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Deported you say?
Rule Numbers- 22 & 50

October 1st, 2015:
Goes to show you that they knew who I was, And they wanted to make something political about it with a video and all.
       Gee, it sure wasn't a smart move if your visa papers are not in order.
       No telling how many workers for the Department of Immigration are trolling the web.
       Had to be an Easy one with just the list of the Supergirls.
       I bet the little girl is wishing she would have listened to me the first time when I was nice about it.

Three Cheers for Governor Christy
       He bought up the fact that just having fingerprinting in the process of immigration can do much better than any wall Donald would build.

Though its only a short duration swell,
at least its a Northwest one.

Hopefully it will wash the sand back into the channels and more places will open up.
       I think dealing with the crowds at the limited spots has got everyone a little bet on edge.
       Sometimes it gets difficult to find a clear route when you do catch one.
       The waves were kinna like funky crap this morning. Manage to get a couple interesting ones when it kicked in and picked for about an hour's window of time this morning. It eventually got to where I'd need the Stoneman.

Didn't I tell you?
Just like I said:

Putin is in Syria blowing up US Equipment.
       The US tax payers are supplying the Targets .
       And if you actually listen to the guy, he actually has a point about how the US had been supplying Sudam Hussain when he was Battling against Iran.
       The US drove him out and left it to others to take over.
       I think everyone need to get on the same boat if they are all going to fight battles there.
       I myself feel Assad should be arrested for war crimes against his own people or just assassinated. Assad is in the way and Putin is supporting him shoring him up and adding to the Battle. It's clear to me that Assad and his military failed a long time ago, if they had any ambition at keeping terrorist out of his county and he should step aside and let someone else handle it.

Oh this is good.
I found a piece written on Patent Reform,
       by Carly Fiorina in 2014

       It was written for a post at Forbes on Nov. 11 2014.
       It's clear to me that she likes writing about stuff she has now idea about.
       Boy what a bunch of fluff. I'm guessing she got paid by the word because she sure found a whole bunch of them that add up to nothing.
       Remember that old links like this could be bought, you you don't know about their integrity, but it's not like it's been left on my home page either, and it's not from Sodahead, so I'd figure its safe. However, Check it out for a laugh at: Fiorina/Patent-ReformBit

Can't help but get attached to my Gromes
Like this morning when I heard a couple guys talking:
They were talking about a blonde on an over-sized board.
       The little girl looks as though she is myself on about a 7 foot Stoneman.
       This girl is all over it, doing the longboard tricks and working the piss out of it as a short board when needed.
       Its like her parents are either going to get her a smaller board or she is going to grow into it.
       Its as if anyone is going to end up with my style,
she is going to be one of them.

If she wasn't famous already, -she is now
Rule Numbers- 26 & 34

October 2nd, 2015:
Sounds like everyone and there brother knows who I'm talking about.
       It's the way she jump up on the nose of the board that everyone is talking about.
       I've even heard rumors that she got a sponsor.
       None the less, -even this morning, -one of the other guys in the water was saying that they were influenced by my style also.
       I think many of the locals have developed more of a flow to their surfing as if they are reading the wave more than the quick jerky stuff that many surfers seem to do repeatability over and over.
       They have more of a tenancy to exit over the back of the wave instead of doing a 360 and dinging their board in the process of a close out half the time. Or it could be that they caught on to the fact that exiting over the back results in less paddling to get back out, -like I did.

So you spent a bunch of money
In Syria on train camps and such.
       And you only got 80 soldiers out of it.
       Then Putin comes along and blows it up.
       It's pretty bad when you can see flying debrie from a Russian Bomb on the evening news

Oh yeah:
I didn't catch all of it, -but:
       I heard part of a conversation on the TV show Access Hollywood.
       It was George Lopez's comment that I have to agree with that strikes me funny as how he said it as if you were thinking of building a fence, yourself.
       He said if you are going to build a wall, don't you expect you neighbor to go in halves with you?
       The truth in the mater is that Mexico has everything to gain if the wall is constructed because the harder it is for the drug cartels to go across the boarder, the less likely other countries south of Mexico will route there drugs through Mexico. The less drug traffic the less need for Mexico to have Military check points because there would be less drug cartels from the south operating in Mexico.

Did what I do all the time,
but I did it wrong this time.
Rule Numbers- 77

October 3-4, 2015:
Didn't even get myself on the board, before screwing myself up.
       I thought I would hop on top of a wave sucking up and it drove my foot into the bottom.
       Of course there were a wave or two that hurt a bit, but the hurting is now that I have to live with it.
       The kicking for a wave probably wasn't such a good idea, but how can you tell a surfer to go in when he hasn't even made it out.
       Needles to say I felt like a looser the second it happened.
       Can only hope tomorrow morning it fells better than it feels now.

Dropping Bombs for ISIS
Just as long as they are the $67,000.oo Helfire missile, there is some profit made from it.
Rule Numbers- 77

October 5th, 2015:
Doesn't matter it they blow up-
Doctors with out Borders

       The target instructions were probably made up by the Tellabon and the US Delivered.
       Figure that after a a half a Billion spent to train the locals, you had the Russians blow up the training camp, so they needed to come up with something even better to top that.
       Goes to show you who is in control of that war.
       The US nor, the Russians know that the hell they are doing except making their defense contractor buddies rich.

Yah have to laugh.
Hillary's answer to is always the Diplomatic one
What ever one that is. I swear, none of her constituents ever come up with the question as to what does she by the word? Or rather what would her diplomatic solution be?

Dropping Bombs for ISIS
Just as long as they are the $67,000.oo Hellfire Missile, there is profit made.
Rule Numbers- 77

October 6, 2015:
Doesn't matter it they blow up-
Doctors with out Borders

       The target instructions were probably made up by the Talabon and the US Delivered
       Figure that after a a half a Billion spent to train the locals, you had the Russians blow up the training camp, so they needed to come up with something even better to top that.
       Goes to show you who is in control of that war.
       The US nor, the Russians know that the hell they are doing except making their defense contractor buddies rich.

Yah have to laugh.
Hillary's answer to is always the Diplomatic one
What ever one that is. I swear, none of her constituents ever come up with the question as to what does she by the word? Or rather what would her diplomatic solution be?

The Grim Reaper working overtime.
Rule Numbers- 4 & 12

October 7th, 2015:
Sounds like a few others on the take were taken.
       Didn't need them much anyway.

Those Gun free zones are not so safe
They are just targets with no guns
       Sitting ducks you could say.
       Just Drama unfolding on my TV.
       Too bad.

I wonder if it's worth asking.
How much of US Tax Dollars Putin Blew Up?
       Goes to show you that Obama is in it for the same reasons Bush got in it and stayed in it.
       It's all about the kick backs from defense contractors from building a War machine.
       I sit here everyday wondering how long God will let those War mongers walk the planet Earth?
       From what it sounds like, he's been cleaning house.
       A lot of dead bodies dropping all over the place and the media sure isn't saying anything about it.
       I'm thinking its a little bit funny knowing, I'm about a week away from finding out if another Oceanside Polices Officer and Judge are going to step up and rob a Sentinel of another $310.oo
       Yah gotta laugh about it because it's only $310.oo and well worth it to me for just the entertainment of waiting to see if they drop dead. I've burned 300 bucks in worse ways before, and if I do next week, I bet it will be worth every cent.

Gotta Photo of Speilberg:
I took of an appearance on the Extra TV Show.

       It was suppose to be Speilberg live outside the New York Premier of his new move .
       It was obviously Spielberg standing in front of a Green Screen and the back ground was the Camera Lane outside the theater. (It's obvious when no body on the background ever looks at the camera.)
       They never show the credits slow enough, but I bet there is another director directing it. It's just the the commercials and advertising is all made up to be miss leading. It may be a Speilberg film, but it doesn't mean Speilberg Directed it.

Intellectual Property Protected
by the Grim Reaper:
Rule Numbers- 12 & 24

October 9th, 2015:
Kinna Silly to waist my money
on Patent Maintenance fees.

       I seriously doubt their is anyone on their right state of mind wanting to steal any of my inventions.
       That is a Sentinel's inventions, or should I say, -intellectual property.
       From what I hear, the heads have been rolling down at Lockheed Martin.

And while we'er close to Intellectual Property Stuff:
Obama's Latest Disaster
       He's gotta a new trade agreement.

Do I need to mention that it will included new patent laws?
       Gee, he's got everyone paying too much for Health care and I wonder how many people got suckered into paying 7% more for Medicare coverage.
       Yeah have to laugh at those Signs in Oregon saying:
Obama Go Home

       I don't think they think those gun free zones are worth the trouble they invite either.
Didn't I write a Bit on my Idea of having a Gun Safe on every Desk?
       I'm sure I did, I should have head lined it or put a page together over it. Its not like there needs to be a gun in every gun safe.
Something that feels like rule number 4.

Speilberg green screen new york red carpet

Speilberg has feed Extra phoney stuff before:
Again, it's the lighting that always gives it away

Golfers are Talking about a Curtain
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 55

October 11th, 2015:
Talking of a Wave and waiting for a Post about it.
       It was kinna tight just getting into it because I had to duck down to clear the lip to make it into it.
       Like my bottom turn directed me right to the last possible spot to make it inside and once I was inside, all do was think about how narrow they had throwing, so clinging to the wall on them is a must.
       Anyhow, I saw that it was going to close and it was like a little spot was left at the end where I climbed up the wall to get out. I don't know if I ended up going over the top or not, all I can say is at least it was gentle.
       Unlike Friday when: the boey reports were saying three foot just like Thursday and I didn't stop with my cup of coffee to take a look at the waves before paddling out because all I saw was a bunch of kids and a bunch of boards heading for the water.
       My bad was I took my Quad out into stuff that was running head and a half and over, and not the kind of stuff a shit load of rocker is going to let you into unless it's a last split second drop. I also kept getting boxed in by other guys and the start of the session took it over the falls three times in a row. (And those were hard ones; a little like Mohammad Alie to say the least.)
       (I'm sure there was a couple times I could have made a wave but I'd discover some kid sitting in my impact zone.)
       Too say the least, I've been a little gun shy ever since that day. However today it seems like people gave me more room and I actually think I'm getting a little more acclimated to this board considering I'd normally be surfing my round tail ever since I bought it. The round tail was better suited to catch wave a little earlier with having a wider nose and less rocker in it. Where my squash tail is better suite for bigger waves that have chop in them because of the narrow turned up nose. It's the kind of board you have to let gravity pull you into the wave and that generally means it has to be pretty big.

Locals say they go farther
-what they claim my influence has had on them
       At least that is what I've heard the most and my theory is probably because they have learned to surf outside of the pocket better.
       I think they have learned to look ahead at what the wave is going more and when they see a section coming up, they've learned to jet ahead of the wave and pull up from a bottom turn on the section as if they are launching a second wave instead of just staying the in the pocket doing cut backs until the section closes on them .
       I think it's also evident that the locals have also learned not to box me in when I take a wave because I'm one who will launch myself sideways on one foot, -something the photographers and couch's have been puzzled by.
       PM Update: Some are claiming that they've learned how to surf an invisible wave like me. But you have to question how they can say that since the wave is invisible?

The thing I hear the most from Photographers:
I guess photos of me look like I'm standing still.
       I think my style probably looks like my arms are tucked in low at the lower parts of the wave and I only raise one arm when I do which is usually at the top of the wave or checking for ceiling height inside a tube .
       I've never seen myself so I rally could tell you, all I know is that it's probably the biggest difference between me and the other guys.
       To me, surfing a wave is like jamming with a band. Sometimes its just better not to record it so that you don't over analyze it and try to perfect something that was never suppose to be perfect in the first place.
      PM Update: I have to admit that the Standing Still Bit is more like me Pozzin a wave. There are a lot of times I play into the tourist who are only equipped with a cell phone. Many times if a wave isn't going anywhere or just a short section, I'm guilty of positioning myself at the bottom of the wave and just stand there so that the wave looks as big as it can.
       And Boy Yesterday: Checking for ceiling high wasn't good enough unless you were on the wall because the lip would be dropping a lot of water, -from a good distance, and getting hit on the head with the lip felt like a truck load. Something a surfboard wasn't designed for.
       At least my board came out unscathed.

War Mongers at the Pentagon calling it quits.
I'd say God isn't into people killing each other.
       You can be sure many of those War Mongers have secrete bank accounts where they have kick back money that never gets taxed.
       Everyone at the golf tournament seems to think its just, "God Cleaning House."
       PM Update: Sounds like a War Monger or two even left the Swiss Bank Account Numbers in their suicide letter.
       Wasn't that nice of them?
       Wonder if we can return it to the US Tax Payers as a rebate because it was obviously money that wasn't needed to be paid and therefore should have never been included into the price of the War Machinery.

On that Oregon Shooting:
Pretty silly to worry about Gun Control
when they should be complaining about Parental Control.

       Come on, --think about it:
       The parents were well aware of their son's mental illness, yet they let him collect 14 guns.
       Doesn't anyone see anything wrong with that?

Doesn't anyone understand
       what Gov. Brown just did?

He just took the Gun rights away from College Students.
       Even if the Student has a hand carry permit they can't have them on campus with them. Now those students are suppose to be sitting ducks because of a Moron like Governor Brown.
       Word count 1160 on 10.11.15

If it wasn't an Invisible Wave,
it was a fine example of it.
Rule Numbers- 12 & 55

October 12th, 2015:
It may have been a 5O yard stretch.
       I couldn't hear any white water. All I could hear was the chop from the south winds smacking the bottom of my board. The actual swell was big enough to give me a wider path than I normally get to see and having less tail rocker sure helped move it along. It was like I had no problem keeping my momentum going and I was tripping out on how wide of a path I was able to use, --bouncing around, side to side.
       I was laughing before I was half way through it, and from what I recall, -I did get a pretty good ride out of the inside once I got there.
       I hooked up with two or three long ones that went all the way in for me .
       One of the things I like surfing my big wave board is that it excels in the big choppy stuff that big wide nose boards don't; so it's like the crowd is thinned out naturally.
       It's only two inches longer than my Quad but the length of nose that sticks out seems like I'm only riding on the back two thirds of the board most of the time. So it surfs like its a lot smaller than it actually Certainly not afraid of going vertical.

Donald Trump should watch some old Rifleman
So he can understand what kind of guy he is.
       He's like one of those evil ranchers with about twenty gun slingers working for him.
       He thinks he can tell people what they can own, buy and keep.
       Just ask Steven Tyler, he'll tell that is just how he is.
       Donald is also the guy who comes to town and takes investment money for a Hotel he'd never planed to build.
       The plan on TV was just to split ton with the money, but modern day Trump way is to gobble up the money using lawyers
       You can bet if he could sue himself, he probably would because he'd have lawyers working on both sides working for only a small fraction of what they bill him for. Or should I say owning at least two law firms in pretty much mandatory in his line of business.
       What I just wrote may sound confusing, but you just have to look at it in the way it is written.
       People have invested money into Trump Projects and all trump has done is dig a hole in the ground, (like the one in Mexico,) and use lawyers to gobble up the money people invested in the project.
       Word count 460 on 10.12.15

MBM Rest in Peace

For 1200 @ 200k click here

May the MBM Rest in Peace.
Rule Numbers- 99

October 13, 2015:
Other than the dents from the ball of my back foot....
       Other than the ugly mark across the Deck from a longboarder with a camera, it only had a couple dings from myself. If it wasn't for the stress cracks across the bottom, -the board looked as if it was incredible shape for all the miles it had accumulated.
       I think it certanly show me the obvious, -- as to how much more serious bigger waves are, -it shows me I didn't take as many chances at falling down on or off my board and the fact that just a wave snapped it in half tells me I have a right to be little upset when someone's twelve year old kid pulls in front of me when I'm about to launch myself down the face of a wave.
       No doubt it had seen more vertical climb gained per mile than any other board I'd ever owned. The thing knew how to go from top to bottom, and bottom to top.
       It had a very powerful Elevator and could make the Tom Decker in me come alive. Even yesterday I noticed a different comment about my surfing, which was said as, "radical."

Today I added an new element
-to the drop-in sideways on one foot.

I added an early back foot
       Boy of that wasn't a thrill. I found myself doing it a couple times and the second time it had me hooking a bottom turn before I was halfway down the face.
       It ends up being a total side slip, just as if someone had crawled underneath your board and filed the fins down to almost nothing.
       I have to say it probably looked like I was pretty good at it but to be honest with you, it's pretty rare I think because only seen it done a couple times and I don't actually see other people doing it, at least to the extent I was doing it.
       It never fails though: It seems like every session I do, I manage to pull off something you don't see every day. I think that's what makes me very respected by the surfer who know me.
       Never practiced anything, never studied anything, never analyzed anything and never tried to repeat or copy anything, (well, that may be a lie,) and no one had to tell me how to do any of it.

Piled up MBM

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What a Bitch!
I'm talking about Hillary Clinton
Rule Numbers- 28 & 65

October 14th, 2015:
I tried to remember what she was talking about,
but now it slipped my mind because I was just so blown away at how bitchy she was, at saying what ever she was saying.
       I don't know how anyone would want to work with such an old hag.
       Her whole act is like the easy going lady next door, however she just like the others are all overwhelmed at the knowledge the need to know and they can't trust anyone for the correct or proper information.
       But of course it's a little easier to pull one over on people when they think you are of the more intelligent ones.

That Ex-Kadasian husband
must have had a hell of a weekend.

Pretty much paying his life for it.
       Some guys just don't know when to quit.

Since my repairs on the MBM held up ok.

Going to Doctor Up my Round Tail
       Going to cost me a tube of resin.
       I actually rode it after I buckled it without knowing it.
       Can't wait to ride it again. Its a bit more versatile than the MBM was, I just wish it had a little more foam in it because its from the super thin area. Unfortunately it has some stress crack problems going on too. People never think of the increased force of water hitting the rider as they are riding on it.
       Like you may think since you weigh only 185 and you think a 200 pound ladder should work ok until you try to carry a 60 pound compressor up it.

Ahsta Lah Vesta Mr. Judge Antonio
whatever your name was
Rule Numbers- 33, 44, 65 & 86

October 15th, 2015:
Making light of robbing a Sentinel
       Apparently, something you may not want to do if you think you can play God with someone else's life. Punishing someone for someone else's crime is frowned upon by Angles.
       Did I ever say I Love the Grim Reaper?
       I've got new Ideas for new Tee Shirts of course. (And I only wish I wore one of them yesterday because they let me sit there for over an hour fifteen minutes just to get a court date.)

Speilberg bought the bitch at CBS
to do a interview

If it wasn't a green Screen trick:
       Tom Hanks and Speilberg would have just walked door to door at all three networks, -all in the same morning.
       At first I thought Hanks was with Speilberg, but the audio track reverberation sounded like Speilberg was the one in the empty room. (The shadows on the legs of the chairs gives it away too.)

CBS Spielberig Tom Hanks interview

One Third Brownie Point for Donald:
Rule Numbers- 99

October 17th, 2015:
All he had to say was Yes.
       The gal even asked him and he should have just had the balls and said so, because Bush had everything to do with 911.
       911 was all retaliation about the Unical Oil Pipeline falling through and Bush was in bed with the wrong family.
       Then of course you has his brother wanting to get in on the profits to be made off a war machine.

Nah, I may be able to make them better,
I can't make them good:

Sounds like some of these ISA people had a few derogatory words about me, and the rest of us know just how shitty the waves can get.
       Can't wait, only two more days and we'll have our waves back.
       Just a bit too barbaric for me to want to surf with them, -I'm afraid.

Registering Drones:
Rule Numbers- 50 & 51

October 18th, 2015:
Sounds like they want another Government Agency
       All over a remote control toy.
       What are they going to do when someone wrecks it or trades it for something else?
       It's called a bag of worms.
       You can't even make gun laws that are worth a shit, how in hell do you think you can do any better with people's toys?

Kinna like a dark cloud around here:
Sounds like some everyone one and their brother is hacking their own heads off.
       The early signs are all around us.
       Just take a look at the stuff you see on TV and ask yourself if it's a little too barbaric for for the human race to be at this stage of technology in time.

And yes it was either within minutes or hours:
The Bush family was flying the Bin Laben family out of the country on a private jet, just after the 911 incident.
       How come all that conversation is out of the conversation now days?
       Its like they brainwashed you all to set things like that to be off limits of the discussion.
       Like they wiped it out of you memory or something.
       Oh, it's not on your cell phone, so you wouldn't know.

Took it for a spin in three foot:
Rule Numbers- 20, 22

October 20th, 2015:
Had to test it out and see if the repair worked.
       I can't remeber if it was one or two pretty interesting ones before my leash broke.
       All I know I that I only got maybe two that actually went anywhere.
       Never the less, you know you've come out of a tube when you shake it off your shoulder. (I think I did something like that twice, but at least one of them was connected to a whole bunch of neat stuff.)
       Boy was there ever a lot of guys out on the wrong kind of boards for bigger waves.

Lamar Odom's weekend cost $70,000.oo
It puts a new value on what sex is worth.
       Must be an addiction or an idiot who has so much money he doesn't know what to do with it.

Don't have to look very far to find barbaric animals
Rule Numbers- 20, 22, 51

October 23rd, 2015:
All I have to do is turn on the local news.
       Got a sex ring going to jail for murder.
       Had a local Grom got ran over because some moron didn't look both ways before pulling out on the street. (And it's a reason one should ride a bike with traffic. Twice I've tagged bicyclist going the opposite direction, but at least I looked and stopped in time. Luckily neither one got hurt and neither bikes got messed up.)
       Guess the line up will be less crowded with him gone.
       Some folks lost the cutest daughter because of an animal in rage on our roads with a gun.
       And you just don't know anymore, because it could be your own kids who may be out to get you.
       Can you believe some high school students overdosed on pot brownies in school?
       All I can say is that they must have spent a fortune on the amount of pot to put in the brownies in the first place. Must be some rich kids for sure.
       And speaking of pot:
       Or should I say tunnel?
       Well, it kinna bums me out because it sure could have influenced the amount of money pot is worth. Sure didn't save Americans any money.
       I was reluctant to even turn on my TV this morning because just watching what was on the News yesterday bummed me out so much I couldn't even get myself motivated to go surfing.

$5 Million Spent on investigating the Benghazi incident:
You have to wonder who got to hire who, because someone was able to hire and pay people with tax payer's money.
       I'd be asking who got paid to do it and how much they got paid to do the so called investigating.
       And get this: There had already been seven investigations on the incident. My question is how much did the US Tax payers pay for the other seven investigations? Rule 51

I have to laugh

Spending $29 Million on public service announcements.
Just to tell low income people they may be able to get free medical through Covered California
       Let me tell you, that if something is free, you don't have to tell people because freeloaders will naturally find anything that is free, and they will tell others.
       I figure it's just a way the government pays the television networks controls the agenda of the media.

Lamar Odom just may be smarter than I thought.
$70,000.oo for a couple of whores, just may be cheaper than a divorce.
       Just delaying a divorce may save him more than $70,000.oo so the two girls for the weekend was an excellent investment.

Three Cheers for the Grim Reaper:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 49, 50, 51

You'd think he's know better but I guess he thought he'd be able to out paddle me.
October 26th, 2015:

Couldn't go for the shoulder and the only option was going straight over the falls.
       Leaves you wishing you would know when you sprain your back. Not the best way to start out a session.
       Leaves a lot of others wishing he would have just let me have the wave because the waves coming in sure don't match what the surf forecasts have been saying.
       I've been watching one or two set waves to a set.
       And I bet there are a few locals wishing I was out there with them, because I'm convinced myself.

Wondering if the Grim Reaper has been at Boeing.
Pentagon and Lockheed Martin people, are not the only people who have stolen a Sentinel's invention and used it for evil, for the sake of profit.
       I figure it would probably be the next stop because I seriously think my Angles know that you don't get everything if you start at the top.
       I'm wondering how many of the people working the assembly line have dropped dead. And being as famous as I am, I'm willing to bet they all have known who's invention they have been building.
       Never the less, when the Grim Reaper gets further towards the top, the deaths will be a little more difficult to keep under wraps.
       I'd think it would be a little scary for those Senators and congressmen who have taken kickbacks over the whole ordeal.
       Sounds like the evil war monger criminals at the Pentagon are beginning to drop.
       But maybe I'm wrong and I'm only predicting what will happen later, as I've done before.

Trump relabeling my Idea:

His Safe Zones,
Are nothing more than in country refugee camps.

But he lacked details upon how he would do it.

$2 Billion Dollar Balloon
Rule Numbers- 20 28, 38, 50 & 51

October 28th, 2015:
Another reason they will always raise the budget for defense, every time.
       Because someone made Billions off of something that should have only cost millions.
       Wonder where all that kick back money went too?
       Doesn't matter if it's a failure and no one wants the things over their back yards; it's about how much profit was made off it in the first place.
       Boy did that thing screw things up. I just can't help but laugh at it, because no way should two blimps with radar should cost two billion dollars.

They say Northrop Grumman low balled Boeing and Lockheed Martin in a bid to build the next generation stealth bomber.
However, I figure that they are all still in on it together because they sure as hell wouldn't cut the profits out of something that had more than enough profits in it for all of them.
       Each new plane is expected to cost $564 million. But the overall price tag for the program will be higher once development costs are included.

Wonder how much money she got for it?

For doing about the dumbest thing she could do.
Talking about Katie Perry

Endorsing someone who is hated by many, who will dislike her for being associated with the Evil Bitch Hillary.
       They whole woman's empowerment movement has got every dumb bitch on the bandwagon.
       I'll be the first to say that I'm already sick and tired of the whole woman's empowerment movement and I've heard that fight song more than enough for me to get it.
       As if woman are the only one's who have to struggle from time to time. Well at least men hold it together better and their emotions don't get the best of them.
       (Another reason a woman should not be a president of this country.)

What a Whiner

Talking about Jeb Bush
He must be miserable.
       When things don't go his way, he sure snibbles about it. Wouldn't it be nice if he just took an early exit from it all?
       Can't stand the guy myself.

The Grim Reaper is quite crafty to say the least.
Got them to take a knife their own throats.
       Talking about Swift Action.
       You can bet he's real good at what he does and he has more than just a few techniques that boil all down to the same thing.

Lack of Sun equals, -lack of energy to do this.
Rule Numbers- 20

word count 500 on Oct.28.15

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week

What Light Pole?



Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Organized Religion:
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