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sunnyside's traction pad modificatiom complete

The low profile is more air-o-dynamic, causing less drag and it still does a good job as a foot stop when you actually need one, and my foot doesn't get hung up on it. Check out Helpful Hints @ Adrenalin

How can you make America great again, when American was never great in the first place?
Rule Numbers- 9, 22

Even thinking any of the presidential candidates can make it great is pretty far fetched when it has so much evil in it.
Like think of all the people who are saying that I'm a millionaire, but they won't tell me?

April 2nd, 2016:
We're back on the two week cycle, however I doubt if it has even been longer than a week.
       There must have been at least a dozen people talking about it while I was at the Grocery store, but how come nobody can tell me how to get it?
       It's because they except Evil, and with evil being so sociably except-able, you are going to have a difficult time making this country great.
       Think about it: NBC news station right here in San Diego listens into the listening devices planted in my camper and they are not telling anyone about me. At least while I'm watching their news broadcast, none the less I did hear my voice patched right in to their sound stage. That's an invasion of privacy by the network news television station and it's sociably except-able. But isn't that what you would call evil?

But then again, I'm a Sentinel
and Evil will just naturally find me.

Like this morning:
       I didn't even try to go down to any of the parking lots I usually go to because of the Ironman bullshit that has taken over the place.
       So I just parked on a side road and just counted on luck to find waves near by.
       And wouldn't you know, I picked the sport everyone and their brother eventually decide to go to..
       The waves were running about head and a half and glassy. Better than we've seen in quite awhile.
       As usual, I just tried to keep some distance between me and the next guy or guys; but eventually some greedy evil Mister. Pro-surfer decided to move in on my space just as if I didn't exist, or matter.
       First he decided to go for one that was coming right up to me, but of course, he figured he could go deeper and take it late. Well, he didn't make it and he wasted it.
       Then when the next one came up to me, he just paddle over in front of me as if he had a couple energy drinks in him and he took it before it got to me.
       Well, I didn't care where I was going to sit, just as long as it wasn't anywhere near the evil asshole who thinks of himself as a mister pro-surfer.
       Needless to say, the waves backed off to about only head high and the sets with peaks thinned out. Then of course it wasn't long before the wind from the south west came up and pretty much spoiled everything that was good going on.

Anyhow, while it was good:
       My board performed extremely well.
       And I have to say, my new board sure seems to handle white water better than any other board I have ever surfed.
       I can only recall getting knocked down once out of all the times I've tried to stay up in the white water. (The say the least, my odds of success is much better.) I think it's a combination of a lot of things I did with it, but even the way I brought the deck down is quite unique.
       And my modification with my traction pad sure did the trick. It seems like I ride my board farther forward with a wider stance and I don't need to shuffle my feet as I've had to do with all my other boards.

They got the Mayor
Rule Numbers- 4, 22, 33, 34, 44, 65, 82 & 86

It's the word on the street in Carlsbad today.
Good riddens.

April 3rd, 2016:
I can think of a few cops they could do without too.
       Bullies with badges is what they are for sure.
       Funny thing, I still have not received the response form the claim I filed in Carlsbad on November 11th, almost six moths to the date. Maybe I'm wrong but I think I'd remember, but then again, I sure have files quite a few in the last year.
       I figured I'd stop by the office and get one direct, because who knows what happens to those things when the go through the mail?
       Oh well, another one bites the dust. None the less, just think of how many friends of mine have been killed. With all those Spirits flying around, do you actually think they can get something over on me?
       They may think it's all about money, but in reality, its all about them hampering me from doing the work God has expected to get out of me. Without God's money, my ability to do so and these politicians whether they are local or on a federal level are simply getting in the way, therefore they will be eliminated one way or another.
       Wasn't the dispensing of justice upon one's self a really good idea of mine?
       Gee, they must be pretty stupid and really really greedy, because they sure don't get it.

Aren't you all tried of hearing Trump repeating his words.
Like it's really really tremendous.
       Tremendous is probably his most favorite word, but he sure has a bad habit of repeating his adjectives.
       He must repeat them because he thinks we are too stupid to understand them.

When I woke up this morning,
I wondered if I had been informed of future or present:
Rule No. 30, 33, 34, 49, 65, 82 & 86

My Angles told me a guy a Ford was good as dead.
I wasn't sure if the Grim Reaper had his number or whether he was already dead..

April 5, 2016:
I bet he's already dead.
       Reason being, I'm pretty sure the word on the street is saying so too.
       Good deal; I'm glade that I'm not sitting here waiting for my money while nothing is being done about it.
       As long as those bodies keep dropping, waiting for the money isn't anything to fret about. Kinna like getting my money's worth.
       Just think, mayors, judges, cops and so many other people are crooked as hell and their is so many of them that must go.

Gee, get this:
They had to fire a deputy in San Diego.
The moron assaulted a woman in a wheelchair, amongst a list of other crazy things.
       Apparently he could handle his alcohol and the badge they gave him put him on a power trip.
       None the less, they will not tell his his name though.
       I guess he will fallow the way of many other bad cops like Hannibal and just go down the road and get another job as a cop in another department.

Oh, good thing:
That Kasich stayed in to help make sure Trump nor Cruz gets the nomination and it give the Republican Party a chance to stick someone else in, (like me,) at the last moment.
       Although it doesn't surprise me anymore, I have to say that if you heard what I hear on the street, you may be surprised at how many people say that they would vote for me. And what blows me away is that the words are usually that they are going to vote for me, making me believe that I may just as well be signed up to be a candidate.
       And gee, I'm surprised, someone actually ask Bernie Sanders how he would brake up the big banks and they actually realized that he really didn't have an answer. No method and no way of citing any kind of laws to do so. .
       Yeah, talk is cheap and good Ideas are hard to come by when you are running on 8%.
       None the less, if you happen to think of yourself as a Democrat, I will have to say that Sanders is the better choice over Clinton. (The lesser evil I would have to say.)
       And if you consider yourself as a Republican, don't vote for Cruz in the primaries just to keep Trump from getting the nomination. You should be voting for Kasich so that neither Trump or Cruz has a strait line to nomination.

I could have sworn it was either Andy or Mark:
Even both who told me that it was going to be a magic board.
       However I'll be the first to say that I've never liked the term because over the years I've heard it at least a dozen times.
       And I'm sure anyone who has shaped there own board is naturally hyped on it and that alone should have some influence upon their confidence when surfing it.
       Yet I feel somehow I'm a little more objective to it because of the high performance boards I've been accustomed to. I feel if I'm influenced at all in any bias way, it is probably the fact that I'm surfing a shorter board than I'm accustomed to so the performance level has had to be enhanced because of that in itself.
       None the less, I have to say I experience something this morning that I've never experienced in any other board before. I found myself on a wave that was walling up and as usual, the technique to use is moving forward to get more speed to get down the line. However this time: I just moved my rear foot forward, right up along with my front foot. (Pretty close together I would say; and right up on the front of my board.)
       The amazing thing about it was how I was maneuvering the board up and down the face of the wave. Never before have I found a board that can surf so well with the front foot, but not only that, but from the front of the board. My rear foot was probably in the middle of the thing and I was surfing with the front half of the board as if it had fins up there.
       I figure it's got to me my rails. The very thing that most shapers and surfers alike would consider as something wrong with it.
       I myself was a little bit worried that I'd be hooking a rail all the time because of them, but that hasn't happened and the only surprising thing about them is how I can get grip to force myself up to the top of the wave. I find that it doesn't take as many tries to get to the top before I do a cut back, and I find I do my cut backs much earlier because of it.
       I now do my cut backs earlier and I'm not worried about hitting the white water when doing it too early because the odds of the whitewater messing with me is diminished with this board.
       Honestly, it actually got me thinking about whether or not one of my own designs would sell if it was in a surf shop. I figure that if I actually want the board to sell, I would be better off making them look like the boards other shapers kick out.
       Then that got me thinking: I bet they all think the same thing and the result is that they all began copying each other and that is why they are all pretty much the same, (at least when it comes to the standard high performance boards.)
       What I think I should do is shape two boards same dimensions, and the same template, but finish them differently. I should finish one as if I'm doing bodywork on a car and the other as if I depended on foam and sanding screen to round the rails.
       I've also decided that I'm no longer going to keep the bottom of my next Quad the same as my old one. I'm not even going to worry about looking at it for comparison. I'm so confident I can make it better than the other guys did, I should be able to make a better surfboard, after all I'm a Sentinel. Nothing about being too proud about that, I figure it just has to be a fact. Therefore, if I shaped my next board like the other guys do, I'd probably be doing something stupid and I'd probably regret not going with my intuition and design.

A couple more reasons
the USA is Not So Great:
Rule Numbers-

They will hire a bully cop who sees nothing wrong with face planting a twelve year old girl.
I can only hope my Angles will take enough time out from these assholes doing me wrong to find some justice for roasting pig.

April 6th, 2016:
I only hope my Angles can show him what a face plant six feet under is like.
       Boy wouldn't it be nice if some guys with bats could run across that evil guy in a dark ally and show him what some street justice is all about.

Then you've got the media and everyone in Hollywood playing up as Spielberg whores.
Just tonight, the Extra show ran a clip with the Spielberg look alike.
       Of course it wouldn't have taken much for Spielberg to get a hold of a Harry Potter display to stand in front of but I'm pretty sure it was the same stand in look alike guy they used at the Academy awards show.
       The reason I feel it wasn't the real Spielberg is because the real Speilberg has more of a receding hair line.
       None the less is the fact that the producers of the show are noting more than whores for a murderer, so how great can that be?
       I myself realize that with all the bodies that are dropping, do you think God would let him live amongst us as a free man?
       Just a simple reason why Jesus stayed right where he is. He wouldn't subject himself to any more of your barbaric behaviors. He's more powerful right where he's at, and taking car of me.

Like do any of you think that they will ever learn?
       Yeah have to laugh, every where I go, I hear about the people who are killing themselves.
       Boy, they sure got some stubborn people trying to keep their hands on the money that belongs to God's and myself.
       Believe me when I can say I can get any amount that I want and they better start forking it out.
       So you didn't get the rain you wanted and how would you like to get some fires that you don't want?
      Any extra water you got, I know just what you may be needing to use if for.
       Wanna watch California burn?
      Wanna tell me that I am wrong?
      Just warning you. Just remember, I said it first,
just like I said about the whole El Nino bit; that God could make it miss California and go anywhere else he wanted it to go?
      And didn't I tell you that heads were going to roll?

The City Counsel is cashing in their chips.
(That's all I heard about today.)

April 7th, 2016:
It didn't matter where I went, people were all taling about the same thing.
       Oh yeah, they were also taking about how the place was going to burn too.
       I'm wondering if the odds makers are taking bets on how many home will burn this summer?
       While I've got some numbers if you are interested.
       The problem is, I don't know if the thousnd was ment for the country of San Diego, or the whole state of California. None the less, I've go the words of five thousand in there too.

But then again, I've got word of a bad hurricane season too.
Who knows what that can bring?
       However, what the county of San Diego has to worry about is lightning storms. Well, maybe I should say the whole state as well.
       You burn me out of my home, God make sure you get a little taste of as well.
       You want to doubt me? Tell me what the odds of me being wrong is.
       Remember I warned you about the mosquitoes and how important it was to take care of the bats.
       I also told you about how feeding the sharks will put humans in the sharks natural food chain.
       Ah, do I need to say any more?
       I'm out of time and have got to go.

I'm thinking Kah-plunker:
Rule Numbers- 35, 41 & 55

I think it's the appropriate name for my new board.
I bet when people see the nose sticking out of the water they will be thinking that it's sort of an old twin fin design with a modern twist.

April 10th, 2016:
Being thick as it is, any old man will think they can just turn around at the last moment and dunk the tail down and Kah-plunk the thing right into a wave.
       I figure it will probably be just about right for a guy who weighs 20-40 pounds more then myself and I had that in mind because I gave some thought of what would sell in the used board rack.
       Since I gave some thought to what would sell the easiest, with summer coming up and all, I decided to make a board that would be difficult to find in a used board rack because anything like it usually sells over the slim high performance board that requires a rider of about 135 pounds or less. (There's always a dozen of them everywhere.)

Wondering why I built a board for the Used board rack?
Well, I figured that if I spent my time and money on a board, to put in a surf shop as a new board:
       Kelly Slater would have one of those Firewire bums go into th surf shop and plant there thumbs in the bottom of any new board I'd consign to a surf shop and no one is really thrilled to buy a new board with a couple dents in it right off the rack.
       It would end up sitting there and I'd end up having to sell it for about the same price as a board I'd rode myself for a month or two. So that's pretty much my plan. I figure I'll keep making myself a new board every month and when I have a full Quiver and I don't have room of any more, I'll just have to figure out which one I can part with. (Probably the one I'd be shaping next, or have another one already.)
       Therefore I stayed with the standard user friendly rails everyone else uses on their boards and I took advantage of the MB blank with a shit load of foam and left it at 2 3/4" thick. (I figure it's probably 34-35 liters in volume.)
       The thing looked so bulky at first, it reminded me of that bag of glue I had, -so I spent some extra time and tapered the rails down to more of a performance size because the one thing I can't stand is a board that will roll on you. However, I'm still concerned whether I left too much foam in the tail, which could throw the whole balance off when paddling, but that's something that you have to except when its the first one which should be considered a proto-type. (It's the only thing that had been troubling me, now that its painted and all because things always look different with a fresh set of eyes.)

I managed to keep the tail at the size of my old Quad, but the Swallow tail cut out is a little more exaggerated and just cooler looking.
I didn't want it too fast so I made it with a little less area so that I can still put on the brakes, even though the board ends up a little wider from the hips forward at 20 1/8" which means it will be 20 1/4 once it's glassed.
       As for the glassing, this time I went with a 4 and 6 oz. on top and a 4 oz s-glass on the bottom.
       As for the rocker: It's about the same as my old Quad. A little less in front to help it catch bigger waves and possibly a little more out the back since there is little bit more "V" off the rear of it.

I'm becoming more accustomed to how a power planner works on a piece of foam.
       So this time I shaped a board in a fraction of the time it took on the last one.
       This time in just one session I shaped the board and painted some stuff on both sides of the board.
       I've got a few more ideas on how I'm going to speed up the process the next time.
       First off is that I will be using the planner more because I'll probably use the same blank and I'll know what I can take off of it before hand.
       I'm also going to use some EPP foam, (the kind RC Gliders and bodyboards are made from,) and I'm going to make Rail shape templates, so making the rails the same on both sides will be easier and faster if I have something to check them with.
       Then there is a number things I can do to speed up the painting process too.
       I figure I found a good use for one of my roller tool boxes with a lift-out tray too, because just a Rubbermaid tote just becomes a mess and it's wasting my time.

The there is this PETA and Seaworld thing.
I mention something about this before:
       How PETA took advantage of the Blackfish movie and slammed Seaworld with criticism with a billboard outside of the park and all .
       It created hardship for Seaworld and their profits began to tank, so did their stock value.
       When they saw financial trouble, the put up stock offering and PETA bought into them and begun to take control.
       Started to put expensive plans before them, to say the least.
       Anyhow, I do think the breeding of whales should be stopped because they should have put limitations upon themselves at 3 or 4 whales per water park; and not eight like they have here in San Diego. (And I don't think they belong in inland water parks where they try to make fresh water into sea water.)
       However, the people are wrong about freeing them, because they are domesticated and they do not know anything about the ocean or being wild, so they just would not survive.
       Also I think stopping the shows is wrong because to those domesticated whales, that's all they know and stopping that part of their life could be detrimental to them. I think they would end up being bored out of their mind just swimming around a tank without activities. They don't know anything about the ocean and being a wild whale, so they can't miss the ocean. The shows they perform, and their trainers are all they know and taking that away from them would be absolutely cruelest thing you could do to them.

The the thing that really pisses me off is how people expect Seaworld to rescue Sealions and Harbor Seals.
       Natural selection says the 250 they saved this year should have died.
       They were suppose to die because they are too many of them for their food supply already and saving their lives only made the problem worse. So next year don't be surprised if they end up having to save 500.
       Get the idea?

And I would like to mention a couple of things people should re-think, because I think they got it all wrong.
       I think people are hopping on the band wagon, being all pro-choice for the gay community and all, without thinking about the true meaning of freedom of choice.
       It's that sign I had always seen at restaurants that says, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."
       Just lately a state or two tried or did pass a laws that people seem to think is only about the use of restrooms, when it's about a lot more than just that.
       I only saw one lady on TV who seemed to understand the ramifications to it.
       It's like if I wanted to be a pervert and wanted to get to see a bunch a naked ladies first hand. I'd by a few articles of woman's clothing, make-up and some cheep jewelry and join a gym where I could go take showers with woman and it would be totally legal and nobody could stop me because I would have to say that it is summer time and every summer, I turn gay.
       Heck without those new laws, you can expect many teenager boys will claim they are gay at the beginning of the school year just so they can get to participate in the girl's PE class and take showers with the girls every day

Are you getting as burnt out on the primary elections as I am?
       Gee, it's been about a year of these fools and it still takes up over a third of the national news broadcast every time.
       The more and more I see and hear of it the more I like the idea of an independent presidential candidate.
       I was considering the possibility if I could be slipped into the Republican party as a candidate when the convention arrives, but I;m so turned off by all of it and its rules and its desegregates and all; I'm just fed-up with it all and would rather not be a part of it.
       I think I would rather run as a Libertarian because after all, I'm all for a smaller government and I don't think the government should be forcing so much shit down our throats.

Around here,
most people realize that I'm a Sentinel:

Kinna convincing when you've got the city counsel members killing themselves.
       It's all people have been taking about, other than my new surfboards that is.
       Ain't city counsel meeting on Tuesday nights?
       Maybe the thing to do is go see one for myself and see how many of those buggers manage to show up.
       Kinna shows you haw corrupt they are. Obviously they have been up to no good since the grim Reaper has been hitting them pretty hard.
      A blessing in disguise I guess.

Oh, Yeah:
On that bit of Speilberg at the Harry Potter thing.

       They say it was Blue screen and the images they used of him were from a long time ago.
       Actually, the one with the other person in it was actually blue screen on top of blue screen.

It's got to be one way or the other:
Which way do you want to place a bet?
Rule Numbers- 26

Considering about the claim with Carlsbad
I bet they thought it would just go away.

April 12, 2016:
Too many questions and too many dead ends.
       I thought I would drop by in person and get a copy of the response, but they couldn't produce anything other than a cop with too many stars on his shoulders .
       I figure the GPS tracking device told them I was in their parking lot because it took about 30 seconds before he popped out of the door just as if he had been waiting for me to walk in.
       All they could produce is a phone number for me to call risk management and when I called the number, the gal said the decision was made on the Nov. 12'15.
       I ask how could that be, because it wasn't even filed properly until the 18th?
       (Remember, I file on the 10th with the wrong dates and I was corrected, just as they did in Carlsbad?)
       However, she could not produce them until the risk manager returned and now they say I can pick them up tomorrow. The question, or where you might place your bet is whether they had to run down to the post office today and have them made up?
       (Believe me when I say, local governments are willing to do such a thing because even Tacoma was able to have a special newspaper made up, just for me to see while I sat in their jail, and that was just over a head trip game they played on me. Well maybe they thought there was a chance I would kill myself over it.)

Anyhow, the gal on the phone said that it got returned undelivered twice.
I'd say probably because of the wrong address on the first claim and that was why I filed a new one on the 18th.
       Therefore, I seriously doubt if they sent one regarding the correct 18th filing. (So which way would you want to bet there?)

None the less, I'm left wonder about a couple other things:
       I'm wondering if the cops actually got anyone to file a complaint against me?
       Then if they did, don't you think the City would just toss them in the trash as soon as they received my claim?
       If there was actually no complains filed and the cops just pretended they were successful at it, I'm sure the risk manager didn't even take my claim seriously
       One thing for sure though, is the fact that by the time I got back to Oceanside, the word about them soliciting complaint forms with child molester rumors and gotten there before me.

Oh, you should have been there today:
This five star bully cop tried to get in my face and tried to intimidate me.
       I pretty much made him look like a fool and had the others there laughing.
       I told him how I felt about him and all he could think of was getting me out of there.
       It sounds like someone recorded it because I've been hearing about it on the street this afternoon.
       You just should have been there.

Oh boy, Cruz in San Diego:
Didn't his "God bless San Diego," just creep you out? It sure did me.
       Geeze, where did they get these candidates?
       Yah got the creepiest bunch I've ever seen.
       We've had Hillary saying the same things for over a year now and she still hasn't given any specifics.
       And she has the gull to say that the others haven't as if she has. Gee, who's the one being fooled?

And around here Dirty Cops get preferential treatment:
We has this one forcing women to give him sexual favors, and he doesn't even serve half his sentence and now that he is out on the streets and he isn't even going to be registered as a sex offender.
       What are the odds of him just changing his name and just going to another country and getting another job of being a cop again?

More bad news:
Japan is considering dumping water contaminated with radioactive tritium into the ocean.
       Tritium goes directly into soft tissues and organs of the human body, potentially increasing the risks of cancer and other sicknesses.
       Of course it will effect children the most, and they are your future.
       Of course they are down playing the severity, claiming there is so little of it.
       From what I read, nuclear plants all over the world often release the shit into the oceans.
       Don't you wonder that they are not telling us about?

Oh, Yeah:
       It's obviuose they are using whatever they were using on Morro Bay on the people in Oceanside.
       If you don't believe me, just check some of the old journal entries.
       To cut to the chase, the thing I've heard the most out of these people for the past week is, "they are going to tell him tomorrow."
       I don't think I need to mention the next most popular line.

Wonder how much Carlsbad spent on a Cop?
Rule Numbers- 19, 26, 34 & 44

I wonder if it was too many stars who sat there waiting?
I went surfing instead.

April 13th, 2016:
They made an appointment for me to pick up the letters, but I just called and verified that they didn't even look at the second claim as I thought.
       They had the address wrong, so you can bet the also had the date of it indecent wrong too.
       You can check my journal for Nov. 10th & 12th of 2015 if you want to know more about it.
       I ended up filing it again on the 18th with the correct information, but apparently that one didn't matter to them.
       I saw no advantage of going there in person to get their response because the odds of it ruling in my favor is so slim, nobody would want to bet on it.

However, today would have been a good day to stay out of the water.
Or at least I should have went in after only a couple, because I had my board rolled on a close out and put a few dents in the bottom of my board.
       The rest of the day was just depressing because of it. To say the least, nothing good came from today. And it doesn't look like we have any good waves coming our way for some time.

Oh, Yeah:
Sounds like someone else killed them self today.
       I guess that's some good news. I just wish that would cheer me up like it should.
       But of course, it's always lacking details, but this time I happen to think it's out of the ordinary. But then again, I think there were two of those evil ones to go down today; so that is a good thing that should cheer me up.
       I actually think my Angles want it that way because it does effect my driving when heavy stuff is on my mind like that.
       I think it's probably better that I don't even know about it. But really, it's like Rule 22 because there are so many I would like to hear about.

Between a rock and a hard spot:
Rule Numbers- 9 & 22

Yeah better get yourself a lawyer.
"They hired him a lawyer."

April 14th , 2016:
You not only have to worry about fires this year, you have to worry about Zika.
       Gee, Obama sure asked for too much money because he made the money too hard to get.
       He should have asked for a couple hundred million and he would have got it already.
       The smart thing to do is make sure it doesn't just go to insecticide manufactures.
       Insecticides will just create more birth defects and that isn't really winning over what you are afraid of.
       What you've got to worry about is God using the Zika virus to exterminate human populations.
       You gotta figure that something has got to give. If you can't protect your intelligence, you can not protect God's and his Angle's planet.
       You must respect what you have.

And while we are close to the word "Respect:"
       Russia's Putin, is saying shit like we must respect Russia, only shows me something not to respect.
       I think the ship should have set off a bunch of flairs and put obstacles so that the planes would have to stay out of its space.

Cape Cod folks will tell you I'm right
Since 1972, you've protected varmints and it slapping you in the face now
       Those folks in Cape Cod will tell you the Seaworld sure wasted a bunch of resources, money and fish on saving 250 of what they wish they could get rid of.
       Coulda told you that.
       Well I did.
       You should have chopped them up and fed them to the crabs.

If only I was about 45 years younger:
I'd have the biggest crush on Ted Cruz's Daughter.
       But for some reason, I bet she would give me the time of day.

Oh, Yeah:
I should mention, that the address of 1635 Faraday, doesn't mean shit to me, but my Angles know of it now.
       It's the address where crooks have jobs of protecting crooks.
       Sounds like a source of Evil doesn't it?
       Sweet dreams, -suckers!

Gotta another one of those questions:
Talking about the rules the GOP made up last year
       Where they made up before Trump signed up to be a presidential candidate or not.
       I'm leaning towards they they did after he jumped into the race and in that case, Trump may just have a valid argument because I can see how they could have puled something like that since he was actually a Democrat and all.

Yeah have to laugh:
Obama had a bunch of kids show up at the Whitehouse with their inventions
       Wonder if any of those kids knew about how Obama made the patent laws first to file so that the odds of any private inventor with any substanual invention will most likely get their invention stolen.
       Or even if they know that they would have to consider themselves lucky that their invention only gets stolen and they don't end up dead over it.
       But really folks, what are the odds of any of those kids inventing anything substantial? .
       With the human race already picked over for any intelligence, and the fact that they are only 8%ers, I seriously doubt they have anything to worry about.
       Them alone without the help of a computer, probably can only come up with do dads or something that you can use with a cell phone. (You know, like most of the stuff on Kickstarter.)

How can they say a cloud is secure?:
Rule Numbers- 9

Microsoft is complaining about the government has been asking for your E-mail information and then the government will not let them tell you about it.
Have fun trying to keep the government out of your business, especially with a cloud.

April 15-17th, 2016:
Then you have to wonder who the guy is who's working for the government and whether they will sell it to someone else, like your competitor.
       I guess tit's something that doesn't require the Patriot Act. Just the every day workings of a crooked government.

Trump isn't making any friends in Ireland:
       He's planning to dump a bunch of rocks on a beach
       Surfers can't see it because he's got a shit load of land but would rather ruin a popular surfing beach instead of just moving part of the golf course back instead of spending 10 million euros on rocks to put along a rare 2.8km stretch of soft golden sands called Doughmore - Doonbeg beach.

Got a message from my Angles this morning:
Rule Numbers- 4, 22

They said my only friend is not my friend.
Kinna figured that; being it was obvious to me that Speilberg would buy anyone who is in my life.

April 17th, 2016:
Even the golfers on TV were taking about him.
       I could tell last month that an envelope wasn't opened by any accident because there wasn't any paper torn; it was obvious a hair dryer was used in an effort he could re-close it, but he ended up using cellophane tape to re-close it .
       Yesterday, when I finally got the letters from Carlsbad, he had to sign for them since it was certified, and he opened it up before he called me about it.
       I think it's about time to pay for a PO box even though it will not necessarily be any more secure.
       Gotta figure buying someone in the post office is just as easy for criminals, but at least I won't be forcing myself to face the guy who is doing it.
       I don't know about what you think, but I would be a little more careful gathering mail for a Sentinel. But then again, he said himself that the whole Sentinel stuff was a bunch of crap.
       He was going to bring the letters to me the next day, (which was yesterday,) but I told him I could just wait. Like what does it matter when: if there was any integrity to the letters, the integrity of them flew out the window the second he opened up the package.

I took another look at my new board before it was glassed:
Being concerned whether the tail was too thick or not.
       Well I did thin it down so much that it ended up with the look of a heck of a lot of flip in the tail. From the middle of the board and forward the thing looks really thick, (which should make it paddle and catch wave really well considering how much rock is in the board.)
       Not exactly something you would want to use in big waves but it should make a great summer time board.

I'm goimng to shape my next board out of a 6R blank:
       I'm going to shoot for a 5' 10-11" squash.
       I figure I'll try for a tail of 15" (maybe even a tad bit over 15,) over my original 14.5 and I'm thinking 19 3/4" wide and I'll make it about 11/16 thick.
       Something to surf when the waves are clean.
       I'm thinking the Stoneman's nose, but I'll wait and see what my new Quads nose looks like. However the reality of it is that my old Quad's nose should fit on it pretty well considering the width and all.
       I think the MB blank had too much foam and too much rocker for the kind of boards I like to surf. The EA had too little foam thickness and won't fit a quad's tail width. I just have to learn to live with boards under 6 foot and the R blank would do me better because of the milder rocker and wider dimensions.

Huston got El Nino alright:
Rule Numbers- 20, 22 & 26

Do you think Zika on the Gulf Coast is next?.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

April 18th, 2016:
What are you afraid of?
Paying me my money?
Or what God may have in store for you?

       Sounds like Ford is just sitting on a factory that they can't do anything with either.
       Something tells me the Bill Black has cashed in his chips too. The question is whether it is a done deal or am I predicting the future again and his number just hasn't come up yet.

Funny thing about people. They look at me is I'm the one with something wrong with him as if I did something wrong or I don't know what I'm doing.
But look at what you all have done with my inventions after twenty years.
       You haven't saved any money with them. And you haven't used them to build any house, nor has my truck saved anyone's back, other than my own.
       All you've done is paid a fortune for it and killed people with it. What's worse is you've supplied it to ISIS so that they can use it to rape and kill people. And let's not forget the destruction that has come from it.

Same kinna thing goes for what good did it do anyone sabotaging my surfboard?:
       I think it's easy to say that the people who sabotaged it has lost plenty of money over it because they only know of doing evil upon someone else.
       Here we are now over a year later, waiting more than a month between the boards I'm only making for myself and it's going to be longer than that before I'm able to make another one.
       All the fuss over them, and I haven't even done a second of the same kind yet, so how am I supposed to get any good at it?
       Well, to say the least, I think I'm good enough at it and it clearly shows I know how to make a good board and I think that's because I've owned both good and bad boards and over the years I've realized what to look for in a board.
       I really don't have to experiment much, I just need to get comfortable with converting which blank into which board, and of course get accustomed to using the planner more than I've been using it so far.

I've gotten so accustomed to my new board:
That I've decided to go with the smaller rear fin in small waves.
       I have to laugh: I seriously doubt that there are any or should I say many professional surfers who can have so many on the beach saying there he goes, (when they are not in a contest.)
       I bet most of them go unnoticed and that's why they go to so much effort to having load paint jobs on their surfboard and bright wet-suits with shit written all over every thing. You know, the big stickers and all, like, hay, I'm a mister pro surfer. I'm special. You should give up you wave to me because I'm better than you.

Kinna like the Hollywood whores that are in town:
They are a bunch of lazy ass people who think they are better than everyone else.
       They figure that they are so above the rest that they can be rapist, murderers and child molester and everyone will still work with them as well as work for them.
       Who am I talking about you may ask?
       Just to name a few, there is Stanly Kubic who Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicol Kidman, didn't have any problem going to a different country to do a flick for him. And let's not forget Kidman is also a Spielberg whore because she had to have gone to San Quinton Prison just to get filmed with Speilberg.
       Then you've also got that Australian whore Kate Winslite among others who saw nothing wrong with working for Woody Allen on on of his flicks.
       To say the least, Hollywood whores should just go to hell because after all, all they do is entertain us with flicks about evil. Let us not forget about all the Cops shows that just build up the egos by making them think they are smarter than they actually are to the point where they so disillusioned the think shooting people is just part of their jobs.
       Basically they entertain people with evil and you wonder why so many people are so screwed up. Like you ask yourselves, "how could anyone do such a thing?"
       Well Hollywood just showed them how.

Warner Brothers production of Animal

Evil Hollywood whores are in town:
Rule Numbers- 20, 22 & 26

April 19th, 2016:
Those of you who have the ability to listen in, know that within a half hour of last nights post covering the evil whores in town, I had the cops knocking on my door with a bunch of lies.
You'd have to laugh at the title of the flick; they are barbaric animals alright.
I hope some of them either drown or just plain drop dead.

       It was was obvious someone from the Warner Brothers Production Company not only knew what I had uploaded about them, but also just where I had done it from.
       Anyone with any common sense would know that I wasn't up to anything different than I've done at least a hundred times this year.
       Obviously it was a false call and anyone would know that, even the cops. But do you think the cops would do anything like check to see where the call came from, just incase it wasn't a pre-paid cell phone owned by no-body.
       Shit no, because the cops only enforce the laws they they chose to enforce and when they want to chose to enforce them. If it's a crime committed against me, you can bet they will over look it because they are just as well part of it. They condone crimes against the victims the Oceanside police department victimizes themselves.
       To say the least: the Oceanside Police Department is a co-conspirator in the crimes committed against me.
       And boy, I don't know what the hell they are cooking up to serve their whores, but it sure smells like shit.
       They are nothing but a bunch of lazy asses who think they are better than everyone else. However, I can tell you that for sure, most of them are nothing but a bunch of nut jobs.
       They figure that they are so above the rest that they can be rapist, murderers and child molester and everyone will still work with them as well as work for them.
       Who am I talking about you may ask?
       Well Bill Cosby for one. Just think of how many of his people knew exactly what he was doing, while he was doing it. His agents and lawyers, just to name a few who were involved in covering up his extra curricular activities, drugging and rapping women.
       Just to name a few, there is Stanley Kubrick who Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicol Kidman, didn't have any problem going to a different country to do a flick for him. And let's not forget Kidman is also a Spielberg whore because she had to have gone to San Quinton Prison just to get filmed with Speilberg.
       Then you've also got that Australian whore Kate Winslet among others who saw nothing wrong with working for Woody Allen on on of his flicks.
       To say the least, Hollywood whores should just go to hell because after all, all they do is entertain us with flicks about evil. Let us not forget about all the Cops shows that just build up the egos by making them think they are smarter than they actually are to the point where they so disillusioned the think shooting people is just part of their jobs.
       Basically they entertain people with evil and you wonder why so many people are so screwed up. Like you ask yourselves, "how could anyone do such a thing?"
       Well Hollywood just showed them how.

Bottom of surfboards shaped by Sunnyside Sattler

I figure the Stoneman has been put out to pasture:
Rule Numbers- 26

If this board can't catch a wave, nothing will.
It ended up being 2 11/16" thick and holds it pretty well.

April 20, 2016: posted on 4-21-15
5'10.5" x 13.75" x 20 1/8" x 15 7/8" x 2 11/16"
       It's got a thick nose, but the tail thins down quite a bit. And believe it or not, there are a lot of people who like the way I left the nose a little thicker on my boards. I guess there are many out there who had broken noses on there boards before. (Like I did once, to a new one, on the second day of using it.)
       On this Quad's nose, it looks real thick because it's actually crowned at the stringer but from 6" back the rails are not any thinker than my old Quad as well as most other boards, and at 6"back the concave starts to happen so looking at it from the side is deceiving. Out the back about at the middle of the from fins it's actually a mild double concave even across, -to a light Vee off the tail.
       The widest spot is about 1 inch back from the center.

Quad rocker

       Boy this morning, (4-20) I took about half the waves I went for on the head because I was too deep, too often.
       However yesterday, the waves were not too many, but the quality was up there. I got tubed pretty good going both left and right.
       When you are going left and you can feel the water washing your right elbow, you know you are inside.
       Today, I just couldn't get it together.

Sounds like the Animal Kingdom had to get a new director this morning.
       All things lead to me being right about the other night.
       Like yesterday, I could have sworn I heard one of the crew members say that they had called the cops on me.
       Then this morning I had heard guys in the water talking as if the director had killed himself last night.
       Then today, I didn't see much of the hired security they've had the past couple day, and they were replaced with a shit load of Oceanside Police officers surrounding all the Hollywood whores.
       I suspect that they were just looking forward to me trying to create some trouble so that they could make some kind of example out of me.
       Pretty funny actually. Like I'm not the one they need to be afraid of. Rule No. 9 like what the hell can they do when they can't see spirits, like my Angles, Jesus, God, and the Grim Reaper of course.
       From what I recall, I don't think the director of the last Hollywood shoot here had a very good time either.
       I don't think anyone from Hollywood is going to have a very good time coming to Sunnyside's backyard to shoot any flick.
       And can you believe someone called the cops on me today while I was at a ball park after the um-teenth time?
       The police officer said someone didn't like the stuff I had written on my truck.
       He thought my board looked pretty good and said, "good luck with your new board," before he left.

Told you so:
       All that time and money wasted on a silly phone.
       Betcha there are s shit load of hackers out there who are wondering how difficult it was to get those morons down at the F.B.I. to fork over a Million Dollars just to hack a cell phone?
       Anyone with common sense could have told to the the terrorist would never keep the phone around and would have destroyed it just like the others they had if there was anything important on it.
       Burning Tax payer's money of course.

The word I heard the most this morning: Kah-plunker
Rule Numbers-20, 22, 26

With the kind of junk we had this morning:
Could have put it to good use.

April 21, 2016:
It's still Gassing out.
       It spent the night behind the shower curtain where the vent is and I had my fan running all night.
       Today I fixed up my Synchro-link-Surf web-site today. Even may separate web-pages for each of my boards.
       Check it out.

Synchro-link surfboard top sides

Synchro-link surfboard top sides

Got biped today:
Rule Numbers- 4, 22

My cigar tipped nose feels much better then the alternative.
I also swapped out the bigger rear fin for the smaller one.

April 24th, 2016:
A bit junky this morning and the wind kicked up early.
       It would have been a good morning for the Kah-plunker, but the glue was still drying on my traction pad modification.
       I wasn't even going to try it out without doing the inevitable. None the less it's good to go tomorrow.
       The Flying P is more like my old round-tail with the smaller fin. (The radius of the turns are tighter.) Now that I'm accustomed to the board more, I'll probably go with the smaller fin in the back unless the waves are at least 4 or 5 foot.

Funny how a few of the guys have their favorites already, before they even see me surf the Quad:
       But of course the Flying P should be the way hotter board.
       But then again, they haven't been stuck with one foot stuff like we get in the summer yet.
       None the less, just looking in comparison to the boards Kelly Slater is offering up at Firewire, (and old school board with hips and the another which makes them pretty much weirdo boards,) I think it's safe to say my boards are way hotter then his.
       As far as CI goes, it looks as though everything is about Al's son Brett, and Dane Reynolds, pitching their new boards.
       Funny how they don't even list Nate Young as one of their sponsored surfer, when I know that he is.

Saw that bit on CBS
About how members of Congress actually work each day.
       Gee, more than four hours per day just telemarketing for funding for their political party and they might work two hours per day for the people who put them in office.
       Sad no wonder they the government is broken.
       They two parties that say they run the government has taken over the government and all they do is sit on the phone in the call centers across the street from the Capital selling favors.
       I seriously doubt they ever have enough time to read any of the bills they vote on.
       I bet everything is left up to the inters. I bet the inters are the only people who read anything.
       I bet the inters jobs are all about righting summaries, just like pitches for Hollywood movies I suppose.

Kah-plunker surfboard by Sunnyside

Took the Kah-plunker for a test drive:
Rule Numbers- 5, 11 & 14

Like a horny woman it is fast and loose .
On the first turn, she left me behind.

April 26th, 2016:
Conditions would say I would have been better off with the Flying Panamanian because the south winds made things a bit bumpy.
       None the less I did get a couple to get a sample of how she likes to be ridden.
       Definitely a back foot board. Too bad I didn't got with the unfriendly Kiwi Rails all the way up like the FP, because I so accustomed to the grab with the front foot up-the-face.
       But it does turn off the lip real well, and it sure motors right through the flat spots.
       One thing I'm sure happy about is that although it's wide and floaty, it doesn't go fish bobbery when standing on the tail end like the bag of glue thing I had.

I figure it's 35+ liters of float
However it's manageable because I can still slow it down with my back foot, which ends up being on the very rear at the stop.
       Going any shorter than my hight would probably be detrimental for me until I get accustomed to such a short board.

Oh my bad:
       I goofed on my Book Excerpts
       I jumped one and I posted Malibu in place of LA. (Content wise.)
       None the less, there is a long run of chapters in a row after it.
       So back up and read LA, -again.

Bonnie is back in white face:
       Could have sworn my Angles said she was dead.
       Maybe she is an impostor, but she sounded right. But then again it could have been a old clip they dug up. Anyhow, I still have not seen the mayor of Flint yet. None the less, I hope and pray every day for the deaths of those evil people who have done us wrong.

My Take on Prince:
       I'm still waiting to see it get old, but I have my two cents to put in.
       I respect the guy for being one who wrote more verses than chorus.
       He didn't rely on ryhmes so much either.
       He didn't rely on a drum machine either.
       The only tacky thing about him was his motorcycle in his movie. (A faring on a bike with a sissy bar.) The faring he could have done without, but then again, where her lived, anyone without one would freeze his ass off.
       I only wish I could remember which band it was that sat in or opened up for a band I was doing lights for that played Purple Rain. I'm sure I did it justice, because it was one of those songs I would have known how to play it as if I'd played it many times before.
       Bottom line, he was a true musician and showman, something that is difficult to find in the present days.
       I think my favorite song of his would probably be, Nothing Compares to You.

Quad surfboard by Sunnyside at synchro-link

Kah-plunking her....
Rule No. 5, 11, 14, 30, 35, 39, 41 & 55

Two times per set.
(Catching one on the inside on the way back out.)

April 27th, 2016:
In our typical 2 ft. she can double the wave count.
In comparison of the 6-1 bag of glue I had:
it catches and handles better in the weaker waves as if I had gotten the 6-2, but on the performance side, it's like I'd gotten the 6-0.
       It's much more at home at carving up the face and going vertical and at the same time it has more forward nose area so I can maneuver through the flatter spots.
       Early on this morning, I must have caught two for one, -compared to the other guys, so you can figure that the younger guys don't have such an advantage over me anymore. (Rule No. 55) To be honest, I'm not use to catching a wave so early and I have to tell myself to stay down a little longer before standing up. Such a difference from my other boards where I have to sit inside everyone else and take them late.
       I'm even considering switching to smaller front fins the next time the EA's are still mounted in the the Flying P.
       Although I'm still getting acquainted with the board, I think it's safe to say that I shaped a real good board for the summer.
       Oh yah: there are those who are debating whether I used the Stoneman's nose or not. Well to be honest, I tried but it didn't fit because it is designed for a longer board. The fact of the matter, none of my templates fit, so I took the flyer nose and increased the angle from the point by a degree or two and blended it into the rail. I didn't want a hybrid nose because they tend to bounce in choppy stuff and just moving a pointed performance nose back would have left me with a board with all the lift at the rear of the board. With my own nose design, my side rail was able sustain some length and still kept the widest point of the board behind the center, which is something I feel you need if you want a back foot board. And to in my opinion, if the widest point of the board isn't behind the center, it is not a Quad. Something that differentiates a Quad from a twin fin, (in my opinion of course.
       And one thing I did differently than most shapers is that I didn't use two templates laid out on the blank. I made a one piece template, end to end so that front would fit to the rear better. Also just by off-setting it on the blank I was able to draw lines for tapering the rails evenly.
       I can't actually say that the rails are like everyone else's user friendly shape. The fact of the matter, is the first thing one will notice when carrying the board is how the rails in the middle third of the board have a squared feeling to them. It was an end result in leaving the bottom edge a bit shaper than normal and from tapering the deck down to thin out the rails. What I got by doing this is that the board should hold onto a wall and grab a faster turn but still hold the board up when you plant the rail into a weak wave where you need thickness in a rail to keep it afloat.

On this idea of Prince having no will:
I bet his lawyer got bought and burned the will, so that it would get contested.
       I bet Prince may have given a bunch of money to his Church and someone in his family paid his lawyer to take a peek at the will.
       Call it a promissory note. Meaning that his lawyer figured out how to get more money out of Prince once he was dead and the problem Prince had was that there wasn't anyone honest enough to leave a will with. (Kinna the same thing that happened to the inheritance I was suppose to get from Deloris.)
       It's just to easy for someone to either swap out a few pages or even fake a signature.
       Makes me believe that signing a will actually needs to be a publicly witnessed thing. (Rule No. 22 though with that idea.)

Quad surfboard by Sunnyside at synchro-link

Today's Topic:
Media Whores and their dirty little secretes they don't tell you about.
Rule Numbers- 4, 9, 12, 65

Pulling the wool over your eyes.
Like the flash cookies they plant in your program files.

April 28th, 2016:
They all do it, and it's how they can shape your reality.
       Like NBC just bought Dreamworks Animation off a murder, making him worth Billions more while he's sitting in prison. (Talking about Spielberg of course.)
       Now week can expect that his net worth is up to around $5 Billion.)
       The funny thing about it is that he can't take it with him, but then again, he's got a bunch of Hollywood whores for offspring, and you can't expect them to have any conscience or concern for anyone else but themselves.
       And I suppose that you've heard the rumor about Spielberg dying and he only has about a year to live. Well that rumor has been going around rot at least 3 or 4 years by now and you can bet it's only a ply to get a pardon out of either Gov. Brown or Obama.

On the Strayhand and ABC bit.
I think Michell is demoting himself.
       But again, it's all about the greed for money, figuring the two hour news show brings in $400 Million per year compared to the 1 hour show that brings in $90 Million per year .
       None the less, his arithmetic must not be so good because I'm sure he is putting himself in with a bunch of bodies what make a sizable cut a bit more difficult unless his show with Kelly has been on the decline.
       With a cut of more than five hands in the pot, I just don't see the reasoning.
       Anyhow, I happen to think Anderson Cooper has the possibility of having the brains to do better than him in his place.
       As far as the two hour news show, there is a shit load of people who could do just as well as Strayhand, because just being a news reporter, intellect doesn't matter that much, they just need to read the teleprompter well.
       I have little doubt, the offer they made stray hand was just an offer to cowardice him away from Kelly's show in order to put someone else in his place without anyone realizing the hidden reality.
       A big smoke screen you could say.

On all these weight loss endorsements:
       You know, Oprah, Osmond, and the Sabrina chick.
       Gee, who can tell us who hasn't got the money to just walk into a doctors office and have the fat suckered right out of them.
       For the amount of money they will bring in over the deals, they would just have to write it off as overhead.
       The Question is, Who is fooling who.
       Do you actually thing all three are going to be honest?
       I figure that the odds would be no better than one out of three.

So they are going to tell me,
today, tomorrow, whenever:
Rule Numbers- 4, 12 & 26

More like Morro Bay every day.
It's wool over their eyes.

April 30th, 2016:
Tell me how many bodies dropped this week, is what they should be telling you.
       It sounds like trying to get some heat on my Aunt Rosemary Pace would be a waste of time.
       Guess when you do business with Lockheed Martin, Ford, and Charles Gould of Myrle Lynch, and they can get things kept Top Secrete, you can never tell how many units they make.
       I can assume that they made more than they told her and she probably devised a way to find out they were cheating her.
       Kinna clarifies a few things: Like all that advice I'd heard over the years, that I'd be better if just getting it out if my hand and license the thing to someone else instead of just manufacturing it myself.
       It goes to show you that if you don't have someone on the production line counting every unit for you, there isn't any way you can tell if you are being cheated. Then if you do have someone on the production line, you would have to wonder if they wouldn't think they could get more money to lie to you anyways. (You know, the working both sides of the fence bit, double agent and all.)

Then if you are dealing with people who are flat out scamming the government for tax payer's dollars.
You just may be signing your own death warrant.
       Just take a look at all the shit that has been going on in Syria lately.
       They don't know who has been launching the missiles because the missiles are coming from rebels the US government provided the weapons to.
       More dirty little secretes.

The you've got all these Senators telling Obama he should renew the defense package with Israel that is do to expire in 2017:
       Of course the Senators get on the phone every day at their call center asking for money from the defense contractors who sell missile parts to the Israelis.
       If Israel doesn't blow up a few Palestinians with the missiles, I'm sure they find some profit in selling them to someone else .
       Barbaric Animals is all I can say.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week




Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

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New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold in chronological order.

For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

Cleaning Out Toxins

Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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My Korny Tax Plan

Immigration 101

May I Have Page.

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what sports are all about

Sunnyside's Last Resort

My Theory

Looking Back on 911
12 years later


Stupid Rule No. 42

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory


Those Pesky Car Guys


My Vitamin Supplements


Going to the

My Stupid Movie Idea


Moo Lah
(Column on Money)

If you wonder how things are
in San Luis Obispo County
Check out:


Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

May I Have Page.

Something new to this site

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      Solution: use Mozilla Firefox browser with the add-on called Better Privacy.

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of Justifying War.

My Theory

Stupid Rule No. 42

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Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory


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New: the full version of the story about the fire

Burning Down the House

Jam Shack

The Proposed Factory


Save Our Bats

December 28th, 2012

The Story about Ol Dred,
the friendly old shark.


El Loco


Speilberg's Lousy Page
His crap was taking up too much space on the Home Page

Cherry Bomb

Organized Religion:
Someone else's retirement,
and an Evil way of justifying War.

My Theory

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