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stupidity should be painful

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Hillcrest may be a place to avoid:
Rule Numbers-

September 1, 2015 &86:
       Don't mater what color you are,
      or even if you have your hands up.

       Let me guess, they watched too many cop shows and played too many video games.
       Being a bully just comes naturally to them because they are paid to live in a fantasy where you are above the law and even get paid to terrorize the local neighborhood.
       To them, they think they can play God because they are above the that governs us.
I had to laugh at this one in Oceanside on Sunday. There was more pedestrians than there was cars, and cars were just making it through the people somehow. And a cop pulled up and harassed some people for not using the side walk.
       Boy what that cop never sees would amaze you.

Gotta try a patch:
Rule Numbers- 20, 35

September 1st, 2015:
It might be ugly but I just hope it holds together.
       The problem is that the rail on the opposite side isn't so hot anymore either. With both sides patched up, a bit brittle to say the least.
       However, it will still be lighter than my Quad and catch bigger waves better, -just hope it doesn't break.
       I'd rather be saving it as decor as it is instead of having something that is in two pieces .

 Bad Lawmakers

Tell me, how did these guys get to where they're at?
They look pretty stupid to me;
and they want to get more smart guys in trouble.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R) and his buddy Senator Patrick Leahy (D) are about to pull the rug out from even more private inventors with their Patent Reform Act 2006. They're pushing for a first to file instead of the first to invent patent enforcement. Yeah, just try to find a patent lawyer who doesn’t go on vacation while their cousin beats you to the post office with a complete application. (Out of 5 patent lawyers, I only got 2 honest ones.) From fall of 2006
       I just thought I'd list a couple I would suggest many of you pay attention to. I figure if God doesn't like us breeding stupid people, he may make an appoint for these guys with the Grim Reaper.
525 words on 9.1.15

The Pope Jumping the Gun:
Rule Numbers-

September 2nd, 2015:
He talking about repent about killing your Baby, -when he should be talking about Birth Control.
       Gee, if they were using Birth Control in the first place, they wouldn't have the need to repent wouldn't they? (Oh yeah, their wouldn't be as much money in it for the Catholic Church, if the houses were in front of the buggy.)
       And when you speak to Americans, SPEAK ENGLISH!
       That was about as good of an example of Stupidity as any.
       Well he did use the Evil world somewhere in there, -you don't see priest saying the word very often because everything they say is based on the key words they use and using the Evil word just doesn't calculate into donations.

They kicked their court date down the road.
Now instead of Sept 15, it's Oct. 14th.
       I don't think I would want to show up either.
       I bet they can't get a judge to do it and it will end up being a prosecuting attorney acting tim.
       Might take a few of them before they find one who is oblivious to the case.
       Either that or the cops are trying to kick it down the road hoping it will go away.

Apparently I've been left out because I've been left out of the loop as to has either had strokes, heart attracts or even have died.
       As I awoke this morning, I got the impression they I've been left out of the ones that got a visit from the Grim Reaper.
       I figure either Senator Orrin Hatch (R) and his buddy Senator Patrick Leahy (D) have bit the dirt awhile ago.
       I wonder how many next of ken are going down around the people who have it legislated so that you are all breeding Stupid People .
       I just can't expect God to wait around to see if they do what they have said they'd do ten years ago. Those are the heads I think will roll.
       Just like a big Chopping Block.
       And I don't get a picture of the Grim Reaper with a big grass cutter, I see him with a big ax and a chopping block.

Did such a nice patch on it it made the patch I did on the other side look bad.
I might add a bit of cloth to it.
       Something tells me that if i don't beef it up a bit, it won't last.

Oh I feel sorry for them
The guys in the NFL with a woman shrink for a coach.
       I'm willing to bet more then half those guys just can't stand her being around.
       I see it doing more harm than good no mater what kind of diplomas she has on her wall.
       545 words 9.2.15

Approving Oil rigs in Alaska
when oil is running at $45 per barrel
Going to have Nukes in Fifteen Years.
Auto emissions is sold as credits.
And the Guy in Cuba gets only 8%

Just a sample of things Obama Screwed up.
September 3rd, 2015:

Nothing good comes from Obama's Deals.
       I don't think any of you out there want to have their names to be one of the 64 Senators who want Obama's Nuclear Deal to go through.
       I don't think I'm not the only one hoping and praying that they get an appointment with the grim Reaper for that one. You can bet that going alone with Obama's nuclear deal is a sure fire way of getting bad marks on your score card with God. So let's the rest of us be doing the hoping and praying will do the job to push them over the top.

Just like these other two.
Senator Orrin Hatch
and his buddy Senator Patrick Leahy (D)

       They should have retired at 75 but now you've got one fallowing the other through prestigious appointments and one of them is 81 and the other is 75. None the less, it gets down to the fact that one swindled just as the other and they did not see any difference in party lines. They screwed everyone over for something they cant take with them.

And back to Obama's Mistakes:
This Deal with Cuba
Did not have a trade agreement assigned to it.

       If an American business wants to hire any Cuban, to either install cellphone tower, or even pour concrete for a hotel, -the Cuban Government ends up taking 92% of the we pay them, the worker gets 8%.
       Now is that a lousy agreement or is that a lousy agreement?
       Well, I would say that it's a Lousy Agreement for Both Countries because it pretty much makes outside investment unprofitable from the get go.
       It's like something a stupid idiot would do,
-that's for sure.

Took my Big Wave Board for a Test Ride:
Repair seemed to work alright.

       Shoulda seen the two big bumpy ones I got.
       That turned up narrow nose just plows right through that stuff.
       Feels nice with a traction pad. I've only surfed it with booties the while time I've owned it. Anytime I did surf it without booties I aways seemed to loose it. Feels like s different board to me now.
       My round tail had pretty much kept it in the closet since I'd been back to Oceanside.
       Strange thing about this board is the turned up nose. Yah have to keep it up a little higher when paddling for a wave, because of the increased rocker in the nose, but the lack of rocker in the back makes it work for catching those larger waves, and those two characteristics make it catch waves pretty good when they are big and bouncy.
       I know if would have taken my Quad out, -I would have done a little better on the small mushy ones, but on the big bouncy ones, -I would have been just trying to maintain control.
       368 words 9.3.15

Any Correlation with the USA & Refugees?
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 51 & 65

September 6th, 2015:
You see it on the news every night.
       But no one seems to understand it is all because the US gave ISIS a bunch of weapons in Syria, thinking they were some kind of rebel against Assad.
       Of course they are against Assad. Isis is against anyone one they can be a threat to.
       The US instigated it and all those countries in Europe are suppose to do something with the millions of refugees.
       Another one of Obama's screw ups.

When your morning starts out with 5 or 6 cameras.
       You gotta figure on ten guys in the water who think they are important then the other ten around them.
       It doesn't mater how you look at it, however in my book, it equals to nothing more than a cluster fuck.

And on that guy in Malibu who got bit by a hammerhead:
The Moron was feeding the Sharks,
and got what he deserved.

       I don't know what it is? How can you say that it takes about as much common sense as the idea that you should Not feed Bears, but you can bet there are plenty of people out there who don't see the direct correlation and understand that you should Not feed Sharks either.
       At least with bears, you can see them coming, a Shark you can't, which makes things even worse with putting humans in the Sharks food chain.
       When are these morons going to learn?

There is a reason a guy may work over the top of a deep firer.
Just as there is a reason someone rents bicycles for a living.
You combined that with a cop who is nosy and wants to fit in, -and you've got trouble.
       First off, you've got to figure they got cookies inside there cell phone, -both the concessioners and the cops.
       It's a given, but almost ending up in trouble over the fact that I wouldn't perform for a Pig is flat out ridiculous.
       I was selling Ice at a constant flow and soon a cop decides to see what all the attraction was about .
       To him, the attraction must have meant that something was wrong. He shows up to grab a sample of flavored Ice and didn't get a performance out of me.
       I'm sure there was a few derogatory words said about me that got the local deep-fier and concessioner into an ego trip. Funny how the very people who were making money off me playing my practice pad was trying to get rid of me instead of the very cop that stopped the flow of money in the first place.
       I know folks, it's a blatant obvious example of stupidity.
       PM Update: Just going into the quite 99 cents store tells one of just how it was. The same kind of thing "Chowda" pulled for not waving and saying hello to him. I told them that they should do us all a favor and go home and kill themselves.

Another Mark on the Calender:
Rule Numbers- 4, 8, 56, 85, 86 & 88

September 7th, 2015:
Forth time Oceanside has Slandered me in 13 months
       Coming up here I'll have to worry about where the City Hall of Carlsbad is, and after that I might as well get my sleeping bag out and just camp out at the City hall in Oceanside.
       How can they even possibly stupid enough to do it is comprehensible. I wouldn't think in a million years they would be as stupid as they were last night.
       They have looked at how many dead bodies and they are still stupid enough to go around soliciting complaints from vendors.
       Last night I think the first cop came and went because my taping had stopped, and people were giving me weird looks as they were waiting for me to play some more.
       (I figure the first cop planted the rumors also, and that's when the Deepfier and Bicycle Peddler got turned against me) .
       By the time the second cop Mr. Hay K-9 unit who showed up to get rid of me, the two morons were encouraging Mr. Hay to get rid of me.
       However, two details I noticed at about the same time was Mr. Hay began putting his rubber gloves on just as he approached the girls who sell ice, --there was another cop heading in the direction of the Fish and Chip Place.
       One going off in the opposite direction from where the action was going down, certainly stuck my attention. (He must have been one chosen to get a complaint.)
       Then when the two backup officers showed up within just moments of that observation. (And I'm talking within seconds I might add.)
       It was something I'd seen before and I knew it was all about them trying to get me to say something they could hold against me.
       Hell, why even argue with the third graders and and even take a chance with making their day or just more of a scene with the bullies.
       Wouldn't it suck if I would have ended up being tasered because of the result of the Oceanside Police were spreading child molester rumors. Not only that but what it I'd been crippled up because to the tasering, enabling me to surf any more. (I know, I've seen what they can do. )
       They are a perfect example of what evil is.

Oh doesn't he look funny?
He got lips that look like the Joker's Lips
       Talking about Bruce Jenner.
       Makes me laugh every time I see him.
       Funnier then hell.

It was all about the nice tube I planted myself in yesterday

Today I Dodged a Big Nasty One:
       But today it was all about the big nasty one I drove the nose of my board into.
       Trying to ride that one out would have probably mangled me and my board together.
       Just the drop was scary as hell because it was one of those tee-dee-toter ones where you drop off the lip and hope the board is still under your feet when you hit the bottom.
       One look at the bottom I knew I was about to get swallowed and I ditched it the last split second that I could, right through the face.
       Certainly wasn't going to be worth the paddle back out.
       The currents were real strong today, and I wasn't into primarily catching lefts like yesterday, with the current coming from the south.
       Just image you are surfing a river, catching a wave up stream results in a lot less paddling.

Should have Seen
The Oceanside Police Boat this morning.

The Asshole would put the boat's faith in jeopardy when he would perform donuts within the set waves as an effort to destroying the waves we wanted to surf.
       He pulled up and told us to paddle in admittedly and none of us payed any attention ton him .
       If he would have used his head, he would have thought the guys would more likely go in if they actually caught a wave in, because I can guaranty you that after the hard work of just getting the board out there, they sure as hell went about to turn around and paddle in.
       Sure his whole efforts were wasted energy, and I would not doubt it was an aggravative assault just meant for me, -but someone had to pay for the stupidity. It was something a third grader would do for sure.

Not just threading a needle:
Rule Numbers- 10 & 77

More like threading a tube with another body inside it.
September 8th, 2015:
Two days in a row I had the same kind of situation.
       However, today the thing had to have been a heck of a lot more area inside it because I went for hanging highest I could on the wall instead of cutting it short and pulling out around him.
       Never the less, -when I did pass by him clinging to the highest point of the wall I could fit, I was amazed had a good ten feet between us and if you would have seen the positioning from the hole-shot taking off, it was like threading a needle. (The Tube must have been huge is all I can say because I usually go by the sound of the water dumping behind me.)
       I'm pretty sure he was just in front the opening of the tube as I was --at the same time.
       Had a drop in that was so late, as I dropped through the air the only thing that stopped my board from flying out in front of me was the foot stop on the back of my traction pad.
       Then and there I decided that I like the position I mounted it, because any further back it would have gone bobbery on me. I landed primarily on my back foot and even slide my front foot up farther forward while doing it.
       You can bet the other guys watching thought it was a work of art because I sure did.

Common Sense is Missing here.
The US gave ISIS the weapons:
Can't believe all these countries are trying to figure out what to do with thousands of refugees when they have actually have millions to accommodate, and they don't even put up a fuss about how it all got started in the first place.

And the Nuke Part of Obama's deal with Iran
Is not the part you should be worried about.
It's the fact the Iran will be able to buy and sell war machinery just like a middle man to organizations like ISIS.

If you think you have problems now,  just fast forward five and a half years and you'd see defense contractors getting rich because Iran will be supplying the targets everyone else will be fighting.
       Silly little plan isn't it? .
       I will bet there are plenty of others out there who would tell you that you are a fool if you think it won't happen.
       At best the deal will mean is that there will be plenty of conventional warfare going on and anyone with a oil well will have to fight to protect it. Which means more need for War Machinery.
       One country will be building a target, Iran will find a buyer for it and another country will have pay another defense contractor more money to blow it up later.
       I already told you all about the deal where as in eight years, Iran would be able to dabble in the trade of the even more Sophisticated War Machinery. Iran will be able to go beyond peddling conventional weaponry and begin to buy and sell Sophisticated Missiles.

I'm still waiting for an image of,
Spielberg on a Movie set.

There is a Movie out claiming
to have been directed by Speilberg.
   Is exactly that, -a claim.

From what I gather, Speilberg lost his voice to throat cancer about a year ago and they figure he will only last about another year.
       Who knows, maybe they will prove me wrong, but I keep thinking about how Mr. Bill Curtus the lifeguard showed up alive and well on me too. However, I see his SUV all the time but not him anymore.
       I'm also getting the feeling that it may have not been the FBI surgeon who wanted to see my signs at hello betty's. It may have very well have been Spielberg's son.
       All I know is my Angles went off and made me uncomfortable with the guy. He just creeped me out.

Still have not seem Obama's Daughter in months
       That's quite the secrete don't you think?
       Never see the whole family together anymore.
       Bet Obama is back to smoking.
       Word count 765 9.8.15

Not going to spoil it:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 33 & 44

September 9th, 2015:
Not going to contaminate the rumor mill.
       If Spielberg Whores think they can Sentinel Sunnyside's back yard and think anything good will come from it, they got another thing coming.
       I would elaborate and clue you in on the details with this post but obviously I'll wait at least one more day.
       None the less, I will say that these Hollywood whores had to have had some folks planted in the back of the parking lot, (or maybe they were just blabbing anyway,) that I was going to get arrested.
       I would have considered that bull shit, but I saw a new Oceanside Police car and it happened to be the first Charger I've seen in Oceanside's. Then I even thought it may have been a prop made up just for the TV show.
       Then I began to think about just how devious these people can be and realized it's not so far fetched.

Got a long back-washer:
       Other than that, it was a bunch of tricky exits from Close-outs.
       Never the less, it's been like getting awainted with a new board considering I'm surfing it with less rubber and water weight on me, with a traction pad and different fins than I'd been accustomed to.
       The less rubber translates into catching smaller waves for the board, but it still doesn't fill the in between the quad and big wave board as well as my round tail did, even with less foam.
       However, it's been like getting used to a new board to me. I'm just wondering where it will go because I feel like I have a brand new set of limitations to put myself up against. (I think you understand what I mean.)

And something said about the other night.
Gotta say, so many people around here,
have been referring it as the "Sting Operation."

       I still have a problem believing they would attempt something like that as a way of either getting back at me, or gaining control of a public opinion as if I was a nuisance or something. All I can say is that I just don't get it.
       Will it keep going on?

Yet I hear I've had 12 bodies fall in 12 months.
       Gotta wonder if they are just testing their good fortune against a power that is much more powerful than any of us.
       All I can say is, bring it on.
       Lets prove what needs to be proven, sooner the better because it will only speed the inevitable up to present times.

I bet your Tweeter for President is dropping by MyStupidRules for material because being accustom to 140 characters or less, he needs to get his foreign affairs material from somewhere that doesn't take a whole lotta reading.

Sounds like it would make a Good Movie:
Rule Numbers- 33, 44, 65, 86 & 88

September 10 & 11th, 2015:
However, I have a couple questions.
       I'm wondering if the surfboard was green and if he had green bands on the bottom of his trunks?
       If that was that case, it sounds like Mister Director was trying to steal my talents for his son, -and it Backfired?
       I'm still trying to piece things all together, but it almost sounds too unbelievable to believe.
One thing that amazed me is: how many trucks would show up for only about 6 hours of shooting, none the less, for a TV show, like their signs implied.
       As I walked down the ramp, I noticed that they had at least a half a million dollars worth of Cameras just sitting there and I figured they were planing to put a couple to use just getting shots of me. If they had ones hidden when I walked by, I'm sure they didn't get anything near what they were hoping to get. I asked them if they thought Speilberg's angles were better than mine?
       I would have to say they had it coming.
       I'm pretty sure I heard the shot inside the trailer.
       I would have to say they had it coming.

Wrong board this morning:
       It was either hop on something going or just grabbing a shoulder and hoping it would go somewhere.
       All the misses were the one that passed me on the inside but lack of foam was just leaving me there.
       It didn't look too promising from the start, but th=it isn't every day you can liberate your arm movements from a wet suit so I went regardless of how clean they were .
       It was a southwest, just walling up for the most part.

September 11th, 2015:
Took the Quad out but two or three times I must have had seaweed hang up on my rear fins, which felt like I was dragging an anchor.
       The south swells have taken their toll on the sand bars, many of the waves are just mushing out or even disappear.

For Poopy Stuff of the week
Hillary's calculated sound bit of the Week:
              "Dis-trust and Verify"

Goes to show you the difference between having a woman like her for a president, because I don't think I would even need to worry about the "dis-trust," part.
       I had to laugh at her appearance on Ellen Degenerat's Show. It was just like having your friendly grandma on the show.
       Gave a little girl a matching pant suit and everything. The only thing, the little girls out fit wasn't designed to hide the stomach of a pregnant woman.
       And the color of Blue was a bit much for me; it would give me nightmares if I ever saw my grand mother wear such a thing.

I take it Donald Trump:
Never looks at woman his own age.
       Talking about a guy who has to where a tie to hold in his flabby Turkey Neck.


To Rebecca Vinci
Just think:
       You just beat a tranny who has been ripping off other women.
       Your Day just made Mine!

Gotta Hallow Left:
Rule Numbers- 55, 77

September 12th, 2015:
I took it a little late of course, but I hooked a quick bottom turn and put myself in front of it.
       It was like a cylinder and all I had any time for was one or two good vertical moves up the face of it to get enough energy to go over the top as it close.
       It had to look pretty cool to the guys at the end of the cylinder, because I was cooking while it was there.

I had to laugh.
When I saw the tie-less shirt collar Trump was wearing today.
       The lapels looked like the over sized ones Elvis would wear.
       Real obvious he must be hiding that flabby turkey neck of his.

Pretty Neat:
The two Italian finalist of the US Open have been playing with each other since they were 10.
       Talking about a long road to the top.
       Congratulations Flavia Pennetta & Roberta Vinci

One Wave with Many Faces:
Rule Numbers- 30, 33, 44, 65 & 86

September 13th, 2015:
There wasn't much to pick from, but I hooked a pretty good right that went all the way in, -with a little help from the Pet Townsend.
       The PT got me to a mid section that raised up and gave me something to pump the Stoneman down a nice line. None the less, there was so much going one in that wave I really can't remember all the maneuvers it took to do it.

Congratulations Chargers for being 1 & 0
It's a Good beginning, -the trick is keeping it.
Should have paid more attention to the game,
however I do have a custom shaped set of fins for the Stoneman to show for.

       I turned a front pair of Rusty's onto something more like a slimmed EA, with the increased cant angle of the Rusty. (I think they looking pretty hot.)
       Should loosen it up a little bit because I did make them smaller than an EA but still bigger then an AM1. (I'm using an AM1 on the tail end.) Both Rusty and AM1's have smaller tail fins.

And could it be true?
I've heard Kelly Slater Killed himself today.
       Yeppy, hurray, hallelujah!
       Heck, I'm wondering if he did himself in himself or was it something that happened out in the water?
       If it was in the water, that is pretty significant to me because someone killing them-self have been done before, -and that don't amaze me much.
       Gotta Figure he didn't have many friends left.
He had to hire Hollywood Celebrities to show up at his clothing line release. I noticed within all the names mentioned, not one professional surfer was mentioned.
       I take it he ran out of friends and the people who hated him drove him to insanity.
       I considered it an insult to me that a guy who tried to kill me could even be allowed to be within twenty miles of me. He could have popped up at anytime this weekend.
       I guess I don't have to worry about that now.
       Rule Number 44

More details about Ashley Madison:
Rule Numbers- 42

September 14th, 2015:
You gotta figure, a large percentage of the Users only paid them to get into the site just to look at it.
       I bet they had a fee just for corresponding to someone. Therefore, it it amounted to a dead end, Ashley Madison was still making money off the then transaction.
       Then what did you do when you've got ten guys for every one woman? You make up phoney profiles don't you.
       Call it dead end profiles aimed at suckers.

So far so good
Talking about the Custom Fins I made for the Stoneman
If it wasn't for the fact that I was already greased up with Sun block that kept me from walking back dry, -because the south wind had already picked up and the dark clouds kinna made it chilly.
       None the less, the waves did seem to pick up and I got a couple attempts at doing something spacial. But then I found myself dodging someone who thought he could go deeper and steal my wave.
       It wasn't long after that I realised that it was just as well to paddle in because the waves sure seemed stop.
       However, I would like to say my fins seemed to make the board more pivotal, -for what little I road it.

Guess the Media is working Diligently
To keep Kelly Slater's death out of the news:
I also think I heard that the Public Defender I had in San Luis Obispo called it The End too.
       Guess Kelly did it in a shower in a Hotel Room.
       As Good as a Place as any I guess.

Wall of Israel 101:
Rule Numbers- 10

September 15th, 2015:
Trump said the Wall works.
       Well I can argue that to be a lie and it goes to show you just how little Donald trump knows about foreign policy.
       Someone should tell him that the US Tax payers pay Israel $3.15 Billion US Dollars per year to manage what is on both sides of the wall.
       That managing it is destroying what ever is on the other side of the wall and then moving the wall to suit their needs, (like water rights and other natural resources.)
       And do I need to mention the reason given for the whole Blunder of Wars from time to time is that there is always tunnels made underneath it?
       I'm wondering, why count?
Counting dead bodies isn't going to do any good:
At least until they get the people who are between me and my money.

       I'm also wondering if anyone is counting the dead bodies that are connected to Lockheed Martin and the other defence contractors who have been profiting from the killing machines they stole from me.
       Those and the politicians involved are the bodies I would like to see fall most. They are the instigators of all these wars you all have going on and I think they should all go to hell, the sooner the better.
       Tired of waiting around for it to happen. The crap has been going on long enough and let's just all hope that the most of you are right and it's about time for God to clean house, and so be it.

GOP Cat Fight #2:
Rule Numbers- 29, 34, 51 & 99

September 18th, 2015:
Just like a bunch of Second Graders.
       Someone should have told the Moderators that it was suppose to be a Debate.
       The question Carley was asked about what Doanald said about her face really had no place in a debate.
       But I don't know where all the brown cheeks have come from other than suspecting it is from Black people lightening up there faces and them using brown instead of rose.
       And Carley F should watch more than a few videos about plan parenthood. She should go over to Syria hand rummage around in the debris of someones home to find the missing pieces of their daughter with them.
       They have Double Standards when it comes to what the US Government sanctions in other countries for profits of it's defence contractors.
       Two kids, or three or four are no match for a $67,000.oo Hellfire Missile. And the US is supplying ISIS with the weapons by the truck loads.

Get Real
Nobody should have to defend Obama's religion
       Trump only answered in a round about nothing way, same as any news Reporter would dodge a question and yet you have the media picking apart what he did say.
       It's a serious joke folks.

On that Cop's take down in New York
You know, the wrong guy....

What do you expect?
When every other show on TV is a Cop show.

It simply goes to their heads and you mix that up with being a bunch of 8%ers, you've got to have Police policing the Police.

Then you've got:
High School Kids taking out a Referee.
       Goes to show you just how far a step or two away from being barbaric animals is.
       Not far at all.
       Good as there from what I see.
       I think the two punks are trying to blame it on the coach which I think is a lie, but if the coach was involved, a step or two away can't be far at all. Just as good as there already considering how everyone and their brother is still intrigued by their pocket sized video recording device
       I do wonder if people will ever loose their fascinations over their cell phones?

Blood Stains in Oceanside ca

Need to police the Police:
Rule Numbers- 65

September 21st, 2015:
The reason you don't find me going to the beach, is because the odds of me coming across the Evil Pigs on Wheels is too great.
       It takes all the enjoyment out of it because every time I go there I feel like I'm being stalked by them. Just as a Jesus freak told me yesterday about the Cops planning to harass me when I was twirling my cards on the garbage cans on the bridge to the pier.
       (I'm willing to bet it was June 28th he was talking about.) Of which has had two postponed trial dates I never had to go to the court house to receive.

Blood Trail in Oceanside ca

During my Surf Check, this morning:
I noticed a few guys from Aftermath, scrubbing the pavement out in front of the Coliseum.
       The Spirits of the victims must still have been in the area because I swear my Angles went off. They pretty much told me of went down.
       It was something the News media sure is not about to report because I seriously doubt any of the calls went over the police radio waves.
       This one was called in over cell phones and it was probably a result of the cops planting a Davis 25 on one of the two that got shot down.
       See, those bullet proof vests also work pretty good at becoming a holster for one of those slim little guns .
       The Officer just reached into the spit seam on the covering and pulled out was was suppose to be one of their goofs.

Blood stains on concrete in Oceanside CA

They probably put up a barricade around the bodies so no one would see them put the gun in the palm of the hand in order to get the fingerprints they needed.
       The Gun was probably brand new and bought with cash within a state that doesn't have background checks .
       Anyhow, something tells me that there may have been three, (maybe one taken in by the cops,) never the less, if feel at least two of them got shot. (The trails of blood showed me that.)
       They were probably a cop homeless black guys who were trying to get out of the south wind so that their lighters would work better, so they went for the cover of the entrance of the Lifeguard station.
       I bet the cops were sneaking up, (on foot,) from somewhere else just over the suspicion their may be a couple homeless doing just that.
       The chrome pipe was looked too much like a Davis 25 five and the cops decided that they would be faster on the draw. I bet the second victim got shot because he pulled out his cell phone to record what just happened.
       The cops ended up with two homeless guys just sitting there bleeding to death.
       Oh yeah: I should mention that the son of one of Oceanside's finest just wreaked his vehicle while he was driving on drugs and alcohol. The Cop's son ran over a landscaper, -killing the landscaper, in the process.
PM Update:
I was not corrected:
       I just used my intuition and just listened to the Spirits.
       All day I was being told I was right.
       Now the thing I'm wondering about is the word on the street that the Cops involved went home and killed themselves, is true or not, -like the self inflicted Justice bit I talked about.

Gotta Question:
Just how much money are the Americans going to pay,
-to have the Pope visit this country?

How much are the Americans, Catholic or not going to pay for the Pope's security while he visits?
       I happen to think: the Pope is nothing more than a free loader like the British Royalties showing up in Canada or Australia.
       I don't think the Pope has anything to do with God because he's all about filling seats in their Churches, -and those seats are the things that are suppose to be paying his way.
       They say 20% of the people in this country are actually foolish enough to think he has anything to do with the word of God.
       He just the Head of a bunch of perverts if you ask me and having the US Tax Payers paying his way is like paving the way for criminal activity.
       First off, they should say you can use birth control and they should go with women for their priest so they may make their young boys' day.
       Can't wait until the day the Pope peddles his ass out of this country; we don't need to be paying for what he has too offer.

Ironic, what the Germans said:
When I caught them with a Proto-Type
It was one morning I woke up with some noise outside my cage just outside Morro Bay.
       Ironically that morning I discovered a couple Germans who had been making fun of my truck the day before while it was parked down on the Embarcadero.
       The funny thing about the morons was how one of the engineers looking over all the computers crammed in the back seat of the truck was saying crape that my truck was one that harmed the environment as if my truck did and theirs didn't.
       If you read my posting of the morning, you would know that I felt they did more harm to the environment building five trucks instead of just one of mine .
       Check out the web-page below and you'll have to laugh at the idea that they had to use their computers to make it look as if they are polluting less than they actually are.
       Do I need to mention that my truck does not use a computer at all?

Pesky German Guys

6,000 Cops for Nothing Special:
Rule Numbers- 44 & 77

September 22nd, 2015:
Overtime for six days
       Ask yourselves how much that will cost the US Tax Payers.
       80% of the cost will be paid by people who do not even believe in the Pope's Religion
       Something about that seems pretty foolish to me.
       Pretty silly when the word of the Pope is nothing more than a consensus of bureaucrats who decide just what he can say. And what they want him to say is according to any doctrine they can condor up that fits what their Bible says.
       I say administration are nothing more than opportunist going along with the agenda of the times.

Rule 77
Mowed right over a surfer with the Stoneman
       Didn't do the bottom of my board any good.
       I don't even know if I hurt the guy because he was gone to shore before I knew it.
       It was my second time running over someone but the only time I've ever seem any contact what so ever.
       This time the wave seemed to leap forward and the lip along with its whitewater grabbed my board while I was passing right above him and all I could do was bail over the back of the wave.
       Got the worse dent on the bottom and not a good one. Since its going across my board at a 45 degree angle, I can't actually say I mowed right over him, as if that was any kind of consolation prize.
was what some of the guys called one of the waves I got.

       It was one of the bigger ones of the morning and it did walled up and I only got a couple drops from it, but the way I pulled myself back into it got me up the wall and one of the drops had me landing pretty heavy on the nose which was bitching, -that I even made it as smooth as I did.

Conflicting Rumours
About the Blood Spots
I find it a bit hard to believe, but then it's not so clear what anyone should believe. Some say I was right and others say it was a shoot out. Others say it was a suicide.
       All I can say is I described what my intuition was telling me. I'd call it part listening to my Angles and part filling in the holes with the impression I got from it all combined.
More and More it's sounding like:
the scenario of two cops planting a Davis was something they had done in the past and the blood stains may be from the two cops shooting it out with each other as a partnered suicide.

Oh yeah:
They showed the presidents daughters
at the Greeting of the Pope

But then again, the their is no doubt in my mind that the youngest just may be a impostor.

I'm not the only one that Thinks:
The first family is a fraud.
Rule Numbers- 10

September 23rd, 2015:
(When they greeted the Pope at the airport.)
Thinking the younger girl looks a few years older,
and the older girl seems a year or two younger.

       I think they are stand ins because they were not at the Obama's speech this morning.
       I'm guessing if it wasn't for noise cancellation technology, the Pope would have not been able to be aired live because they would have had feedback problems from my TV set and all bugs I have in my box.
       Unless they could take everyone's Cell phones from them, there is no way they can stop the Public Address System that is created by them.
       Oh yeah, I should mention that just because I heard Obama's youngest daughter committed suicide, doesn't mean she actually killed herself. It's just as possible she was murdered and they are just calling it a suicide.

Today was one of those days:
When the waves are fast and prone to close on you.
       Only got one half ass decent one, but it was so drawn out, there wasn't much time for anything vertical.
       Made a few good drops on take-off, but ate it on a few as well.
       One wave I had to go side ways because it was about to close on me and when the board slipped, it slipped right into my back knee. It took some of the volume out of the deck of my board, and had to ice down my knee when I got back.

Are you a VW owner?
Wondering what they will call a fix?
Rule Numbers- 33

There is more than one way to put a patch on the problem
The worst would be just a new computer program because they would just lean out the fuel and there would be a loss of power.
       I suspect the will have to put scrubbers, which involve a chemical solution injected into exhaust, (and most likely a combination of both.) Something the purchasers where never expected to have to deal with and an added expense the owners should not be obligated to pay for in the future.
       I'm wondering if they had the real way to make the engines meet the requirements in their back pocket and used the program to get around from using it?
       Or did they used the program to meet the requirements because they had no way of meeting them in the first place?
       Sure the money the fine could be used up within a Government that is $19 Trillion in debit, but you've got to realise that the politicians know how to funnel the money to where they can get kick backs for it and makes the government more likely to let such things happen again.
       If I become President, you can bet I'll handle these big law suits with the auto manufactures a little different. I'd suspend their business licenses for a year or two. I'd make them pay their fines before they manufacture or sale their products again. If the pull the shit again suspend their license for 2 or 3 years and if again 3 to 5 years.
       With that kind of Environment, you can bet that they would realize it would be in their best interest to voluntarily recall their own vehicles anytime a problem with something is discovered.

Got it figured out they say
Rule Numbers- 88

Talking about the Blood Stains
Guess one of them wanted to confess
and the other didn't.

       As a result a real gunfight took place in front of my future night club.
       As good of a place to do it as any I guess, however I'd rather not have that kind of stuff played out in my back yard.
       Makes the place a little creepy if you ask me, but the reaction I get from people on the street, -is that they feel it's just God "cleaning house" and they tend to be glad it is happening. You have to admit it's about time, it's a little difficult to get upset or worried about a good thing.
       They say time will heal most wounds. Amen

I find it a bit difficult to believe, -myself.
However, I can't say God wouldn't talk to the Pope
None the less, there is Word on the Street that the Pope has claimed that God wants me to be President.
       Kinna makes you want to laugh just hearing it, but just as I said before, if God wants me to, there isn't anything that can stop it from happening.
       We don't have any choose in the mater and I'd bet that is probably the message the Pope would get if he was going to give him a message.
       My own denial of such a thing happening only changed more to being a likely scenario the more I've thought about it.
       And I'm here not exactly giving him any credit, however I do realize I'm not one to have exclusive abilities to receive messages from God.
       If God, or Angles want to get a message across to someone, I'm pretty sure they will do it.

And believe it or not:
Donald Trump gets Brownie points from MSR:
Saw Donald on Stephen's show last night.
       I like the fact that he just fessed up the fact that the problems in the Middle East are our own doings because we went over there and destabilized the whole region.
       Rand Paul is the only other candidate that has said anything derogatory about the US's efforts to keep peace in the world.
       And a word of advise to Stephen: I haven't seen much of his shows to know much about him or his show, -but the farther he stays away from that tweeter and facebook shit he is, -the Better off he is from where I come from.
       So far so good.

And do I actually have to say it again?
The Shark incident near Santa Barbara
only proves I'm Right about Sharks

If you keep feeding them, you will put humans into their food chain.
       Eventhough it was known to be the less threatening Hammerhead type Shark, it develops it's own desire to hunt for its pray.
       I figure some kayak-fishermen had feed them in the days prior and when the sharks ran across human scented bait again, -they expected to be feed again, -and when that didn't happen, -they began to get aggressive and began to hunt for human scented food.
       Not a good sign.
       1188 words 9.22.15

Nice Tee Dee Totter Entry:
Rule Numbers- 55

September 24, 2015:
It was a right and I launched it like a slalom skier coming out of the shoot
       It didn't go far but the smooth bottom turn launching myself back into the big ass face just felt so smooth.
       Must have made it look easy.
       Got hung on the wall in front of what must have looked like a nice tube. I still wonder if I should have dragged my hand to put me inside, none the less, -at the moment I noticed that the wave was also pealing from the other end and I focused on the exit point at the end was also deteriorating. It was kinna short but sweet, -I made it to the exit of course.
       Other than those two, the rest weren't necessarily good enough to remember.

Sounds like the Grim Reaper got an Appointment

With someone down at Lockheed Martin
That makes my day.

       I'd say it was about time.
       I wonder when people down at the Pentagon start Dropping.
       Gee, 15 year ago this country was able to run on $1.7 Trillion Dollars per year but you all managed to spend 3/4 of a Trillion Dollars more than that every year since you've been involved with Battling with Bush's business partner Ben, over an Oil Pipeline in Afghanistan. And Getting other Bush's Business partners rich.
       (You know, Dick Chaney and Halliburton.)
       We must stop the flow of war machinery so we can stop paying for our own targets.
       It's Twenty years later and you are paying $382,000.oo to blow up one of my trucks and along with it you are paying almost $2 Millions for the Hellfire missiles that are getting lost along the way with it.
       (ISIS on pays the Iraqis $10,000.oo for one just unit that US Tax Payers have to fork over $2 Million to provide them with.) A hell of a way to burn good money. just plain robbing the US Tax Payer and placing other countries with the burden of all the refugees.
       Good money going to Hell I say.

Correct me if I'm wrong because:
I think I just heard someone say,
"the Grim Reaper got the Mayor."
       I'm wondering if any of Oceanside's finest are willing to step up to rob Sunnyside of another $310.oo?

All I had to do was walk into Walmart
To hear there are a few others who have doubt, as to whether or not the News Story about the Blood Stain is actually true.
I guess it depends if the beat up 67 year old ever makes it to the TV screen.
       But that really wouldn't mean as much to me as the fact that they took two days to report it and all they have to show for is a dog?
       Do they really have the lady in the ICU?
PM Update:

We're talking about two nights in a row:
Everyone on is Laughing about it.
       Guess they could discredit, Sunnyside and his theoretical MyStupidRules reporting.
       Goes to show you all how much the news media is just a bunch of Speilberg Whores trying to brain wash you.
       Heck if Kelly Slater can produce a video to make him innocent of murder, a simple news report can hide a shoot-out between cops and what that was all about.
       Sotta like Bill Clinton in away too:
Because the story about how a guy invented the work truck of the future, after loosing his house to a fire department rigged with miss-fits hired because of Affirmative Action.
       (Meaning loss of votes in the next election.)

Maybe I heard wrong:
Rule Numbers-

September 25th, 2015:
Maybe it was Baynor? (As in Boehner.)
       I bet a bunch of those criminals are having problems getting a good night's sleep. They probably use drugs to induce sleep, but that's kinna a fake sleep and it is probably what they experience when they do sleep, -that drives them crazy.
       I bet they contemplate with their regrets.

Smaller waves today, but more ride-able.

With less undesirable consequences:
However, all those south swells have left us with channels behind sandbars.
       Only a few spots even hold up any do it's real crowded at the places that so still work.

Special Distraction at the PGA:
Rule Numbers- 42, 48 & 49

September 27th, 2015:
All it took was skipping a day and everyone on the PGA tour ends up with a distraction asking if they heard anything from me yet.
       All I had to do is fire up my computer, and everyone was talking about it.
I'll take this moment to mention:
So much better than the Tiger Woods era.
       I like looking up at the score board and knowing a familiar hand full of guys may move around on the top ten.
       I really don't have any favorites because I have a handful or more instead.
       Don't want to start things out with a dark cloud.

But really, you know what's been bugging me?

I was taught to not pray selfishly.
       You are not suppose to pray for yourself.
      You are suppose to pray for the benefit of others.
       We need to be Praying for the people in need an not to be grander than we already are.
This is where myself as your Sentinel,
and the Pope are very different.

       The thing the bothered me about the Pope, is that most everyone who actually met the Pope in person said the Pope asked them to pray for him.
       (Boehner as one of many.)
       I would understand it if the Pope was sick or terminally ill, but if he isn't, -I happen to think it is a bit selfish of him and because I don't see it giving him any magical abilities or blessings for others.
       I'm a bit modest and would find it difficult to ask anyone to pray for me. I would think I was being selfish. However I do admit that I appreciate the fact that there are people who do pray for me and I'm grateful for those who do. It can only help.
       But if I was anyone such as the Pope, -I'd be saying please pray for the Refugees and Pray for those people who live with injustices and hardships.
       The Pope has people waiting on him hand and foot with the best of everything available day in and day out and I think he's certainly blessed enough. He should be asking people to be praying for the blessings onto others who truly need them.

Just this side of being Barbaric:
Rule Numbers- 12, 20, 51 & 99

September 28, 2015:
I'm sure I wrote about it before.
       It's like we've got a reminisce of the Supergirl contest.
       I turned around to catch a wave and I had two young girls close in on me and the foreigner, (I suspect a Puerto Rican,) pulled right up as if she expected me to stop and let her have the wave.
       I yelled at her to stop and went around her, however the two interfered with where I needed to have my bottom and I never got in front of the wave like I should have if the two would have only left me alone.
       It wasn't yesterday or the day before I caught some young ten year old boy pulling the same crap. Just the kind of think you want your kids doing, so that someday you wonder why your kid just had someone's surfboard stuck in the back of their neck. These kids just don't have any common sense and it's really bad when their parents support their obviously bad actions.
       Today we learned that because she is a girl she could do no wrong.
       Put it this way:
       Taking off on a wave can be like a person driving a car down the road. And the way it is, these kids are like bicycle riders who expect they can pull right in front of you and expect you to slam on the brakes and not rear end them.
       If the guy driving the car happens to glance over for a split second at something else, they may not even see the bicycle pulling out in front of them.
       So what gets me is how can parents, stand there on the beach watching their kids day after day and not realize it is not the thing to be having your children doing. Nothing like having you kid come home with a surfboard sticking out of the back of their head.
       Whether it's a boy or a girl, it doesn't mater its still playing with matches.
       I guess we are suppose to stop surfing so that the little girl can go.
       The way I see it, she was probably the blocking partner who was going to go too deep just to stop me and her friend (the white girl that came up to my side,) was going to take the wave from the shoulder just left of me.
       Needless to say, just as always when people don't play fair around me, the waves went bad, just as a few of us expected.
       Got in to shore and discovered that the girl had went to her father, to have him come after me. (I bet she's pulled that before. Didn't mater to him that she was pulling out in front of others, all that matter was he was bigger than most surfers you'll ever see. The girl could do no wrong. The guy could barely speak English and piecing it all together with the two girls teaming up on me wasn't difficult to figure out.
       Like I told him, lighten up and calm down, it's not worth going to jail over. I guess if I would have ran over his little girl it may have been worth going to jail over but the thought of the nose of my board plowing through someone's neck isn't what I was out there for either. Going to loose either way when things are barbaric. Don't even know if I can call them 8%ers.
      PM Update Apparently the people on the street have access to what in on my computer, (not yet uploaded.) Well the deal is they are saying I pretty much pegged it. I'm pretty sure they caught the incident on video because everyone is calling the little girl, "the blocker."
       Heck I was running a little late; all she could have done was back out of it. It was her friend that paddled up to my side who was going to get the wave.
       But I wondering if I pegged it as far as them using the Paul Michal Supergirl Contest to get here. Because you've gotta figure with a purse of only a couple grand, there couldn't be any profit in it and I bet the entrance fees to the contest are quite reasonable when it comes with a three month touring visa attached to it, and I bet they can pay a little more money and get it to last 6 months. However, I seriously doubt they need to do that if Paul Michal puts on a contest somewhere in the US every three or four months. (But the cost of a 3 month extension is probably more affordable then moving to the next contest, so I wouldn't doubt there is only two or tree put on per year.)
       Anyhow, I did get more familiar with my custom fins on the Stoneman this morning. Defiantly makes the board more pivotal. They sure seem to help with the initial bottom turns by making it tighter and closer to the face.

It makes me think of another time.
       It was about the time when the Super girl contest was here. there was a group of longboards pretty much taken over the second point to the south. However amongst the old men was a young girl who weighed no more than a hundred pounds on a 10 foot long board.
       You would think the guys would get tired of her sitting their obvious sitting too far out for themselves but not for her. Not for her to pick of the only one good one from the out side, that every set would bring. The guys were doing noting but staring at her ass for well over an hour. I had to pick up the one or two per set on the inside.
       And oh, that Supergirl story is about more than just surfing. In short, its about how wealthy foreigners use a simple business such as a Sunglass company to sponsor their kids or themselves. (It gets them the Visas to come over here and once the do, they usually get lost.)
       Check out the Headline- Not around here

Not around here @ Adrenalin

And Donald gave us a couple numbers
Sounds like its better than we've got now.
15% Corporate Tax would stimulate the economy
       It would have corporate business popping up here instead of elsewhere just as Obama has them running off at 35%.
       However you have to admit, Trumps description of a Personal Income Tax Code is pretty broad and you really can't make much of it until you fill in the holes with actual numbers. I don't think he knows the percentage of the population, or even number of people out there who make between $25,000 and $50,000 per year. The question I would like him to answer is what percentage of the population does he expect to go Tax free? I bet Trump doesn't have that number.

I'm not sure what good it will do .
Obama with Putin -for one hour
       What good do you get from mixing Evil with Evil, don't you just get more Evil?
       I'm sure it's all about the US supplying the targets and Putin blowing them up. Or visa versa, it's all the same.
       Yah put Iran in there and mix it up a little bit more and then you try to figure out who is running the country of Syria? None the less, obviously it would probably the one who pays Assad the most money.
       By they way, I would like one question that may be answered by the outcome of the big meeting of the United Nations.
       Please tell me of what good can out of it? Please tell me what was the end result. What did they accomplish?
       And don't they all still have you breeding stupid people?
       Kinna foolish if you think they can fix anything then.

Speaking of Foolish
I learned that they gave out free tickets to see the Pope
       Boy what a mistake that was. They should have tacked on a price tag of $10 to $20 while they were at it, because the whole Idea of using tickets in the first place was bound to cost money administrating and orchestrating.
       Could have cover the cost of some of the security and in many places I bet they could have gotten $100 per seat.
       But instead the US Tax payer have had to pay out how much per day? Then compare that to how much per day was spent in Cuba and then see just who the Fools are.
       1500 words sept.28'15

World leaders with their Speeches:
Rule Numbers- 16, 17, 22

September 29th, 2015:
Barbaric humans are their problems they say.
       Yet the do nothing about the fact the Barbaric humans are what they are stuck with as long as they are breeding them. (Rule Number 22)
       Or should I also say, supplying them.

All choked up about yesterday?
So you must be telling me a twelve year old is less devious than a teenager?
I'd say you don't understand female species.
       The ironic part about it is they think they can outsmart an old man. (As in Rule Number 17.)
       I myself don't understand how a parent can stand there on the beach watching their kid put themselves in harms way, just to get a wave that someone else would have caught. It's not like its the last wave.
       I have to figure that her parents are not surfers and they don't understand what is going on because of it. Yeah have to figure that it could be a good chance of that if they just entered their daughter into a surf contest in order to get their family Visas to the USA.

Reminiscing about ditching the Airstream
The good ol spray around the tires with ant spray
       The same thing when you drop a box.
       Or else you have ants crawling all over the place.
       If there is a rotting piece a wood in this cage, I'm sure they've found it. And do I need to mention any crumb of food I've dropped inside this cage, must have been found?  I'm wondering what is going to happen when they run out of food.
       I'm sure they have found the inside of this computer, because they are all over it.

Still waiting:
I wondering how must the US Taxpayers
       Paid for a visit from the Pope.

How much you paid for security, beyond just a shit load of cops
       Cost shit-load I'm sure. .
       I just know I'm going to laugh when I hear it, that is if I do.
       I want to know what cube paid too, however I missed out on how many days he spend in Cuba. (I'm sure they didn't spend jack shit in comparison.)
       Guess it was all worth it because they probably think they got high off the Lord somehow.
       I figure the Pope is the guy there tell what they Tweeted for him so that he might know what he said.

I know, I'm good with words
Just have get the ants to leave me alone and I'll do alright.
None the less, more and more I hear people say what that kid who bought two of my books back in Santa Cruz once said. He like what I wrote because I wrote what he always wanted to say but didn't know how to say it. And now I hear it said all the time, as if people feel the same.
       I don't know about you, but I think it has a good jingle to it.
       Word Count 583 sept.29.15

low voltage light hanging

For those of you who are off the grid:
Rule Numbers-

September 30, 2015:
Helpful Hints for low voltage lighting
       I finally Posted how I came up with my new Lighting for my cage.
       Got two brightness settings and everything.
       But now I probably won't be happy until I come up with the wiring and switchs so I can wire it three way. (But something tells me that I've tried that with other versions and it didn't work right because of bleed through.)
       Boy the code on that site was a bit of and old relic. It's hard to believe it's almost ten years old now. As a result I spend the better part of the day sprucing it up a bit.
       Anyway, it's at the link below.

Helpful Hints @

Sounds like my intuition is getting a little better
I've been hearing about how I'm right, this morning.
I'm Guessing its about the Supergirl thing and how it's just a way of getting tourist visas.
       I'm guessing I came across one. But the funny part about all of it is how many guys claim they have the same problem with Supergirls.
       Well I think I should be the first one to say that the young girls from around here are not catty like them at all because I know, I must surf close hand with about a dozen of them every week and I happen to think they are pretty well behaved and there's no doubt we have fun surfing together.
       I'm kinna proud of one of them because she surfs so aggressive and very much like a guy and she can't be much more than ten.

Other than that
The news sure has been pretty boring
Sure hasn't provided any good stimulation.

       Other than the question whether Arionna Granda either had just injections in her lips, or are they implants?
       Sure looks as though she wanted them noticed.
       Can't really see past them.
       Boy if that isn't one for screwing up? .
       Gotta get off my ass, -later.

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Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Immigration 101

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what sports are all about

My Theory

Looking Back on 911
12 years later


Stupid Rule No. 42

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory


Those Pesky Car Guys


My Vitamin Supplements


Going to the

My Stupid Movie Idea


Moo Lah
(Column on Money)

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

May I Have Page.

Something new to this site

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They are not just for ID and settings.
      They are saved inside the program file usually within Adobie Flash file folders.
      These flash cookies can be embedded into image files as well as videos.
      If you go to any News Media web-site, such as CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC, you can bet you will pick up some.
      The Problem: they can have executive exec-files and can build a program of it's own on your hard drive.
      Solution: use Mozilla Firefox browser with the add-on called Better Privacy.

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of Justifying War.

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Stupid Rule No. 42

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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New: the full version of the story about the fire

Burning Down the House

Jam Shack

The Proposed Factory


Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.


El Loco


Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

Cherry Bomb

Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

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