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turnarounds Nov.20th15

The waves did pick up a little for us

stupidity should be painful

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Just like sitting in a card game,
-with Kenny Rogers
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 14, 33 & 40

November 1st, 2015:
Like Rule No. 4, -you get the just.
       Like when people start dropping dead because they are Evil.
       Gotta except that if you want to get rid of Evil, you just have to figure out how to live without it. And if that isn't enough you have to put some fear in being Evil by being the elimination of Evil.
       And with so much Evil out there, an evil being dropping dead everyday of the week is a good way to start the eradication

Got Better Waves?
-in the the last couple days?

Better than the last week?
       Other than Wednesday when I slept in late and just took a look at it. I think it was something to get me motivated into going out.
       Even today and yesterday seemed like the sets were small and only one or two to a set until I made myself go out anyway, expecting it to get better.
       Yesterday was so so, but today started out with a long back washer. The wave was only about chest high, but it was like someone was there with a hose about as big as a five gallon bucket, pouring water on my back the whole distance.
       Worked on getting myself around or under that curtain of water on a few lefts .

Kinna like a Golfer changing his swing.
Since I've been back on my old quad, after about a 10 month sabbatical, I can't help but realize I'm surfing differently.
       I think it has something to do with the sabbatical of the Stoneman for the same period of time has something to do with it. I guess without using the Stoneman as a crutch for wave count and learned to get by with less board and now I prefer to stay with a smaller board because of control I have over it.
       Anyhow, I'm guessing for those of you who had known me for my own style have been well aware of the change.
       I think I've adopted more of a short board style that I wasn't accustomed to using as much. And when I do maneuvers in an uncommon way I seem to notice them. (Like yesterday, I did some things in the pocket that just blew my mind. as to how tight they were.)

Sitting in with the Charger's game:
Looks like the Officials favored the Ravens
       What I saw was an off sides on a kick for the Chargers, and then I saw the Ravens win by a kick.

And the bad call still stands:
Talking about the botched Florida game where the whole referee staff got the boot.
       Almost thought it was a basketball game the way they passed the ball around.

Who is she to say:
Rule Numbers- 28 ,29, 34, 51 & 86

November 2nd, 2015:
The only way she could get a date with me, is if I had a plow to hitch her up too.
       Like any of the old hags on the View have any room to talk about.
       The only half ass decent one is the brain washed Jesus freak and you just have to except that they are all whores for the Democratic Party.
       Just turn those old bitches to the age 61 and put them all out there in a room of horny guys.
       My money would be on Carley for being the first one to attract a guy.
       The bitch's on the View would have better luck in a barn.

While we are close:
I saw Beaber with the spilled drink on stage-
       Need I say a real professional would have a Roddie to clean up such a mess.

       However, it's a true sign of a drug addict, -when someone will make a fuss over something like that in the way he did it. He let his ego go all the way to the signal lights. I figure it was the kind of snobbishness you might expect from a diva bitch high drugs. Kinna like a pre-madonna going on a rant you could say. Just after he'd been going around saying how much he has grown up and shit.

Another funny thing:
Seeing someone try to launch themselves sideways, trying to catch a wave like I do.
Even the Mr. Pro Surfers can't do it as easily as I do.
       Since I've never seen me do it, I find it difficult to say I seldom see anyone doing it, but I happen to think it's true that it's just not done very often. Never the less, I can't help but laugh when I see someone try.

The Bush family already fixed you
Rule Numbers- 4, 44, 51, 65, 66, 86

November 3rd, 2015:
Set you up with three wars
and weaken the whole stability of the Middle-East

       Got you spending a Trillion Dollars more per year than you were before.
       The Uncial oil Pipeline deal, (in Afghanistan,) with the bin Loden family fixed you all up with the 911 attach as a retaliation, (don't you remember?)
       Or did they wash all that right out of your brain by now?

I'm wondering if:
I'm a year or so ahead and just predicting.

As if Angles are telling me ahead of time.
But something tells me that Lockheed Martin,
is having a few problems.

       Keeping that assembly line turning my invention into a war machine is getting more difficult by the day.
       I'm sure many of you have come up with the question as to wondering who owns the land underneath it.
       I pondered that too, but in all actuality, I think its one of those answers one can easily assume.
       PM Update: There is plenty of word on the street about that, but you know that thing about me starting rumors and contaminating the rumor mill. However, does substantiate another rumor I've heard before so I gather they farmed it out, using another companies property.
       Then you have to wonder if it was ever leased with an option to to buy. I guess that would be another question to throw out there, because the way I see it, they could have a nuclear dump on their hands and no one is going to want to touch it.
       Can you believe the Pentagon spent $41 Millions Dollars on a Gas Station? (In another county?)

You said it! I didn't!

Calling the Bitch on the View an Ox
But you knew what I meant.

Sounds like the next popular word was, "rehab."
       Guess it may be fare to assume Justin is in a drug rehab center.
       I'm not sure how much of his show was cut short since the media is never dependable for any obvious and important details, never the less, I figure he found out his concert promoters have stepped in and asked him to bond himself against any class action suits that could arise out of a little stunt like that.
       I don't think it's too difficult to believe that the insurance company offering such bonding would require in to check into a rehab.
       Just like those Hollywood kids who have no one telling them that they can't do something.
       I kinna saw it just from the friends he keeps.
       But you know how girls are. They get some fantasy dream in their head and they like to see if they can make it a reality.
       Gotta be something, -because he sure can sell tickets to a bunch of screamers.

Oh yeah, talking about stupid bitches on the Veiw.
Leah Remini pushing her brick on it today.
She's the Bitch that was mixed up in Scientology,
Tom Crews and all.

       Man-O-man, did you see what she did to here lip?
       Should paint a dark mustache on it and call it good because it sure doesn't move much more then a mustache and its plenty big enough to be one.
       I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh. I remember the day when she was way too hot for her co-actor husband and now she has actually gone out of her way to screw herself up.
       Now all I see of her now is a large upper lip. Maybe she asked for the same surgeon as Bruce Jenner used?

       And since we are close:

       Didn't I Mention it before?
That most of the people running for president,
actually realize they are not going to win the election, that they are just doing it to sell books.
       Sure I have, Ralf Nader did it for decades.
       Now even Donald Trump has come out with one and Carson is out peddling one now.
       What's really clever is that they actually have people just giving them money to campaign and all it really does is make the books sell more.
       It's apparent that there must be something about the Republican party that brings out more book authors.
       I guess if the Democrats had a knack for anything, I guess it would be a pep-rally. But it's kinna hard to put a signature on that and get idiots to pay $25 for it.

It was a good run while it lasted
Water temp dropping below 70 just after midnight on Nov.2.15

Kinna sucks cause my suits have leaks everywhere.
       It was a nice long warm season anyhow.
Get this

Syrian battle information I found on the web.
       According to the Observatory's statistics:
The Observatory said it has so far confirmed 185 civilians killed in Russian strikes the past month — including 46 women and 48 children — while the toll among IS fighters was 131.
       The heaviest toll came among Syrian rebels not connected to IS, with 279 dead, the group said.
       In contrast, the U.S.-led air campaign has killed 3,726 IS members — an average of 252 a month, and 225 civilians.
       Need I say, Putin must go?

Don't you Love it?
Rule Numbers- 33 & 44

November 4th, 2015:
       A Crooked Cop Takes his own life:
       Didn't I write something about how such evil people who commit evil crimes just just take justice into their own hands?
       I know I've been trying to get God and everyone else in on the idea.
       Little ol me can only suggest such a thing but too bad this last bad guy cost tax payer about a quarter of a million dollars the first day of a man hunt that did not exist.
       I wouldn't doubt the man hunt cost the tax payers more money than he embezzled.
       I'm still sitting here wondering how long before they figure that the wife had to be in on it. I bet she was the one left sitting with all the cash.
      Boy what a bunch of gullible people in that town.

CBS Spielberig Tom Hanks interview

Oh yeah.
I forgot to mention
That I think the interview with Tom Hanks, Speilberg and the whore from CBS is:

More than Just a fake.
       I actually think the Speilberg image was take from an interview he had done in the past.
      They just wrote a script for Hanks and the CBS Bitch to fit.

The Sky disappeared this morning:
Rule Numbers- 4

The wave calmed down and cleaned up some
None the less the storm left some funky sand bars that were a bit unpredictable.

November 5th posted on the 6th, 2015:
One wave seemed so automatic
       Just came in a little late on the shoulder and pulled into a smooth one.
       Didn't have to drag any hand or anything, just used the wall to control the speed, and it shot me out before it was cover like a clean get away.
       The whole morning was like a box of chocolate.

A lesson to learn about ethics:

Saw a commercial for SNL with Donld Trump
I haven't been much of a fan of SNL in decades
       I got bored with the Saturday Night Live show pretty quick because it's just below my sense of intellect, -and insulting to it more of the time than not.
       None the less I think it's just down right distasteful to have someone insult another person as away of creating traffic to anything.
       I'm wondering if they are going to run his fraudulent campaign during the Network TV show?
       Come on folks, there is something mentally wrong with Mr. Trump, and it just happens to entertain the sick minded people.
       Like what kind of favor does the SNL Show owe the guy?.
       I'd say they were loosing more than a few Latino viewers, but they lost me a long time ago.

November 6th, 2015:
Had to laugh at Carley
She was a bit naive and let the View put her on a skype where she could not see the women of the show

It reminded me of when Rand Paul's screwed up interview with some bitch dogging him.

Could have told you the cop was crooked:
Rule Numbers- 88

Man-oh-man, did they have a few gullible ones in that town.
       I'd write up more stuff on the cops at, but my journal is enough work for me. If I posted every bad cop story, I'd be in deeeper than MSR over four fold and to be frank, I just don't feel like doing the work.
       I don't think there has been even one week to go by that we didn't have another cop just flat out murder innocent people.
       Just a bunch of nut jobs bullies and the government just give them a badge hope it will aper to the public that they are safer.
       I feel it's having them look over the public gathering is like putting someone in trouble. Like they are there to protect us from our own stupidity.

On this KeyStone Pipeline
It's my understanding was that it was suppose to cost $12 Billion to build.
My Question is:
How did about $3 Billion Dollars get spend already?
       Did any of the $3 Billion actually build 25% of it?
       I always thought that the Oil companies would pay for that kind of thing and I think it was just a big scheme to milk the US tax payers out of money in the first place.

Paying for Carson's Book tour?
Rule Numbers- 20 & 88

Just an old burn out
Too many drugs as the way I see it

November 8, 2015:
He'll tell you anything that will help is bottom line.
       I'm surprised anyone had any reason to buy any of his earlier books in the first place.

Louisiana will hire just about anyone.
Never know, a bullet proof vest for the kids, might not be such a bad idea after all.
       18 rounds, 5 in the kid, those Sub contractors gangsters for hire are a little trigger happy and a good reason to stay away from there.
While we're close:

Top Secrete clearances,
-given out like candy:
Rule Numbers- 51

You have to laugh when someone like Soden on a background screening can list past work history as classified.
       And it flies!
       Just like the cop that killed himself has a rap sheet a mile long.
       Sounds to me everyone and their brother who works for the government isn't about to worry about anything other than the paycheck they take home.

Carlsbad filing of Claim on Nov. 10th 2005

Resurrecting the Dead:
Rule Numbers- 20, 20, 33, 44 & 65

A stand in actor, to resurrect a dead fireman?
November 10th, 2015:
I still don't get it, but you might guess the whole county government is in on it.
       Never the less, I still don't understand what advantage they would have if I didn't notice the lack of bald spot on the back of his head. However the second day my eyes were focused better and I could see that it was just a younger guy with a similar hair cut and heavy mustache.
       When I saw that, I realized it wasn't just a coincidence he was hanging around the SUV that I've been seeing others drive around for a couple months.
       Oh yeah:

I did get around to filing the complaint on the Carlsbad Cop that went peddling child molester rumors to get complaint forms signed.
       None the less, I just paid off the loan on the towing bill from the last time I was thrown in jail, so I gave my creditor the heads up.

       One thing I've learned from filing a claim against a city: is that it is very likely there will be someone to retaliate and when they happen to be cops, that means you will end up in jail and you can't expect any justice from a judge because they have no problem punishing a victim for a crooked cop's crimes.

I don't want to jump the Gun but:
I think there is word about another evil cop killing himself.
       Yeah never know, those rumors my have been started by the same people that arranged the fake fireman. For whatever reason; I don't know.

And I must say,
-boy they are sure taking their sweet time before saying:
that it was a bomb on the plane
I'd bet they knew the second they found the tail section.
       Boy, what a rinky dink investigation you would have to say.

And tell me that no one thought anything of it?
Talking about the Russians winning so many Metals:
       A little bit obvious if you ask me.
       Guess they should just dope them all so they are all on the same playing field.
       Go for the whatever is possible and to hell with the idea of going for personal best.
       Just gotta figure you are dealing with barbaric animals and just train then as if they are lab-rats.
       Or the 7.25%ers like they will be in 60 years.

There wasn't much there
Rule Numbers- 4, 20

So I picked the Stoneman
With the timing of coming off high tide

November 11th, 2015:
The waves seemed to improve a little once I got out there.
       At least it seemed like people were catching some waves because before I went out, it looked pretty but not many were catching anything.
       I only got one or two with some juice, however I did get a few good longboard type waves.

Same-oh Same-oh
Rule Numbers- 3, 4, 14, 24, 30, 33, 34, 41, 50, 55, 78 & 88
November 12, 2015:
How can you tell with contaminated rumors?
       None the less, there is one that is just a result of the same old trick I did with Morro Bay, and it's also the reason I kept my filing papers to the minimum.
       Can you believe I got the folks at
the City of Carlsbad to correct my date?

       At least I can say that I've heard a lot of May 19th's being said and I had unconsciously wrote down the date of the 14th because that was what I had remembered it was.
       But after hearing May 19th several time this evening, I checked my calender and realized I'd marked it down as the 19th.
       However, whether or not I would have checked my calender before hand, I would have never filed later than the 14th because I realize just how easy it would be for someone to falsify my calender. None the less, I can alway get the white-out and file it again next week. But you've gotta admit, it's pretty funny how the city leaked it out, just like Morro Bay did, and you've gotta admit that it is one way of them admitting that they know about it.

Sounds like the Grim Reaper's been busy
Everyday I hear of someone killing themselves.
       I'm willing to bet the pecking order is set-up in a fashion that creates a few nerves to go haywire.
       I bet there are quite a few who are wondering if they may be next, and the waiting for it is the hard part. And knowing that they are going to do it to themselves must get to them.
       Oh was that what I think it was?
       I saw John Kerry talking out of the side of his mouth just like Bill Clinton.
       Looks to me, he just may have had a stroke and I wonder when his little heart is going to give up on him?

You have to laugh:

Mr. Ben Carson -making $200k to $2 million dollars per year off a felon whom he testified for leniency, but said otherwise when the crimes came to other criminals.
If that doesn't smell like a crooked son of a bitch?
       The guy is just a dirt bag, doesn't anyone see it?

Just call it:
Stupidity and the intelligence of a cellphone:

I could tell you how many idiots on a cell phone will walk over to the door of my cage and take a piss.
It happens almost every day.
       Can people be so clueless?
       Of course they can, they are 8%ers. Barbaric animals just like I was told they were.
       Maybe I should take a picture of it and show you folks. What to bet it takes me longer than a week to produce it?
       Shit for brains.

Got got a Message from God
Or maybe at least some kind of answer to a question many have wondered about:
       I woke up this morning with the feeling that I'd been informed about something people have often wondered. I contemplated whether to saying anything about it but then again, I figure it would be something I may be corrected upon if I'm wrong about it.
       Therefore I think I should inform you that hell is not a place as many of you have wonder if there was a bad people go to.
       Well let me say that in my opinion, God doesn't want to be bothered with maintaining a place for evil people .
       Going to hell is a thing that happens to an evil sole. (They get destroyed for good or should I say their sole gets burned, -from what I gather.)
       Without a sole, their is no spirit left and there is no spirit to go anywhere.
       Therefore I'm guessing that or sole and spirit are more or less the same thing and I figure, and I'm hopeful that having a clean sole leads to the possibilities that we may be reincarnated in one way or another.
       So going to hell just means that just isn't going to happen. Going to hell is just like being spent, over-with, end of story.   Period.

You get what you get what you ask for:
Rule Numbers- 29, 50, 66 & 80
You provided the stupid people for evil
& you provide the weapons for them too.

November 16, 2015:
You gave the enemy the weapons,
and you breed the stupid people for the enemy.

       (Is there another way to put it into words?)
       The enemy brainwashed your own stupid people and sends them back at you.
       Two hundred people are jack shit when it comes to thinking about the Vietnam war we killed 450,000 Americans for a war we paid Lous for a place to drop bombs, - for the profit of defense contractors. What bothers me is no one is thinking or crying about thousands of men ISIS has been killing every month and nobody sheds a tear for the women and children who are taken for nothing more than sex slaves they rape every day and with the weapons Bush and Obama has given to them, they are able to do this in every day in every town they take-over .
       And how come no one is saying anything about the fact: it was under Hillary's watch they gave weapon directly to ISIS in Syria?

The other day I discovered a lady taking a picture of my truck. She said her husband says that the US Government gave ISIS money to buy Toyota Trucks.
       At the time I didn't give her too much credit, -but you gotta figure the odds of her husband being in the military are pretty good and you've gotta admit that the videos the media uses to show the public ISIS never show any of the 5,000 Hum-V's, and those Toyota trucks do look spankenly clean and shinny, and look as though they may have been just given to them for the photo-op.
       I wouldn't doubt we paid for their clean ans shinny black flags too.
(You know how black will look once it gets dirty.)

Johnny w/knife must have felt belittled:
because they only used only one Hellfire Missile.

Saving the US Tax Payers $67,000.oo
But three drones an hour cost as much as if they used three more to do it.

I take it that you don't want to steal a car
in San Francisco

I saw that video of the cops beating that guy.
       It looked so bad, I need to take a better look at it because you have to wonder if the video was backed up and repeated in a few places.
       None the less, I think it is real and it only goes to show you just how barbaric the human race is getting. And these guys are suppose to protect us when I'm more afraid of them than anyone else.
And do I need to add the video from last week?

The group of ten Cops with Tazers
After ten times they finally hit a nerve that shut down his respiratory system.
       Just another fine example of just how barbaric the human race has gotten. I swear, we need a thunder dome on TV every week.

I saw part of the Demo Debate
What a put-on:
       If it wasn't designed to make the Democratic Party look good, I'd shoot myself in my own head.
       Sounded like Hillary had practice a script that was made for every question she was to be asked beforehand.
       And with the other two, all they did was reverse engineer the questions, to match whatever they were saying prior to the debate. (Like the game show where they have to answer with the question.)
       None the less, I couldn't stand watching it because I was just astounded to think that people were stupid enough to elect Sanders to the position he is already. The guy is a complete idiot.
       Makes me believe we have too many Congressmen and too many Senators. I think one of each for each state should be efficient. Less people taking kick backs means less money spent on war machines, less deaths, and less money waisted.

PM Update -before I even uploaded it. The people on the street are saying I'm right. About the US supplying their own stupid people the weapons to do such things.
       And the idea of Hillary just pulling off something that was scripted for the answers she got ahead of time. (Her confidence was just too cocky to be answering it like that cold and for the first time.)

If people would only realize
That you do not have to run the engine in your car, to charge your cell phone.
Just turn the accessories on.
       There would be a shit load of fuel saved every day and even less pollution in the air to breath.
       I must listen to about hours per day of engines running in parking lots while people sitting there messing with their cell phones.
       I've been wonder what that radiation dose to unborn children. Can't be good on them with all the metal bounce the radiation back at them.

Three birds with one stone:
Rule Numbers- 7, 12, 24,28, 30, 33, 35, 78, 86 & 88
Guess, I actually remembered him,
but I still don't remember his last name.

November 19, 2015:
But the J. W. part I got.
       If I was interested in remembering anything more of him, I think I know where I could find him, -that is if he is still alive, that is if the quest was really meant to be, but I don't think so.

And don't say I didn't warn them
You messing with a Sentinel, you are messing with a lot more than a Sentinel.
       If you are messing with a Sentinel, you are messing with something you can't see, and you have no business with messing around with something like that.

Strangely as it was.
I woke up this morning feeling like I had been a participant at a board room meeting:
And I'm not about to elaborate on the participants,
but I've got to tell you I think the Head Guy authorized a few changes upon how things are done around here.

Nothing but Bad Ideas:
Talking about the Refugees,
-and what to do with them.

Ted Cruz came up with the most cock-o-meenie Idea:
Saying that we should only let in Christens
       I wonder if he has a machine designed to do that because I sure don't know how he thinks he can make sure a person can't change their religion two or three times per week.
       I've got a friend who dabbles in a few of them and you never know which religion he may feel like taking up next.

Of course, Obama never thinks everything through.
He says women and Children only.
However, I don't think he realizes that we have plenty of partial families here already who are using what laws we already have to let other family members in.
       They'll say daddy got shot in the war, mean while he saves up plans to smuggle himself in with a visitor's Visa next year, once his wife and kids are here in the US.
       Grama and grampa are all of a sudden alive and looking twenty years younger .
       You get the picture.

And Donald Trump should give the folks in Sweden a call.
The closing of this bit will tell you why his plan would fail.
Sweden's big mistake: was granting teenage boys free room and board, along with $275.oo per month pocket filler.
       Boy I'm sure they ended up having them lining up like salmon pounding on the back gates of a fish hatchery during spawning season.
       But then again, even if they get self reliant, they can also end up providing havens for illegal aliens later, and that is the problem refugee bring everywhere they go when they come from such countries.
       So Sweden rounded up a whole bunch of young men for themselves. but once they got loaded up, all there detention and refugee centers got burned down. Boy what a mess that must be.
       The thing about refugees, with their home land government screwed up so much, you can't truly find out if they are truly who they say they are. They can steal someone's identity before they even apply for asylum.
       I think that the United nations should organize refugee centers in their home countries.
       They need to put them in places that are not under the control of ISIS, and subsidize the cost of tents trailers or homes. Anything more than a blanket and cot can't be given to them free or they will just burn the places down because they will have no stake in them.
       Another reason why Donald Trump's Idea will not work:  Because of the word he used, - "humain."
       The is no way to round up all those people and provide facilities to be up to the building codes that are require to be met before it can be legally inhabitable. Once you have that, they burn it down on you over night and you have nothing more than they got out of th first Tacoma narrows bridge.
       So you've got to start with some fencing and sewage facilities. Then soup kitchens and showers.
       If those places were protected and ISIS is kept out, it would be less burden on counties trying to figure out what to do with them.
       The goal here would be:
       Give them a safe place to stay and hopefully after extinguishing ISIS, they can go back home to rebuild their communities.
       Having everyone leave their home land isn't necessarily good for the homeland because you need all those young men Sweden took away, you need them to rebuild the place. Taking in refugees is more or less taking in their homeland's work force which is unfair to the people who had put all the heart, sweat and sole into what they had in their home and country.
       However: I do think they should considerate on making the adoption of pre-teenage orphans available, because they are of no threat to the folks who welcome them and they need and deserve our help.

Oh yeah,
I've been meaning to ask a favor:

Of all you animal and human lovers.
If you want the human race to survive:
       You may want to volunteer to bath a few bats.
       It looks like some bats were able to survive with the help of the bacterium.
       None the less the fungus known to cause white-nose syndrome has killed more than six million bats in North America since it was first discovered in New York in 2007.
       In some states, winter bat numbers have declined by more than 90 percent.

They haven't even got to the retaliatory animosity stage yet:
Rule Numbers- 4, 8, 9, 33, 34, 66, 78 & 86
November 20, 2015:
I'm willing to bet anyone a hundred bucks:
       That the next time a cop takes me to jail and runs me through one of those scanners, there will be at least one of those two cops killing themselves later.
       If they are both crooked, you can bet they will both be dead by their own hands. If not, the one who survives will have to live that his buddy is dead because he didn't stop it when he, or she could have stopped it.
       Kinna make the whole idea of taking a Sentinel to jail a very bad choice.
       No joke bud, you want a bet?
       Any takers?
       I'll pay two to one.
       Oh yeah, I guess it needs one of those six month statues to it, so we know when you would win the bet and you could pick up your winnings.
       From what I heard: The two cops this time turned up the juice on the scanning machine. And to be honest with you, I could feel it when it passed over me.
       My guess it was to either get a better look at my penis, or to do bodily harm to me.
       Either or, it smell like a law suit to me.
       I don't thing it went over with my Angles to well either. I bet God heard about that incident too.
       Did I tell you about the fact that I think the Grim Reaper has been hanging out with my Angles? I guess they get along just fine. It sounds to me they even have fun together.
       I know one thing, I'll catch hell from them if I hold a cell phone up to my head more than a minute anymore. I'm going to have to learn to use my ear buds if I use the phone. Something they say is very important because it is one of my main problems with being such a lousy clairvoyant.
       I guess I was just getting better because I've been leaving my phone behind or even off and with these cops, I've been scanned twice recently and even got an x-ray I didn't need. And why would you need to scan a guy who you are only throwing in a drunk tank by himself for a few hours?

Thinking of bringing back,
-something from the old hand written Journal Days

The Word of the Day: "Orphans"
Must have heard it at least a dozen times today.
Sounds like a few of them are getting new homes.
       Even heard people all excited about trying to get some themselves.
       Although most people probably desire newborns the most, the unique opportunity with this situation is that unlike normal situations, getting of blood brothers and sisters is more like picking up a complete family.
       And may God Bless the people who take them into their lives.
       It's the right thing to do no matter who we are.

Donld Trump is just saying what he thinks people would like him to say.
He was just agreeing with the reporter's idea without even thinking about it.
The whole "good management," is just by default.
       When the fact of the matter is that the whole idea of creating a data base base on any religion would be unconstitutional and I would have thought that even one of these presidential candidates would have come up with that conclusion by now, but they are not so bright.
       Just goes to show you that none of them are presidential. Period.

turnarounds Nov.20th15

No takers?
Rule Numbers- 20, 33, 44, 55, 65 & 86

Oh, -Vegas giving better odds you say?
Could have figured that much.

November 21, 2015:
Another one bites the dust?
       No end to the questions.

Did I tell you about the fact that I think the Grim Reaper has been hanging out with my Angles? (Of course not.)
I guess they get along just fine.
       I think he was one of my surfing buddies at one time, or at least maybe he's helping out with setting up the appointments with the Grim Reaper. (Well, I don't know exactly how it all works with them,) but sounds to me they even have a good time together.
       From what it sounds like, Speilberg and the government killed off so may people around me that now I have about 30 Angles working to get those people who are guilty of such crimes. I think the Guy Upstairs has authorized or has given the ability to a few of them to do whatever it takes to get rid of such Evil.(I may be wrong but I just don't think God has the desire to commit much of his time to such activities.)
       I also learned another thing: I will sure hear about it from my Angles if I hold a cell phone up to my head more than a minute anymore. I guess it shakes the hell out of brain waves and the brain cells burn up like a piece of meat in a microwave oven at the rate of about one braincell per minute. (My Dad told me that.)
       I'm going to have to learn to use my ear buds if I use the phone. Something they say is very important because it is one of my main problems with being such a lousy clairvoyant.
       Also I should mention that I'm told I need to give up the electronic lighters, like the ones for barbe-Qs I use on my gas-stove. I guess the spark mechanism creates some bad radiation for such a little thing.
       I heard somewhere that you can ruin or even use to develop x-ray film now day because the newer films are so sensitive.

Nov.18th filing in carlsbad

I call it being brilliant by the seat of my pants
The main goal was to keep me out of jail during the last week
But now they are going to have a difficult time burning the complaints

November 21, 2015:
Everyone and their brother knows that they claimed the date was the 19th instead of the 14th like I wrote on the stay out of jail filing.
       Funny has hell: when I filed the first time, I told the ladies that I'd probably be going to jail for doing so. And I did so by just trying to make a few copies so I could fix the date and mailing address mistakes.
       Got so mad guys off the street though, so it isn't all bad.
       And what is it with the scale? . When I went in last summer over the Bill Curtis complaint, the scale said I weighed 145 pounds, and I was shocked to see that because for the past 40 years, I've always been between 155 and 170 and usually 165.
       Funny thing too: last summer, they said my blood pressure was 135, and I thought that was unusual because I didn't feel very stressed out and I've been running about 120 ever since I can remember.

Jimbo isn't ashamed:
Rule Numbers- 33, 44, 65 & 86

He asked God to be a Grim Reaper
Strange for a guy who only wanted a bicycle shop

November 22, 2015:
Sounds like he got a serial killer today:
       When you think about it; my group of Angles probably have a difficult time researching things back to prior times. My guess is that they have to get other people to do it for them through manipulations.
       However, current times are probably real easy when it comes to find out is someone is evil or not.
       I bet Spirits or as I call them Angeles, see peoples actions all the time.
       I guess all they need to do is ask God for an appointment with a Grim Reaper.
       I bet there is a serial killer out there who killed himself today. (Sounds like they found him.)
       Never the less, this post is all about congratulating the Grim Reaper for his fine work.
       Brownie Points....

Today at 55.5
Stupid Rule Number 55
Seem to be getting more consistent with tubes.
       Although I've never capitalized on them much because I don't exactly crave the thought of tossing myself into a dryer with a board containing the attachment of carbon fiber fins.
       None the less, I seemed to have picked up the knack of getting one every day and on good days I've been seeing the sky disappear more and more.
       And boy, the EA/Rusty fins I made up sure do work good on the Stoneman.
       Now after 4 or 5 sessions, I can say they have loosened up the board, making it feel even shorter and there is still a sufficient amount of drive when I need it. They also slowed the board down making it easier for me to stay closer to the pocket and being looser even allows me to turn off the top of the wave better when I catch them.

From what I gather:
       Obama set-up Jim with an appointment with a truck driver/simi-truck assassin.
       I bet Obama is up to at least a pack per day.
       That's Rule 50 in a big way.
       Wonder if they will tell us how he actually does it?
       Blow his brains all over the big fancy room they call the Oval office? (Will they call it the Red Room?)

Updates related to Yesterday's Posts:
Rule Numbers- 9, 12, 33, 44, 65 & 78

Obama is up to Two Packs per day
And even Kerry has taken up smoking.

November 23, 2015:
And they found the dead serial killer, but it's not likely they're going to put it the story on TV around here.

Something tells me

That Obama could not get his hands on a gun if he wanted to.
       I bet he can't get his hands on anything more than a stake knife and they are watching for that too.

       I bet there is not a anything that resembles a rope anywhere.
       I bet they took all the cords out of the window shades too.
       The only thing left for Obama to do is look for plastic bags left inside garbage cans, but I figure they thought of that too.
       Must be rough to be president when you can't even kill yourself.

I'm wondering if his two daughters will be there this year when Obama spares the life of a turkey
The two were there last year, however I seriously doubt they will be there this year and if the are, I seriously doubt they will let us have a good look at them.
       I'm thinking the youngest one is the imposture, but who knows, maybe both are impostures.
       Gotta see that.

Oh, Oh, Special Report:
Obama is giving out metals for
freedom of honors!

Metal of Freedom of Honor or something like that and tomorrow he is suppose to be giving one to Steven Speilberg.
       Gotta see that.

What do you get from this video I found?
It appears Speilberg is giving more metals of honor for humanity again and this time it's to Bill Ford for giving money to Speilberg's foundation.
       Just a bit creepy to say the least.
       I still find it hard to believe that Speilberg would be out for murder already but with Obama in office, anything is possible.

Too Many Unanswered Questions:
Rule Numbers- 9, 10, 51

The media sell us half stories with half truths
Many stories are designed to scare you over nothing.

November 24th, 2015:
Like how come you don't here people in France talking about Gun laws?
       Are they just sitting ducks because they already took them away like in Britain?
       It's pretty bad when you have a night club with a thousand people inside and you don't even have a couple armed security guards to shoot back.
       As far as the other laces, it's absolutely ridiculous that there wasn't any armed citizens to shoot back.
       Just a bunch of sitting ducks from where I come from.

Like where did the wreckage of the Russian plan land?:
Was it in Turkey of Syria?

Simple and Obvious question but after see several stories on it, the most important information has not been produced
It's like they must want us to be stupid.

Or is it a tactic to get you to watch more news?
I don't think so.

I'm wondering about those fuel trucks:
How many of them were left behind after the Iraqi War?

I bet ISIS has been moving oil around in Tanker trucks provided by Obama and Hillary
Kinna makes sense,
          since they have been overlooked for so long.
       You gotta figure: each fuel tanker truck cost you all at least $250,000,oo each and they say they just blew up two hundred of them. But what the hell, that was only $50 Million or so.

And the Ring leader provided a Selfie
Of course it wasn't a Toyota parked in the background.
       Kinna backs my theory that the Toyotas were provided for Photo-Ops.

Let's fire up the ol calculator:

Let us figure we gave Isis 5,000 Hum-V's at $110,000.oo each
Plus 2,200 trucks of mine at the cost of $250,000.oo each

Let us figure my truck with a trailer holds 48 Hellfire Missiles at $67,000.oo each.
A pretty good start if you want to create a terrorist organization isn't it?
       That's what Obama and Hillary is responsible for.
       You need to think about of kick back it would be at only 10% spread upon the Politicians and the greedy ones at the Pentagon.
       $550 Million in Hum-Vs.
       And you would have to laugh when you land the same number $550 Million for my trucks also.
       I bet Ford won't actually tell you how much profit was in on the deal, but I can tell you they built them for less than $50,000.oo each. None the less that's $440 Million Profit made for Ford for giving my truck to the enemy, (load with Hellfire missiles no less.)
      But the thing you should be thinking about: is the Hellfire Missiles at the coast of $ 7,075,200,000.oo
       And from what I gather, they would be lying to you if they said they spent $2,000.00 for the parts to a Hellfire Missile. But being conservative, we'll say there is only $50,000 profit left in them after they hand out all the kick backs. That would leave them a profit of $5,280,000,000.oo on Missiles alone.
       Bottom line here is: that the profits from all those Hum-V's don't add up to 1/5th of the profits from those 50 pound Hellfire Missiles.
       The got you all paying the cost of a BMW when they didn't even build more than the transmission to do it.

       But really folks, I seriously doubt it cost any more than $7,000 to produce a Hellfire missile. So the profit form the missiles alone is more likely $6,336,000,000.oo
       So by creating ISIS, there was about $7 Billion made in profits for US defense contractors.
       With Ford making $440 Million off my truck; you can figure that it would have been pretty silly to ask for a bail out like everyone else did.

I'm thinking I should total thing up:
       However I do not have any idea of how many Abraham Tanks or $3 million dollar armored personnel carriers were given to ISIS. (The things they will build new tanker trucks out of I suppose. or at least they will put to use the Cat engines and Allison transmissions.)
       5,000 x 110,000 = $550,000,000 for Hum-V's
       2,200 x 250,000 = $550,000,000 for my truck.
       2,200 x 48 x 67,000 = $7,075,200,000 for Hellfire Missiles.
       Gee, you only spent $1.1 Billion for light vehicles, but you spent over $7 billion on 50 lb. missiles.
       With the $50 Mil for tanker trucks, and the $500 million in training the enemy, you got an investment paid by the US tax payers of $8,225,200,000 invested into ISIS.
       But do not forget: you gotta figure in the $6 Million Dollar Tanks and $3 Million Dollar Armored Personnel carrier too.
       And another question I have:
       By any chance, were those suicide belts made using the plastic explosives found in a Hellfire Missile?

Word of the Day:

"Suicide Watch"
I'm guessing that is referring to the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Too bad the stake knifes are accounted for.
       Obama needs to go on field trips to risky places.
       Might even think about participating in a bucket list of risky behaviors.
       Just suggesting is all.

Questions to ask yourself
After investing about $10 Billion into ISIS,
how much have you spent fighting your own targets?

       And just since the Paris bombings, how much you have spent on Police? And how much revenue has been lost because the police are the only ones in the streets? .
       Lock you up and make you pay for security from your own money making profits for an evil war machine.
       Pretty damb foolish the way I see it.

Any of you laugh like I do?
At the thought that any country can actually pull off a clean background check on a refugee.

I know first hand: when they can't figure out who someone is, neither country on either side wants them.
They end up being stuck in a detention centre for the rest of their lives.
       That is unless someone burns it down.

If Taylor Swift can be a Speilberg whore
so can Barbara Streisand

Plus Barbara lives closer to San Quinton
Subliminal messages said it was Green screen.
       Streisand and the guy to Speilberg's right must have gone to the prison for that shot. It was the same technique used at the award show when Taylor Swift sat next to him.
       Of course Obama has gone to the prison before.
       The video with Ford was clearly a green screen trick however, the Whitehouse Freedom Award ceremony had many fooled .
       Something tells me Speilberg would not last long if Obama let him out. I seriously doubt the Grim Reaper would have to go after him because the US Government would snuff him out just to wipe out the history with him. So Speilberg is better off in prison and dead meat on the outside no matter how he looks at it.

Turkey Day in the USA:
Rule Numbers- 9, 10, 20, 44 & 86

Told you so.
Wouldn't you know, the first family are for hire.

November 26, 2015:
After 7 years in the white house the youngest takes up wearing glasses.
       You have to admit they look nothing like the picture shown of the two seven years earlier, none the less, they were certainly not going to use the images of last year because that would be too much like a side by side.
       The clip of Obama with the girls with each to each side of him was like, "here they are." (Sorta like Bill Curtis in away.)
       Didn't fool me, -and I should add that this morning a voice from one of my Angles said, "they killed the first daughters."
       When you think about it, -it would have not made sense if they killed themselves, because from what I gathered, -they were actually fond of me and I don't see how my Angeles, or the Grim Reaper would even have anything against anyone who is a fan of mine. None the less, -it probably didn't go over with the Obama administration too well.
       The Obama Administration probably got most of the politicians thinking they are covering up a couple teenage suicides and not a couple assassinations within the first family, -by the President of the United States of America.
       Can't help but wonder how deeply ingrained it is inside the Democratic Party.
       None the less, they probably didn't even get the Demo Party involved because it was probably something set-up through a secrete operation of the FBI or CIA. More likely the FBI unless they whacked the girls when they were on vacation in another county. If so the swap of the replacements could happen anywhere on the way back to the USA.
       (Oups, I heard Obama used the FBI.)

Cash for Kerry got him in deep shit.
       Another thing I've been hearing the most is that John Kerry Cashed in his Chips.
       Apparently I was right about the Iranian's buying him off and that's way his negotiations were not worth a shit.
       I'm pretty sure he's been taking money from the Israel defense contractors we've been funding too.
       For some reason:
I get the feeling they called him Cash and Kerry
       There is no place on Earth Kerry can hide his crooked crimes from my Angles. Let us all hope my Angles can figure out where he stashed all the money.
       Maybe he was thoughtful, -and left the information in a Suicide Note.

Nothing a couple failures I guess:
What do you expect out of 8%ers?

Doctors Without Boarders Understand
They're saying, How could people be so stupid.

When the priority is all about dropping a few bombs.
I don't think is was anything about hitting any mark I think it was like a bunch of truck drivers delivering the goods.
       It didn't matter which condition the goods where because the vehicle was obviously not of of proper standard, like a milk truck without a refrigeration unit and you know some of the milk will go sour sooner.
       Doesn't matter if the beer got stuck in the rail car during a heat spell and the yeast destroyed the beer, -the boss said sell it.

400 days and out of court.
       However, there was a settlement of admitting guilt of nothing.

       $5 Million less a lengthy trial.
       Of course they edited the video of Van Dyke's barbaric hunting trip. Van Dyke was out to shoot a man down because the law said he had the right too, just as long as he says he feared for his life.
       You can bet a video of such an event will get edited when the cops have possession of it in the first place.
       It's like a two way street and a the cops can make it a one street at their own discretion, so what good is it when you are not likely to receive the benefits of the video equipment you paid for in the first place?
       I bet half the time the equipment sends it all up to a cloud server they pay whole heartedly for by the year, -and that is where it is sold to the highest bidder, -by the very people who sold the tax payers the video equipment.
       I seriously doubt Van Dyke will ask for a jury trial, because the judge will claim that Murder One won't fly since he didn't make preparations and plan to do it in advance of the incident.
       One last word about it Van Dyke:
don't worry about the judge, my friend is the Grim Reaper,and I'll be the first to say that Von Dyke didn't get away with it his days are numbered and he'll get plenty of them.

To be Thankful for:
Please be thankful for the Men of Dash

Those guys give me hope of mankind
Knowing Right from Wrong
Good from Evil

No one needs to tell them what to do,
they already know.

Yesterday's post
was a hard act to fallow
Rule Numbers- 20, 21, 35

Un-top-able, I might add.
Almost left it alone for an extra day because it's clear to me, that I'm just waisting your time with some junk today.

November 27, 2015:
       Congrats to Jeff Gordon for his 797 races
       It's a cool looking number to hang it up on. .
       I remember the day when there were a few who thought he was a little too young to be sitting amongst the competition.
       Obviously that isn't the case today .
       The amount of money that is tied up into these cars, and they are entrusted with these young men's abilities, (as to not to wreck them,) still amazes me.

I wonder if anyone ever takes the time,
to watch a major network national news broadcast transmitted over the airwaves, at the same time as the cable network provided one.

       I'm willing to bet there is some kind of difference, at least around here. But then again you have to consider they send the West Coast an earlier recorded, so called, "Western Addition."
       It Pisses me off when pull things off like this morning with that Nora whore. They introduce the story as if it is happening currently with an old lady training in a boxing gym or something. Heck that old lady could have been dead and gone two years ago.
       Why in Hell do they have to dig up old stories for several years ago and resell them as if they are present day.
       It's because they are unable to show us, or just me the news they don't want us to see.
       I'm wondering if they are holding back the news about Cash-N-Kerry from the broad cast over the airwaves, or the inter west coast.
       No telling what they are hiding from me, none the less, I'm willing to bet that they will get what's coming to them.
       I bet they got so much weird shit going down, the last thing they want is to have me knowing about it .

Going to be Styling:
Did my Black Friday Shopping

Got both a 4/3 and a 3/2
Hopefully, right before Christmas,
or the next big sale, I'll pick up a 2/2

       Anyhow, I figure I'm past about the worst fear a surfer can have, (other than being out of boards,) none the less, the fear of freezing your ass off is something that makes the whole getting into the water a bit difficult and uninviting. It's because you know just how you are going to feel in that old leaky worn out suit. (Kinna makes for a real short session sometimes.)
       Oh, by the way, -my new 3/2 is going to be pozzen because of the accent colors on the sleeves and it will make me look more color coordinated with boards.
       Should make me look like I'm some kind of Pro Surfer or something.
       Hopefully I won't look to scary, -like a Wanna Be Pro Surfer because when I see others paddle up to me in colored suits, -I get a little agitated and wonder if they are one of those wanna be surfers I can't stand so much.

Lockheed Martin must have funeral planners on retainer by now:
Rule Numbers- 12, 20, 22, 33 & 44

The further you go, the more you find.
Evil War Mongers that is.

November 28, 2015:
       It's the two words I heard the most today
       They must be having a hay day with making bombs Missiles, tanks and planes for the sole purpose of killing people.
       I bet they ramped up production on anything they can release on our own streets if they could.
       I'm sure anything they think the police can use will indeed be sold after these frivolous killings we've had.
       You actually have to laugh at all the fuss over only 130 plain day ordinary 8% brain capacity or less people, when the real sin is that it take you all less than two days to kill more of the smart people, -because you are selective breading stupid people patent laws.
       No way in hell anyone will put the fact that your own stupidity is the problem, not guns.

Obama is talking Gun control again
Don't see the point in it when you are in the business of handing over weapons to terrorist.
       If you flood the world with weapons and then you take the weapons from your own people, your people will end up fearing those weapons Obama gives away. Those weapons will come back and will be used to kill your own people because your own people won't have the guns to protect themselves.
       It's obvious Obama feels putting guns in the hands of more cops will protect us. (When half the time it's the cops we have to fear)
       I call it shit for brains and a true sign of no common sense.

Saw an old rehashed video of the Obama girls today:
It was a clip from a couple years ago of
Barack and the two were shopping in a book store:

Of course the media lead us on to believe it was present day when it was not.

Wondering if Ford Motor Company has a funeral planner on Retainer
     I bet they have learned a few things from Lockheed Martin's ethics of dirty business.
     Like I said, once my Angeles get into it,
the corruption must go pretty deep.

November 29th, 2015:
       Like I said, "Heads are going to Roll."
       I would think all those head rolling would produce a mighty fine national TV news report. But that isn't going to happen is it?
       Read about it here, only at

Jordan sure would like $3 Billion for their refugee camps

And did I hear Carson say it was a solution?
But the US would rather give them $3 Billion in Military aid as it does with Israel.
       I must say there is something to it when they say their doors are open to Refugees, but no one is showing up and they are not even full to capacity.
       I take it they can't provide reasonable conditions because of the lack of money.
       Any refugee camp should never be considered as a solution, only temporary.

I gotta suggestion:

Why doesn't Carley Feauweinie,
just produce her 3 Page Tax Plan?

I'd like to see it!
       Heck I type out more than three pages any week of the year
       I've been hearing about her Three Page Tax Plan for several months now, so she should just cough it up.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week

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Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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Moo Lah
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If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

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His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of Justifying War.

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Stupid Rule No. 42

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

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Burning Down the House

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Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.


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Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

Cherry Bomb

Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

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