that the people who know them, will know that they lied and committed slander. Of course they don't want that around and that is why I'm not going to drag it on to some other place.
       To me and the surfers, I surf with, this place and only be that much better for us if this place becomes a Ghost Town. We'll call it my way of doing crowd control.

Oh yeah, Rule 20 would relate to the fact that I should have just listened to my intuition yesterday and made the walk back to my truck to swap boards and just settle for catching wave in the inside, because they were the only ridable waves I got other than usually close out tubes that were on hand on the outside. And those kind of tubes are not kind on the equipment and my round tail paid the price for that. (Creased it.)
       Then today, this Quad thing just would let me in, - and then when I did land a good right, - it bounced and rolled on me.
       None the less, after holding my arms up so much yesterday, I didn't expect my session to be very long anyway.
       The thing that is pissing my off now, is that I don't think I can get my hands on my Squash Tail until tomorrow, - after what 9 am in Vista? Shit half my problem this morning is that I didn't bet the crowd.
       Update: Can get my other 6' 5" today. Happy Me. (It would have been have way decent this morning, so I've gotta go fetch it now. -Later.)

Greedy for Brownie Points:
Rule Numbers- 4, 14, 33 & 36

March 30, 2015:
Of course I've been know to miss spell names of people I don't like. It happens by default with me, but is still didn't do a very good job of keeping me out of jail.
       And of course they never gave me a breathalyser test, just the smell of alcohol was enough for them. They just wanted to get a hold of my keys of course. (Thats where number 4 comes in.)

Anyhow, even though I should have taken the day off from sign twirling, (my arms are sore,) I got to try my squash tail with EA's in the front; and man does that board turn with the front foot like no other. And not to mention that it's not afraid of late drop-ins, and the board has no problem going vertical.
       It's been so long, I forgot how loose a narrow board can be. Never the less, I kept getting wanna be pro surfers who wanted to steal my waves and then they chicken out and leave the wave un-ridden.
       Like right off the bat this morning:
       I had this foreigner in a green suit; everyone one must have watched him paddle right over to where I needed to project myself, (which means right in the direction I needed to be paddling for.) -If I would have not stopped or slowed down, I would have ran right into him and I needed some space to even try for the wave.
       The fuck head paddled right up to the spot where I would have been sliding right into the wave, -and HE STOPS!
       The moron was going to steal the best wave of my day and he pulls out.
       And that set the tone of my session trying to keep the one board I have that hasn't been totally screwed over by other f___ heads.
       At least in Morro Bay in the middle of winter, the difference of Men and Boys came to play when I used the board, and I never had to worry about the hand full of guys I was in the water with.
       Here in Oceanside, it gets completely scary when the waves get bigger, these guys don't know what they are doing and they shouldn't even be in the water with the ones that do. It's unfair and disrespect full of the surfer that actually do know how to surf.
       To surf around here you have to let some Moron Rape Your Daughter right in front of you and then they feel that by just saying that they are sorry, - makes it all good and dandy.
       Kind of thing when you have to surf with a bunch of 8%ers.

And Oh, I guess we have to add Hunter to the list of names of cops who were set-up to spread child molester rumors. Never the less, That guys wasn't hard to figure out. I knew he was one of them moment he said, "we are you."
       The Child molester part was pretty much implied. I'm pretty sure the guy on his patio right there got a recording of it all.
       Just his name being spread around the last couple days prompted a visit from Gunzalus last night. Almost like he was reluctant to do it this time. And no he didn't rob me this time, but it was about 10:30 in the Mission Square parking lot, just the same circumstances as the first time he got me, and this time there was only one other car in the back parking lot compared to dozens that were around out in front the first time.
       Tell me, what do you get from that?

PM Update:
Wouldn't you know, Chowdah paid me a visit today.
       I can tell you right now that he has to have a cookie in his computer, because I can assume he has heard I wrote something about him, but I'm sure if he read anything about himself, -it wasn't anything I wrote.

The guy harassed me because I didn't feel like saying hi to him. Right away he was threatening to have my truck towed away for illegal parking.
       I of course told him to get away from me, that he was Evil and he made me sick.
       I could see that it hit him like a ton of bricks and I wouldn't doubt his mind change to changing the Depends that he was waring.
       Then everything changed to him telling me that my front license plate wasn't legal were it was. (I figure that's ok, because I find I don't usually warm my engine up most of the time so blocking off my radiator is probably a good thing. Right?)
       Just to say it, I did the image work of his business card and the journal entry about a week ago, however I never did post in at Calicops, because that good ol intuition I've been practicing at, told me it wouldn't be long before I would have a reason to get around to doing it.

Another thing I wanted to mention that was in the news lately. It was were a San Diego cop just shot a guy in his back yard. Sure it may have been suicide by cop, but really folks: why didn't they just stand back and let that guy be alone. Don't go peeking over the fence any more than you need to. If the guy wasn't leaving his yard, he had the right to lay around and make love to his gun if he wanted to.
       What I'm getting at here is the guy would probably still be alive if the stupid cop would have just left him alone.

But the really funny part about it is that whole karma thing. .
       --A couple days later, one of their own police dogs bit it's commanding officer. (I call them servants, because look who is going around picking up the shit.)

Now on the other hand, I have to say a few of the conversations I had this weekend went a long way.
       It took dodging a few morons who wanted to instigate a fight with me, (I even had one with a toddler in his arms wanting to beat me up for not being about to tell him how Obama killed my sister.) I was wondering where the cops where when you need them. The guy actually fallowed me down the beach and tried twice. (Should have seen all the girls I had fallowing me. It must have looked funny as hell.)

Never the less, I did have a few serious conversations, -even had a bleacher filled up with guys who listened to a pretty good spiel. But that ended up with some wise crack that I sure didn't understand and it kind of threw the whole thing in the toilet as far as I'm concerned.
       I don't know why it is, you get a bunch of guys , -like an elderly Mexican guy I met last night, who asked, "where do you think we are going?"
       Then you get a guy who thinks his lack of wit can make a humorous statement for the fun of it when there isn't really anything funny about it. (And I'm suppose to respond to it.)
       But for the most part, I did get a response back from quite a few that could very well see much of the same with My Theory of how thing are going, as well as what must be changes if we don't want to see ourselves exterminated.
       That is the word that has been going around today.
       (And oh, they also keep saying that they need to put a microphone in my hand.)

Other things:
Rule Numbers- 55

March 31, 2015:
Putting on that cold wet-suit, all stiff and sore and all.
       I figured I wasn't expecting much since the waves went kind of hay wire. But you know how it is when you see a few little smooth wedges and you can just sit there and miss out on something. (And I did land a couple good one and called the session short with one funky one.)

So I opted to give me the day off from sign twirling and let something else get on Chowdah's mind for awhile.
       I figure I'll devote the day to running the ink pin .

I bet there will be other who will adopt my teleprompter style of sign twirling. Heck I already plan to tell someone I would rather avoid is that I don't know nothing about it, I'm just paid to do it.
       It's pretty neat actually, -I'm able to water it down by switching to finer print or my web-site logo for when people with toddlers would rather not have harsh words in their face.
       After awhile, you pretty much work with larger print for the distance and find print for close up. Then arranging them in the proper oder for the distance as well as time at hand. When cut sort, default to the web-site. just think if i paid a bunch of people to do something like that. I bet it would be some of the best advertising for the money.

Guess the waitresses at Ruby's will have to settle for a little less today. From what I hear, my sign twirling in a way guilts the customers into leaving bigger tips. (You can see the smile in there eyes when I come by.)

Oh I did do a little re-write on the CaliCops/Oceanside page, - if you give a damn.

Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
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September 2009

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And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

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Organized Religion:
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