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stupidity should be painful

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One way to get an answer:
Rule No. 4, 20, 42, 78, 85, 86 & 88

August 1st, 2015:
Just let your Angels know,
just who you suspect did you wrong.
       I would have to guess my Angles stayed behind and listened to the outcome.
       And the Answer to whether the guy at the wholesale supply sabotaged my surfboard for nothing but a rumor, or did he do it for the money.
       Well, it was evident in less than an hour I knew that he was just being stupid and did it over a rumor.
       I always feel like there is an alternative motive when someone behind a counter calls me, "Boss."
Rule Number 4:
Funny how:
They don't want to hear about it around customers.

Not exactly the way I would handle it.
       But there are some of us who know better.

Just Think:

People will flock to RIO DE JANEIRO,
       to swim in dirty water:

Analysis of water quality showed dangerously high levels of viruses and bacteria from sewage in venues where about 1,400 athletes will compete in water sports at the Rio Games, which open in a year on Aug. 5, 2016.
       Venues for triathlon and open-water swimming off Copacabana Beach had high virus levels that pose a threat to athletes and tourists.

       Olympic organizers and the Brazilian government have tested only for bacteria to decide if the water is safe.
       None the less, - many experts say viruses are a far bigger problem and need to be monitored, but I just wonder what they are going to do about it and whether they even can.

And now with Beging China getting Olympics

I still wonder how they can even breath over there:

       Like come over and get sick and compete for that Metal you've been training for all your life. .
       I would think someone would think about providing clean air for the Olympics.

Not so funny
Bush's Super Pack Fund:
Starting in January, and right up until he announced his official candidacy June 15, Bush crisscrossed the country at a frenetic pace in what aides described as a "shock-and-awe" fund-raising push to raise a record war chest from lobbyists, billionaires and old Bush family friends.
       During this time, Bush insisted he wasn't a candidate which was a loop-hole that enabled him to operate outside the fray of federal campaign finance regulations, which limit individual campaign donations to $2,700.
       With its $103 million take in, the Super PAC has smashed the fundraising totals of every other candidate, making Bush the clear leader in the money race, for the November 2016 election. (Other top players only have as much as $20 Million.)
I get a kick out of:
How Jeb Bush accents KEY WORDS:
As if he's been taught by the same person as Hillary.
       However Jeb has the hyper-accent in his programing, so he doesn't sound like as much of a Robot like Hillary is.

       I just don't get it.
Everyone seems to think our country has been going down the wrong road for some time, and everyone thinks we need a change of direction, but why do they even support the families that go you to this point?
      Bill Clinton created a false economy by lowering the interest rate.
       And Clinton as also robbed the US citizen about an quarter of a percent of their brain capacity by changing the patent laws.
       Bush & Chaney & Halaberten turned the country into a War Machine and doubled the National Debit.
      Obama created the biggest theft of intellectual property and destroyed the US patent industry for private individuals.
       And let US not to forget Obama doubled the National Debit again.
       I just don't see how people can be so stupid.

Well maybe Not
See the deal is:
       When they start out the Western Addition of the National News, with a weather broadcast....
       You gotta figure they don't want you to see something. Or as with my case, hear something.
       Those somethings are subliminal messages and you can be sure they are using them on all of you.
       It's nothing new to them and they are all in on it, --because there is profit in it.
       I no longer think that just North County of San Diego is just another social experiment like they did in Morro Bay.
       I happen to think it is now being done on a national level, and with the internet spreading it even further, it can be considered a global issue.
       That little ol 8% brain capacity has you all ripe and vulnerable.

You have to laugh
Hillary is saying she is "healthy:
and quite wealthy too.

But Bottom Line is:
She has to take blood thinners to avoid blood clots.
       Therefore, she has a problem with high blood pressure, or the lack of it from the blood thinners, but most importantly, she is one person who is in serious risk of having a stroke.

Just ask Mick Fanning
If he thinks Sunnyside is full of shit:
       If he thinks I'm right about the Sharks beginning to hunt us because Scuba Divers have put us into the Shark's food chain by feeding them.

       Do any of you see the correlation of the knowledge that you should not feed the bears and you should not feed the Sharks?
       May I say, I got my knowledge from my Spirit Buddies, Mark Foo and Andy Irons.
       I didn't have nightmares. I just went on a two or three day stupper in order to process the information. It was all too real for me. Never the less, the scariest part of it was when Mark Foo showed me what happened with Kelly Slater at Mavericks.
       I happen to think Mick Fanning should be a little more afraid of Kelly Slater than he is of Sharks. (Twice in one's life; -what are the odds of a third?)
       I wouldn't doubt I posted the information over two years ago, but what the hell, they are 8%ers, can't expect them to comprehend any of it.        1116 words aug. 1st'15

Five times the competition:
Bush's $102 Million Super-pack Fund

Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 42, 78, 85, 86 & 88
August 3-4, 2015:

I bet Bush can top,
Hillary's $2 Million Dollar Commercial

       I'm just glad that she isn't paying to air it in this state, -yet.
Amazing all the fuss over a Lion

       You have to realize that the county of Zimbabwe is in on it and then you have to figure that you have illegal freelancers on top of that.
       From what I gather: they must be getting down to slim pickings and looking for some easy stuff.
       But did they kill an elephant for the bait?
       A lot of killing going on for $51,000.oo

This guy riding a Motor cycle on water.
Its something I always wanted to do:
       I had the same Idea ever since I was a kid.

And kudos for the guy who actually around to it. It appears he did a pretty good job of it from what I see.
       Keeping the water out of the intake is the risky part about falling.
       I wonder that happens when he changes gears, if he dose that at all?
       However, I think going with an electric motor will most likely work out better with more torque throughout a wider range.
       By far easier to water proof, but the fall back would be amount of time one would be able to ride it.

Pulled off a few good ones this morning.
Wasn't much for waves, but I managed to find a few nice ones.
       I dropped into a glassy tube sideways and I could hear the water fall to inside of me right behind my ass on one .
       Got a radical cut back on another.
       I came damn near braking my Quad on a late take-off drop. It actually felt like I bounced after hitting the bottom.
       I was just nice catching something other than mush and catching it with something else than the Stoneman.
       Got a traction pad for my thruster, so I'm ready.

Five times the competition:
Bush's $102 Million Super-pack Fund

Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 42, 78, 85, 86 & 88
August 3-4, 2015:

I bet Bush can top,
Hillary's $2 Million Dollar Commercial

       I'm just glad that she isn't paying to air it in this state, -yet.
Amazing all the fuss over a Lion

       You have to realize that the county of Zimbabwe is in on it and then you have to figure that you have illegal freelancers on top of that.
       From what I gather: they must be getting down to slim pickings and looking for some easy stuff.
       But did they kill an elephant for the bait?
       A lot of killing going on for $51,000.oo

This guy riding a Motor cycle on water.
Its something I always wanted to do:
       I had the same Idea ever since I was a kid.

And kudos for the guy who actually around to it. It appears he did a pretty good job of it from what I see.
       Keeping the water out of the intake is the risky part about falling.
       I wonder that happens when he changes gears, if he dose that at all?
       However, I think going with an electric motor will most likely work out better with more torque throughout a wider range.
       By far easier to water proof, but the fall back would be amount of time one would be able to ride it.

Pulled off a few good ones this morning.
Wasn't much for waves, but I managed to find a few nice ones.
       I dropped into a glassy tube sideways and I could hear the water fall to inside of me right behind my ass on one .
       Got a radical cut back on another.
       I came damn near braking my Quad on a late take-off drop. It actually felt like I bounced after hitting the bottom.
       I was just nice catching something other than mush and catching it with something else than the Stoneman.
       Got a traction pad for my thruster, so I'm ready.

What did I tell you?
Rule Numbers- 10, 20, 43, 86 & 100

August 6th, 2015:
       "Donald Trump is nothing more than another Ross Perot"
       Now it is revealed that Bill Clinton has given Donald Trump a phone call.
       It's pretty silly having so many people so gullible, to even consider as anything tangible when it comes to his generalization. The Moron dosen't even half to tell you how he would fix anything because his explanation is that he is, "strong," on it.
       He's nothing more than a bad TV Show, contaminating the airways.
       And Now you have him contaminating the elections. There will be so much wasted time and attention being focused on him instead of the others.
       PM Update: They're saying Carly Fiorina won the early debate as many have said.

These shootings at Theaters:
Are bound to happen as long as,
       the News Media
keeps making a modern day Drama out if them.

At least with this latest one, he's Dead & Gone and I sure do hope they don't haggle over the guy any more. Rule 100.
       I still wonder why, out of all those people inside the theater didn't have a gun of their own, because all the had to fight was a lousy can of pepper spray and a machete.
       Which reminds me of the need for me to put together a web-page on some of my own Silly Gun Laws

Rule Number 10:
On that Hoverboard:

Save your money.
       It's kinna the same kind of ploy as I've featured in Mad Science.

It's CG, or better said, "trick photography."
       They had to make tracks of magnets and balance on the board, which was the difficult part without going of track. You can bet just going ten yards without falling off over the inability of correcting one's balance.
       All those shots of them riding it in a skateboard bowl was all created inside a computer and never happened.
       They are trying to sell a fantasy and I'm sure they have a crowd funding or even stock options available. .
       In order for such a thing to work as good or better than a regular skateboard, you would have to cover the complete bottom surface of the skateboard bowl, (wall to wall,) with magnets.
       A very costly way to go, and if you don't have a cousin in the rare earth mining business, I think it pretty much a far fetch idea, considering that the electric car industry probably already owns most to the rare earth that will be mined out of the earth for the next five years, so that waiting list for that spot in a pool of magnets is going to be not only long list of people, but a hell of a long wait before anyone will see it happen under their own feet.
       I just can't see people living high on the hog on someone else's dream.

Got my back washed:
By a mushy tube for the whole wave.
It was like it was trying to grab the back of me for the whole distance of the waves. I didn't know if I was ever going to get out of it, but at the end, I just popped out of it.

I noticed that sometime when I drop in backside and running late, a lot of the time I'm dropping in with just my front foot planted and I swivel the board to the direction I want to go before I even plant my back foot.

It's beginning to Piss me off.
       Or let's just say it does piss me off Royal.

I'm not sure it it is just Subliminal,
       or if the News network is just coming right out and telling people where I'm about to surf.

       What really pisses me of is the people who are showing up to surf, are not the kind of surfers I want in the line up.
       I get tired of seeing these longboards showing up and grabbing every good wave from the out side. They're just wave hogs that have a better than 50% chance of falling anyway.
       Even if they could help it, it doesn't mater when the board isn't even designed to go vertical.
       It makes about as much sense as taking a Cadillac four wheeling.
       A lot of these guys the media is putting in the water, just take up space and get in the way,
       and that really pisses me off.

And on those rumours
Of how "they want to settle with me:
You can ask anyone in Morro bay and they will tell you that they were saying the same things, -five years ago.
       The deal is that the government has this thing called Statue of Limitations, and they are well aware of how easy it is to isolate someone so they can't get a lawyer to represent them in that amount of time .
       So one they have control of your phone, and mail, and don't forget how easy it is to hack an e-mail account.
       So basically. they brainwash people so they can get away with just about anything.
       So they think they can get way with anything, even if it is screwing over a Sentinel, even if that isn't such a good idea, you can bet those evil bastards will still do it.
       961 words 8.6.15

Donald is not the only one,
-in the pocket of the Democratic Party:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 88

August 7th, 2015:
This Governor Christy Dude is only a Big Fat Bully and the only reason he gets any funding to pro-sue the goal of obtaining the GOP Nomination is to make the Republican party look bad.
       Rand Paul found himself sucked into the classic second grader, "get of my properdy," battle d with the stupid fat ass.
       Donald's hair looks all foggy on the YouTube Videos, in High Definition, it looks like a joke.
       But isn't he just a game show host anyway?
       Someone should get him a little red ball for his nose.
       He's so full of hot air, I just can't help but laugh at him, but the said part is that there may be someone who can actually take him seriously. Everyone should realize that the only reason he is even there, is to make the Republican Party look bad.
       I think what the Republican Party should do is kick him out early. The Republican party should give Donald Trump his walking papers. A notice saying he should feel free to place himself on an independent label because he certainly is not going to be elected as the GOP Nominee .

Out of all the clips I saw
Carly Fiorina was the only one who came prepared with pacific answers to Obvious questions:
All of the others just used the standard fillers sound bit quotes they've been using within their pitches for months.
       I think there are a lot of who are a bit proud of her for being so much more presidential than the rest.
       I tell you, I sure feel sorry for her,
-for having to answer questions on Abortion.
       I bet Rovy and Waid are two names she wishes were never created. They've been a nightmare to the gal.
       Who many times dose she have to say the the Democrats are too drastic one way and the Republicans are too drastic in the other way. And they should be able to figure out a middle grown on the problem so that politician's focus can move on to something else.
       It's just too bad that something so pitiful is taking so many women's minds. The problem for the Republicans is that the silly held up issue is creating a reason for woman to vote one way or another. To so many women, the Abortion issue is the only issue that decides which why they vote.

Pretty silly actually, because apparently it's over the half a billion dollars the government funds plan parenthood centers around the country and if carried out one way or another,
       --it all turns out the same.

It's just like the one party being for the working class and the other for the rich. It defaults votes and it's the reason they never fix the problem because indecision is in the favor of the Democratic party. Pretty stupid hah?
       550 words 8.7.15

Celebrity without the money to protect myself or property.
Bargain Pawn of Oceanside California
Rule Numbers- 65

August 8th, 2015:
Apparently everyone else has known for awhile,
       that the Bargain Pawn Shop here in Oceanside California has been renting out my Basses.
       I guess, from what I've heard, they've been getting $1,000.oo per month for either one of them.
       ($5,000 deposit, from what I hear.)
       Makes sense: because they didn't care if they were only collecting interested on $300.oo instead of $500.oo which would have increased profits.
       But since they were making more money off just renting them out, it's not difficult to figure out a reason why.
       Sounds like it was no secrete, except to me because it sounds like everyone knew all along and they only began talking about it once they heard me taking it apart to figure out what was wrong with it.
       I saw the nick and scratch on the back of my five string. And I've been noticing unfamiliar marks over the years. Kinna sucks I've been having to supply the strings for the Evil Assholes over the years. But this time my old Fender came back with the electronics toasted.
       I don't know how they could have done it other than hooking it up to either a real old amplifier of some kind of high powered pre-amp; but my Jazz pick-up is gone.
       (I tried jumping the pot, but that wasn't the problem.)
Update: they hooked it up to an old amp that had something wrong with it.  And of course its an old vintage pick-up that contained some non-existent wire.
       I can't even play it, because it doesn't sound the same. the whole thing is like being violated.
       It's like these guys have been renting out my wife so others and rape her.
       I wouldn't doubt they raise the price they were asking once they learned about the naked pictures of me that the local San Diego County Sheriff leaked out onto the internet. The sad thing about it is that they still have my 5 string and I don't have the money to get it back from them.
       Once I discovered the problem
my Angles went off and they haven't let up in their efforts of telling me what they were doing.

I was wondering if a guy there was taking it home with him, but once the Idea popped in my head that they would have been more interested in renting them out for profit, -my Angles wouldn't let the thought go away, --all night; every time I woke up it was left on my mind.
Surf supply Wholesaler in Oceanside California
And should I mention that I pawned both basses so I could make my own surfboard so I wouldn't be making criminals money because I was surfing their brand of board. I even laid out my basses pawned money for a business license and tax number so I would be able to sell my own brand of surfboards.
Then the Wholesale Supply here in Oceanside, switched the label on a can of resin, which in turn sabotaged my board.
       And do I need to add that the sabotaged board ended up being scanned and stolen by the very criminals I wanted to stop making money for.

I think it is safe to say, there is a lot of Evil stuff that goes down here in Oceanside, California
       Or should I add that there are a lot of Evil people who reside here in Oceanside.
       It's really creepy here folks.
       It's obviously cursed with Evil.  655 words 8.8.15

I've heard the Kelly Slater name,
       - way too many times in one day.

Rule Number 4, 50 & 65
August 9th, 2015:

What do you think it means?
Could it be that, while I was spending the weekend
in San Diego's Jail,
a criminal who happens to be out on a $5 Million Dollar bail, and accused of attempted murder on me, and guilty of the murder of others, is able to spend the weekend screwing over my bass guitar, which was left in the custody of the local Oceanside pawn shop???
       Doesn't it have that feeling of failure of the system, kinna like the bad background check that didn't work like it was suppose to either; and you had that backfire on you all too?

I guess money means a lot more to others:
Because it has to mean a lot to you if you happen to be the woman who calls Donald Trump her husband.
       I'm yet still amazed that there are anyone who wants to do any business with the guy, even before he had a TV Show.
       I could never understand how the network even thought his personality was the kind for such a TV Show.

I'm sick and tired of Brown

Hell, the kid just robbed a store and he ended up getting himself shot:
Good riddens; -a bully is gone.

Sick as hell over all the protests over it.
       Don't need to be still shooting and killing and rioting or protesting any more!
       End of story.
       Your looking like a bunch of barbaric animals without any morals anymore. So silly to fuss over a few little words, but I figure it's because you can't handle anything more information than 140 characters.

Eight Shots fired,
--after the first two had already put him on the ground:

You could say that Texas in no place, you want to do anything out of line at a car lot.
       I don't think I need to say much other than I think the evil cop has an assassination on his mind and he sacrificed a young man for his fantasy.
       Update: Either the story change to four shots, Or I've got my shootings confused with each other. So many of them you know, just a common assurance, when you got Barbaric 8%ers running around with guns and badges.

I've heard the Kelly Slater name,
       - way too many times in one day.

Rule Number 4, 50 & 65
August 9th, 2015:

What do you think it means?
Could it be that, while I was spending the weekend
in San Diego's Jail,
a criminal who happens to be out on a $5 Million Dollar bail, and accused of attempted murder on me, and guilty of the murder of others, is able to spend the weekend screwing over my bass guitar, which was left in the custody of the local Oceanside pawn shop???
       Doesn't it have that feeling of failure of the system, kinna like the bad background check that didn't work like it was suppose to either; and you had that backfire on you all too?

Got a Go Fund Me Account:
Rule Numbers- 35

August 11th, 2015:
Please help keep my Guitars away from criminals
       After my luck with Amazon on other places, I don't know what to think without sounding pessimistic.
       Never the less, let's give it a shot.
       The link below is a link to the account at GoFundMe.    

Got 5 visits within the first hour.
And Zip after that, according to GoFundMe.
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 88

August 12th, 2015:
Boy for a guy who is piped into the NBC broadcasting station.
       Certainly don't get any help.
       I'm willing to bet that NBC just hacked into the bug the government put in my place and that is another reason things are the way they are.
       And I bet they are proud of themselves and tell themselves that they are so thoughtful and giving. Being cruel doesn't register because they just happen to except the curse of evil by saying, "that's just the way it is."
       Hell Kickstarter wouldn't even let me post something, but I guess they didn't think that they government would just block it with their blue boxes.
       I guess the rest of us just have to wonder whether it is blocked internally or by outside sources.
     Can you believe, these cops around here actually make a point to wave to me as if they are some kind of friend of mine?

    Always remember what a prisoner once told me:
       You should never think a cop is a friend of yours, because even if they have buddied up to you, they will have no problem screwing you over.

     And don't think they will ever pull for you if another cop wants to screw you over because they will stand by their evil partner in crime, and not you.
       Get this:
       That every nine days in this country, another cop shoots an unarmed back man.
       Its just the way it is.

Have to take another look at my Quad:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 77

August 13, 2015:
I got beat up, on a nasty drop trying to get past a guy in the water.
       It started out with a guy trying to drop in on me, but I yelled at him as I as launching myself into the overhead wave.
       It jacked up and my effort to make it passed another guy in the water left me at the top of the lip and I had to bail because the only way I could of saved it was to pointing my board right at the guy under me.
       My shoulder blade got whacked and so did the underside of my forearm. Talking about a painful paddle after than, so one more wave and I was spent.
       Kinna crazy to be this person who can't get any help from anyone and is only dished out trouble, as if I'd done something wrong.
       I know, - its called Evil.

On the Go fund me:

I figure there may be a couple reasons, why no visitors are showing up since the first hour.
       It is either something to do with the flash code, of as I assume more likely the fourth and fifth visitor reported it as a fraud.
       Therefore I should just make up a new campaign that doesn't accuse anyone of doing anything and just ask for money.
       I think the thing to do is just ask for money, like kick-starting a surfboard manufacturing facility.

Get this:
According to the stats they give me, gets more visitors than the Journal at MSR. But that could be because the most recent entry in now on the home page.

And on the Kim K and her morning sickness drug.

Think about it:
       After her posting, the drug sales grew 500%

       But just think of the percentage growth they got by having it featured on all the news networks.
       As illegal as the FDA wants to say it is, you still have to ask if they will get fined for their actions. Never the less, I'm sure the fine won't amount to much against the profits involved.

       I guess that is just fine and dandy:

But I'll be sitting here wondering if the kid will come out with ten finger and ten toes.
And while we are in that arena:

       There is a drug company in San Diego that came up with a new cancer drug and the amount they are charging for a years worth is $250,000.oo.
       If that isn't price gouging I don't know what it is.
       Sure they will drop the price someday, -when they run out of people rich enough to afford it.
       I don't know about you but I think that is just unethical. But here in the USA, ethics have nothing to do with business.

30 waves:
Rule Numbers-

August 15th, 2015:
In about 3 1/2 hours
       Not bad for as junky as it was. Never the less I pulled off a few interesting ones.
What amazes me, is how many fans were out there so early in the morning in the first place.
       This morning I swapped out the small in front and big in back fin combination for the opposite, like I unusually use on my smaller thrusters. (Wondering if I could even tell the difference on the Stoneman.) And unfortunately it leads me to except the fact that I wish I had an extra set (which would take two sets to do unless I can order random mix.) because it was obvious to me I could turn the thing at the top of the wave better, and now I'll find myself moving the fins from board to board every time I change boards.
       The combination also helped me with a quicker initial bottom turn too, which helps getting back into the wave much faster. (Kinna like the feel of more back foot.)
       And oh, I didn't count any of my waves. From 25 to 30, I could hear someone on shore counting them.
       And I might mention almost every time I go to catch a way, I can usually hear someone saying something like there goes Sunnyside.
       I laughed when I heard someone talking about me using both hands to hold my board under my feet on a late bouncy take off.

It appears that the cops in South Carolina shoot people by quota
They shoot someone every ten days, and the color of skin dosen't matter that much to them either cause:
       Just ask the white folks who lost their son over a little weed.

And if the Bully Cop didn't have two years to practice his testimony, I don't know what it was.
       He shot a poor kid who had his car brake down and the the stupid bitch that called the cops didn't help him much either.
       I just don't get it. .
       I figure if a stupid moron is in fear of every little thing, they are the last person who should become a cop.
       I think it is a result of Affermative Action really. Because they lowered the standards for the physical requirements for cops. When I was a kid, Cops had to be big enough to handle most people, but now most of them are a bunch of wimps and they are afraid to confront anyone who they feel could be a threat and they are too quick to use tasers and guns because of it.
       I think they just hire psychotic cops in the first place because who else would want to be a bully cops but some nut job.
       I tell you, I'm afraid of cops because I think they are just nut jobs for the most part and if you mix the bullies in with that, you've got problems whether you like it or not.
       It's like the ones around here. If they are not criminals themselves, they are harboring them because they all know they are working side by side with others who are. And they sure as hell are not doing anything to get them off the street.

And get this:
After two days, even with conservative stats, (rigged I should say,) Mystupidrules had to have been visited at least a thousand times.
       The stats to my account tells me that I had 8 visitors total in two days.
       Kinna hard to believe when the link is in the first paragraph of the Home Page.
       Tell me something isn't rigged .
       Nothing is honest any more .

Get this:
I assume I got another message from God:
       It was of the same sort as the one to China over it's coal fired plants and the treat of what can happen if they do not comply.

       But this one was directed to the County of San Diego.
       The message was, that if you keep burning his Sentinel, he will burn you.
       So I guess, even though all you around here may have pretty good whether, you better make sure you have pretty good insurance because you could very well be with out a home yourself.

And Speaking of homes:
I've seen videos of Donald Trump's home.
       With all that Gold leaf shit everywhere.
       The funking thing is about the most hideous looking place I've ever seen.
       It looks like a movie set of some palace that is owned by some rich inbreed Arab in Saudi Arabia.
       The place looks so over done, I'd have to go down to the local bar had have a few drinks just to relax and recuperate from being inside it. Just looking at the videos of it made me want to down a few.

Let me Guess:
Rule Numbers- 20

August 17th, 2015:
I'm willing to bet, That most insurance companies are on the East Coast.
       And I bet folks around here are about to see their home owners insurance rates go up.
       And I bet a bunch of them had their fingers crossed when the wind kick up this morning and the dark clouds came marching in, (something that nobody had figured upon.)

Gee when California is loosing 1,000 acres per hour to fires, how many of you are wondering why San Diego seems to be one county that has been spared?

Sad to see how bad Lake Chelan in Washington got torched: It was a favorite spot for many of my old friends.
       It was a good place for water skiing and you could always count on summer like weather their.

Only 11 visitors on the GoFundMe Page in 3 days:
Anyone would have to wonder who is paying them to dog me. Because out of 1,800, plus the several thousands referred by other sites, you just have to figure that someone is paying them off.
       I'm sure many of you began to suspect one company just because of the rumors going around, but after letting it set without me saying anything, another companie's name began to pop up and there are quit a few of us who think we know what that is all about. (It's their tactics and ethics have nothing to do with how a company should operate.)
       All I will say is that they certainly didn't have to go far did they?
       If you know what I mean; then you know what I mean when I say they certainly went about things the wrong way didn't they.
       But hey, it's their hay days now isn't it?
       Businesses like theirs only see their prime for a given amount of time anyway.
       They may think they are big now, but that won't last with their business ethics.
       Besides, they are screwing with a Sentinel and that can't be a very smart thing to do.

And Gee Wess
Morgan Freeman's Grand Daughter gets killed,
by her boyfriend on the Streets of New York.

       And Second degree murder is what they charge him with?
       Well it's murder, and she is dead, and what degree they want to call it should not be an issue. The guy kill her didn't he?
       It's like the justice system is incompetent and not willing to push their luck at a stiffer sentence I guess.
       The way I look at it, is they got him red handed and he should be just put to death and save the tax payers the expense of keeping him alive.
       Ah, 8%er's, -shit for brains.

There are a few who see it the same as I do:
Like why would killing Jesus give anyone eternal life?

       Like why would torturing him with thorns wrapped around his head and nailing him to a cross, equate to anything good?
       You all think it saved you from your sins, but you still have problems with your sins to this day.
       And now there are many of you all waiting for him to come back to save you. (I have to ask from what? Yourselves?)
       Well that way you are all going, he better come soon because as the way things are, another 1,000 years, there won't be any of you left, (as you are,) to save.

The way I look at it:
He already came to save you and all you did was kill him.

       You didn't use him for what he was good for.
       He wasn't here for something to write a book about. He wasn't here to entertain you either. He wasn't here to be someone you should torture to death either.
       In my book you used him the wrong way.

Kinna like Me and my truck:

       You've done nothing but use my truck in the wrong way and you've done nothing but treat me the wrong way.
       After two decades, all you've used my truck for is evil.
       And all you have shown me is just how Evil you all are.
       Your sick with Evil and most of you have no idea of my true purpose and all you have done is make things worse instead of better.
      There is no way I can snap my fingers and save you because I'm only here to tell you how to save yourselves, and you're not listening.
       And you are all questioning my sanity.
       Tell me who is the sick one?

Missed the boat:
Rule Numbers- 60, 75 & 77

August 18, 19 & 20th 2015:
Should have gone out earlier.
       A result of working on this page too late.
       Waves surprised us, but it didn't take long before the wind screwed things up.
       I've been beat up a lot worse before, without getting hurt, but this time I must have gone over the falls wrong and really tweaked my back; and stupid me stayed out in the water thinking it was minor, but boy was I wrong.

"They are going to tell him tomorrow."
       The line I must hear at least a half a dozen times a day.
       Sometimes I have to wonder if people are planted just to say it so I hear them say it.
       Once in a while, I'll hear someone say, they changed their mind.
       Well dah.

The works about as well as Amazon does with selling my Book
       Still stuck at 15 visitors.

Santa Margarita in Slo County is on fire.
       Good, -that news makes my day.

Oh yeah:
I get the feeling that God has control over just where the El Nino will go.
       Something tells me he can even split it into two.
       Firefighters may be able to set fires and even profit from them; but missing out on water from rain is something you can't buy your way out of.
       God has the ability to make your food supply cost you. And in the end, all the money in the world my not be able to help you.

Ashley Madison, encrypted and all.
Just proves how little you can trust anything digital.
       Goes to show you just how desperate some people are for sex.

Like the salute bit:
Where the school girl went to the attic,
with the male student:

       I may be wrong, but at this point, I think the girl decided to cry rape once her parents found out (after the posting of it on the web,) and she's lied as an effort to save face.
       I'd make the boy cover the court cost and do some community service. I do not think he should be labeled as a sex offender either because the girl did go off with him alone.

It's obvious the Constitution should be amended:
       On the right to citizenship when born in this country.

       There is just way too many people coming to this country while pregnant just to take advantage of it. So much so that there are businesses set up for foreigners to take advantage of it. (Called "baby mills.")
       Bush losses out there, and Donald and Rubio are right on that one.

23 Million Spent on chasing down two escaped convicts:
       That's a whole lot of overtime for cops.
       I think the money could have been better spent elsewhere.
       A few road block check points would have resulted in about the same and I doubt it would have cost any more than a million.
       I think the cops like us spending money on them..

An Ironic Correction:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 21, 23, 34, 51 & 65

August 22, 2015:
As I would say I was corrected.
       That is one of my Angels came right out and told me that I lied. But I have to admit I fibbed a little, or maybe I should say I elaborated upon a notion and figured I just might be corrected as I suspected I might because I put in some of my gut feelings.
       Or maybe I felt I may have been stretching the truth.
      What I'm talking about is: the message that I felt God could control the weather such as where the El Nino could go.
       The part that I assumed on my own was that God could actually split it into two and I have to admit I made the splitting part up on my own.
       However as the days went by I was informed that God actually could if he wanted to, but through the consensuses with my Angles, somehow there was some kind of agreement that God wasn't about to do any magic tricks for me because we all know what happened to Jesus.
       Never the less, as many of you feel that everything happens for a purpose, especially when it come to the things God does.
       Well I think we all can agree that southern California needs at least 20 inches of of rain or else things like the aqueduct will crumble into pieces and leak making the situation even worse, even though the water leaking into the aquifer can't be all that bad of a thing for the central valley.
       So if there is any message out of it all, the message would have to amount to saying that if things continue as they are, getting that rain California needs so bad is all about how things go. Whether you listen up or not and whether you treat your Sentinel has he should be. (And don't even get the Idea it's all about his and your Sentinel.) I think it has a lot about how you all let Evil run rapid.

Thanks to the Morons who work for the EPA:
       You have to realize that a bunch a mercury was just let loose.
       I don't know where they lost it, (or if they ever had any,) but those morons sure didn't have any common sense.
       With those kinds of people on your payroll, you can bet it dosen't score any good points with God.
       I don't know why none of those people are not in jail. In my opinion, anyone who hand anything to do with that blunder should be sitting in jail, and need I should say: out of a job.
       But it's the government and they can do anything including getting people killed in other countries and yet you all cry about a few lost firefighters. Could care less about what we are doing to other people in other countries for the sake of building war machines for profit.

And if those women want to be Marines, and they want to kill other people, what is the difference?
       Killing machines are killing machines, it doesn't mater if they are black or white, male or female. If you create wars for profit, who cares who dies fighting them? If they want to risk their lives, -let them. As with Rule Number 34: I'm sure there is a whole lot more of them.
       If you keep breeding stupid people, cyborgs will be cyborgs and what sex they are won't matter.

Now you've got cops shooting people in the back:
It doesn't mater if the guy had a gun or not, he didn't shoot at any cop and he was going the other way.
       And it doesn't mater it there was finger prints and DNA on the gun either.
       Those kinds of things can always be arranged and people should realize that DNA is just another way of framing people Just as finger prints have been planted in crime scenes in the past.
       In fact, a crime scene can be contaminated with DNA much easier than with fingerprints.
       Anyone see that TV show the other night where the FBI lab technician specialist had been making up phoney lab reports and even providing false testimony in the courts, framing innocent people on death row? That's such a shame and the Lab Technician Specialist should be the one on death row. I just hope the Grim Reaper has a number for that guy.

And Speaking of the Grim Reaper:
I'm still wondering when the Reaper gets an appointment with Kelly Slater.
       Slater must be surrounded by demons or something because I'm still waiting to hear about his last days. As I said before, I figure once all the bros find out about him, they'll let Kelly live out his last days in the back of a moving van and experience what a bat can do to the human body.

In the past few days I have been hearing a lot about Kelly Slater.
       Apparently everyone and their brother knows that Kelly Slater rented my bass guitar for his brother to use.
       I'm willing to bet there are plenty of pictures out there with him having it. I wouldn't doubt the guy was brave enough to play it on stage in front of an audience and one of those pictures are going to help me prove just what the Bargain Pawn shop did and you can bet I will be able to sue them for the damages and take away their Pawn Broker's License.
       Heck, even the News media has sent me subliminal messages saying so and I don't think they did it just to get me to state a lie to corrupt my credibility, - even though it could be possible. However I don't think it was some kind of trick because it was also broadcasted during a golf tournament and not just the local news.

Let's not forget about the Poop:
Don't you think, -that any computer guru.
       That is asked to set up a server for a Secretary of State would think about putting in a secrete automatic back-up in it, -that could even backup any new file to another server in another location?
       Hell, I know how devious people are and you can bet the profits that could be made from that information would be worth a whole lot more than the profit made off a couple hard-drives and circuit board?
       Well if it wasn't done over the internet, you can bet when Hillary took it back to them to have it erased, they sure as hell made a copy of what was on it before they erased it, or even just swapped out the hard-drive with new ones. I bet they would even be clever enough to swap the cases of the hard-drives so the serial numbers would match the originals.
       Hillary is just too naive I guess.
       Hell, they ruined that Military guy Mr. P for less and you can bet she won't go down, but maybe she will if Bidden steps up to take her place. (So that is only about a month away to find out the answer to that question.)

And on Donald Trump:
Tell me something.
       Did Donald charge people money to get into his Big Rally, or did he flip the bill?
       And I don't think a wall will actually do the trick.
       Or I should probably say that legislation could do about the same, because even if they do manage to complete a wall from end to end, (which I think should be a goal,) the Mexican cartels and human smugglers will just engineer more sophisticated tunneling machines and eventually have hydraulic automated boring machines that will tunnels a few miles in just a few months if not just weeks.
       They'll just start farther back and bore into the US even farther .
       So to say, they will just find better and faster ways of going under it .
       The US just needs to expedite deportation as soon as any law official gets their hand on one, or two, or three or four. (Get the picture?)
       Hell the way we have it now, city council will appoint an illegal to consultation position over a US citizen. (Very true, it just happened with a few.)

Around here, All I've been hearing about:
       Besides the Kelly Slater renting my bass for his brother is "they got him a lawyer".
       Well I don't know if they are assuming that because I attempted to get in contact with a lawyer or what?
       None the less, I can assure you that I seriously doubt that the contacts I made actually went anywhere, because they could have very well been a front just to try to fool me into thinking my calls went anywhere.
       Of the two I made, the only call back came from a number I didn't call and the only question the guy actually asked me that I can remember was, "what is the name of your book."
       He was just letting me run my mouth off and of course he had to cut it short by bluntly saying, "I'll call you back." Of which I seriously doubt will happen. (That one was over a wrongful death suit.) And if he was just a independent lawyer and not associated with a firm, I seriously doubt he'd want to even risk his neck trying to sue Speilberg.
       So folks, that's what the Rule 23 was all about.

And back in the Water was ok.
       That was until I had some young punk try to paddle over to steal my wave.
       Then of course the wind came up and the fun went away.
       Kinna knew that would happen because all too many times, it's happened before.
       That's where the Rule number 4, 20, 21 & 51 came into play.
       And I might add, -I even had a stupid lifeguard get in my way.
       1800 words today. Just might be too much for those people who have trouble comprehending more than 140 characters.

Told yah:
Rule Numbers- 33, 44, 65 & 66

August 23rd, 2015:
Is what the Hispanic Community is saying because they had figure out that I was a Sentinel before I did myself and they are kinda proud of it, because they believed it before I did.
       The fact that God is cleaning house, like I said he would.
       I guess there isn't going to be a Bill Curtis flaunting his ass around as if he's some kind of hot shot anymore.
       I take it he took my advice and figured that his garage was a good place to hang himself.

This morning I woke up with an intuition
that the Grim Reaper killed two birds with one stone, just as I heard people say all day.

       Well sort of because I assume Mister Gonzalus took my advice and put his gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.
       I can honestly tell you that there are others who are glad to see them gone just as I, and we can believe this world is a better place with less evil in it.
       Good reddens. Or as I said after I woke up just after hearing the news.
       Boom Boom Boom, another one bites the dust!
       Hallelujah, let's just hope Obama is next.
       However, we have another cop or two, and maybe another judge who are scheduled to rob me again on the 15th of September. Wouldn't it be nice if they just couldn't make it?

Get this:
This morning, I paddled out on the Stoneman because the waves were almost too small and the sets were a long wait. Then a couple more of the local crew arrived and the waves kicked in and got noticeably better. I got a whole bunch of those small little buggers and we all had fun sharing the waves.
       But after a couple hours, my buddies when in and then a kid from Spain paddle out and didn't have the wave sharing thing down and thought he was going to paddle on a to a wave that I was obviously in the best position for.
       I saw that he began paddling almost right next to me as if he was going to steal it from me, but since he just got out, so instead of dealing with him being in my way, because I was going to have to launch myself sideways, I thought I'd just let him have it and I went left instead hoping it wouldn't close on me, of which it did. As it closed on me, I looked over and saw that he didn't even take it.
       Well to make a long story short, they waves went to hell and I just didn't see anything worth surfing, and after the same kind of thing happing yesterday, I didn't even bother waiting around to catch another wave, so I just paddled in.

How to earn Brownie Points with God:
The actions of-
Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos,
is a good example.
       They didn't run and hide from that evil bastard on the train in France.
       If there is any ticket to Heaven in the after life, they sure earned it with the courage and bravery they have shown us all.
       I can't even find the appropriate words to say how proud we all are of those three men.
       I'm pretty sure they don't have to worry about their score card with God.
       If I'm able to put my two cents worth in on it, I'll try to stretch it to a silver dollar.
       They are heroes to the utmost and they have made me so proud of them. I can only appropriately say, God Bless you guys, in the most substantial way I can, and coming from your Sentinel, I hope it means the most anyone could say.

The Media left out Gratitude to a very thoughtful person:
Rule Numbers- 35, 38 & 50
August 24, 2015:
You can bet Marc Milowski is sure grateful Americans Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, and Anthony Sadler were on the Amsterdam to Paris train was seated two seats behind the other day. Stone stuck his finger into bullet holes in his neck in the effort to keep him from Bleeding to death.
       However the purpose of this posting is how upset I am that Damien who lives in London is French man who should be thought of as a hero because he stood up against the terrorist at the beginning but messed up with his initial plans. .Today he thanked the three men who saved him and his fellow passengers from being shot by Moroccan Ayoub El-Khazzani,.
       If we at MyStupidRules had any money, we'd buy Damien a Purple Heart, solid gold and everything because I sure deserves to have a few Good Marks on his Score Card with the Lord because you gotta figure he was willing to take the chances with sacrificing his life over the incident.
       Not only that, you credit his sacrificial efforts very incremental to the success the other Americans able to take vantage of. The bullets fired at Damien, were not fired into the the Americans.
       I personally like to thank,
       and say God Bless you Damien.

Congrats Times Three
Jason Day for making it to the Big Time.
Jorden Spieth for making it to Number One in the World.
       I've enjoyed watching them make it to where they are, and I have to say it was kinda neat seeing both of your pentacles happen in the same game.
And a bit of Good Luck on Top of the Congrats to the Boys of Bonita.
       These just so much excitement for these guys, -you can't help but enjoy watching them with enthusiasm, because it's their on everyones faces.
       Kinna makes people feel Good and that isn't a bad gift to have.
       Good Luck, because you need it and the Game isn't over.

Oh no, I can't believe I seen what I saw,
on TV
Divers off the coast of Encinata
feeding Orca Whales from a shark cage:

Man-O-Man, if feeding the Sharks isn't bad enough, -all we need is to put the human race in the food chain of the Killer Whales.
       Won't be like that cute little girl sitting in the hospital with a shark bit saying that to odds of it happening again isn't likely .
       A killer shark would have swallowed her whole.

Strange Day:
Rule Numbers-

August 24, 2015:
This morning was a little different than usual.
       It was unusual in the sense that I had the intuition that I had been informed of a few things, instead if the quick messages from my Angles as I come to from my sleep.
       Strange how clear the intuition was to me. Like I had been sat down and told of a few things even though I can't remember ever actually being told.
       What I felt I was told was, that Obama was next.

No, it is not Chowder,
it's Chowdah!
Rule Numbers- 24, 26, 29, 33, 34, 44, 65, 85 & 86

August 25th, 2015:
Got the Ring Leader you say?
       Rule Number 26.
       I just may be hearing things, however, it's what people are saying.
       Just want to make sure you spell it right, -however pronounce it any witch way you please.
       I'm just happy that my truck can look happy again.
       Good Reddens my neighborhood environmental atmosphere is a better place without him.

PM Update:
I Stand Corrected:
Obama, sounds like Obam-ah,
just like Obam-ah sounds like chow-dah,
and chow-dah sounds like Chowdah.

       Boy I bet Obama had a productive day. I bet his heart was working overtime.
       Lightened a few shades of brown I would guess
       Never said I was a very good clairvoyant. I think I just caught the last part clear and I only heard, "ah will be next," and got one guy confused with the other.
       I realize I'm a little slow sometimes, because I figure many of you had me figure for being wrong about what I either heard or understood. Not like it's something I have done before.
I'm Still Wondering
If the rumors that Obama took a Big Knife to his Throat.
Probably a big long one as I see it. Long enough to make sure it cuts enough in one pass because you sure don't want to be stuck half way.
       Still can't say I've seen anything of his two daughters in at least two or three months.

Yep, rid this place of evil, I say.
   Good thing, - give them something to worry about.
       Some of you were out there protesting,--
      "Take Back Wallstreet,"
       While Obama Stabbed you in the Back.

Oh, someone should tell Carly Fiorina
The reason all those other countries think the Iran deal as a good one, - is because they want to sell Iran War Machinery, of which Iran will either sell or give to other organizations like ISIS to cause havoc anywhere they want.
       Thought she was smarter than that.

I must be in the Dog House:
       Because it still seems like I start the sets, and often end the sets as well, but for the last couple day, all I've been getting are weak longboard type waves. Ones where I don't even need to raise my arms to surf tham.
       However it seemed like everyone else have been getting pretty good ones for the conditions we were provided with.

By Monday, almost 80,000 people had signed a petition, - urging the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes,
- for when he visits London next month.

"Under international law he (Netanyahu) should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the UK for the massacre of over 2,000 civilians in 2014," Moran said, referring to the 51-day offensive by Israeli forces in Gaza last year.
       If the number of signatories reaches 100,000, the petition can be considered for debate in Britain's parliament.
       You gotta wonder if that will do any good, -because you have to wonder just how much war machinery Great Britain either sells of buys from Israel.
       Maybe they should sign a petition for the USA to be prostituted, or sued, fined or what ever they call it for war crimes against humanity for providing Israel the Money and War Machinery to do it?
       Yeah, you can call it kinna silly, but I know what it is really called.
       Its called Evil.

Angles or God?
Rule Numbers- 25

August 26, 2015:
My money would be on Angles
       I would think God would have more important things to worry about over playing games in the Ocean making sure I don't get any waves.
       Never the less, - I guess everyone saw the arm reach out of the oceans and grab me.
       I felt the water dragging me so I jumped forward and it reached out and grabbed me. (I wasn't going anywhere.)
       With the exception of two or three waves, most of the waves I got, - even if they looked good, - just closed on me.

Now I know where I got the Rodeo Style from:
       After finding myself doing it while cramming myself in a tube, I know it has to come from somewhere.
       It sure isn't from watching Tom Decker, and now I hear it's something that Mark Foo's would do.
       I Guess he had the ability to slide the board sideways into tubes too.
       I have to say, doing the Rodeo Pose out side of a tube must look even goofier, -it must make me look likes some cowboy riding a bronc.
       Now I can understand why Kelly Slater could be jealous of my surfing. You have to figure if he was jealous of Mark enough to kill him, having to see me surf like Mark Foo would probably haunt him in some God forsaking way.

I bet they secured the ground

About the smartest thing they could do:
       Would be to step in and secure the ground over here where they are about to begin pouring concrete.
       You Gotta figure the reason you won't find a Whitehouse or public accessible government building on a Military base would be need to have public access without having to go through military security checks.
       If I have a night club and apartment at the beach, a building for a place where politicians need to meet up with me should be near by .
       I would probably have to surf at Camp Pendleton, or the Islands, but if I make them put my wave machines in as erosion control, I would just have it set up where there would be a limited number of other surfers aloud to surf the same break as me.
       Wouldn't doubt there would be a few locals who would stand in line to get a security clearance to even surf around me since so many like surfing with me anyway.

Everyone likes a good chopping block.

That has been said so may times today
       Yeah, these election are going to be one big joke.
       I'm willing to bet, none of them will ever make it so save you money, they can not do you any favors.
       I seriously don't think we have any chioce here folks. The only thing you can all do is make fools of yourselves for not getting me through the first time.
       It's will be the Hispanic community telling you all, "I told you so," and you'd be starting from ground one with another Donald Trump clogging up the air waves.

Speaking of Airways:

I'm Willing to Bet:
That George Steponpholus has decided to call it quits.

       I don't think a persons would sleep well when they are making a Sentinel took at you when you helped the president come up with the idea of how to put him out of commission.
       George Stepo killed him self today? Well gee wiss, - I figured that he would at least retire in a last ditch effort to survive. I guess the news tomorrow morning will leave me in a better mood than the day before.
       (I'll actually be able to turn on the TV and see God's work.) Well, - the Grim Reaper I suppose? I don't think God needs to mess with the dirty work, no more than playing games with his Sentential in the water.

More and More
People have been turning off their cell phones at night.
They are claiming to be having better dreams and claim to be having dreams with their relatives who have passed.
       I'm sure once that happens to them a few times, they find better reason to leave their cell phones behind and not carry them on themselves any more.
       Could be why the Apple Stock has come out one of the losers of the stock market dive yesterday. Some say what I had to say this morning is what pulled the stock market out of a dive. Never th less, the amount of people cashing in on some of their 401k plans is up seven times the norm.
862 words. 8-26-15

On second thought:
Rule Numbers- 50

August 27, 2015:
My opinion is different than yesterday.
       Yesterday I felt sorry for the guy who lost the love of his life, who happens to be in the television news business.
       You have to admite it's pretty bad when I guy on a killing rampage happens to take time out to up load a video of the criminal act, to his Facebook page
       Regardless if he himself had worked in the TV news business, -he was looking to be someone, just like the people the News networks make big by dramatizing the incidents over in our head day after day. They end up making the criminal sitting in a court room someone who is special in their evil stricken eyes.
       Consider it a demonstration of how the network Television, and Film Industry programs end up brainwashing people into thinking this shit should be the norm. Well I certainly hope I'm not the one the first to tell you that it is not.
While were talking about, "Demonstration."
The word I've heard about the most:
For the better part of the week,
the surfers that have been around me will tell you the whole ordeal I've, (and they have,) gone through must have been a demonstration.
       It all boils down to the fact that we create are own Karma.
       In my case is can be the effect of the cooperation with the waves in the sea, which can obviously be influenced by Angles. (This one recently, folks seem to think was my Mother.)
       There are Spirits and Angles all around us, so even if you think you may be sneaky, just remember, there still could be someone watching you.
       Angles know if you are honest even if you think you can fool others.
       It didn't take watching too many episodes of CSI
To get inspired from learning of a killer criminal on the evening news.
All it took was what the Mexicans have a word for:
       They have a term for the only way to save face if you have done some heinous crimes, you have to dispense justice upon yourself and sacrifice your own life for the ones you just took.

That got me thinking this morning
I'm thinking that I should take it up with God:
Thinking I might see if God might just want to consider up some kind of curse to put over on such Evil, thinking like the eye for and eye thing.
       Thinking it would certainly help with emptiness out the jails and it would save the taxpayers a lot of money and we wouldn't have to see another James Homes day after day on our TV. Not going to see many copy cats either.
       I can even get even more elaborate and come up with even more legislations to go with that, but we must keep things simple and leave it up to God.
       But really: If you go smashing a beer bottle over someones face, scaring them for life, you must do the same thing to yourself.
       An eye for an eye you could say.
       Wouldn't that be nice?

Saw that old gal who is afraid to show her neck,
on Ellen Degenerate's Show yesterday

       They Goofed Up and Ran the portion of the show they thought they cut-out.
       Boy, I would like to say that my parents brought me up with better manors than that.
       I got tired of listening to the old hag talking about me as if I was some kind of sex object. It was as if this old hag was a sexual deviant and taking about me was her way of saying that she it in touch with the status of my sexuality in front of a studio audience.
       A sure clue, she must not be getting any herself that is normal and conventional.
       My Angles must have heard what I heard and the tell me that her days were numbered anyway.
       Oh yeah, people on the street have been talking about the fact that Ellen has said I was the Devil.
       Just a Defective 8%er I say.
       I will be nice when I see the day when we see less of her kind.

One of those, I stand corrected:
When you think about it, -it makes Sense.
       But I must say I had it half right.
       The where the breed of human came from.
       I was thinking what we would want to name the planet of which they may have come from, but what if God was able to influence the name of the continent he planted them on.
       What if God planted humanoids from the planet he named planet Africa?
       And regardless of all that, if your breed was Swedish, we assume you are called Sweeten. Just like a person from French blood, called French.
       So now on, I consider myself as having a bit of African Blood.
       African, German and Russian with the touch of African within the 1/4 share of Russian.
       Well I guess I know what I should call my mix of breed now.
       Bottom Line: I agree with those of you who understand my take on the use of the Nigger word is something that was obviously influence by my childhood environment and the take on it was nothing more than a child filling in the holes with his own firsthand knowledge and creativity.

PM Update:
Thought it would be nice,
to try my luck on the Stoneman tonight.

       I'm not sure, but I thought I was trying to avoid getting ran over by a guy on a white longboard and the next thing I knew was I was being sandwiched between two surfboard. I was fearing what was happening underneath me with the Stoneman and trying my best to protect it.
       Apparently a brown one had ran right up the back of me. I didn't even see him coming, he just paddled up behind me and ended run running over me when the wave went to wash me back.
       I had some collage boy pull the same kinna thing at the Pit in Morro Bay. But instead, the wave picked me up and planted us right down on top of the idiot and my board came out of it with six creases cross the bottom of it. (It was in pretty nice shape before that day, The kid didn't want to buy it off me. It would cost $700 to get a new one.)
       Anyhow, compared to how many good rides that were being rode before the incident, -the wave went dead.
Not such a good idea:
Thinking that it might help if Hillary Clinton would be praying for bigger waves, -so I would not have to ride the Stoneman.
       2000 words 8.27.15

My Angles are not the only Angles:
Rule Numbers- 3, 14, 21, 34 & 85

August 28, 2015:
More than just my Angles frolicking in the water.
       I think that was the biggest lessen out of all of it.
       You can bet more surfers are leaving their cell phones behind, because good wave cooperation is much more important than what someone posted on Facebook.
       There for a couple hours, the Ocean sure kick out a lot of waves for us. Not a bad two foot for only two foot and you can't expect any better behavior out of the locals who know better. They are beginning to realize that it's all about karma and sharing the waves.
       It has gotten to the point where most of them are more concerned about catching one of the waves that will come through after I catch one myself. Most of them think the ones that come after mine are usually better, -and after th last few days of seeing what I've been getting, they certainly want something better and patience is the key to that.
       It's funny how almost everyday I end up sharing a wave with someone.
       Yesterday it was a someone behind me and I had was out front looking forward, dodging others while turning my head back watching the one behind me.
       Today I found myself faced with one coming at him and I was going towards him, -we both went a long distance doing about the same, but me a little slower because I had the wall with weaker direction. (Just the look at that kids's face will tell you that he'll remember that wave out of all of the ones he got this morning.) Also had on with a guy shredding in front of my while i was stuck in the face of a tube, I guess, Never the less, I guess it look pretty cool to others.

Others seem to think:

A Whitehouse would look pretty good,
straight up from the Pier

       From the logistic point of view, it wouldn't be a bad set up if all the buildings where connected with tunnels.
       It would have about the best view from the steps of any Whitehouse.
And while we are close:
Surfers are going to like the new Upgrade.

To the lighting on the Pier
       They are replacing 200 watt Sodiums for some new 75 watter. They got one on the north side just inshore from the restaurant. They throw off a whiter light and you can bet one of the side effect from the pier standing out at night more, -and I bet we'll be able to surf that much more later in the night too.
       As president, I'll make sure the pier gets extra Stadium lights where the surfers need lights to surf. (Well at least until 10 pm weekdays and midnight on weekends and Holidays.)

"He hasn't changed."
Something the locals have been saying.

       I would think it would go to someones head if all this was falling in place around him.
       I have to admit I wondered myself if I would at least get a little boisterous over it.
       None the less, the part that keeps one humble is the fact that who lives or dies is not up to me.
       Certainly make it easier to handle when you don't have to feel responsible for what goes down, but it still gets to you, but I have to figured that it all boils down to the fact that I do not have any choice in the mater and if God is out to clean house, God will do what he feels needs to be done.
       I just have to think, bygones will be bygones and most everything happens for a reason. None the less, I'm wondering if the odds of crazy killers killing themselves, verses the odds of them killing themselves shortly after their crimes just a week ago.

Nine Dead Bodies, left behind this year.
       Good thing I never counted and I'm clueless as to who most of them are. I really don't want to know, nor do I care. .
       750 words 8.28.15

Three Part Plan:
Rule Numbers- 3, 14, 21, 34 & 85

August 29th, 2015:
Summarizing what I said this morning.
       My Mission here can be summarized in three main goals I must achieve before I will consider myself successful. Furthermore, "not limited to," I must add.

# 1 We must eliminate radio activity:
We need to get rid of nuclear generation plants and weapons. We can't win with either of these along with the thought that having radio active generators for communications devices attached to the human body.

My Ultimate goal here is to teach Gods children to use the Spirit world to pass on their messages.
       There is a way of keeping in touch without a cell phones and many of those people have already learned to just leave it in their car and do all the talking or texting once they get back to it and they turn it off when ever they are around it, including when they are driving or even around it. .
       Apparently, just by turning them off at night has given so many people pleasant dreams and maybe even dreams of which their loved ones who've passed away has gotten in touch with them, -told them to do so because I've help them all get back in touch with each other in some strange sort of way.
       We share this world with the Spirit World and we must make allowances for them to participate in our lives.

Our lives need a Planet to Share with those Spirits
# 2 Get Rid of Coal fired Generation Plants
are the biggest threat to the warning of the planet.

So I will eliminating the problem there and then take a look of the list of other Global warning causes once I get a grip or accomplished that.

#3 Getting Rid of Evil:
Talking of quite the broad definition.

       The problem with that Goal, is there is a problem with it being everywhere.
       I feel if we can eliminate Evil in every which way we can, -all the better off we are and things will take care of themselves.
       We cold live the life of no worries and cops could hang up the bullet proof vest.
       But gee, we just had a cop blow away a guy over a box cutter. Heck if I was there, I would have grabbed the closes stick and smacked the guy's hands.

Looking Cool by kicking board:
Bad Idea, doesn't go around here.

       Didn't I say that Angels don't go for any of the sneaky phoney kinna shit?
       This guy must have aimed his board in my direction, and another 4 or 5 feet, -he would have pegged me.
       Yeah, the crowd that would have strung a line from the pier to the jetty , about one for every ten yards, turned around and went in.
       It did pick up to be pretty good rides for all until that guy showed off his ass to us.

Evil in water don't work so good:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, & 86

August 30, 2015:
It didn't take long.
       It was only my second wave and I had one of those guys who sniff surfboard resin too much thought if he just pulled up in front of me, that he would be getting the wave someone else was a bout to get.
       Well, I let him get it because I'm not into running up the back of people, but of course he was threatening of doing some damage to my board when I dropped in on the next wave he though he was getting. Even on that one, he could have gone right just as well I was going left, but he decided to come around the peak and complain about it, -with threats of doing damage to my board because he didn't get the wave that he wanted.
       Needless to say, the wave didn't cooperate for may of us and the water just felt like it had evil spirits running through it. I even ended up hitting my big wave board on a close out and over the top with it and now that board is pretty much spent as bad as my round tale.
       I went out again up further on the beach to drift down, but my Quad isn't so hot in the bigger bumpy stuff. Anything I did get, I was bouncing all over the place. (I knew it was Sunday and I was worried about taking my three fin out. Wasn't worth it.)
       Total opposite of the wave cooperation we had yesterday, until the one guy kicked his board out at me. (Kinna sucks how Evil finds me.)

In the Forest Alone?
Wondering about Bears?
Helpful Hint: Click two rocks together as you walk along, you want a bear to hear you coming because the last thing you want to do is surprise a bear.
       If you happen to think you smell something like a garbage dump, it's because one may be up wind of you.

I want to say:
Thoughts and Prayers for the Stater

in Louisiana who pulled over an Evil one with a shot gun.
People that is a big nasty in my book.
       You have to hope men who work as State Patrols are angles coming to save you after you've piled up your car on the high-way.
       You have to hope your blood and guts don't keep them from pulling out of your burning car.
       These guys see the worst things you cn do to yourselves, so don't go taking your frustrations out on the Angles of the Highway.
       Wouldn't doubt that came out of the puck kid who robbed a store and got himself shot. Too bad we got a bunch of 8%ers who think their lives mean more than others.
       And thanks to how the media profits from that, you no doubt will get a copy cat.
       Oh yeah; you already did.
       I know but, -I'd rather not write about that.

Oh yeah:

The Top Aid to Hillary:
       The Wife of Anthoney Wheiner.
       The wife of the guy who was handing his junk out on Craigslist.
       A guy who held public office no less.
       Do I need to say anything more?
       If that isn't creepy, -I don't know what is.

Nothing going on out there:
Rule Numbers- 65

August 31, 2015:
I laughed at a few of the locals I normally surf with.
       Funny seeing there reactions upon how things were going out there. It was like everyone and there brother had made it here yesterdays and the left over with their evil spirits just left the place unbelievable.
       It's like they were going, 'what is going on here, does anyone know what's going on.
       I've got other words for it but I sure wish that all those evil mongers would go home and leave us alone. We don't appreciate you coming around here testing our faith, expecting it to work for you.
       Oh, I guess I know what that Borst guy looks like. It must have been him trying to steal my wave yesterday because I sure have heard his name spoken a few time since.
       Maybe he's one of the ones who've killed themselves? I don't know and really don't want to know either, but it would be that much nicer if that guy wasn't around me any more. It made the whole place feel icky to me.

Update on Stadium Lights:
I figure I'll put in a kiosk for each side of the pier.
       I'll have it where it can go 24 hours per day but after hours, a person would have to feed a meter at $5 for two hours.
       Seven days a week, I'll have it set up to where someone can turn on the lights through the kiosk at 4 am every day. There is just two many wave that could be ridden during the early hours, it would be a shame to let them go just because the lights were off.
       The 10 pm shut off time will be active while school is in session.
       Summer time the lighting will be left on for free until 11 pm.
As I was saying the other morning:
That you can ask any talk show host and they will tell you that Trump will be scratching for material in about six months.
He'll be hoping he hasn't alienated every good writer.
       He'll be hoping he can come up with the material he needs.
       I just haven't actually heard of any real plan out of him other than building a wall and spending ridiculous amount on military.
       It's like how many times over do you want to be able to destroy the planet?
       And his plan to just gather up the illegal immigrants, just isn't likely because of the backlog. (Like in Australia, on any given day, they know of at least 1,600 illegals, -where they worked as well as where they lived. The government doesn't have the manpower of the facilities to take care of processing them.) And until the day they start to use fingerprints, many of the illegal immigrants will be back in the country in less than three months.
       Oh yeah I noticed Donald my have got the Anthoney Wheiner and Hillary bit from me. And I must say maybe Donald, can come up with a way to show off his big boat if he has one.

I'm wondering:
How many heads are going to roll,
before the patent laws are changed?

Well, that's kind of two sided, but if God is cleaning house, he's got to be a little upset about how they have us breeding stupid people.
       Therefore I'm willing to bet the next set of folks to go will probably the ones who came up with the idea of screwing over the inventors. Those greedy people must have lousy score cards with God and I bet as fare as looking at it globally, I wouldn't doubt that there are plenty of them already dead and we wouldn't hear anything about them in this country. However I can think of plenty in this country who have had their hands in on it with Clinton and Obama's effort, even have a web-page featuring a few of them. I figure Bill Clinton has had a stroke already. I bet McCain has too.
       Just think, Obama stabbed you all in the back.
       He gave made it so Wallstreet could rob any of you of your invention.
       I seriously doubt there has been anything significant come out of any private individual ever since.

Pure Pathetic
For all the money I bring to Oceanside:
       With the fact that the cops and community rob me of my social security, their tourist attraction can't even afford or have a big wave board.
       It's like if the waves get good, I have to sit it out because they sabotaged the board I should be riding and I can't afford a new one and they are about to rob me again in two weeks from now.
       Surf forecast are saying 4 or 5 foot tomorrow and I don't have anything for it.
868 words on 8.31.15

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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