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If a marine tells me

Synchro-link que card

Then again, I never thought it would be 20 years later,
and the only thing human beings learned to use it for is killing people.

stupidity should be painful Tee-shirt by Sunnyside

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Wishing it had been like yesterday:
Surfed the invisible wave today.
Rule Numbers- 1, 9, 12 & 20

May 1st, 2015:
I grabbed a little bob that stuck up in front of me and just bouncing off the face with the juice from my bottom turn got me jetting down the wave.
       All of a sudden it had no more pitch than a three-twelve pitched roof.
       Never the less, I had sufficient amount of thrust generating out of the shoot from pumping it, I just kept pumping it to see if I could make it to the other end and cut back if I could, but the wave was going to roll all at the same time.
       I look back behind me and there wasn't any whitewater behind me. It had not broke for about 50 yards, leaving the water flat behind me.
       From shore it must have looked like I was surfing across a flat spot on the ocean. Like surfing on a lake without a ski boat.

Update on the Shark Tank TV show:<
       I've been corrected just as I thought in the first place. I guess no one asking for more than $50,000.oo actually goes on the show with no prior deal already set-up.) And don't put it past them to make it out as if they actually as much as they say they did either

And Doctor OZ only talent is visual aids, and he's not very good at that either.
       Just an Evil Product of Oprah.
       Can't stand the look of his eyebrows myself.

Rule 86 -another Mister Pro Surfer:
The FBI has it's own surgeons, - or should I say:
Doctors of Assassination
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 86

May 2nd, 2015:
I guess many of you are at the same speed as me, -figuring out that there may be a collision between people trying to steal my wave, me getting pissed off and the wave going to hell.
       All it took was waking in to Smart and Final to hear people talking about how the waves just turned to shit once that happened.
       From what it sounds like, the Mister pro Surfer is the one tagged with the name Collens.
       I kinna knew it was going to happen when it went down.
       The waves weren't that good in the first place, but everyone was getting their share of some half ass decent ones, -and some mister pro jacked up on a couple energy drinks decided that we had enough of them so he was going to take them all.

Guess the Oceanside PD is low on the Totem Pole of Evil
The police in Oceanside are just little pee-ons compared to the F.B.I. they got in Carlsbad.

Oceanside PD only gets to commit slander and harass the homeless people.
       But the FBI in Carlsbad is a much higher form of Evil. They get to kill people, and they are so good at it, they can set an appointment have a guy murdered at a certain time on a certain day.
       I bet they have even mastered the method of swapping the medications so that they can predict just about when that day will be way beforehand.

Yeah, my Dad told me himself, the doctor used nothing more than a knitting needle to scramble his brain while he was under for a operation on his sinusitis.
       Guess they called it a stroke, and wouldn't it have been much smarter of me to tell my parents before hand that cremation wasn't a good idea, especially when you bought a grave.
       (I wonder who talked them into burying ashes?)

Got a better image of one of Oceanside's finest first responders:
Rule Numbers-

May 4, 2015:
I thought I'd at least get a better image of the evil bastard and of course he called the police.
       The Police told me I could be there because of a funeral about to start.

I went back anyways, -wouldn't you know, I was no surprise, because few of them even knew the sequence of the cards already and waiting to see where I fit in the new ones.

Evil fireman in Oceanside

Oceanside's ( ^ Evil ^ ) first responder

Scored on the second half of the street fair in Carlsbad, and I'm pretty sure people have been hinting about the next big one next week is probably in Del Mar.
       And boy the Jumbo Cards are so much lighter then twelve cards at once. And since they are rigid, you can show four sides at once. Gotta try them out later on in the evening in the middle of their all way cross walks.

Tell me that my intuition is wrong. Tell me that Jone Rivers got the same surgeon as my father. I bet the whole crew works over both of them for the FBI. Guess the Surgeon in Carlsbad had a thing. From what I hear, after every kills, his notch in his gun is usually a fancy new car. I hear that his recent purchase was a Ferrari.

Oh on the Blue Bell thing:
Something tells me that it was a result of Corporate Espionage.
       I figure the odds of it being a disgruntled employee is unlikely because the company means too much to them and I get a since of pride and they really do care that it doesn't happen and will never happen again.
       My intuition tells me that it was the doings of an evil competitor, so I've felt compelled to say so.
       I sincerely wish them luck with getting back to proper working order again.
       (I'm willing to bet the place will have the security of a gold mine when it does.)

Waves don't look too happy:
Rule Numbers-

May 5, 2015:
Believe me when I say that I'm not the one going around saying, "the wave Gods are not Happy."
       But the same thing came across my mind..

However, I have to say, from what I got of the coverage of Kelly Slater up at Lowers:
       I not only saw, but also heard that he had not wave co-operation.
       The kinna stuff that rolls along like a bunch of mush is what I saw.

Leads me to believe just as I have alway have, about karma with the waves.
       Which brings into the next segment.

Like, my surfboard. it didn't actually bring enough money to pay off the Pigs in Oceanside. I still have to come up with another $200.oo out of this months $900. And I have to come up with another $400.oo for the evil bastards again by July, -so that's another $200.oo per month after this one. (Same thing as them knifing my tires when I was in Ventura.) It's all Evil.
       Which brings us to what happened to my surfboard .

Well I think I would have taken a little more time and really focus on who this Sunnyside dude really is.
       But then again you have to understand that it took at least three attempts to get him to understand what just switching the label on a can of resin spelled out.
       To say the least, he probably thought I was crazy and working a deal like some sort of partner ship in my suggesting the E-bay thing, -wasn't even going to register.
       I'm sure that the idea of a brand new one along with a new wet-suit was on his mine. (We call it Greed, around hear.)

Anyhow, if to was me. I'd be a little more concerned, and I'd at least take one whole day to think about taking advantage of a Sentinel, especially if he is a surfer, and I happen to think I even want to attempt to surf any board, -new or used.

Obama Slater foamy cards in front of News 7 van

Failed Attempts:
Rule Numbers- 20

May 6, 2015:
Sometimes I need to practice what I preach a little more. (And make sure I get out by the rails waxed good on the daily touch up.)
       I think there is a good chance that I have cold water wax on it in the first place.
       I think I need to invest in a tail patch for my squash tail, (without the gummy sole booties, the Tom Decker even slipped out of place.
       Funny it had been so long, I didn't even feel comfortable on it until the wind kicked up and made it choppy like Morro Bay.
       A bit looser than I remember it being, but I was using a different fin combination and I think I'll go for a bigger tail fin next time out. Its a 6-5 but it feels a lot smaller, I figure a larger tail fin will move me back a little more and I shouldn't be burying the nose as much.

And don't tell me this Carlsbad Surgeon who works for the FBI is a big black guy who looks like he lifts weights because he would get fat otherwise.
       With a big gold watch about the size of a tennis ball?
       Something told me the other day he would be around to try to shake my hand.
       Well last night he stepped out to try to get me to run through my cards for him.
       I went off on just the reason I rather not talk to him and it was the same kind of thing as when I first met Gunzalus. My sub-conscious must have knew it was him before I even knew it myself, because I sure did a fine and dandy job of pointing him out to myself.

Ghost Town times one hundred:
Rule Numbers- 16, 35, 42 & 55

May 8th, 2015:
I actually think the weather had a lot to do with it, but just looking up to see how many people are on the balconies will tell you that the hotel rooms are fairly empty.
       The restaurant 333 was empty at dinner time which can lead anyone to believe that most of the people at the street fair are mainly locals.
       And from the amount of whiners complaining that I wasn't out twirling, leads anyone to believe that many of the locals are showing up to see me twirl and (just like people going to Morro Bay,) many are just showing up to see for themselves, -just how few people are actually showing up.

Gee, you see that video of the cop kicking a guy in the face as he's lying down?
       Just seeing his hat fly off shows me that unlike all the fake nice guy cop videos out there, this bad cop one is real.
       Broke the guys jaw.

Could you get a load of FOX 5 golden Voice Guy?
I mean: the guy must be inbreed or something.
       He must work terribly hard on his scripts.
       The only line he could come up with to present himself to me is, "you look like a tranny to me."
      No kidding. He said it three or four times to make sure I heard it right.
       Pretty funny to me.

Also had a visit from a Slater Whore
I bet he got a new board or something, for just getting a recording of what he said.
       Trying to make me look crazy or something I suppose.

Anyhow, by now most of you realize that Kelly Slater must have paid the robot guys a couple hundred bucks to send hits fo his trumped up videos about Mark Foo's death.
       Yeah, they are fake. The guys in the boat saying one of their buddies found the body in the Harbor and all.
       Shit, the truth of the matter is they had Kelly Slater dragging him up to the shore on national TV the Day it happened. And now Kelly thinks a little video production will cover his tracks.

She's got me wondering myself
At the time I wasn't paying much attention. I was rounding a the corner and she was sort of a Hispanic looking woman, amongst a few others being quit similar
       She either thanked, me or bless me for what I'm not willing to say at this moment.
       To say the least, it was a comment you would remember if someone said it to you.
       Then you put being a Sentinel on top of that and it's a down right serious statement and a little bit too strong of a statement for this sorry ass to even want to comprehend, understand or want anything to do with.
       But the bottom line is the lady put a sense of pride in me that I can't deny.

Well get this: .
       I'll at least let you know what I heard about that lady from my spiritual guide or as I prefer to call my Angles.
       All last night and today they were saying that I had a visit from Mother Teresa, and somehow these spirits want me to believe she was a Sentinel.

Now I can see just by her accomplishments, she very well could have been.
       The problem I'm having with it all is that I've been getting these ideas upon how religion is all a hoax.
       Regardless of the mater, no mater how wrapped up in religion she was, she did a lot of marvelous things for people.
       Believe me when I say it doesn't seem to make anything any clearer at this time at least, - just more confusing.

Old Leon is like having a board that has no fear
He's just along for the ride so why should he care.
Rule Numbers-

May 9th, 2015:
If you know how Leon drove a car, you might guess I should be the one in fear.
       Them put that together with the EA's and new Spoony fins, - yah got a Tom Decker that just jumps back into the wave right off the first bottom turn. Extremely fun until the waves just flat out junky.
       I think the habit of sideways drops is something that the EA's have enhanced and I've carried over quit well to the narrower tail. With the narrower tail I'm less likely to out run the pocket, -a serious problem I had with the wider 16" tail.
       I just seem to be in more control (and more confidence,) over all aspects of surfing, -except catching the waves.
       Never the less, I managed to Tom Decker into a nice glassy shoulder washer or two.

On this Tom Brady thing as you call Deflat-gate.
       The question that hasn't been answered is did the management or even other team mates know about it?
       If so I think penalties of draft picks would be a good addition section against the whole team.
       Never the less, it was probably something that is common and done everywhere. What I get from the whole thing is basically two things. Just as I figured, Brady probably normally paid his help to set a couple a little extra low. But fear of the rain Brady wanted all of them so he could get more dry balls.
       The second part is where the trail began with a ball keeper getting greedy and was obviously wanting more kick backs in return, and you know how those texting freaks are. They don't know the difference of the power amusements or business.
       All and all, it was pretty much a stupid move, especially when the point spread shows that they probably didn't need to cheat, they weren't even behind.

On this Mother Teresa, I'm suppose to be up in the air on it because like I said in the spirit world, it's like a blind date, I can't be sure that the voices aren't imposter's.
       But I'm leaning to thinking Mother Teresa may just have been, because I hear people claiming she had sensitive hearing and would often complain of noise.
       Kinna tips the scale a bit.
       Never the less, I get the impression, she wasn't as much wrapped up in the Bible and the Catholic Religion as much as most may have been lead to believe.
       I think she was more wrapped up on her duties to God as a Nun to look over the poor.
       I get the impression that she just used the Catholic Church as her source of funding. If you need money, to help the poor, you've got to get it from somewhere. From what I read, she had the ability to get it from more than just the Catholic Church.

Another thing to think about. Would that mean that there was at least two Sentinels who walk the Earth at the same time?
       Boy if that is true, what do you think the odds of another one say, - a female, 25 to 35, and happens to be walking around on Earth right now.
       Well at least the odds would be much better if it was true now wouldn't it?

With Mother Teresa being 50 when I was born, the odds would dictate she would be 5 years old.
       Mother Teresa may have figured everything out early and just decided to save herself the trouble of looking for a guy and just became a nun.

Oh, and for those people considering the point spread as a way of justifying what Brady did by thinking it's all good because they probably would have won anyway.
       But there are a couple of other things to consider when making just a judgment.
       Is all the money people had tied up in wagers and bets on the game. And there are fans on both sides that paid a heavy price to see a good game and a run-away game is never as much a a close fairly played games without any bad referee calls.

Good set of Angles I'd say:
Rule Numbers-

May 10th, 2015:
If you want my advice in how to get some Good Angles for yourself. It's really simple actually.
       Just don't do anything Evil.

Doing anything Evil is only a turn off to them because who want's to be a follower of an evil person when all they can do watch the humanoid be evil.
       Angles want to be around people who are not only good but interesting.
       Tell me of how interesting a person sitting in front of a video game all day day after day is.
       Tell me of an Angle who wants to set there and watch you text on Twitter all day.

And really, is Twitter really worth having a war with ISIL?
      Yah went ahead and let a stupid web-site go public and become a multi billion dollar conglomerate, -and now you can't shut it down hah?
       Pretty stupid to be driving a Toyota truck. Kinna stupid to be driving anything the enemy is driving. Really stupid to be spending you money on war machinery and then giving it away so you can spend more money on blowing the crap up later.

Funny: I bet every news report has an app on their phone to find out what name is register to each car. Like that $311,000.oo Farrari that found a concert wall.
       I got $10.oo on the odds of it being John Rivers Surgeon who works for the FBI in Carlsbad.

And I bet that Photographer figure out that the funky scripts the golden voice would say was being rearranged and planted inside the doggy story he did in the morning.
       I bet they had a doggy story every week.

The truth of the matter is that he actually put my life in danger by rallying up a rowdy street bum to the point where I was yelling for someone to call the police.
       As soon as the camera man saw the cops coming, the camera man warned him and sent him packing. A rooky showed up and the camera man ran over the to the cop approaching the nut job bum, and lead the officer to believe I was the one causing the problem. (When it was the camera man with his cell phone, getting into my face that started the problem. The street bum just got in on the action which was bound to get either one of in trouble.) The guy was Evil.

PM Update: I wrote the above early this morning before my session.
       It didn't look like much out there; nothing but a couple small wind swells but I was aware of the third long duration coming in later.
       Anyhow, I'm sure I wasn't the only guy who went out because he just felt like surfing, even if there wasn't much for waves; sometimes, the only thing we fell like doing is getting wet.
       Never the less, I should mention that it did pick up a bit after I got out there and for a little more than an hour short rides seemed to be abundant. Got my head washed once and I guess I threw it sideways right into a wave that tubed while I launched myself and it was like starting the wave from inside a tube.
       I've been hearing people as that Mark Foo had a way of taking off sideways like I do sometimes. Maybe he's living vicariously through me.

Oh, you wanna know what made me happy today?
       A couple came up to me and requested the opportunity to take a picture of one of my cards. I asked the young man which one figuring either the Kelly Slater one or the Tranny one.
       He asked for, "the War one."
       I said, "its one of my favorites, -an important one."
       Made my day.

Hooking up with Angeles is not exclusive:
Rule Numbers-

May 10th , 2015:
Hooking up with Spirits 101
It's been a couple years now and I've noticed the communication continuity seems to come and go. And as I mentioned before, I was trying to determine if there was any reason for the inconsistencies.
       One of the first things I thought about was whether it may have had something to do with the time of year or even the position of the Moon.

And now I think I figured out my problem with it. I happen to think my Dad set me straight.
       It's all about the radio waves generated by the brain. The very waves that the brain operates on are also involved in telepathic abilities.
       And just placing my cell phone on the kitchen counter instead of my night stand made all the difference, -I think.
       See, the deal is: I think over time I've realized just how rigged my phone is, I've become discouraged in even carrying it, or even checking it to make sure that battery is even good, or even if the phone is on at all.
       After last night, I think I got a message from my own father that the Spirit world is more than a little up-set at the use of Cell phones and wifi. They can't compete with the radiation given off by the radio waves generated by them. Even idle, the phones will send out occasional pulses that throw shock waves through everything around it.
         I'm no longer leaving my wifi on unless I'm actually using it, and I'm going to keep my phone at least 4 to 6 feet away from me now on.

I've also got the strong impression that scientist have only touched upon what inherited genes is all about.
       Like the whole idea of trying to clone me or finding that magic gene that is the key to intelligence.
       Well, let me be the first to tell you that there isn't any. And even if you did, the radiation people are subjecting themselves to only alters the very DNA that they are trying to copy. Sure the body has some of its own ability to correct itself, but it can't keep up with it, -especially when the body is subjected to radiation being generated so close to it, (or as they say, hot spot.)
       Dumping nuclear radiation into the ocean and then swimming in it is not such a good idea and blowing it up in the air we breath will only cause mutations, and those mutations would and will result in defective offspring and a defective society, physically and mentally.
       Just think about all you pregnant women out there. You will give up drinking and smoking for the heath of your baby, but you bombard your body with radiation from you cell phone and wifi. And you wonder why your kid ended up wired wrong.

Oh get this: George Zimmerman got shot in the face over a traffic conflict. Too bad it was only minor.
       But it does show you what Karma is all about.

And I would like to mention that their are many of us who have thoughts and prayers for the families of the two Officers who were gunned down during a routine traffic stop in Mississippi.
       One can only wonder how much a preacher put on TV by the media had to do with it.
       I wish you all would realize just how dangerous a cop's job is, -and someone has to do it.
       Going around shotting them only detours good guys from taking up the job. And scaring off the good guys from the job is only shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to eliminating crime on both sides of the badge.

Ok, ok, ok,
I stand corrected:

May 12, 2015:
Not 4 to 6; they want 10 to 12
Man-O-Man was I hammered by my parents.
       I guess they get shocked by the pulses of cell phone if they are any closer than 10 to 12 feet away from them. And everything works better if they are closer to you than the phone is. So if you don't have that thing 15 - 20 feet away from you....

Anyhow, one of my suggestions, on a large scale is to advise people to make a point of turning off their cell phones when they walk into their church next Sunday.(Everyone, -off completely.)
       This should be taken seriously as a radio wave free zone. If people have their Bible on tablets, make sure the wifi is off.
       The Pastor, priest or ministers need to think ahead and make sure they can go old school with corded microphones and even the projectors either go manual or the old school hardwired foot switch. Remote control wireless anything should be allowed inside the congregation.

Some of you may be surprised that I'd be saying, go to church, but I'm not partial to using the Church, -just as Mother Teresa did to make something work.
       And you have to admit, if you think you want to hook people up with the Spirits of Loved Ones, I can't think of a better place to go or a better place that says you are thinking of them.

Just think, your loved ones who have been dead, can't live vicariously though you when you are on a crowd, or you have a cell phone or wifi on.
       They want to experience your life with you but they can't because you put a boundary quite similar to a buried wire boundary for a shock collar for a dog.
       Your cell phones are keeping your second thoughts, your common sense, your general consensus away from you. You have less consciousness and less ability to figure things out.

It's like you are trying to hook up to a wifi connection to spirits, but the cell phone signals are like the car running with its spark plugs and electrical system is screwing up the signal.

I'm willing to bet that thousands of you took the lead and just turned your phones off when you went to bed last night. And I bet that thousands of you were either visited or contacted by your past loved ones.

Hint 102: Since it is usually a one way conversation, you should ask your questions and say your bits while you are awake and think your loved ones may be around to hear. You'll just have to wait for your answer.
       Sometimes you may get an answer while you are awake, but I usually get mine as I slide into consciousness when I awake in the mornings.

MSR Controlling the topic of discussion:
Rule Numbers- 25, 35, 38, 41, 44 & 55

May 13th, 2015 -posted 5-16:
A few days ago, the word on the street was, "shooting yourself in the foot."
       Then the next day it was, "old school."
       And today it is, "Nobel Peace Prize," and last week anyone that has an authority in organized religion was telling people I was crazy.
      Get this:
      Now if they are not, old school next Sunday, they are being told that their parishioners will find another congregation that is.

I wasn't so please to hear the report the News media spread around yesterday. Goes to show you just how much they know about.
       Anyhow they talk as if Christianity is down and said atheism went from 16 to 20% .
       I think atheism probably rose because of all the crap the Catholic Church has put into it all with their nut job priests, bishops and things.
       I happen to think the word Christianity is being considered as much as a way people describe their Faith in God. And all of a sudden people are even using the word Faith even more often before. So we people of Faith are not even considered in their figures.
       As many of you know already, I'm not so hip with the Bible, but I'm not one to tell you what to believe and what not to believe. I think hooking you up with people who are already on the other side are the ones who should be telling you.

And on the Nobel Peace Prize issue:
       I don't really know exactly what it is, but I sure do hope it comes along with a bunch of money and not just a stupid pin to keep on the fire place mantel that I don't have.
       I think I've experienced or should I say witness the identities of the recipients over the years, and from my opinion, they are probably something actually bought and given to someone to someone who can bring in more money in return. (Like selling an Emmy to the actor so they can make $5 million more next year, but the Academy that grants it to the recipient just a 33% cut of the $5 million dollar increase in salary, for doing the same comity show. (Get it? Just like Hollywood.)
       Never the less, if Mother Teresa got one,
       -I figure I should want one too,
      -no mater what it is.
       Got a dumpster I can keep it in with the rest of my junk.

We here a MSR Apologize for being backlogged
Sorry for taking so long to get around to certain topics, and the lack of time I've put into research on them as well.
       Like I'd like to extend the Police Officer's fifteen minutes of fame today, even if it is a little late and with the lack of inter-net, I don't even have his name.
       Anyhow, he's the one in Texas, I guess, and he shot two or three terrorist with his side arm.
       As you may know already, we here at MSR need come up with something other than say GOOD SHOT!

So with that, we like to say that it's a good thing when an Officer of the law know when to pull the trigger, but also know how to do it well. (Probably saved the tax payers a shit load of money too.)
       Anyhow, We here at will be posting a new feature in a side-bar or maybe even a whole web-page dedicated to the list of Silver Bullet Award recipients.
       Nothing much comes with the Award but our thanks. None the less, I hope the recipients will be proud of it and I hope it will be something worth bookmarking,
-if you happen to be the recipient.

silver bullet award

Another reason not to come to Oceanside:
Parking enforcement by quota
Rule Numbers- 10,12

May 18th, 2015:
Wanna bet he voted for Obama.
But the question is, was he working for Speilberg?
       Well, I'd guess he just didn't want to mark all ten cars in the morning, so he marked a couple fall guys and came back an hour earlier.
       The fact that the left rear tire was marked and the citation as left on the passenger side leads me to believe, (and what I heard,) he walked across the railroad tracks when he had his truck on the west side, -to write the citations.
       That's another $58.00 on top of the $620.oo I have to pay them this week and I also have to come up with another $400.oo. by a July deadline.
       Easily over $2,000.oo this year out of the $9,000.oo I get to live one while the Government owes me over Billion Dollars in royalties.
       Yeah, what can you do?.

And apparently someone hasn't told the people who are trying to make it difficult to up load to my server.
       Basically they are trying to make me pay for Internet time.
       Someone should tell them that that my computer hardwired and I don't have to upload, - only if I want to have the local people read it, but really, -only 425 people per day, -who cares?

And on the smelly side:
      Doesn't anyone get it? Jeb Bush is a meat-head.
       I figure the cocaine has eaten away more than just his sinuses.
       Less brain means less than 8% left.

I'd have to say some San Diego Police officers deserve the Silver bullet award
       Guess Heather got grazed in the neck.
       But at least we can say that her hospital bill is probably the only expense other than burying the fool, since he back up Officers had a Silver Bullet and put an end to it.

And this Keven Guy some of you call your mayor down there.
       What gets me is how come a mayor of the biggest city in the county has so much control upoin what they whole damn county.
       Referring what he is doing about the water problem.
       All I see out of him is a screwed up ocean and after all his buddies get rich off building those purification plants. And if you end up with enough water, you better expect that what you pay for your sewer will go through the roof because you be shitting twice as much when you see the price your water bill.

And last but not least, that David letterman must go.
       Good thing, I don't know if I could stand him another day.
       He's been a Speilberg whore for more than half his career.
       I figure Jay leno probably came and went under a gag order. It just shows you just how honest these shows really are.
       I bet Dave had to kiss the First ladies hand under the conditions that he's done it to other first ladies in the past.
       So there folks Dave letter man is a whore.
       Not even his own man and now I couldn't be happier that the big phony son of a bitch is not going to be on my TV any more.
       Hallalue, yah.

Got a Missouri Congressman on the line:
Rule Numbers-55

May 19th, 2015:
You know you are doing good work when....
A congressman can call his bully brother cop in Carlsbad.
       In other words that's reaching people.
       And get this, along with the Sargent who had his brother congressman on the line, - was the same bully that trashed my cage and then threatened to write me up for camping because I had my box sitting on the ground at Turn around, -say 7 or 8 years ago.
       He's the same bully as he used to be, with less hair over course now that he's gone for the tough bald head look because he looks too goofy with what hair he has left.
       It took me a while to put it together once he told me about the meeting. I just wish I would have remembered later because I would have been all over him about that for sure. Middle of the day, broad daylight. He just wanted to have his bully friend watch me load my box like a bunch of perverts. (Oh yeah, he buddies said they like my truck, and isn't it nice knowing that they are still not driving it?
       Anyhow, these two guys were seriously considering using the failure to be able to take care of one's self as a way to throw me in a mental hospital. As soon as the questions got to lead ons and such, I ducked over to the door to the store on the corner and asked the guy to PLEASE come witness the stuff the cops were saying to me. (The same guy who was offering me water before the cops showed up. )
       And now I'm jumping a head a bit,- I doubt very much he would have signed a complaint. By the time the second couple of cops showed up a couple hours later and cop went peddling the complaint forms, he wasn't even working anymore so if the second shift guy even signed it, I seriously doubt he even knew what he was complaining about because I had just stated a second shift myself.

But get this, later on a couple hours later I had a Carlsbad cop peddle their little complaint forms they peddled around the intersection of Carlsbad Boulevard and Coastal Highway.
       Now all it takes is a complaint from a cell phone and they say they will throw me in jail for it.
       I don't know what you get from that, but in my book, that's pigs peddling for trouble.
       Or in other words, that's officers of the lack peddling his forms in order to not only to create trouble for me, but inviting anyone with a cell phone to cause it.
       I call it a bully trying to cause trouble.
       Or you could say he is inventing trouble for me as a was of trying to run me off.
       Of course they had all kinds of suggestion of where else I should go, but isn't hat like saying that you can do it there but not here in Carlsbad because we will make it a crime for you to do so.
       The Makings of a criminal by Carlsbad police, -that should be a crime, -shouldn't it?.

And another thing that has been going around for some time is the rumor that Malina Obama killed herself.
       Can't say since I haven't seen her and just because we see her in a video, doesn't mean that it wasn't a recording from the past..
       I'm wondering if they will just hire a look alike.

It's probably a sympathy rumor, (at least one designed to create sympathy)
       A rumor Spielberg has throat cancer and should be dying in about a year.
       But then it'ss been going around so long, that it should have changed to six months by now.
       Regardless, I hope he really is and I suppose it is one of the most painful ways to go.
       Can't be soon enough.

Looks as though this Keven guy who is major of DS is able to reach in the counties bank account and pull out $121 Million for a bunch of rich football players.
       And lets not forget that he expects to do the same thing to the City of San Diego's back account to.
       So not only more foot ball but more pot holes too.

And it had been at least four of five people this week trying to tell me that Slater is no murder. But then, it doesn't cost a million to get people to tell me that. We all know he planted a bunch of nonsense on the web. You can be he went to every news outlet and bought up every bit of footage of him even being at Mavericks.
       I tend to believe the guy who told me yesterday that indeed, Kelly Slater was there.
       I'l like to say one thing to Kelly. That if you are going to send these idiots to me to try to make me look like an idiot, you should prepare them a little more for a debate about it, because they sure have no back bone and they are easily detected and I'll give them the run for their money. Basically, I'd like a better opportunity to rub it in and I would rather not have them give up so easily.
       Or like I say, why doesn't Kelly just file a law suit for slander then? I hear people say that they see is murderer signs everywhere on the Internet.
       Maybe it's because he hasn't come up with an alibi.

Oh Funny:
       Just for the heck of it, I thought I would take my cards up to the window at the court house when I went to hand over my $620.oo today.
       One guy tried to tell me that I'm an idiot and was ruining my life, - and wanting to get in a fight with me over it.
       Once I chanced of that 8%er, I got another; a cover in plain cloths came out the do to flip me shit.
       None the less, it wasn't boring at all and is not what Angles like to see.
       Angels love it when you piss off Evil people.

Many of thanks from ISIS
Oh, So Many of those $6 million dollar tanks, and trucks galore. (At least a hundred.)
       Looks as though many of those Iraqi bank accounts got some serious deposits for the American made and supplies military equipment.
       I was wondering when they would score some more, because the tanks only have 500 gallons of fuel and the $3 Million Dollar armored personnel carriers hold about 100 gallons.
       ISIS Got all kinds of US furnished weapons handed over to them.
       Like I said, you are paying a high price for targets. Have I ever told you that it's all about the $67,000.oo Hellfire Missiles and how many we can blow up for the profits of Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing and Northrup Grumman. It keep their employees in new BMW's and water front homes.
       No biggy, it's only a couple billion Dollars burning up before you. Just think how many people could have been feed and given shoes. But no, you all don't think like that at 8%.

Is Speilberg is helping Clinton with Green Screen?
The deal is: I'm willing to bet that Bill Clinton suffered a stroke and the right side of his face isn't working for him any longer.
       I noticed in certain videos, ones mainly taken from a distance when he was around other people, that his mouth seemed to hang open. And when he did talk, he was only operating the left side of his face.
       But when I saw him being interviewed, -closer up: it seemed like both sides were working.
       Butt then again, when you take a close look at that, one side is a mirror image of the other so I'm guessing they painted the right side of his face green and imposed the left side on the right side so he will look right when he talks.
       A phony Clinton I would say.
       Don't you wish he would just go home and kill himself?
       I sure do.

Oh yeah, the word about the Carlsbad pig peddling the complaint forms around sure has people talking.
       Yeah, of course I agree with the rest of you that it is seriously consider Police Harassment and you can bet I would count out the six months on a claim for that too.

And if some of you are wondering how I'm doing with finding a lawyer to sue Oceanside. Like as if I need to worry about the 6 month deadline before the statue of limitations would run out.
       Ah you take a look at that statue, it will say, -in most cases.
       Well in this case, how is one suppose to get a lawyer when the government and criminals have killed off everyone around me. With that going on, you are not going to find a lawyer who will put their neck on the line, I've even had them strongly suggest not to call them back; so the statue of six months to file a suit does not apply.
       But of course, Gunzalus and his cronies don't think that well and they only made their case even worse. Just as I expected they would.
       And what does it matter if I string along Carlsbad on the same rope.
       Tell me that I can't go to the City of San Diego and get the same kind of trouble brewing.
      n Any one want to bet against me.
      Do I have to prove that to you too?
       Oh yeah, I do have another name to put on the list of hired criminals of Oceanside. I'm not going to say yet, because you know the thing about causing rumors that contaminate the rumor mill....

Since 1967, the United States has been a particularly notable foreign contributor of military aid to Israel: the US is expected to provide the country with $3.15 billion per year from 2013–2018.
       Israel is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons as well as chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Israel has not signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and maintains a policy of deliberate ambiguity toward its nuclear capabilities
       Israel is one of the world's largest arms exporters, reaching the world's 4th largest arms-exporter in 2007. The majority of Israel's arms exports are unreported for security reasons.
       Pretty scary isn't it?

Sure I'm right about a lot of things:
Rule Numbers- 20

May 20th, 2015:
But what I want to know is what I'm wrong about.
Not much?
       Well I figured that .

But doesn't that bit on Israel give you the idea that the US Tax Payers provide the funding for Israel to be the 4th largest arms producer.
       With US parts and technology of course.
       And we don't even know who they are selling the weapons to.
       Yeah, of course, - the enemy.

And I pretty much got the message that I don't even have to twirl my cards anymore, because the county is already too dependent on my fans generating the dwindling economy here. (See, having my fans come here and talk about the corruption here only does the same thing as my card do.)
       Never the less, I plan to keep doing it because it is actually kind of fun reminding people that they are breeding stupid people running on 8%.
       I think my shoulder are actually getting conditioned for it and they don't hurt so much any more. Regardless, I don't think I'll be surfing anytime soon. And something tells me that if I do bother to paddle out, I don't expect any stellar waves anytime soon either.
       And may others say, its set to fail.

Boy I'm so trained out.
       Gee with all the problems they have at morons throwing rocks at trains, anyone with common sense would wonder why they have never thought of putting bullet proof glass on the front of them.
       But what else do you expect out of stupid 8%ers?

And oh, on that Waco incident with the bikers:
       I think the people in the neighborhood should have just taken cover and left them to there own demise.
       Someone should just go to a vacant area and build a thunder dome and just let them go at it. It would be a real good business plan for someone who happens to own a funeral parlor. They could sell seats to see it. Shit I would even love to see something like that, -because that looks like the direction humans are going.

And you would have to laugh at the stats they feed me.
       But the interesting thing I see in all of it is just which web-pages are viewed the most. Boy, I tell you one thing. Meathead Martins video files have been more popular than ever.
       And I'm not sure what people are looking at on it, but the journal entries at the link I've posted below sure has a lot of people interested in it.

May 6th, 2012 through August 4th 2012

And on the chance of going to jail by Carlsbad Police.
Obviously t doesn't take much for a person to understand just how wrong it is for a cop be canvasing complaint forms around a neighborhood. It's obvious to anyone that it was a way for them to take away my rights with the threat of incarceration with just one phone call from a prepaid cell phone owned by Speilberg.
       And it is an Obvious law suit in the makings, but wouldn't you think it would be just grand if that officer would go home some night and put his gun in his mouth and simply pull the trigger like many others do. (Hint, hint. It's easier to clean your brains up in the kitchen or bathroom.)
       And I know how to take the whole evil situation and use it to my advantage.
       Like rule 50 when things backfire on yah.
       Like more fuel to the fire.

P.M. Update posted on 5-21: Boy all it took was going into the 99 cent'er on Mission this morning to learn about what went on in Carlsbad yesterday.
       But maybe I should mention what I learned earlier from my Angles.
       I guess I should have paid attention to name badges, but all I can say is that the ones I actually looked at had uncommon names and I wasn't concentrating on memorizing them because I expect them to be wearing phoney ones anyway, that is if they are crooks, which I figured the first two were since they were into the funny farm game.
       However I couldn't help but notice the Mister nice guy I was stuck waiting around with, (for what ever reason,) while the tall asshole went around collecting signatures, -was Brown.
       I was wondering if Mister Brown was evil like the other three obviously were.
       Well, -my Angles told me that they were all bad.

Then I go into the 99 Cent'er and learned that the Tall Asshole one had gone around to the business and told them I was a Child Molester as a way of enticing people into signing a complaint form on me.
       You have to realize that you have to expect a few people would be willing to complain about me, but for the most part most people support what I've been doing, even though they would rather not have me doing such a thing.
       Every day I get comments from people who say they don't give a shit about my problem and they will even tell me to get lost, but the ones like the young man that told me I was doing a good job today, -out number the negative ones several times over.
       So you have to figure that the bully may very well have found some who were reluctant to do such sign such a thing and that is were the criminal went and used the child molester rumor.
       The you have to figure that he probably ran into a person or two who may have checked out my site and flat refused to sign the complaint even after the cop slandered me and that is probably how the word got out.
       I wouldn't doubt the conversations with the pig were overheard by others who knew who they were talking about and it got out that way too.
       None the less, it was all over Carlsbad as well.

And I would like to Post a Special Thanks
A Special Thanks to those who stepped in and stuck up for me when someone has tried to get rid of me with derogatory statements and such.
       I like to think that there are many of you are thankful that I'm willing to do such a thing for them.
       To them, my issue in more important than any discomfort I may create, even if it takes creating a ghost town or two.
       I don't think the entire economy of the entire county is nowhere as important as the intelligence of the human race.
       And I don't think the county is even worth preventing, (or trying to stop,) the death a destruction the US Government is causing because of its politicians and Defense contractors.

Oh get this: If you have read this and my journal, you my figure out where they are building my killing machine.

Looking up Congressman Bill Thomus:
Rule Numbers-

May 21st, 2015:
Since I heard the name so much, I had to find out more about him.
Turn out, he left congress in 2006 and lives in Morro Bay.
       Hah, he tried to do the same thing with Democrats he didn't want in a meeting, he called upon the police to remove them .
       He admitted later that it was "just plain stupid" decision to ask the police to eject the Congressmen.

Congressman Bill Thomas

I recollect:
Rule Numbers- 55

May 22, 2015:
I figured he must have been desperate because there I don't think there was any other customers in the Auto parts store at the time, but I guess he thought the lady behind the counter would spread the rumor much more than even a dozen customers would.
       Regardless of that, he probably did think that I would have wasted 10 minutes explaining why I go through suspension parts like they are going out of still, - just a week or two earlier .

Anyhow this Congressman Bill Thomas walked up to the counter as I walked towards the back isles.
       He asked the clerk, "are the rumors true, - about that guy back there being a child molester?".
       As some of you already know, the stupid bitch said, "I don't know?"

From what I heard: the line the Carlsbad Pig used was, "he's suppose tp be a child molester."
       They are not fooled, they know exactly what they are doing.

If that Keven Faulkner has so much control over the county, wouldn't you think I should be filing a claim with his City of San Diego, the next times something like this goes on.
       You know, a one stop filing to blanked everything that has gone on in the county because I thinks we all can be sure something else will come up by time the 6 month deadline to file in November comes around.

Right or Wrong:
May 22, 2015:
To be honest with you, I'm flat out tired of hearing how I'm right all the time.
       I want to know what I'm wrong about and it kinna pisses me off when I don't.

The thing I've been wanting to know all week is how the Church folk faired last week end.
       About what percentage went old school and how much it helped getting others hooked up with loved ones who passed away .

I get the feeling the spirit world enjoyed it where they did get rid of the radio transmitters. But the sad thing is I never heard much about it on the humanoid side.
       But what can you expect really when the Carlsbad Cops began creating the topic of discussion most of the week.

Anyhow, it also sound like there were a couple suicides within about a week. There have been so many and it's something I'm not bothering to count or even want to remember.
       I'm just glad its something the spirit world has to do with and not me. I feel I don't have to be so critical on my judgment of someone whether they are good or evil. I just let my army of Angles all figure it out on their end.
       I figure my Angles make better spies than me, since the evil criminals can see me coming. And of course, -in this world, you are not going to find out shit if you don't have any money.
       (Well, maybe there are my collage boys who know how to hack a phone too.) It should make a person have to think twice if they think they can pull one over on me.
       With my Angles, my Boys on the ground and my Style, -I'd think at least three times as much.
       No doubt it would sure put a bad taste in the mouth of many of us.

And like these surfboard guys who e-bayed board among other things:
       Tell me of anyone who has has a decent surf session around here lately.

Oh, I'm not sure it the word on the street came from myself talking on the street, or as I was hoping it was from others hearing from the spirit world. But I'm pretty sure I've never posted it before.
       What I'm getting at is that it's my impression that God put us all here on planet Earth as an effort to create a Hybrid. I think it was either God or my Angles that gave me the idea that he took colonies of humanoids from different planets and planted us here hoping we would get over are difference in color and inter-breed.

You gotta figure that not all planets that are inhabitable, have the same environments.
       And the species of humanoids on each of those planets eventual evolved with mutations that make them more susceptible to the living conditions there.
       From what I got from it all is that God plated colonies of humanoids with equal brain capacities hoping that there wouldn't be any dominance between the races.
       I get the impression God expected conflict over the differences of color of skin and placing certain breeds in geographical areas more closely to similarity to the ones they came from on other planets was one the strategies involved.

From what I get: God was trying to come up with a Humanoid that would be more susceptible to more variations environments on more planets.
       Another way to put it is God was trying to come up with a human that would be more easily placed on more planets, meaning: better suitable for interplanetary travel.
       Another idea that came to mind is wondering and hoping it would make us better suited for an after life on another planet.

All in all, it was a good plan, but from what I gather, there are at least three major challenges in the whole experiment that made the whole thing go sideways, and that side something that God isn't so happy about.

And from what I gather, those three challenges that must be over come is Evil, Greed and brainwashing Religion.

I stand corrected again:
Word of a Grim Reaper

May 23, 2015:
Strange how the people on the street heard about him probably before I did.
       None the less, my Angles pretty much made it clear to me that they had nothing to do with the Suicides.
       I got the idea that God was involved and I also got the idea that God had his own Angels that take care of that kind of stuff and from what I've heard, a person or two has had a visit from God's Angle and somehow people have referred to the Spirit of those visits as the Grim Reaper.
       I don't know what to say about that, but I will say that I don't think my Angeles are into doing any dirty work, (I think they've mentioned that before.) However I will say, I don't think they have any problems with informing God about Evil ones that should be eradicated.

I'm sure many of you may be able to relate the the feeling I get. It's like your parents had left for an extended vacation and left you behind with a long string of babysitters while they were gone.
       no buddy checked to make sure you were doing your home work and you partied every chance you could.
       Now they just pulled in the driveway, and pulled your report cards out of the mailbox that hasn't been emptied in weeks and now you have to come up with something to say about the red wine stain on carpet and the cigarette burn on the couch.
       And think of me as the last of the long string of babysitters and they just so happened to come back on my watch.

For some strange reason, I get the same strange kinna feeling that God has been away at some far off galaxy and hasn't been aware of or able to do anything about what has been going on on this planet.
       I get the feeling he had left this planet behind with a few Sentinels to look over it over the years and some of them weren't so successful at doing their job very well. And now that God has returned, the shit hit the fan and he's taking names and plans to clean house.
       Apparently he's put a few names on the Grim Reaper's list.

Oh my take on the Patriot Act:
       I say you all owe Rand Paul a bit of thinks for standing up there making it a hassle to have them pass it.
       The thing about it is that the government agencies can easily request all that stuff anyway. And apparently they don't bother keeping track of who they are suppose to be keeping track of anyways.
       What I see as the biggest problem with the Patriot Act is that it gathers all of it. Everyone's info from all phone companies. And what make that a problem is the amount of other companies and private industries that wouldn't mind getting there hands on the information.
       So tell me that there hasn't been at least a half a dozen government employees who have been selling that information.

Finally got around to actually posting an Oldie but Goody, -Stupid Rule we've always known, but we here at MyStupidRules had never got around to posting it. (It just kept slipping our minds.)
       However, after this week, we got to thinking about it and feel it deserves to be there on our list at #90.

Rule Number 90:
      Keep your friends close;
          -keep your enemies closer.

Nothing Special:
Rule Numbers-

May 25, 2015:
Got a glassy hand dragger with a little fish tail in on a hallow right.
       And I don't think it was the initial drop in; I think it was on my first trip back to the lip. Any how I manages to launch the 6-9 off the top and it was clear air under it until I hit the bottom. Went you hit the bottom with that big of a board, it's a pretty sold hit and doesn't give much cushion as you'd think. (Like landing on a skate board on concrete, _I almost lost it fro the impact.)
       I was amazed myself because it was a pretty good drop.

I don't think I have to tell you that there were plenty of vacancies around here this weekend. I think most of the traffic was day travelers who just showed up to walk the pier.
       I get the feeling that a lot of them were showing up partially because of me and their hope to see me twirl my cards.
       The weather has sure helped me out with most of the week.
       Even some of the surfers were saying that this morning was one of their best days of surfing in quite awhile and if you even looked at the junk we were surfing this morning, .....

I hate the fact that The Rolling Stones hide their black bass player.
       All their promo pictures are of course missing Bill Wyman and they just don't show who he is.
       I'm sure its so they don't have to pay Darryl Jones as much and because would be able to hire a gun where ever they go because every bass player knows how to play there songs anyway. (But this is after 20 years.)
       But what really pisses me off is that they don't even light Jones (a paid employee of the band.) up on the stage. That's like turning the volume down on his part of the music from where I come from.
       Kinna bogus if you ask me.

Oh I checked into what the Nobel Peace Prize is worth.
      About $1.5 USD they say.
      , But hell, they gave one to Barack Obama, even though everyone was asking why? So I guess they will give it to anyone.
       Too bad because the money would have been better spent somewhere else.

Anyhow, the new title people seemed to have tagged on to me recently has a lot more pull if you happen to be a surfer like I am.
       All the $1.5 million dollars isn't going to do you a bit of good when you are paddling out into waist high junk and you are hoping you can pull off a couple good waves out of all that junk, -that Nobel Peace Prize money can't buy you a better wave.

My Take in Wars and Defense:
       I think this topic of discussion has been covered in spots throughout the years. But in the past few days, I've realized I should be building a page just for that, just so everything is in one spot and accessible, like I've been doing with the My Theory Page that is an extension my Profile page.
       Maybe I should call it the Bing Bang Boom Page, the page on Defense and the Wars we pay for.

Selling merchandise to ISIS:
Rule Numbers- 50

May 26, 2015:
When a country is not in control of itself, sending someone like John Kerry over there with a check book and a few shipments of those pallets the US Tax Payers paid for is going to go no where except in a room waiting for ISIS to come pick up their merchandise.
       John Kerry is only Feeding ISIS with US bought and Paid for equipment.
       Come on; do you think John Kerry is going to get Iraq to pay for anything?
       I saw one of those rooms full of ammunitions on TV myself.
       I bet they took bids on the stock piles over a face book or tweeter page.
       Heck they fled because there wasn't anyone left in the town anyways and ISIS will come to town, pick up their merchandise and take it Syria as they have in the past.
       There won't be any fight to get back the city because nothing will be there anyways.

PM Update on new shinny weapons.
       They should the Iraqi's unwrapping the new weapons the stupid Americans supplied them with to replenish the ones they just sold to ISIS.
       I bet ISIS only takes five of the six tanks, because they will probably use the fuel in one just to refuel the trucks and Hum Vs they came in.
       But I can imagine the armored personnel carriers and Hum-V they scored on have to have fuel too. So you will find a burned out tank a couple hundred miles out of town once they top all the fuel tanks off with it.
       Never the less, I bet ISIS scored on about $50 Million dollars worth considering that the tanks alone cost the US Taxpayers about $36 Million. Armor Personnel carriers go for $3-4 Million, and have Caterpillar diesel engines and Allison transmissions in them. (The makings of a pretty good tractor.)
       Sure they will win back the city, because the Iraqi's bank accounts went up because of the supplies the US is stupid enough to give to them.
       Do you think ISIS paid any more than $2 million for all that?
       I seriously doubt much more than that.

Yeah have to laugh
       This Windy William's with its show and all.
       The bitch has man hands just like the first lady and giving advice to women.
       Something strikes me funny about that.

Oil Spill near Santa Barbara:
Rule Numbers-

May 26, 2015:
Plains Midstream Canada, was cited for 10 crude oil spills between June 2004 and September 2007 in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas — resulting in a $3.25 million civil penalty in 2010.
       In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Plains had agreed to spend about $41 million to upgrade 10,420 miles of its pipeline, resolving its Clean Water Act violations.
       Since 2006, the Los Angeles Times reports, Plains has racked up 175 violations of safety and maintenance codes; an analysis of federal records revealed that the company’s rate of incidents per mile of pipe was more than three times the national average.
       Now they are saying that the pipe they used in Santa Barbara was too thin and didn't have certain valves.
       Don't you wonder that kind of information doesn't get reported to the rest of us through the press?

A report by the London-based rights group detailed the "brutal campaign of abductions, torture and unlawful killings against Palestinians accused of 'collaborating' with Israel" by Hamas, de facto ruler of the Gaza Strip enclave.

The report details the "extrajudicial execution of at least 23 Palestinians and the arrest and torture of dozens of others".
       "It is absolutely appalling that, while Israeli forces were inflicting massive death and destruction upon the people in Gaza, Hamas forces took the opportunity to ruthlessly settle scores, carrying out a series of unlawful killings and other grave abuses," Amnesty's Middle East and North Africa director Philip Luther said.
       Around 2,200 Palestinians were killed during last year's 50-day conflict with Israel, with 73 killed on the Israeli side.

Oh Speaking of Israel and the Palestinians: Israeli aircraft struck a number of sites in the Gaza Strip from the air early on Wednesday, residents and the Israeli military said, after a rocket that Palestinian militants fired from the enclave landed near the Israeli port city of Ashdod.
       Gaza residents said missiles struck several locations throughout the Gaza Strip, including places used as training camps by Islamic Jihad militants on sites that had been Israeli settlements before Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005.
       Tuesday's rocket landed near Ashdod some 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the Gaza border and security forces were searching for remnants. It was the longest-range militant rocket strike since a truce that ended the 50-day war last year.
       There was no immediate claim of responsibility in Gaza for the rocket launching.

Told you:
Rule Numbers- 88

May 27th, 2015:
You are buying targets.
      Just think, a Hum-V cost you $95,000.oo and you'll spend $120,000.oo for two hellfire missiles to blow it up once its in ISIL's hands.
       I bet they found a burned out tank today; either that or the Iraqi's worked in a deal with ISIL that relinquished a fuel tanker or two, before they'd run out of town.

The surf blew out right before my eyes.
       Ended up big choppy bouncy stuff.
       Pretty much skunked.
       Made a template of the Stoneman's Rocker today.
       Everyone is claiming it is some kind of longboard rocker.
       Holding it up to the Old Rocker, there isn't much difference, other than the radius is naturally milder as if it was an out side circumference. But it does have a section of flattening before the kick, which is about 16" from the tale.
       I think of it as more of a mild short board rocker but with more area devoted to the rear kick portion of the board.
       It's why the tail is thin for such a big board.
       I'm guessing they went with the lightweight foam because where my knees hit from kicking, -there is nothing but air under the glass and it's the reason I made the template while I still can.

They Tried that Girl
who set the fire in North County

       I myself think she should have been kept in Juvenal detention center until she's 18.
       The stupid media even mentions all the $6 million in claims against her.
       But the reality is, as the law stands, her parents are only responsible for $40,000.oo of it.
       Of course the morons they got reporting such a thing isn't asking whether the girl's parents own their home or not. Because if they do own it or did, and cashed out on the insurance money, -that is a good place to start to garnish some.
       I would think insurance companies would be all over ways to get any money they got.
       The little girl could get pissed off in a couple months and pull that crap again and end up killing someone the next time, and that time should be on the judges head.

Disney taking on Spielberg Evil:
Rule Numbers- 65

May 28th, 2015:
Spielberg is out to use Disney, Universal or anyone who will distribute his kind of Evil.
       Like take this Disney and it's good morning ABC News show.
       This morning they had this stupid bitch came on and told people that it's totally harmless to play around with the Charlie Charlie game.
       They even related it to a Yigi Board.
       Well, I'll tell you that it's about the worst thing you can let your kids do. It's like a blind date with any spirit in the area, god bad or evil. And it's the Evil you have to worry about.
       Get this even on the news, the bitch mentioned that the two girls that attempted to kill their friend for Stickman, (a fictional inter-net character,) were playing around with spirits using Charlie Charlie.
       Believe me when I say that I don't think 8% should be playing around with random spirits.

Got them coming by the train load:
Rule Numbers- 12

May 29, 2015:
I'm guessing it's the conductor on the train noticing that people are making the rounds earlier to see me surf.
       I bet there are a bunch of retired people who don't even surf are plugged into the same surf reports I look at and they show up in here early in the mornings.

New fin combo; old board
       I have to say it is by far the best fin combo I've ever had on the thing. It's like surfing with a board that has no fear.
       It's stuck to the walls of some tubes higher up than I'd been in a while.
       Needless to say, just as most of the guys will tell you that it's a better sized board for me at 19 5/8".
       The tail is narrower and it doesn't out run the wave on me so much and when I stand on the tail it doesn't turn into a squirrelly fishing bobber. (Just doesn't catch as many waves, but I think it's easier to keep out when you have wave washing you back in while paddling out.)
       You have to admit, I pulled off some wicked maneuvers this morning .
       I think it warns a little turn up this afternoon.

Same Speilberg Evil under a different Label
       His Jurassic Park Movie is labeled with the Amblin label he uses for his television production company, (instead of the Dreamworks he uses for motion picture films.)
       And it looks as though he is using Universal to distribute it instead of the Disney that was drying up on him.
       Get this: Spielberg is attached to direct an adaptation of American photojournalist Lynsey Addario's memoir, It's What I Do.
       Jennifer Lawrence is attached to star in the lead role. Of course Jennifer is a Speilberg whore, who in Hollywood isn't?

Helpful Hints
on Que Card making


Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week
Journeyman -- Whatever -- They --Want

south elevation of Sunnyside's Jam Shack

Jam Shack

Jam Shack logo on Stoneman surfboard


The Proposed Factory


Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at:Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
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Moo Lah
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If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

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His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
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His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
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