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2nd Stoned Panamanian

Another Stoned Panamanian:
Rule Numbers- 12, 35 & 55

Still too slow at it
But I think I'll do much better on the next one.

March 3, 2016:
Leaving the tape measurer out of it.
       I don't even know the length. (I think 6'2") And I have not even checked the thickness yet.
       I just lined up my templates on the blank were they seemed comfortable.
       I'm guessing its about 2-11/16" thick. (But measuring the thickness isn't very practical because of the deep concave in the nose and the transition to the V out the back.) It's probably thickest at about the middle but I left quit a bit of foam on the outer rail area of the nose.(Quite deceiving to say the least.) I just hope it makes up for all the foam in the tail, however I'll be thinning the tail area down a bit more before it's done.
       I'm down to finishing out the rails and the final sanding of the rear-end bottom V before some paint.
       I wasn't worried about trying to make it the same as my first one. This time I just concentrated on my method of getting there. You gotta figure that I have never had anyone teach me how to do this and I really just wanted to come up with my own technique. So I have to say, this time around I got to the finished product with both sides being same as the other a little bit easier. Just running a deep concave opens the door to creating more problems than it's worth.
       I think it's going to be a good board for me. It will be more versatile then my round tail. I figure it will be good for anything three to five foot swells.
       I bet I'm running a little late on posting a picture of my board. I bet someone at the glass shop probably posted one already because it sure sounds like everyone knows about it.

Oh, Yeah you otta laugh:
       The word on the street is that Kelly Slater got his nose broken while surfing my board.
       Well, I would have told you just as I've told others, that "nothing good will come from it."
       I figure it will be bad luck for anyone riding a stolen board of mine.
       So if Kelly Slater or Firewire or Channel Islands offer one to you, I think you better think twice about it.

The 2nd Stoned Panamanian:
Rule Numbers- 12, 35 & 55

Sad to say I think my first one was better
But for all around one board fits more conditions this one may be better.

March 4th, 2016:
Its running about 6'2.5" 19 5/8" by 2.5" thick
       I'm guessing that it's running about 33 lt. in volume.
       I don't like my rails as much as my first one.
       I screwed up rounding the top before I had the rear flip done. Actually I picked up the wrong rocker template and found out later once I had too much off the top of the rear deck, so by the time I put in the proper kick the rear is thinner than I like. I think the rails on the front half are too big, but as long as they are not bigger than my quad's I think they will be ok. A fresh set of eyes will tell me if I need to thin them down a little bit before paint.
       However at this point in time I'm just tired of looking at it and I think I've wore out my welcome by now and I don't plan to do much more than just painting my label and a few template things. Maybe just a couple racing strips with no corners involved.
       Up until today, I pretty much kept my mouth shut, however I probably should not have posted anything about it last night because I suspect some child molester rumors hit the shop today.
       I did figure out one thing though, after learning about just how fine of sandpaper you have to get to, I realize the guy at the wholesale supply telling me to go to 320 must have been miss leading me and therefore I have to suspect the sabotage of my other board was that it was all a result of a simple child molester rumor and the guy didn't just get paid to change the label on the can. I bet the whole shop was aware of what was going on.
       Anyhow, this new board being wider with more volume forward should end up being a board probably better suited for the 2 to 4 foot stuff we usually get.
       Bottom line is that I probably won't need to surf my old quad anymore. None the less I'll be the first to say that it's not what I would want to call a big wave board; but who knows?.
       All in all I can't wait any longer than need to be. Hopefully by next weekend, or the week after I'll be surfing my own brand of board. It's just sad to say that I would rather it be just like my first one because I feel it was a better board. Guess that's what you get from being a beginner at it.

Oh, on Donald Trump:
       Those are some short stubby little fingers.
       I think Rubio is just trying to make the most of it, because I think he realizes his money is running out before too long.

And do you think we're going to get much rain?
       Some folks are thinking like I am.
       Thinking Gov. Brown cut a check for a couple billion for water conservation, which was probably spent more on fake grass than anything else, but you need water to conserver before you can actually conserve it.
       If you are thinking like me, God may not give you that water in the places you need it to be, if you don't give me God's money, -like I mentioned before the rainy season approached.
       Believe me when I say, that here are plenty of you all out there thinking just as I have been.
       So they haven't paid me any of that money they've been saying they want to pay me, so we'll just wait and see how much rain you actually get.
       With an El Neno year, you would think it would be worth a Billion Dollars just to top off the reservoirs, but then not everyone thinks like us.

top of stoned panamainian in both

It's too weird:
Rule Numbers- 20

I went for concaved under the nose and I got a tunnel.
started out to see how much concave the blank would allow under the nose and still get my rocker into it.

March 5th, 2016:
And now I would have to say it was a bit too much.
       The difficult part about it is trying to figure out if it would react as if it has the feel of more rocker in a turn or less. (I figure that it would give it more rocker in the tip, but at the same time it would make the board feel longer.) But that would all depend how much of the nose I'd bury in the water. But then again in smaller waves, I think I bury the tail more and on bigger waves I bury the nose more. (Who knows?)
       More and more I'm thinking that I should have tried something like this tunned nose bit using a rocker template with more rocker in the nose like my quad. But it just somehow turned out better in the first Stoned Panamanian.
       It's got me afraid that if it is an experiment, I experimented the wrong way.
       Just the transition going to the rear created some really weird hips, so I sanded out some of concave at the rails in the middle to rear of the board which gave me a normal rail line.
       Now I'm worried about the very front because it could make for a weird reaction in a deep turn, therefore I think it's best to relax the cupping. So I'll be removing some of it before it's done.
       I'm not showing you because it looks worse in pictures than it does in person and I wouldn't want to be embarrassed.
       Anyhow, it did turn out wider than I planed at 19 3/4" so I've got to figure it will end up being a small wave board and one that even if it ends up being a little weird, it's not so much of a biggy.
       One thing for sure, my next board isn't going to be so experimental and will stay with traditional format.
       You always gotta figure that many shapers would rather stick with stuff that is simple and not difficult to do as what I just did.

I should have went for the Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a banana for breakfast.
I slept in later than normal and didn't beat the crowd, of which half of them were not exactly qualified to be out there.
       However, I guess a lot of you saw the hand dragger. And I did catch one on the run that went a long way, but a bit more choppy than I cared for without my old big wave board.
       Too bad the wind came up out of the southwest and messed it up a bit; hence getting up earlier would have been the dead.

Changing methods can be disastrous:
Rule Numbers- 20 & 55

I think staying away from the planner on the concave part would have been a good Idea
I now know where I went wrong.

March 6th, 2016:
On #1 I worked on the front and the back of the bottom at the same time, and I used an auto-body longboard to do it.
       And I didn't try to work on the top side before I had the bottom done.
       I now remember having to remove the hips and some of the tunnel in the nose. The picture I posted above shows how mild the bottom shape it is. (You can't see anything special because it is mellowed out compare to what I got this time.)
       I figure that the only way I can save the blank is by shortening the board by an inch to an inch and a half. I'm going to take off 1/2" to 3/4 off the rear and 3/4 to an inch off the front.
       It may be easier just leaving the width at 19 3/4" and but if not will probably get to 19 5/8 to 1/2" by time I get it done. (Depending if the first radius makes it impossible to redraw the lines widest points in the middle of the sides.) I figure that I will be lucky to keep it at 2 1/2" (if I do redraw them,)by the time I get it done and all in all it will end up being a 6'1" board.

I figure I'll just flatten out the nose area before I lay down the templates and redraw my lines by using the templates again.
Buy then I don't think I will have enough foam to do anything thing more than the typical mild concave.
       One thing I did learn is that I should fire up the planner at the beginning and get rid of the crust on the surface on both sides. If I learned anything this time around it is that. Now that it is done I think I'l be quicker.
       I also think I should ditch the sand paper and go with sanding screens.
       I think I'll end up using a drywall sanding pad since I already have some of those sanding screens that are cut for it and it is padded a bit already, unlike the short auto-body long board I was using which has virtually no padding.
       Basically I'm just going to change my method and tools another time. Maybe the third time it the charm, because I've been doing something wrong.
       I think I need to find some compromise, or say middle ground where it's more like other shaper's techniques, yet something I can carry my auto body shaping techniques that still let my auto-body talents work their magic.
       If there is anything I got out of screwing this one up, I sure did a fine job of screwing it up by demonstrating that I can sure manipulate the foam into various shapes and still keep each side the same.
       Oh well.

In Comparison to what her husband did to a whole nation of 300 million
To what they did to Flit Michigan of 9,000

The Old Bitch Hillary is complaining about Spilled Milk as if she actually cares.
Who she fooling? Some stupid fools?
March 7th, 2016:
Clinton's patent laws have you all killing 1,000 smart people every month.
       (Should I say over 12,000 every year.)

       And should I mention you all are getting dumber by the day? And should I mention that you all should be smarter than that?

The fact is that both parties have not come up with a candidate that is worthy of being president and therefore both parties have failed the American public.
       I'm sitting here wondering about this so called super pack they say they set up for me and where they actually signed me up.
       Reason being is the so called super pack could end up being used for anyone they want if the signing me up was a sham.
       Think about it: they could have lied and brought in millions they could use for anyone and they would have collected the money by simply telling people that it was for me.
       The reason I'm questioning it: is that if they did sign me up, the deadline would have come to pass by now and they still have not told me.
       Now out of the Millions of Dollars I've heard people talking about, you would think that they would provided me with some security by now.
       What I have to fear is that this signing me up would only lead me to get killed as I've thought running for the presidency would do a long time ago. Therefore, it would be correct to say that all I would have done is fill someone's super pack with a bunch of money that could be used for the purpose of promoting any politician. I say this because if you look at the form used to sing up for the candidacy for presidency, it's all about who is responsible for the campaign funds. (And that form leads to other forms that have everything to do with those funds.)
And gee,can you believe that the US tax Payer are paying to provide Secrete Service Security for Donald Trump?
       If it wasn't for him running under the Republican Party, and he was just running as an independent, he would have to pay for his own security.

On the so called victory of the Aron Andrews case:
       Rule #15 It's not such a win.
       She will only see maybe $15 million of it because I don't see how she is going to get any money out of the stalker.
       As for the Hotel, I seriously doubt they lost more than 6 mouths of their profit, so you really can't say they lost any money over it.

Some of you may have noticed:
The de-lamination showing in the purple stripe, (by the tip.)
       The de-lamination went all the way around the entire board.

First Stoned Panamainian

The more I think about it, I just wish they wouldn't have sabotaged my first board, because no matter what, I just liked everything about the first one down to even the paint job, of which I don't even have a picture of how nice the top looked.
       It's obvious, even if I save the blank, it will end up being too thin for me and I'd probably end up breaking it and I've burned money on a board before, so it's probably better to just save what's left of the blank and use it at a later time for one just to sale to someone else that is smaller than me.
       I'm just going to flatten out the nose and see how thick the blank is before I even consider reshaping it.
       I think the thing to do is just wait a couple weeks and just buy a new blank and know I will have enough money to live on the rest of the month and just expect to pay to have it glassed after the first of next month.

First Stoned Panamanian surfboard

Mark Foo & Andy Irons said,
"Make a Flying Panamanian"
Rule Numbers- 9 & 26

Makes sense because it would pull in the nose enough and save the length.
March 8th, 2016:
It would be a compromise between the two nose widths and even be better in big choppy stuff.
       Believe it or not, I could hear both of their voices trying to convince me to do it, and I have to agree, it is a good idea.
       Boy, I must be hardwired with a transmitter; because I fired up my computer at 3:00 a.m. and wrote the entry above and everyone on the street this morning has figured out that it's the nose to my Quad.
       I think it may even be a better match for an intermediate wave board because it won't be as prone to bounce on choppy waves.
       And I might mention that the template I made for my next Quad has the Stoneman nose on it.
       However when it gets down to shaping my big wave board I'm going to stick with a 6'5" EA blank and stay with the original shape, but with and extra 1/8" in both the width and thickness making it 6-5 19-1/4 2-5/8, but I will be using the round tails rocker, which will make it catch waves much easier.
       Oh, for those of you who like to make screen savers, the photo above links to a 1600 300k sized photo.

PM Update:
       It's a done deal; the Flyer nose worked great. It made it a piece of cake.
       I only trimmed 1/2" of the rear so the rear rails had some thickness to it and the flyer nose saved the day.
       However I don't understand what was going on with the width but it ended up being 19 7/8" wide in the middle and it's only 2 3/8" thick if I'm lucky and it's about 6'2".
       But all in all it turned out pretty good for a smaller wave board. I just hope it isn't too wide, but I think it will allow me to stay away from having to use the Stoneman unless it is only one foot or super mushy. But something tells me that in a few months from now I won't even have room for Stoneman in my cage for it. (I'll just go fetch it if we have any of those long flat spells when you just gotta get wet.)
       None the less, even if it is as wide as the Uni-thing, the thinner rails and narrower tail should keep it from rolling like the bag of glue did. Also the rocker is going to be much better at catch bigger waves without hanging up, therefore it should have a better range; in other words more versatile.
       All in all it turned out better than I thought it would and not bad for a second board.
       Now all I need to do is pick up the pace and use the planner more the next time. I figure I should be able to do my next board in about a third of the time because I set myself up with a custom padded drywall sanding pad to hold sanding screen which happens to be my biggest improvement for my assortment of tools. (Helpful hint: I cut the wooden looped handle off and glued a small block of wood between the nubs for a lower center of gravity, which helps to prevent the catch and roll like a stock one is more prone to do. Something that could spell trouble on foam.)
       All I need to do is get the routine down and I'll be able to kick one out in two or three hours.
      Until I actually ride this new board I'm not sure which board I'll be shaping next, because I should be shaping a big wave board at 19 1/4" but I would like to have a new Quad that weighs a bit less. So as long as my round tail hangs in there for a couple more months, a 6-4 MB blank is probably what I will get next. And room what it looks like, I might be able to buy that before the first of next month.
       And oh yeah: I did manage to put some paint on the bottom of it. You might say looks cute. Something to put people in a proper frame of mind when you are strapping on your leash before you paddle out. And of course it has my own label on it which is pretty cool looking too.

Diesel and Dynamite can't beat Mother Nature:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 22

I don't have to look far to see pure stupidity.
They are just morons at work, burning diesel and dynamite to put gravel on what beaches are left and will disappear because of it.

March 9th, 2016:
It was about four years ago I told you all how to build beaches.
       It's obvious to me that no one paid any attention or understood something so simple.
       It does not take a bunch of tractors, dump trucks, diesel or dynamite, because that method will never keep up with mother nature.
       However, the easy route is simple using a little manpower and utilizing the power of nature.
       Too start with it is that you will never get there by having lifeguards and cops driving their vehicles on what little beached you have. And the only vehicles that should ever drive on the beach should be of the three wheeled kind or ones with a tractor pivoting axial on front and preferably under 1,500 pounds.

The key factor is using sand fencing, and preferably in double rows and of course to get the most out of it is the people who would maintain them and even better move them about twice per month to capitalize on the lower tide swings.
But around here, we give a degree to any fool who wants to call themselves an engineer , even if they have no common sense at all.
       What I saw this morning is the typical moronic way of maintaining the beach, which what the local crews who work for the local municipality, filling the fuel tanks of a bunch of new tractor equipment with diesel. .

You know, I think I've written all this stuff out before and it's clear to me that I must be wasting my time.
       It's clear to me that there must not be any profit in doing the right thing the right way because it's clear to me that people are just too stupid to catch on.
       To say the least, all you have to do is walk what is left of the shoreline to see the reminisce of their past efforts. It's apparent to me that they are failing and the only way they think they can win is blow up more rocks, and bring them to the beach and make gravel out of them.
       Just look at that happens just past those rocks, where the rocky shore has increased the currents. (Like at Breakwater.) The natural beach gets washed away.
       Those idiots are making the problem worse with their engineering technique that come from no common sense what so ever.
       Their morons with degrees. No shit dude.

And Seawalls?
How can they save anything other than some contractor's debit?
       All they do is what rock do, they speed up the currents that go either direction along the beach. They just cause more erosion. The erosion the create just can't be seen because it's under water. Basically the floor drops out.

I looked at my new board from a distance today:
       I'll be the first to say that both the workmanship, shape, size and style is a piece of shit compared to my first one.
       Something told me that before I even started it and it's probably the reason I screwed it up so bad. My head wasn't into it from the start.
       I think the reason it's just a piece of shit is because it was never going to be the one I really wanted.
       But what the heck, it will make a good groveler and it won't be making anyone else money.

The words I heard the most tonight:
"He shut it down"
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 25, 36 & 86

However the winds lighten up once the asshole got out of the water.
But eventually the high tide made it funky.

March 11th, 2016:
I don't think the guy was finding any friends.
       You know the type. The yackers, usually the longboard type, who like to chum up to everyone before they burn them out of a wave.
       He paddled right over next of me, blocking me from taking the wave and tried to get me to go left into a close-out while he was going to go right and take my wave.
       But of course he asked if I was going to go right so late that if I would have said I was going to go right was already to late for me, because he was in my way.
       I had to deal with him before, but today he actually paddle back out and thanked me for the wave. I replied, "you're a greedy asshole!"
       I had other not so kind of words to say to him, but I'll censor this post from it. Needless to say, I seriously doubt he found anyone else who was willing to yack with him.
       The sets lightened up and the winds from the south came up.
       The jerk sat there for quite a while and the two waves he did get after that didn't co-operate for him very well.
       However, once he went back to shore, the wind settled down and the sets came back. But sad is how unpredictable the waves get at high tide is since all the sand is washed out now days, because no one around here know how to take care of a beach, other than myself of course.

Tell me that Donald Trump isn't working the the Evil Hillary Bitch.
And I will tell you that you are the biggest fool.
       Wonder how much Ben Carson got paid to endorse Trump?
       It's pretty bad when you can't campaign without riots.
       You can be sure Hillary would make it to the Whitehouse before Trump would, but just think what it would be like if Trump did? Just think of the security precautions that would have to be taken just to put the guy in a public arena.
       It would be like burning money .

I had to laugh at the Regan Funeral:
The front row had three murderers looking on.
       Well, the First Tranny had her own daughters knocked off.
       Bush has had thousands, if not more than a million people get killed because of his business activities with a know terrorist, bin Labin, and creating wars for the sake of profit. (You know Dick Chaney and his Hallabetion company.)
       And let's not forget Hillary had people knocked of when her husband was president..
       Have you check out the link to the Clinton dead body count yet?

I found this web-site that is titled
Clinton's body count

The words I heard the most:
City Counsel & Four Dead Already
Rule Numbers- 9, 29, 33, 44 & 86

Just wait until Hurricane and Tornado season
I bet some folks in DC and at the Pentagon will experience what the wrath of God can do.

March 13-14th, 2016:
Like I said: El Neno doesn't have to land where people want it to.
       God is flooding people out now and just wait and see what he has in store for the future.
       Something money and preparation just isn't going to do a bit of good.
       Better get a shovel and start digging a hole in the ground, because your house doesn't mean shit any more.
       You can go around blowing up people's homes in other parts of the world with my invention, but you will pay for it; I can assure you, because God doesn't need any stinking missiles to destroy things.
       Oh, that eye for and eye bit: God has a lot of making up for all the destruction you've done in other countries.

So go ahead, don't tell me and don't pay me my money.
You can be sure you are going to pay for it one way or another.

Heads are going to roll. You can be sure of that. I'm telling you now because I didn't even bother writing it out before El Neno set in and you have not seen what it can do. (Has nothing to do with rain.)
       You have to laugh, you fools are paying some co-artist $500,000.oo to make rain in LA county.
       I can assure you that all they are doing ia burning some lead and polluting the air that you breath. It had nothing to do with seeding any clouds. The shit they are putting into the air is not even getting close to any clouds.
       You're a bunch of fools giving your money to the wrong people who can't do anything but take you for any money you've got to hand over.
       You got this Gov. Jerry Brown spending you money and padding the pockets of his cronies who will certainly give him kick-backs.
       Believe me what I say that I'm the only one you can buy any rain from; or should I say God is, and I'm closer to God than anyone of you.
       Just think of how many of you the folls out there are handing over their money to some church thinking it will be given for the benefit of God's work. Those are just a foolish as the people who have giving their hard earned money to Wounded Warriors. (I could have told you that it was a waist of money just by the amount of TV commercials they run.)

Oh yeah, if that is the real Bill Curtis, flaunting himself at me with a big grin on his face; trying to show me that he hasn't killed himself yet.
       Well that is a big yet, because I can assure you that Jesus himself told me that they will take care of him. So you can bet his number just has not come up yet however his time will come soon enough, one way or another.
       So keep smiling Bill, your day will come and we're just letting you know now that it is on its way and the more you show your face to me, the closer it will get. So come on Bill, show me your pearly whites and laugh about it.

Bill Curtus of Oceanside fire department lifeguards

Got a Mayor?
Rule Numbers- 4, 29, 33 & 44

But the City Managers are the real prize.

March 14th, 2016:
The real thing, is the next word I've heard the most.

They run about $1,000.oo per pound:
Talking about the two Hellfire Missiles.
       You've got so many of them out there, people are sending them back to the place in Oregon where they are made.
       You've given them away by the truckload and now they are not even worth anything on the black market and even the enemies don't know what to do with them.
       I bet the two found on the airplane heading for Oregon were robbed of the plastic explosives in order to make a roadside improvised explosive device. Probably used on our own people and they are sending what is left of the missile back to see if we are stupid enough to fill it up again and give it away again.

Just wondering:
How many tons of kerosene Donald Trump has burned up with his plane in the last six months?
       I bet he's broken the record for how much pollution per person has even made in the whole world in a six month period.
       Second question:
       How much money the US tax payers have spent on Secrete Service Security for Donald trump and Hillary Clinton in the last six months? .
       Well, I'll be the first to say it was a waste of money because I seriously doubt God will let either one of them make it to the Whitehouse.

Got a dead body in a bathtub?
Rule Numbers- 12, 29, 33 & 44

Sounds like it was a City Manager
How about a Chief of Police next?

March 15, 2016:
That Zimmerman gal could be considered as a good start, but I'm sure I've ran across one right here in Oceanside that will do just fine.

And what do you know, down south, a whole town got flooded.
Didn't I warn you all about that too?
       Just wait until hurricane season on the east coast.
       Around here, all they have to worry about at the moment is loosing their houses to the ocean.
       Funny thing is these people in Encinitas, who have received bids for rebuilding their beaches at the price of $125,000,000.oo.
       However they don't know where they are going to get the money for it and the funny part about it is that their houses are not even worth that much considering that they really can't win.
       I say, buy up the houses on the other side of the street and let nature take its course because these fools don't even understand nature and how to use it.
       No matter how they ponder the situation, nature will always win over diesel and dynamite.
       Here in Oceanside, they think buying beach by the truck loads will save their beaches, but the only beach that is safe is the one at the harbor where two jetties are protecting it.
       Then you look to the south between Wisconsin and Oceanside Boulevard and all you see is rocks piled up in front of homes that only increase the side current that wash them out. Heck they've piled up enough rocks to build two jetties that would have created and or saved beaches but the chose the wrong method.
       The funny part is they don't even realize that they could have built at least three underwater jetties that they would not have even seen, other than the beaches they would have created. And of course on one around here even thinks of buying sand fencing.
       Think about it: just the money spent on one of those tractors, could have paid for enough sand fencing to run the distance. But no, one seems to have any common sense around here.

I think the dresses were suppose to be a distraction:
       Talking about the new first daughters. and their $18,000 and $20,000 dresses.
       The third time the new girls for hire appeared anywhere in the last two years.
       I seriously doubt they ever show up in school anymore. (Because they are shipped in from somewhere else.)
       Another thing I might mention is that the price paid for the dresses only mean one thing to me. That there must be some serious kick back to the girls from the dress makers. (Figuring that the dresses were probably only $5,000.oo dresses, therefore the young girls are probably getting north of $10,000.oo for each appearance.)
       Oh I might add: these two photos sure show the difference in shades of skin colors from the original girls. The new Malia is lighter and Sasha is darker.



Oh, Yeah, something ironic:
That my aunt Rosemarry Pace who stole the patent on my truck is or was married to Robert Pace, who just happens to be a postal inspector.
Meaning that his own wife is guilty of mail fraud.
       Wouldn't you call that a conflict of interest when it comes to what his job is all about.
       The deal is that when she sent in the application for the patent, the application states that it's a federal crime to say that you are the inventor of an invention when you are not.
       I would think that would also be what is called mail fraud, something her own husband is suppose to protect people from.
       I would think that kind of thing would not only get him fired, but also would disqualify him for any retirement pension. However I seriously doubt either one of them are alive any more.

And around here were are revisiting the rumor of me being a millionaire again.
       I'm a bit lazy to check, but I'm sure it wasn't more than a month ago I wrote about going to the bank, and how the bitch told me that I should get a lawyer to get it.
       I told her about how it will become a hot potato. I'm left wondering how many bankers are willing to die over it?

Thinking about that Voice show:
       How come none of these contestants use their head.
       It's not which coach you pick. It's about getting on the team that has the less talent. Isn't it?.
       That is if your goal is winning.

And how many of you do not realize that the Clinton's hired Donald Trump to disrupt the Republican party show Hillary could win?
I said from the get go that Trump was their Ross Perot
       And no doubt it is boiling down to me being right again.
       Wonder how much money was wasted on Rubio?
       Wouldn't it be nice is someone could give us those figures.
       And wasn't Rubio supposed to be a city senator? Wonder how much tax payers paid him for that job that he did not do the last 11 months?

Flying Panamanian #1

Flying Panamanian #1
Rule Numbers- 20 & 35

6'2" 19-7/8" 12-1/2" 15" 2-3/8"
Don't let it fool you, -its a Graveler

March 16, 2016:
It will probably surf better than it looks.
A good substitute for the Stoneman.
       Could have used it the past two days because it was really sucky out there, but I just wanted to get wet.
       Yesterday was better than today. The problem is also that the tides are too high early in the morning and by time it gets right, the wind comes up.
       The stuff on the nose is temporary; but if it holds up without braking on me, I figure in a month or two, I'll do a cool paint job on it.
       I figure it will be way hotter than that Uni-bag of glue thing I had and should catch waves as good or better.
       I figure it's running about 30 lt.

Since I have the web-site, for info on my boards: Events

March 17, 2016:
A message for Donald Trump:
Your Brain isn't that good.

Face it, you are an 8%er, running on less than 25% of what the human body is suppose to be running on.
The fact that 42 states have been serving up lead tainted water to its people tells us how people got stupid enough to fallow him.

The odds of Trump having much more than 1/4 recommended human brain capacity is pretty slim. His actions of sighting riots more or less proves that he isn't as smart as he thinks he is.
Face it Donald, you are a spoiled rich kid on a power trip and the fact that he has such a large fallowing proves just how diminish the brain capacity of the human race is.
Got the Old Hag Hillary barking like a dog,
goes to show the bitch isn't very bright either.

And she and Donald both thinks the government should be able to hack a cell phone.
       Think about it: you pass out at a party somewhere and someone gets into you phone. They got your car key. They know the address where you live. They steal your car and drive over to your house and use your digital key to open up you garage after they digitally turn off your alarm. .
       They load up your car with all your good stuff and drive off. Of course after they've turned off your satellite tracking device.
       You find your car in a parking garage where they transfer all your good stuff into a truck before they drive off to where you work to clean out that place too.
       Oh yeah, they stop at the gas station and fill up the tank in their truck with your digital credit card.
       The next morning you are wondering if it was all done because someone slipped a ruphy in your drink while you were on the dance floor. Yeah, a long profitable night for someone who has a brother working for the local FBI or police department.

Flying Panamanian #1
Rule Numbers- 20 & 35

6'2" 19-7/8" 12-1/2" 15" 2-3/8"
If I made any mistakes,
I must have made them in all the right places.

March 17, 2016:
It surfs better than it looks.

Flying Panamanian #1

Since I have the web-site, for info on my boards: Events

Flying Panamainian surfboard

Bad Karma at the jetty:
Rule Numbers- 4, 65, 66 & 86

I was surprised at the sets coming in at high tide
That was until a moron on a Firewire ruined about five waves in a row.

March 18th, 2016:
After at least three of them could have been mine, and the good sets stopped coming, I felt it was time to say something.
       I was amazed that they guys he was hanging out with didn't catch on. He had one of those square nosed vanguard jobbers that only surf like a long board and he would sit outside and too fare over and would take every big wave that would come in. After seeing him get closed out on five times in a row, I got tired of watching the morn take up space.
       It's funny how the only guys that buy those weirdo boards are always looking for something that might work for them, but then they end up blaming it on the board for being different. None the less the reality is the guy has no common sense and is clueless to what he is doing wrong. In other words, the guy should just give up surfing and quit taking up space.
       It wasn't until the guy finally left that the sets picked up again. (You know, we've been there before.)
       I told the guy he shouldn't worry if someone else gets the wave. He didn't see it my way of course.

Add Gee, morons in Minot Dakota lost track of 6 Nuclear Bombs:
A clear sigh that the human race is too damb stupid to be responsible for such things
       Not only that, those guys were cheating on tests and found to be using drugs.
       Not necessarily the kind of people you even want around such nasty things.
       And you all let that moron who runs North Korea contaminate the ocean with more radiation by just playing around with his nuclear bombs in an effort to intimidate to get what he wants .
       And that prisoner they got over a propaganda poster is only sentenced the way he is so that they will use him as a bribe to get something they want.
       It's nothing different than kidnapping and a very good reason people just should not even visit the shit hole of a place.

On the Trump game:
Mit Romney is right
       People should get out and vote for Kruz or even Kacik just to help cut Donald short of a none convention.
       Reason being, is that there must not have been such a deadline for such an application for candidate for president as I thought and there must be a possibility to slip someone else in there, even like me, during a convention
       And you have to laugh: I was right about Ben Carson getting something to Endorse Trump. No Doubt the same kind of promise must have been done for dirt bag Gov. Christy too.
       But really, any deal with Trump probably isn't worth a pile of shit unless you had an iron clad contract guaranteeing such a thing.

bottom of Flying Pan surfboard by sunnyside

Back to the,
"they're going to tell him," cycle
Rule Numbers- 4, 10 & 26

Even the women at the Grocery stores will tell you it comes around every few weeks.
They have to ask people to stop talking about me before I enter the store.

March 20th, 2016:
Like the Government is going to tell me, when if they did, I would get the inheritance they've been hiding from me so that they could get away with the crimes they've committed against me.
       Like the government employees are going to do their job of protecting me from crimes committed against me from others so the government agencies can't get away with the crimes the government agencies commit against me.
       Do any of you actually thing the government will protect me from anything?
       Do you actually think they government agencies would do anything about getting the money I'm entitled to? .
       Heck, I'm tired of just hearing how people want to help me, just as much as I'm tired of hearing about the Women who want to go out with me.
       You gotta figure that there are only two reasons any girl would want to go out with me: One would be that they think I'm going to be rich and they are nothing more than another devious gold digger and the other would already be rich and want to go would with me because I'm a sentinel and they are just tired of dealing with stupid guys.
       From where I stand, if I want sex or companionship, I figure I'll leave it to the professionals, because at least I'll know what it will cost me up front.
       And for all those who say they want to help me: at least I can say that I don't see you driving my truck, nor have I see you surfing any of the waves I could have created. I'd say you've got stuck with nothing I've had to offer, and it's not like I've don't anything wrong nor do I owe you anything.

My response is that both kinds are most likely brain washed with a cookie in their cell phone.
Gullible as hell you could say, and just they kind of girls I'd rather stay away from.

Yeah, I wouldn't doubt the word on the street about the moron on the weird Firewire was from Temicula.
That and the longboards is what sucks about the harbor
       It really sucks that those stupid engineers don't have the foggiest idea about erosion prevention. They're failed ideas have left us with very few places to surf since our beaches are nothing but rocks and not much sand anymore.
       And if you are planning to put San Diego county on your vacation destination plans, so you can surf, I'd think twice about it because everyone on packed into the same spots and it's insanely crowded at any place that is left.
       However, I'm willing to bet that the only place that can handle any crowds any more would be a bit north along Newport where they've put jetties all along their coast line, instead of just rocks along their beaches.

This morning was the first session that I've surfed my new board in waves with any size.
I have to say that my board has to be the most versatile board I've ever surfed;
       To say the least I would have to say that it's the best board I've ever surfed.
       I did decide that it is just a bit loose with the smaller AM1 I used on my other tri-fin on the back. I'm going with EA's front and back with this one.
       I'm sure the people who have been watching me surf are going to say I'm surfing better than ever on this board.
       I'm pulling my cut-backs sooner, because it's not as fast as my Quad, which often had me out running the pocket sometime. Also I'm not having to jump forward or shuffle my feet forward as much because all I have to do is widen my stance and I have everything covered, (the very reason everyone like to surf boards under six foot.)
      I think going with the narrower nose was very beneficial when it come to making it surf like a shorter board. It also kept in riding smoother in choppy stuff.
      And the extra thick tip also helps balance it out while paddling. I don't have to paddle up hill with this one and is sure does paddle nice. The volume sure seems to be perfect for me too.

Yeah have to laugh:
This Palm Sunday and the Jesus freaks who don't have a clue
       The idiots seem to think celebrating the Crucifixion of Jesus is the thing to do.
       Just an example of just how barbaric people are. They still think Jesus died for there sins instead of the fact that Jesus died because of they're sins.
       It's like you all must think chasing me around with child molester rumors for twenty years was a good thing.
       Yeah, I see what you've done with my truck and I sure see what you've done to the beaches too. And lets not forget what you've done to your planet and what you've done to yourselves. Drinking lead, breeding stupid people and running on 8%.

Stupid Bitch with her offspring:
Rule Numbers- 28, 51 & 86

They could actually read more than 140 characters at a time
But they were disturbing the peace

March 21st, 2016:
I was trying to take a nap, but I heard some laughing and someone saying, "$380,000.oo Target."
      It was obvious there was a few girls outside my truck reading the sign on it.
       Then there was some more laughing and then I heard, "Obama and Speilberg murdered my family."
       Then there was some more laughter.
       Once again I had to get up and look outside to see who was laughing at such a disgusting thing.
       It was a lady with three teenage girls with their cell phones out.
       I said, "and you think it's funny. You're barbaric, you have have no common sense. You must have the intelligence of a cell phone and the loyalty of a dog."

     About an hour later pigs showed up at my door.
It was Cunniff and his new recruit.
       The new recruit was playing stupid and saying he did not understand what I was talking about, as if he was insinuating that I must be crazy.
       It was obvious the moron has been kept out of the loop to what has been going on because went I referred to him as an 8%er, and it didn't matter if he understood or not.
       He replied that he was a 3%er.
       Heck, they'll give anyone a badge.
       The most ridiculous part about it all is you've got to wonder about what kind of fool will end up marrying those stupid girls. Yah gotta feel sorry for them, but stupid is what stupid does.
       None the less, is the sad part about it is just how stupid their off spring will end up being.

I've been meaning to state a good reason why a woman should not be president:
How many guys you know will buy a brand new pair of blue jeans that had someone has taken a grinder to and gave them the "distressed look?"
       Well, maybe if the guy is gay.
      But they are defective anyway.
       Sounds just like the president we have now.

And on Obama's deal with Cuba::
       He sees nothing wrong with the idea of American companies leasing hotel properties that the Cuban government took away from private citizens.
       Same kind of thing as letting people license patents that they stole from the original inventors.
       The same thing as endorsing theft of property.
       It's not only against human rights, -it's also against the Constitution of the United States.

We see Obama took the fake daughters to Cuba.
But they sure don't show us any close up images.
From what I saw, they did a mighty good job of hiding their faces.
       Wonder how much they got paid to go on that trip?

Speaking of Stupid Bitches:
       I saw an interview with the gal who took San Peen to El Cappo.
       I was thinking she was kinna sweet, especially when she seemed emotional able how people ended up getting killed over the whole ordeal with the meeting with El Chappo .
       I felt somewhat identifiable, or should I say something in common, considering how innocent people such as friends of mine who ended up dead because of Speilberg and the US Government and Obama.
       But that went out the window when the bitch said that El Chappo was going to finance the film she wanted to produce.
       She's about to take money from a murderer through his lawyer. To say the least, the bitch is evil.

And look at what the European Governments have done, without being able to hack a cellphone.
       The US government should look upon that as a good example.
       You don't have to take away the security of common folk, just to bring down the bad guys.

Spilled milk in Brussels:
Rule Numbers- 4 & 20

Put Paris, San Bernardino & Brussels together and you don't even get what we kill in private inventors in one month.
You get what you ask for when you have people who are stupid enough to get brainwashed by some silly religion.

March 22, 2016:
eI've already seen enough of the Brussels drama
       Just like a shooting in a school, I'm sure they will send Matt Loure over there to dramatize the whole story even more so that ISIS will think they accomplished something that effected even more than it actually did.
       Let's just call it the Matt Loure fear factor, which is design to give the brain washed enemies more of what they wanted in the first place.

Matt loure

Trump says, "close the borders."
But then ISIS would be getting just what they want, so they would be the winners
       However, in all actuality, the US borders are so much more closed then the European border where traveling from country to country is just hopping into a car with a full tank of gas.
       Also you've got to figure that the Europeans have a much bigger problem with stupid people because they've been breeding them about fifty years longer then the USA's twenty.
       You have to except that 1/2 of a percent differential means allot when you are only running on 8% brain capacity.
       They've had those religion books taking up part of their lives longer and they are even more prone to being brainwash than people with even the slight 1/2% more.
       Boy, just think of the problem you will have in fifty years from now if you continue to breed stupid people.

And with this Trump guy making sure Hillary will win:
You can bet the US will continue to breed stupid people since it was her husband Bill who started it by starting the WTO by sighing the GATT Treaty
       If you are out of the loop, the GATT Treaty was adopted in European countries back in the late 1940's and Bill Clinton signed on to it in 1994 making it active as the World Trade Organization in 1995.
       Here it is twenty years later and the US population has already lost between 1/8 - 1/4% their brain capacity and now running on about 8% when the human body was created to operation on at least 35%.
       The very reason you are all running around with cell phone for communications instead of just using telepathy.
       Yeah, pretty piss poor option the way I look at it. So does God.

PM Update: No Kidding
       Before I even made the first post.
       It was either the background noise on the news, or they were sending Subliminal messages. (Or maybe it was my Angles.)
       Either way I was hearing the words, "Spilled Milk."
       I guess, people figured I'd headline something similar as I did after the last terrorist bombing.
       None the less, (do to the transmitter in my computer I guess,) by time the evening came around when I went into the G-stores, the worlds I heard the most were, "Spilled Milk."

I stand corrected: On the Spilled Milk
My Angles wanted me to say that if you put the victims of Paris, San Bernardino & Brussels together and you don't even get what we kill in private inventors in one week, not a month like I posted yesterday.

However, I would like to mention:
       Some people have come to the same conclusion as myself, as what happened to the money I was suppose to inherit.
       We're thinking Donna probably did a pretty god job of spending it all as far as her cut of my inheritance from Deloris of Westport's Mariner's Cove Inn..
       I figure she bought a bigger house and between the taxes on the house, the market value of the house going down when the bubble burst, she found herself under water on it.
       And then you put the ice skating lessons and the airplane trips to the contests, plus the vacation trips, the money was probably gone along time ago.

Then when it comes to the money from the patent my aunt Rosemarry Pace stole from me:
       If I dreamed it right, she probably sold it out right to Charles Gould at Myrle Lynch and Charley licensed it to Lockheed Martin or Ford. (Probably Lockheed.)
       I'm guessing Rosemarry got $1.6 million and Paid my two sisters each a $350,000.oo cut to be in on it and make sure that my parents would think I was crazy so that they would not help me in any way.
       I figure my aunt learned how Donna came up with some cash from my inheritance and got my two sisters in on it for safeties sake.
       I'm also guessing my aunt and Charlie were the ones that started the SMG rumors, and soon after the Child molester rumors.
       I also figure because of the timing involved my aunt probably invested it in real estate and found herself underwater too.

As for getting my money out of them:
       Well, the SMG thing was an effort to get some distance between us.
       Also it gives some meaning why my sister never bothered trying to get an airplane ticket back home for me when I was sitting in th detention centre in Australia.
       Now if you think I can do anything about the situation over the phone, just remember I don't even have a clue when my father died because they got a guy who sounds just like him caring my father's phone around.
       So should I buy a airplane, bus, or train ticket?
       Well, who may be still alive to meet up with me? And how much would a car rental drain me? And where would I stay?
       Should I look up some old friends? (But what if I was only making another hit list if I did?) Are the lives of other friends worth the money that was embezzled from me? Should I get others killed just trying to get my money, if there is any money left to get?

So you think I should fill up the tank and drive there:
       Well, the price of Fuel is right.
       But what if they knife my tires in the mountain pass in Oregon.
       Well at towing bill and a new set of tires would cost about what I get to live on for a month. So what would I live on for the next thirty days before I could even fill my tank again.
       You got any better ideas?
       You gotta figure I live in a society that in just plain near barbaric, so if there was going to be any one who would be willing to help me, wouldn't they have helped me by now?

I stand corrected: On the Spilled Milk
Rule Numbers- 4 & 20

My Angles wanted me to say that if you put the victims of Paris, San Bernardino & Brussels together and you don't even get what we kill in private inventors in one week, not a month like I posted yesterday.

Any of you feel that the media is terrorizing your children?
I don't know about what you may think, but I'm sure glad I don't have any kids to have to explain what is being should on TV, because I happen to believe they call it a bit too "graphic."
       I bet they got a shit load of you thinking you need more police. (Like that is going to do any good because they will hire just about anyone to be a cop now days and they are another thing you need to worry about.)
       I bet the odds of getting shot, tazed or killed by a police officer is at least ten times more likely than getting harmed by a terrorist. (Unless you are in Iraq or Syria of course.)

Got to try my new board out in big stuff today:
Got to have a quiver, because their is not a board that can do all good.
       Well, it did alright, considering I'm not used to it in well overhead waves, but having a few extra inches in length and a narrower board is the thing to have on the big bouncy stuff. I just don't see how a 20 inch wide board could ever be very good for big waves. I just had better control with my other 6-5 boards and the off shore winds don't effect the narrower boards so much so I went and fetched my old round-tail, (6'5" 19-1/4",) because I feel I still need to make a board like the first one I made at 6'3" and 19.5" wide.
       Regardless , my next board is going to be about a 5'10" or 5'11" by 20" Quad. (And instead of the 15 3/4" swallow tail, I'm going to make it about a 15 3/8" swallow tail.) Then the next one will be more like my fist one, hopefully 6'4" by somewhere between 19 3/8" and 19 1/2" for bigger waves. (I just hope my old round tail can last until then.)

Oh, Yeah: I may have thought I was dreaming
       But it may have been celestial travel.
       I read about it in psychic books and I'm guessing that what I've been experiencing just isn't the typical dreams most of us have.
       However if I'm somewhat clairvoyant, celestial travel must be another part of the so called gift of being a sentinel.
       I'm probably lousy at both, however there has to be a reason for how I learn about things that I am not told about on the street .
       Anyhow I'm not even going to mention how I got some information during the experience, other than a rubber mallet was involved.
       Pretty heavy stuff.

Eternity is a long time:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20 & 26

Especially when you are stuck in nothingness.
A place you would rather not be:
       the place where bad people go.

March 24th, 2016:
It's a place where you can only hope for a visitor. I've see it, and let me tell you that you don't want to go there.
       It makes just being another spirit here on earth like being in paradise.
       I can understand why the spirit world is willing to do what ever it can, -to keep all you humanoids from ruining the planet they share with us.
       It is evident to me that I'm here for the benefit of the spirit world just as much as I was created for the humans that live on this planet.
       The sad part about it is that the humans have not embraced it, therefore they have not seen any benefit from it.

One thing I can tell you:
If you think you are one of those people who feel that you can screw over a Sentinel, I pity the fool.
       I actually feel sorry for Charley, my aunt, my sisters and all those like Speilberg, Obama, and the cops and judges and all. (Well maybe I don't because they will get what they deserve, and so be it.)
       And the people between me and my money, and the people who think they can steal my inventions; they better hope paying me back ten fold is enough to save their ass from where they will be going some day.

Something I enjoyed saying the other day.
While I was getting harassed by Oceanside's finest the other day.
I enjoyed telling them that my friend is the Grim Reaper and he has Cunniff's number.
       The other cop tried to make light of it by saying, "we're all going to dye sometime."
       I replied by saying, "well some will dye sooner than later."
       I looked over at Cunniff; he wasn't smiling.
       I bet it sent chills right through him, because if a Sentinel said that to me, it sure would have, because I don't think a Sentinel would be wrong about that.

Another failure on the behalf of Law Enforcement:
       Face it, law enforcement officials are never as clever as they are portrayed on the TV shows.
       Just as scientist now days, as stupid as they are; they actually have to work collectively to come up with something revolutionary, or as I could say novel; like something that could be patented usually takes one person out of a number of people working on the same problem to come up with a solution.
       Independently, not too many people are very bright anymore because you all have breed that ability right out of the human race. Too say the least, not very many people have much for common sense anymore.
       Like how many security officials or how many police did two guys with carts loaded down with suit cases, and waring one glove each on their left hand, and let them walk by without noticing the two? (Damn, it was in stereo, -you fools.)
       Heck, another failure was that Belgium officials were warned about the two brothers arriving into the country and were told that they should keep an eye on them.
       Yeah, stupid is what stupid does.
       Like I pity the fools.

Kinna like a Love & Hate relationship:
       Talking about my new surfboard.
       I guess, I just have to except that my Fly Panamanian is great in waves that are not over head and a half high.
       Its just too fast, loose and bouncy in the double overhead stuff and it just doesn't have the length to get into them as early as I would like.
       But up to a limit, it sure performs nice. It's very responsive in waves up to a certain point.
       None the less, I figured that it was going to be a groveler in the first place and I can say it's a high performance one at that.

Another one bites the dust:
Rule Numbers- 4, 20, 35, 65 & 86

Via, the silent treatment.
Kudda told yah it would happen, sooner or later.

March 26, 2016:
My Angles told me that I wasted my time and two dollars the other day.
       I don't need to file anything because they've got to sue themselves and the more bodies drop, the more money I will get.
       To say the least, I'm in no hurry.
       None the less, I wonder when the banker toll will hit something substantial. I suppose one won't be enough either and I'm getting tired of hearing about it. Can you tell me that I can be as famous and they don't know they are sitting on my money?
       Gotta wonder who is next?

Got to do some graveling this morning.
It's hard to beat the Stoneman at catching them, but this new board sure holds on to a walled up sections better.
       Oh yeah, I never got around to posting anything about the glass job.
       I went with 4 oz. S-glass on the bottom with two E-4's on top with a Garret Angel-Wing reinforcement patch on the rear and he came up with a nice Diamond patch in the middle of the topside; both in 4 oz. S-glass. I have to say that the board as a whole turned out noticeably lighter than my first one. (My first board was Blue foam instead of Red and I had gone with 6 oz. S-glass on the bottom.)
       I can tell already that the durability has proven impressive.
       I've got to take a hack saw and cut a wedge out of the traction pad, because it sticks up too much and once in awhile it causes my foot to get caught on it. I had the same kind of thing happening on that bag of glue I had. Once I lowered the profile, the problem stopped.

Subliminal messages about Flit Michigan
Sounds like my method of detoxification of lead has created some pretty good result.
       It has been some time, therefore the testing has shown what it can do.
       Cool. Nothing like hearing good news from people fallowing my lead.

And I don't know why, but why would they want to tell me about the girl who wants to go out with me through a Subliminal messages?
       Goes to show you how someone doesn't have control of their own destiny even though they have more than enough money to.
       Kinna weak wouldn't you say?
       Wonder if it's just propaganda?
       Kinna silly to say something like that publicly because it could only put herself in a spot, which may not be the best thing to do.
       Like a deer in the cross-hairs wouldn't you say?

Barbaric Behavior:
Rule Numbers- 12, 20, 24, 25, 26, 34 &3 6

Chicago, Pakistan and other places.
Nothing other than the result of breeding stupid people.

March 27th, 2016:
And they call it a Holly Day
       When will they learn? Stupid people do stupid things.
       Stupid people are easily brainwashed and they have no common sense.
       Do you actually think more police is the solution? What more stupid people to protect us from our own stupidity?
       You have to remember that you've had to strap cameras on them to protect yourself from them and I'll be the first to say that that isn't enough.

Come on folks, get real:
       Don't you think it's just a publicity stunt?
       Finally I heard someone to day say they thought it was.
       I thinks she is just hoping on a band wagon of popularity in an effort to get her name out there.

Bull shit on CBS Channel 8 San Diego:
       Heather Meyers is just wicked bitch! Please, someone get the bitch off my tv set. The phony whore is not any good. Get rid of her.
       Any this weather guy who claims to be a surfer: The guy doesn't know what he's talking about .
       First of: his clip of him surfing didn't show us a thing and only left us with the question is whether or not he actually made the drop?
       The get this: the other day he was saying some shit about south swells and how they build sand up on the beach.
       Heck those south swells create big channels going along the beach and they move the sand bars out away from the beach.
       What really builds up the sand on the beach is when the sun dries out the sand at low tide and the on shore winds in the afternoon blows the sand up farther up the beach. However without sand fencing or natural dune grass, a good portion of that sand ends up in the parking lots and streets.

It looks as the old round nose boards are in this spring.
Is it the goal to surf as short of a board as possible, or is it just a bunch of wave hogs?
       I can tell you one thing, those things look as unstable as can be.
       I've been seeing guys packing 22 inch wide boards to the beach in an effort to surf a shorter board, but gee, they can't get the things up the face of the wave if it isn't full out vertical approach, if they are that talented to do so, which usually isn't the case. But really, they're only good in blown out mush.
       One thing I can tell you about what is selling by what is left over in the stores this spring. That is if you want a traditional squash tail, there is plenty to choose from and what I found that there isn't much of a selection is swallow tails.

If the Democrats have any sense at all, the would vote for the lesser Evil, Burnie Sanders.
       But it's kinna late in the game for that now
       Either way, neither party has given us any choice that is worth a dam.
       Donald Trump is only paving the way for Hillary and the best thing people can do is vote for sanders in all of the fallowing states left so he has the delegates to beat Evil Bitch Hillary.

Sounds like another one killed them self:
       Boy if it was a gun and I notched the handle every time, there probably wouldn't be any handle left.
       And they thought they were getting over on a Sentinel.
       Yah gotta laugh.
       Well, who is going to be next?

Human Behavior turning animistic:
Rule Numbers- 1, 2, 12, 28, 33 & 34

Just because they have technology in the palm of their hand, doesn't mean they are any more sophisticated.
A little over rated to say the least.

March 29th, 2016:
They like seeing cruelty served up to others.
       Cracks women up every day and the younger generation doesn't see it any differently.
       And as long as the crimes are committed against someone else, they condone it as entertainment.

It entertains men that my truck can be used to kill others.
Just as long as it doesn't kill them, but I wonder how many people it has killed? Something they are just not concerned about.
       If they were real men, they would be concerned about why they are not working out of it.
       Just as yesterday, I saw men who were amused by my truck with its paint job and websites and all. Just being a spectacle is just fine with them because it give them something to laugh about.
       Wonder if they will laugh the day that their back goes out and they except the thing to do is go on disability.

I take it Bonnie is gone:
Rule Numbers- 1, 2, 12, 28, 33 & 34

I take it, it depends how they label the bitch, but it appears they got a new one.
With a placate and all.

March 30th, 2016:
I saw what I guess was the replacement last night, on the news.
       Yah just have to laugh and wonder just how many of the crooks have been killing themselves.

Do you keep finding your foot on top of your foot stop?
       I found that having a kick stop that is too high can be a problem,
       Not only that, it creates drag when paddling.
       So here is what I do with the help of a hack saw and file and some Marine Goop.
       I cut out the main portion with a hack saw and then I clean out the middle until the binding force goes away.
       With some masking tape and foam to strap it down while the Goop dries over night and we're good.
       I like the low profile it's more air-o-dynamic and it still does a good job as a foot stop when you actually need one.

Traction pad modification by sunnyside

On the headlight study:
       I think they got it wrong.
       No matter how bright you make them, you can't light over the crest of a hill or around a corner or off to the side.
       I think the more powerful lights do nothing more then make people tend to drive too fast.
       Making them brighter only blinds the driver that is head towards the particular vehicle, making night driving all the more dangerous. .
       The good old fashion head lights are work just fine, people just need to settle with the idea that you should slow down at night and not over drive your field of view.
       The new blue diode type headlights only cause more glare for the on coming cars, making night driving more dangerous.
       So let me be the first to say that the people who are setting the new standards are only being paid to make the standards more risky.

Do I need to remind people that Trump's ultimate goal has always been to give Hillary the lead?
       Funny thing about it, is no matter how much Donald tried to insult himself, there are plenty of stupid people who will fallow him no matter what.
       A true sigh of how stupid people can be when they are running on 8% brain capacity.

Finish the template for my next Quad today:
       I decided on 5-11 13.5 19-7/8 15-3/4 2-5/8
       It's basically the same as my old one but four inches shorter and 1/4 of an inch wider.
       The tail is the same width, but a little more exaggeration on the cut-out of the tail which should reduce the area of the tail make it stick better on bigger waves and a little quicker on the turns.
       It should land about 32 liters.
       I'm keeping the rocker about the same because I really don't want to change much about it other than shortening it so I don't have to step forward as much.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week

Hit the Road Jack

Yah never wanna come around here anymore



Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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