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stupidity should be painful

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Something tells me:
Rule Numbers- 50, 51

July 2nd, 2015:
N C paying the price
       Tell me they don't have scuba divers up and down that coastline, feeding sharks as a way of making money off tourist. .
       You know, the come dive with the Sharks bit that stupid people all over are doing.
       I can only laugh, because they are no longer just taking a bite and thinking the person isn't their food. They take a bit now and say, yes indeed this smells and tastes just like our food.
       More and more people will become the victims of the training they've been teaching the Sharks.
       They've been around a lot longer than humans and you can bet they will still be around when humans are gone .

And after looking up Saudi Arabia
       I don't get too worked up over all the people that are being killed with my truck.
       The realization that Arabs, Muslims are among the breeds of humanoids and religions that have become inbreed. (That stupid brainwashing religion problem, I'm sure God would rather not have exists.)
       They have higher rates of of Diabetes among other physical and mental problems that come into play when you are breeding families amongst families.
       To put it lightly, they are probably amongst the dumbest among the human race so killing them off can only be a good thing if you are trying to breed smarter people.
       I met Muslims in Australia that were so stupid, they actually thought there are street car chases just like in the movies. They think if they can make it to the US, they will find money just laying around in the streets. (The actuality is that most of the Muslims that make it to the USA are already rich before they get here.)
       So, so be it you fools; maybe it's just part of God's plan to exterminate the stupid people from his planet.
       Like they say, "you have to start somewhere."

Oceanside PD is above the law:
Criminals with a badge is totally socially acceptable.
       Funny how that little note book with all the law firms phone numbers disappeared.
       Hell the day I went to the library and wrote a whole bunch of them down, I got harassed by police and I even told them that it was the very reason they were harassing me.
       Just think of the number of law firms that got little visits because of it.
       None the less, I get the sense that others who walk the streets here feel the creepiness of the place. There is a creep factor here for sure.
       Well if the rumors about Gunzalus killing himself are to be true, it's will make this place just that much less creep factor. (Less criminals on wheels.) I want to see that fireman kill himself too. Sounds like Meathead Martin saw his last day on God's planet too.
       If that isn't great news, well....

Trending tourist attraction:
Rule Numbers- 50, 51 & 86

July 3, 2015:
Police Harassment and Slander
       I must have my own channel on YouTube and Instagram.
       Pretty bad when people flock to Oceanside to see the cruel criminal activity first hand.
       Videos are not good enough, they want to see it in person.
       That's pretty sick.
       Top it off with another set-up I'm suppose to waste my fuel on today. (If it wasn't a set-up, it isn't about to happen.)

Don't tell me that they got them again:
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 50 & 51

July 5, 2015:
Wouldn't you know, but not me.
       I don't know were I would look for the evidence, but apparently, the Oceanside Police slandered me for the third time in less than 10 days .
       And can you believe with the anticipation of me showing up at the Street Fair, I sold over $250,000.oo worth of Hotel Room on Thursday night.
       But you know I'm not into selling rooms so I wasn't about to be predictable enough to let myself be used in such a way.
       However, I guess people got what they wanted on the Fourth, because anyone with any common sense could predict that the Police would harass me. And anyone betting against that prediction would have lost it.

Grand standing on a garbage can has been legal for two months but all off a sudden, it's against the law.
       I never did produce any new charts, but it wouldn't have done any good because all I had was Jesus freak hecklers.
       So standing on a garbage can having people tell you that Jesus loves you is illegal here in California.

Oh get this:
       This head honcho Pig that came up to harass me, tried to tell me he was supportive of the message I was trying to convey. (He was actually clueless, you know and so do I, because he's brain wash with a flash cookie.) .
       Anyhow, somewhere within his mister tough guy speech, he suggested that I go kill myself. (Then he pulled those have you thought of killing yourself questions as if he wanted to send me to a mental hospital,)
       Then when he was don't I suggested that he go kill himself like so may other cops do and he snapped back claiming I was threatening him.
       With of course the question as if that was a threat, after he insisted that it was.
       Yeah, I know, double standards. Of course they drag you off to the side so all those people can't hear what they are saying to me. This guy was all prepared and hoping he could take me to jail, he even drug a probation office into it hoping I'd be on probation so he could throw me in jail over nothing if I was. Pretty dirty isn't it?

And oh, on the rumors: On Gunzalus Killing himself?
       The rumors are false because the moron is still alive and still handing out evil unfortunately.
       However, he's not much anyways, because what we need is the judges like judge Trice in SLO and the others here in Vista to be killing themselves. Trice is one who should be deader than a door nob and same goes for his court appointed attorney James B, Maguire III.
       Wouldn't it be nice if they had a cardiac arrest? (Sure would.) Please God Make it happen. Please. Pretty Please. With Sugar on top.
       Angles, Please give him the score card they deserve, -a bad one.
       Never the less, we owe God and or my Angle for making the weather appropriate for giving me a brake at times by unleashing the rain showers at times that either help me by giving me time off and doing my job for me.

The jumbo cards spend most of the day in front of the Friday traffic jams, which I think made a lot of difference all the way down to San Diego,
       I always thought it would have been a smart thing to do if I had the money to spare, to by a Citizens band Radio and get the truckers that cross the country in on the news .
       Never the less, just working the overpass more or less does the same thing.
       Better lat than never I guess.

Jumbos pull double duty.
       It was a smart move to take my Jumbo Cards on a stick down to the water front before noon today, (on the 4th.)
       Got a bunch of people looking it up early on in the day and it not only pull a dark cloud over the whole Holiday ordeal, but it also provide a bunch of people who were more interested in what I had to say when I did make my rounds later in the day with the 16 smaller cards.

An hecklers crutch:
       I guess it is a result of the lake of wits. Like when they want to heckle you but don't actually had the brains to pull off a battle of wits. (Like when they find it difficult to project that they are smarter than me.) They fall back on sarcasm. Thinking it is a way to make fun and embarrass me.
       Had some try that tactic on me once they realized they could not comprehend any statement with dollar signs and figures. .
       They can understand fanatics because it's all about perception, but if it is factual its too complicated for their diminished brain capacity to comprehend. (It's easier for them to just say that I'm crazy.) But at least I don't see them driving my truck.

You would have to laugh
       Like standing on the overpass for 6 or 7 hours with my jumbo cards on Friday the 3rd, and then two long rounds with Cards on the beach and pier, and these are the stats I got from the 1st through the forth.
1st 1081-Pages 436-visits, 1029-sites
2nd 1023-pages, 468-visits, 1104-sites .
3rd 1099-pages, 462 visits, 1050 -sites
4th 1043-pages, 485-visits, 973-sites
       So what they are saying is that all that effort didn't amount to any more than 20-30 visitors.
       Well I can say I at least watched twice that many looking it up on there phone, while they were right in front of me. (Even looking down from the overpass.)

From what it sounds like, there was at least two incidents yesterday when the cops slandered me.

Taylor Swift is full of shit.
       Had to laugh at the thought that she would talk about how genuine her friends are.
       Her friends only matter when it comes to self promotion.
       Like she had Serina Williams walk down her stage as if he was was a diva..
       When the actuality of Williams is the he is ripping off the woman who play tennis. He's a cheater and what is appalling is that the Tennis Association actually calls him a girl.
       I think they should make him take an MRI to prove he has ovaries before picking up the check. (I think he's balding like a man and waring a head band to hide it.)

Pretty quite in Walmart:
Rule Numbers- 9 & 26

July 6th, 2015:
Had to go to the one on Jefferson to verify.
       I have to realize that it wouldn't be the first time I heard stuff that was just rumors planted just to see if I would repeat them, in which the intention was to discredit me.
       However, I don't think the wives of the military will go around like the Oceanside Police Department, with claims of me being a person who is mentally ill.
       Of course, that is the OPD favorite way of slandering me, but now days they have no fear of using the Child Molester rumor because they know I can't get a lawyer to sue them.

Anyhow, the other day when the US Submarine Philadelphia arrived, I thought I heard about it in the background noise on the TV News as the wives were waiting for their husbands.
       My guess is as soon as they were able to use their cell phones during the arrival of the submarine, the husbands were cluing their wives in on what happened out at sea.
       What I thought I heard was, "they ran into a flying jelly fish."
       Then of course all I have to do is go into a Walmart store to double check to see if I was just hearing things. However the problem with the one on Mission Street is so full of phoney rumors about me and how "they" want to pay me, you really can't believe anything you hear there.
       So I figured I'd make a run for the $4.95 package of salmon that they have at the store off of Hwy 78 Jefferson exit, which has always been more reliable even though it is farther from the Base.
       There the term used was, "collided." Being that the terms used at each location, more or less makes me want to believe I'm not just hearing things and also less likely that it was just a phoney rumor set-up.

However, just alway assume the store and being less cluttered with phoney rumors, I can usually learn of more details in the matter also.
       Apparently they had to shut down the nuclear reactor, or as I must term, begin to shut it down because we all know you can't just shut off a nuclear reactor.
       I bet a bunch of their time was just drifting around in the ocean with out any power because I would think they would have to go through a bunch of start-up procedures just to get it up and running again.
       Never the less, I bet that would have scared the shit out of the whole crew.
       I bet it didn't do any or much damage to the outer skin of the sub because of it being of some kind of flesh, but I bet the weight of it and the volume was enough to make it fell like they just hit one hell of a bumper car. Anything that wasn't fastened down was probably a projectile. Then if and when they figured out what they hit, they probably wondered if it would attack them. With on power, you'd pretty much be a sitting duck.
       They say they've had planes disappear. but a nuclear submarine sounds even scarier. (A nuclear reactor, plus how many nuclear warheads?)

Update: Didn't notice,If the Submarine was actually towed in.
       Well that's something the government probably was,t about to let the News networks tell us. If it is true, isn't that still censorship?
       Anyhow, it sure sounded like some guy just yelled out loud that, "they couldn't get it started back up."
       Could be some coincidence, but I just uploaded the bit about how you just can't shut off a nuclear reactor, nor can you start it back up.
       I bet instead of just drifting around out there, they just bought it back to port where it is continuing to shut down.

I'm still wondering, if the rumors are true, that the batch of 1,200 trucks of mine have already been delivered to Iraq and whether they have already been sold off to ISIS at they say has already happened.
       Oh well, I bet they don't have much for misquotes over there.
       However, I think killing off Muslims with Hellfire Missiles isn't the most cost effective way of killing them, but if my truck makes it just a little bet more cost effective, I guess its still saving you a little bit of money. Even if all you are getting out of it is a $380,000.oo target to blow up. ($250,000.oo for my truck and $130,000.oo for two hellfire missiles to blow it up.)

Congrats to the US Girls Soccer Team
       Having Lloyd on the team was like having cushion the rest off the game within minutes into the game.
       As I have mentioned before: I think it is a shame that the woman at the pentacle of their sport, are stuck playing on fake grass, which has been known to be bad for goalies, -when men at the same level get to play on real grass.
       That's what we here at MSR call inequality and something woman have the right to complain about.

Tough call: The decision the pilot had to make, when trying to land the plane with no engine.
       Glad the kid didn't get hurt any worse, as well as nobody else.
       But I would have just made sure my seatbelt was on and ditched it just outside of the beakers.
       You gotta realize the reason the guy is flying the plan is because there is crowds on the beach in the first place.
       Now if it was some ordinary day during the week and there wasn't crowds on the beach and some pilot (other than and advertiser, who is obviously advertising because of crowds,) I would try to land on an empty beach. It's something that is done all the time, but forth of July weekend is not too smart. I think it was a bit selfish and disrespectful, thinking your life is worth more than others. I wonder if the guy goes out and gets another job, just as an evil cop does even if he does loose his job?
       (Wonder if anyone has thought of putting horns on Planes?)
       -Sure would have helped there.

Oh this Scorpion show: I laugh. It's like how would Hollywood 8%ers even know how to write a script depicting what it is to be a genius.
       It's like a bunch of Hollywood writers, writing a script on how it is being a professional musician working in Night clubs.
       I wonder what those so called Geniuses think of the show. (Probably the same way I think of them portraying musicians.)
       I don't even know how I could even relate to so call geniuses myself. However I've had pretty good relationships with most of the engineers I've met and known over the years.
       I think of myself more of a streetwise person with a quicker wit, -similar in a way to a computer with a faster possessor speed.
       Too me, everyone I meet seems like the older computer with the 700 megahertz processor. Kinna slow and kinna sluggish.
       You can eventually get to the conclusion, but it should have been thought out yesterday, because by now, it's too late. (The definition of Stupidity actually.)

I'm still trying to figure out if God put those flying jelly fish in the ocean or not.
       Honestly, I'm not sure. I guess I'd be even more scared if he didn't.

What if that wasn't God back in Pismo? Then there isn't anything telling me that God is even a man if he wasn't.
       Then who even gave God his name? Did God get his name by assumption, like someone giving a name to a planet. In the way as naming a planet influenced by the name of kind of humanoid that came from it. (As I talking about naming a planet last week.)
       I guess one could check the Bible to see if the name God was even spoken, before Jesus was born.
       And why dose everyone go around saying Jesus loves you and not so much God loves you? Some talk as if they are both the same? The line gets blurred between the two of them if you ask me.
       As for my opinion, the two are entirely different.
       I can see where one should praise and worship God. But if Jesus was just another Sentinel like me, then I would have to say Jesus is one who should be appreciated and admired and honored, not necessarily worshiped, because I sure don't think people should be worshiping me.
       None the less, if I were someone else, such as yourselves, would appreciate and admire and honor any Sentential, However I don't think a Sentential is to be worshiped. (Like don't you think some would like to be able to retire or at least get a vacation once in a while?)
       As I said before, I think of myself more or less a baby sitter. All I can do is try to keep you out of trouble.
       Maybe in a way, I can think of myself as an Angle in Human form, but nothing more than that at the most.
       But really, do you actually think screwing over a Sentinel is a good thing to do?

Bet the Philadelphia is retired:
Rule Numbers- 36 & 38

July 8th, 2015:
Gotta Wonder if it was the size of a 767 or a Jumbo Jet.
       Bet you all the rest of them are moving at half speed because of that question.
       Guess they felt lucky just to survive that one and with such a jault it probably shook many components loose on the inside of the ship. They would probably have to worry about electrical fires and that's why it either has to be either retired or scraped. I wonder how many Billions you all lost on that kind of thing.

Wonder if they plan to keep on Building them?
       I myself think they should build non nuclear hybrid subs.
       Ones that run on Diesel and solar power and only have conventional weapons on them.
       Batteries are a bit flammable for a warship but weapons are pretty flammable too.

A collision with between a sub and a flying jelly fish is something I figured would happen someday, -if I wasn't just crazy and imagining it all. I figured that if they don't show up on radar in the sky, I had serious doubt they would be able to see them in the water. They probably look just like a school of fish.
       However, I'll just consider it to be the same thing as the gun shots going off in Morro Bay during my two or three day stupper with mark Foo.

Kinna makes me change my mind, on an opinion of mine, I had way back before those days.
       Even though I was against having them all together, I figured that having Nuclear weapons, aboard a submarine was probably the best and safest place to keep such war heads.
       I figure any stock pile of radioactive material is nothing but a target in the first place and ocean was big and as good as a place or better to hide such a thing.
       I figured you could pretty much move it anywhere with out others knowing.
       I wonder how many fishermen are catching them in their nets. .
       I know a captain of a commercial fishing boat catch what they thought was a Submarine once. The thing began pulling them backwards and all he could do was let out the reals and hopping that the cables cable clamps at the end of the line weren't any tighter than they needed to be.
       Lucky they were, but the doors, the net and the cables cost something like $60,000.oo to replace, so you can bet they were inquiring with the Navy about any sub in the area.
       They all had to write it off as most likely being a Russian Submarine.

The Sky Disappeared
Pulled a Tom Decker at the bottom of a late drop in. I either had to duck into it or pull away because it looked like one of those things you and your board mixed up together inside isn't always a good thing.
       I went for it hoping jumping on the nose at the right time would get me enough steam to get out in front of it.
       While the shy seemed to grow darker, I felt my head bust through the lip and it let me out.
       Also had a wicked drop in going left.
       It was like a sideways drop in, but kinna airborne.
       I bet the best picture wave was a right I started out with a belly-ride. It just had a nice glass wall I pulled myself up into.
       I figure for all the junk that was out there, and only getting four or five waves, I probably didn't do so bad for the waves I got. Pretty good for a senior citizen.

I saw the show about the Super Bug on PBS last night.
       I think that hospital that had it spreading through their hospital should not even thought about it twice, as to whether or not to admit new patents.
       That was about as wreck-less at that pilot landing a plan on a crowded beach and as Greet as a doctor prescribe drugs and treatments for cancer to a patent the dose not have cancer

None the less, I would encourage all of you to sit down and watch the show.
       Keep in mind that the conclusion to the quest they discovered the bacteria was traveling around in people digestive track and living inside their stomachs.

Where I'm going here is, -those of you thinking of getting a pet for your kids should think twice.
       Dogs will eat cats shit and cats will go after bird just as dogs like to roll around on a dead fish.
       Who's to say the cat didn't eat a mouse that just eat something that just died from a dirty infection with deadly bacteria.
       When you have to live in a world in which anti-bacterial have been over used and used improperly, you end up in a world with Bactria the can not fight .
       We are living in a world thinking just washing your hands is good enough when the real problem is were are also living in a world where harboring the growth and spread of Bactria.
       The key here is to have a body that is healthy enough and strong enough to fight off bacteria on its own.
       The trick is to keep the bacteria that the body has to fight to a fight able level, not necessarily invite more bacteria to fight.
       Like bringing a dog into a grocery store that has raw food stung out everywhere, anyone who eats that food is eating bacteria that is brought into the store. The boxes week get to handle while we eat breakfast has bacteria that is brought in to the store by customers. The last thing you need in there is a customer bringing in a rodent. (The dog that eat the cat shit from the cat the ate the dying bird that ate the fly that landed on the dead rat that had the bacteria that killed something else.)

On that Doctor who lead people to believe they had cancer:
       I wish there was a way he could be tortured the rest of his life .
       Or just better yet just save your money and kill him as soon as possible.
       You can be sure he isn't the only one out there that is doing it.
       I bet most places look at the most profitable way of treating cancer before anything else.
       I think the same thing is going on in the medical profession of Psychiatry. If they are not mentally ill, they will make them that way, or even keep them that way.
       I wouldn't doubt some cops get kick back for filling there beds since a simple 5150 in on a 72 hour evaluation cost tax payers as much as putting them up in a 5 star hotel.

Oh yeah:
Funny thing:
       When I first look at the Gulf Course, I was unaware of where the PGA Championship was but the first thing I thought was how it looked like the Fort Lewis Reservation I used to ride my dirt bike on when I was a kid .
       Turned out to be Chambers Day, and just up the road from Sunnyside Beach
       Pretty much a piece of shit course do to the fact that it's probably built on and old gravel pit because the place is all rocks.
       The Greens were some of the worst I'd ever seen and I was surprised being up there with all the rain that they were not greener.
       The course is a good one if difficulty is you game I suppose.
       I could get over looking at the cloud formations against the blue skies. Something else I recognized.

And Boy:
You can bet that Bruce Jenner's Photos were photo shopped for the magazines.
       Cause boy, that make-up dose not help much in Videos.
       And they are considering, or possibly already decided to give him his own TV Show.
       My God, if that wouldn't be a freak show.

Take it for what you think it is worth:
Let's just say I'm bull-shitting you.
       I'll willing to bet that God will demonstrate the message I think I have from him.
       Maybe it's just a crazy idea I consider up in my head upon how if I were God, I be trying to gain control of what ever control I had on it's people and the environment they live in.
       Since you say God gave you free will, then I guess you could say that he is not able to make you do anything.
       But if he is so powerful and he created everything, this planet and all of us. Maybe he has some control upon the planet, or at least some control of the environment. .
       Like the idea he could make storms worst or better. Waves big or small. The wind and lighting. And don't forget about tornadoes and those kinds of things.
       Now what I'm looking at or thing about is in interest of what kind of natural disasters they had in China.
       I figure mostly earth quakes. But I wonder if God can even control or even create earth quakes. I think it would be easier for God to make a tornado than an earthquake, wouldn't you think?
       Never the less, the only kind of natural disaster that necessarily take thousands of live are usually storms from the sea which is either created by wind or earthquakes.

What I'm trying to get at: Is how would God Send a Message to China, by killing off massive amounts of people.
       The message being that God dose not like the idea of the Chinese, killing their own people off with the pollution the create from burning coal for energy. Let alone a harm it does considering Global warming. Coal is the major contributor to Global warming and China has not made sufficient efforts to get away from it, -and that must change.

Australia is also known to produce more pollution per capita from burning coal than anywhere else in the world.
       I can see how God could easily control storms in the northern parts of Australia. It's been whipped out before.
       How could God do the same kind of thing to Japan for being careless with nuclear generation plants and not getting rid of them all together? And how could God make that message with out them creating even more of a mess with radioactivity?
       I guess the message he would be creating would be one, -you mess up my atmosphere by providing energy to your people, I make sure there are less people to make energy for.
       So after having this message idea floating around in my head and dominating my thought processes for the past few days, I just figured I'd just write it out there for you all, and maybe it will go away and leave me alone.

Something tells me that if China dose not do something about the problem this year. Next year will bring what they need to fear about.
       I think everyone in every country should be getting creative upon how we could create Brownie Points with God.
       Figure like Rule Number 36: the more you do to be gentle on his planet, the easier he will make it for you to live on it.
(And you would have a good argument that it had to do with something you all did yourself.)

And if you do not stop feeding sharks:
They will be jumping out of the water like the one on the news, -just to grab you while you're leaning over the side of your boat.

I laughed the other night: When I watch an interview on the CBS News.
       The gal asked a couple men in Syria if they wanted air support from the US.
       The guy answered back, -in translation of course, "no" he said. "The war is not real. The US gives weapons to ISIS."

Now tonight, on the evening news, they say that the $500,000,000.oo US Tax Payer's investment in training solders for the Syria has produce only 60. I laughed again.

The Great Ultimatum
Rule Number XXXVI

July 9th, 2015:
Just like writing a Modern Day Bible
       It's is easier to believe when you are writing it yourself, I would say, wouldn't you?
       Although I didn't even use the world, "Ultimatum," -just hearing the word spoken everywhere tells me that you all got the message.

It must have been early morning in China when I posted the message. It was a difficult one to post, because I still need to look at it again for a possible rewrite, and that is why I was reluctant to get involved writing it.
       Anyhow, it sounds like I have a few followers in China. (My Stats have always shown so, ever since I can remember.)
       None the less, it sounds like there were either decisions or actions made that resulted in folks in China shutting down a few of the older coal plants that were some of the worse polluters.
       That should get them a few brownie points.
       I will say that I heard this morning on the news that China's stock market pulled out of a month long dive with a small rise. I think it's safe to say that it a good positive indicator.

Not so funny, but funny:
       Last night, there was a news clip that was suppose to be a live feed from China. You could see in the background a few buildings about 1/4 of a mile away. You couldn't see any farther than that because of the pollution.
       It was like the reporter was intending for us to take a look at it.
       (It was just unbelievable; and I thought LA was bad because you can't see the mountains so much of the time, but the pollution in China; that takes the cake.)

Brownie Points for San Diego?
       I would think so, but I'm not necessarily the one that hands them out really. I leave that up to the Angles to keep track of them. I can only suggest and voice my opinion.
       Anyhow, I think many of us are quite impress at the percentage of water reduction we pulled off last month.
       I think it shows us all that for once people really buckled down and done something about it.
       Well, except for those rich pathetic Hollywood folks who could actually pay for it but steal water by the truck loads anyway.

Oh Boy:
Will he change the General Lee's name?
       I think there is too much fuss over it when guy will deface the value of his own so called collector's idiom.
       I thought the flag on top was the coolest looking thing on the car, besides Daisy Duke.

Brownie Points
For the whistle blower who turned the evil and greedy doctor in.
       Gee, this evil doctor did all that for only $34 Million Dollars.

Apparently I'm not the only one:
To think Hybrid Subs would have several advantages.
       You gotta figure that being quite is the biggest problem with Submarines. You can't hide very well when others can hear you, and you can't hear others when you are making noise yourself.
       The problem with a nuclear reactor base propulsion is that the Nuclear generator is more or less a steam powered generator and there is no way to turn off or stop the turbine that is connected to the generator. (So even if you power down, -you really cant power down all the way.)
       Where as A Hybrid propulsion system can run with less noise because the only moving parts are the electric motors and propulsion system, and when you shut down that, there isn't anything else left running in motion.
       Diesel engines with generators would only truly be needed if there is a problem with overcast skies, or the desire to move on top of the water during the night at a higher rate of speed. Just as the ability to travel faster during the day with the help of solar panels; and for top speed they could pull power off the batteries too.
       And a Submarine is an excellent vehicle for the use of Lithium Ion Batteries because there is plenty of steel inside water to use for heat sinks, -keeping them cool during rapid charging and discharging with heavy workloads.

Ariana Granda just showed us all just how easily lead on she can be, emulating anything she thinks her punk boy friend will think is cool.
       I'd expect much better out of a twelve year old.
       I think the bitch made it on her looks because her voice has no range and it isn't difficult to sing like that in just one key all the time.
       She obviously thinks she is better than the rest of use. Like, it's ok, I'm Ariana Gronday.

Let me guess:
       Ringo Star said at his 75th birthday said that he wanted to play with Sunnyside, before he dies.
       My question is, what is he doing about it? Does Spielberg owns him too?
       That's accepting evil and that's what we call a curse around here.

BBB my ass:
Sick and Tired of their Mis-leading Commercials.
       The Better Business Burial is an old relic leftover from the pre-inter-net days.
       They are nothing more then a background check and nothing more then a review on the modern day inter-net web-site.
       First off, the only time they can help you is before you do any business with the company in question.
       And filing a complain against someone through them is only opening a door for them to extort money, for themselves, from the company you are complaining about.
       BBB does not go after anyone for anyone, -as their commercial tells you.

I once got took by a contractor going by the name Summit Homes, in Tacoma Washington.
       The contractor used up any credit any supplier would give him, -and work anyone who was willing for work for pennies on the dollar, -if that before they realize that he wasn't paying anyone anything.
       When I looked at his bankruptcy papers covering the $250,000.oo in debits he owed; -I noticed he even owed the BBB $800.oo.
       I figured the $800.oo owed to the BBB was for the use of the BBB trademark logo on the half page add in the phone book, -he also owed money on.

Got a Email:

From Kristy K who moved to Newport Oregon
       She responded to me because of
Are U kidding me? You should move to Newport, Oregon. I never, before, felt such intense scrutiny by any police until we moved there.
       As a result of medical conditions (VA being 2 hour drive away) we moved back to California.
       I was never arrested, cited or ticketed for anything. However, that did not stop the Newport city police from peeking over our private fence and staring at me, stopping and questioning me on several occasions, following my wife and child in their city police vehicles. They despise veterans and men of any integrity.

Did you know that the Supreme Court ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you?
       Yes. It is true. Their only job is to investigate criminal activity and to arrest criminals. And, YES, they will take anything you say and word what you say against YOURSELF. Happened to me. If any emergency arise, call 911 and request their help in saving/protecting your life.
       Never request the police. Happy trails!
       I guess that means the Oceanside Police Department has no right to kick me off the top of a garbage can hah?
       Wonder if Kristy is gay, because of the wife and kids. Wonder if it is even real. I bet he used his wives e-mail account.

Over it already:
Rule Numbers- 100

July 10th, 2015:
The Confederate Flag, Com-a-Con, and Bruce Jenner:
       Three things I'm tired of hearing about and can't wait for them to go away .

What is the fuss?
There are Dozens of Black Bass Players out there who can play as well as I can.
       I can't understand the reason Ringo would even open his mouth at any desire to play with me because I really don't see what is so special about that.
       What a hallmark, a part of history, or is it celebrity?

When you all paid for assassination of Leon
       It's like it's sanctioned and you are all ok with it because the president and a rich Hollywood guy are more important to you.

Ringo Star's Bucket list should have had playing with JR on it.
       I can tell you that it would have been much higher on my list than playing with Ringo.
       Rule # 16 Ringo reminds me of a belly acher.

On the Illegal Alien in San Francisco:
The reason I would want Gun Lockers in a Night Club
       All it took was someone leaving their gun in their car and a criminal got a hold of it.

My Gun Safety Bit
I'm pretty sure:
I have some Musicians for Angles because I keep hearing a suggestion from them.
       Like to hell thinking about a night club.
       They keep telling me to take it on the road.
       Gotta admit, that's a better and more self for-filling idea because it's not like any certain city of hotels that would be profiting from me.
       Why would I want to make Oceanside any money? Or their hotels?
       When I could just put the Jam Shack wheels?

I checked my word count:
       Can you believe I have been averaging over a 1,500-2,000 words per day.
       I find it quite amusing because even professional writers doing books, news and other things consider that a day's work.
       Then put in the web-page formating code one top of that, you are doing quit a bit.
       I think the funniest thing about it is how the news media makes a big deal of a 50 word tweet Hillary will scrutinize over and
       Pretty much goes for all those politicians who use teams of writers to come up with something to say that is so broad and generalized, there isn't a fact left in it.
       It's only suppose to sound good.
       We call it the old art of the, "sound bite." They came up with them decades ago. (Now it's only 140 characters is all.)

A bunch of crap: The shit the girls soccer team has been telling people.
       It is a flat out lie to say you can do what ever you set your mind to. The fact is: very few people ever get to live out there dream because of all the evil and corruption. Why don't they bring up the fact that if you pursue you dreams, there is just as much chance of ending up dead over it as making it big with it.
       Fuck you bitches!
       Get the hell off my TV!

Perfect Example:
Just got interrupted by a cop showing up at my door.
       I'm leaning the complaint call came from Obama and not the Security Guy at Harbor Freight. (He was around the front of the building at the time.)
       However Mr. Miller showed up inquiring whether I was sleeping there or not.
       I asked Miller, (why don't you just ask the security guard, haven't they been working. ) .
       " They are the ones who called us" Miller said.
       Something tells me he knew it as well as I did, that the call didn't come form a security guard. Even within our conversation of me saying it was a pre-paid, even Miller said something like it it was possible it came from President Obama.

I can remember the night Carlos Santana got up on the stage and did the you can do what ever you want speech. That was the night I took Playing with Carlos Santana off my bucket list.
       No long important to me. Got other priorities. Not saying I would never do it, but I rally don't care because I'm afraid I would not even get excited about it anymore. When I see them pull that speech off, and I figure they know who I am and about me, it just puts a bad taste in my mouth.
       I figure I've got too many other things I want to do over doing anything with anyone who has held me as their dirty little secrete.

I think the only real dream, or pacific idiom I have at the top of my list would be something I've always wanted to have.
       I want to be able to afford one of those airline tickets, that let you fly anywhere you want to go for the rest of your life. A true sign of freedom of being able to travel the world and never have to worry about having to buy another airplane ticket.

Yet I live in the real world:
       I realize that dream has a bit more of a tarnished side to it.
       That dream may not be possible for many who try to achieve it because I understand how much Evil and Greed effects the world we live in.
       You have to realize, the more you realize your dream, -the more money a company, (or even several companies,) will loose.
       To make a long story short: Your dream just made you worth more dead than alive.

       And if you didn't think mergers between airline companies would result in price rigging, there is something wrong with you.
       Oh yeah, odds are, your are an 8%er so.... I'll try to understand.

The Government says JR killed himself?
I find that hard to believe.
       Some girl's jealous ex-boyfriend would be more believe able.
       But then if you saw his wife; you may have some doubts about that theory.
       Let me tell you one thing you can take to the bank. Leon knew just how blessed he was.
       He knew who he was and no one else in the world was going to change that.
       The guy was a living phenomenon. He knew it, and I knew it.

I saw a bit on musicians who used to live along Laural Canyon in LA, the other night on TV.
       Funny how this one gal, (I can't remember her name,) a musician herself, had a way of introducing musicians together, -sort of like a match maker.
       The funny part is how I kinna did the same thing with JR and several others back in the day.
       Of course, there was alway something in it for me because it equaled to more gigs with my light show.
       There were times let bands practice at my place until it became obvious there were serious personal problems amongst the band and I wasn't about to inconvenience myself with something that appeared to not be going anywhere.

Happier Days in China:
       From what it sounds like, there are some over there who say that they are surprised at how much of a difference it made just getting rid of what ever they shut down. (I heard a few I think? Which blew my mind.) I bet they had it in the works and my Timing just help turn the Switch overnight.
       Believe me when I can say we all should cheer because that it that much less Global Warming
       I'm willing to say that I bet this world would not be in so much of a problem with Global Warming if all the Coal fired generation plants in the world were eliminated. Its a mater of the fact that with one you will get the other. There is no way of reducing its influence on the environment other than eliminating what is causing it.

Changing Format:
July 13th, 2015

Sounds like search engines are redirecting this web-site to web-pages that are scrambled and hard to read and understand.
       I'm not sure if the files on my server are scrambled or not, but the word on the street is that the only page that is legible is the Journal page.
       Therefore from here out, I will be posting the most recent journal posting in the top of the home page and I will move it to the journal page upon the next posting.
       I figure the only way people get the real stuff is while I'm still writing it and uploading the rewrites as I go. Apparently, that is the only time you can get anything that is readable.

Might wanna shorten the bucket list:
You certainly don't want to put anything on it that will put your life in jeopardy.
       Sounds like people are a bit worried about Ringo.
       And gee, I wonder why.
       You gotta figure he's under and evil Speilberg spell already, or he has to worry about ending up with one of Obama's FBI surgeons.
       Do you think he would get our friendly neighbor in Carlsbad?
       Just as I said last week about the government is the one who ultimately says what someone died by. Now you have the government telling you that BB King died of natural causes, but his daughters are saying he was poisoned.
       Tell me that coroners don't get bought. You just don't hear anything about that, but don't tell me it isn't done.

Sounds like Australia fallowed suit with China
By shutting down some of the older none efficient coal fired plants.
If that's true, that should amount to a few Brownie Points with God.
       (Kinna strange how China had to dodge a typhoon.)

I saw that video of Bruce Jenner's Driving:
The guy should be looking at a few years in prison:
       That's manslaughter, because it is obvious to me he was messing with a cell phone while driving on a busy highway, -with a trailer on back.
       Blatantly obvious he wasn't watching where he was driving.
       And their are enough morons out there who feel he deserves an award for courage.
       Please gag me with a spoon.
       He'll fit right in in prison. Bet he could make himself famous there too.

Is Trump another Ross Perot?
Did Hillary hire him?
       Or is he actually giving her an advantage for free. If so, that would only prove, just how stupid he is.

It sounded like my Dad's voice.
Telling me Hillary Clinton is trying to
brainwash people:

Brainwash people into voting for her that is.

Ted Cruz may have gotten the idea from MSR
Buying bulk amounts of his own books:
Guess you can't always count on a company letting you cancel the orders in less than thirty days.
       Gotta figure on paying them something for it to get away with the old trick.
       I heard he was cut short of the best sellers list.

On the Miss American Pageant:
I lost interest in when I realized they never show their asses during the bikini contest

Gee, some of you must've heard more than I did:
During the PGA Golf Broadcast?
       I heard at least one fragment myself.
       In the background noise it sounded like they were taking about the social experiment that has been going on here in San Diego.
       Apparently, it's no secret to the media.
       On the street, it has been the most talked about topic of discussion. (Everyone is going around, "he thinks we are brainwashed.)
       It's pretty much why I don't go any where or do anything.
       From what I heard of it and what is possible I didn't exactly hear, I wouldn't doubt it may have very well a part of a misleading experiment, and they intentionally wanted people to overhear what they were saying.
       The part I heard could have been connected to an, (oh he's just crazy bit.) Like being brainwashed by the denial of it.
       Well I don't want to be around brainwashed people, who are saying the same things Morro Bay said for years. It's best just to stay away from them. I just figure they are cursed and I'd rather not be around them, but if I go somewhere else, it will be there too.

July tenth was the first time in weeks I had some guy come up to tell me that I'm crazy and that Kelly Slater was never around the Mavericks contest. (He wasn't in the contest, but he was there just free surfing.)
       The motorcycle this messenger was on, was so new and shinny looking, I wondered if it still had a price tag on it.
       Both the cops and Kelly Slater strongholds are the only one's using the word crazy in the same lines they're talking about me. Does anyone else see a direct collation between the two?

As for me being wrong:
I'd think Kelly Slater would have been suing me.
       But he has no alibi and from what I've heard is that he's confessed three times already.
       What I'm wondering about is why hasn't the LAW done anything about Kelly Slater, Channel Islands, my Sister selling them my surfboard art. And wasn't that attempted murder? There has to be something on paper that proves motive. Yet they let me have to wonder if he will make a second attempt.

Not a good idea,
  --just burning $10 Million Dollars:
Rule Numbers- 12, 19, 38

July 14th, 2015:
Wonder how many of his buddies are making a shit load of money for nothing.
       Like oceanside spent $700,000.oo for a study of what to do with the waterfront park, way back before I went to Morro Bay.
       Now I look around and I can't see any improvements to the place that looks like a $700,000,oo improvement.
       Spent more looking at it than doing to it I guess?
       Now this Mayor wants to blow a bunch of money on environmental study on building a new stadium where the old stadium was. I would say it will put about the same impact on it if you ask me.
       You put an extra Freeway Exit and Entry Ramp there, it should be ok.
       But whether you do the stupid report in four months or a year for $4 Million, either or, its a waste of money because it is not going to be built anyway. (Now they say the price has changed to $2.1 Million.)
       If an environmental study is so important and Time consuming, they should have started one a long time ago.

Some Stupid Idiotic Deal:

Rule Number 38
Ten years go by pretty fast

It's no more than kicking the can down the road ten years. And allowing them Access to even more weapons on top of that.
       Pretty screwed up deal if you ask me.
       I figure that they will become a middle guy arms dealer, giving Israel some competition with what they do with the $3.14 billion the US gives them every year.
       Boils down to the fact that Israel has got a legitimate gripe when the USA is funding a competing war machine builders.
       And once the ten years run out, trying to reimpose sanctions on Iran will not be ass easy as you may think when so many corporations will be crying hardships because of the loss of revenue.
       Therefore to save revenues, -they will be willing to pay a portion of those revenues to pay off politicians so that they don't put sanctions back on they .
       I think it blew the whole opportunity of getting Iran to get rid of Nuclear everything. No one should let them manufacturer any more than enough atomic fuel for their electrical generation plants for the next 15 years.

With this deal Obama has going, -has another big whole in it. It says Iran can have as much Nuclear anything they want in 15 years and, get this: must export its nuclear waste.
       I don't know what exactly that is about, but it sure dosen't sound very good. Sounds like trouble to me?
       Who in hell is going to want radio active waste?

However, I do think a deal should include a limited lift of sanctions conventional military equipment, -primarily defensive, and they should only be able to buy the arsenal for Iran only. They should not be aloud to provide the equipment to other countries or organizations.

Amazing how Obama would pay to have a big long speech written and go on TV to announce it with nothing more than a bunch of generalizations and theories and never even states any pacific details about it.
       In my opinion, Kerry and Obam must be getting some kind of pay off for dropping the ball because just one look at how Kerry rolls around his hands while trying to justifying the lousy agreement, you know something is up.
       I even got a laugh at Hold bitty Hillary endorsing it by saying the deal is better than nothing.
       But really: to be able to sell and give away arms in five years with Advanced Missile Technology in 8 years. And anything they want in fifteen.
       Where I come from, we call it a sack of shit.
       I don't know how they got so far off from a decent way of doing things, but you can only hope these negotiators are running on at least 8%. So what do you expect? Really.

Do you think Speilberg killed himself:
Its sure what people have been saying. But I can only think it is something they want me to think.
       So what if he is? Isn't the same kind of thing when his Evil Children have control of his money.
       As long as you will buy a Speilberg Movie, they would bee willing to make money of the evil criminal.

Ducked into one that Sounded Hallow
I could hear it dumping a lot of water to the inside of me.

And one heck of a first drop in, I hit the bottom on the nose so hard, I felt lucky didn't load the bottom up with a bunch of stress cracks.
Other than two or three, most of the waves were one or two turners. Pretty junky to say the least. At least it was easy to get back out and the current wasn't moving us down the beach.

Get this:
If I heard it right
They are going to be shutting down the I-5 to one lane each way after 7 pm.
       Yeah, Jumbo cards every night.

Scrapping on the Stoneman:
Rule Numbers- 12

July 15, 2015:
Quantity and not do much quality.
       A lot of longboard type stuff.

I wish I could say I had to laugh
But listening to Obama telling nothing but lies
as if it's the truth,  -- just isn't that funny.

Can down right piss people off when you know he and Karry must have been bought, because it's a shame they can even think they can tell us its a good deal when it stinks.
       All it does is make sure there will be wars in the middle east and we all have to wonder if we will end up dodging and living in radioactive fall-out .

I saw this Video Of Bruce Jenners kids.
Driving down the street with her feet stuck out the window and hands flinging around in the air:
I'm pretty sure they would know what I wrote about their father.
       Kinna like they are making fun of being able to drive distracted and rubbing it in our face as entertainment.
       Boy, I hope the judge and or jury in Bruces manslaughter case gets a look at that.
       What a way to insult a court you little bitches .

Headlines are a Hit
Lot of people talking about them
They do make finding the material easier, that is if you ever want to go back and look for corrections or updates.
       I like them, I think they are what this web-site needed a long time ago.

White folk catching up to the Hispanics
More and more every day I hear people telling others that I'm their Sentinel.
Just hope I don't end up dead because of it. Sounds like everyone wants me to run for president.
       From what I understand is the reason is because most people say they agree with me. Just the parameters I set for a deal with Iran was a perfect example of it.
       I would have said: you get to sell your oil and you get to buy and sell I-phones, -that should be enough too keep you happy with the conditions set forth.
       So when you figure on being able to agree with that, will talk, not before then.
      See, we don't even need any stinking dead lines. Simple as that.
       It's pretty bad when the best you've got is a Surfer/BassPlayer dude.

Got one more night with my Bass
So I better make good with it
and leave this stuff for later.

Gotta check the waves too.
       Later Alligator.

Oceanside Lifegaurd Criminal

Moron of the day:
Rule Numbers 23, 33, 44, 48, 65, 66, 78, 86 & 88
July 16th, 2015: Posted on 7-17th

The criminal with a badge must think he has won. Like he's all over the six month deadline and it hasn't even been a year since he put the City of Oceanside in Liability of his immature minded Stupidity.
       He was out there stocking me this morning at the shower.
       He was either trying to intimate me by taking pictures of me in return for me taking his, or he was hoping hoping the intimidation would spark some words from me that could be considered a threat, in hopes of causing trouble for me. And of course, I'd be the one going to jail. (Kinna like Meathead Martin sneaking up and pulling me over. Same thing.)
       Well, I don't know where he is getting his reasoning, but he must not think like so many others.

See, I think the reason so many people want me to be their president. They seem to think that money doesn't mean much to me. I some what would have to agree with them because it's something not worth fretting about when you can't take it with you. I'm here flesh and blood and that's good enough for me. I'm not going to get myself killed over chasing money nor am I going to waste my time chasing it when there is so much more money keeping it way from me. From what I see, money is my problem. My own money in someone else's hands as well as the hands that want to get their hands on to my money IS My Problem.
       I'd be happy and content on Social Security and enjoying my retirement if it wasn't for the cops robbing me of any money I've got.
       Hell, I'd be able to have nice surf gear and go to Costa Rica every year, -where I probably would be right now.

Anyway the deal is like Rule No. 48:
       This Mister Lifeguard Dude has it all wrong by thinking he is the one who has won. I know who he is. He is not one of those who have fallowed me throughout my life doing this to me and me knowing who they are.
       All remember him, and I really done see any reason or need to fret over it.

This Post is Kinna a Ditto of yesterday's Post on the Jenner girls making fun of Driving Distracted, --if you know what I mean.

And Oh, on El Choppo
Some of you already know I wrote a piece about him and my feeling on how his arrest was being handled.

I knew that if he wasn't handed over to the US, he would eventually buy his way out of the place
       Anyone in a position to know what he was up to, was paid, -and encouraged to not notice a thing .
       Like when it got down to cutting the concrete below his shower tub, (that is if there was concrete there.)
       I would doubt when the prison was built, there was a shower or two that didn't get concrete poured below it, just in case they ever got a hold of him.
       However, it is a good example of just how crafty Mexicans can be.
       Once those guys get a handle on being good at something, they do it pretty damn well.
       Like stopping at one spot while 30 ft. below and hitting the mark from a mile away. That's some pretty good talent right there.
       And that Motorcycle on Rails is another fine example of just how good they are at Nigger-rigging.
       I'm wondering if it will end up on E-Bay?

I don't know where they got the idea?
Last Night when I check the waves, everyone was going around telling each other, "he's running for president."
I checked yesterday's post to see if there was something I wrote wrong that got everyone off to the wrong conclusion.
       However, I'm sure I posted a bit on how I could get used to win an election and to shoe in a V P in my place once they assassinate me.
       I wouldn't want to get killed trying either.
       However the Post yesterday had mentioned that I'm just pretty happy with being your Sentential and not ending up dead because of that, so I see no need to be pushing my luck.

I'm giving myself a day or two:
To change my mind on something I wrote about before.

About me waiting until further on, during the election process to announce which Presidential Hopeful I think you all should be Voting For.
       There are a few reasons why I'm gravitating to changing my preset ways and it surprising for me to even have to say it is mostly considered at this particular time is because of the fact that I think my Angles are encouraging me to do so. (That's why I'm giving it a couple more days, hoping I get more information out of them.)

Anyhow I think another reason may be: It could help out the candidate earlier on so that they would have more access to more money in the long run, --bettering their chances at winning the election.

And let us not to overlook: it would also assure better chances for the candidate to be included in up and coming debates and interviews.
       So we should rest on it and reflect on what I said before, --which was we need an acting president who will only do something, if I agree with it.

Should have been thinking like the others
And figure that the waves will get better once I paddle out.
If so, I would have taken out my Quad, but I did get some serious wave count with the Stoneman.
       However it has seemed that for the few past mornings, the waves cleaned up and provide better wave for everyone, that is before the winds came up and took over.
       No mater how you look at it, I feel like I got more and better waves than I expected, because if you watched for any amount of time, you would know the waves I paddles out into were not that great.

Over did the elevator and overshot my first top turn on one nice looking wave. Kinna felt embarrassed really. But it was sorta hooking a rail and having too much back foot at the same time. The force pushing up under the nose of my board was way more than the force I could muster up with my front foot. Just kept going right over the top, but I'm just glad I didn't wipe out, -it could have been a wicked one.

Funny how some guys get all jacked up:
       After being warned by others, not to interfere with the waves I go for, -some tend to be reluctant to go for waves that should be theirs sometime. Others see it happening and I even tell them to paddle.
       The result of this on going ordeal is it is common to hear the other guys say, "it's ok," and "he plays fair."
       Must have heard it a dozen times today.
       1265 Words--Not Bad

Bill Curtus of Oceanside fire department lifeguards
Retaliatory Animosity,
False Imprisonment in a Hazardous Environment,
Endangering life,
Radio Active Poisoning and Financial Hardship.
Rule Numbers- 65

July 22, 2015:
All set-up to be the worse set scenario
       It's Evil, I know it.
       I'm sure anyone associated with putting me through that filthy cell got a few bad marks on their Score Card with God.
       They should feel sorry for themselves for being so foolish and Evil.
       The amazing part about it is that they came walking though telling each other as if it was a rumor that I was suppose to be a Nation Security matter; --and they would do this to teach me a lesson. All for the sake of an Evil lying son of a bitch firemen. Just because he is hooked up with a badge.

I'd say better than a 50% chance.
That I got a Message from God:
And you know, God may be a bit more like you and me than you might think.
       I don't think an Angle would even say what I heard, -therefore I wouldn't doubt it was God himself. (Update: Now I'm pretty it was Jesus, giving me a message from God.)
       And for the first time I think I saw both Andy Irons and Mark Foo hunched together as a pair of whitish looking Ghosts, as passed them by while coming to Sunday morning.
       They looked like two body images and I didn't get enough time to exactly get a real good look at their faces; never the less, I still knew it was them.
       Both were able to squeeze off a line as I passed by.
       They said, "Don't worry about him,"
      "Will take care of them."
       Just after them, just off in a distance, I heard another voice say, "tell him God said, fuck you!"

I got a strong impression his score card has had quite a few bad marks in the past already. I assume he's stepped on a few others just to get where he is today.
       He's a bad dude and I'm sure God's Angles knew it for some time.
(And apparently it was his time to go.) it.
       From what I hear on the street, is that my prayers were answered and Judge Trice killed himself too.
       I begged God to give him a number with the Grime Reaper just as I did with Mr. Lock-n-cock. I said please put him on the Reaper's appointment schedule. And I said there shouldn't be any judge like Trice punishing the victim to because of the crime of someone else.
       Good Reddens to both of them.
The world is a better place without them.

Had this Moron today, tell his boss at the towing company that he has surfed with me before and that I was an asshole.
Fucking moron left my ignition on in my truck and dropped my $250 worth of batteries to nothing:

       I came see why he and his buddies had a bad day with me, they must have been doing something stupid there too.
       We all know that I am can make sure his next time out with me will not be any more comfortable than the last time.

Did learn one thing about the experience with the moron today. --If you are going to need a tow around here, --Victory is the lowest priced one to use.
       The Deal I got at this moron's place was like I should have to pay over $600 for $435.oo tow Job that was already over priced, and they couldn't get me out of their gate fast enough.
       Assholes Galore I suppose.

Oh yeah, -the other night.
You know, the night before I went to Jail?
When I was playing some old Beatles songs, cord for cord, like I'd actually learned their songs for once. Well I had this guy tell me that he had wish he had had a gun in the draw in the foyer, for use when answering the door when strangers would come knocking at the door.
       He was ambitiousness like Andy Irons when he wants to make sure I got his message of his big regret .
       I think it is safe to say that I have a George Harrison in the house.
       I have to say I had about the most fun I have had in quite a while. Good company.
       I'd invite him to join in on the fun with me any day.

And I've been telling you all.
Don't feed the Sharks!
       You are all putting us into their food chain.
There should be serious laws to prevent scuba divers from throwing out chum and feeding the Sharks
      It will not be fun after a while; -- when they begin hunting for humans if you don't stop feeding them.

What they are doing is taking away the tame nature of the Sharks.
       Sharks could be as friendly as Dolphins, but if they don't stop feeding them, --we will not be able to go out into the ocean, all because they will begin hunting for us.
       Get it?

I Guess the word is out....
Everyone knows I want people
to Vote for Rand Paul:

I'm hoping he will ask me to be his VP.
       I just don't see me working with any of the other presidential candidates and I sure as hell don't want to be president myself.
       I'd rather be on the inside where I can have a better handle on what's going down so I can have some influence upon what is going to happen in the future.

You know
Sleeping in your own bed.
I think I need to try that out.

Correct me if I'm Wrong:
Rule Numbers-

July 23rd, 2015:
Not wanted around here.
       I must say that they can take this ASA Paul Michall Supergirl Contest and take it somewhere else; --preferably in some other country, anywhere but here because we don't want it it around. We around here are a little more civilized and not so keen on spoiled brats.
       They actually think they can paddle up and take your wave away from you. One will get in your way like a bump on a log some times. But then you can figure out whenever you go for a wave these foreigners work as a team. One will block you and the other will be taking off on the wave you should have had.
       I watched waves I should have caught, --go by me because one would be in my way and their friend would take the wave. I wish they would go back to where they came from.

PM Update: I know; I told them, "you might as well just paddle in, because the chance of you catching any thing good is pretty slim.
       Believe it or not, me and some of the locals got a few fun rides out of it this morning. But these little bitches thought they would paddle right up to me and take my wave away from me. I'm sure most of you will agree, it wasn't the smartest thing to do to Sunnyside, your not so friendly Sentinel.

Like it was the Devil himself.
Standing out there all proud as he was.
Showing me that he didn't kill himself,
--like the rumors were saying.

I had to laugh as he stood out so boldly, talking on his walkie talkie while facing me as I walked up the stairs on my way back.
       Gee, --from what I hear, -nobody likes Bill Curtus and he was out there trying to get me in trouble, over me telling the foreign surfer girls that they are a bunch of stupid inconsiderate idiots, and they should go back home.
       I thought, --get a load of this one.

July 22, 2015:
July 22, 2015:
There are those of you who think
   of Rand Paul as a Failsafe.

--They have the Right Idea,
--Evil would kill me and brain wash the in coming president.

Having Rand Paul as acting president gives us someone who is more familiarized with the duties of presidential office than I have, and should I say, -- a little more qualified to be a president me too, -- at least at this time.
       Therefore we should go with him as our pick for the next president of the United States.

Our combination of the two at the top would be like having double layer of protection by me being part. I feel I should be involved in the presidential office as a safeguard to the wellness of its citizens and the land of which they live.
       I want to be second opinion and the double check verification which may keep you out of mischief and will help prevent the government from doing things wrong.
       Rand Paul and I should verify understandings, before he acts on anything.
       Did I say we should work together to keep this countries matters in check?

PM Update:
Sounds like Rand Paul brought in $12 Million today:
       Is,'t the next question in mind is how many days until the election?
       Figuring if he only maintained $10 Million, I seriously doubt Hillary could even maintain half that much because she already talks like a programed robot speaking with sentences filled with key words. She's the brainwash bitch you need to be afraid of and you would have a difficult time getting a guy like me to even stand in the same room as she is. She's just plain Evil.

All Day Today
All I heard the Most was two lines:
One was, "I was going to Vote for him anyway," and "I would Vote for them too.
       From what I get, most people are saying they would Vote for the Two of US.
       I'm pretty sure the odds of Rand Paul asking me to be Vice President are pretty good. There just isn't any draw to any of the candidates and I would imagine that as soon as the pairing, the sooner so many of the contestants will drop out.
       It would be the Two of Us against Hillary and Donald Trump with the Voter who think a president needs to be like a reality TV Show Host. I've been getting a laugh at some of the outlandish shit that he has been saying. Like today, --about it being Dangerous to go to the Border. Man, the Mexicans would want to walk across the street to listen to what he has to say.

And as I opened my door this morning,
to put on my wet-suit....
A voice that sound like an old girlfriend's, told me, "it was Jesus."
Now now I have second thoughts about who's voice I heard Sunday morning.
       If Jesus was a Sentinel, I can understand why the voice would even say such a thing.
       Needless to say, I'm just delighted to know that Jesus does actually knows who I am and I love the thought he even would want to hang out and care about me.
       Knowing he's with me is knowing I have some good friends.

Didn't make the Upload, --the Internet shut down on me And these tasers the Cops are Using

I think they take it too damn lightly to use such a device.

I think it is Brutal and Used with disregard for the bodily damage that can result for the use of them:
       Last weekend I Saw first hand of a guy with the probe marks still show clear as a bell on his chest and leg.

       One calf ended up smaller than the other and his breast look the difference in size similar to the difference of an A or B cup bras used by women.
       The prob stuck in his left breast and destroyed so much of his nerves, that the mussel tissue in his breast, shoulder and upper bicep was diminished by about 50%.
       What they did to that poor man would have destroyed me as a surfer .
       And the other day, I had this Mr. Hoover at my door pointing one at me.

I think it is Chicken Shit, That a cop even thinks they need something like one of those.

The simple way to bring someone to order: is to do it the old fashion way.
       All you have to do is take a night stick and smack the person in the hands with a night stick with no more force than enough force to cause pain, and they won't even be able to grab or punch anything.
       You don't need to go braking peoples hands either because a can of pepper spray would probably put them out of commission just as much.
       I don't think anyone deserves, everlasting bodily damage from anyone even if it is a cop, and those tasers are the last things that should be used.
       After seeing what it did to that guy last week end, -those tasers just scare the hell out of me, -I'd rather have them shoot me in the leg with a gun.

Didn't make it the first try.:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 42

July 24, 2015:
And these tasers the Cops are Using
I think they take it too damn lightly to use such a device.

I think it is Brutal and Used with disregard for the bodily damage that can result for the use of them:
       Last weekend I Saw first hand of a guy with the probe marks still shown plain as day on his chest and leg.

       One calf ended up smaller than the other and his breast look the difference in size similar to the difference of an A or B cup bras used by women.
       The prob stuck in his left breast and destroyed so much of his nerves, that the mussel tissue in his breast, shoulder and upper bicep was diminished by about 50%.
       What they did to that poor man would have destroyed me as a surfer .
       And the other day, I met up with this Mr. Hoover cop at my door, pointing one at me.

I think it is Chicken Shit,
-that a Hoover even thinks they needs something like one of those on me. (And it isn't like he didn't know who I was before hand.)

The simple way to bring someone to order:
--is to do it the old fashion way.

       All you have to do is take a night stick and smack the person in the hands with a knight stick with no more force than enough force to cause pain, and they won't even be able to grab or punch anything.
       You don't need to go braking peoples hands either because a can of pepper spray would probably put them out of commission just as much.
       I don't think anyone deserves, everlasting bodily damage from anyone even if it is a cop, and those tasers are the last things that should be used.
       After seeing what it did to that guy last week end, -those tasers just scare the hell out of me, -I'd rather have them shoot me in the leg with a gun.

And it's either My Angle or the People on the Street
(Or maybe both.)
Who ever it is, they sure want me to know that the Moron at Western Towing Stole My Tarp
Well, even if my batteries do pull through, you can put mark down that towing bill that was suppose to be $435.oo to $470.oo
       Something tells me.
That there isn't much for waves at the Pier:
Just thought I'd say that.

Yeah I realize it guys:
The part about the VP having access to Helicopters, boats, airplanes and, --things.
Well no dah.
       Not only a risky part of the job,
but we call all those things Special Bennies.

I think a lot of people are re-leaved
Of the pick I made for the next president.
But just think about it this way:
What if I was the one running for President and I needed to Pick a VP for myself?
       And then what if I did pick Rand Paul,
--and he would have refused to be VP?
       It would have been a crap shoot.
       At least we can say we're just lucky he's already signed up for the job and we think we already know who he actually is and something about him.

Oh well, I would have to confess:
Believe it or not, I would probably go with a second in default:
Though I do not think women are wired right to be president, I do feel that Cyley chick that ran the broke computer company.

With her background in business and the fact that she is a woman makes me feel she could have the makings of a good and handy VP to have. Having someone from outside the normal bureaucracy can only be a good thing when it comes to choosing a VP.
       And even if women are a bit too moody to be making the big decisions, they make good opponents to bounce things off of to make sure you are covering all the angles.
       Well, the honest part about it is that if I wasn't able to get the VP slot for myself,
--I would have been hoping she would have been picked by Rand Paul. I just figured it would have been about the best ticket going.
       But now with me, in the VP seat?
       Just running has got me thinking of some of the coolest commercials I can make up with campaign dollars.
       Your money to burn for the sake of having fun with it. Hillary can't come close to that.

There has been talk about impeaching Obama
Well you can't say you don't have enough candidates line up for an early election.

None the less, the word on the Street:
Says, "they've arrested Kelly Slater"

Apparently they got possession of the Video of him running over me.
       Wonder if I ever get to testify to an impact statement?.
       Too bad really, the version of his future existence I played out in my head was a lot better.
       I even gave an uigy. I even made up a Sharky song to be played for him while the last days of his life played out in the back of a moving van.
       Maybe he'll bail out?
PM Update: Sounds like he bailed out at $5 million.

I got to thinking:
I don't think I got around to devoting a web-page,

To My Take On Taxes:
To start off with,
--I want to undo what Ragan did.
I want to raise taxes on the wealthy.
We will give Corporations a tax cut down to 20-25%; depending on whether it is foreign or domestically owned, favoring domestic of course; -making the US among the most competitive in the world. It would simply create more development of new industries. Making it amongst the most attractive country in the world to set up large businesses in. (Which of course creates jobs.)

As for personal income tax:
       If you are one who's person worth is $1 billion to $10 Billion, your tax rate would be 35%
       If you are worth over $10 Billion Dollars, you are in the 40% Tax rate.
       If you are worth $100 Million to $1 Billion, you find yourself in the 30% tax rate
       If you are worth $25 Million to $100 Million, you are in the 25% tax Bracket.
       Upper Middle and worth less than $25 million should be set at 20%
       Middle class tax rates should be set at 15%.
       If you are low income, you pay just 10%
       And for each child being the third and over, are to be taxed at $3,500.oo per year to help with schools and it will cut back on the welfare load when there is less money every month with each child they have instead of more.
       And since I've noticed that there is less obesity in woman who have less than three children, the whole medical industry winds over the tax that says that you better have the money for a big family if you want one, because it will cost you money for them .
       Pretty Simple isn't it?

But it actually might not work --because the tax rate is based upon how much wealth you own, and not on how much you actually make.
       However the Two variable that need to be examined in order for it to work successfully is base on the assumption that people are able to hide money they make, easier than the money they have hide and we don't know of it's value because of the whole stock market liquid assets issue. Kinna blows the whole thing out of the water. never the less, I think it is a good approach. And what they say about it tomorrow just may not be the same a week later when people get a better handle on which one we hide the most, income , or a persons wealth.
       The Middle and Upper Middle class, the tax rate may have to be adjusted to according to how much income they had made that particular year of which they are paying taxes on.
       As for the hole in the variable for the middle and upper middle would be where to draw the line as the wages of an upper middle class person, and the amount of property an upper middle class can own before reaching the hight tax rate base on how much you own.
       -quite right because for the Middle and Upper Middle class, the tax rate may have to be adjusted to according to how much income they had made that particular year of which they are paying taxes on.
       I would have to have some figures sitting in from of me in order to get a hold on how it would be measured, not only properly, but fairly also.

And if that don't pencil out.
       I figure we draw out the Tax Rates on earning to be base in which the earning is being taxed as if it is equal to the percentage on wealth.
       One of the goals of this plan it trying to do something about the guys who are living in a $5 million dollar house, but says he only made $60,000.oo last year.
       I happen to think the taxed base in the wealth of a person biggest strengths is that they may not hide as much of their income if they don't own anything and there are less taxes to pay because of it, --Lower Middle class.
       I know it's a Korny Idea, I just wanted to see what everyone would get form it. I'm sure it will be back and forth, we'll worry about it next week when they actually get a handle on it.
       I bet it all boils down to how much wealth a person is able to high in the stock market and whether they can hide it there.

       Never the less, the goal in mind:
-is to take the tax code, -simplify and reduce it from thousands of pages to under 100 pages; as if it is even possible.

Everyone all agrees the tax codes need overhauled, but all they ever seem to do is add to them.
       Instead, I'd like to simplify them and in the long run, just that alone will make collecting the revenue from its sources would be streamlined and by the whole process alone would cost less to maintain and operate.

It's been going around for a long time:
The fact that I have some black-man's DNA in me:
I would actually rather say nigger blood in me because it just sounds better.
It wasn't difficult for me where it came from, however I am happy to have some of it in myself.

I guess one of the positive effects of result of the Confederate flag, and or the Slavery for which some people want to condemn it for.
       Well twenty or thirty years ago when my nose wasn't as pointed, my nostrils kind of looked as if it was possible.
       I'm guessing that some daughter of the the Welk family had a thing for one of the slaves.
       Needless to say, form knowing so many of them, -at least I didn't get the hair.

At about 5:20 pm on NBC news SD

Dagmar Midcap NBC news San Diego

They were using the weather lady to ask about whether I meant Taxing existing 3rd and 4th and so on would be taxed.
So I took the liberty to say no because that would be creating hardship.
       It got down to me saying that it at $75 per month per child, it would take the profit out of it and leave then with about $10 per week to feed their child.
       It was about a 3 second delay, but I heard the, "leaving about ten dollars per week to feed their child." Live on TV with the weather lady jumping as someone had switched it piped into the News station as if they were listening to the sound of my private residence as if it was a rock station playing.
      Boy, what it that worth folks?
       I think it's pretty tight don''t you think?
       Isn't unauthorized audio surveillance in someones private room illegal?

Australia with Shark Law?
Rule Numbers-

July 25, 2015:
At least that is what I've heard.
That they at least have decided to come up with an anti-feeding shark law.
       I don't see why everyone else is waiting to get on the band wagon.
       If they don't, they will sit there watching it happen, and after a while they will wonder how many of those people could be still alive today, -if they had only made up the laws earlier.
       I would love to see on get a hold of Kelly Slater though. It would sure make my day.

At about 5:20 pm on NBC news SD
On July 24th, 2015

Dagmar Midcap NBC news San Diego
Just another Evil Spielberg Whore.
She's a rebuilt old whore with fake teeth and fake boobs,
and I wish the nut job would go home and kill herself.

They were using the weather lady to ask about whether I meant Taxing existing 3rd and 4th would be taxed?

So I took the liberty to say, "no because that would be creating hardship," right out loud in my cage.
       It lead me to say that at $75 per month per child, it would take the profit out of it and leave them with about $10 per week to feed their child.
       It was about a 3 second delay, but I heard the, "leaving about ten dollars per week to feed their child." Live on TV with the weather lady jumping as someone must have screwed up and instead of it going to her ear piece, it was piped into the News Room as if they were listening to the sound of my private residence as if it was a rock station playing.
      Boy, what it that worth folks?
       I think it's pretty tight don''t you think?
       Isn't unauthorized audio surveillance in someones private room illegal?

Some cops are handing in their taser:
Not that they'd ever planed to use them,
but to see what happens if others fall suit and drop the use of theirs.

       I don't think you couldn't do anything better in public relations and showing an effort to show you are trying to avoid brutality.
       Also some Cops have been giving people a Rule No. 36 Option:
       Giving people the we take you either the Easy Way or the Hard way, and have begun handcuffing people in front of them instead of behind their back.
       I think it is a lot less traumatic to the detained, especially women who have never been handcuffed before, and I know myself, the first time is a bit traumatic for anyone, -- and doing so will help people on both sides get through the whole ordeal with less trouble.
       Ah, --Brownie Points.
(How many of US have feared cops even more since they started carrying those yellow tipped handguns around?)

I had to laugh:
If that wasn't a concession speech by Donald trump, --I don't know what it was.
      Could have swore, they overdubbed another track of him saying that he would vote for Us himself.
       I'm wonder if he was talking about the Three of Use? And I bet he was.

       I think it helps in the case where I come out of nowhere for a lot of people who are not in touch with the Internet.

Oh this morning on July 25th, 2015, on Channel 39.1 NBC News

At 5:22 am:
       They slipped up and were talking about me again .
       I think either God, or my Collage Boys, --have got all the recording equipment everywhere all hacked and under their control again again.

I stand Corrected
I guess it was a wife of someone in the Welk family who had a thing for a Slave:
       (Bet that was some explaining to do.)

I knew it was something like that.
       Got nostrils that don't close up when I breath hard, which is the makings of a good hard worker, and surfer.
       And the Gift of Rhythm of course.
       (I knew that had to come from somewhere.)

Sounds like people like my Korny Tax Plan
And we are running with 80%
Can't be all bad.

Heather the Escort
Gets the Silver Bullet Award:
Rule Numbers- 33, 44 & 86

            Silver Bullet Award at

July 27th, 2015:
     She's bad ass,
     She kept her head together,
and shot the serial killer with his own gun.
      She's nothing short of being a hero.

Looking at the so called polls.
It sound like our ranking is as high as 70-80%
From what I gather, we're actually blowing everyone else out of the water because people like that fact that I'm not running as a candidate but as a team who are qualified for their positions.
       I'm still wondering what Rand thinks of it?
       Anyone can understand that when some such as myself grabs a hold of your future quest and alters it, the feeling of lack of control will obviously give a person some reservations.
       However, I think being so early in the game also eliminated any flack that could have created between Rand and Carly Fiorina during debates and such.
       It can only be and advantage to be able to promote each other's qualifications; something none of the other candidates have to their advantage .
       Like Obama Battling it out against Hillary and then he chooses Hillary for a Secretary of State. I just don't see how you can run with a former competitor.
       And oh, I can see why this whole threesome thing doesn't fly, in one way, is that the Secretary of State is just an appointed position and a position that the president has the ability to fire anyway.
      So why muck up a whole election over it?
       I guess it's just how you look at it because the stuff they've being having the Secretary of States work on, probably would have been negotiated a lot better with the use of a former CEO of large corporations.
       I think with the large corporations out there as well as the small companies and indiviuals can compare the qualifications of an ex-president's wife, with a guy like this one that just negotiated the bad nuclear deal, or with a Former CEO of a large corporation or two.
       Well I don't think there is much in comparison, and folks in the investment world probably see it the same way I do.

How long has Hillary been dodging the E-mail issue?
I'm thinking it could be something like the Blue Dress.

It's possibly a big smoke screen, stretched out taking up time and in the meanwhile, other ghosts are often looked over.

I can honestly tell you.
       Out of all the I would vote for them's I've heard through out the day. I have never heard anyone say they would not.
       I think the odds of US making it are pretty good.
       Now you just need to impeach Obama and get an early election in progress.

Fools found on the internet
Like anyone who thinks a child can say,
I love you at 3 months old:

Anyone who wants to believe it, is an idiot.

I'm wondering: if the Television Networks are using some kind of high resolution analog recording devices?
Something is going on.

Watching the US Girls Volleyball team?
What a nice looking bunch of girls:

July 26, 2015:
All of them have legs that go on forever.

I had to laugh at the conversations:
Like I've heard women claim they they don't think women are wired right to be president either.
I've also heard black guys say: -that I'm more black than our president is.
       I'm willing to say that I'm probably more in touch with the world the average black guy lives in than Obama does, but then I'm not looking at life from a homosexual's perspective either.
       Boy, I just can't stand calling them or myself black though.
       So from here out don't get you ass in a tizzy if I use the word Nigger. I think we need something other than a color to describe the breed of humans. I think the words, -black man's blood, as more disrespectful, to me and not really proper in my case, so I'd prefer to use the word Nigger to describe the kind genes I have in my blood.
       I figure I've got the coon juice, and I'm proud of that.
       Actually I didn't need any ones DNA test to tell me that I had it, -it's just something I have known all along. A white guy on bass just doesn't have the groove a good black guy has, whether I have the same groove or not, -its the groove that moves me the most always has.

On this Gov. Linsy:
Took the nasty trick Trump pulled quite mildly.

He dose realize that there are markets, -in politics:
Guess what I get from that?
       I'd say that having the presidential candidate with his VP and Secretary of State out there in the open from the get go: actually canters to more markets of people , -you could say.

With a trio, we can cater to the left, the right and the women, and our votes will come from more of a verity of walks of life.

With US, it would be a tough group to beat, and that's why the poles are all falling our way.
Funny how the media whore are not saying so.
       It's because the media makes more money that any other times.
       The election campaigns are their bread and butter and they will take money from the Devil if the check will clear.

Had this Mr. pro Surfer Dude.... Rule Numbers- 4, 50 & 51
trying steal my waves and go deeper than me.
He would paddle over to me and expect me to let him take my wave.

He's one of those white faces who like to smack the rail of your board as a way of crowd control.
       The second time he tried it, the moron wasn't even afraid of cutting in front of me and I ran my nose right up on his traction pad.
       Of course the waves went to hell, but I was already paddled out so.
       However I did pull myself into a big tube and got my head washed.
       And I pulled off a two handed sideways drop into a wave and made it. Unfortunately the wave close on me.
       Wish I would have had my old round tail though, -- my Quad was hanging up on me on entry.
       Update: a day later, morning of the 27th I found myself talking to another young man who talked about how it was yesterday. He said he was having fun catching all kinds of good waves and then it just quit and there wasn't any more waves that were worth a damn. (You mean shut down, I know what you mean bud.) Tomorrow is suppose to be the day of the week.
       (I should have taken my big wave board.)

It Still Sounds like it's a Good Plan:
Apparently my Korny Tax Plan:
       They are saying it would help pay off the National Debit faster and the rich people would be providing a larger part of it.

It is revolutionary and a better way of placing different tax brackets on incomes, regardless of what they say they made.
       And that hole: about what to value someone's stock portfolio:
       Simply go with what they valued it a year earlier on their tax return.

At about 5:20 pm on NBC news SD
On July 24th, 2015

Dagmar Midcap NBC news San Diego
Just another Evil Spielberg Whore.
She's a rebuilt old whore with fake teeth and fake boobs,
and I wish the nut job would go home and kill herself.

They were using the weather lady to ask about whether I meant Taxing existing 3rd and 4th would be taxed?

So I took the liberty to say, "no because that would be creating hardship," right out loud in my cage.
       It lead me to say that at $75 per month per child, it would take the profit out of it and leave them with about $10 per week to feed their child.
       It was about a 3 second delay, but I heard the, "leaving about ten dollars per week to feed their child." Live on TV with the weather lady jumping as someone must have screwed up and instead of it going to her ear piece, it was piped into the News Room as if they were listening to the sound of my private residence as if it was a rock station playing.
      Boy, what it that worth folks?
       I think it's pretty tight don''t you think?
       Isn't unauthorized audio surveillance in someones private room illegal?

Update: July 27th 2015 in reflect that I didn't even formally post it until a day later, which happens to be today, and there are rumors that she tried to kill herself.
If I thought she would go doing what I told her to do
I should have told her to burn the TV Studio down.

Just think what a basket case she would be if things were reversed and she was the one living in a cage.
       I don't care if the bitch liked me or not, what they are doing is cruel and you can't tell me that there isn't anything illegal going on.
       The Evil is that you are all letting happen.

Oh this morning on July 25th, 2015, on Channel 39.1 NBC News

At 5:22 am:
       They slipped up and were talking about me again .
       I think either God, or my Collage Boys, --have got all the recording equipment everywhere all hacked and under their control again again.
       1800 words is enough, later.

G-force + arm in the way:
Rule Numbers- 55 & 77

July 28, 2015:
Landing on my arm, was like landing on a log in the water.
       With all the G-force the Tom decker can make, and the board takes off without you, --its more than a drop you are dealing with.
       Rule 77, has got me thinking a tail patch is in order, because I would not doubt I cracked a rib today. (or at least either bruised or sprained it. My Back doesn't feel so hot either. I'll have a better idea in the morning.

    (It was my winter board, which I would be waring booties.)
       I know I've cracked one before and I still don't have any idea when I did it, so I imagine I probably did it either by riding dirt bikes, or surfing.
I should have closed shop earlier last night, because an hour earlier in the morning would have been much better, but I managed to pull of three or four.
I had to get back my confidence, with the feel of my squash tail.

Going back to the smaller tail fin give it the looseness I like, (making it feel like a shorter board.)
None the less, I think I'm done trying different combinations on that broad now on. I hope I get to use it a couple more days this week. It is so much lighter than my Quad, and so much smoother of a ride when on it.
I think:
The smaller print is something people have wanted for a long time.
I figure dropping the size on the old Bookman is a good way of making more words per line show up well, especially on Cell phones.
       So enjoy making my life that much more complicated, as for a while at least, --Rule 55.

Not necessarily like a TV Show:
But sort of along the Same Idea.

Just think if presidential election were about voting for teams:
Like say if the one who is suppose to be running for president is expected to provide the name of their propose Cabinet Appointments.
It's the stuff, they don't actually let you know about until the election is over.
       The way I see it, elections should be on the presidential candidates and the teams of cabinet member they can say they can provide the voters with.
       Imagine a bunch of Houses, competing for the spot in a hospital and he has to rely on a group of specialist to get the job done.
       It's also another reason I'm not as well qualified to be president as Rand Paul. With his familiarity of Washington, he is much more qualified to pick cabinet members than I am and I think we all feel a little better with him doing it than anyone else, --I just would like to be able to put my two cents worth in if possible.
       I don't think anyone has a difficult time explaining why I would rather be VP than the president. It's simply not worth the risk over any contribution I can make, by just being a part of that team.

It's a Homicide Investigation:
I think Bobbies family killed Whitney's daughter over inheritance money.
       It just smells that way to me.
       But then I can see where I'd be a little bias too.
      600 words today

If it takes 20 minutes,
--to divert the Blue Angels.
It's time to hire someone else that can.

Rule Numbers - 50 & 51
July 29, 2015:

I honestly don't see any reason, to haggle whether it is Bingo 5 minutes or ten.
       Just goes to show you of the stupidity out there.
       You know, all those mergers cause rigging and along with that, the cutting of corners to compete when you don't have the upper hand.

And while we are close:
On the 911 Operater:
Who hung up on a girl,
because she said a few dirty words.

Better get someone who can handle a dirty word.
       These people calling are not always on a holiday picnic, so you can't expect them to act like it.
       Like man up and grow some balls if you want to be in that position where your clients can have you falling apart over a silly word.

And on Heather

I'm 100% sure Heather is aware,
Silver Bullet Award at
That she got the Silver Bullet award.

I could still hear the lines the editor edited out of the News Report.

On my back:
I figure I sprained my ribs where they meet my spine

Kinna did the same to the sternum end to, but it's my back to the right side of my spine that's sore and swollen.
       If the swell wasn't so walled up I would have went out, but today would be a day I could only make things worse so I gave it a rest today hope the south winds don't come in and destroy what is left of it tomorrow.
       I think I need a traction pad. Just the other day, the Stoneman kinna did the same thing and popped right out from under my feet
       But of course when it happens on the Stoneman, is generally dosen't have such disastrous consequences.

I think the Dentist with the Bow and Arrow

       Had too much money.
       Paying big money to cheat,
       -at such a barbaric sport.

      Shame on him.
       Don't need that kind of guy in any country.
       A little Barbaric, and to think people would take their children to him.
       I'm willing to bet he and his buddies will end up with a few Bad Marks on their Score Card with God.

Sam DuBose's hands,
--were in clear view.
Rule Numbers- 65 & 86

How did this guy get a job being a cop?

       A good example of an 8%er who should never become a cop. Just think of all the people who have been shot and the bad cops were just cleared of the shooting. Or as I would like to call it a killing.
       The Bullie was either too afraid to be a cop, or just not afraid of any consequences if he did shoot a person in the head.

If any of you are wondering,
why I don't twirl my signs anymore:

       Well after seeing what a taser can do to you, and the fact that I can count on coming across a cop when I do such a thing as twirling cards, even if it is on a freeway overpass and not even necessarily around people.

Something is Fishy with the City

About that ineligible smoking on the Pier citation:
Of 6-28-15
       The notice they sent: didn't have the cost of the ticket, and it gave the court date in advance.
       But Get this. the first and only notice is a change of date notice also.
       The 0riginal date was August 15th and now on the first notice they have moved it to September 15th.
       I wonder if it has something to do with the picture of my nude backside they took while I was putting my cloths back on.
       Boy, if that isn't a law suite on top of a law suite that was already on top of a law suite or two before.
       734 words 7-29

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week

Is My Stuff Safe Here?



Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

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