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May 5th, 2013 :
First off is my own Night Club

drum set

I want to have several of them scattered all over the place. Pretty much where ever I surf. You can pretty much count on one in Bailey, Costa Rica, South Africa and Mexico.
     Probably have one in the North County and probably one close to Riverside. (I'll probably set up shop and work on my trucks in Riverside and fly to work from a home base in Oceanside.)
     I'm going to get my own airplane for hauling supplies and rock-bands to these remote spots, probably at a loss, but what the heck if you are going to loose money, you should at least loss it a fun way shouldn't you?.

I'm pretty much set on DW drums, Alternative shells (extra deep) The double basses will have to be a little smaller to fit the six toms above. Plus two floor tom toms.
     I'm going with birch shells and Flamed Koas to match my Ken Smith. I like the darker hardware but when lights come to mind, the chrome is probably in order. But I sure do like the dark hardware and the dark fog affect shown above.

I've been looking into stage lighting because a lot has changed since way back when. Never the less, I'm needing catching up to do.
     One thing I'm almost sure of, is that I'm probubly in need of some old school hooked up to the new school just to have the freedom I need to have.
     I think my preference would be to get Livitron to reconfigure there $4,500.oo board for me in a way that makes sense to me. Then I'd probably be using it as the controller for that $30-50,000.oo jobber that most road crews are using now days.
     Looks as though most rock bands at travelling around with a bunch of narrow beam Sharpys now days, but I'll be sure to get my share if washes that go from 6.5 to 48 degrees on hand.

I'll probably shy away from the motor effect most guys use now days, because the speed is the key where I come from. I'll enjoy using them now in a set position in most cases, because I'll be more interested in setting the lights to different patterns and configurations; and then using those as the notes by either bounce buttons or faders.

I figure having a fabrication shop handy will aid to the variety of stage configurations I could arrange and I'd probably get my hands on a lot of shit from Hollywood movie sets to make things more interesting when it comes to theatrics..

May 6th, 2013 :
Check out what I found

I figure that it will save on the amount of air conditioning I'll be needing. Instead of the 300 watts to run Sharpies, these Q-450 10 ten watt LED's run on about half that and If I could go smaller to the 3 ten watt LED Q-Spot™ 360 I could run one for 75 watts.
     The Q-450 has more than twice the candle power as the 350 power, but I'll try out a couple dozen of each size to start with.
     I'll probably use the 350's for the clear, yellow and oranges. Go with the 450's for the deeper colors like red, blue, and purples and greens.
      I think they will be equal to a medium narrow 500 watt PAR and this one comes in seven different colors in one.
     They both come in 16 degree pattern, which I think is totally usable. Just think of what I could do with whole grids filled with them. One every two feet in each direction.

But I don't know, when it comes down to the finally looking at the overall wattage use when comparing lamps, LED doesn't necessary save you and juice.

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

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In Court with Martin
January 11, 2011

Arrested by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

Me and my truck spent the week in jail last week.
Yes folks, I'm accused of being a criminal once again.

Jailed by Martin
November 17-24, 2010

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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Burning Down the House

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