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swami's Apr.26.15 covering one of the two main exits to the north

Swami's Apr.26.15 covering one of the two main exits to the north

Synchro-link que card

Then again, I never thought it would be 20 years later,
and the only thing human beings learned to use it for is killing people.

Senators, FBI and Other things:
Rule Numbers- 4, 10, 20, 42 & 77

April 2nd, 2015:
The Rule 77 should be implied to just about anything I do, how ever the reason I listed it today is relating to being Stupid and going around dancing and jumping around with things on your feet, especially if you have high arches like I do.

You have to laugh:
       There are how many Senators? Hundreds, you say?
       And like most of us thing, that most of them are on the take and taking bribes every day.

Butt Rule 42, tell Me why there has only been this one and only one Senator, (in New Jersey?) that has been indited for bribery in over 35 years?.
       Let me repeat that:

Tell Me why there has only been this one and only one Senator that has been indited for bribery in over 35 YEARS?.

And Oh: for all you people who have been going around saying FBI this and FBI that, -maybe it's no coincidence that the next featured chapter of my book has a bit about the experience of me even trying to get a phone of someone else's to call the FBI.
       Still to this day, I have to wonder if they were in on it. However the thing that tips me into thinking that they were, was the look on her face.
       (It was like,- see there, -I told you so.)

Now it's been getting around that the FBI had something to do with getting my sister knocked off for Obama sand Speilberg. At least we all know that they have been covering up for the criminals.

Cookies from Hunter:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 51

April 3rd, 2015:
You can bet the guy on Cleavland across from where I park had had a visit from Officer Hunter.
       I bet the poor sole even has a cookie in his phone and computer. No less the cable box on the TV is a special model now.
       Just another brain washed sole.
       He was flipping me shit today saying that I'm pouring piss out my door, when it is actually sand and water from the bottom of my shower with a little coffee mixed in. If a person can't see that by just the color, they are a complete moron.

What do you expect from an 8% diminished?

yeah I've surfed waves with a sprained foot, a sprained neck and even a stingray sting. However my rights were weak and painful and my cutbacks going backside was barely there. Never the less, I did get a descent amount of waves today.
       I had a scary air I didn't expect today. The kind where you find your board is somewhere between you and the water and you look down and it's still beneath you when you are about to land. The kind of thing that isn't very good on boards.

Me and my cue cards must have trended on Instagram. A lot of people like my bit on Religion.

And there has been rumors that Kelly Slater confessed.
       None the less,I bet they can't hang him on any of it because they would just call it circumstantial evidence. That is unless they can fin the guy who sold him the Tree Frog Poison.

Aren't you glade John Kerry looks upon Nuclear Negotiations as something you need to cram for like a college exam test.
       But then he defaulted to and Incomplete and they kicked it down the road a few months.

Oh, I added a bit on Jesus on my Theory page.

Waiting to be Corrected:
Rule Numbers-

April 4th, 2015:
Talking about my take on Jesus.
       I was hoping my Guardian Angles would correct me, but all I heard from them was that I was pretty much hit it.
       And another thing I feel I need to mention is coincidence is the timing of that Religion is someone else's retirement and an Evil Way to Justify War.
       I can appreciate the ambition Jesus must have used to place his whole life into the effort to get people on the right track.

I think it is my place and time to try to tell the youth of today, not to be influenced by any Religion.
       Religion should be thought of something as unique and person, -as yours.
       Religion should not be about words on a page, in a book they say that was written thousands Years ago. And religion should never be a reason to kill another human being.
       Religion should not be anything damaging any artifacts, even if they were created as part of a Religion.
       Artifact should be considered artifacts and should be considered a treasure of past history, and there should be no reason to destroy any of it. (It brakes my heart to see what ISIS has been doing. What ever religion they are teaching, it can't be a good one.)

I figured I needed to write that, -Religion should be something that is inside of you, -connecting you to other soles around you. Your Religion should be your boundaries set by yourself as a guideline to good nature and prosperity among others.

And I don't know how they do it, but from what it sounds like, they went around inside that guys computer and found a cookie, just as I thought.
       Boy, wonder how big this social experiment is compare to the one in Morro Bay?
       . You have to admit, its got a lot more room to grow.


Is it , -a Happy Easter?:
Rule Numbers- 4 & 20

April 5th, 2015:
I guess I just don't get; they drove big nails through his hands and feet, tortured their Sentinel to Death, and they make it a Holiday to celebrate such a Barbaric Act.
       Talk about Love Jesus and all, -I don't know how it got all twisted.

I need to thank the Oceanside Police Officers who got a stalking Jesus freak off my ass this morning.
       The brain washed idiot started out asking me if I'd go for a cup of coffee with him and it got up to about a hundred yards and him even offering breakfast before I doubled back and asked, "please get this guys off me," and the Officers took care of him.
       (You wouldn't believe how many guys are on the pay roll at one of those Jesus fest. Kinna like a politician working a parade and having a bunch of security guys walking around in sports shirts, but this guys made it real easy, most with suits and ties, and all of them had name tags. (Whatta bunch of brainwashed fools.) I'd say something else, but I don't need to be giving away any secrets.

From what it sounds like, I've been portraying certain mannerisms that lead a few people to believe I've been influenced by Mark Foo.
       Well thats a good thing in my book, because I'm running a little blind in the Spirit World department, so that means at least I know who I'm listening to.

Some must have figured my little Shark had some thing to do with him and it pretty much does because Mark is most likely they guy who clued me in on them .

I don't know if people realized that the foot print on my board happens to be my reminder of my little brother Leon.
       When I look at the foot print on my Old Quad I alway think of the time Leon told that God must have had him stand on his hands and feet like a dog before he spray painted him brown, cause the bottom of his feet and the palms of his hands never got painted.

Rodents and Lyme Disease:
Rule Numbers- 9, 16 & 51

April 6, 2015:
I became fond of the girl while I traveled around the land down under. And lately I began to wonder why she was,'t out scooping up some of the money the other girls are raking in.
       Discovered her wonderful face on a magazine yesterday, and it lead me to finding out just why.

Turns Out Avril Lavigne caught Lyme Disease, a disease often spread by a bite from a tick which is known to be predominantly spread by dogs.
       I'm guessing it's as bad or even worse than catching Malaria, which never really leaves your system.
       My Dad got Malaria in Korea and he could not donate blood because of it.
       However, I would like to mention that this Lyme Disease has kept Avril Lavigne down for quit some time and I wish her well.

The reason I brought up this Lyme Disease isn't that I just miss Avril Lavigne, but I think people should think twice about even getting a dog, or as I say rodent for a companion, because they say that we are approaching an epidemic rise in Lyme Disease cases. I think they are carriers of just too much bacteria and germs to consider a safe play thing for any kid or adult for that mater.
       As I mentioned before, about these so called Service Dogs that everyone and their brother is beginning to print out new identities for, -if they are not seeing eyed dogs, -they should not be allowed inside public venues, as well as the fishing piers.

For the Girl of the Day Pictures
of Avril Lavine
Click on here

Miss you Avril Lavigne

Just a Conglomeration of Angeles:
Rule Numbers- 5, 9, 12 & 77

April 8, 2015:
Sounds like Avril Lavigne, is feeling Better.
       Well I have to say wishing her well felt powerful when I wrote it, but I knew all along it really would have anything thing do do with me, it would have to be my Angles knowing how it would make me feel is she was felling better, because I somehow felt her pain.

And did you get a load of the Barbaric Cops they've hung a badge on?
       I'm wondering if the one jumping up onto the car had to switch clips in the middle of his victory dance. He had to have know they were dead as door knobs.
       And the other, shooting the 50 year old guy as he was running away, looks like one cop was on what he thought was a successful hunting trip.

And the Rule 77 is about not trying to surf with a bad foot. It can be painful and it's difficult to tell wish wave will be the painful wave. Never the less, yesterday I only had two painful ones.
       The others were ok, probably because I was trying to train myself to surf with my heal. (Kinna mike surfing with the front foot too.)

Sounds like me and my flash cards have become a tourist attraction. Gotta do something when you can only wobble around. After today, I should have ten. I'm trying to figure out my priorities, whether I fix the Stoneman or make numbers 11 & 12.
       I'm also compiling a few images so I can put together a web-page on how I fabricate my flash cards. Like the 101 on teleprompter twirling, - bit.

Don't have anything:
Rule Numbers- 4

April 9th, 2015:
I up loaded a few images and started a new web-page for them.
       Of course the lettering and the colors work much better once I outline the lighter letters in fine line black or even colored on the larger letters.
       Need Coffee.

March if Dimes for Babies:
Rule Numbers- 22

April 11, 2015:
I had some doubt as to whether I would have been able to sleep in this morning.
       Never the less, it was apparent to me right off th bat that people were wondering if I would make it to the March Of Dimes thing with my Cue cards..
       Not one person was even wondering if I was going to go surfing and that is out of the ordinary.
       Unlike the Jesus Freaks we had last week, these folks anticipated me showing up and did absolutely nothing about trying to chase me away.
       So I did my part and was back at my cage by 8:30 and still early enough to get a session in.
       I only had one painful one, but that was about the only decent one I got.
       So it had to be worth the pain.

The San Bernardino Seven:
Rule Numbers- 86

Man-O-Man did those animals go berserk.
       They tazzed the guy and even after he lays on the ground with his hands on his back, they kick him in the head. At least that is how it started with seven officers standing around participating.
       Nothing short of the barbaric animals I told to about.
       They are running on a diminished 8% and you put a badge on their ass.

Gun in my hand instead of a tazer.
Rule Numbers- 25, 50, 51, 65 & 86

April 12, 2015:
Hell, he probably thought he was playing his video game.
       Just a little quick to draw no matter what he had in his hands if you ask me.

I think on this one, they already had him cuffed?
       That's what you get with 8%ers with a badge. They scare the hell out of me.

Update 4-14: Looks like they got a Hannable and Bill Black all wrapped up into one.

Walking for the March of Dime Babies
I don't get the chance to use Rule number 25 very often, but in this case it fits pretty well.
       From what I've heard, just having me mention the walk with baby buggies brings awareness to it, -which in turn equals to more taking part next time, -which means more money for them.
       Which I think is pretty cool because they are also saying that I also generated another 1,000 new visitors to my web-site by just participating in my unconventional way.
       I don't know bout you, -but I like Rule Number 25.

Oh yeah, the enlarged images of my flash cards are at 1,600. Which made for good screen savers, and I may find the time to resize a few to the 1024 size for your tablets as well.
       They're great if you happen to work with a bunch of idiots and you leave them running at your desk while you are not there.
       If you happen to work for a politician, that's even better.

Another good idea is put them on your tablets. You can walk around your campus with your own portable MyStupidRules Cue Cards.
       -and no doubt, -I give you permission to use my images.

Palestinians, Native Americans and Myself:
Rule Numbers- 33 & 65

April 14, 2015:
Israel forced the Palestinians to live where they are just like Europeans forced native Americans onto Reservations.
       But even worse is how Israel has stepped in and taken what ever resources the land from the Palestinians.
       Then if that isn't bad enough, Israel, backed by the US Government is able to tell Palestinians when and where they can go.
       Kinna sounds like me, and what the US Government is doing with me.

They hide my money from me so that I can't leave and get away from the Evil it produces. .
       Like, tomorrow, I have to miss the best day of surfing all week or possibly long, to go down to their crooked evil court house just so they can use four of their criminals to rob me of another $600.oo on top of the $600.oo I'm suppose to give them the day before my birthday next month.
       Sounds like an Evil Hell to me.

Update on the volunteer cop who never should have been there, - the on who only worked one year as a cop 20 years ago:
       Looks like they got a Hannable and Bill Black all wrapped up into one.

I wonder how many of you nut heads visited Hillary's video over the last couple days.
       Tell me, did I doge one of those flash cookies that have exec. files that grow over time?
       I bet they will redirect you to a different video in a different server,other than YOU Tube or Tweeter. Yeah, the ones with subliminal messages.
       Yeah, you are going to trust he the Evil Bitch enough not to use technology that is readily available to her.
       Just remember that Speilberg is filling her pockets, so don't put it past him that he isn't providing additional tracks.

Train your brain with Dreamworks and get brain washed by Speilberg

I bet the stock price tanked.
For 1600 at 120k click here.

35-40% of those fedral Tax dollars go to,
Building an Evil War Machine:
Rule Numbers-

April 15, 2015:
Can't think with these rodents barking all the time. Funking drive a person crazy.

Boy, it sure as hell fells like De Ja Vue.
       Like the time I dropped my Cage on the ground at the end of the Embarcadero in Morro Bay.
       It was something about me sitting there painting bars on my cage that rally got people checking out what was actually going on.
       It's the Creep Factor. The Creepiness one feels when they would rather not have known.
       The amount if time it took to paint them was plenty of time for things to get around, -even with out every Tom Dick and Harry wanting to take pictures of it.
       Now these cards, prove to be even more powerful when you need to get the message out in volumes.

My Crazy Ass Cards have probably been tweeted and instagramed thousands of times this week. And all I have to do is go into the 99 cent store to hear about the fewer rooms that need cleaning.

Heck, I myself would rather go to somewhere I wouldn't have to be reminded of all the Evil and Stupidity out there.

Some of you probably wondered if I'd have the guts to take them into the courthouse with me this morning. Well I thought about that but I figured it wasn't a very good idea if a judge would happen to think it was being disrespectful to the court. Never the less, Rule 20 they may have been considered a helpful visual aids. Reason being, the judge I got actually let me speak my piece and didn't go for any of that not allowed stuff.
       And, you know how you have to wait for them to call you for your paper work, -a fairly long time? Well, let me tell you about how you can expedite that.

And today my foot was sure put through some paces. You know, the brownie point thing with Foo and friends. I worked hard for them, but the crowds are getting a little thin and I think the key to it is time of day. And I discovered the highway over pass. What I need to do is pay attention to when there are backups. I'm also going to produce a few larger foam board cue cards for just that. It would only cost a couple bucks- for four. (Oh, I don't want them to get sold out so I've got to run and get some before they close.)

From what I hear, every outing I go on, I score an extra 1000 hits.
       I had one guy tell me that paving a meridian was more important. (But I figured he was Evil.)Never the less, I kind of felt appreciated when a few older Hispanic ladies blessed me for being out there doing it.

And oh, that on that Cop using the cop car to take out the guy with the gun:
       The whole story would have been different id a couple kids just happen to be on the other side of the cinder block wall.
       A bit reckless, and a couple of 50 cent bullets would have been a lot cheaper than the what, $10-20,000.oo of damage.

Asked a couple things but:
Rule Numbers-

April 16, 2015:
I don't know who to blame, whether it was God who made me out to be a lousy clairvoyant, or whether he set me up with Angles who are not so hot at it either.
       However, I did ask them if the Devil is real or not.
       And to my surprise I got an answer back in an unordinary way in a fairly short amount of time. This time it came with an image of whom I'm guessing was Andy Irons.

To be honest with you, I'd have to check because the last time I saw an image of him was about the time that he died, and just like most pro surfers, I never paid any attention to him then before he died, so I can say, I'm not very familiar of what he looks like but I've seen picutures of him before and to my best recalculation it was an image of Andy that I saw.

Anyhow, the reply to my question came quite sooner and much more adamant than I expected .
       It seems like it was Andy putting it right in my face as if it was just part of his passionate personality others would know and I would not expect.
       He said, "Hillary Clinton is the Devil's Daughter!"

Another thing: I was Corrected Again.
       That little statement of mind, "Evil is like a disease you can not see with a microscope?"
       Well I was clearly told that it is a curse. A Curse bought on by the Devil I presume.

And an Oh Update: on that Cop using the cop car to take out the guy with the gun:
       The whole story would have been different id a couple kids just happen to be on the other side of the cinder block wall.
       A bit reckless, and a couple of 50 cent bullets would have been a lot cheaper than the what, $10-20,000.oo of damage.

The thing that gets me, is when this moron had the rifles barrel up under his chin, the cop was doing absolutely the wrong thing. As long as there was no one above them, (like maybe a floor above if that would have been the case,) the cops should have told him to pull the trigger.

Well, I don't think I need to give much details of my encounter with one of Oceanside's finest today.
       It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know it was a direct result of the poor brainwashed porch sitter on Cleavland street.
       This miller guy came claiming he was going to take my truck from me and I snapped in to the poor puppy mode for him. He told me he wasn't just some rookie, and he's been at it for twenty years.
       Well no, I didn't tell him that I'd been dealing with bully cops for twice that long.
       What's the kid think, that I'm some punk that was born yesterday?

Well I got the Stoneman back to being wave worthy, and even though today was a marginal day, or better said limited to its range. .
       Never the less, it was again probably the second time I've actually rode it with this new fin combination.
       Man - O - Man was the board more responsive and it seemed like barriers were taken away.
       I'm telling you that I was kin of shocked to see how much of the board was out off the water above the lip of several waves. and By several I mean many, - considering that my wave count was probably double of the other guys.
       With the bigger fins in front and the small one on the back I automatically surf it farther back and with more back foot. And now that my foot is doing better, it had a pretty quick Tom Decker for the size of board.
       And It comes with a new way of slowing myself down. Unlike the front foot weighted down fishtail I do in my other boards, I came up with a backside, back footed fishtail hop.
       I know it sounds complicated like some snowboard maneuver, but it's pretty simple and it works pretty well. It does the job.
       I'm thinking I need to check out the waves and do some twirling.


Gotta Chemistry Pro Surfer:
Rule Numbers- 4, 35, 86

April 17, 2015:
I'm guessing he's from from somewhere else and just visiting or something, -but by a quarter past noon, I was hearing people talk saying he was Chemistry Pro Surfer.
       I'm sure his name is mixed up in the gossip, but even if it was worth mentioning, I'd probably spell his name wrong anyway, -because he is EVIL.

I didn't like the guy the minute he showed up on the scene .
       Like a guy who is either jacked up on steroids or maybe a couple of those energy drinks. Kinna like the high performance cam my buddy took right out of his car because he sure didn't think the engine would last long with it in it.
       You know the kinna guy, the kind of guy who will paddle a half a foot ball field at full-bore to catch a wave that some one else could be catching, (like a clever guy like me just waits for one to roll up to him.)
       But don't get me wrong; I like a guy who know how to hustle for a wave and I hate it when a guy that doesn't, just sits there, (in my way,) between me and a wave I could be hustling for, and catch.
       But to show up and try to steal every wave possible and then try to bitch out a guy who is dropping in on the shoulder on him is a little greedy and quite foolish if he thinks others are not up to their little tricks in trying to get rid of crowds, (or as we locals would say take over the place.)

Anyhow, I gave him the usual, but with a new Evil Curse bit mixed in.
       But that wasn't enough for the guy. Apparently others heard him say to me, "get out of my way Nigger!"

Well, maybe that's when my new Evil Curse bit kicked in, but the response to him was that it was pretty silly to think calling me a Niger would insult me because I've been called a Nigger Lover in the past, -several times and it never bothered me then.
       I don't know about you, but I always go with the context of how a word is used, and not necessarily the word itself.
       Never the less, -I'll tell you that his use of the word was of the negative evil kind, and I can thank him for warning me that he is Evil and I will from here out treat him accordingly.

Easy Money:
For about a week now, one of the prominent rumors going around is one probably one spread around just to make me look like a dumb shit.
       It the rumor saying that I should be able to walk into a bank and ask for my inheritance money, and if there was some to get, people actually think a bank would just hand it over to me.
       If there was even a chance of them doing such a thing, you can bet it would only be without any interest that would have accumulated over the years. For that, you better have money for a lawyer and the ability to wait several years to get it, and either way, they are not even likely to totally screw some one over on an overnight deal
       When it comes to money, things don't goes a smooth and fast as something that John Kerry would tweet about.

Never the less, I believe in rip and tare. I have this idea that I should be looking at who has been making money off me and doing the most damage possible to take back as you might say, even if there isn't any money in it for me, I'm going to do my best make sure these hotels, restaurants and shops are not making anything off me.

No, I'm not the failure here. It's not my fault I have not seen any of my money. It's the government agencies that have either prosecuted the criminals that have not provided any restitution to the victims of the crimes. (Such as Speilbreg and my sister.)
       Or they have denied prosecution of the criminals even though everyone and their brother knows about it.

And oh, just one look at one of those unclaimed money web-sites tell me the crooks for identity thefts have taken it over like crooked patent lawyers who fill up the search engines where private inventors should be listed.
       But what is really scary about this guys trying to find other peoples money is they are using exc. files. Or should I say malware, to do it. I

Famous on Instigram:
Rule Numbers-

April 18th, 2015:
Toady I had a local grom come up to me and said I was famous on Instigate
       I told him that I doubt if I would find any of it on my computer, and I was right.

The scary thing about instigram is that they want you to down load an app, which apparently not available for linux.
       And I'm not so sure i want to go there any way.

Anyhow, it's a sad day when you think about the fact that the most requested card is the Kelly Slater is a Murder one.
       Boy, just a crooked Evil surfer, but what about the Crooked Evil President?
       Maybe it's because i spelled his name wrong?
       Guess I should make another one with it spelled properly and see if I get any more interest in the fact that our president is a known murder.
       I made a fuss over the fact of all the fuss is on the wrong card and at least one lady walked up to me and said I was right.
       I'd say there is something wrong with people.

You would believe the money some of these photographers have been getting for pictures of my surfing.
       All day and part of yesterday I have heard about the wave I bounced off of yesterday.
       I cut around in front of a hallow one and slammed myself into the face of the wave and the wave picked me up and tossed me and my broad out in front the section that formed and the momentum got me around it just fine.

Today I back up my backside so much, I got kind of hung up and pitched off the top with the lip. Something that is done every day I suppose, but when you are doing it on a 6, 9, it gets a little freaky. It felt more like some kind of airplane wing under my feet for a second.

Played it twice:
Rule Numbers- 4, & 9

April 20th, 2015:
I almost played it a third time a couple of times, but the bug in my place turned me off.
       I can't help but wonder who's evil ears would be entertaining themselves with my talents, or as they would want to say, lack of.

But I know the true reality, it would be that I was another freak show because I truly do know how to play something with out help from a computer to get me from one end of the song to the other. I figure, if you have more than 10% you should be able to fake it.

Yesterday brought on a new strategy, by accident. However, I have to say that it wasn't the first time I've doubled back on something, someplace and discovered that there are people talking about me behind my back..
       Never the less, I should mention that it just happen to be a street vendor and he was like a specialist upon why I'm a National Security Matter.

I realize now that I should allot enough of my financing to enable my truck to cruise south a few times a week to make sure I get in on the beginning of each street fair and events that takes place in Encinitas and Carlsbad.
       Oceanside just isn't providing enough people to twirl for so I'm going to go out looking for it.

I realize than no matter what, I bring people here, but I'm sure I'm chasing away at least twice that much so I'll even mack the suggestion that if you do come to North Country SD planing to stay in a Hotel, check out the pricing for Hotels in Vista or even San Marcos, because for only being a few minutes away, you will probably find the price of a room cost a whole lot less.
       For even more savings, look for a Hotel close to the light rail line going out to Escondido. Or on the bus route going along highway 78. Both can drop you off at the bus & train station just a couple blocks from the Oceanside Pier.

Another thing I've got to try,
- is making a couple cards with the word Murdered used instead of Killed.
       I know, I don't get it, but a lady said it would make a difference and I'm open to all suggestions.

Boy, Oceanside has gone to shit, hasn't it?
It leaves me wondering about just how corrupt the cops were back in the days when I first move here.
       Never the less, I can tell you that things were different here before Hurricane Katrina came along.
       Now the place can't hold a decent paint job because of the Gangsters they flew in from New Orleans.

Tonight I got pulled aside again and given the third degree of how Obama Killed my sister .
       It's like it about a week or two of this and they haven't figured out why I'm out there twirling cards in the first place.
       Just as a Cop drove by I yelled out, "I'm doing this because the media won't tell us how Obama killed my sister!"

Which had created a scene and not a good thing if you are a gangster with baggy pants packing a gun and threatening to Pop a guy for twirling.
       Bet it would make him a big man in prison with one of those long prison terms.

Anyhow, I'm not about to fallow the gangster and I took off the other direction, like the rest of the people .
       Never the less, I'm exactly into walking into a crowd that was around him for fear of silent knifes that can come out of a crowd when you've got your back turned.
       So I walk around the cars instead of walking down the side walk and then I find myself being told to get out of the road by one of Oceanside's finest.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the bully drove around the block stalking me and then pulled up to tell me what I can do and what I can't.
       I told him to get out of my face.

I wonder if you are thinking the same as I am right now. Whether this segment is worthy to post over at Calicops?
       Well, if I wrote about every time I have had a run in with a cop, nobody would want to read my stuff and I really doen't like the idea of making a full time job.
       Come on, I'm sure you can't blame me because I know for sure that there are two or three new instances across the country where cops have just gone haywire. And oh, yeah, the FBI making all those faulty hair tests. Just an example of how spineless the prosecution system is in the United States.
       It's like if you want to know about how Obama killed my sister, don't turn on the TV, -just take a drive to the local 99 cent store.
       I'm sure most of the girls that work there know Obama used the F.B.I. to kill my sister, just as anyone else.
       That's old news already.

It was like only a couple weeks ago people were wondering why I just didn't call the FBI and report my sister for embezzlement.
       None the less, I said anyone could do that.
       Yeah, like sure, I'm going to get the F.B.I. to go after one sister when they killed the other; or both for that matter.

Got Three Jumbo Cards:
Rule Numbers- 65 & 66

April 22, 2015:
My Small ones are 22 x 14 and my Jumbo ones are 30 x 20 inchers.
       I double thickness on my small ones, but I'm still debating on whether to double up the foam board or not. I'll have 4 if I do and six if I don't.

Anyhow, it looks as though those bully cops went ahead and killed another black kid.
       I only wish being white would make me feel safer around them but it doesn't.
       I think his neck was broke and he was paralyzed before they even put him in the van.
       I think the stopping for leg restraints was a cover-up act to make it look as though he was even able to put up a fuss.

Like the one going off to the Bahamas, he wasn't even suppose to have a gun in the first place, -and a regular cop is retired at 62, but being a volunteer being 72 doesn't mean a thing.
       I guess that's especially true when you brown nose the top cheese head Sheriff.

The horse back rider who got his head kicked in got a $600,000.oo settlement real fast without even seeing a court room. I 'm not sure how smart that was. Must have had a pretty bad record

Sounds like the Hotel Occupancy rate in San Marckos when up a couple notches, but even for those who have come to see me surf are not even seeing any ride-able waves.
(The south wind had messed everything up.)

Sounds like Speilberg has been trying to buy some property around here. I'm willing to bet he bought that Magnum PI TV Show Place in Hawaii for Obama.

Got me thinking:
Rule Numbers- 9

April 23, 2015:
Maybe I should place the images of my cards on a slide show.
       Gee, an HD cable only cost two bucks.
       And all it would take is a small electrical cover plate to make a bracket for my TV.
       I could mount the TV on the side of my truck and it could work a night shift for me.

Looks as though Steven Speilberg is ahead $400 Million since he's been in prison. You have to figure he would probably be worth about $4 Billion if he wasn't spending hundreds of millions buying everyone off.

I read: His DreamWorks studio is struggling at the movie theater but finally seeing some hits on the small screen with 'Under The Dome' and 'Extant.' Spielberg returns to the director's chair for the first time since 'Lincoln' with a new Cold War movie starring Tom Hanks and written by the Coen Brothers, due out in 2015. He is also set to direct an adaptation of Roald Dahl's novel 'The BFG,' scheduled for release in 2016.

Oh yeah, something you may like to know before you go:
       A slice of the cash from every ticket at Universal theme parks goes directly into Spielberg's pocket.

My God,
anyone other than myself had enough of Bruce Geniner?
The guy is Defective,
just like our First Lady
Rule Numbers- 51, 65, & 66

April , 2015:
All those steroids must have made his brain swell and now less than 8% is still functioning.
       I know the guy is trending and I'm not one to hop on any band wagon the media stirs up. However, I think this one is to get people into thinking this kind of thing is normal when it isn't.
       Just another way of making it socially except-able. just like they do with Evil
       Never the less, I don't think all the plastic surgery in the world will do for him as much as some real pasty make-up will. He sure needs it even as a guy because of how much he's had his face pulled up and out.

They got every one around here saying the same things the people in Half Moon Bay did over a decade ago.

Do I need to remind you that you are all breeding stupid people?

MyStupidRules logo

swami's Apr.26.15 covering one of the two main exits to the north

Swami's Apr.26.15
Covering one of the two main exits to the north

Other places to be:
Rule Numbers- 66

April 27th, 2015:
Oceanside kinna give me the creeps, just like Morro Bay does. However, I don't think Encinitas or Carlsbad is such a good place to be either.
       I bet if a person would have planted a microphone outside my truck yesterday, they would have heard no less than dozen people walk by it claiming that they had been informed that I was a child molester.

Then you gotta figure if you put two and two together you can very well realize the likelihood that the government must have used the F.B.I. to trick a shit-load of the cops in the North County into thinking just the same .
       Boy can you think about what kind of hoodlum you could be if you didn't have to ware a uniform?
       Well Carlsbad has a big building full of those undercover gangsters.
       I guess, the homes of those gangsters must be near by as well, and bringing the dark cloud to them is the thing to do if you are a guy like me.

It's pretty pathetic when people look on upon you as a source of amusement.
       But it's kinna sad that I'm the only one doing it.
       Guess I should have robbed a store so I'd get shot by a cop. Then I'd have the streets full of people now wouldn't I?
       Now that's just how stupid people are.

Correct me if I'm wrong:
Rule Numbers- 51

April 29th, 2015:
Correct me if I'm wrong that it's common knowledge in Carlsbad that the F.B.I. killed my father.

And this riot in Baltimore was created by the clip of the guy at the funeral. The media just had to use the clip of the guy going off as some loud mouthed preacher and he only instigated the maliciousness into any protest that would evolve from that day.
       All he did with the help of the media was turn a funeral into a riot.
       The next day, the idiot was all quite like saying that he couldn't understand the reason for at that happened to happen. It wasn't like he was copping up to what was obviously his own doings. Tell me, how he would be so clueless? If he wasn't just lying anyway. Just another fool and another dollar.

As for the Crips and the Blood gangs:
       They just used the minister and the morons to help them keep the cops occupied so they could get into the safe of the Payday Loads and the Oxicotton at the drug store.

Funny: all those people who though going to the FBI and reporting my sister would be some kind of solution.
       I wouldn't put it past them that they would have help my sister to embezzle what ever she could and then they probably knocked her of to cover the tracks of where my money went.

And I think I got an answer back from my Spirit Angle friends.
       However, I'm going to let it ride and see if it will verify itself because it's not exactly something I'd be willing to wait to be corrected upon.
       But I'd be a little scared if I were you.

Before I Knew
I was wondering if I was a reject or something. Like a flunky who wasn't smart enough to be born on a planet of 50%ers and sent as a reject to a planet of 8%ers.
       But now I have a better understanding and that is I'm like humans on Earth, before their evil and greed diminished their brain capacity down to 25% of what they were.
       Its like the human race is only worth two bits on a dollar of what it started out as and now I understand why I will never fit in.
       And I must say that it isn't just the difference in intellect that makes it difficult, it's the exception of evil I can not tolerate and don't even want to be around.
       Like today, I thought I'd waist some of my day watching some guys use a crane to tare down some dredging equipment. I wasn't even next to anything and some dick head trucker decided to tell me I couldn't be there. All the guy wanted was to have some authority to be an ass whole; and I surely didn't want to be around him. I was just thankful that none of those assholes (or dick heads as I would call them,) were driving my truck.

Thanks to God's demonstration of telepathic ability at the hamburger joint, I now understand the situation that much better.
       The human race as gone the opposite of the way it should have gone and now it is already relying upon a Lithium Ion Communications device to do what they should be able to do mentally.
       And the amusing thing about it all is people seem to be fascinated with the idea that they can take an image of something and send it to another.

See the problem with relying upon digital devices is that they can never be considered 100% reliable.
       And I'm sitting here thinking I can't wait until the cars can drive themselves, because the humans are just getting too stupid to perform such a simple task.

Even worse than living in a world of 8%er, is Living in a world of Cursed Evil 8%ers.
       I just don't see how it could get any worse than that, but I see that its's doing a mighty fine job of showing my just how cruel that can be.

I've been wondering if is were to be a game of the battle of good and evil, - what would the trophy be?

Oh yeah, when and if I get around it, I'll resized a few images of a news reporter who parked behind me today.
       He set up his video camera to take picture of the ocean, but once he put his camera away, he couldn't take his I-phone off me or my truck. Yes I called him an evil Speilberg whore.

Oh Carlsbad: a bunch of rich people who ware rose colored glasses and think their shit don't stink because they are above the rest.

channel 6 news reporter

Channel 6 camera man at 1600 click here.
He set up his video camera to take picture of the ocean,
but once he put his camera away, he couldn't take his I-phone off me or my truck. Yes I called him an evil Speilberg whore.

Got my face washed:
Rule Numbers- 14 & 55

April 30th, 2015:
To be honest with you, the majority of tubes I get, I'm never really sure if I'm covered or not. But when it's slapping at your face for any reasonably amount of time, you can't deny that you are covered.
       Never the less, the trick is to get out of it without being tumbled inside the thing with your board and fins and all, with out collateral damage.
       However, today I was able to go for a ways and actually get out of it, but since it was backside and the wall was about to close, I ditched my ass in the wall to save the paddle.

The waves were weird today, kinda like a roller coaster with the way the back wash reacted.
       Had a big right that had a few bumps up on top of the lip that gave me a thrill that I didn't loose it there because my board sure bounced around, and it was a serious drop once turned the board.

Oh, I guess I should move this to business or tv, media or something, but I wanted to express my opinion about the shark tank TV show.
       The show is a fraud. It's a marketing ploy, played in reverse.
       See the deal is, they never actually tell you what they paid for the big ticket idioms, the larger deals that are about $100,000.oo or over are already locked up in a contract before they ever make it to the TV show. But they still have their new partners show up on the TV set and play out a fake negotiation.

There has been so many clues to that, -one lady even jumped the gun one time. Cut the whole show short. And you have to also realize, they would rather have people thinking that a million dollar deal is rare, so people coming to them don't expect to get as much.

And now as they accumulated a bunch of product, the tv show has tuned into a look at what we've done show. And folks, when these folks say that they've made, or how much product they have moved, -it doesn't really mean that they are telling you anything that resembles the truth, -that they will stretch if they can, they want you to think they've got the hot to go thing, even if it is a jar of peanut butter.

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Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

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If you wonder how things are
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In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

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New: the full version of the story about the fire
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Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at:Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Someone else's retirement,
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December 28th, 2012

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His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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