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stupidity should be painful

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Correct me if I'm wrong:
4 cents on a dollar
Rule Numbers- 12, 20 & 51

June 2, 2015:
From what I hear, Lockheed Martin soaked the US Tax Payers a quarter of a million dollars for each one of them.
       Then you gave Israel 25 of them. ($6,250,000.oo)
       Then you gave Iraq 500 of them. ($125,000,000.oo)
       Of which the Iraqi's sold them to ISIS for $10,000 each with nearly a million dollars worth of missiles on each one of them.
       But let's take a side track for a minute and round up what I should be concerned about.
       Anti-trust laws are triple damages so each unit means at least $37,500.oo to me.
       So you owe me $19,687,500.oo for them and you are going to spend $65,000,000.oo to blow up $131,250,000.oo worth of my trucks.
       I know, it's just a viscous circle of evil.
       Or another way to look at it is that you are burning $196,687,500.oo on building and destroying 500 of my trucks.
       But you know how the government works, so let's just say you've burned up $200 Million dollars on blowing up 500 trucks.
       Boy, if that isn't stupidity, I don't know what is.

Just think: 2,600 Hum-V's at $100,000,oo
       Those cost you all at least $260,000,000.oo
       And what is crazy about it is that you will use two $67,000.oo Hellfire missiles to blow each of those up so you will spend 338.000,000.oo blowing them up. (More than you did building them.) Say good-by to a half a Billion Dollars. Poof!
       Just the Hum-V's alone gouged you all $598,000,000.oo
       It's amazing how it's all out in the open that ISIS has been buying the stuff off the Iraqi's for 4 cents on a dollar.

Happy Birthday Dad:
Rule Numbers- 20

June 3, 2015:
I can remember a couple of summers ago when I did call my Dad and got a rash of shit for not calling him on his birthday.
       And it wasn't like I didn't try or anything; but now I realized that the man that acted up-set wasn't my father at all. I was being made to feel bad by an evil man working for Speilberg and your president.
       It all makes sense to me now because before that incident, my father was alway good for a Birthday Card on my birthday, if nothing else.
       Now I also realize why the cards with a check for Christmas stopped coming too.
       It wasn't my sister and her grand kids, or my father's girlfriends keeping my dad too broke to send me anything, because I think my Dad would have at least sent a card even if he didn't have any money to give me.
       The real reason I didn't get any cards or money is that I bet they didn't want me to compare any if the hand writing on the cards or checks for fear that I might have an old one still around to compare it to.

Let me guess
       That ISIS is willing to pay twice the money for my truck loaded with missiles over a $6 million dollar tank.
       I bet the end up striping the system off the truck so they can use the hydraulics for tractors and other farm equipment. They probably recycle the steel from the carrier in exchange for enough steel to build a single flat bed for each truck.
       Gotta be easier to make a good work truck out of one than you can a Hum-V. They probably use some of the engines and transmissions to make the Hum-V's into smaller tractors and I bet the armored personnel carrier's running gear is being use for larger tractor and farm equipment.

My take on Missiles:
       When you think about it, -it's a hell of a way to get $67,000.oo out of something that weighs no more than 50-60 pounds.
       They got it where the tail fins are just cut to length extruded aluminum.
       You know it only takes two servos to turn the flaps to steer the things.
       Heck now days, the camera set-up on the front of any $500.oo drone is as sophisticated as anything they have ever put on the front of a Hellfire missile.
       The artistic part of all the creation is to get some sucker to pay to $50,000.oo for what you can get in any $500.oo toy at the department store.
       Heck, the day is around the corner, or should I say it is already here when any school kid can tie a GPS to their over sized drone. And what would it cost to put that together on the same drone? I bet less than $1,500.oo and I bet that's about equal to the best Lockheed martin, Boeing, and Northrup Grumman can put together.
       So what does it take before a couple school kids can put something better than a $67,000.oo Hellfire Missile for less than $2,000.oo and save the Tax payers $65,000.oo per missile.

Think about it:
       You have this guy John Kerry. He's they guy the government sends around with a big check book for giving away weapons paid for by US Tax Payers.
       He's so stupid, he can't even keep a bike between the curbs.
       He attempts this with two knees and two hips that are not even his.
       You have to realize that before he got all that metal inside him, he went through a lot of pain.
       Enough pain in over enough time to get him addicted to pain pills. Pain pills he has never been able to kick since then and you can bet the guy is a drug addict and you can bet the guy has no more common sense than any other drug addict, -of which isn't much, and it's the wrong kind of guy you need to have cutting checks for weapons or arranging any kind of nuclear treaty.

Only 8%er's are so dumb
       This morning was a perfect example of just how stupid the human race has gotten.
       The perfect example of why you all need firefighters. Because someone needs to train someone how to use a fire extinguisher.
       They had three or four adult women on TV this morning and none of them was capable of using the thing worth a damn. They would have all been better off cutting and running for their cell phones.

And Bruce Jenner is a reject.
       They say 41% of trans-gender people kill themselves.
       So if you lived in a world where natural selection is working properly, they would probably go extinct if people were not embracing it as something that is suppose to be normal.
       What gets me is so many try to place God in the position of creating them screwed up in the first place.
       Well in the first place, you can't even say whether God even knows who they are in the first place.
       I would think that God would consider any one with less than 20% brain capacity as an inferior or defective humanoid. Something that is so self centered, that it has no respect for its place on the planet it lives on.
       Yet here you are, at what I gather God considers damn near barbaric animals at 8%, -and trying to justify mental sickness as something that should be embraced.
       Maybe people watched Hunger Games too much and they think an evil sick world is normal.

Fake Grass
       The government us sure willing to kick out the money putting it in, but I have a few questions that no one is giving up the answers to.
       Like what kind of chemicals are they using to keep the weeds and grass from coming back? And what kind of run-off do you get from that?
       Also. it's not like the parks department can come alone and cut up the sod that won't grow grass because the PH is too acid from dog piss for anything to grow, -and replace it with new sod every year.
       And what happens to the fake grass when dogs piss and shit on it?
       You have to have it Steam cleaned?
Come on, -get real,
because your neighbor has a rodent for a companion?

Speaking of:
       A moron with a rodent for a companion came a knocking on my doors a few minutes ago....
       My Moron-Radar Sirens went off as he asked what all the signs were about.
       I told him I didn't want to talk about it, (nor let him check out my crib, like he was wanting to do,) to check out the my web-site, MyStupidRules.
       He insisted that I was psychotic.
       I told him he was Evil, - an 8%er with a rodent for a companion. (He brought his dog down to the park so it could take a shit in the grass everyone brings their kids to play in. Right next to the river that will take his rodent's e-coli out to the ocean I'm supposed to surf in.)

On the trail of my board:
       I had a natural bias on who's best interest would have been involved in the sabotage of the board I shaped; which leaned to Firewire as having the most at stake considering I was probably making them $50,000.oo per week while surfing their board.
       But then one can have no doubt Kelly Slater and Channel Islands would naturally have a interest in what happened to that board, since Kelly had already tried to kill me over the art work on my boards.
       But the rumors of just who had someone on my tail that day when it flew off the top of my cage.

Well to make a long story short:
       I saw a video last night, of an interview with Kelly slater, supposedly taken or posted on April 5th 2015:
       Where as he mentions he has invested in Firewire.
       Well, then both rumors were right after all, just two of the same.

Just think:
       Both of the to largest surfboard manufactures in the world are partially owned by a murderer of several victims.
       The thing that amazes me is that Firewire must have already known that he was such an evil criminal before they let the Slater buy into them. I guess I should mention that I'm pretty sure Slater had killed Mark Foo before Channel Islands let Slater dump $13 million dollars into them.
       Just like right here in the North County San Diego where Evil is socially acceptable.

On the Pink Pill
       Gee, think about it. They must be gay down at the FDA, or they must be a bunch of women that don't care for sex like about 75% of the women out there, because after 20 something pills for men's short comings, they've passed up the Pink Pill for women two or three times already.
       Boy, I tell you one thing, it would sure bring down the demand on the women that do give it up and bring their self worth more in perspective.
       Tell, me, how stupid do you think they can be after all the money spent on the media coverage and the amount of profits of which could be lost.
       Just how stupid do you thing the folks down at the FDA can be?.

Well, well, maybe they are not as stupid as they may seem, because I'm sure they took in a bunch of pay-offs over the two times through before and do you think they want to cut off a flood of money?
       (I figure that they are all so old, they can't even get it up any more anyway.)

Oh get a load of this:
       I just saw the beginning of that TV show called the Briefcase.
       The one where they give a people a briefcase with a $101,000.oo dollars and they are suppose to figure out how much they want to pass on to some else.
       I myself would have taken $91,000.oo like most people would have, BUT this TV Show want's me to believe the broke couple only wanted $3,500.oo of it.
       I have to ask myself if I'm even stupid enough to watch anymore of the show.

Vanity Election:
All kinds of Ralf Naders
Rule Numbers- 7, 20, 34 & 42

June 5th, 2015:
R-#7 It's about selling books.
       And the ones who have not jumped into it yet have not done so because they are still taking money from unrestricted donors.

I wouldn't believe everything you are told:
When they say it was suicide, look at who gets to do the saying.
Rule Numbers-

June 7-8th, 2015:
I know it's a weird something to say
       But that's just how you have to say it.
       The government gets to pick what a person dies from.
       I don't know about you, but I'm still waiting to see a current video of Malia, and I didn't even see the first lady at the funeral. I'm still waiting to see if it is still around.
       I also wonder if they think they are clever enough to replace the two with look a likes.
       But boy, wouldn't that be like having some explaining to do .

Must have had a shit load:
       I'd heard a few things about how many hits I was generating earlier in the day, but by the end of the day, I could see I did my job well, I cleared the place out pretty damn good if I was anything like a specialist on twirling.

I cried:
       A few young ones came up to me to day and requested to hear what I had to day.
       I wasn't quite sure of what they meant, but it was real touching that they were thankful I was out there doing all this for them.
       But I just didn't have much luck convincing them that I wasn't out there doing it for Jesus .
       Like how do you tell these brainwashed idiots that Jesus would probably the only one I can think of who I welcome the thought of him felling sorry for me .
       He's one of the few who would really know what it would feel like.
       And I'b be willing to bet Jesus would tell me that doing what I'm doing isn't what he would want me doing in the first place .

And if I have any relationship with God
       From what I hear, that has had a bit of a strain put into that relationship because I did not treating others properly while he was around.
       Anyhow, I guess it would be difficult to pick someone to be your Sentinel because of his style and them getting piss off because you don't like something about it.
       Shit, I don't have no spikes going through my hands yet, so I must be going pretty good, because all the nice talking shit Jesus used on people sure didn't do him a any good.

Jacked up broads
       Man-Oh-Man, -I can see how many house wives could throw an election off as bad as they did.
       It's the day time talk shows the women watch during the day that fills their heads with so many outrageous ideas.
       Just the other day I saw where the network grabs a dip shit with a book that their publishing company bought the rights to came on as a guest.
       To not only help sell the book, but talk politics as if they had any idea about what they were writing about anyway .
       These book authors go on telling fabricated studies and statistics and polls that are untrue.
       The woman who are doing voting are brainwashed, and there is no other way to put it.
       And get this: I was watching the news yesterday.
       They said what the polls were saying, that there were seven republican candidates in a dead heat. Then I got a subliminal message as if they expected I would not believe it, -and the subliminal message said, "the poll was a bunch of crap."

Oh yeah, whenever I have to listen to Bruce Jenner, I always find myself reminiscing about the days when my Mom and Dad were Foxy Lady and Cold Bear on the strapped Laffeet Comstat 25-B.
       My Dad would sometimes act in Character, usually imitating situations or stories he'd experienced on his bus.
       When he acted out in Character, the only other voice he seemed to be able to used to disguise his own voice was the voice of a hair lip.
       You would have had to been there because some times he had us rolling on the floor laughing.
       Anyhow, what ever Bruce Jenner had the doctors do to his upper lip makes him sound like my Dad acting out as the Hair-lip.
       Makes me laugh when I hear Bruce talk.

I may not have been corrected
       Well, at least on the part about God being a little upset with me.
       Sounds like I'm not the only one.
       I'd be a little worried if I were you, because something tells me, "heads are going to roll."

Up to a Thousands:
Rule Numbers-
3, 7, 19, 30, 38, 42, 49, 50, 51, 84, 85,

June 9, 2015:
Is a third batch on the way?
       Or did they already go through that and we're about to send a fourth, or even fifth?.
       Are you telling me that you owe me $40 Million for what ISIS bought off the Iraqi's for only $10 Million?
       Boy as far as business plans go. It would be good for everyone all around if the US government would just buy the last batch back from ISIS for $100 Million and save the US Tax Payers $100 Million on the next batch because the US would only be paying 50 cents on a dollar.
       We, -the US would get them for half price and ISIS would make $90 Million on a $10 Million Dollar investment from just buying them from the Iraqi's for 4 cents on the Dollar.
       I'm willing to bet that those guys down at ISIS would just go party somewhere for almost a year until the money runs out.
       Just call it our $100 million per year war and since my brilliant idea saves you so much money since you'll be getting the goods at 50% off, could you please just cut me a check with all the money you saved for my cut.
       Just one batch would bring me in $20,000,000.oo and maybe if you recycle the trucks back and fourth, you won't have to build anymore trucks and you won't have to pay me any more either.
       Like I said, a war for a year for only $100 Million, can't get any cheaper than that.

$2 Billion more off to ISIS:
Rule Numbers- 9, 42

June 11, 2015:
Two training bases
       But not enough recruits to use both.
       They say they have 9,000 and 3,000 defectors.
       Unclear is whether that 3,000 is part of 12,000 or is it 3,000 defected from the 9,000, which would mean 6,000 .
       Withe the benefit of the doubt, $2 Billion divided by say 10,000.
       Yeah, you think putting an average of $200,000.oo in the hands of a man who was living in a dirt hut. And the game plan is not to consider they will naturally have the desire to sell everything we give them.
       If they think they have 9,000: maybe they should figure it being about 6,000 when you get the next batch of deserters, -who were working for ISIS when they signed up.

Oh on Obama turning his back on the President of Iraq:
       I don't think the jester was anything like the media portrayed it as..
       I think it was that, oh I don't know the guy so well when in actuality, you're in cah-hoots with the guy and now that everyone is aware of the war for the sake profits, you want it to look differently
       Isn't their Rule Number 9 for that?

Texas Trainer:
Corporal on a 15 year old girl

Plant your face into the concrete!
      Boy, -to think this guy they have showing up to brake up a fight at a pool party is someone who should be training others. Gee officer of the year award too. Well, look who was officer of the year in Morro Bay, (Hannable,) -a cop who was fired from the Pismo Beach Police Department, surely they will give officer of the year award to any crook. I wouldn't doubt they sell the honor to the highest bid.

Well, there is some good news, the Bully that shot Scott got indited. I don't think he's getting out anytime soon.

But this shit I hear about the blade runner getting out in only 10 months, (down in South Africa,) is ridiculous. .

I just don't get it:
Spin around in big junky stuff?
       I just don't see the reasoning to have to put others in danger just so you can spin around on a flat weak wave.
       I can see it when it's about 1.5 ft and everyone is next to the store getting little bits and no body is going to be inside of you when you are surfing the inside.
       But doing when other have to dodge your board is ridiculous. It's totally selfish.
       Like poke out someones eye just so you can show off your florescent board and new colored suit.
       Like yesterday, we had a mister pro in a blue suit with a board that had florescent pink rails. When I saw him dump himself out side of me, I had to wonder if he had a leash. As I dove with a duck dive, it was just as I feared; -there was a loose board in the white water and it's fin found the top of my head.
       I don't know it it was originally a twin fin. but it looked like it was a twin fin when I tossed it farther in, away from the asshole.

Did a drop from the lip,
       On the Stoneman and I was amazed I didn't loose control of it with such a big board. (It was kinna scary actually because I didn't think I was going to make it when the lip pitched me.)
       One drop in lead me to grabbing the rail to help set up one heck of a bottom turn.
       With the few waves I did get, those two bits made all the bull shit worth it.

Gotta Visit from God:
Didn't notice a thing
       June 11th, 2015
       I'll be the first to say, that I don't know what they are actually talking about, but maybe it's a good thing, because those kinds of things can put chills down my spine.
       Well maybe I noticed something for a second, but it was probably because it was a mind out of body experience and I just wasn't aware of what was going on.
       Never the less, plenty of people did experience something and they seem to think it was a visit from God.

Strangely enough, between the fragments of rumors, along with a few of the messages I received from my Guardian Angles, I've pieced a few things together and realized there are a few messages I need to relay on to the rest of you so you can make your own judgments upon the information.

Some say one thing; I say another.
       Right here is where I can flex my modesty..
       Like there are a few who have the assumption that you all may not be here right now if it wasn't for me.
       Well, how you may look at it and say it can be considered in a number of ways.
       However, according to me and my Angels: I get the idea that you have to give the credit where it is due.
       I happen think that the people who showed up to Bath the Bats a couple winters ago saved our asses. (At least for the time being.)
       I get the impression that it was them that God decided to give US all a chance at survival.
       Those people who showed up to work in those ammonia filled caves proved to God that there was one Sentinel who had some kind of influence on the masses, enough so to make a difference.
       Those people are the ones we all owe a bit a gratitude to.
       Thanks all you Bat Bathers,
       From MSR - Sunnyside.

Kinna like Santa Claus
The list of Good or Bad, that is:
       Put it this way: that God has too many things to worry about to even know who most of you are.
       To God you may be just another Worker Bee to the Mother of the Bee Hive.
       There are so many Worker Bees that the Mother Bee doesn't always have the time to even assign a name or even a number to each bee she raises.
       Some got numbers, and some don't, -that's just the way it is.
       However, if one of the bees do something wrong, or bad, that bee will get assigned a name or number and put on a list and on that list will be a couple columns, one for Good Things, and the Other for Bad.
       Now if a worker bee does something Good, often the Queen Bee will put that worker bee on the list and make a mark in the Good deeds column.
       I'm sure you understand where I'm going with it , but there is one thing I want to make clear.
       The Mother Queen Bee created all the Worker Bees, so therefore she loves all the Bees whether they are on the list or not.
       However, the Mother Queen Bee, may not be so sentimental if a Worker Bee has too many marks in the Bad Column, because when the Queen Bee is out to solve the problems in the Hive, she may clean house and get rid of the problem ones .
       Kinna the same thing with God.
       There is nothing wrong if God doesn't have a number for you or even know who you are, -you just don't want to have any Bad Marks against you, that is if you have any columns at all.
       I for one, would naturally not want to be on any list at all. Like one of US who realizes that just going unnoticed is a mighty fine way of keeping a job sometimes.

How to get Good Marks 101
Just leave it up your Angles:
       Just as I've said before, is that you've got to be a good enough person so that Spirits will want to live vicariously through you.
       You do Good Things, those Spirits, if good positive ones will have a way of letting God know, even if it's only just putting a Good Mark after your name.

Nothing Special:
Rule Numbers- 66

June 12th, 2015:
On Juristic World:
Funny thing:
       As decked out Speilberg had the Chinese Theater for the Opening Premier, Wednesday night; I didn't see any people around other than the Movie Stars they've had on all the Talk Shows..
       It Looks as though even Ron Howard's own Daughter is a Speilberg whore too. (I think his wife is also.)
       To tell you the truth, I think I've seen enough of the movie to realize that most of it was probably done in a prison because every scene I've seen is CG Green Screen Tricks. It looks like that actors are acting into thin air, -reacting ti an imaginary scary thing. You know, you've seen it before. Same Movies, just a little different story line.
       Wonder how much you all will make the Evil Criminal this Year .

Hillary Clinton is an evil bitch logo

Pretty Good Writing?
Rule Numbers- 35

Even an Adult like me Enjoys reading something it,
but it sounds like it was written for Kids.

I guess the magic was how the Kids responded to it.
       Pretty much says that there are people always looking over you, -if you are lucky, and you won't have anyone good looking over you if you do bad things.
       I tell you, it pretty much has kept me pretty straight myself.

Its a Monkey Grab
       If you want you describe today's write home to Mom about Wave. It happen just moments after I said to myself, "well it looks as though I'm not getting any wave to write home to Mom about." (You know how it is.)
       Then I hooked a a barreling left and dropped into it sideways.
       It was so hallow, everyone is calling it a tube. Never the less, it was so walled up that I had to grab the rail with both hands and pull up on it to keep from rolling.
       I did this long enough to get the feeling I was a monkey gabbing on to something moving my body sideways back and forth on the board as I need adjustments from front to back.
       Guess a lot of you saw that one.

At least she knows what sex she is
On the Black Girl impersonator in Spokane
       Nothing wrong with that unless you are using it to make people feel sorry for you by claim others are racist or something. (Like those people who make their baby sick just to get attention from doctors and nurses. - I haven't figured that out yet.)
       However, what was wrong was how her parents made it an issue on television.
       It was totally the wrong thing to do since they were the ones who adopted three black kids to be here siblings .
       If anyone is to blame anyone for anything, it was her own parents that did something wrong in the first place.
       So she likes black people better.

While we are somewhere near there:
       Or should I say Speaking of?
       Anyhow, Jerry Seinfeld touched on it.
       Even mentioned how his own daughter has become overly sensitized about the political correctness of everything we say now days.
       He said it is one of the biggest challenges with trying to pull off comity.
(He said it was killing it, in fact.)
       I think it's because 8%ers are so narrow minded they have lost the ability to broaden the definition of a simple word.
       Just one example of the expression we used to say. "It's not the words you say, but how you say them."
       So many are brainwashed and programed to just leap at a word as a trigger for passing judgment instead of just listening to what is actually being said.

More and More like Morry Bay:
Rule Numbers- 65 & 66

June 14, 2015:
It's down right creepy around here
       Morro Bay times ten and then you have to put the fact that so many of these people around here either work for the military or the defense contractors.
       Kinna gives me the willies.
       And for you who have been speculating whether if the City of Oceanside paid me off, whether they could get me to stay so that the bottom don't fall out of the economy I've created for them.
       Well that answer is quite simple really.
       It gets down to too many bad memories.
       There is no way any of you would want to have to walk amongst the cops who were paid to Slander you. Nor would you want to live amongst the very people who have spread child molester rumors upon you.
       I've decided to post more information about these people I detest. They are ones who've been working for Speilberg whether they realized it or not.
       Its like living amongst a bunch of fools who don't even know they've been used and by the time they figure it out, others and also so they don't want me around reminding them that they are fools..
       Ah what can you say other than,
-if they didn't get you through your cable box,
-they got you at the Red Box.

Cops came two days in a row
Even a mister tough guy surfer dude today.
       I don't know if what I blocked was suppose to be an attempt at punching me or not, never the less I wasn't worried too much because I figure my reflexes are probably twice as fast as his and I've been training myself in my mind to actually block the first shot and let them get a second shot in before I'd do anything.
       I want to make sure a guy like him gets a good mark or two on me so I have a better chance at not being the one who goes to jail. (And hopefully I won't hurt my own hand and mess it up over an idiot's stupidity.)
       Then the next concern, -whether the guy has any money. (You know, you gotta have some money to live around here.)

Corny as it seems, I've been thinking about how to expose these hoodlums to you all, but really, isn't that what I've been doing?
       Like yesterday, I got a second chance ant getting that name I wasn't so sure about. The name of the cop who admitted he was a Spielberg whore as he had me take my mug shots. The one who got my hat and set of keys.
       Yesterday Mr. S. Pepard actually pronounced his name properly for me.
       I told him he would make God and myself as well as everyone else real happy if he would just go home and take his gun out and blow his brains out.

That Spokane thing:
       Sounds like it's been a good weekend for the florist there.
       I figured it would disappear from the media overnight, but TMZ did however brought it up and a Tweeter post to compare it to Bruce Jenner.
       But now that the impostor is planing to make a special statement for the media in a few days, makes me wonder if it was all a publicity stunt all along.

I had to laugh:
       Hillary was asked a question about this Trade agreement that Obama could not get members of his own party to sign. And Hillary was asked what she would do.
       Well her goal was to shoot down Obama but the answer she gave actually had nothing to do with the question and the media excepted it without a further question about what she meant by it.
       Well, folks, she didn't actually want to say that the treaty in question was a treaty she helped draft and put together when she was secretary.
       Pretty funny hah?

I also noticed something:
       And it made me wonder if there are any videos of Obama playing basketball.
       Because I've always noticed he had an uneven canter in his walk and I wonder just how coordinated he is on the court.
       To make a long bit short: I noticed a video clip of Obama walking along a sidewalk at the Whitehouse by himself. It was taken from a distance directly in front of him.
       It looked to me he was trying to walk right with one foot more pigeoned toed more than the other .
       Probably runs funny as hell on a basket ball court.

Another thing:
       I don't know if I heard it wrong, but I think my Angles even tried to tell me that within this $2 Billion Dollar check for war machinery we are giving to Iraq; apparently the Pentagon put in an order of another 1,200 of my trucks.
       So I got out my calculator and played with some numbers and at a total of 2,200 units, ISIS will have only paid $20 Million for $550 million dollars worth of trucks.
       Get this, of those, you owe me over $84 Million.
       On the back of those truck, if they hold 24 hellfire Missiles, @ $67,000.oo each you've also handed over $_______ Billions worth of destruction .
       What a mighty fine way of burning up you kids money. And whether you give a damn; I update my web-page on war a little bit.

Bing Bang Boom

Everyone Knows, so why bother:
Rule Numbers- 12, 42, 50, 51

June 22nd, 2015:
Got Assassin Surgeons on Call
       Just waiting for the call from the president.
       I heard that even Governors who are presidential hopefuls also have some kind of Assassins on Call, as you say as you will.
       Heard one tried to put out a call on me last week, at least that is what some people wanted me to think. I figured is was another one of those rumors just to try to scare me, but I just think it's funny as hell that something like that can also be socially acceptable.
       Quite Evil if I say myself.

You can be sure God isn't Impressed
       Even if the rumors of me getting about 10,000 people to show up to clean bats while in hibernation was something that impressed God, -however you can bet he wasn't too impressed when enough of you showed up to make an evil murder about a half a billion dollars last weekend.

Gotta ah Question:
       I've been wondering how much money that Senator/Preacher take in from Defense Contractors?.
       Sure he took in a few bucks selling gates to a heaven in the afterlife.

Coming and Going
       One hand took in money in money from people who thought he was saving them and selling them the afterlife and his other hand took in money sending people in other countries to the afterlife.
       Clever dude.
       Sorta like you got them coming and going in a way, -don't you think?
       Oh yah, it's called Hypocrisy, -isn't it?

You can be sure there will be more stupid kids with Guns.
       No matter how many Gun Laws Old bitty Hillary would want to make, because the Network News media has made that Stupid Kid just as Famous as any School ground shooting.
       As far as Stature goes, he got a Senator, so he didn't do so bad in that department.
       Too bad you all gotta spend a fortune on a stupid Moron now, -should have killed him already.
       I had to laugh at Rand Paul, when he said the government can't fix the problem with violence.
       Shit, the government is the one guilty of breeding stupid kids like him in the first place.
       It's called Hypocrisy, -isn't it?

Selling handbags in Spokane
       I got ten bucks to put down, -the bitch gets a book deal.
       Come on. Are you telling me all those people around her were fooled?
       I figure they either had to be pretty stupid or even in on it.
       I bet she got around.
       Not much of a landing strip I suppose.

Nose Jobs:
Rule Numbers- 22, 24, 36, 39 & 55

June 23rd, 2015:
Had an affair with the Nose of my Quad.
       Three times I found myself totally impressed of the stuff I pulled off this morning.
       For the most part, we had bigger one two or three turners come through.
       Only had two that had any length to them.
       However, one of those long one consisted of getting my back washed for a long left and as it tried to swallow me, I had two reset my front foot forward two times and managed to nose ride it out of it right at the end, when the wave pooped out.
       Had another hairy left drop in. The wave was going to close but my drop-in bottom turn combines consisted of me surfing the nose buried almost the whole way.
       I had enough side slip in it, just used the nose as an underwater hydro-foil. Turned the board around and out over the back of the close out. You pull off shit like that, you remember it.
       I had a cut back on a right that had some guys talking. I guess a might good portion of the back bottom, -fins and all was out of the water. The amazing thing for me was how I spun the thing around on the nose; the ass end just jumped out of the water as I spun on it.

Wrong Board
       Early on, I'd been wishing I had taken my 6-5 out since the waves were bigger an my quad is a little bit too fond of the hanging up for the last second drop in.
       Ended up digging my rail one one so I hiked back and fetch my other board.
       Well I did learn that the thing didn't want to turn with the EA on the tail. One time during my drop in, the bottom turn just quivered and shoot me right off it, right in from of another guy. Not a good thing. Almost as scary a a Grim Reaper.
       (Just joking.)

(I think I wrote something like this before, but I sure as hell wouldn't know where it is.)
       Obama making the N word Casual.
       I honesty miss the word Nigger-rigged.
       But I can honestly tell you I really offend one of the best black friends I ever had in my life just by using it to describe what I thought of some extended shackles on the leaf spring on the car in front of use as we drove to work one morning.
       To Me, Rigger rigging is what any clever poor sole without money or materials. The make do. From what I've seen since I've been in California, the Mexicans are still pretty damn good at it. I guess the modern day term for it is suppose to be Make-shift Engineering I guess?
       Sounds like something the British might say if you ask me. I've always preferred the word nigger-rig, myself. It's just part of the American Heritage to me. And not a bad one I might add.
       Other than that I seriously never really used the word other than commenting on on a Gangster or bad guy who happened to be black, and that was probably at least 25 years ago.
       I figure that's pretty good considering my mother and her relatives would normally use the word as normal as calling them back now days.
       Back than the proper edict was considered Niggro, and to be honest, I thought that if I was black back then, and even presently, I'd rather be described as Nigger over Nigro because I think if I was going to put a name one a planet of which my breed of humanoid came from, I think Planet Nigator or Nigatron would be cool for a nigger to originate from. It may seem a bit corny, but when I was a little kid, it made sense to me and I kinna stuck with that idea since. I just don't know of any other nick name they have for what ever the breed of humanoid they are. (Maybe they have a scientific name already but it's probably too difficult for people to pronounce.)
       I feel that if I was black, I would rather refer to my race a Nigger over Negro, Black, or African American.
       Somehow in my younger days, I'd normally use the word Afro-American and I wonder how that would go over now days, but that's not what you could call a black person who lives in France now would it, because it's still not a race of human beings.
       I wouldn't want people to call me Nigger as if it was my name or a way of getting my attention because of the disrespectful heritage that has come along with the name over the years. But if I was being refer to as a Bad or Evil one, I would expect it it and I would use it in the negative disrespectful way myself sometimes because it all reverts back to it being about the manor in which one uses the word.
       But really folks, your stupid president just went on TV and used it as if he was going to use it casually, and let people make a point about him Using it when there is so much fuss over it? And he is the president and should I even say only 50% black? So who is he so say? and let people make a point about him Using it.
       I don't know, I don't get it either.

I looked up the word Nigger
       Turns out the word Nigger is a noun in the English language. The word originated as a neutral term referring to black people, as a variation of the Spanish/Portuguese noun negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective nigger "color black" and I don't actually think there was anything negative about it until it began to be use disparagingly and by the mid-20th century, particularly in the United States, its usage had become unambiguously pejorative, a common ethnic slur usually directed at black people.
       In other words, the Bad History in America kind of tarnished the word.
       Sorry guys.

And while we are still close to there:
       Let me think,, I may have forgot....
       Oh yeah, -on South Carolina and it's flag.
       Yah have to laugh at the Politician lady who fought for it not too long ago to keep it around, now the gal has changed her mind and put herself in the spot light to get rid of it.
       Kinna like an old girl friend of mine, every month, and too often for my comfort, just as the Full Mon would would shine, she would be having her period and thinking she needed to get rid of me.
       (Another reason you don't want a woman to be president. With Hillary, you would be smack dab in a nuclear War, just to show everyone how tough of a woman she is.) The typical Woman Empowerment Movement can also be detrimental some time, and only guys really know that.

Anyhow, In My Opinion
       I think it's sad, because I happen to think it's a really cool looking flag and I would rather not see it become extinct as many would like it too be.
       I think of it as a Time Piece as when the country obviously still had some British influence.
       We here in California has a silly bear. There is no heritage there.
       I think the Canadian maple Leif is a cool looking flag and so is Washington with the Evergreen tree.
       I don't know where I'm going here other than maybe they should think of coming up with a better design, something that better soots their fancy, -but the Confederate Flag is a mighty difficult one to beat.

Brownie Points for the POPE
       Yeah, I don't care if he's getting his Ideas for his Topic of Discussion from me or not; what's important is that he mentioned them
       He touched on the fact that many defense contractors are known to be instigators in helping create Wars for Profits.
       That was worth double points above the points he earned for his whole Global Warming bit he did a week or two earlier.

I've determined that ever since World War Two:
       Every War was fought for the sake of the profits of the Defense Contractors and the Kick Backs they give to politicians.

Ask your self a few Hypothetical questions: I thing people need to ask themselves the question: What would hold more value to a Creator such as ours.
       What would he have to value most, his Planet, or the Humanoids that inhabit it?
       What would be harder to come by?
       Then consider that the humanoids may have very well been a biological experiment in the first place.

Do I even need to get into:
       The assumption that he planted the humanoids a 35% brain capacity and they had degraded to 8%.
       I'd be thinking about what is going on here if I were you.

While we are somewhere there
       I found this video of one frustrating Candy Crowly Bitch.
       From from about four to six and a half minutes in the 09 minute video, the stupid bitch had Rand Paul repeating everything he had been interrupted on earlier in the interview by the stupid bitch cutting him off with another ridiculous question.
       I know just how frustrating when stupid people don't have a clue to what you are trying to explain.
       I call it chasing my tail and at about 4 1/2 minutes, I would have gotten up and walked away.
       Those kinds of women can only make you look like a fool Paul. But nice going for just trying not to say that we have been giving the rebels equipment, very expensive equipment and they sell the stuff to ISIS for 4 cents on the dollar that is if we didn't just give the stuff to ISIS directly.

Oceanside PD saves me,
from their own ODPO
Rule Numbers- 42, 50 & 51

June 25-26, 2015:
Even got to slept in my own bed
       Had theses two Security guards hand cuff me and pin me up against the wall as if I was a serious criminal .
       Shoulda seen the niffty little trick he had to disable my leg in an uncomfortable way until he finally let me sit in the ally after he had smashed my hat and trampled over my signs as if they were nothing more valuable than the trash left behind on the street.
       At least the real cops were kind enough to take the cuffs off me before they did their fifty question and other advices.
       Had me all scared at first, I was wondering if I'd be spending another night in the dunk tank.
       Told them I needed a couple drinks to get myself even motivated to do it.
       Good thing I didn't end up with another one of those Spielberg whores.

Funny Thing: Wouldn't you know someone was recording the incident and caught the Security guys telling the cops that I was a child molester.
       Well I'l just have to mark the date on the calender so I know when to file another claim by.

Close outs today; Fun was yesterday.
       Wish I would have rode the opposites yesterday say and today.
       The Stoneman would have given me more lee-way today and wave count today.
       However Yesterday I did get a nice sounding close to tube sound the was pretty good.
       It just seemed like I was getting double the wave count of others then to.
       Today, I just spent myself trying to get back out. I way paddles out in the first hour. Anyone else could have said they had done better than me. I think I had one cool one.

Donald Trump should have been in prison a long time ago.
       It doesn't take much for me to jump to conclusions on the guy, I just know his type.
       I'd challenge anyone to prove my assumptions are wrong. That most of his stuff is built by a company he throws together on paper for just about every project.
       I call them throw away companies..
       The kind that file bankruptcy and stiff his sub-contractors as well as his suppliers who provide materials .
       It's like why should he car if the company can only legally file bankruptcy every 7 year, when he's only had the company a year and a half and the building will be done in four years. (Only need a paper company for 5 and 1/2 years leaves the man an extra year and a half to get it done, even if there are a few delays, like the need to find new suppliers.)

Someone should tell Donald:
       Well maybe he never stays in other Hotels, but maybe someone should tell him that the Mexicans not only build Hotels, they also Clean then.
       Yeah have to laugh at the guy, he's probably too old and on too much medication. I bet he thinks he's mister Hollywood.
       Anyone giving him money to help him run for the president is only looking for favors. I suppose it would be nothing to do with the presidential campaign at all. (You know the term, - FAT CHANCE!)

As for Donald's Hotels:
       I would never step a foot in one because he let a contestant on his TV Show become the a general manager for the construction of a building in Chicago.
       Yeah, no way.

On Woman Empowerment
       Again, while we are close.
       This whole bit with woman wanting equal pay for equal work....
       I really don't understand what they are complaining about. 75 cent to a dollar is not all that bad considering their isn't a proper way to get a proper way to measure equal work.
       It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the carpenter who builds the Hotel is naturally going to make more money than the lady who cleans the rooms in it.

Sounds like the Reverend made about a Million Dollars off the Defense Contractors
       You gotta figure that there is some kind of reason they would let a known murderer perform the Eulogy.
       Gee, just think of all the work a writing crew put into that three ring binder Obama was toting.
       It looked like he knew it would impress everyone if he said Hallelujah like a black man; knowing and realizing that he doesn't even sound like the sole of a black man.
       And his house?
       Not for long.

I know, it's pretty bad:
Rule Numbers-

June 27, 2015:
Even the Boat paddlers watched them rob me are amazed.
       That it hasn't even been a year and I gottum for the third time.
       The six month deadline for me to find a lawyer was less than a week away, if you want to consider Carlsbad as a different law suit.
       The thing that is so bad about this time is that everyone and their brother had been hearing rumors about how they all want to pay me.
       Defiantly an example of by doing .
       Sounds like these guys were actually showing off their capture.

I had to Laugh this Morning
       CBS News re-ran the clip of Obama Starting off Saving grace, -
       They helped him out with electronic pitch control.
       Gee, even a stupid gay president can be a pop star these days.

On this Black guy:
       Who knifed two firefighter/paramedics.
       Don't tell me he is one of those guys you all paid to fly out from New Orleans during hurricane Katrina.
       The only other question about it at this point is:
       Why with all those people, no one had a gun. The guy should be dead already and, well the next two questions would be, how long do you think you can keep him off the street and just how much money the US Tax payers are going to pay to do so?

I don't know about you:
       But I think they went way overboard on the man power to bring in two escaped convicts.
       I figure it would have cost a lot less to just put them on TV and just wait until someone sees them because that is what usually happens in 95% of the cases.

Yeah, for Gays:
       Gee, I see the day when I see defective people jumping for joy.
       A screwed up society is now suppose to be socially acceptable by law.
       I think of it at one hell of a good way for two guys to take use of marriage tax Loop-holes. .
       Loop whole of which I think is unfair because I think single people should have to pay less in taxes, especially property taxes because they are not providing others with stupid kids that need teaching in expensive schools. And the single people should have to pay as much into Mad-Cali if everyone one wants kids to be covered.
       I my self don't want to have to pay for anyone else's stupid kid, and I really don't think a stupid same sex couple should be able to use those loop-holes to get out of paying what the rest of us normal single guys have to.

Confederate Flag is flying off the shelves
       It's like I should of told you so in the first place, but didn't we all know it?
       Crazy that people will get rid of the coolest looking flag.
       I just don't think it is possible, because all they did was create a black market for it and now those jobs making the flags will be over in China.
       Pretty Stupid Hah?

Even though it is Defective:
       The worlds Ugliest Dog seems to be quite comfortable with its self.

Oceanside Parade
       Can't be as good as the street fair in OB but I save you all the carbon and walk my silly little cards to a silly little parade.
       Heads up Speilberg.
       Get a pre-paid out there.
       Have them call the police.

Silver Bullet Award:
To those guy in Tunisa
Rule Numbers- 35, 41 & 44

June 28, 2015:
Some ISIS brain washed moron thought he would shoot up a beach resort
One dead body next to a machine gun:
       Is all we need to see.
       They showed all those evil wanna bees just hole long their fifteen minutes of fame can be.
       The art of it all is just how short it can be cut with some guy who have a Good Shot!
       Don't think there will be too many Copy Copy cats lining up to pull off the same thing there ever again .
       A perfect example of how much money is saved when the Silver Bullet Award is hand over. So much expenses have been save on Judges, lawyers and Jail Cells, we could actually Gold Plate the Award, but we like to think a Silver on is better at fighting evil for some reason so we will keep it that way. The you don't fix it if it isn't broken. (Gotta come up with rule number for that.)

Had this Moron calling Kelly Slater my Buddy:
       I didn't think there was anything funny about it when he said it to me.
       But then again the Moron probably didn't think someone would be there with me to hear it.
       Sure the waves shut down and be came uncooperative .

Supplements for Better Health

I don't know if I'm setting any examples, but after seeing how I'm able to battle with a wave and a difficult one to knock down, some of you may wonder just how I do it and what kind of supplements I take.
       So I figured I'd some day put a page together and somehow hook it up through my profile page and with Health & Environment.
       So here it is:

Supplements for Better Health

Vitimins for good health.

And wouldn't you know:
Oceanside change the laws over night.
Or did they?

This Jay guy from SD something said I should tell the judge it was retaliatory animosity.
I said it was just Robbery:
       I wouldn't doubt they play was underway as some as I bought the cigars at Walmart last night.
       To top it off, I got the mister big guy of the life guards.
       You should have seen me, I was calling out God to give him a number and give the Grim Reaper a call.
       Pretty much told the cops to go blow their heads off too.

I don't know about you, but I happen to think my web-page on Vitamins is a good day's work.
       I'm proud of it and I think it warrants a brake from doing this for the rest of the night .
       I don't know what is wrong, the page looks fine in my browser but once I up load it and then look at it the page format is screwed up. I'm going to worry about it later

Supplements for Better Health

Public Inquest:
Rule Numbers-

June 29th, 2015:
Ask Mr. Space X if he thinks
humans went to the Moon,
-in 1969?
       Hell the fact that they can't get the booster to land on the barge proves that we still don't have the technology to make a lunar landing module,- land, -period.
       Kinna makes those old Space Shuttles look better every day.
       I bet you could find more people willing to step up and take the gamble on one of those retire Space Shuttles over anything anyone has come up with since.
       It's a problem when artificial intelligence gets more involve and the human aspects of it go to hell. Pretty soon it all relies on a line of digital code. Not the most trust worthy thing.

The way I look at it:
       If we weren't spending so much of your Tax Dollars building and blowing up targets for the sake of the profits of the defense contractors. We would have saved enough money to build another half a dozen new and even a little improved Space Shuttles.
       Could have been doing something something constructive; like taking any kind of material up there and tying it all together some how.
       If you think you are going to go to the Moon, I don't think you can launch everything you need in one launch. You need to be able to get the parts up into space and then assemble the craft to go further.
       Still, there is that radiation factor and even God himself would tell you that the human body does not fair well with it.

But Tax Payers are handing over almost 10% of their income to Blow up their own targets at the rate of at least $50 Billion per year no less.

Got them again!
       That and the other thing about someone killing themself is all I heard this morning.
       Gee, Slander four times this year and it sounds like the Grim Reaper has been doing the job it is suppose.

Oh yeah:
       Apparently at least one of my Angle had taken Niacin in his day. He did his best at getting a message to me that the needly effect and burning, (like on the reddening face,) is a good example of what radio transmission and cell phone radiation feels like when a spirit is too close to it, while trying to exist amongst you.

And those Guys in Tunisia, with the Silver Bullets:
       We all here at are damn proud of you. You guys make the so many of the rest look like a bunch of fools.
       Hell, they shot him dead and rounding up a bunch of his comrades.
       If some folks deserve a bunch of brownie points on their score card with God, -well you guys deserve some Double Brownie Deluxe Points.

Silver Bullet Award

1,000 at $300 per day for a week:

100 at $300 per day would have been $210,000.oo
To catch two Cooks
       Pretty silly don't you think? Like burning up damn near $2 Million Dollars to catch two crooks, ($1.9 Million actually.)
       Something tells me that I'm still too conservative on the figure, but really, isn't it pretty silly to just waist so much money?
       I saw it coming, it usually turns out the same way almost every time.
       Maybe someone should have just let Matt Dillon and Festus track them down.

Figured on what cards to make up next:
       Now that I've been getting more people who want to hear what I say, I need to learn to save my voice and tone it down a bit.
       I need visual aids. Not something big and simple to flash at people, but something to help explain things, like the way patent terms are set up because it's a waste of time when people don't understand what you've just spent ten minutes explaining. I also some cards to show people like a college professor would use to show where all your money goes.
       Got two or three in mind so I've got to devote some time to them this week.
       Well hope you all enjoy my Vitamin page. I happen to think it's pretty good.
       I wouldn't doubt it will save a lot of people from illnesses and help provide a way to a better quality of life and fitness.

Double Standards
Rule Numbers-

June 30th, 2015:
-It's ok for folks to talk about me.
       I can walk into a Walmart and find the majority of the people talking about me. (I'm sure it starts up as soon as I pull into the parking lot.).
       Anyhow the most ridiculous part about it is that if I go around the store talking about it myself, it make people want to kering.
       Not kidding one bit, I even mentioned it and one of the patrons backed me up .

Mr Trump:
       Has no strength as he says. A Strong is a guy who can paddle the Stoneman to the outside in 3-4 ft. waves at 8 seconds.
       Him and Governor Christy both would have a cardiac arrest before they could make even close to the outside. (Yeah, they wouldn't even make it half way.)
       Funny how Donald said he would make the Mexicans build the wall.
       Heck yeah, with a hidden door about every quarter mile.
       But you would have to pay them to do it first, because they don't go for that not getting paid shit, -that Donald is all about.

I'm still waiting to hear:
       Of the amount of the price tag that man hunt cost the US Tax payers .
       And I haven't bothered writing out the detail upon how I get the expression, but I will end up showing you all US tax payers that 5-10%, and more like 10% of your income goes to defense and at least 5% of is being given away as targets.
       But the bottom line is that almost 10% of what you earn, goes to a killing war machine. Missiles and Targets mostly. I bet less than 2 or 3% actually goes to real defense.

Sounds like the Bold Headlines r a hit
       It sure makes it easier for me to go back and grab something to make into a feature page later since it is much easier to find the bits, so its good for me too.

Guess my bit on Vitamins went over pretty well.
       Sound like I've been getting endorsements from just about every fitness goo-rue out there. (A lot even like my keep it simple regiment too.)
       Saying shit like I know what I'm talking about .
       Some of them have been saying that there will be less case of cancer because of it, because it's not all about Vitamin actually.
       I did pull a rewrite and added some more stuff.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week

The Health Inspector



Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at:Poop Bad Law.

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Organized Religion:
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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
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Organized Religion:
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December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
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Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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