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The replacement of the Obama girls on Turkey day

The Obama Girls are Fakes
Is Cash-N-Kerry, in Green-screen?

Stupid Rules - 9, 10, 12, 42
The new Malia should have gotten a nose job.

What was Kerry looking at in clip that was never before fudged into the current one in Paris?

December 2nd, 2015:
I had heard Kerry had gone over there, but they never showed him.
       And that clip at the Table sitting next to Obama just didn't look right, as to what ever Kerry was doing.

The New Nose for Malia Obama

Besides just comparing noses, check out the ears in separate windows of the larger images of the first and third image. Also the real Malia had thinker and and a more forward hair line.

Malia Obama

I wouldn't doubt they began looking for look-alike stand-ins a long time before they knocked the two girls off.

the original Obama Girls

Tomorrow (Dec.2.15) should prove to be interesting:
I just may prove myself wrong, (for the time being.) I may find out Commissioner Donald F. Armento is still alive and whether or not he is up to robbing a Sentinel again.

And you have to wonder if a Cop will place the value of his life at less than $310.oo
       Oh yeah, I should mention, that my little trip to jail a couple weeks ago was pretty much directly related to the day this citation was written, when the slandered me in front of a news reporter's video camera.
       I'm sure that JW reporter guy got the librarians and even the cops thinking I was a child molester who would go into the library and make a few copies of the claim form for the slander the Carlsbad cops did with their complaint forms in hand.

Commissioner Armento was still alive
Two no shows on the cops
Rule Numbers- 3, 4, 8, 9, 24, 65 & 86

December 2nd, 2015:
And hear I've been wondering and still wondering of which two officers from which end of the whole ordeal killed themselves?
       To be honest, I don't really care to know for sure; I'd just rather not see any of them ever again so I won't have to know.
       Can you believe, out of two cops signing on to it, neither one showed up?
       We all know Armento realized he would have to dismiss the case, but he still choose to ask me if I'd smoked in a park.
       He must have been hoping I'd self incriminate myself.
       Anyhow, somehow, out of what I said about the result of the cops slander that day, he thought I was saying that he was going to throw me in jail. (I know, I couldn't understand how he got that out of what I told him.) I told him that I had already been to jail as a result of the slander they committed on that day on June 28th, 2015.
       I said I have only three weeks left before I have to file a claim over it and I realize I could go to jail over that because they will retaliate.
       Anyway, after the Commissioner said he wasn't throwing me in jail, I said, "it doesn't really mater. They're Evil, and Evil just finds me, that's just the way it is."
       That's when he dismissed the case.

It's getting like reading a local news paper in Geelong Australia, right here in San Diego.
Just about every paper had a story about some guy with a knife was robbing or just terrorizing someone
Just a true sign of what is to come when people don't have any guns to protect themselves.
       My question is how many people actually went to work in the building in San Bernardino.
       And the only one in there was one armed guard?
       They got a name for it now days.
       They call it being a Green Target. I call it a Sitting Duck.
       8%ers, what do you expect, -other than more cops to protect you all from your own stupidity?
       And you can also expect the News Media will capitalize on it.
       It's drama, live on TV and you can expect to see more examples of the barbaric stupidity in the near future because of it.
       There is no amount of cops that can protect you from it and there are no gun laws to protect you from it either.

The first on Obama's list of three things we must have to prevent a shooting like in San Bernardino:
Rule Numbers-

Common sense was the first on his list and gun laws and background checks was second and third, respectfully.
Without the Common Sense , the other two really doesn't mater when you are giving the weapons away in other countries and it won't take much to bounce them back to the USA if they had to.
       With the Patent laws Obama has provided you with, you all kill off more than a dozen private inventors every day so common sense is one thing Obama isn't counting on.
       It's like he's got you set to fail.
       A perfect example of Stupidity

When Kelly Ripa and Michele will start out their TV show talking about a line of dog shit on their floor. I don't think gross is the proper word for it.

Sounds like Commissioner Armento went home and killed himself.
       I'd have to say thank you Angles and Grim Reaper.
       He was one guy I'd rather not see any more.
       And getting rid of those evil cops was another good thing. The World is a better place with out them.
       Wasn't that Nice of them? For working it out so I wouldn't have to hand over $310.oo and we got rid of them once that was handled.

Congrats to Rogers:
       The Birthday boy performed a running Rogers to Rogers Hail Marry of almost 65 yards, winning on the last play.
       They managed to keep Green Bay in the game, from 20 points under.
       One of the better games.

They got their Priorities Wrong:
Rule Numbers- 42

November 4, 2015:
       Fighting Global Warming and Terrorism is meaningless when you are breeding Stupid People
       Heck the human race has lost 75% of it's brain capacity, it will only be concerned with surviving itself.
       As the brain capacity diminishes, the human being will only get more barbaric in nature and animalist extincts will drive there desire to have sex and reproduce.
       The is another problem about the diminish brain capacity and the easing of the ability to brain wash people and as long as you have that problem, you will have terrorist like ISIS.
       If you think you can beat ISIS on 25% of what you were designed for, you are wrong because there will only discover that someone else came up with the idea that they can be another ISIS.
Some Morons think:
-Gun Laws must be the solution

It would only make the guns we give to Iraqi soldiers more valuable on the black market, same goes for the ones we hand over to the Syrians and the Libyans.
       They would be walking off the battle field with the weapons and putting them on the next ship to the USA
       I wouldn't doubt that is happening but the guns are being shipped of to other terrorist groups in Africa.
       Get it folk? The USA is the supplier of the weapons for terrorist.
       Taking the guns rights away from the American people would be putting terrorist right smack dab in the USA and they would get their weapons from the people the USA gave them to.
       Pretty stupid don't you think?

What would I do to fight terrorism?
I'd change the Patent laws
and I would make up a voluntary army to fight ISIS

I would hope I could get people already trained in our military and leave the Syrian, Libyan and Iraqi solders out.
I figure I would easily get 10,000-20,000 on the ground solders in each of the three countries.
       And you could probably almost double that by the support staff on ships and at airports.
       What I would hate to see repeated is the problem with oil wells, because of the disaster Sodom created with the ones in Kuwait, which I think is even worse that killing a bunch of people on earth.
       Sorry to say that I happen to think people are more disposable than the planet they need to live on. What China is doing to its own people is fueled by nothing but evil, greed and stupidity.
       Every time I see the place on TV, I wonder what kind of life expectancy you can get out of a person living those condition. They'll go from a producing society to one that is disabled do to medical health issues. The older dying will become the burden of all the younger worker bees.
       If the people can't keep care of the planet, they can't survive anyway, I figure why ruin it for the spirits that live here without harming it at all?
      They are watching over us while we make barbaric fools out of our selfs while we destroy their home.

They're calling it the 9.9
Rule Numbers- 49, 55, 75

It was my first wave of the day.
It started out as one of those lesser pitched waves.

December 5, 2015:
       Once I saw what I hand just caught I knew I had to keep the energy flowing and I would have to generate it because it was one of those big wide ones but at least this one had enough pitch to it and I thought to myself, let's take up as much of that space as I can and I started out with a progressive fish tail that elevated to more vertical moves to slow things down and not out run the wave while the wave lifted up.
       I ended up bitch slapping the lip every time I pulled my board up under the lip at the top. It so intense I found myself in front of a glassy hollow tube. Then it looked like it was going to drop a section and I found myself, "standing on top of the wave." (That's what they've been calling.)
       Somehow I make my mind up that I was going to drop my nose in and make a large bottom turn around the section as it fell. I made it and found myself squatting down for another attempt a another tube before it finally closed out
       It was by far one of the better waves I've gotten in the past couple weeks and a good example of my handy work. Some seem to think it looked a little like Andy Iron's style of surfing.
       I was kind of lucky towards the end of my session when I found myself picking up a few lefts that left me up stream and I didn't have to do so much paddling for them the next waves.
       It appears most of the sand bars are washed out because there are a lot of rocks exposed and nothing wants to work during the higher tides.
(Not a very good time to surf for the inexperienced.)

Sound like the Grim Reaper got the cops on the other end, -in Encinitus too.
Kinna funny how that town could have made a shit load of money off me.
       A year later, all they got out of the lies of me is a few dead cops.
       I guess it's not all bad, right?

Sounds like:
My Sister Cashed In her Chips
Rule Numbers- 9 & 49

Guess she was not an impersonator I had on the phone
       Calling her own brother crazy was expected. Knowing that, certainly she was going to lie about everything.
       Almost made it to that big 57.
       I seriously doubt the Grim Reaper had anything to do with it and if he did, there must have been a good reason.
       Fame is what did her in.
       If I'm half as popular up there in Tacoma as down here, she probably couldn't go anywhere where people knew her without them talking about her behind her back.
       If you are not accustomed to being famous, that kind of stuff can get too a person and if it's all bad stuff about you, well it doen't take much....

As for the US sponsored killings:
109 Palestinians
17 Israelis
1 American
1 Eritrean

December 5, 2015:
Just since October 1st in the West Bank and Isreal
The US gives them $3 Billion every year,
-they gotta do something with it

       Give it a couple years from now, they will do some more killing in the Gaza Strip
       Rule Number 4
       And oh that money John Kerry gave to the Palestinians a couple years ago after we sponsored the killings in the Gaza Strip; ($200 Million has been said, but I think I wrote about at least twice that when it was happening,) according to Rand Paul's book, Hamas, the terrorist organization there got $47 million of it.

Heard they are taking odds in Vegas,
on Slater killing himself

They give him a year
I bet the pay offs are not the same

December 6th, 2015:
       But them I also heard that it's too late.
       I myself think that it's just a rumor, but I'm sure he doesn't have many friends about now.
       I bet no one want's him in their contest and I see that FCS, which I thought Slater even owns part of, -didn't even use his name on their new broacher.
       That's pretty bad.
       Had to hire a few Hollywood folks to show up at his Clothing-line opening.
       Bit spendy if you ask me.
       Need I mention the parted ways of Quicksilver?
       Yeah, me too. We're sitting around giggling, -wondering when Channel Islands will cut ties with his name even though Slater invested $13 million into the company.
       I'm wondering if they're offering any odds on that?

According to the Golfing community:
I own the patent rights to
the Fish-tail and the Bitch Slap

Wonder how many lawyers do I need to get any money out of those?
       Well, I don't know, -the Fish-tail is something I probably stole from some one else.
       However, from what I hear, my Progressive Fish-tail maneuver, isn't exactly the easiest trick to steal, but I'm sure the Bitch Slap Patent idea would be a total waste of money.   I bet there are people out there stealing that thing left and right.
       If I had just a nickel from every one who wants to use it,    --I'd be Rich.

Stupid Rule Numbers - 4, 10, 29 & 42
Hillary Paid Trump to say it

I'm sure he has said it before
I said that the big whole in it is that you have to take people word on it and they will just lie.

December 8th, 2015:
       Remember, I mentioned my friend dabbles in a few religions and you never know when he might pick up another one.
       However, I'm guessing that this time, Hillary not only Paid Trump to Say it, the bitch paid the media to fuss over it.
       From my point of view, I think it is all just plain reckless, but I guess 8%ers just don't get that.

    Oh ho, burning even more

Gotta admit, some one is pretty good a snowing the San Diego City Counsel
Rule Number 19:
They got those gullible suckers to believe that a Body camera is worth $3,000.oo each.
       I wonder how much those fools are paying for Cloud Storage.
(I may have wrote that out before, a long time ago.)
       Wonder what happens to one when you drop them?
       They're pretty ridiculous anyway because most of the times the cameras are shaken to much and you can bet once they are trained to turn them one, someone else with train them how to keep them shaking.
       By third grade, they will master it.

On the First day of Hanukkah, the waves were big and I got rolled with my round tail.
       My hip managed to pound a dent in the bottom of it and one of the fallowing ride put a cress through it.
       When everyone was going south,
       I was going north.

       Not for the advantage of less crowd factor, but the chicken factor, -looking for the small wave because my Quad is a bit squirrelly in big ones and the Stoneman would just make it a bitch to get out.
       Got a nice right, today but I'm not sure if I blew it or it was going to close anyway.
    It was so hollow and so fast that trying to put on the brakes didn't do anything other than climb higher on the face.
       As a result of the lack of brakes, I made an attempt to do a but of fish tail to see if I could slow myself down for the tube that was behind me, -but instead the rail just hooked up a brought me right up to lip instead of letting me down for the tube. (I think it close anyway.)

Charlie Sheen is just flat out lucky.
       He's lucky that didn't pull that crap in another state because he would be sitting in prison.
       One of those guys you can only hope ends up dead.
       Maybe the grim Reaper can read this and get an ok for Good to go after him.
       He should have been taken off the street a long time ago.

And while we are close-

Two questions no one thinks to ask:
What talent agency did Bill Cosby have all those years?
       I'd like to see his Talent agent answer a few questions I have.

I have a Question for Aretha Franklin
Was Speilberg on a big screen or there in person?
       I saw the Speilberg clip at the award show
       You have to admit, they sure make it look like he was there, with the podium and all, -but that's pretty much all he need, -and a green screen of course.
       Boy they sure gave him a lot of reverb.
       (A bit too much in fact.)
       Anyhow, I wonder if when the award show does air, I wonder if it will be over one of the major net works so that I can have a better look at it. None the less, the word on the street is saying that it was green screen.

Top space official slammed a new ground control system for GPS satellites being built by Raytheon Co as
"a disaster"

Air Force spokeswoman Captain Annmarie Annicelli said the Air Force would develop new cost estimates for the troubled GPS Operational Control System, or OCX, to reflect an additional two-year delay in completing its development.
       Yeah burning more money
       Air Force officials earlier this year said the program had an 80.5 percent cost increase, to $1.6 billion, and a two-year delay due to increased cyber security requirements and issues with the contractor's performance.
       Call burning the money on something that doesn't exist. There is no way to kick the tires and see if it's actually worth the money.
       How can people think buy a product before it exist is a good Idea?
       The folks at the Pentagon sure can, with your money.

solar rack on truck cab

For those cloudy days
And it will help keep the cab cooler on sunny days.

December 11th, 2015:
I figure that the only time my truck will need an alternator will be at night.
       Once I get around to fabricating the lower brackets, the whole thing should drop down about half way, about just right for the Tooler and Woody.

Addicted to MyStupidRules?
Sure sounds like it with some people.
Parents are having to deal with complaints:
       As if they can have anything to do with the postings around here.
       Sounds like a few have a dependency.
       This time of year, the sun has a bit of influence about that and we're working to fix that short fall by adding another 5 amps to the 6 we already hand. Cloudy days will cut that in half so....

I've been getting bombarded
           with rumors:

       Some say Kelly Slater killed himself,
others are saying that Speilberg killed himself too.

       Then there is the one about when they are going to tell me.
       But that when has jumped around so much,
we should set a trap for it.
Well, I should do something other than drain my batteries down.
       I'm going to do a few temporary connections to do something about that.

Extra alluminum tanks being disposed of

Looks like someone got a few extra on the contract.
       Wonder how much those tanks cost US?

I bet aircraft grade aluminum.

Bet the guy bought them at auction and he's going to run them through his car crusher.
       December 12, 2015:

Missing the MBM
Rule Number One

I was going to call it being skunked, but the with all those people on the outside, -I couldn't go home with the humiliation.
       Fourth try I finally managed to get out.
       The lack of foam in the nose of this board, the rough bottom, and the lack of the float it had when it was new, makes the round tail not so good at getting back to the top of the surface after the white water anymore. Something the old MBM had all over it, -it paddled well and it was about the right volume for such a board.
       However, I'm sure many will tell you that it wasn't exactly an easy paddle out. It was like a 4 foot long period swell with a 5 foot wind swell, and a long distance to the outside.
       I figure at just the first three attempts to get out I drifted a total of at least mile and a half down the beach.
       Here I'm setting and waiting to find out if I'm going to get one of those $500.oo traffic light camera citations. My license tabs were taking the money from the next two months anyway, but by then winter will be over so, don't think I'm a pussy and chickened out, because I don't need to go out there and brake my only board for waves of any size over head.

Oh, while we're close:

Talking about Chickens,
- Donald Trump that is.

He had second thoughts about going over to Israel
You know, check out how Netanyahu and the Palestinians are working out
       Donld, didn't I make things clear enough that we, Americans pay Netanyahu and company $3 Billion every year to kill off the Palestinians?
       They killed 109 Palestinians and even an American since the first of October, (something you should be aware of.) It made it to Poop already and I would think there may be a problem with hanging out with a few Jews, and then hanging out with a few _______.
       Oh, more than 180 characters.

Isum the word of the year?
Rule Numbers- 42

Perfect word to describe Woopie Golberg

December 15, 2015:
       A good way to describe the brains behind the Superintendent of the Los Angles School District.
       Shit, by then New York had already given him the heads up, but the guy is a pussy and has shit for brains.
       Funny how everyone is on edge and so eager to spend money on more cops, of which half are just criminals with a badge.
       When you all systematically kill more than ten times the amount in smart people every month that goes by than 8%ers who died in Paris and Richland.

The thought of having John Kerry even talk to Mr. V. Putin

Putin just canceled the human rights part of Russia's constitution.
How can Kerry think Putin gives a damn about Assad's human atrocities?
       Just another example of how good of a word Stupid is.

While we're close:

Good thing:
Getting a serial rapist with a badge off the streets.

Wonder how many to the one they got are still out there.
       I bet they've got on in every town.

Not worth my time:
Rule Numbers- 4

Evil People are Stupid with no consciousness.
They a heartless with no regard.

December 16, 2015:
       Like the Firemen here in Oceanside
       They still have no second thoughts of using the cops to harass me .
       Let us not forget that the cops still have no problem with harassing me.
       Many of you heard Cunniff come along yesterday, with another one of those trainees thinking I would like a discussion with him after he robbed me of $400.oo .
       His buddy Sims came by and wrote me up a parking citation today while at least two other citations where less than fifty feet away. I took pictures to prove it, but I really don't see the value in it. However for all you inside my computer, I'll at least run it through a viewer for those of you who are interested. Obviously, photos are time stamped.
       Anyhow, I didn't know if the parking ticket was for tell Cunniff, yesterday that how I was doing was none of his business, or the fact that I couldn't help but notice that there were two fire trucks parked within a hundred yards of my truck may have had something to do with it.
       Well, that whole question of who was responsible for the $58 parking citation was pretty much answered once I went into the Dollar Store tonight. Apparently there was someone listening to the Police radio and from what I gathered was that the Firemen called in and complained about how I parked.
       What I get from it, is that one dead fireman must not be enough.
       And as far as Cunniff goes: I'm told you sure wouldn't want his report card. You've gotta figure he's just so stupid and evil, he's not afraid of his final days before his death coming his way sooner than later. After all, these guys will put the barrel of a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger, (hopefully in a shower.)
       Bet you all are learning about how much of a bunch of dickheads firemen are. Believe me when I saw I have over two decades of experience with them and I've learned that to be true. It's been pointed out to me that they even have their own funny walk. Probably because they keep each other's dick up their ass.

Folks at Lockheed Martin
and Ford are having a good time:

I bet the price of life insurance for them have gone up a few notches.
I'm wondering how many suckers they can find.
       I imagine some of them happen to think they have control of their own destiny.
       Just like Obama: I suppose he thinks he'll get away with what he's done because he is the president of the USA.
       But, do you think it matters to God?
       Rule 88, it's like a big meat grinder, ah the smell of Dead meat.
       I wonder how many of you are familiar with Soylent Green?
       It may not be enough to feed the world, but it's a good start with that many less mouths to feed.

There is something good about Donald Trump:
With all his antics, we almost forgot a few people got killed by a couple more nut cases las week.
No need to fret about them because you can be sure that after all the all the drama the media pulled off on it, you can be sure there will be a few more copy cats in the future.
       But don't worry, we can handle it because we kill off more smart people than Paris and San Bernardino combined every week of the year and no body gives a damn about them because they are just to stupid too.
       Losers. 8%ers, what do you expect?
       That's ok, -did you hear? They've come up with a pill that makes you smart, I saw it on TV.

Caveman Art at

Since we are becoming so Barbaric,
we must look ahead.

The kind of thing Jesus may have thought of doing if he would have known we might regress.
Rule Numbers- 5, 26, 34, 36, 41, 44 & 50

December 18, 2015:
       Sometimes all the explaining just isn't good enough.
       Rule Number Five comes into play .
       None the less, just maybe I can go to the beach without being stocked.
       Only hopeful because I know just how stupid people can be.

Hillary is an Evil Bitch on Surfboard

Rule 50
I thought it might get Hillary hoping and a praying for Bigger waves so I wouldn't have to ride it.

Big mistake thinking Hillary can help anything.
       I have to say, everything that old bitch has said lately has been scripted.
       I haven't seen any coverage of Burny Sanders on TV since I wrote the bit on how stupid he is.
(Which must have been a month ago on Nov.16.15)

My Angles say they are picking up the pace:
They've got the Grim Reaper working double time.

I guess they mean the they've uncovered so many,
they are getting rid of two evil one's per day now.

Like I said before,
the more they look, they more they find.

       I think they've uncovered a bunch of criminals within the FBI too.
       They lie to their hit man about who the subjects are and with nothing other than a cookie in their computer and phone, their own background checks on someone is phoney as a three dollar bill.
       Basically they are brainwashing government hit-man with a flash cookie.
       All it took was a picture or video. And since it's the US Government, its ok. Totally sociably acceptable.

I had to laugh today

A news reporter reported a story about the Pope making consideration for calling Mother Teresa a Saint.
The funny part about it is that the reporter wrote the bit as if Mother Teresa is someone who is still alive.
I sounds like if the Two Stories the Pope has been told, are told good enough to make the Pope believe that she indeed created two miracles, the Pope can label her with the honor of being a Saint.
       Kinna like the Bible: -depending on past events.
       Kinna funky, but it sounds nice and I'm sure the gal deserves any honor anyone can give to her.
       I should mention in present tense, real miraculous events I seem to be able to create. Therefore, maybe I should consider myself for such an honorable Sainthood. That's because I'm faithfully confident the waves usually get better whenever I paddle out.
       I'm a little reluctant to even say such a thing because it's like I'm always one who gets ones of those miraculous waves, but I can say that most of the surfers I surf with will probably tell you that they ended up getting better waves than they thought they would get. That is unless someone tries to steal a wave from me or does something greedy or stupid.
       However, I'll be the first to admit that I have nothing to do with the miraculous waves, because I'm convinced it has more to with Karma and the Spirits that surround us.

I noticed the lack of Obama Daughters when Mr. & Mrs.Obama entered the plane, on the way to the Christmas vacation.
Will they show up on the way in San Bernardino?

       Oh yeah, the new younger daughter has darker skin than the original.
You gotta figure they will end up with a photo-op of then new replacement once they are in Hawaii, but what I think is funny is how they left the big hole when they departed DC.

Call it Reverse Osmosis:
Rule Numbers- 4, 35

Like the Cigar when a child is Born
I have a Cigar for bad cops who commit suicide.

December 19, 2015:
       Kinna like one of those eulogies, come summer, come winter, come spring, come fall, bit.
       The bottom line is they ain't walking this Earth no more.
       End if the road you might say.
       I'll light a Cigar and ponder whether the rumors are true, even if I don't really want to know for sure. I just imagine Peace is all....
       Nothing like having cops come around waving at you and saying, "have a nice day," when you know they've been spreading phoney rumors about you at the same time. Kinna like rubbing it in your face every day if you understand what I'm saying.
       It's like they do it for spite.

Saw part of the Demo Debate:
       Just couldn't make myself listen to any more than I did.

       If Sanders wants to look Presidential,
       he might think about standing up straight.

       But what the heck, he's just an old man flinging his arms around while running off his mouth.
       I noticed that if he miss uses a word, he my not even notice he used the wrong word so he didn't even catch himself. (That made me laugh.)
       Hillary was so amped when she got to use her rebuttal after O'mally . The rest of it resembled the last debate just as if Hillary had been given the questions long before the debate.
       And this O'mally dude: I really don't have any idea of what his track record is all about, therefore it's less likely I can tell if he's lying or not. I guess it would take more than just listening to him run his mouth off one, but really, do you actually think the media will try to elect anyone other than Hillary?
       Yeah, like let her give it her best shot; we all know she won't live to the day to see it. Just let the phoney bitch waste you time and money.
       Everything she said was while practiced and scripted to make her sound like she was old wise lady next door.
       But believe me when I say these old bitches have ulterior motives.
       I know, I've watched enough Gunsmoke and seen what a wicked bitch can do.

And I have to say I was delighted to see the first Festus appearance. The show just wasn't the same without him. him.
       The Jester character Dennis Weaver Played was just too stupid and he only acted smart like McCloud once. I figure Weaver just couldn't get into acting like an idiot. (He as Jester got burned by a girl pretty bad too.) And that other guy playing a half breed just wasn't going to pull off an important part by faking that.
       Now Fetus, theirs a guy who played a hero because he was smarter than most. (He couldn't read or right, but common sense was all he needed.)

Something for those Football Statistics:
Rule Numbers: 9, 11, 20

I bet if you count the times a receiver either drops the ball or misses a catch.
(Where they let it slide through their hands no mater what high tech gloves you give them.)

December 20, 2015:
       This year there has been more than ever.
       It's because the computer in the head of the receiver's are operating at a slower speed more and more, as every year goes by.
       Your selective breeding will prove that even technology of a high tech glove will never match the stats of the receivers of ten and twenty years ago.
       Come on, dig up those stats, watch those films.
       Tell me I'm wrong.

Gotta Laugh at the amount of tourist around Oceanside this December, -compared to other Decembers in the past.
All a person has to do is walk along the Harbor.
       I'm sure the colder weather would certainly hamper the Locals from going out, but this December looks to me as one is slower than ever for the businesses that cater to tourist and I can't see how they can afford to stay open. (Guess they gotta make money to get out of debit in the summer.)
       The whole thing with creepy cops and firemen running around here has probably put a pretty good stench on the place.
       When the people you are suppose to admire, respect and depend on for your safety are out killing themselves, you've gotta wonder about the stuff they don't tell us about.
       With that kind of trouble running around, it's probably more desirable to find some other place to visit, because who in hell wants to become a part of it or even support it for that matter?

I bet Disney ABC knows something that I do

Just comparing news broadcasts.
You know: where Hillary begins to embellish on Trump and ISIS
Disney Chopped it all up, so you wouldn't see how she smiles out of the side of her mouth like I noticed on other networks. It was like the folks at ABC news saw it to and they cut it up and didn't show any of it. (Funny has hell.)
       It's classic old school actually; they played the hell out of it on Gunsmoke and you can bet it would never fooled Festus, nor Dillen, and it sure doesn't fool me.
       (Just bluffing actually, but I bet they did. I just missed those round about way of telling stories like Festus did.)

Looks as though Rivers came up with a new play
I could hear people call it the same thing as I did.
The Boomerang, not to say that the maneuver will be requested anytime soon.
       Fun one to remember anyway. It was nice to see their fans get the winning game they wanted to see so everything closed out on a good note anyway.

The Football Officials heard about me.
They heard I didn't go surfing to day and it left may of the surfers here a little upset becuase they were hoping I'd go surfing and hoping it might help make the waves better.
       Well I slept in; but I have to agree with the Football Officianos when they say, "they must be sponsoring the wrong guys".
       Yeah, around here about a year ago;
       I wonder how many of those same guys knew I was about to glass my surfboard with sabotaged resin?

Good example of Stupidity:
Having an 8%er announce a beauty contest.

It took awhile,
for the "he" to change to "they."
PM Update: Oh, -change that to "God"
Rule Numbers- 4, 9, 14 21

Not to mention, -I kinna tested my faith
I even told them that the waves they were jossiling for were not going to work for them.

December 21st, 2015:
Funny how most of them hustling shut down, because they knew I was probably right.
       The set didn't give up anything other than the wave the guy paddled over and took from me. I couldn't even see the point in racing the guy for position because no mater what would happen, he would be in there somehow and I don't like guys getting in my way.
       Funny how I was bitching and moaning and the wind came up and put a texture on the water as I was reminiscing of the times it had gone sour before.(Kinna eerie, -others saw it too.)
       Anyhow, we all sat there, the ones expecting good waves after mine didn't get any until I had one roll up to me an take me all the way to shore.
       Funnyhow I only saw one kid on the inside get a wave the whole time I paddle all the way back out and it wasn't until after the next wave I caught, (my second,) did anyone else get a wave.
       I began to produce a few waves for us, but not like before, even though it was still glassy.
       I was a little paddled out from all the ones I did get, my mistake was wearing too much rubber, I was cooking the whole time. The temperatures have been really bouncing up and down and from what I've seen, so much of the sand has disappeared, not too many places are even working so it's real crowded where it does.
       In Carlsbad, I saw where we lost about three feet of sand, and I'm talking right at the edge of the bank. (A little scary folks. The Harbor shore lost it's sand to the harbor.)

PM Update:
My Angles were not taking credit for those waves.

     So some of you as well as I,
    -stand to be corrected.

       Yeah never know; God could have been out there surfing with us. Something I'm guessing he doesn't alway have time to do.
       Well I knew something was up because the buoy reports were saying 2 foot at 14 to 15 seconds but once I got out there it looked more like a good three foot. (We get two foot stuff all the time, what was out there -wasn't it.)
       There were a lot of sections going off everywhere and I got two or three long ones, but even the short ones seemed to provide enough power for some pretty slick maneuvers.
       I got a few unreal turns on waves going right and a left were I ripped down the ridge that was pretty radical. Good fun.

Another true sign of Stupidity:
Goes to show you how clever they can make a person look in Hollywood when they can edit anything undesirable out later, and the ability to make several takes can make you look smarter than you are.
So how clever is Steve Harvey when he makes two spelling errors in less than 140 characters?
       Guess the guy hasn't learned how to use the spell check on his phone yet. A little slow I guess, when you've got everyone else doing your work for you.
       Ah, he's a shit head. Can't stand his antics. Thinks he's a smart ass, and that gets old pretty quick.

Nothing like not having to work or pay the rent:
Talking about the gal in Vegas,
   -mowing people down with her car.

Bet she gets some free room and board.

solar panels on truck cab

For a rainy day Extra 80 watts

December 22nd filing in Oceanside  CA for June 25 street fair and June 28th 2015 bridge to peir incident

> 1/2 a Billion Dollars in Claims,
in North Country San Diego alone.
Rule Numbers- 15 & 29

Got two more Claims to file yet.
With those and the 2 claims in Morro Bay,
-I'm good for well over a Billion Dollars in claims.

December 22, 2015:
       And get this: I seriously doubt they will have any of the cops to testify against the claims.
       I'd say that sitting pretty good actually, but I've got to admit, cutting it close like I did got a little scary once I got to thinking a bout it.
       One claim filed today was for the June 25 street fair incident with the ODPD and the regular cops. The other was for the Smoking citation incident and I should mention that the cops didn't exactly make it to court last month for it.

Like what is all the fuss about?

       Like I'm suppose to congratulate Space-X for doing a simpler version of what NASA and the US Government claims to have done 36 years ago on the Moon with the Lunar Module.
       The Lunar Module had to be more difficult to balance than the rocket Space-X has had problems with. (Like comparing a soccer-ball to a broom stick,) and doing it right here on Earth
       Wouldn't it have been a lot cheaper, just to ask how they did it on the Moon?
       But of course the Lunar module never landed on the Moon now did it?.
       Anyhow, Space-X is obviously utilizing a better method to get into Space, -over Richard Branson's Virgin plane type thing.
       Branson's method can only do touristic type trip into the lower elevations as Space_X's method has potential to go further, even though I think there is someone who has already gone further into Space than Space-X .
       I know, I'm going to get lazy on this one.

And on that Pageant deal with Steve Harvey:

       I can see where even a producer or director could have flipped things around, something I don't think Steve ever got any coverage to explain what happened, but I have a hunch.
Anyway it's something any human could have done.

   The real stupid part about it was the use of Tweeter.
   Harvey should have put more thought into it and did some explaining if there was something someone else did that threw him off and it should not have been done with less than 140 characters. That was being a Moron.

Caveman Art at

Good Advice

Wonder if a Million Bucks for the last fifteen years were worth it?
Rule Numbers- 15 & 29

There must have been some kind of a pay off
I guess it was being able to pretend to be a rich person, even if it wasn't going to be for ever.
       It must have been worth the sacrifice for the time she should not have missed out.

December 23, 2015:
      Talking about my sister Donna,
      who would have made it to 57 today.

     I don't think it's proper to say anything like
     Happy Birthday.

   Guess you reap what you sew.
   Oh well, I hope it was worth it.

December 22nd filing in Oceanside  CA for June 25 street fair and June 28th 2015 bridge to peir incident

Doubting the Billion Dollars in Claims?
      Gotta figure that if I sell $26 Million in motel rooms every year.
       Then you gotta figure they still have to go to a souvenir shop, hamburger joint, or restaurant.

       With that in mind you've got to figure another 50-100% to the $26 million in rooms I sale.

       Therefore anyone can understand that out of the $10 Billion in tourist dollars San Diego hospitality industries survive on, I create my own piece and I don't see anyone thinking that the people who persecuted me should be able to profit from me at the same time.
       All I have to do is convince a jury that I'm taking back what I was creating for them all along. I should not be forced to compensate the same people who inflict harm upon me. People who do harm to anyone should not be able to profit from their victim.
       You have to figure they've profited a Quarter of a Billion Dollars off me in the last five years.
       Since the've made the money while performing the criminal acts against me, anti-trust laws do apply, therefore the damage amounts would be tripled.
       Then we can think about the five years prior and wonder if they will make me sit here for the years to come. They keep me so broke, I can't afford to leave or even protect myself from their crimes.
       Oh yeah,
       America was never Great,
       -it was just Better in the past.

I'm willing to bet:
The producer switched the format on Harvey
Steve got a gag order and has to take the blame.
       Yeah, I know,
       -if that isn't being a Hollywood Whore,
       I don't know what it is.

Did a blend of Old School
with New High Tech:

No three way wiring needed with LED Lighting with the Old Fashioned Basement and Attic pull cord.
Got a light switch just about anywhere I'm at in my cage.
Sometimes the simple way is the best the best way. -I like it.

Guess the word is out.

You know, the address to my beach bungalow at 2505 Ocean Street, Carlsbad CA.
Right next to my beach side party house/jam shack and right across the street from my Theater and Beach side Resort.

Figure I'll run my own private resort and it will give me a place to live while I rebuild the Jam Shack in Oceanside.
       Gotta theater there already too.
       Figure I might provide my employees with an cheap getaway for their vacations. You know, surf camps for the kids and all.
       I figure I'll plant a few of my wave generators out front and it should be pretty good for picking up some of that North Swell that doesn't quit hit the pier in Oceanside.

Oh should I mention?

The address to my theater in Carlsbad will be: 2611 Carlsbad blvd.
Just telling yah:
Thought you might want to check the places out.
       Probably gotta big ass pool with a Play-field across the street and a Hockey Rink just up the street.
       I figure about two or three months out of the year, I'll hook-up a refrigeration unit and make some Ice for it. If I put a cover with solar panels over it I'd probably keep the Ice around six months out of the year. In the summer months I'll use the power for the summer months for the cooling of the other buildings.

Time to Create another Web-page:
Rule Numbers- 7, 8, 11, 14

The Bungalow, or should it be the Resort.
Maybe call it Sunnyside's Last Resort

December 24th, 2015:
       Wondering about what I'll do to it?
       Well, I'm going to try to make it look as though something is going on there. In other words, I'm going to see if I can make it profitable enough to sustain itself.

First off, trying to segregate it the best I can.
Once I get a better handle on the layout, I'll try to portion it into three portions. 20-25% for Adults only, 25-35% for family living, and 40-60% for primarily minors only. (Except for conventions, during in school seasonal times.)
Sometimes families need vacations, but sometimes parents need vacations from there children during their vacation and I want the resort to be a place where Parents will want to drop off their teenagers where they can stay in dormitories and the parents may check in a high end Hotel just up the road somewhere. Maybe the parents will want a couple days away from the kids and run down to Mexico without them.

There will be a 24 hour commissary
available so the kids can get their meals every day.
With special events to provide everything a kid needs in one place with Security and medical staff on hand, it should be a good place to drop off the kids.
       Some people will want to stay and participate with their kids activity , as well as cook for them so some school rooms will be converted into family oriented living facilities .

The Theater is probably not a Theater:
       It's probably more of a convention hall with a stage at one end
       So I'll rent out the place for conventions.
       And same goes the Chapel for weddings .
       I figure someday I'll build a restaurant/night club across the street from the Bungalow, high enough to over look it.
       I haven't seen the reception hall that is between the chapel and my bungalow yet, but I imagine I'll make it my own private club for band practice and stuff. Who knows, maybe I'll rent it out for private parties too?

I figure it's missing a skateboard park:
I'll find a spot to build a traditional skate park
       But I also want to build a modular type with a foam block pit so kids and set-up special ramp configurations for learning new tricks safely.

People within the footfall officialiano's are calling it,
"the Youth Hostel for kids."

Even Mexico stands to make hundreds of Millions in the next decade from it.
       There saying that it's worth about $1 Billion Dollars to the country in the next decade.
       Pretty Funny Hah?

A word to the wise:
For those who's Christmas didn't turn out so Grand:
Good advice from the successful:
       "We always got what we needed because we new we could alway get what we wanted later."
       Yah never know, -that could be part of the plan.
       Marry Christmas

Christmas ran a day late:
Rule Numbers- 4, 9

Offshore winds over night blew the stormy waves into small clean lines.
They were running about chest high with a good wedge in there sometimes.

December 26, 2015:
       Let me express the word, "sometimes," because for the most part,, when I got out there, it was packed, all in one place and everyone was sitting around for the next set.
       None the less, it picked up and kept most of us pretty busy and for me almost turned out to be a three hour session.

Got to get some pictures, I guess.
Figured I'd let this windy weather blow over, and I should say that Google can probably give you about as good of an idea about the place because it is already set up with security fencing in mind.
       None the less, one can imagine that it's pretty much turn key for what I'd like to turn it into. The infrastructure is there, all a person has do do is come up with the right people to staff it.
       Everyone is saying that they like the idea and would rather it become my Resort than anything else.
       I'm sure that it's because it's a real good way of re-purposing something into the private sector, but it more or less will remain to do what it was built for.
       It would be difficult to figure out what a developer would put into the place, but for the local as well as the visitors, it something you are not nessisarly see a developer put in because they happen to think they know where the money is.
       Certainly a place you wouldn't want Donald trumps getting his hands on. You could get a place with a big whole in the ground.

Sunnyside's Last Resort

A Sad Beginning:
Rule Numbers- 16

Another year of Breeding Stupid People
2016 marks 10 years of MSR telling you so.

December 31, 2015:
       Two decades of dumbing the USA
       Yeah have to laugh at the fact that the people in Brussels and Paris can't even pull off a New Years celebration because after 65 Years of breeding stupid people, they realize all the Police and technology that they have, just don't make them safe enough from the stupidity that have created for themselves .
       It's kinna wild animals, sorta like a race of critters that will eat their own young.
      Just think: it was 15 years ago I was going around Las Angeles with Fliers with 2500 words and the back half was telling people just how you are all breeding stupid people.


We've made it to the day when the barbaric animals are even killing themselves.
It's that kinna the same thing?

Nah, it's just God cleaning house, because we must get rid of the undesirables
       Sounds like they got Charles Gould. (V.P. at Myril Lynch) One of those rich stock brokers with their own private jets and big houses in Sun Valley. (And held an office in Tacoma Washington.)
       I still don't know how he got my aunt involved, but I guess he found out that my aunt Rosemarry Pace was ahead of him and had already filed for a patent on my truck. I bet Charlie's partners at Ford got it listed as top secret with one of their buddies at the Pentagon so it won't get found in a patent search. So their is either a inside connection to either the patent office or the Pentagon. I figure, since Charlie had been a helicopter pilot in the Military, one of his buddies may have ended up at the Pentagon
       I don't understand if he actually killed himself yet, but I'm pretty sure his friends have.
       I figure Charlie on insider trading.
       I figure God, Jesus and the Grim Reaper would like to see him sweat it out for awhile because just him killing himself would be too easy on him.
       From what I hear, his buddies at Ford are dropping left and right; certainly something we are not about to see on the news.
       Oh yeah:
       I bet if someone looked into it, I bet Charlie also knew someone down at the FDA, cause he knew of a drug that the FDA was about to approve so he bought up a bunch of stock in the company and made a Million Dollars in one day. I learned about it because I knew a musician who's wife worked in his office. She told me about the party he threw for the people in the office over it.
       Who know? Maybe they got him on that?
       I think I wrote about it on this website, way back when we were bailing out Myril lynch.

But you know how it is:
    Rich people, just like Bill Cosby, just post bail.
       Cosby with his future illnesses, will get all kinds of extensions, and appeals, -he'll probably die of "Natural Causes," before they ever seeing any jail time.
       But Charlie is going to learn what Fame can do to a person.
       Who know what will ever happen happen to my aunt who I figure Charlie bought the patent from. (He was probably told before I even should up for our meeting, that it had been stolen by my aunt, unless I was able to contest it.)
       In that case, if it wasn't for the ability to keep it top secret with his buddie at the Pentagon, I would have had a contract on my head by either my own aunt, or anyone she took it to. Who know, she could have taken it to Ford at the same time, but I think she was looking for a middle man, someone with a bunch of money, -just to take it off her hands, and Charlie's two hatchet boys who he had working for him probably investigated my whole family and probably arranged a bug on my phone, as well as the rest of the family.
       I figure he played my aunt, to get her to play with the minds of my own family.
       I'm sure she was telling them of mental illness behaviors and blaming drug use for such change, but after Charlie heard me talking about a customer's past experience with a child molester working for them in a conversation over my phone, Charlie decided to use such rumors on me. Since the rumor started over night, I figure the neighbors were already had them working for him at the time so they must have known it was a lie. (The Bennet's I think they were. Got pictures of them already, getting pay offs from the City too.)
       You know: the statute of limitations bit.
       Well, I don't think, God, Jesus, or the Grim Reaper -gives a shit about statute of limitations

Hanks faking it for speilberg cut into a Durabunt photo.

I'm sure if I looked, I'd find:
Dec. 2015 was part of recent movie bit on CBS News:
A photo of Frank Durabount on the movie set of Shawshank Redemption, or most likely the Green Mile:
       Because Tom Hanks was in that film
       See, there just isn't any shadow under the hat they pasted on Frank's body. (Maybe it's an old picture and they just switched the face with a more current. Most likely, I'd say.) But something just tells me I saw this same photo before and it was with Frank Durabount and Hanks looks as though he's the proper age for that.
       I figure they may have flipped the photo, but the question that is left to me is that I'm left wondering if they pasted a new head on the crew member because I wonder if anyone recognizes him?
       (But don't they look pasted too? And I happen to think the picture of Tom looks too young, -yet.)

Another thing that paned out just as I thought:
The only images of the president's daughters were still photos:
A real EZ cut and past from anyone, -anywhere.

Oh, on these Mr. Rice killers,
-in Cleavland:

Pretty bad when the high court assigned to decide,
if any charges would be filed, or indited as they may say::::

Would only listen to statements from the Officers.
       I'm telling you that they decided without even asking any questions!
       Does that smell funny?
       This is some kind of High Court alright.
       Gee, when I was a kid, cops were smart enough to where we could run around playing Cowboy and Indians with real looking cap-guns. They popped and smoked and smelled of gun power.
       We never thought, or even had to worry,
           -that it could get us killed.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

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