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The replacement of the Obama girls on Turkey day

The Obama Girls are Fakes
Stupid Rules - 9, 10, 12, 42
The new Malia should have gotten a nose job.

What was Kerry looking at in clip that was never before fudged into the current one in Paris?

December 2nd, 2015:
I had heard Kerry had gone over there, but they never showed him.
       And that clip at the Table sitting next to Obama just didn't look right, as to what ever Kerry was doing.

The New Nose for Malia Obama

Besides just comparing noses, check out the ears in separate windows of the larger images of the first and third image. Also the real Malia had thinker and and a more forward hair line.
       The nose of the older daughter is different (hangs over,) so is the lower lip and chin and the younger daughter now has darker skin.

Malia Obama

I wouldn't doubt they began looking for look-alike stand-ins a long time before they knocked the two girls off.

the original Obama Girls

God having a brother or sister?:
Rule Numbers- 20, 26

This is the part where we may stand to be corrected.
To be honest, I heard I was a cousin to Jesus, before I heard different on the street.

February 1st, 2016:
       I wasn't going to say anything because I only thought I was somehow related.
       I guess I didn't feel a cousin was very likely but when it comes from what I believe are my Angles, I tend to give it more creditability than even the Hispanic community or even people on the street.
      I just have to figure that it was either their impression or opinion.

Yah have to laugh at Marco Rubio
Being desperate enough to send out those notices
       Gotta admit, trying to shame people into voting for him is pretty much below the belt.

Am I predicting the future, is it a done deal?
Talking about Bonnie Dumanis taking a Red Shower
I thought she might use sleeping pills, but I don't think that is the Grim Reaper's style.
       Sleeping pills would just be too easy.
       Can't have a bitch letting cops get away with murder.
       Kinna like the Luther show that if it wasn't for the red eyes, it would have not been too difficult to write the script as if it was the Grim Reaper instead of the Devil. (So far.)
       I have to admit, it's my favorite show now days.
       The way I look at it, Police are an end result product of Evil. If it wasn't for the presents of evil, or existence of evil, there wouldn't be any need for Police because the police are there to protect us from ourselves. None the less, the bottom line is: I'm 55 years old and I or anyone I've ever known in all those 55 years have never been helped by cops in any way. They've only committed criminal acts against me or anyone else that I have known personally. Same goes for Fire Departments too.
       I should also mention: that the District Attorney in LA should take a Red Shower too. (Protecting Speilberg and making sure I didn't get any restitution for him killing my father.)

As sample of people's opinion:

Yesterday I had a guy approach me asking about MorroBayNews:
I was surprised to hear him say to me, right in front of his young son, "the only good cop is a dead cop."
He was disgusted that cops are allowed to just shoot people and get away with it. And I have to say that they are not ashamed of it either because as you all know, I had one of the Oceanside cops come right out and tell me that they shoot them, as if he was proud of it. And I said, yeah right, you guys just plant a gun on them like the guy sleeping on a park bench in the Harbor.
       They told the news crew that he was a gangster from Richland, but never told us his name and we never did hear anything more about it .
       Pretty sure Cunniff got that one and even though he robbed me of $400.oo he likes the idea of waving to me as if he's some kind of friend of mine, though I know the odds of him spreading phony child molester rumors on me are pretty good since he did rob me and treat me like a criminal. I had to ask him to handcuff so that there would be less chance of him shooting me.
       Taking about a cop I only wish the Grim Reaper would get to and teach him how to take a red shower.

California Coast is sure paying the price:
Keeping me broke, sure didn't get them any erosion control or sand fencing.
If it wasn't washed away, it sure got blown away.
       Dredging twice as much from the harbor this year isn't going to catch up in any way.
       Now they've got to use dynamite, which puts lead into the air from the gun powder and then they've got to burn a shit load of diesel to get the rocks to the beach. And then burn more diesel to place the rocks on the beach
       The wave will just turn the big rocks into little stones that will take over the beach and only turn a sandy beach into one that is gravel.
       Ah, the government officials here just want to spend my money on criminals.

People should invest in an automatic guillotine to take care of all those public officials that do us wrong:     Automated Guillotine

Oh, Yah:
Something tells me that my Cal Poly Boys are graduated by now:
So I'll start referring to them as Sunnysider's from now on.
       Anyhow, thanks you guys.

Ironic trying to Coin a term:
Rule Numbers- 4, 12

Remember, I wrote the Read Shower before it was said.
Before I Posted it, it was being used everywhere I went.

February 2nd, 2016:
       Sounds like Cunniff took one last night
       Gee, the last time I saw him last week was when he was riding around with the F_____ guy who threw me in the drunk tank the first day I want twirling on the pier because he said people felt threatened by me. (Yeah, I did so several times per week for two or three months.)
       Remember the Second day, I got harassed by "Chowder," who did himself in quite a while ago.
       Well, let me give notice that I'm pretty sure the DA in LA has got an appointment with the Grim Reaper as well.
       Well, maybe I'm wrong, but I wouldn't count on that. Anyone taking bets?
       It just bugs the shit out of me that every time I go to the beach I feel that I'm being stalked. And I should mention that I'm pretty sure either the cops or Bonnie had plans to have me killed.
       When you consider what they did was Steven Avery, you can't put anything past them. In Avery's case, I think the cops there either killed some gal or found someone that was killed by someone else and they set him up for it because he sewed them. (You can't clean blood up in a dusty garage and leave the dust. And nobody is going to bur a body and then bring parts of it back home. Like who can be fooled by that?)
       And oh, for the comment that they I want too much money: well if any of the football players from the Chargers were to take a walk out to the end of the pier and back, I seriously doubt more than a handful of people would ever notice them.
       However with myself, I could tell you how many times I do. You would laugh at how excited a little kid who probably doesn't even know anything about me or even what I look like, -how excited they can get when they are taken down to the pier to see if the will happen to see Sunnyside. (The funny part is when the parents realize I'm walking right behind them.)
       Basically I realize I probably make this county more money than the Chargers. So how much would the Charger be abe to sue a county, for slander and persecution. And how can you penalize a county or city when you've been making them no less that $25 Million per year.
       (Can you believe the Saint Luis Rams only make Saint Luis about $5 mil. per year?)

I've been thinking a lot lately about:
Those Criminals within the Justice system in Tacoma.
       Wonder if my Angles can go back there and take care a few of them, that is if they haven't already?

Really Really Creepy Around Here:
PM Update: Rule Numbers- 4, 26, 33, 65 & 66
Since yesterday I must have heard the "Red Shower" no less than two dozen times, but really probably more like three dozen times to be honest with you.
       Anyhow: that changed to something else this evening once I took a stroll to the beach to take a look at the evening glass off.
Get this:
I thought something was up because I can usually bet on seeing at least three cop cars come by me every half hour to 45 minutes. So if I can go down there and not see even one in an hour, you can be I suspected that something was up.
       Right off the bat I figured that if I had anyone approach me, I would just walk away because I just knew it would be trouble trying to rope me in.

Anyhow, when the sun set and I began to walk back: it was evident just what was up.
       Right out in the middle of the parking lot of the lifeguard headquarters, there was their resurrection of Bill Collins, just standing there by himself in the middle of the parking lot all by himself, just looking at me with a big inviting smile.
       This time I got a good look at him and I could tell that it was definitely a different head of hair.
       It was about that time I realized that the "Red Shower," was replaced with "brother."
       When I almost got back to my truck, there were four cops inside two cop cars, one unmarked, placing themselves in my path. (Well, I got my shoes dirty and went through the bushes.)

And oh:
The Sunnysider crew must have hacked the Oceanside Police Department because every one on the street seems to know how they tried to kill me. (None the less, my Angles were way ahead of you all because they gave me a heads up a long time ago. I just didn't say anything about it. Some things are better off not said.)

I should add that $25 Million per year was fairly conservative. I've heard that there were those who felt I would bring in about $150 Million this year. But I wouldn't count on that any more. I think they really burned that idea and now it's just a pipe dream. It's just too creepy around here for that.

I've been meaning to post for some time:
A while back I saw a commercial add at trying to recruit new villains to the OPD.
It was offering up.
       Free paid academy training and a $1,200.oo signing bonus to boot.
       Well I'll be the first to say that if the signing bonus of $1,200.oo had anything to influence a person to sign on with the criminals, they are simply applying for the job for the wrong reason.

You know,
- my rule about spreading rumors:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 22 & 33

I'll let the ones on the street run their course
so that you didn't hear it from me

February 3rd, 2016:
       Apparently, Sunnysider's intercepted text messages. The question would be whether they would be acceptable in court since they were gathered without a search warrant.
       Anyhow, everyone on the street seems to know how the Police here tried to kill me and I'm not about to contaminate what is being said.
       However, I get a strong impression there were more than one attempt and I'm just just waiting to here more about that too.

I also learned more about the September 2nd ordeal:
I was thinking it was some kind of sting operation, but from what I get from it, they were trying to do what was more or less done before in Carlsbad.
       Basically they were canvasing child molester rumors in the effort to get the vender's at the base of the pier to complain about me so they could intimidate me, threaten me, or as they would have preferred, -throw me in jail.
       All I was doing was playing my practice pad and when they should up in force, I quickly suggested that that they wanted me to leave and I simply volunteered to that. (I'm sure I wrote about the incident in my journal.)

Get this:
Sounds like they hired Bill Collin's brother to take his place.
This morning I had him fallow me when I went to the Harbor
       I just don't understand what kind of business he would have so early in the morning other than intimidation.
       Any commoner with any common sense would think it would be wise to move on and go some where else, but just like the retaliation I got in Carlsbad the other morning, we know the same corruption will fallow me no mater where I go.
       Cops are simply gangsters and they are the same were ever I go. (I know so because I ended up with the same thing happening in Australia.) While there I couldn't even play with street musicians the second time with out them approaching the musicians even in a different town while they were working a different street corner. You should have seen what happened the second time I was about to play with them. You could say they were the ones intimidated, I was just pisses, so even a plane ticket to another country won't solve a thing.) .
       So for all you people hearing the rumors about how "they," want to "pay," me or "settle," with me just isn't the case when you are dealing with evil people. Therefore staying put and letting them come at me is the only way to prove to you all that they are simply lying to you and telling you what they think you want to hear.

On another topic:
I saw a bit on TV covering the tally of the Caucus votes.
I can assume it was for the Republican party because there was more than three plastic fish and chip baskets that the little pieces of paper were place in.
       Boy, any card player with a good slight of hand could control it like a marked deck of cards. (None the less to be said, it's also a simple way to get Democrat's to show up, register and even be paid to vote for someone like Trump, which could disappear and cut him short latter on in the game at other Primary's. )
       And when you look at what went down, and the number of points that were given to Trump, the more and more I feel I'm right about Trump being another Ross Perot who was working for the Clinton's.
       See the Deal is, even if Trump doesn't actually get the nomination, he simply robbed votes form the other contenders.
       You gotta figure that if Trump wasn't in there, Rand Paul would have got more than 8,500 delicates.
       Simply said: any third grader should be able to understand how these primaries for the political parties can be rigged. (Which I'm sure they are because it's simply that possible.)
       Tell me I'm wrong, and I'll tell you that you are a fool.

PM Update:
Got a laugh today:

There was a Congressional hearing today
It was over the Water problem that has been known to exist for almost two years in Flit:

There was a substitute guy standing in for the FDA? (Can't think of the proper word)
       Anyhow one guy was asking why the Governor wasn't there.
       Another said he was in hiding.
       I laughed and said, "that's because he's dead!"
       So I'm still waiting to have someone prove me wrong on that one too.

In the olden days, they called them Killers
Now days they give them a badge and call them Police

Over a week of no wave co-operation:
Rule Numbers- 4, 9, 20

It was the 27th the young punk decided my wave was his.
Too bad because most of the guys out there didn't deserve it.

February 5th, 2016:
       I could tell guys were hoping I'd paddle out today but I figure that loosing my only big wave board is something I can't afford to loose because it would take months to replace it, so it wasn't worth the risk.
       I bet if I could part the seas like Jesus did people wouldn't listen either. Simply the reason they nailed him to a cross. And now look at the evil barbaric condition your human condition is in.

I give myself only a grade C for explaining how the presidential Primaries are rigged.
None the less, my lousy bit on how the caucus was rigged must of influence them in New Hampshire to use a Polaroid camera to take pictures of the people who show up to vote without the proper identification.
       Gee, any illegal Chinese immigrant in Australia would tell you just how worthless a picture is.
       You can bet there are people voting amongst both parties just to make sure the votes are dispersed unfairly.
       Therefore you have to wonder just who in the republican party will end up with the 2,500 points needed to win the nomination.

I have to say: I proud to think that my repeat visitors must be smarter than the general population because I'm sure there are many that just don't understand where I'm coming from because so many I meet on the street sure can't get a grasp on anything I say. So many of the people I meet have theories of the typical fanatic and they don't seem to comprehend anything that hasn't been said to them seven times. I just don't see why idiots would return to read stuff that is over their head. I'm sure the stupid ones often by default just say that I'm crazy so they feel better about themselves.

However, today I met a guy on the street who actually like reading and I figure he will end up being a repeat visitor at MSR.
I'm one to agree with his theory upon how ISIS could be defeated quite easily. He said all we would have to do is put sanctions against the purchase of Saudi Arabia oil.
       He said it would make a bunch of people made for awhile, but ISIS would end up running out of money and I agree with him.

Not Presidential:
You know, using profanity over a microphone into a crowd with children present.
However, Donald Trump happens to think so.
       Boy, that must have went over well. I wonder how many people walked out?

The system we pay for that failed miserably
You now about the doctor who was treating people for cancer who did not have cancer?
      Well a nurse who was looking for a job noticed it and reported it and the agency failed to shut him down

It was years later when an employee finally got him shut down but there was needless harm done and even deaths

       Same kinna thing with the Securities exchange commission
       You know, the Madoff hedge fund.
       Gee, they had 175 investigators, but a guy with charts and graphs couldn't get them to understand how Madoff's magic wasn't possible.
       They were really stupid to leave their briefcases with future questions, unlocked and in Madoff's office over night .
       I'd say the government has way too many incompetent employees to enforce anything.

Even worse:
Is when the Government employees are incompetent criminals.
       A reason why putting cameras on cops isn't going to do a bit of good if municipalities want to harass people who are out to sue them or for any other reason. They'll just send their fire department to do the dirty work.
       Today I saw the paramedics show up in this parking lot to day and approach someone in their car and the firemen forcefully pulled them out of there car. I'm not sure what was actually going on but I got my camera out and put it on video
       It was obvious to me that the cops were in no hurry to respond. I got a little of it but I missed getting the brutal part, however ironic as it was, I had just stirred up some white paint to put DNR in my wetsuit and now I'm sure more than ever that it was a good idea.

Oh, Yah:
If I heard right,
the assassin they sent after me, took a Red Shower.

I'm left wondering if it was Cunniff. But if he was the one who planted the gun on the homeless man sleeping on a park bench, I would think they would think twice about it, but them again, they have the DA on the payroll, so you could say he was above the law, -but not the Grim Reaper.

Rule Numbers- 4, 9, 10 & 20

You know, the word that was said the most.
Most of us in the water know a dry spell when we see it.

February 6th, 2016:
       Needless to say, there were many smiles in the water today.
       Funny how when I caught my first wave, there had to be at least a dozen in the water and a shit load of people on shore saying the same thing, "there he goes," at the same time. It sounded like a PA system. And you've gotta admit it was a beautiful glassy wave.
       I dropped in sideways to the left and got a little in front of it, but a couple smooth slider turns backed me up for a nice drop that lead to a hallow section before I had to pull out of it. I have to say I liked how fluid and smooth my new fins worked for me.
       As usual, the sets picked up and people were able to spread out more. My second best wave was my last which washed my back. To others were just sections, but it was fun anyways.

On this Lucifer show
I don't think Jerry Buckhimere is putting the right face in what would be a devil.
       If there is a Devil, I seriously don't think he spent any time nor originated from Heaven. Meaning, he's got the wrong idea, but it is entertaining in a way. Too bad it revolves around another cop show.
       I do like the way he showed just how corrupt a cop can be, (talking about the motorcycle cop taking a bribe.)

Since we are speaking of the Devil
       I hear the evil Bitch Hillary likes to use the term in the same sentence as my name. Need less to say we both, (her and me,) have dead bodies fallowing us. However, just take a look at the link on my political page, the Clinton dead body count. Then take in consideration of the ones that fallow me. Which group of dead people are the bad ones? Enough said?

And which we are sort of close:
I've been hearing counter dictions. Apparently there are either psychics or maybe better said, other clairvoyants who feel I should be corrected again.
They are saying that I'm not the cousin related to Jesus, and they have been saying that I'm his brother.
       I'll say that it really doesn't matter one way or another. What really matters is that I'm a Sentinel and I figure I must be related in some way because Jesus is very much involved in my group of Angles.
       I feel he is very much involved with the actions of what the Grim Reaper has been doing.
       I figure that Jesus must be using me to do his work on Earth because he is more powerful in the position that he his now .
       I get the impression that Jesus is able to protect me and if he was walking on Earth he would have been killed just like before. Therefore, he is using me to safeguard himself. Simple as that.

On the Republican debate:

Silly little Republicans are stupid enough to have a debate moderated by Democrats.
You know the comments and polls are bound to be slanted.
Gee, don't you think having George Steponopholus is the biggest flag, sign, signal or hint?
       If there was anyone of them that had half a brain was Gov. John Kasic, but I'm sure they will claim Trump as the winner.
       Don't you think Trumps closing statement sounded like it was written by Hillary's speech writers?
       Marco Rubio is definitely brain washed.
       Cruz is just another one of the"establishment's" cronies.
       I got a kick out of it because they were having a hard time making their noise cancellation work because I was blasting through everyone's cell phones. So you know what was being done during commercial brakes. (they tried to get everyone to turn off their cell phones.) I bet everyone went to head phone and blue tooth ear pieces.
       What pisses me off is everyone there acted as if we have to build a larger military because of our enemies. Gee, why would you need to have enemies? The object is not to have enemies. Guess they think we are suppose to have wars.

Got a Red Shower for a Banker:
Rule Numbers- 26

Gotta wonder who's next.
They may have my money, but I've got their number.

February 7th, 2016:
       That is with the Grim Reaper
       Tell me, is my money worth dying for?
       Tell me who's next?
       I bet another cop is in line next.
       As for my money, it's the potato in the oven and we just turned up the Heat.

For instance:
Low tide wasn't until 2:46, so getting in the water at 9:30 was a bit early, however the wind was already coming out of the north and it wasn't long before it was slight on shore..
       Strangely as it was, it wasn't as windy in the water as it was on shore and it didn't stop the waves from building.
       And it was funny how everyone was glad to see me arrive and greetings from them was had with a simple hello in one way or another.

Funny how I had commentators on shore. The "dog paddle" and the "backwashed," could be heard. Even Mark Foo's name was mentioned by other surfers made me believe some of them have been watching some old VHS tapes and comparing my own style to his, and I can say being compared to the King of Waimea Bay is not a bad guy to be compared to. (Strangely as it seems, -I feel it when something out of the ordinary happens.)
The wave to remember just happened to be the
"One Foot Ten Yarder." It had a few of the guys talking about it.
       What happened was I dropped in late at an angle to the left and a wave about the size of a boat wake snuffed the rail and knocked me off balance. I did a bent over spread eagle and my rear foot went up in the air at least as high as my head and I sustained my ride on one foot and I just kept going until the wave closed on me. (Just funny as and be.)
       It's a little annoying to have my jumping bit happening on take off, but it happen a couple of times this morning. My first one had a fair amount of disconnect and my concern about it is what that kind of damage it could have done to a deck. (Kind of a hard landing I would say, -could have broke the board, especially if it would have been my round tail.)

       I figure I was spotted from the parking lot, because bad karma showed up just before noon when two guys showed up and the dark skined one with a yellow label on his shoulder decided he'd get in on some of my action and began working my space. It wasn't long before me and the half a dozen other guys who were working the area just south of Mission for a couple hours, called it a good day and paddled in, all at the same time.

Sounds like Kelly Slater got a new Sponsor:


Just a Sentinel:
Rule Numbers- 8, 10, 20, 21, 24, 25, 29, 33, 34 38, & 44

The brother of Jesus I am not
Nor am I his cousin.

February 8th, 2016:
       Spent all night trying to clarify that.
       Well there was a trip on a hang-glider with a girl who I think was friend from my past in there somewhere too.
       Also, it was quite clear that my mother, as always, hasn't been to happy about me using the F-word.
       What I got out of it is that the brother bit was just rumors going around and I just picked up on it, but as I said, the important part of it all is that I am a Sentinel and we should just keep it at that.

And oh, that Sheriff who had me thrown in jail last time: sounds like he got an appointment with the Grim Reaper.
Rule 34: yet I can think of a few more to go.
       Gee, it isn't like I didn't warn them. I told them as soon as they slapped on the handcuffs that I was a Sentinel and I wasn't one they wanted to harass. I even told them to check out what happened to Fireman Bill and Officer Gunzalus of Oceanside.
       Funny thing happened to the cowboy who was to haul me in: his car quit working. And then the bitch that did take me in said she thought I was full of shit. I told her before she ran me through the scanner to take a look at my private parts, that it was about the last thing she would want to do. I wonder when her number is going to come up?

Get this:
I wasn't sure what was said or actually went down, but this morning's session turned out to be and interesting one.
I wasn't actually planning to go out, but it was just too warm for me to set around.
       It was glassy earlier, but not much swell and the tide was too high at first and it was right on the shore. By time I got out there there was a slight side shore wind from the south but the flags dropped once I got out there and the swell seemed to pick up and we all began to get little runs.
       Things were going pretty well until some bad karma showed up and one of them tried to cut across the from of me when a wave popped up in from of me for my turn. (I went anyways, and got it and he didn't.)
       I decided to so south to the outer edge of the crowd when things must of went down.
       Apparently they were firemen out to not only get my waves, but they tried to tell the local crew that I was a child molester.
       My guys told them that I wasn't and that they were Bad Karma and that they should just leave.
       I missed out on what went down but the firemen sure didn't last very long. I figure they were only out there about a half hour, and I've been hearing about it ever since.
       When you think about it, I sure haven't had to do much crowd control on my own as I have done in the past.

I got a look at Kelly Slater's man made wave.
Well in my opinion: it's a junk yard dog.
What I'm getting at is, I worked at a auto wrecking yard for a bit when I was a young man and I saw a dog kennel but no watch dog. I asked them where their watch dog was and they said they had to get rid of it, so I asked them why.
       They said that one of the other wrecking yards got sued over it because some kid climbed the fence and got bit.
       I said, "wasn't the kid trespassing?"
       They said, yeah but their lawyer proved to the court that wrecking yards are an attraction to kids."
       So hold on, you've got to get to the bottom line to understand where I'm getting at.

Now back to Kelly's wave:
Although he isn't telling you or actually showing you how it works: I've got it figured out.
It's a moving bridge crane turned into a plow.
       However, instead of running tracks down both sides, it's based of a trolley going down one side with an outrigger because of the idea one side needs a sloped shore so that back wash doesn't become more of a problem than it is.
       The outrigger, or bridge, or foil as some might call it is adjustable so that the right angle can be achieved.
       I'm not sure if he's got cables connected to the bridge a both ends, but I'm pretty sure that he does. .
       My question is whether there are powered spoolers (or winches,) at front and back or whether they loop back for the return motion. (I figure that there are four; one on each side of the pool front and back. ) And it doesn't matter whether he uses solar power or not, because it's not going anywhere, so it's simply not worth the investment.

Anyhow the reason it's not going anywhere:
First off it's not deep enough, only being about waist deep, it's a go way to brake your neck.
Secondly, you would put your life on the hands of the guy with the kill switch because if you fall you could end up getting mutilated between the bottom, which is dirt and can always change depth, -and the bridge. (Which I would love to see happen to Slater.)
       Then on top of that, once you get all that weight of the water in motion, just tuning off the motors may not stop the thing fast enough.
       Then you may think that even if you got users to sign a release form over the liability, I seriously doubt an insurance company will underwrite it because you would have to be sure that every next of ken has signed the release form as well, otherwise he could be staring at a wrongful death lawsuit.
       Now two things you can be sure of: is that the crowd cheering in th background is fake and just mixed into the audio and that he sure as hell disables it by disassembling major components and taking them with him every time he leaves the place.
       Yeah, the whole watch dog thing.

Could it be re-engineered?
Well it would have to be deep enough so that you wouldn't hit the bottom and it would either need a concrete bottom so that you couldn't get caught under the bridge or deep enough to where there would be ample enough room for a body to fit under the bridge if it was to go over the top of the body.
       But then, maybe if you wore a helmet because that bride is still moving and you are not.
       But then again, it's all about getting insurance companies underwrite it and the next of keen.

Oh, Yeah: back to my session
It never fails, I always seem to put on a good show for my fans, even though I'm not into that fancy stuff.
The wave of the day must have been that junky one where I had to restart by jumping on the nose and then it turned into a submarine. But what the heck I made it work.
       Sounds like my fans has come up with a name to call the one foot ten yarder I got yesterday. I guess you could say I've pulled off the Flying Angle before, but just not as well or as far. (I usually do it on an exit over the top when the lip grabs my board.) However, yesterday I was actually maneuvering it by steering it a bit up and down the wave as I want along. I have to say I was amused myself.
       And today it was kinna funny when a surfer said to another, "did you see him, he dropped in sideways!"
       The funny part about it is how he got a response from one of the local boys as if it didn't surprise him, "oh yeah, he does that all the time."
I think I've heard that Mark Foo was pretty good at it.
       But if not, it's kinna neat having my own thing.

People are catching on.
Like tonight: all I have to do is show up and stand on shore to watch the other guys out there and the waves seem to get better. Even other guys about to paddle out seem delighted to see me there just watching.
Kinna like my sideways launch, it's nothing new to me.
       I'm always amazed how the seagulls will often congregate around me as if I just belong there.

Oh, Yeah:
When I saw the picture of Kelly Slater on his Facebook page of him holding up a hand written sign of #D-Strong; I said to myself, "that's the guy."
"That's the guy in the water who sprained my neck."

Where does Obama get his Numbers?
Rule Numbers- 50 & 51

$1.8 Billion may do more harm than good
Like the idea that there is more profit in treating cancer than there is curing it.

February 9th, 2016:
       He can very well do that with the Zika Virus

Obama must not know the world Million:
Gee, $19 Billion for cybersecurity
Boy he sure likes to spend your kid's money
       If you know what is best for you,
       you better sign me up.

Paddled out into bad Karma
You know, nay sayers and those who challenge my Faith
       Sure they caught some waves, but they had to wait for the ones they got. I didn't get to sit in one place for more than two minutes for about an hour and a half. (And I needed to have it slow down.)
       I went none stop wave after wave and I bet those with Bad Karma didn't get as good of wave co-operation.
       Too tired to say any more other than my new fins sure like to go vertical.

If I wasn't accustomed to it,
I'd think I was delusional.
Rule Numbers- 4, 20

Talking about going into the Target Store today
You ever notice how quite it is in there?

February 10th, 2016:
       I'm left wondering if they saw me coming, or was it that I just happen to be the topic of conversations of so many.
       I say this because it didn't matter where I went in the store, there was always another conversation about me and my last night's post. It's overwhelming how many of them think, "they better sign him up."
       So with out exaggeration, I can honestly tell you that if there was a consensus of what seemed to be mostly women, I would certainly win an election for the president.
       They also agree that throwing too much money at the Zika Virus at once could be detrimental to the prevention efforts .
       I figure that the insecticide manufactures would be reeling on the money and just spraying everything down with stuff that is marked with skull and crossbones isn't the thing to be doing. We have enough brain and learning disorders the way it is, we don't need to be creating more.
       I'm more in favor of using the genetically altered male mosquitoes that turn the females sterile and we should be ramping up the production of them and not just concentrate on one country but try to disperse them as broadly as we can in the effected areas as we can as we produce them.
       If that was done, it would be more like targeting the specific breed of mosquitoes and not killing every bug in sight. If if we kill mosquitoes indiscriminately, what would the natural predators such as bats live on? Yeah there goes your natural food chain bit you all seem to be worried about.

On the international front:
I think it would be a good investment if we provided birth control for those infected areas. We should also ramp up the production of blood tests that detect the virus and provide it to women who are pregnant, preferably in their early pregnancy and arrange for the ability for aborting there early stage pregnancies:
       I feel may of the women in those countries may very well be working as prostitutes and they are unable to afford birth control and abortions. Many of them are stuck with the defective child and their societies will end up being overwhelmed with the lack of proper child care which will overburden the government agencies and society with the cost of proper care because nobody is actually showing us what kind of contribution those children are able to proved to there society when they mature. (I've heard they often go blind.)
       Of course we should also, help provide mosquito repellent especially to the women who are pregnant in those countries where supplies are hard to come by.
       When it comes to funding such things, we should dole out the funding in smaller amounts and track where it is all going so that it doesn't just end up in the pockets of people who are in the position to embezzle it.
       With the amount Obama wants to approve, you can bet only a small portion of the funding will actually go to where it is needed.

Coulda told you that:
Kelly Slater disconnects the motors of his wave machine when he leaves.
       Yeah, it's confirmed, it's a pile of junk. .
       Pretty wave, only if it was blue and not dog-shit brown.
       And there may be more to it, that he's surfing the same round tail with a different label on it.
       I wonder if he still owns stock in Channel Islands?
       And no; there is no way in hell I would want to ride another one of their surfboards, so you can put that rumor to rest.

Sounds like the video of a wave I caught yesterday went viral:
I saw a girl with a white cell phone on the rocks and I heard her say, "I got it."
I'd have to say it was a good one to get.
       The thing gave me a wall to build up some speed and then it threw two or three sections at me and instead of just trying to make it past them or safely pulling out, I just pulled some Tom Decker and threw myself into and up the face of the vertical sections. It bowled and rolled and did all kinds of weird things.
       Quite the ride you could say.

Oh, get a load of this:
Stopped off at the Wells Fargo bank:
This time I didn't get stuck waiting.
       In fact a gal came out of a glassed in office and took me ahead of another guy who was waiting .
       Funny how I ended up getting instructed to look on a web-site.
       I told her about the fact that it was embezzled. Even the possibility of a banker already being dead over it. She told me that I would probably need to hire a lawyer and I told her, "yes that's why they still have my money because they know I don't have that kind of money."
       I laughed at her and told her that I was just there because I was just doing what people told me I should do but I realized that it was no different than the time I went to the NBC News Network and ended up talking on the phone while they were all upstairs looking down on me.
       I said, that's ok, my friend is the Grim Reaper and maybe after the next banker dies, maybe you all will think you have a hot potato. It's just not worth dying over.
       Gee, if they had any common sense, would you think they would have some urgency?
       Yeah, ignorance is blitz.
       Oh yeah, I was right. They did hire Bill's brother because Bill Collins killed himself. Boy, his brother sure likes to press his luck, and not to say the two cops who played their sick game with me this morning are any brighter.

Oh, you gotta laugh:
Hillary Trashed the flag
And I liked what Madiline Albreight said:
       That "there was a place in Hell for women who don't help other women."
       She told us just where Hillary belongs because nothing Hillary or her husband has helped any other women. In fact, they've got women breeding stupid people, which means the women of the future born today are dumber than the women born 20 years ago. Well even the boys they have to raise today are in the same boat.
       Also, thanks to Hillary, women of today have to wonder if their husbands will come home from war in one piece, so the fact of the mater is that Hillary hasn't done women any favors so Hillary should just Go to Hell. .

Then you have to laugh at Jeb Bush:
You know, (a little late to mention but,)
that line that he said he was in the business of making Peace; then he had to ask for applause.
       Gee, I was amazes no one laughed because his brother sure did a mighty fine job of making a few wars we are stuck with, and we are suppose to think Jeb Bush can fix it?
       Blow it out your ass Jeb!

Fraser did himself in,
is what I heard all day.
Rule Numbers- 29, 33 & 44

Good riddens
I'm still waiting on Hoover, because he's dirty too.
Also there is that Wenton guy in Carlsbad.
Update: Well, it sounds like they got Wenton awhile ago.

February 11th, 2016:
       Funny how people on the Street shot down their Settlement
       They began spreading rumors on one amount and people laughed and said that wasn't enough. Then they said another and they said that's still not enough.
       It's sounds like they don't want God to get short changed, because we're talking about his money, not just mine.
       After all, God has the upper hand on it and those bodies will keep dropping until he gets his satisfaction.

Back to the Zika Virus and a the search for a Vaccine
Most of you have been calling it a bounty.
       And for a good reason people are suggesting 110% tax deduction write off instead of the 120% I was thinking of.
       For those of you clueless, it would be what bio-tech companies would be able to write off as a loss for research if they are not the ones that win the $50 million cash prize. However, we would have to wonder if there would be a problem with fraud over it and that's probably why people think a 10% profit margin would be that much safer.
       However I think there should be a price fix that goes along with the winnings which would keep the price at about half price of a flue vaccine . Also I'd have to consider the thought of the $50 Million as the purchase price the government should pay for the patent rights and then the government should hand over a smaller percentage royalties to the one that creates the vaccine.
       But when you actually think about it, the only people really needing it is women who are planning to get pregnant. However I may be wrong about that because of partners in sex may be considered and people with low immunities situations because it has been known to cause paralysis in some cases.
       The thing I'd be worried about is if we had a situation like we did with the anthrax scare. The company, that came up with it was charging $100 a pill until the government finally said that we will only pay $10 each.
       I have a web-page I wrote about the anthrax scare at Health and Environment. To say the least, I thought the whole thing was fishy from the get go.

Funny thing about this Anthrax scare

Another funny thing:
Ever since the Zika Virus problem started, I was the only on saying anything about handing out birth control and abortions.
Then after posting about it last night: I woke up with CBS news saying that the Pope was even suggesting birth control and abortions should be considered.
       Tell me why I'm so often way ahead of so many of you.
       It was years ago I was telling you about viruses and how we need to take care of our Bats.
       (I bet those who showed up to Bath the Bats are quite proud of themselves about now.)

I watch a bit of the Demo Debate
Couldn't help but notice that Hillary is a bobble head.
She constantly nods her head when she speaks.
       And Sanders always waves his arms.
       And oh yeah, Bush always nods his head from side to side.
       Funny as hit.

And no, I'm not staring in a Star Wars movie
Sometimes launching sideways with off-shore winds just doesn't work so hot.
It didn't hurt as bad as it looks.

bump on head

You might call it Bad Karma from Temecula
They didn't give me my space and I didn't put up with it very long.
The conditions had some good possibilities but it went from good to bad.
       Other locals went in early too.
       All I heard about the rest of the morning was they were left with one wave sets.
       At the shower I even can across at least one or two Channel Island Mr. Pro Surfers.
       One asked the other if I was the guy Kelly Slater tried to kill. The other answered yes. I think he even said they have a video of it.
       Guess you could call it Channel Island shop talk. Just the kind of guys I'd rather not be affiliated with. Any company that sponsors surfers with Evil Prevails painted on their surfboards are companies you best not support, by purchasing their products.

Ripcurl pro surfer saying Evil prevals.

Good riddens Supreme Court Justice Scalia
No good anyway, just a waste of money.
Rule Numbers- 51, 65 & 86

We need more of that Supreme Action with a Guillotine.
February 14th, 2016:
       However, I bet it was a Red Shower.
       Gee, they can retire at 65 with full pay. He should have done himself in 9 years ago.
      Yah gotta figure once they are past 70, they are addicted to pharmaceuticals. Half nuts and out the window.
       What the hell, you've got a president who is a murderer and he's appointed two criminals to the court already, how much worse can it get?

From watching the Debates it was clear to me that Trump doesn't have a clue upon what the NAFTA Treaty is all about.
He said he would create a tax (to do what just getting rid of what NAFTA would do.)

I can't remember, but:
They claimed either Cruz or Rubio as the winner, but I'd say they were the loosers:
Well, Bush is naturally a looser too.
       Gee, can you believe he has the gull to claim his brother kept us safe .
       Once again the John Kasic guy was the only one who had half a brain.

No Wonder Kanye West married the fat ass bitch:
He's got no money and he sure likes to spend it.
       $68 Million in Debt; who even let him get that far in debit anyway?
       Funny as shit.

1872 Berger Fallbeil Guillotine
1872 Berger Fallbeil
Good thing to have out back when you've got evil lurking around.
The ramp to the box is so thoughtful.

February 15th, 2016:
Senator Patrick Leahy (D)has got the nerve to come on TV and flash a copy of the Constitution
Rule Numbers- 51 Someone should tell him that in that document, it gives a person the right to protect their property and themselves from body harm.
Thanks to Senator Patrick Leahy (D), the US has adopted laws for the past twenty years that do not protect anyone. Patent laws that do not protect anyone from having their invention stolen.
       Senator Patrick Leahy's patent laws very well provide the means and abilities to do just that. The laws that Patrick Leahy created, can very well get you killed over your invention.

Patrick Leahy's patent laws got you breading stupid people:
       And they are going to haggle over who is going to be the next Supreme Court Justice who will overlook the violations against the Constitution for another twenty years.
       And you are hoping you haven't already lost an 1/8 of a present brain capacity because of the twenty years of Senator Patrick Leahy's patent laws.
       Man if anyone deserves an appointment with the Grim Reaper, he does.

Oh, Yah: this Grammy thing
The Tory Kelly gal is hot, guess there are a few of us who feel that she is the only reason we'd turn the channel on. The rest, we've probably seen before. (Wonder if she could even hear herself play the guitar there towards the end. The guy mixing the sound for TV sure blew the voices right over it. I wouldn't have been able to play, I was thinking. The guy Mixing it turned it onto something you would find done on American Idol, if you ask me.
       But she's hot definitely. (I've only actually heard her once on a morning news show for about a half a song.)

      The rest, we've probably seen before.

Spitzer is fixated on what's in his pants
Maybe he should run for office in a third world country, where prostitution is one of the top economic industries.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia
Killed himself, is what I hear all over the place
He took a red shower
       I could be wrong but I wouldn't bet otherwise.
       They are not exactly telling us how he died on the evening news.
       I'm sure they would be telling me other wise with the use of subliminal messages.
       Wasn't it Gov. John Kasich who said it was something the people of this country be voting on?
       Can you believe I even heard and engagement from a news commentary that since the people voted for Obama, that is as if the people voted for what Obama wants.
       Since these bum's have such an importance as to overruling something a president is trying to pull, I think it should be someone the People of the USA vote one. It's just another simple election and I think there should be a 5 to 10 year term limit set to the position as well.
       Gee, in November 2014, Kasich won re-election, defeating Democrat Ed FitzGerald, the county executive of Cuyahoga County, 64% to 33%. He won 86 of 88 counties. (86 or of 88 counties? I don't know if I want to believe that it's true or not.)
       I heard they threatened Rand Paul.
       I wouldn't doubt it if the people who threatened him ended up dead. (It's got me wondering?) It would be something I would expect. My reputation is pretty much based on it in a way. I'd bet on it but I can understand why Paul wouldn't. (Rule #9)

I've been wondering, just as many of us.
Wondering if I actually have to sign any documents, To make me eligible for the Office of President of the United States of America

I give any licensed attorney the permission to sign my signature for such documents, and no other.
This is because of the limited days left before the open filing dates will have expired.
    Reason being is the lack of funding available and the need to be present thousands of miles away.
    Signed, Dennis James Sattler
    Born in Tacoma Washington, on May 22nd, 1960
    Posted at 8:51 p.m on the 15th of February 2016

Rastatt Fallbeil
From the looks of the belts, on the Rastatt
it looks as though it was used alright.
I like the tilt to load feature and how the
       platform is shaped like a valley for a good run-off.

Don't you think heads should roll?
Rule Numbers- 29, 33, 35, 44 & 65

It's about time the folks at the CDC and other agencies that are finally investigation the artificial turf problem with soccer players should be fired.
February 16th, 2016:
       I wrote about it at least two years ago and how many kids have died of cancer or come down with Hutchins Lymphoma by now?
       I figure that they are responsible for any of the deaths or illnesses that have happened over the last year because they should have been doing something about it two years ago.
       It couldn't mean anything other than those public officials hire to protect us must have been bought off by the manufactures of the deadly turf material.
       (You know, about the ground up tires used in the turf.)
       It Pisses me off and their heads should roll.

Senator Cory Booker, (D) of New Jersey on TV
Booker was pushing his Brick
       Man-Oh-Man did he ever take the brainwashing stuff preachers use and ran with it .
       He must say the same stuff in seven different ways over and over so that some of you actually think what he is saying has any truth to it.
       The guy is is full of shit. I can't believe people actually voted that shit head into office.

Get a load of this:
William Ritchie, former head of criminal investigations for the Washington, D.C., police force, wrote on Facebook: “As a former homicide commander, I am stunned that no autopsy was ordered for Justice Scalia… My gut tells me there is something fishy going on in Texas.”
       A ranch owner says he discovered Scalia with "a pillow over his head" but a local judge pronounced him dead of natural causes without seeing the body or performing an autopsy, which is permissible under Texas law.
       Maybe he was a good guy and the bad guys wanted him dead.
       But like I said, he had been at it too long and of course he had medical problems and a bad shoulder which you can bet had him on some mighty fine pain medication.
       Regardless of what they are saying, I'm left wondering if it will be a open casket funeral because that will be the indicator whether he took a Red shower.

Oh I checked out more of Tori Kelly
She best get her hands on a black bass player.
Those white dudes she was using are lame. They're like a shitty guitar player and they are not even playing with the drummer, which happens to be their job.

And on Tori's reaction to Taylor Swift: It was a proper one because Taylor swift is not that good anyway, (she pretty much sings in one key all the time,) and besides, Swift is nothing more than a Speilberg whore.

signed request for pres doc

Of course, the more I practiced signing my name,
the worse it got.

But they say it should be legal
I heard I was already signed up
       I even heard they started a Super Pack for me too.
But I wouldn't believe anything you hear.
       I'd hope there are more than one application submitted for me, or at least verifiable.
       I'd think getting a signed statement from a judge saying that it's all legal would be worth the trouble because you can bet it will be challenged.
       Actually, I might make up a better signed statement by taking out the Reason being part and somehow replacing with a request. I had it in my head, but now I can't recall how I wanted to word it properly. But I guess you get the just. I rally don't think a signature should be so important because it's not like someone else signing the paper work for me is going to take anything from me. I'm just wondering if there is any cost in currency is needed to apply.

Well I found the Statement of Candidacy on PDF
I will print it out tomorrow and fill in as much as I can and sign it and post a photo of it tomorrow. (But really, I really don't even have a real address, and Id rather use one other than the one I've been using, so it's more or less signing a blank document isn't it?) And boy I'm getting sick and tired of trying to make things show up in my browser. I think I've got some bug flying around in this thing.
I'm going to see if there is more to do.
       Maybe I'll have enough time to mail one in. None the less, I would bet it wouldn't make it, but what the heck, I could try certified mail. I'm not sure when the dead line is. I'm guessing it's March first.

Ah, the more I look into it:
The more I realize that I've already done all you can expect me to do. (However I will do the FEC form #2 as I already said. ) Other than that, there are several forms to fill out and I would say it would take a lawyer to figure out what is needed as it is needed. (I figure that most candidates hire lawyers who specialize in just that.) All I can do is make sure my name can be thrown into the hat. It's not like I'm going to be doing any campaigning any time soon.
       I figure I wouldn't do anything until at least July or August, once all the other candidates have said what they are going to say a few dozen times and the web traffic always booms around the middle of August. With me in the race, it would be like throwing a wrench into the corrupt machine.
       What the heck, I would have to worry about the majority surfer vote; I think I've got that one sewn up.

Enough of that: I got wet today.
       I took the Stoneman for a stroll in some waist to chest high stuff. Although none of it was worth writing home to Mom about, none the less, I did pull off some fun ones.
       My back got through it already up until the last wave that buried me pretty hard, but other than a little sourness, I think I ready for something bigger.

Get this:
The local cops have been passing around nude photos of victims
Sounds familiar but aren't they suppose to protect us from those kinds of crimes?
       I wonder if any of them will get fired?
       Of course they will squelch their record of it so that they can go get another job in another city or county.
       They got the same kind of thing going on with bad teachers.
       Apparently, the records of bad teachers stop at state lines so they just move on down the road and do it again.

I don't think I have to ask who appointed Ash Carter.
You know, for the Secretary of Defense.

Well it takes an idiot to appoint an idiot
and you can bet that idiot would be Barack Obama.

February 17th, 2016:
       Rule Number 51
       Here it is, just how long since the shootings in San Bernardino?
       The Carter guy is still trying to get Mr. Cook to hand over Apple's security secretes.
       Carter, nor the government needs the key to the back door on everyone's phone nor order anyone to brake a security feature.
       Tell me that Carter or anyone else would be able to sell the information on the phone as easy as they could the key to the back door.
       Gee, you are telling me that the Secretary of Defense does not have any common sense?
       And you can't tell me that just because someone is a judge, or a member of the FBI, that they are not crooks themselves. Besides, the Constitution say that we should be able to protect our property, and what is on our phone, is our private property. (It would also set a dangerous precedent, which in ways that would be the same thing as a law in this country.) Also other countries would end up requiring the same information.
       The end result could be that you could go on a vacation to someplace and as soon as you get off the airplane, they could ask you to hand over your phone or computer so they could look at all the information on it.
       If Apple brakes their own code for these crooks, you can bet Obama would be having to ask for $50 Billion instead of the $19 Billion for Cyborsecurity.
       So the information on the two San Bernardino killer's phone, just isn't worth the risk of loosing more security over.
       Just another reason you need me to be your President.

Morons at ABC Disney News
Trying to tell people that it will hurt Trump for blaming Bush for 1911.
       Well, it's true and I can't see how the truth can hurt anyone.
       How many times do I have to say that 911 happen because the Bush family was involved in the same Unacal Oil Pipeline as Osama Ben Laden in Afghanistan.
       When the Pipeline construction was shut down, al-Qaeda retaliated by blowing up the towers. The look on Bush's face while he was in the School would tell you that..
       Bush put us in a war in Afghanistan, taking control of the government there, -and the Unical Oil Pipeline was back in construction only a month later.
       (Oh yah, just before the airspace was shut down, the Bush family flew the Ben Laden family out of the country on a private chartered jet.)
       Who's fooling Who?

And there are those who worry:
Whether I would take away same sex Marriage.

I'm sure I've said before, "what ever floats your boat."
I will say I would work to take away any tax breaks or loop holes or even penalties that go with marriage.
       (I should mention, in the 70's my parents claimed that they would pay less taxes if they divorced.) However I would want to take away the tax deductions for having kids, because I don't think it's unfair for people who don't have kids, to have to pay for the education of the children of others. But then the cost of schools and education is usually paid by property taxes, so that is at a state level and that's out of the President's hands, or should I say that it isn't a federal concern for the president to have control over as far as I know,

       And I do admit, my tax plan needs a little work.
       I think there should be some kind of compromise, or at least there should be some kind of influence of both income and accumulated wealth determining what tax bracket one should be in.
       Maybe the answer for married couples would be combining the accumulated wealth and income as one. But then you have some states that say each partner owns half and others don't, so we might have to get the States to even the playing field, if that's possible.
       I think what each individual owns before the marriage, stays their's individually, and once married, the new wealth accumulated becomes both of theirs, 50/50. Just the price you pay for getting married.

You would have to laugh:
People are already pointing me out to there kids as the guy who is going to be the next president.
Then the kids ask "when."
       They say in return, "next year."

I guess I don't have to worry:
When I woke up this morning, my Angles informed me that they filed for me.
       I just hope you are all relieved as much as I am, because the alternative just doesn't look too good.
       Just thinking about this Bloomfield guy hopping into the race only shows us what money can do.
       If you think you have a problem with executive orders now, boy Bloomfeild would give you so much more of that problem. I bet he would be padding the pockets of many of his constituents. Quite scary to be frank about it.

As for me with executive orders:
I would only use it in emergency situations. But then getting rid of a bunch of shit Obama created with executive orders would be quite urgent.
There are too many times, there are officials who sit on their hands, (like the Supreme Court justices,) and with a little common sense used, I would only use executive orders if I thought Congressional approval was already willing to go along with it. To say the least, if it is going to be challenged, I rather not bother with it.

Finally, someone pointed out what I thought two days ago.
Colbert last night used it as a joke, (which is is.)
Kanya West asked Zakerberg to back him with a Billion Dollars for his ideas.
       What gave West the idea that Zukerberg would be trolling Tweeter, or even helping anyone asking for money on Tweeter?
       That's a very, very good example of shit for brains folks. (I know, I need to be more presidential, butt....)

And while we are at it:

Taylor Swift is not as smart as she thinks she is.
At the age of 25, she should know the difference of a lecture and an acceptance speech.
The bitch is full of herself.

For those who give a damn, that Kate Hudson and Gov. John Kasich guy will be on Colbert's show tonight.
I've got a question for Donald Trump:
How does it feel getting ripped off?

57% too stupid to think for themselves:
Rule Numbers- 51

I saw a poll on TV that said 57% thought Apple should let the government into their cell phones
February 18, 2016:
       Only 32% said No and a little over 10% were undecided.
       Which in turn means that almost 70% don't even know what is good for them, while most of them are busy putting their credit card info on their phones.
       Boy, I don't know about you think but that's a sure sign of just how stupid people actually are.
       It just amazes me how willing people are to get screwed over.
       Well maybe what I wrote yesterday changed that a bit, and it was only a poll that was put out by ABC Disney, so what kind of creditability that is. Maybe it was designed to be misleading just to brainwash people into thinking the wrong way.

Guess the Pope has no concern about your children getting addicted to the drugs that get peddled over the border
Or how many die from it, or how many Mexicans are in our prison systems because of it.
       I'll be the first to say that the Pope does not have much between his ears. (Brains that is.)
       And now birth control is ok with him, but what was he saying less than a year ago? (And where did he get the Idea that they should use contraception?) I think most of us know already.
       And you've got to admit what he just said is hypocritical since the Vatican is surrounded by walls

Guessing and a Bet:
I'm guessing that the stereo in Kanya West's vehicle can vibrate the interior parts lose of the car parked next to it. (I heard today,he's got 2,000 watts.)
I bet Kanya gave himself CTE with the booming from it too, because he sure acts like it.
       I wouldn't doubt he will end up killing himself.
       Would you want to bet on that?

When will John Kasich ever learn.
To either write a script for the interview, or at least provide the questions.
Just as I wrote about Rand Paul getting dogged:
       Steve Colbert was making him look like a fool in the later portion of the interview by trying to crack or make jokes out of what Kasich was trying to say. Colbert was making him repeat stuff and wasn't even letting him finish what he was saying before butting in.
       Even Ellen Degenerate has a better style of interviewing someone that Colbert does because alt least she keeps her mouth shut and lets the guest say what they are going to say.
       I would have stop him the first time and git up and walked off the second time.
       It sucks when you are trying to be serious and someone tries to make a joke out of it. I've got no time for that, just ask anyone who has don't it to me.

And you wonder why I would even try to help Kasich:
Well, I don't think he is any competition and I do have to find a running mate at some point.
So far it would be a toss up between Rand Paul and John Kasich.
       I think John Kasich is probably the most qualified, however I've favored Rand Paul, but I would have to check on his voting record to find out if he voted for Obamas's first to file patent laws. (Update: Well one outside source said no, but you really can't find the truth, however what I get out of his record through the votes of amendments in the early days of March 2011 he did vote yes. Dirt-bag. )
       What I would like to know is how the citizens of Ohio feel about Kasich and if he voted on the GATT Treaty. (Big hole in the records I've found. Update: He's out.)
       I've been aware of how he turned that state around, but that doesn't tell me how the folks there feel about how he did it.
       I think Rand Pual's father's commercials/web-site/video's did more harm than good for Rand Paul, because I checked out his video and it appeared to be a typical info commercial because he didn't get right to the point and just say what the problem was. I found myself listening to old man Paul telling me about the credentials of his guest speaker and I lost interest and never got to the important part.
       And you wonder why I don't feel either one of these guys can be a competitor against me for the Presidency?
       I think it's my brain capacity people want. They will feel safer knowing that they have a Sentinel in office who can't get brainwashed. And since my friends are Angles and we have a Grim Reaper among us, we can only expect honesty and righteousness on Capital Hill.

Gotta Laugh:
Rule Numbers-4, 20, 22, 33 & 44

After people's kids were getting robbed, knifed and killed over the cell phones their parents gave them.
Everyone was asking the government to make the cell phone companies to make the cell phones worthless if stolen.

February 19th, 2016:
       So they make them destroy themselves, and after only 14 people end up dead in San Banardo, the want the cell phone manufactures to go back on their own words.
       Guess the people would rather have a thousand dead kids, just to get into few phones the cops and FBI have sitting around rendered worthless.
       As for the San Bernardo killers, and their 14 dead. I seriously doubt the criminals would have kept the phone if it did have any communications with ISIS on them, because they would have just destroyed them like the others they had.
       I think people are not being accountable for the deaths that are created. Therefore if you add up the 14 dead bodies to the dead bodies that were killed in Paris, it would not amount to anything like the dead bodies the US tax payers are creating in Syria, every day.
       Just the other night, on the TV News, they were pointing out the fact that there were at least two rebel organization that the US has armed, -are fighting each other.
       Yes folks, we've been providing weapons to both sides of a civil war that was created just because we gave them the weapons to do so. So how many human beings are killed every day because of that? I'd say a hell of a lot more than any information on anyone's cell phone is worth.

The two words I heard the most this morning:

Was "Mitt Romney."
I'd have to say I would have to consider him, because I certainly don't want just another one of those establishment guys like Kasich, who already has done three terms in Congress. I feel he was involved in lowering the interest rates which created Clinton's phoney stimulated economy which drove up the price of your housing.
       I figure what ever he did as Governor was to make him look more presidential and therefore it was just him taking advantage of a low, and he just road it out of a rescission. Most anyone could have don't the same thing, even Obama. (Well, wasn't that what Obama did, while spending your money?) Update: I heard people say he is a back stabber.
      As far as Mitt Romney? There is plenty of time to sleep on it. I'm just leery of anyone who believes in a religion because it's in a book. However, you have to admit, his kind of faith takes care if its people.

The words I heard the most the last few days is:

I'm going to vote for him:
I have to say I was a bit surprised when I heard a local police officer say that to others yesterday.
It's all over the place and it seems like everyone feels the same way.
       However, that saying has been a bit overshadowed by the amount of money they are saying that is accumulating in campaign funds and just hearing all the fuss over it is the only reason I can actually believe it's all true.
       Like the saying, "it was the 17th, somewhere that day." So you can assume they are talking about the statement I accidentally advanced its date twice instead of once as I intended.
       None the less, if it is all a big lie, you all are the ones who would loose out, because I'm sure enough money will just fall into my hands to where I can eventually just move out of this country and not be bothered by what is going on here.
       You all have to learn to help yourself by not dogging me anymore, or you all will have to learn to live with the consequence. And those consequences very well be feudal, so it's up to you all to prove what I say one way or another.

I do have some reservations
Upon how all the campaign funds are spent.
       It's difficult for me to think that most of it would be going to all those television networks that have kept me hid all this time. And do I have to mention that they sure are not reporting that Speilberg is in prison for killing people around me. And why would I want to pay the people who don't tell people that your own president is a murder and was involved with it. Shit he killed his own daughters, isn't that news worthy?
       Like today, that Eva Langoia bitch appeared on The View, telling people she was backing Clinton.
       I had to laugh, th bitch showed up waring so much spanks, she actually had problems breathing and talking at the same time.
      Of course I wasn't going to listen to her shit and I changed the channel. However, a little later, I came across the ABC Disney channel only to discovery that they had just used Eva Langoria's voice in a subliminal message and it said, "he is the Devil."
       Well, obviously I don't care to see any of my own campaign funds going into the hands of the people at Disney who are obviously whoring themselves out to Speilberg and the Democratic Party. And I just get tire of hearing all the misleading thinks ABC has been telling people, over and over. It's just an evil organization and I don't want any of my money going to it.
       However, I've got some mighty fin idea upon how these campaign funds can be used. There a bit untraditional but I'm sure they will work. I'm not about to revel my methods because I don't like the thought of giving my ideas away.

Closed Casket for Scalia:
Well they didn't prove us wrong.
Not like they can hire another dead body to put into the cooler as easy as they can hire a couple girls to replace the presidents daughters.
      I heard the First Tranny was going to go with him, but not the two little whores they are calling Obama's daughters. Wouldn't you think teenage girls would want to go to Cuba?

Let me guess:
That coffin with the flag draped over it, only has sandbags in it.
That's because: They wouldn't let it set out at room temperature overnight with four people watching over it. And of course if there was actually a body inside it, don't you think one of those four would want to open it up and take a picture of a body with the head blown off?
       Yeah, funny as shit. .
       Of course Ted is showing us all how he would try to pull the wool over your eyes. He's learning how to do Blue screen and photo shop tricks just like Speileberg and Obama. And just as tacky at it.

Either Trump is saying what he thinks stupid people want, or he doesn't have any sense for business.
Talking about his boycott Apple bit of course.
A couple years ago people were complaining about kids getting robbed over their cell phones.
       Now if the government makes Apples security features to go away, it would make Apples older cell phones more valuable than their new ones .
       You'd have thousands of kids getting killed over their phones all because a few terrorist and a couple hundred victims.
       In the olden day when things were on paper, if the crooks burned the paper, the information was gone. (And the cops just had to live with that and learn how to do their job without the information.) Now days because of the need for security, most people have paper shredders.
       Law enforcement should just consider the information burned and live with it. Because it would be more than a year and there would be another Edward Snowden selling the key to the back doors and your kids would be dropping dead almost as fast as your inventors are.
       Another thing about these phones the F.B.I. and police departments have. They should be no more reliable than a typical tape recording. And what is said about them is that they are not admissible in a court of law. Just another way of framing an innocent person if you ask me.

Oh, Yeah:
I guess I don't even have to check my mail:
Just as Morro Bay, Carlsbad was able to leak the correct date.
       But of course they don't plan to pay me anything either. (That leaked out before I even got the letter.) Rule #4
       I knew the dead lines were nearing, but that really doesn't matter because I knew the rumors they were spreading around earlier were just lies anyway and It was only common sense to me that the crooks would just refuse to pay because they knew I wouldn't be able to get any lawyer anyway. What really matters is when some bodies start dropping.
       Kudda told yeah.

No less than Two Dozen Times:
Rule Numbers- 3, 8, 9, 10 & 42

"He was right,
there was sand bags in the coffin."

Yeah, like those four guys are not going to open the casket to find out.

February 20, 2016:
       Obama's weapon of choice is a dry erase marker in a gulf cart. At least I think that is what my Angles tried to tell me.
       None the less, I think I've got his assassination methods figured out.
       When you think about it, the Scalia case is quite similar to the first daughters. The tried to make a murder look like a suicide.
       I bet they snuffed him out with a pillow and then carried him to the shower and then held him up, put a pistol in his hand and then pulled the trigger. The only question I have is if the Justice made it to the shower and did the pistol have a silencer?.
       The silencer would also be another clue to it being a murder because if he was going to kill himself, he would not have had any concern to how loud it was, but if murdered, the noise would be a problem.

Maybe I will stand corrected, but I doubt it.
See, in most cases Obama will meet up with one of Spielberg 's cronies on the gulf course.
       Then Spielberg will get a visit with a one of his dry erase marker guys.
       Spielberg probably has all kinds of connections to gangsters in prison and they have the connections on the out side as well.
       I figure that in an effort to keep prepaid credit card deposits at a reasonable low amount, Spielberg sets them up with a few doctors with prescription pads. This enables the gangsters on the street to convert the prepaid credit card into a hell of a lot more money on the street.
       I think you all get the idea by now.
Rule #12, it's not difficult to figure out how it's done, they just do it.
       I'll just try to keep an open mind and hopefully my Angles will correct me if I'm wrong.

Jeb Bush burned $120 Million in 6 months:
Burning money
What a waste of money.

I'll Bet You:
That Donald Trump will get more people in Nevada to show up to vote for him than Sanders and Clinton combined.
   (Which is less than 12,000) Hillary only got 6,700.
       Oh Yeah: During a town meeting with Hillary, someone should ask Hillary if she ever had anyone murdered.
       I predict the bitch will probably answer the question with another question, or make a comment that is unrelated, but if you can actually get her to say no, you will get a sample of her body language of when she is lying.
       Something tells me that she just doesn't have the knack for lying as her husband does. I'm willing to bet she will give it away every time if you know what to look for.

With figures like I predict, Trump will win the Presidential election unless I'm running against him.
       The reason I'm using the State of Nevada as an example, is because the people there in Las Vegas are a good sample of people from all over the country.
       Therefore, if you don't want Trump as your president, you better make sure I'm signed up. The clock is ticking and you only have a few days to make sure.
       If not, I'll sure feel sorry for you. (Well, all of US.)
       Oh, if someone was to ask me how it is or what it is like to run for president, my answer would not sound anything like Donald Trump says it is. I think I would just simply say, it is necessary.

I bet, when I paddle out at the jetty:
All the kids at the contest at the Pier was talking about it.
Reason being, the tide was still a bit too high and the waves were not working too well and everyone was counting on the waves getting better as it dropped.
       I bet they were sure hoping nobody would steal a me from me either.
       All in all, the waves did get better and we did have a decent 3 ft swell and I think there was plenty of waves to keep people happy until the wind finally came up about noon.
       I got a few portions, noting that great, but nothing that bad either. A few sections were pretty cool, but I think the most fun wave I got was my first wave I caught running on the inside in the corner.
       Boy after that first wave, I got caught on the inside and it took me a long time to get back out again so I learned to pull out early on most of them.
       Let's hope for some decent ones tomorrow and that the 7-8 second 1-2 footer doesn't ruin the 2ft. 12 seconder.
       If they clean up well, they could stack up to some big ones, however it could amount to another difficult paddle out through the inside again like today.
       Good luck.

I See A Trend:
Rule Numbers- 20, 26, 33 & 44

Just as with Bill Cullins
Sims and Cunniff was sure to make sure I knew I was wrong.

February 22, 2016:
       But are my Angles ever wrong?
       Well yesterday the criminals wanted me to be corrected, but today people on the street are telling me that I was right. Sims and Cunniff (I thought either Cunniff or Fraser) walked out onto the pier and harassed a homeless kid who was next to me just to antagonize me by I guess. I just ignored them just as I always do when evil lurks around. (Good Ridden, Cunniff was a murderer.)
       Just last week Sims and his partner stalked me by even stopping next to me on the road just to antagonize me with their waving bit. As usual they thought it was funny, but it just took some time until his number was up with the Grim Reaper.
       Another Red Shower I suppose.
       Going to laugh about it as I file another claim tomorrow.
       It's like the responses from the other claims are well over due, and I realize the will refuse to pay as usual, but I know there will be another body that will drop as usual too.(I know we got Bonnie already over the county's ordeal with the naked pictures.) I just wonder when it will be the Oceanside city attorney's number that comes up?

I saw a clip of the Governor of Michigan last night
But only on one TV Station which means to me that it's probably an older clip that was used because he only said something like, "we need to get the guy," which could have been about someone else at another time.

I'm also curious about whether or not some commercials on TV can get enough stupid people in Carlsbad to vote for the measure "A".
If so, you could blame it on a Fire Department and a stupid commercial played over and over.
       You never know; I'm sure everyone heard it at least seven times and maybe there are enough stupid people in Carlsbad to be brainwashed by in and they actually think that it is true.

       You have to laugh because they didn't even have to show a blue print. But really, a shopping mall built where a open park space should be. Really, are people so dumb?

I'm wondering why the F.B.I. doesn't take up on Mcaffee's offer to crack the code on the phone:
The offer was more in line with what I said in my first post about it. (But it was never posted.)
The FBI should just had over the phone to him because asking the FBI to get involved in anything is like asking a bunch of criminals to get involved.
       I think it's a good way for Macaffee to profit off the government, I just wonder how out of hand that can get. I think if Macaffe can acually do it, (which I think is possible if the info isn't scrabbled yet,) the Macaffee Company should keep the method to themselves. Teaching anyone else, especially the FBI is the wrong thing to do.

Funny thing:
I watched the surfing contest yesterday and I didn't see anyone get as good of a ride as I did on my first wave, -on the Stoneman, no less.
Also heard that Kelly Slater has been riding a copy of my board.
       And gee, I couldn't get one cent on my GoFundMe account, which was taken down, not by me.
       And gee, I even heard some, (even a shaper who works for a name brand,) say they should sponsor me. Yeah so I walk around with their label on my board.
       Yeah, you can bet their own shapers thought they should.
       But I'm no fool, the sabotage and theft by Kelly Slater and Firewire is something that anti-trust laws are suppose to protect us from, and I did license a business for it, so it just wasn't a piece of foam.

Just think:
Most shapers will tell you that their first board left quite a bit to be desired.
But how many can say, that the 11 time world champ not only stole his board, but is riding it?
       Well, I can say I still have the templates and I'm sure I can crank out another almost identical or even better next time.
       So do you think I'm going to have a difficult time selling my boards in the future?
       I'd say if Kelly Slater can get over $650 for a board, so can I.

Oh, Yeah:
It sounds like Slater even took his wave machine apart.
I figure it got boring after awhile.
       Probably didn't like the wait for the water to smooth out too.
       That glassy tube took some time to create.
       See, I grew up on a lake and I know how just one trip around the lake with a ski-boat can effect glassy waters.
       His machine couldn't produce that good of a wave time after time without a long wait.
      You just can't beat God's Ocean.

The Numbers of Guantanamo Bay are all over the place:
Rule Numbers- 10 & 26

I even heard Obama's own executive order will not permit transfers
February 23, 2016:
       First I heard that it cost $85 Million per year to keep the 91 prisoners on the Island and that it would cost $450 Million to transfer them out of there.
       Then I heard Obama say that it cost us $450 Million just last year and will cost us over $200 million to keep them there.
       Then I heard from a politician that it cost $5 Million per prisoner per year to keep then there and $450 million to transfer
       All I get out of it is that someone must be getting rich over the whole thing.

I saw the First Tranny dancing with the 106 year old lady.
Boy don't those butt pads make his rear-end look like a Olympic ski-jump?
       Makes us wonder if the Tranny is competing with the Kim Kardashian, or Beyonce.
And while we are close:
I think this anti-cop thing Beyonce is pushing
with her new album is being irresponsible and it's clear to me that she is capitalizing on sensationalism and all she is going to do with it is cause more trouble than we already have.
       The Super Bowl and the Grammy's are two places that something like that shit does not belong. (Talking about the jail cell rapper at the Grammy's too.) I think parents who let their kids go to her concerts should have there heads examined.
       The bitch is up to no good.

Paddled out tonight expecting it to get better:
Well it did. Even the winds started to go off-shore out of the northeast for us.
But then the Firemen/Lifeguards got off work and polluted the water with Bad Karma
       Needless to say, the winds went south and the sets quit coming in. We paddled in.
       It's called bad Karma. Oceanside is full of it. Just a bunch of Creeps on the payroll here

Talking about Bad Karma:
Oceanside Police decided to solicit complaints with child molester rumors on Sept.2nd'15 only a couple months after Carlsbad cops pulled the same thing. Still waiting to hear form Carlsbad, since filing on Nov.11th. I bet it got lost in the mail. Guess I should go find out about it in person.

Sept.2.2015 oceanside, files Feb.23.2016

Sounds like the grim Reaper got a city attorney last night. I'm still waiting to hear about my 5 days in jail courtesy of Bill Collins, which ended up with naked pictures on the web. Filed Dec.23rd one with city and one with the county. Bonnie D. is dead, so the county has an excuse for dragging ass.
Good News is what we call that.
       But gee, you would think Mr. Sims would learn something from all of it but I guess he thinks he's above everyone else.
       I'd seriously doubt that, because I know just what kind of guy the Grim Reaper would not tolerate and Sims is one of them.
       And I think people under estimate the power of the corruption City Managers have. They are usually much more powerful and dirty than any mayor can be.
       Tacoma had a real bad one. I wonder if the Grim Reaper has taken care of him by now?
       Gee, you would not believe how good it feels when I hear another evil asshole bites the dust. It feels like I just won a Million Dollar settlement. Certainly worth a Million Dollars to me to learn another one of them are dead and gone fore ever.
       Let's all thank God for cleaning house. Amen.

It's bad enough that the polls are saying that 58% of those out there are clueless about security
Then you've got this Bill Gates coming on the scene playing dirty pool.
Well of course Gates is going to cause as much trouble for a competitor of Microsoft. It's clear to me he has no ethic, but then again, Bill Gates software can not offer you the security that Apple can.
       I'll be the first to say that Microsoft software is full of holes and anyone can hack Microsoft junk.
       Microsoft is the biggest piece of shit software a person can buy.
       I can't keep Microsoft running for more than 30 days with out it getting hacked to death. Constantly doing system restore and if you really want to screw things up and let everyone in you except the new updates. I can't tolerate the crap I had to put up with when I was using Microsoft,
       Anyone can hack into Microsoft operating systems, simply by downloading the software to do it from the Internet for free. And if you don't want to do that you can go to any magazine stand and buy a disk to do it.
       I myself use Linux which is based on Unix, which is what Apple software is based on. I've been using Linux for over 5 years and I will never go back to that Microsoft crap.

Clinton's plan sure backfired:
Rule Numbers- 50

She should have hired Trump to run as an independent.
Because Trump had about six times as many people show up in Nevada to vote for him than she did.

February 24, 2016:
In fact: Donald had 3 times as many voters show up to vote for him than both Clinton and Sanders (the entire Democratic Party)
       And Trump says he loves the under educated voters, so you can bet he will keep breeding stupid people with the patent laws we have.
       Pretty much the demise of the human race unless I end up in the race.
       No telling what he'll do to God's planet.
       I myself fear he would use nuclear bombs and we certainly don't need any more radiation floating around than we have already.

As important the Lagoon is for Carlsbad
Well worth getting egged for.
And well worth the effort of the couple Posts I made for the Opposition. I must have heard "Sunnyside," said two or three times during the news coverage of the gathering of the opposition parties.
       Last night the mail in ballets has a five point lead towards the mall, but by this afternoon the walk-ins put the no's in the lead by about 200 and as of tonight they are calling it too close to call, but we are still 188 votes ahead.
       I have to say it is something I'm proud of and glad I did, but I was just doing what God and my Angles would want me to do.
       All morning I was hearing people say, "he saved the cove."
       If we fail, we can always tell the Coastal Commission that the oil from cars in a shopping mall parking lot would pollute the lagoon and screw up the eco-system.

Of course the case against Merriot Hotels has got me interested:
Kind of the same kind of thing I've got going with the Country of San Diego.
Merriot employees help facilitate it because not only did they book the room next to Erin Andrews, but they opened her door up for him so he could take the lens out of the peep hole.
       She has to get at least $75 million because how much the hotel makes every year.
       None the less, I need to get $250 million because I make the county about $100 mil every year. So $250 million isn't really enough.
       The other 6 claims are $150 million. so we are up to $1.15 Billion already. About what they would make of me in about 10 years and they've been making money off me for about 5 years already, so it's safe to say they've made $250 million off me already so suing them for any less for anything would be foolish .
       But I don't need to sue them because it will eventually get down to the City Counsel Members of both Carlsbad and Oceanside. The more dead bodies, the more I will get. I'm in no hurry.
       The money is mostly to be used for God, so you can bet he will get it.

Yah have to laugh:
Like I said, you can't trust the FBI
Guess they screwed up and changed the cloud password before backing it up.
That left Apple without the ability to even try to help.
       But really folks, I'd bet pretty much anything that the phone did not have any information that amounted to anything. Its simply not worth the fuss.
       People should just realize that the FBI is not near as brilliant as they may seem on TV show and it is full of criminals and screw ups.
       Face it: they are only 8%ers diminished. They are actually criminals as far as I'm concerned. The last kind of people you would ever want to trust with any information of your own.
       Believe me when I say that the people who work for the FBI are just as greedy as any crook and they would sell the information on your phone if they could find someone who would want to pay them for it.

I bet we've got City Counsel Members loosing sleep:
Rule Numbers- 8, 12, 29, 33, 34 & 44

I figure there is five City Counsels (3 right hear in SD)
Plus their attorneys and managers and a few cops to boot

February 25, 2016:
It could take a while but I can assure you the Grim Reaper can handle them.
       Being conservative they could be all gone in a year if we only dropped a couple dead bodies per week.
       But that would leave the grim Reaper with too much spare time on his hands.
       But there is a Mayor of Jacksonville Mississippi who didn't do anything about telling people about the lead in their water. (For 8 months.)
       I figure the Governor of Mississippi is also good for a trip down the automatic Guillotine also.

But why should we add the Director of the F.B.I. James Comey to the list:
Yeah Comey: Someone should tell him and everyone else that 14 people an nothing but spilled milk because we kill off that many private inventors every day of the week and no one fusses over them .
       I'm posting the back page of my News Flier I use to had out back in the days when I sold books on the street. I even made a special web-page for it called:

The Bad Part

Wanna bet Donald Trump has not paid any taxes?
There isn't a common folk person who like the way the government spends their money either. But that doesn't mean we don't have to pay any taxes.

Holding your brain

"Not Enough"
Rule Numbers- 4, 10, 26, 33 & 44

The two words I heard most
People know how much money I made this place

February 27th, 2016:
It's and insult, to even think they can get away with what they want to offer.
       I say, there hasn't been enough bodies drop is all.
       You've gotta admit, it has come up every time another body has dropped.
       Funny as hell because it's not like I worry about money so I'm in no hurry.
       Just have to by a low wattage blender so I can just drink my meals.
       I should mention that I even had a cop make fun of my teeth while I was in jail. Guess he knew that they were going to even make more money off me once they posted the photos of me naked.

Oh the other day
       I was about to paddle in because no one was going to let me have a wave. I would have been skunked if I didn't have that nice one come in for me right about the time I was going to paddle in without a wave.

But really: two, maybe three to a set?
       When conditions were right but the bad kama had most people just sitting. The ones on 7 foot plus boards were just greedy as hell and others where just lucky to get one if it got past them.
       I think I like surfing when no one is expecting good or big waves and the crowds don't show up.
       Like this morning, it took awhile for it to get going but once it got going, we had a good run of sets.

Oh, Yeah:
Donald Trump is not about to release his Tax Statements until after Super Tuesday.
       He know that he will have enough delegates by then to own the Republican Nomination
       After that, noting else will mater and he will be using the Republican Party's funding to promote himself further.
       Of course, you can bet he bought Chis Christy and used him to distract people from the fact that Rubio was getting the best of him by playing it Trumps way. (Made for a more interesting show because we've pretty much heard it all by now and it would have just been another boring debate; if that is what you want to call it.)
       Gee, Donald went a little over board with the spray-on-tan didn't he?
      (His ugly face looks way too orange if you ask me).
       I suggest a little Bondo auto-body filler or some of that catalyzed spot putty for his chin because that thing looks really gross in the close ups.

             Silver Bullet Award at

Got give police chief Doug Schroeder, a Silver Bullet:
Rule Numbers- 12, 35 & 44

I know I'm running late on it but...
I'm left wondering if he got the guy with his side arm or another assault rifle?

February 28, 2016:
Either way he kept the damage to a minimum in Hesston Kansas. It could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for him. Good shot bud.
       However, I think going into someone's place of work to serve restraining orders is not the best idea.
       I think it embarrassed him and made it difficult for him to face his co-workers again.
       Someone was obviously worried about him going over the edge and the tactic used there was senseless. Obviously it pushed him over the edge and wasn't that what the restraining orders were all about?

Medal of Honor

I have to say that some of us are heart felt sorry for Virginia police Officer Ashley Guindon who got shot and killed on her first day.
I think a womans most important roll as a police officer is the need for them in handling domestic disputes.
       It's where they work out the best in most cases and unfortunately we are never going to know just how good she could have got at it.
       It was a bad call and the other officers shot at the scene only show us that it wasn't anything she did wrong and she didn't deserve it and no body else did.
       Thoughts and prayers are out to her and her family and friends, -Amen.

I would have never thought, at this age:
That my surfing could reach a higher level.
I think its the Tom Decker effect.

It's like I challenge the wave.
I just don't let it knock me down.
       Like the other day, the white water of a double overhead wave was going to get me but I didn't give up so easy.  I just steeped forward on my board as the white water pounded the tail-end of my board; and I road it out and made it back up the face.
       I've been doing a lot of that stuff lately.
       This morning I was surprised at the response I got out of my board as I navigated a tight tube. I actually had to reposition myself on the face in a tight squat down position just to put myself in the right spot to where I only felt a little bit of water hitting my head as I looked out of the opening.  I even shifted forward to speed myself up so I could pull out before it closed.
       I've also got to the point where I can handle my quad in bigger waves, (whether I like it or not.) but since I no longer have a big wave board and my intermediate wave size round tail just doesn't catch the waves like it used to;  so I've learned to push the boundaries of the quad past the point that I had in the past.
       To say the least, it amount to taking some serious late drops and the amazing part about it is that I've learned to make it for the most part.

Hollywood whores sold Speilberg a clip
Too close up to tell if it was real though.
       I didn't exactly watch much of the award show to look for Speilberg or did I worry about looking for another clip and the one I saw was just because they mentioned his name and I looked up to see him sitting there.
       It looked real but I realize that the seat he was in as well as the ones all around him could have been anywhere.
      At least the woman beside him looked at the right spot, but he was in the isle and where was his wife?
       I think only his name was mentioned and it was just a blue screen trick and the applause and delay was mixed in in the editing room.
       I figure my Angles wouldn't let him live on the streets amongst the rest of us.
      And enough of the black people stuff.  I wonder how many of us who always respect the black people as equals are tired of hearing that we don't?
      We've heard it enough,  just get over it!
       By the way:I heard another counsel member cash in their chips over the weekend.

Leap of Faith on Leap Day
Rule Numbers- 9 &10

This me being a Sentinel a bunch of crap?
That's what my only so called friend told me today.

February 29th, 2016:
Sounds like I need a new friend, doesn't it?
       I'm not the one who worships something with an elephant head on it .
       Don't hang out with Harry Krishna's either.
       However, we must ask the guys I surf with if they think the Sentinel bit is a bunch of crap, because if they say it's a bunch of crap, they must be fussing over noting and the better sessions they claim to get must all be inside their head and we would have to say they are full of crap.

So I've got this friend who says it's all about forgiveness, but I don't agree with that.
That forgiveness bit is a good indicator of someone who is brainwashed.
       I couldn't count the times I had to stop him from telling me negative and pessimistic things like I will never get any money out of these crooks.
       I realized he's got flash cookies in his computer so he would never be able to read the real stuff I post and the only reason I will not post this bit in it's entirety is that maybe someone else would bring it to his attention and maybe it would be the only real post he would get to read. I've heard that they brainwashed him, but I've always suspected him working for Speilberg all along. But them, he worships elephant headed creatures.
       But really, I realize that most of you all don't even get my posting from the server I pay for, so actually posting it doesn't me much.
       Can you believe I listened to Puppy Dog stories for a half hour to forty five minutes today? (I was about to pull the rest of my teeth out by the time it was over.) The rest of it , I pretty much heard him say before and I just didn't have the guts to tell him that he was repeating himself for the ump-teenth time. I was exhausted and desperately needed a cigarette when it was all over.
       Yeah, I know, of course I need a new friend.

As for the most of you already know that the letters I got in return from the claims filed with the City of Oceanside and the County came back rejecting my claim.
None the less, the one with Carlsbad is still pending.
       Need I say that the rejection is not what they have people saying about it on the street.
       But then again, I can't deny the possibility of the letters being switched either on their way through the mail or even more possible by my friend who received them, and Speilberg of course. The fishy part of it all is way out of all the letters in return, why would the City of Oceanside certify only one of them?
       I figure if they were not going to reject it or if they sent a letter for further correspondence, they would know how to find me, Doing it through the mail just simply be flaky from the get go anyway. I don't think they would want to put such a thing in a letter because it would hint at the possibility of being guilty.
       However, we all know that it's pretty silly of them to reject it because once a lawyer is attached to in in the court of law, it is bound to cost the tax payers twice as much so denying it is pretty foolish.

I've spent some time looking through my Bartlett's Thesaurus and My dictionary for the right work to describe it.
       Ironic, dose not describe it properly and unfortunately the best word I came to describing it is Sadistic, but it just doesn't sound right and or transmit the proper feeling.
       None the less, just try to come up with a word for how cops can go around claiming that someone is a child molester when they are not and then their own action have put my naked body on the phones of thirteen year olds phones.
       What I'm trying to say is there has to be a word to describe what it is like to stand in a checkout line in a grocery store and hear the 12 to 15 year old girls talking about how cute my ass is.
       It's sort of a roll reversal, when the justice system accuses me of something bad, but the Justice system is the system that is bad.
       Please, someone find a lawyer who has the proper word to use in court.

I should mention, I woke up with the feeling that my Angles told me that they got the lawyer last night. I'm guessing it was James Macguire of San Luis Obispo they were talking about .

It's called denial:
Talking about Donald Trump saying he doesn't know what you are talking about when you mention David Duke or the Klue Klux Klan.
       Gee, we would have to ask, where has he been all his life?
       I think he just denied knowing until he was able to ask his counsel whether he needed to go one way or another.
       And yes Rubio, it's a spray on tan.
       Just remember I said it first.
       He, he, he, Hah, hah, hah.
       Oh I have to say: The only good idea I have ever heard Donald Trump say was the idea of removing state boundaries for insurance companies. I know my own parents had a problem with Blue Cross, because they were snow birds and couldn't get medical care a one season or another depending upon which state they were in. I would think removing those boundaries would open up each state to more competition with insurance companies, which in turn would save people more money than anything Obama has done with health insurance.

2nd Stoned Panamanian

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week

Hit the Road Jack

Yah never wanna come around here anymore



Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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