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The replacement of the Obama girls on Turkey day

The Obama Girls are Fakes
Is Cash-N-Kerry, in Green-screen?

Stupid Rules - 9, 10, 12, 42
The new Malia should have gotten a nose job.

What was Kerry looking at in clip that was never before fudged into the current one in Paris?

December 2nd, 2015:
I had heard Kerry had gone over there, but they never showed him.
       And that clip at the Table sitting next to Obama just didn't look right, as to what ever Kerry was doing.

The New Nose for Malia Obama

Besides just comparing noses, check out the ears in separate windows of the larger images of the first and third image. Also the real Malia had thinker and and a more forward hair line.

Malia Obama

I wouldn't doubt they began looking for look-alike stand-ins a long time before they knocked the two girls off.

the original Obama Girls

Anyone see it for what it is?:
Rule Numbers- 26

The Pentagon has got less Payroll to meet?
Sure hope Charlie knows about it, don't you?

January 1, 2016:
       Wonder how the Myril Lynch stock is going to do next week?
       Wonder how many other inventors have been taken to the cleaners by Charlie's buddies at the Pentagon with their hiding a patent scheme?
       Wonder how many phones they have taped? Or should I say surveillance?
       Wonder what kind of shit hit the fan when someone discovers an invention owned by different parties in different countries?
       Wonder how many people have paid patent maintenance fees on patents that technically should have never been granted in other countries that granted patents on inventions that already had patents granted on them in the US but were hidden?
       Wonder if anyone realizes the harm their hiding the patent scheme actually did to the whole patent industry, especially inventions manufactured for military and Used by the military?
       Are you one of those people who wonder how other countries can even honor any patent that has a parent patent in the USA? (Especially a military one.)
       I know, too many Questions.

Rule #35:

Have had my mind set on a new invention:
I've been thinking about firing up the ol sketching pencil.
       I became inspired by the thought of how I could help out my buddy th(e Grim Reaper. I figure that if I could come up with a machine to streamline the process of getting rid of the bad one.
       I've got this design in mind for an automated guillotine.
       Figure that it could end up rolling the head right into the same box as the body slicker than shit on a slippery banana.
       Could have conveyor rollers one can lower their body onto should be set a mild grade, the body would roll down head first into a funnel guide to where the slot would stop it by hitting the shoulders. I figure going with two or three sections of conveyor belts would probably be better, especially if you want it to go up hill and or line up several bodies in a row.
      Yah need to have a little gang plank that sticks out past the gap where the blade comes down just to hold the head up right and it may need a hinge incorporated into it to operate a couple micro switches if the plan is to go fully automated.
       Then under that, you put a catch basin that looks like a modern day children's slide.
       The real trick part about it is how the roller bed under the remaining body tilts up to the side with the use of a hydraulic actuator. (Helpful Hint: You could also use a screw actuator, if you want to get around a patent on it and steal it from me.) .
       From there you just run a ramp into the back of you Coffin or pick-up truck. (I suggest a special dumpster with a drain in the bottom for the buckets of blood that would run down into it. (But oups, I prefer to keep that secret to me and my buddies.)
       As for the Blade: we know it is a big ass heavy one. It's designed to make a bunch of noise coming down the tracks for a more dramatic effect. All it takes to do that modification is bang we'll the hell out of the tracks with a sludge hammer so it bounces around and almost hangs up as it drops down through the tracks.
       You would think I was real thoughtful when you learn how I incorporated a hydraulic actuator into the system to not only lift the heavy blade to the top again, but I also designed an automatic release of the blade for once it reaches to very top. You get two functions with one leaver, (or switch if you go with solenoid valves.)
       So when it's all said and done, it would only take the manipulation of two levers or switches to get the job done. But really folks, it really isn't difficult to go fully automatic and all you wold have to do is lay a body down on the roller table and the machine would do the rest. (All you have to do is put a couple switched under the gang plank for the head: one switch to stop the conveyor belt and another switch to start the second cycle, moving the blade upwards to release the blade.)
       Of course a couple switches or sensors could be triggered by the blade reaching the bottom so the hydraulic ram can fetch the blade and activate the cycle of the sideways tilting platform to unload the body. A stop switch located at the upper end of the tracks to be activated by the blade just before reaching the top. (Rule #12 you get the rest. )
       Aren't I so Clever? There has got to be a market for it. Save a bunch of money in a long run.

Oh yeah: 600 bombs to take back that town in Iraq.
       If they cost as much as a hell fire missile, it cost you all $40,200,000.oo
       But really, after that many bombs, there wasn't much left of the town to take back.

Ford has less Pay-roll to meet.
Rule Numbers- 26 & 86

Meryl Lynch stock is taking a dump too?
Surfers maybe learning.

January 4th, 2016:
       I hear the body count is at 120 and I'm wondering if I heard it right that its just the people at Ford alone.
       Yah gotta figure that everyone working on them knew it was my invention and they worked under top secrete gag order, -but really didn't care they were taking someone's good invention and turning it into a killing machine. For profit of course and that is what we call evil and greed.

Sounds like Charlie was a light-weight,
-and cashed in his chips too.

Maybe my Automatic Guillotine got put to work?
Who knows?

Did you register to Vote?
Check out Rand Paul
-On the CBS Late Show Wednesday night.

You should help him out with the Primaries.

It would provide him with more funds to bet the other guys
       We'll let God hold a knife to his throat.
       Believe me when I say that he is the only one who is actually capable making it to the White House.
       Jerry Seinfeld will be on too, -that is if you give a shit about him. He's a dirt bag who likes to hang out with Obama if you didn't know.
       Oh yeah: I think I heard about what Hillary Clinton said of me.
       That's ok, she'll get what's coming to her. A lot of people have died because her and Obama. They're murderers for sure, -and I'm not just saying that.

Like surfing on thin ice.
Nobody was going to get into my space today.
Guess they didn't want to throw away a good thing.
       I underestimated it and took the Quad, which wasn't the best pick for the day once I got out there and it was too long of a walk back to switch, so I had to make do, and boy did pay for that on a couple late ones.

Looks as though Netanyahu or the Defense contractors in Israel has paid Hamas some of that $3 Billion we give Israel every year.
Over that last year, Israel was hassling the West Bank, but now it's two years later and they are back Bombing the Palestinians on the Gaza Strip.
Wonder how much money Obama will pay them to reload this year?
       It's a $3 Billion Dollar per year killing machine the US tax payer finance with their children's money.

Crying over Spilled Milk:
Rule Numbers- 29

Even a multiple of 100 times all the victims of gun violence in the United States can not even come close to what Obama and Clinton has done in the Middle East.
Their gun laws are not going to protect any American from the retaliation of brainwashed inbred idiots.
January 5th, 2016:
       Got a Bible, or a book of Quran? Then you've got a book of crap; simple as that.
       All those books tell you of a super power: a being that can be anywhere at anytime and be there at the same time.
       Well, if God walked into that hamburger joint on the central coast, I happen to think he was only with us, the people who were in there at the time and I don't think he was anywhere else.

You've gotta figure:
       God isn't that much different than any other human being in many respects.

One way to look at it is: consider the knowledge the human being would have if we could advance ourselves a thousand years from now with the technology we have and not have it over take ourselves.
       I just think of the understanding we would have of of a large eco-system and what it would take of any being to be a creator of such stature.
       I bet it would be a lot less bullshit than those books and bibles will tell you.
       God isn't going to have any concern whether you left the sole of your shoe up or down.
       Our creator is not concerned about religion. Our creator is not concerned whether you prayed this week or not. I'm sure he's heard plenty of Hail Marry's and Our fathers to last him a life time and then some. None the less, you can bet your creator is concerned what you do to the planet we are all living on.
       If you want to please God, you need to show him that you care for his planet and the others who inhabit the planet for their lively hood.
       If there is any rules you would like to apply, as if you were to have any religion, you must please the the Angles and the planet, because the planet is theirs as much as it is ours. You all should show our Angeles that we respect the planet by worshiping the grass we walk on by taking care of it. I think God would rather see you do that because I happen to think he is incapable of saving the planet without our co-operation.
       I can assume that the Planet and its Angles wouldn't mind if you worshiped them a little bit more, because you can be sure they are always with you, so it can't hurt to make them happy.

Just goes to show yah:
Rule Numbers- 9 & 12

Must have heard the name, "Sandra Bullock," a dozen times, -just walking into the 99 cents store.
January 7th, 2016:
       It drew a tear from me too.
       Everyone's question was whether Sandra or her son was exposed to my post I'd wrote the day before. (Apparently they didn't,)
       Gotta figure the kid is influenced by people who are concerned about there environment and not so much on hoecus poecus.

Wondering if Ford can find a few more suckers?
Rule Number 99
Wonder what the body count was before they began to catch on?
Like I said, it's probably like a toxic waste dump.

January 8th, 2016:
But the numbers only fill one every three days and I'm wondering where the others are dropping that they are not telling us about?
       So we sit here and wait, and let them count more.
       Gotta admit, its kinna funny. Wondering and all.

Kinna Funny that nobody noticed or cared

That Gov. Brown just made
the Collage Students Sitting Ducks:

Brown calls them Gun-free zones.
Now you've got another soft zone, green zone,
and you can call it whatever you want.

We around here at MSR call it a target, for crazy morons with guns.
       So you don't need to be afraid because there is no one to shoot back?
       I just don't get it.

            Silver Bullet Award at

Another Silver Bullet Awarder is warranted:
To Philadelphia Police Officer Jessie Hartnett

Rule Number 35
The guy must be proud of himself because even after taking three in the arm he didn't let the crook get away with it.

For once I can say:
I got the best waves I saw all morning.
Rule Numbers- 29 & 35

Not too big, but long rides were to be had.
Half of it was not many other guys realized the best wave were a little bit on the inside.

January 9th, 2016:
       I must have paddled two or three miles this morning, because as soon as I'd get close to where I started out before catching a wave, I'd catch another one. And when the long one were to the right, and not many lefts to get back up stream, you are bound to spend a lot of your time paddling. (And with too much rubber on.... I was a bit too warm.)
      Yeah can't help but notice:
       That other surfers are prone to give up on waves prematurely because they are less able to navigate a less than perfect wave. I seem to be able to make something out of waves that others seem to give up on. I'm one who will nurse myself through a backed up section and then place myself right where the action is once it starts up again. A good number of the waves I got this morning had tricky spots.

On El Chappo:
I would guess a few Silver Bullet Awards are due to the Mexican Marines, since he had five evil men who were willing to shoot to kill to protect him.
       Kinna like a surgical knife not to loose El Chappo just getting him back, alive with six others.
       I think the better choice for the Mexican government would be to hand him over to the US.

            Silver Bullet Award at

Somehow I have to Laugh at,
--the Couch Family:

You know the bitch is addicted to pharmaceuticals and I wouldn't doubt she won't even dry out in jail because a doctor will have them feeding her the pills while she is in jail.
       The funny part: is the kid thinking he can run up a tab of a thousand dollars at a strip club and then refuse to pay it.
       Not only that: but he was dumb enough to try to do it while being on the run from the law.
       I wonder, how the old man's sheet metal company is doing?

If you are like me:
You realize that these defense contractors are not into providing the customer with the vehicle in working order so that someone can at least kick the tire.
       A question many of us have is how much money did Lockheed Martin and Ford squeeze out of the US Government for th development of my truck?
       I'm betting it was somewhere in the $500-$900 million dollar range. $500 million just happens to be the rock bottom number of building an automotive factory.
       However the more specialized, -as with a hydraulic and heavy mechanical system, -the more reason for an added expense over a standard conventional vehicle was warranted, (as in this case,) so it isn't out of line to think that they got the Government, or should I say the US Tax Payers to hand over all most a billion dollars before Ford handed over the first truck with-
       a quarter of a million dollar price tag.
       Oh it sounds like they got the government to cough up 3/4 of a Billion Dollars for the plant.

Oceanside filing of Retalitory Anomosity jan. 11.16

Got to the Fifth Filing in just 18 Months
I'd say I must be getting better at this.

Rule 51 & 50 on the City of Oceanside on January 11th, 2016:
Got another I'll file by the end of next week.
    That will make it six in less than a year and a half.
       I know, evil people can be pretty stupid.
      They'll never learn. They're brain washed, and they've got guns.
       Pretty crazy hah?

It must have been Humungus:
I was pushing the limits of my Quad

Even the ladies at the 99 cent store were talking about it.
       I even improvised on one of them.
       I ended up with my toes of my back foot overhanging the rail dragging a bit, -and I just left them there on purpose to slow me down for the tube behind me, -instead of dragging a hand.
       I worked real slick and it seemed to help me climb the face just like I wanted to. And once I got up to where I wanted to get, I just shifted my whole foot a little bit forward and center and then took off running for it.
       Another tube I was pretty much shifted over on the rails and I was amaze at how big it seemed as I clinched about half way up the face.
       I had a weird reform on the inside that didn't go very steep, but I'm telling you, -it felt like I dropped two stories real fast on an elevator. It felt like the floor dropped out from underneath me.

I think it's more about the Karma in the water:
There has been a couple session recently when people have accused me of shutting it down.
       Rule #9 I'm not actually into degrading anyone's session, (including mine.)
       It's more like the 11 o'clock gang and they are usually a bit greedy and selfish and often try to go too deep. (Which just makes a mess of things half the time because as the morning goes on, and as the winds change around, a surfer needs to be hoping in on the shoulders because the center of the would be peak tend to close-out.)
       Many of you know exactly what I mean and it is only a matter of time until one finds me.
       Some guys show up with bad karma, and the waves don't want to work for them so they try to take the waves that should have been someone else's.
       They simply don't wait for their turn and the waves just get uncooperative.

Trying to save my round tail:
I figure I'll put away my spoony fins for some bigger ones.
       Figure I better find away to make the Quad work in bigger waves because I just may have to get used to it, with the track record I've had with boards lately, -and I really don't have a big wave board as it is.
       Ran over a guy's foot today and it didn't even hurt my quad. (I'd say I was cutting it pretty close and my Quad tends to bounce around a bit.)
       Had one ridge I ran today that I got out so far, I almost went airborne on some back-wash-chop or something.

Got to thinking:
If Ford got $750,000,000.oo to build a factory:
       And if they built 2,500 units in six months from what I hear.
       $750,000,000.oo divided by 2,550 would equal $300,000.oo
       Put that on top of the $250,000.oo they charged the US Tax Payers for the truck, and you have a $550,000.oo Target with about $2 Million Dollars worth of Missiles given away with each one of them.
       2,500 X $2,550,000.oo = $6,375,000,000.oo
       Boy even if I'm wrong and they only had $1 Million dollars worth of missiles, you have to say they had one hell of a contract to make targets at the cost $3,875,000,000.oo
      ( I figure it was $1.5 in missiles unless they had included a trailer full with them and then it would be as much as $3 Million in missiles.) So we could be looking a an $8 Billion Dollar blunder just as well.
       So you handed $6 Billion Dollars worth of Targets to the Enemy.
       Well I heard they still have 300 of them somewhere. WC 837

Officer Sims $58 Worth

Going to Frame it
and hang it on my wall like a trophy:
Rule Numbers- 29, 33, 35, 44 & 77

November 13, 2015:
You would have had to have seen what I saw yesterday morning.
       Boy Cunniff was out, so was his Reed buddy, training a new recruit of course. Every city employee who could get away, got away.
       I tried to reserve so doubt and tried to tell myself that the Channel 5 Fox News van wasn't there because of me.
       None the less, all I heard about the rest of the day, was that News van and how everyone was expecting me to paddle out.
       Guess they are not going to tell you that the local surfboard supply shop sabotaged my new big wave board last year and none of the local surfers would tell me about the switched label before I used the resin.
       However, hearing that Sims killed himself makes the $58 worth the money.
       And from what I heard: not many had much luck with the waves yesterday either. (From what I gather, it just wasn't worth it, or so thrilling I might say, -to quite a few.)

lump om arm jan 13 16 first wave guy got in way.

Rule # 77:
Not a good idea to get in my way when I'm launching into a wave.

I would think it did some damage to the guy's board.
       Surfboards are a lot harder than you would think when they are attached to someone else's bodyweight.
       It happened to me on my first wave and it hurt like hell all morning.
       Tonight you can still see why it hurt so much. I'll probably be reminded about how much it hurts when I try to lay down and go to sleep.

And many of you are saying the same a I:
That whatever trucks are left must be destroyed.
       As I've always said before: I do not want my system on Ford or Chevy or Dodge or anyone else's truck other than my own.
       Any company that designs a truck the requires that you use a slide hammer to remove a brake rotor. (Which is like taking a slide hammer to the ball joints.) Sure isn't a company that cares about making a vehicle maintainable.
       And Fords nylon lock washer bit is a poor excuse for engineering if you ask me. (Not to forget about the funky clips too.)
       I don't want any junk like that having any relation to anything I ever have to do with.
       Ford's truck actually harms the reputation of the reliability of my system.
      Just like giving my Synchro-link system a bad name.

None of the News agencies will tell you:
How much money was taken in by the Power Ball
Rule Numbers- 9, 10, 12 & 51

Why doesn't a private outfit set one up to where all the numbers are exposed
If someone just openly skimmed off 2%

January 14th, 2016:
       The Government dose not tell you how they adjust the odds.
       From what it sounds like, they leave out numbers so that's just leaving people out of the game even though they paid to be in it.
       I think the power ball is a rip off big time.

You know, they'll set things up in their favor
       On the Sheriff's Claim Form?
       There isn't any readily available, they supply you with a phone number.
       Kinna difficult to get a date stamp on a phone number.

Want me to tel you how Obama is about to cost you all a bunch of money for nothing:
Fools are born every day.

Don't you think that if the government would have come along and made a law, (20 years ago,) that says all computers needed to have a USB port:
       Don't you think the manufactures of the USB Ports would raise their do-hickey from $10.oo each to $100.oo?
    (Wouldn't they be really stupid if they didn't?)
       That's what Obama is about to do with the $10.oo WIFI Guidance and Avoidance Chip for your Car.
       The auto manufactures would eventually put the $10.oo chip inside of what they got anyways, and with competition, the chips would get even cheaper and pretty much a given component within standard electronics.
       But no, Obama is about to shove it down you throat by requiring the auto manufactures to have them in every car and every one of you are going to pay hundreds of dollars for no reason other than because Obama made a law requiring them.
       That's pretty dam stupid

Must have heard, "USB," and "right," dozens of times.
Rule Numbers- 9, 10, 11, 20, 29 & 51

Still haven't heard:
whether or not Obama will make you pay a shit load for something you would get for next to nothing, -yet.

January 20th, 2016: -Posted on jan. 21st
       Yet fools are a dime a dozen.
       You have to wonder how much money Obama and his cronies were offered to to make a law requiring the automotive communication device.
       Don't you think that if the auto manufactures want to sell you a self driving car, don't you think they will make all their vehicles compatible?
       It's actually similar to the motion picture industry deciding whether to go _____high Definition or Blue-Ray. They didn't need to pay they politicians to make a law for it, they just did it.

Affirmative Action for Hollywood
They already have best Actress and best actor awards so why don't they make the belly acher's happy with best black?
       Don't you think: the studios that make the movies buy the awards because the awards make them and their actors more money?
       Like really: nobody receives a star on Hollywood Blvd. as an award in anyway for anything special.
       The truth is: they actually have to pay $65,000.oo to get one and they have to pay more every year just to keep it.
       They would pay that out unless they thought it would make themselves more prosperous.

Things are not always as they seem.

I think this whole Oil thing is a bunch of crap
       Like if the price of house paint went down, I would think the house painters would make more money now wouldn't they?
       I would think they would just see more profit after refining it since their source of Crude oil cost less.
       Sure the people who own the wells see less revenue, but I don't see why the major companies the refine it and distribute it are not making more money because of the lower cost of crude oil supply.
       The panic over the falling value of the stock market is going down is over stupidity that is in people's heads, and you can bet that the market is going down because people are selling off other diversified stocks, (which is making the market fall,) just so they can buy the crude oil while the price is low.
       For instance: I know of an investor who bought a bunch of oil a couple years ago while it was at $40 per barrel. You can bet he made a shit load of money in less than a year when the oil went back up to $75 per barrel.
       It's just common sense, but not too many people have that anymore so people just don't see it for what it is.
       You can bet it's a good opportunity to make a lot of money and also the best part of it is that there will be less companies fracking for oil. And Oil sands type oil is much less desirable to mess with.
       A good thing I would say .

Once again Obama negotiated with terrorist.
Talking about the $1.7 Billion he paid Iran to get prisoners back, and I should say he also got coned into a prisoner swap to boot. Which is a god example of bad negotiations.
       I figure that if someone is stupid enough to go to a country where they are under the control of inbred brainwashed Muslims and supporters of terrorist, they deserve what they get.
       Like I'd say, travel at your own risks, -suckers!

Yah have to laugh:

We got a real reality TV election going on
Yeah, the Palin and Trump bit.

And it's the Second Corinthian, not Two Corinthian
       Who's fooling who?
       You can bet Donald is no evangelist and knows nothing about God.
       And were close:

Kudos to Jammie Fox
For not only coming to the aid of the stupid drunk kid, but to mention "Angels."
       I just can't stand it when people say it was God, when God can't be everywhere for everyone at the same moment in time.
       (Not actually saying that God isn't their for people.) Just saying that just like Angles, they can't be everywhere at once.
       However, you can bet there were some Angles were around to help in one way or another. But I happen to think the Paramedic, (not featured,) probably deserves most of the credit, but he's not a Hollywood whore and it wouldn't bring as high of rating for the news media, so I understand what went on there. It simple to understand that would not bring the paramedic more money as it would Jammie Fox.
       And sorta close:

I'm not sure if my Angles had anything to do with it, but:
       If you saw the way I dropped into a wave this morning, no doubt you would say it was miraculous.
       Dropping in sideways on a left is fairly common for me because it's backside for me.
       However going right, it's a little more difficult because of the need to turn my body to face the wave.
       Well, this morning I not only launched myself sideways going right, but either a bump or the lip pitched me and I became separated from my board.
       All I know is that somehow I managed to position the board just right because I saw my whole board horizontally from tail to nose and it looked like it was a couple of feet below me and I managed to land on it with both feet.
       I think I had to correct the position of my feet once I reached the bottom because I had out run the wave more than I wanted, but from the bottom I could see that it was clearly one of the bigger double overhead waves and I managed to pull myself back into it and made good ride out of it and rode it to the end.
       I also caught a big hallow left, barely getting into it and barely got out of it.

Good News:
Sounds like the Grim Reaper had the number of a local Sheriff.
January 21st, 2016:
       I also narrowed a number of questions of why a someone would post a naked pictures of me on the web.
       The reasoning for it is because I heard it was a guy and not a gal, so ask yourself either way and you may imagine why.
       I also heard that they tried to hire a hit man. I figure that any amount of money wasn't enough because even an assassin would be a bit worried about things they can not see, -like my Angles and the Grim Reaper.
       Oh get this:
       Since 1980, there have been 600 Police shootings in San Diego. Thats 600 on 35 years or 17 per year. Or let's just say 3 every two months.

Something that kinna blew my mind:
The other day I heard a quote that was supposed to have been a statement something Albert Einstein said.
       And the Ironic thing about it: is that it was word for word for something I said not too long ago.
       That there would not be any evil if people didn't except it.

Is it VooDoo?

Well it is Ironic for sure.
However: it sure proves that what I warned you all about a few years ago is quite substantial.
       Yah have to wonder what kind of Conservation other countries have applied to their Bat colonies.
       Talking about the Mosquitoes and the newborns with shrunken heads.
       For me, the whole ordeal more or less verifies to me that it wasn't just my imagination getting away with me.

Rule Number 11
Have you registered to vote yet?

The primaries are a little more than a week away.
       Please believe me when I say that I don't want to be president anymore than Jesus wanted to be the one to come back to save you.
       Just as Jesus stuck me with his job of trying to save you all, I would rather stick Rand Paul with the job of having to be the President of the United States.

Had everyone a little worried:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20

When they heard me bitching out a guy,
they all expected it to shut down.

January 22nd, 2016:
       But what they didn't know: was that I wasn't even pissed off at anyone, because I didn't have anyone do me or anyone else wrong. I was the one being accused of doing wrong.
       I never even saw the guy, but he he sure bitched me out for stilling two waves from him.
       I told him he was full of shit and I looked over to one of the other guys who I surf with at lest two or three times per week, who must have seen me catch the would be second wave and asked, "Have you ever seen me steal a wave from anyone?" (And of course he nodded no.)
       Of course not because that's just not who I am.
       Anyway, it was like I was on Gunsmoke and the guy was calling me.
       To keep things short: It was like the usual; when I paddled out, everyone was bunched up. But after awhile the waves seemed to pick up a bit and the sets actually became sets like the kind you don't want to get too worried about getting the first one you see because you know there will be a few more to fallow and it's probably best to set yourself for a better one of the next.
       One of the things I've noticed the last few day how much the crowd seems to get to spread out more with more distant between when these improvements happen.
       Oh yeah, well I couldn't help but notice how some of them were happy and content that it didn't just shut down like we've seen many times before. (The punch line, -worried.)
       None the less, I kept my eye on that guy who was his own raciest, and the only wave I saw him catch shut down on him in about two or three seconds. (I'm not shitting you on bit.)
       I saw waves that rolled up to him seen to stall right before that early stage and as soon as it got past the guy it lifted up for the guy just inside him. It was like the wave just wouldn't work for him and dodging him all morning.
       I've been laughing about it all morning and wondering how someone like Kelly Slater is doing if the waves won't work for him. Could be why he doesn't win contests anymore. I bet he has a difficult getting wave co-operation.

Oh yah:
       There has been rumors going around that some cops got a hold of Kelly Slater's video of Kelly Slater trying to kill me.
Sounds like they blackmailed Kelly out of a shit load.
       Come on, I want details!
I want to know how much
Kelly Slater paid those Fucking Pigs!

Oh get this:
       Since 1980, there have been 600 Police shootings in San Diego.
       That is 600 shootings in 35 years or 17 per year.
       Or let's just say 3 every two months.
       But I'm still not sure if they are leaving out the number if victims at each shooting, so I have to admit I could be wong because the 600 could be a lesser but not actual figure.

I can see no reason why the Governor of Michigan and the Mayor of Flit are not sitting in jail right now.
       The fact that they are not in Jail, you can bet the same kind of thing will happen again.
I must say, I honestly prefer to set them up with an appointment with my buddy the Grim Reaper,
for a trip down my Automated Guillotine.

I happen to think the bit on eminent domain will be Dooms Day for Donald trump.
So good bye Donald, it will be nice not seeing yah.
Please, someone get that guy off my TV.
       And while we're at it, will someone please get this Heather Myers off my TV set too.
       Shit, every time I look at the bitch, she looks like an X, and sounds like an X.
      I swear the bitch ain't no good!

It was Obvious of the absents of days with out me posting to the web.
       I'm no longer hearing the three letters USB and they were replaced with the two words I've heard the most, "Rand Paul".
       The two thoughts that usually comes to my mind is, we must be in good hands now, because I must have some kind of handle on things.
       Kinna re-leaving, when you think about it.

Oh, Yah:
Only if Avon Cosmetics could show me more gratitude than what was better than Fire wire, Kelly Slater and Channel Island Surfboards have shown me. I'm about to make Avon Cosmetics a shit load of Money.
I must say: I never liked the Idea of Spraying DEET all over me, and I heard some expert on the evening new say it's alright to spray Deet all over you while pregnant, because of the virus that has been going around in the Central Americas they've,been talking about.
       Since I'm a Sentinel, I'd feel guilty if I did not post this bit about how I used to kept Mosquito's off me while I was up on the Washington Coast.
       I'd find an Avon gal and order the big bottle of Skin So Soft Bath Oil.
       Then I would get an empty spray bottle and filled it about somewhere between 75 to 80 percent full with water and then toped it off with the Skin so soft bath oil.
       Sprayed it on my body and even over my close, it actually smelled nice instead of some paint thinner that I spent my life trying to protect myself from. I'm willing to bet there are numerous brands of bath oils that may do the Same thing, but I know the stuff works and I've never been eager to try anything else.
       I must say it is probably not as good as Deet because I can not say it has protected me by being 100% effective, and but when I went over to Australia, I had the big and medium size bottles with me.
       It's weird, the person that told me about the stuff, observed, just as I, the mosquito's will still land on you, but they don't like the taste of you, so they usually just fly away.
       Kinna Old School organic in a way I guess.

I'm sorry and I must apologize
Rule Numbers- 20

I think it was the depression I was experiencing that kept me from getting around to writing it out.
Now I"ve been experiencing depression because I didn't.

       January 23rd, 2016:
Kinna like Schindler discovering he still had a car
       I really didn't realize the severity until I got a glimpse of the numbers in thousands and in unusual shot period of time.
       It's spreading, and it's spreading fast.
       Another short coming was not taking enough consideration to the fact that a bath oil solution has raw materials that more easily required and contained than insect repellents like Deet.
       The only reasoning for mentioning the pacific brand and product is because they may have something to compare to because there may different variations and ingredients of bath oils which may even work better than others.
       You can be sure that they will be able to produce less experience bath oils that do the same thing, and even better, however I wouldn't count on them smelling as good as the Skin-so-soft because just the smell isn't necessarily important in a lot of countries in Central and Southern Countries were the serious problem is right now.
       And like I figured: it sounds like Avon has pretty much sold out of the stuff over night.
       You can be sure E-Bay made a few duckets over night with it.
       From what I gather: there are many out there who don't exactly like using something like Deet on themselves , let alone their children. Some people Physically can't use Deet because of other illnesses and respiratory problems.

Kinna Freaky
Sounds like a rapist approached me yesterday.
And he went home and killed hims self.
       I'm sorry, I just can't smoke a cigar for the guy because it can become a bad habit if you do it too much.
       There must be something about a Sentinel and those evil ones, they sure seem to find me somehow. It's not like I'm looking for them either, I try to avoid evil as much as I can.
       It's too bad when evil finds others as well.
       Good ridden's anyway.
       Just gotta put an end to that evil stuff.

You've got to admit.

Its Pretty Stupid of Kelly Slater
To not read the autobiography of the guy you tried to kill, and most importantly the guy you want to kill.
       Just gotta put an end to that evil stuff.

I've always had two book excerpts on Safe Deposit Boxes and how easy it is for anyone to get inside one.
       And Police and get into them easier than anyone!
       And you are going to trust the Police? .
       The ones who are suppose to be working on an investigation to to put you in jail?
       Not much thought went into that idea.
       Pretty pathetic.

Oh, Yeah the rumor is back once again:
Waiting for the part about it were I would probably need to hire a lawyer to get my own money just sitting in the bank.
      You know, the Million bucks and all.
       So, you are saying they will just give it up?
       Well, I pretty much got tired of the wait just to find out.
I was pretty certain I was going to discover I was listening to a script. It's like you have to wonder who is going to walk out from behind the doors of the elevator next. You get the just.

Gave it a go this morning:
For once this week I got my act together early because my science told me that the wind would come up early. It was like once of the guys said about his go at it on the days I sat out last weekend:
Yeah go out and get a couple and call it good in about an hour or so.
       My mistake was on my second or third wave, when I took one into the inside. Then the worst of things: I didn't make it over the back.
       On the inside it was like one after another and there is just too much water moving for one with a board that is not much more than a sliver.
       None the less, I did get one where I got over the back, and the height of it was enough to stall what would have been some air. But (I pooped right up there.)
       If anything, at least one of them had to look big and hallow. Kinna what I was looking for.
       I have to say I had wished it was like Australia this morning. The way everything like developments set back and a Parkway easement along the beach.
       It was High tide and I found myself with big dumpers forming in front of me and the Rocks in front of the apartments behind me, and no beach.
       I had to paddle south with the current and that meant a long walk around the apartment complex and across the bridge.
       Just trying to get out on the other side is so washed out with boulders and it's dumping, -it's scary as hell just trying to get out without getting yourself creamed out.
       By time I made it around the Apartment complex, the wind had disorganized everything. Most of the guys had come in.

I must mention:
       I heard someone at one of Hillary's rallies the other day.
She just ignored the question and looked at the person and boasted out loud, "I'm having such a really good time!" "I'm having such a really good time!"
I bet she figured that the media would catch it.
       Burny sanders is winning in the polls because the Democratic Voters are Reluctant to Vote for her and they are polling for Sanders by default.
       Sanders just needs to do us all a favor and just retire.

I see Carly Fiorina performed her pitch on Anti-Abortion
I don't understand the reasoning for using Preschoolers in her presentation.
      I don't actually think it's a topic of discussion to have children present in the first place.
I'm pretty sure my parents would expect better out of me.
       I guess we would call it manors, or would it be mortals?
       I figure that she is either desperate or that the main movement of her whole campaign revolves around that and woman's issues. The whole woman's empowerment movement gets a little stale after awhile.
       And the way she just mix in Children with dead babies?
       I don't give her much for common sense.

Brady, you are going to loose.
Rule Numbers-

Green Bay should have been playing today,
but the referees in Arizona gave the game to the Cardinals navy

January 24th, 2016: posted on Jan.26'16 written a.m.
       Good Karma usually wins in the long run.

So did the Grim Reaper get the mayor of Flit, -yet?
Sounds like it.
       I figure the Governor is in Deep Shit too, but dying so early would be too easy on the evil guy.
       Three or four months ago he should have been on the phone with the president looking for federal funding
       They should have been rounding up every tanker truck from Milk and Orange producers, looking for any tank trailers that were not in use. And they should have had every tanker truck manufacture of stainless steel tanks running at full speed, 24/7 .
       Mobile office trailer manufactures should have been pumping out portable shower houses and every neighborhood should have received one two months ago.
       I think you get the idea on how I would have handled the problem.
       My question is did it ruin pipes in peoples houses? If the house is ok, they should be hooking up hoses at the water meter and running them to a tanker down at the street corner. They would probably have to either pressurize the tanker or use pumps to make it work.
       I think the whole bottled water thing is a piss poor un-cost effective way of going about it, but what the heck it took a actress/musician person like Cher to even think of that and she isn't claiming to be an engineer.

Now a Good Idea for the parents:
       I'd run down to Costco and buy one of those 4 pound sacks of Fax Seed (Only about $7.50)
       It's the stuff they make colon cleanser out of, minus the cool-aid flavoring. (And a mer fraction of the cost you will find it on the drug store shelf.)
       It's got antioxidants called liganans and just two table spoons of Fax seeds have as much of it as if you eat 30 cups of fresh broccoli.
       Buy the way, flax seeds are also a good source of plant based Omega 3 (Alpha-linolenic acid.)
       I like to put a table spoon on my salads, but parents can easily add some to your child's cool-aid too. (keep in mind that when added to water the stuff swells up a bit, so put in less than you think because once to steer it up, it will thicken, and it dose not taste bad at all.) It actually adds flavor to a salad and it makes the dressing a bit thinker.
       Selenium is also another good in-expensive Anti-oxidant. It can be found are Rite Aid for about $7.00 for 100 20mcg tablets.
       The Fax seed should help clean out your child's digestive tracks and the Selenium will help clean out their glands which are hit hard with toxins because cleaning out your system is what they are supposed to do.
       Maybe I'm wrong, but if I were a victim, I'd be thinking it was well worth the gamble for only $15.oo. And I'm not sure if it's the same as what is in Fax Seeds, but picking up some Alpha Lipoic Acid, (which isn't very cheep,) would be a good idea to.
       Be careful not to over do it with the Alpha Lipoic Acid though, especially if you are using a lot of Fax seed, you don't want to overwhelm the body.
       I wish you luck and God bless. Hope to see that it gets some good results.
       You may want to check out my Vitamin and Mineral's web-page also.

Vitamins & Supplements

Kinna silly posting something:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20

Two days later, it's old news.
Comes five cigars to a pack.

January 26th, 2016:
       Grim Reaper is on call you say?
       Funny as hell.

By now it's not only what I thought was people on the Street saying it
I'd be sure it was my Angles too, -
       saying, "Tomato Juice."
       I say blah. But my Dad at one time thought a little bit of it in a Beer worked wonders for hang-overs.
       I don't have the foggiest idea how to make it more appealing to kids other than just resorting to raw tomatoes on a salad. Guess I should be thinking of that myself too, because I always love the taste of raw tomatoes. (Back in the days when I was a contractor, I would ask the waitress what the side dish was. If it was just pees or corn, with are not bad, or Mixed vegetables or even worse, String beans, -which I cant stand, I'd just ask her, to ask the cook to substitute it with sliced Tomatoes.)
       Maybe some folks just prefer a V-8?
       Gotta see what the winds and waves are doing.

Rule Number 4
Kinna like handing over a shit load of money to Avon

But this is because I can't afford the cost of new strings for my bass
You would think if the Pawn shops want to rent my basses out.

They would at least put on a new set of strings before they hand it back to me?
       It's like they rent out your ol lady and then send her back home to you with someone else's seaman still dripping out of her.

SR 2000's by Dean Markley.
Medium lights.
      It's a ken Smith out of New York, the Serial number on my bass is CR503692FX, anyone who's got the money to rent it from these pawnshops can easily afford to have one just like it built for them.
       It's a five way laminate with mahogany in the middle, couple thin maple with flame Kowa decks. Got the Blackened headstock, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, catalyzed lacquer finish, and gold hardware.
       I would just wish they would buy their own, it might even save a life or two.
       But really, I want them to get so broke, that the only thing they haven't pawned yet is the gun they blow their brains out with.
      Oh, FYI: I wouldn't try to rent my Fender, the rear jazz pick up is toast from the Bargain Pawn Shop in Oceanside renting it out. And the strings on it are sucky too.

Oh yeah, they Mayor and Governor of Michigan: Well, I wouldn't even believe a video feed to us here, because it would be nothing other than a stand in. Gee, just like an old Western: I heard there was a lynching.
       Gee, I learned about their problem: (and now they are saying that a town in Ohio has the same thing going on.)
       The whole idea of using lead pipes to connect water meters to the water main was about the stupidest idea in the first place. They should have been replacing them any time they'd repave a street decades ago. It's just plan neglect and carelessness.

If Donald Trump Pulled out a Gun Fifth Ave:
I would hope the street wasn't filled with a bunch of pussies and someone would pull out their gun and shoot him.

I bet the New First Daughter got a New Nose Job
Don't think they can lighten they younger one much either.
       Bottom line, they sure are not going to let you get a sample of their voices. Time going by is what they are counting on.

Kudah told you:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20

First it was they guy in the beach spot and beard,
pushing me out past my spot, -he didn't get it, nor did I.

If he would have left me alone,
I could have crept out slowly and had it.

January 27th, 2016:
Then about twenty minutes later, a blond buck didn't see that it popped up right up of me and he paddled over and told me it was his. (I initially thought he said he was going right and that I go left, but he actually said, "it's my wave.") About the time the other guys decided to go in and call it good.
       I thought what the heck,
I got my back washed and did one of those slider lefts dropping -in and I did a wicked re-entry.
       However, after the first guy, I started paying attention to whether the wind was going to come up on the SW or the NW.
       After the second guy, I had to paddle in like the rest of the other guys who got their fill while it lasted.
       Well, it sounds like the rest of the guys began looking for their last wave in right after the first guy tried to race me for a wave. (Yeah, I should have just let him cross in front of me and not races him out the spot. I can be a fool sometimes.)

Oh, last night:
Early to bed, but I woke up in the Middle of the night.
       Had the sudden urge not to procrastinate on modifying me 375 fins. They were of the symmetrical type, and had too much grip like those Rasta fins. I had to kick the hell out of my traction pad and depend on it just to do a cut back fast. On weak waves they wouldn't turn and I'd over-shoot the top.
       Well last night I sliced about a .20 square inch sliver, taking the Stretch tips off and I sanded the inside foil down and coming up with something that looks like a bloated EA.
       I probably ended up taking away about .35-40 (10.5-10.6 smalls).
       Anyhow, talk about loose, they're wicked little buggers.
       Can't wait for bigger waves. The surf forecasts were way off; the buoy reports said 2ft @ 18 seconds.

I saw that Ted Cruz world domination Video:
Sounded like some rich spoiled brat looking to be powerful one way or another, -world domination and all.
       Kinna guy who would get his nose flattened and has to receive multiple nose jobs to make it appear to be straight.
       Around here, everyone I've heard said they're going to vote for Rand Paul

Good Reports from the Folks in Flint:
Rule Numbers- 35

Had Dozens of Subliminal Messages telling me so
I figure I got a few Good Marks on my Score Card

January 28th, 2016:
Pomegranate Juice is another good anti-oxidant. (A little expensive and sometimes hard to find.)
       However, I bet Fax Seed and Tomato Juice sounds like the go to formula. Sounds like they got lower lead reading in just 3 to 4 days.
       I figure that it probably plugged up their digestive track like a coat of paint and once that didn't work right, their natural immunities went to heck and it probably showed up as skin rashes. Once their digestive track gets cleaned out, many other types infections within their bodies will fallow and clean up themselves too.
       Can't help but love the fact that people take heed to my suggestion and I hope it will give me a little more creditability in the future.

On the Zika Virus:
I feel sorry for the people of Brazil, who have to subject themselves to the pesticides the government has them spraying down there.
       Taking these anti-oxidants I recommended for the Folks of Flint can only be good thing for them too.
       There is one thing,
       people may want to think about.

       My bath soap, if uses commonly enough, it may actually train and or condition mosquitoes to be reluctant to even want to land on humans. You have to figure that it they get the idea that humans don't taste or smell very good, they may just learn to naturally stay away from humans and that's where my repellent may be a real life saver.
       I figure it's pretty good for a Sentinel going by the seat of his pants.

I Guess Angles don't sleep:
Rule Numbers- 9, 36, 55

Apparently 375's are commonly found in Australia
I woke up in the middle of the night hearing how those Aussies liked my "Wicked," fins.

January 28th, 2016:

Wicked Fins designed by Sunnyside

I pretty much left the base area alone and concentrated on flattening the inside foil of the top 1/2 to 2/3rds. You cans see the ink left behind at the base in the image below.

Sunnyside's Wicked Surfboard Fins

Around here we had a third grader show up and we were paddling in at 9:00 a.m.
       This punk who should have known better thought the would cut across in front of me and all I could do was ditch my board and wondered if it him.
       Guess he got a new red bottom fish and thought he would snake me just to piss me off. He never did make it over by me afterwards. I figure that it was because he probably got an ear full from the other guys.
       (There is even word that a arm reached out of the wave and pulled him down as he did it; I noticed he didn't get far.)
       I saw him get was shore brake stuff and after he snaked me, the ones we were picking up on the out sides just turned to mush, if they didn't wall up and close, -if they turned up at all.
       Yeah, nine is a bit early for me an yesterday, we had the similar conditions but smaller until 11:00.

Gotta laugh:
One of the TV Sharks bought into a Stand Up Paddle board guy.
       The farther that guy is away from me,- the better.
       Gee, who needs another brand?

Rand Paul made the Main Debate:
I suppose we may have to Donald for that.

Got Ridiculous real quick:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 29

Shouldah beat the crowd
By ten o'clock, everyone was an expert at going deep, but not very good at it.

January 29th, 2016:
       Got a couple Good hand-dragger's though.
       The second one was so big when i pulled out of it, you could have drove a pick-up through it. ( I must have dragged my hand for 50 ft.)
       However, within an hour nobody would let anyone alone. Even if it was a wall, everyone and their brother thought they could catch it.
       Once a guy pulled up in front of me, expecting me to stop and give it to him, -I called it good and went in. I wasn't even going to wait to see if it was gong to shut down.
       Anyways, I think others saw it and they were on their way in before I did. Kinna screwy how these over zellous guys just ruin the fun.

I really don't want to know:
Rule Numbers- 4, 29, 33 & 44

Just what happened in Carlsbad last night
Sounds like everyone and their brother knows; so do my Angles and that's all I want to know.

January 30th, 2016:
       No doubt, a Burst of South wind when I found out about it.
       Let's just say that there is plenty of Bad Karma in Carlsbad.
       Ah, they are just a bunch of rich people who think that they are better than anyone else.
       None the less, they are stupid enough to protect themselves with bully cops.
       Sounds like they are dropping like rocks, or else will be .

Got a Guillotine?
You can bet the folks of Flit have one.
       And you can bet they have found a good use for it.
       Guess you could call it Mayor in a Box.
       Funny how they us a picture of the Governor along with a voice track now days.
       I don't think anyone wanted to see any more of them anyways.
       Saw a old recording of the Mayor bitch saying that the water needed to be tested, however it certainly looked old because it was so pixalated like and old analog recording after it was rerecorded a few times, so you can bet the bitch's head rolled.
       I wonder who got rich over selling the local government their the lousy water filters that don't work. And gee, over a year ago they bought water coolers for bottled water in the government buildings. Now if that doesn't tell you something, nothing will.
       However I think it's safe to say that there isn't going to be much more of that stuff going down in Flit when heads are going to roll.
       Yeah I agree, San Diego County sure needs a Guillotine in action. I can think of at least two more cops right here in Oceanside that need the removal of there heads. (We should speed things up and do things in at least pairs because I think removing more than one at a time is a good Idea. Just think what goes through their minds when they hear the sound of the Blade traveling down the tracks, and the head of their evil partner in crime hitting the bottom of the bucket. I think it's a good way to get rid of evil people.
       Good News: sounds like a local Sheriff cashed in his chips today.
       Wouldn't it be interesting to find out if District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis wears a wig?
       You only need pull her head out of a the bucket to find out if you have a guillotine. Hint Hint.

Talking about Rich Greedy people in Carlsbad:
Like someone there has spent a shit load of money getting Prop A on the ballet and a shit load on the misleading commercials.
I think it's safe to say they got the percentages of land use backwards, wrong or just messed up.
       What I see is concrete and Gated communities.
       The deal is, once you pave around the Lagoon, the value of the land underneath those Strawberries will become so valuable, that they will turn them into more gated communities.
       Then if you want to be someone who does not live there, who wants to enjoy the lagoon, they will have to get a boat and then hope they can find a strip of beach where they can launch it.
       The Strawberry farmers are obviously in favor of it because it would make them a fortune overnight with the proper vote.
       So do I need to say Vote No on Proposition A?

You would think the People at the New York Times would have more than half a brain:
       But Obviously they don't because they just endorsed evil Hillary.
      Believe me when I say you would just be wasting your vote because she would end up dead before she moved back into the Whitehouse.
       I wrote a bit about it in Poop: Stupid people tend to vote Democrat by default.
I know these things because I see them for what they are.

penelli and paula Broadwell

The Army Dog sure got away with shit that so many others get hard time for and now this moron even gets to keep his military pension .
       Got a whole shit load of those kind of guys around hear. I noticed when ever you talk to old retired military guys, they have been so mislead that they are certainly brainwashed because the things they say are just a bunch of shit.
       Met this guy last week who worked on a ship prior to the Vietnam war. He said he discovered they were working for the CIA.
       And you have to laugh, this week on the news it said how the country of Laos wants use to clean up the unexploded ordnances left there after the war. Gee, we paid them money to drop them there in the first place so they should take some of that money and clean it up themselves. Over hear we have enough of that crap on our own military bases. (Monterey for one.)

Yeah of course:
I should file another claim for Retaliatory Animosity Don't think I'll wait six months for it either since I have an extra copy of the claim form handy.
       I feel putting two of them in the hands of the so called investigator would be a good idea.
       Something tells me I should do something about putting people between me and the money I deserve.
       I think the reason I'm not into money that much is that I just haven't found many rich people in my life that I can say I actually like.
       It's like bad karma goes right along with rich people .
       But if people want to get between me and my money, I just assume set them up with an appointment with the Grim Reaper because keeping me away from my money is keeping me from doing good thing for God's planet, and I feel my Angles, God and the Grim Reaper dose not like anyone keeping me from doing what I should be doing. So Heads should and will roll.

Talking about Rich Snobs:
Like this whole Award Show for Hollywood Types
You would get a whole different perspective of it if you didn't go see any of their movies.
       They are just a bunch of back patters who will whore out themselves for anyone.
       Even a pervert like Woody Allen, who should be in prison can get people to play a part in his flicks.
       Everyone in Hollywood would whore themselves out to a murderer like Speilberg.
       Watching them talk each other up all night just so they can get more money on their next flick is all it is. (Not only boring but sucky to watch.)
       When it gets down to it: most of the crap that Hollywood produces is all about teach people how to kill people or how to commit a crime, which is just nothing but Evil for entertainment; something that no one should receive an award for.
       And what the hell?
       Black people held actually protested the Grammies for Rap, (which is noting but rimes and not music.) What a joke.
       And then you've got this Kanya West fool who can't even sing without a computer with auto pitch, -telling you his new album is the greatest of all times.
       Who's fooling Who?
       Or should I say: Who is the fool?

Oh, didn't I mention this already?:
Once again I say that the only one that can make it to the White House without automatically getting an appointment with the Grim Reaper is Rand Paul.

Get This:
Rule Numbers- 33 & 44

The Cal Poly Boy's hacked into Bonnie D's phone and or computer
They found a naked pictures of me that she's had since either the day or early days of it being put on line by the Sheriff

January 31st, 2016:
; And she's in charge of investigating my claim.
       Is there any guessing how that will turn out?
       Over the past 11 years, the District Attorney’s Office has investigated more than 150 police-involved shootings across San Diego County so it is not difficult to figure out who's side she's on. Each investigation ends with a formal letter summarizing the findings and in the end, explain why the officers who pulled the trigger were not charged with a crime.
       To help analyze whether the latest shooting was justified, (because of all the media scrutiny with the media this time,) Dumanis turned to Jeffrey Martin, a former San Jose police sergeant who now runs his own consulting firm. The district attorney paid Martin a total of about $6,000 — $200 an hour — to review evidence, including the surveillance video.
       Gee, paying a pig to investigate another pig. Rule #10, it's not difficult to figure out how that would turn out.

Nobel Peace Prize
Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

They will give both to anyone
Trump has a Star, which someone just painted a swastika on.

And Obama got a Noble even though he created ISIS and the war in Syria.
Now they want to give the people of Greece one and they just can't see the reasoning for it because they are on the receiving end of Obama's warfare.
       Within the last week, I heard people placing me in the position of such a prize, but I feel that if Obama got one, I sure as hell don't want one because I wouldn't want to be in the same category or class as him in anyway .
       You could say that the Nobel Peace Prize has been tarnished and nothing but a piece of crap and I wouldn't want anything to do with one.
       I bet trump could even buy one for himself.

Carlsbad Measure A just doesn't add up
I checked out the web-site funded by Caruso Affiliated
       Any third grader will tell you that it just doesn't add up.

       Basically the way Caruso Affiliated want to use the 203 acres just isn't clear.
       176 and 48 just doesn't equal 203, (and other numbers given just don't add up either.)
       And the big hole in the project is saying that they are going to double the size of Strawberry fields. I guess that may have something to do with the market for strawberries and whether the farmer would want to expand or sell out because the land would become more valuable with homes and businesses on it.
       It's clear they just want a building permit and they will change the plans at will.
       The fire department wants it because they will get their hands on some of the $10 million destinated for road improvements.
       The news papers as well as any of the others wanting it are the kind of endorsements that can be bought, just ask Donald trump how it's done.
       Once that it's paved over, it's gone.

Get this:
Hubbs -Seaworld has milked the federal and state government out of $28 Million Dollars since the 90's for fish farming White Seabass
Now they are dumping deformed fish into our ocean
       No telling what that will do to the breed, if it doesn't go extinct .
       They get over $1.5 Million per year to screw up fish and they actually want to go out five miles and build a fish large scale fish farm.
       All I get from that is someone must be making some money off screwing up the fish in the sea.
       Someone should line them up with an appointment alright.

rand paul

Kinna Ironic:
Although all the Hoopla from the Dishonest Trump, Hillary Bitch and the Crooked Cruz Guy
When it comes to getting a straight sighted opinion.
The Media turns to Rand Paul to get a level well explained perspective.
       What I like about it is that even the folks of Meet the Press will have Rand Paul sit down at the table with them instead of doing something over just video communications.
       You've gotta admit, over the years they sure do seem to find him to get and opinion that is about seeing things for what they actually are.
       I guess they figure that he isn't about to show up to only fill them with slanted opinions and lies like the rest of them are known to do.
       I just can't recall any time they've been able to catch him at telling a lie and I think thats why he's till in three as the go to guy.
       Maybe I should add that Rand Paul was invited to the table today on Meet the Press, so you may want to catch him on the afternoon rerun.

It just became clear to me
The differences between the way the Democratic caucus system works compared to the Republicans, -which is a vote for a candidate counts for a vote.
       The Democrats have a cock-o-me-me way of dedicating votes to certain candidates and it's strange how that evolves once people show up, supposedly undecided and then their vote is paced to one of the candidate..
       I can't actually describe it because I just don't understand the reasoning for such a thing other than the impression I get is they must buy the votes.
       Screwy if you ask me.

Once again,
the Hispanic Community is ahead of the rest

I have been toying around with the idea myself
I can't deny I could be his brother because I'm sure I'm not him.
       I will have to admit, my relationship with God and my Angles is pretty far from what is taught in the Bible, and the things Jesus has said to me at times truly goes against the grain as what the Bible has said.
       Not only that but the attitude I receive from them is more based on frustration and disappointment and not about the love and forgiveness toward evil as the Bible tends to project upon us. That kind of thing, God has no time for because he sees his planet going towards the the days of Doom.
       In fact, I think they told me why girls like to scream. It's because they tend to display animal instincts, or should I say primal. To them it's lack of intelligence showing through and the fact that girls like to scream just shows them that they can act like animals.
       And they believe that people have mistaken knowledge for intelligence.

It must be a Rainy Day
Just for those "Lousy Book" fans:
I got around to up-loading one of the most interesting chapters of my book.
Interesting Because: it was the first and only time I've ever had anyone other than myself say that someone was fallowing me. Who they were I still don't know but at least I think I actually saw them with my own eyes when I stopped off the highway for something to eat. I guess they got hungry too.        Hit the Road Jack.
Yah never wanna come around here anymore

A week later:
The word is that the folks in Flint Michigan claim to be doing much better. I imagine that most of the skin sores have been clearing up. Signs of good results I'd say.

God having a brother or sister?:
Rule Numbers- 20, 26

This is the part where we may stand to be corrected.
To be honest, I heard I was a cousin to Jesus, before I heard different on the street.

February 1st, 2016:
       I wasn't going to say anything because I only thought I was somehow related.
       I guess I didn't feel a cousin was very likely but when it comes from what I believe are my Angles, I tend to give it more creditability than even the Hispanic community or even people on the street.
      I just have to figure that it was either their impression or opinion.

Yah have to laugh at Marco Rubio
Being desperate enough to send out those notices
       Gotta admit, trying to shame people into voting for him is pretty much below the belt.

Am I predicting the future, is it a done deal?
Talking about Bonnie Dumanis taking a Red Shower
I thought she might use sleeping pills, but I don't think that is the Grim Reaper's style.
       Sleeping pills would just be too easy.
       Can't have a bitch letting cops get away with murder.
       Kinna like the Luther show that if it wasn't for the red eyes, it would have not been too difficult to write the script as if it was the Grim Reaper instead of the Devil. (So far.)
       I have to admit, it's my favorite show now days.
       The way I look at it, Police are an end result product of Evil. If it wasn't for the presents of evil, or existence of evil, there wouldn't be any need for Police because the police are there to protect us from ourselves. None the less, the bottom line is: I'm 55 years old and I or anyone I've ever known in all those 55 years have never been helped by cops in any way. They've only committed criminal acts against me or anyone else that I have known personally. Same goes for Fire Departments too.
       I should also mention: that the District Attorney in LA should take a Red Shower too. (Protecting Speeilberg and making sure I didn't get any restitution for him killing my father.)

As sample of people's opinion:

Yesterday I had a guy approach me asking about MorroBayNews:
I was surprised to hear him say to me, right in front of his young son, "the only good cop is a dead cop."
He was disgusted that cops are allowed to just shoot people and get away with it. And I have to say that they are not ashamed of it either because as you all know, I had one of the Oceanside cops come right out and tell me that they shoot them, as if he was proud of it. And I said, yeah right, you guys just plant a gun on them like the guy sleeping on a park bench in the Harbor.
       They told the news crew that he was a gangster from Richland, but never told us his name and we never did hear anything more about it .
       Pretty sure Cunniff got that one and even though he robbed me of $400.oo he likes the idea of waving to me as if he's some kind of friend of mine, though I know the odds of him spreading phony child molester rumors on me are pretty good since he did rob me and treat me like a criminal. I had to ask him to handcuff so that there would be less chance of him shooting me.
       Taking about a cop I only wish the Grim Reaper would get to and teach him how to take a red shower.

California Coast is sure paying the price:
Keeping me broke, sure didn't get them any erosion control or sand fencing.
If it wasn't washed away, it sure got blown away.
       Dredging twice as much from the harbor this year isn't going to catch up in any way.
       Now they've got to use dynamite, which puts lead into the air from the gun powder and then they've got to burn a shit load of diesel to get the rocks to the beach. And then burn more diesel to place the rocks on the beach
       The wave will just turn the big rocks into little stones that will take over the beach and only turn a sandy beach into one that is gravel.
       Ah, the government officials here just want to spend my money on criminals.

People should invest in an automatic guillotine to take care of all those public officials that do us wrong:     Automated Guillotine

Oh, Yah:
Something tells me that my Cal Poly Boys are graduated by now:
So I'll start referring to them as Sunnysider's from now on.
       Anyhow, thanks you guys.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Hit the Road Jack

Yah never wanna come around here anymore



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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
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My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
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