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Kah-plunker surfboard by Sunnyside

I like them on the looser side:
Rule Numbers- 4, 12, 14, 30

I like the Flying P a little loose in the Bigger stuff too.
I need a looser board for my style of late take-offs.

May 1st, 2016: (posted on May 3rd.)
Other guys get a kick out of how an old man like me will commit to a wave so late.
       I realize after watching Pipeline that my approach to catching a hollow wave is a little different. When most guys are holding their rail, I'll usually throw my board sideways and stand right up and ride down the face a little sideways. Yah gotta have a loose board to do that, and I think that's been the problem I've had with my new Quad, is having too much fin under it. So my next session, I'll be going with AM1's instead of the the EA's. None the less, I do have those Rusty's I reshaped to more like an EA with more cant that worked real good with the Stoneman, and I'm guessing they will be the ones to use, but they just won't look so pro surfer being cheap plastic ones.
       This morning was short lived. It was difficult from the start, but as soon as the winds switched around south, I was missing my old Gun because it sure got bouncy with the Flying P.
       I need to be going for something longer and narrower to replace my 6'5"s boards since the old round tail dosen't paddle very good anymore, (and it's been kinked twice.)
       I think I'm going to shape a 6'5"R blank into a 6'4" at somewhere between 19-3/8 to 19-1/2 wide with a round tail at about 14 3/4 and about 2 5/8" thick. (Basically about the same as the first board I shaped, but that one got sabotaged.)

And tell me who are the fools?
Just take a look at what the Assie's figure the surf brakes on the Gold Coast are worth in revenue.
       There was a link at Magicseaweed to a bit about the concerns of what a Cruise Ship terminal might do to the place.
       With the Gold Coast being known for its surf spots, they bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and just the one spot is considered worth a number of times more than the $6 million per year the ship terminal would bring in.
       Then what am I getting at?.
       Well look at what is going on here in Oceanside and a number of places of SD as well. They are putting big rocks on the shore for erosion control and eventually just getting into the water will be about as scary as getting in and out of the water at the shores of Seaside, Oregon.

The Ironic part of it all:
       These crooks they got running this place, don't want me to have any money, but they like the idea I bring tourist dollars in for them. But then again, the tourism has actually dropped this year and they are considering spending money on more advertising to turn things around. (Which isn't going to do anything about preventing their shores from getting rocky, which will only make their destination look less appealing.)
       Now for the really stupid part.
       Like what would I myself being a surfer do if I had any money?
       Well I certainly would do what Kelly Slater has done.
       Slater has invested a shit load of money in a wave machine, for what purpose it isn't actually clear. Since it is not commercially viable because of the liability involve, it must be considered an attempt to build a private wave. And if it was open to the public, it would pretty much be for the wealthy.

Where my investments for more waves would differ:
       First off, I'd buy a barge, portable cement plant, a couple cranes and a shit load of epoxy coated re-bar.
       I'd create more surfable waves than any machine cold because I would use the power of the ocean.
       I figure I could create monetary gains once I proved how my underwater wave generator/erosion control devices work. I figure there will be people willing to lease them from me, just to protect their water front.
       The deal is, once they are manufactured and placed in the water, most of them will have to be maintained by being pull up and repositioned a few times a year depending on the hard pan below.
       But then again, if by time I see any money, I'm too old to surf, I really wouldn't give a damn about it. So tell me, Who's got the most to lose?

Oh yeah, pretty funny to see that Kelly Slater dose not have any stickers on his boards. His fans even look phoney. I wonder if he has to pay people to like him.

And tell me why:
Speilberg didn't make one of his appearances at Obama's correspondence dinner?
       You know he was always a staple around there and one of Obama's best chums.
       Was it because I picked apart his blue screen tricks last year?
       Embarrassed the White house I guess..

Oh Yeah, another thing:
Sounds like my aunt Rosebud chowed down a bunch of sleeping pills
       I take it she had problems sleeping .
       Like I said something like it before about my sister Donna: that if I'm half as famous up in Tacoma as I am down here, she probably couldn't go anywhere where they know who she is without people talking about her behind her back. And when it's not good things said about her, the fame will get to her. (If not that, my Angles or the Grim Reaper would have of course.)
       I bet she did get taken with the patent deal over my truck. Like I said before, I bet they only gave her enough money to get her to sign her name to seal the deal. After that point, they were not about to pay her anything because they knew she stole it and she wouldn't want them to tell me, nor would she want to go to jail or prison for a felony for signing her name claiming she was the true inventor.
       Once she signed her name on the line, it was out of her hands and no longer any good to her. I wonder it it even bothered her that thousands of people died from it because of what she did?
       I bet the only reason she lived as long as she did without Speilberg or Obama killing her was that she had done me wrong, so she would have been in a spot and would have had to keep her mouth shut just the same.

Who's favorite now?
Rule Numbers- 20 & 55

The last couple days, they were saying,
  "that's the good one."

(Referring to the Flying Panamanian.)

May 3rd, 2016:
But after today with smaller fins on the Kah-plunker, I think my fans will be re-considering which board is their favorite.
       The AM1's definitely helped me catch the waves properly without diving for peals. And being able to turn it sideways sure helped me slow it down and go more vertical.
       The thing that surprised me the most is how it hangs on to a wall without rolling and I think where it will prove to excel is in waves that are blown by on-shore winds, -like later on in the mornings when waves are usually difficult to catch. Like this morning, I was able to get up so early on one of those wind blown waves where you can't tell which direction to go because the lack of a peak and nothing but a wall, -that I was able to get up and then check the wave, go one direction and then change and go the other.
       None the less, I began to real that the board is sort of a hybrid as far as characteristics go. It's a blend of the feel of a twin-in and a quad.
       It favors being surfed rail to rail and not do back foot dominate quad feel. It surfs back foot well but if there is chop, it is better to have some weight on the nose so that it doesn't bounce so much, therefore having it looser and sliding it rail to rail is the way it likes to be surfed. Big fins just had me riding it too far back and it caused the front to bounce around too much, so I figured out that the smaller fins let me move forward more and I'm less likely to lose the wave when it gets weak. But don't get me wrong, it will spin on a dime if you put your weight on the tail, it's just too boaty to do it on choppy stuff.
       And on which one of my boards is the best, of my favorite: I don't think I could have bought any surfboards off the shelf that would have been better for what I wanted. I happen to think both of them are good.

Up-date: I would not doubt the rumors about my aunt being false.
I have to say I have heard that Charles Gould has been arrested.
       I get mixed feeling as to whether he got busted for insider trading or even the possibility he had my aunt killed..
       I think they may have planted phoney rumors about my Aunt taking sleeping pills so that I might repeat them and cause false rumors.
       And oh, I got to thinking about my uncle Robert Pace. With him being a US Postal Inspector, it's not difficult to believe he would have been capable of controlling what happened to the mail I would receive. (Something that I wish I would have thought about a long time ago.) I bet he was the one who was opening the letters from the patent office.

It's Pretty Bad when:
You have to say the Lesser Evil is Donald Trump
Rule Numbers- 8, 12, 65 & 66

The Clintons sure screwed the GOP this time around with their modern day Ross Perot.
(Donald Trump being the hired gun this time .)

May 6th, 2016:
Trump is sure clueless when it comes to Israel
       He doen't realize that the only reason the Palestinians lob missiles into Israel is because the US gives Israel $3 Billion every year for war machinery.
       Gee, talking about one guy who completely sabotaged the Republican Party.
       Now you've got Trump looking to milk the GOP out of about a Billion Dollars to beat Hillary, (which would not happen anyway, because his goal all along was to help Hillary win.)
       Fools are a dime a dozen for sure.

Amazon Hacked?
       Some things just don't add up....
       You up load your book in digital form to Amazon.
       Your Tax information and Bank information.
       Looking through my junk, I found a 1099 form they sent me for 2011, it said I made $13.74 in Royalties.
       Then tell me how come five years later the account says I did not sell one book?
       What's up with that?
       Something fishy with Amazon.

Told Yeah:
       I'm sure it was just a few weeks ago I told you about fires that were going to be started by lightning.
       Gotta figure Canada had the bad patent laws before the US did.
       Not only that, but it's twenty years later and all you've done with the gift from a Sentinel was kill people with it.
       Like what do you think you will be doing twenty years from now about the shorelines that disappear into the Ocean? Burn some more dynamite and diesel add more rocks to your beaches?
       Do that and the only time you will have surfable wave is when the waves get real big, and that's when they are not very surfable.

Can you laugh about it?
       A surf contest, that surfers are reluctant to participate in in Reo because of polluted water, and a baseball game moved because of the fear of the Zica Virus?
       I bet the Olympics will be won by default by they way of competitors not showing up to compete. Yah just don't want to be one of those people who end up with neurological problems from it.
       But really, just look at the 2014 games in Russia. Kinna rigged in their favor anyway.
       You screw over your Sentinel and you will get what you deserve.
       Heads are going to roll and shit will hit the fan.
       Don't tell me that I didn't warn you.

They called it a shoot out:
Rule No. 10, 14, 23, 26, 35, 42 & 70

I wasn't sure what they were talking about.
But two days later, they were still talking about it at Walmart.

May 10th, 2016:
They were talking about the Kah-plunker
       Comparable boards being 5'10' swallow tails and two guys who are frequent surfers and about the same age and weight.
       Mine a little thicker and 20-1/8" and his 20-3/4. He said his board was flat on the bottom and my own with the mild concave to Vee going on.
       I didn't actually see any of his rides, but the conditions were chest to head high and about average for O-side.
       Anyhow, I'm not sure if the peak shifted on him and ended up over by me on the shoulder, but I remember getting up and surfing over towards him and standing there looking at him waiting to see if he could make it in. (I got a kick out of it.)
       Or maybe it was just that I managed to get the combination of fins right that day, with the Spoony Pivotal Sig fins on back with the AM1's on front. Just the right amount of grip and loose enough to be very responsive. But then again, he could have been out there trying to dial in his fins with his board too. None the less, nothing really can even the field because even like surf contests, it mostly all about who manages to get the best waves and that's by chance and you have to take in consideration, he showed up on the scene later than I did, so his chance for good waves was obviously diminished some.
       Anyhow it was the first session I actually felt like I was at home on it and it must have shown by the at I was executing the waves. It's got me convince that it's truly a good board for the waves we get around here and I'm not at all as reluctant to go for the bigger waves than I did with my other Quads. I only wish I would have taken away about a liter more foam because sometimes just getting it back outside gets to be a bitch. (But once the deck gets crushed in a bit....)

Ironic enough it did get the people talking.
It was this rooky shaper me on my 3rd board, and the other guy a veteran local shaper who not only shapes for himself but also a major brand.
       I guess I'm suppose to be proud of myself.
       I bet I could sell some boards, but isn't that what I thought about my truck as well as my book?

Think of them as just another Hollywood movie producer showing up on Morro Bay claiming they want to make a movie about me:
       Surfing industries must be thought of as the same sort.
       Just hoping someone like Spielberg will pay them to go away.
       You have to laugh at how many locals here sound so getty about it.
       Rule #10: it's nice to know so many of you like the idea of me being sponsored, but take it from experience, -just because they say so, doesn't mean that it is true.
       Rule #42 and while were close: Just ask the folks in Morro Bay, just how many years they went around town telling people, "they are going to tell him tomorrow."
      Need less to say, they've got the people here in Oceanside saying the same thing, day after day, weeks and months on end.
      (Probably years by now. Rules #70)

After seeing the price they are asking for fin sets these days:
       I think I'm going to try my hand at making my own fins too:
       I figure my first effort will be making a mold of the plastic spoony fins and figure out how I can make some out of fiberglass.
       I've been thinking about how I can make some more or less hollow with the use of sheets of plastic packing film.
       I think using a hole puncher would be a good way of making an internal web and the film will create an internal air pocket.
       I've also got some flat sided AM1's I can use to make a mold and once I get the bases right, from there I can modify them quite easily, but the ones I would like to copy the and modify the most would be the EA's. Then I got that set of plastic of EA's with Rusty cants too.
       None he less, I've got about a half gallon of resin that will eventually go bad if I don't use it for something and I just hate swapping fins from board to board when I'm trying to beat the crowd in the mornings.

Those of you who are hooked up the the bugs in my cage:
       Know about the phone calls I made to Grays Harbor Prosecuting Attorney and the Westport Police Department.
       You know I wanted to get them to look into the inheritance I was suppose to receive from Deloris of the Mariner's Cove Inn.
       The Investigator in Westport acted as if I was crazy and said I needed to fill out a form.
       That was two weeks ago and I still have not seen any form in my P.O Box.
       And what's up with this: Yesterday I went to the Social Security Office to inform them of my change of address, -and they said I had called in with it already.
       Gee, If that happened, wouldn't I have a record of it on my own phone, because it there was, I'd think I was crazy because I sure as hell didn't think I did that.

And if I learned anything this week:
You can be sure you would have to be crazy if you think you should upload your book to Amazon.
       If you think they are going to make you rich, you've got to be pretty damn stupid.
       And if you think you can trust Amazon to actually pay you the profits made off your digitalized book, you are flat out dumber then stupid.

Synchro-link rail templates

Got something accomplished today:
Rule Numbers- 35 & 55

User friendly rail gauges.
Something to compare to as ground zero.

May 11th, 2016:
I like the way the ends can open up for extra thickness but the radius stays near the same.
       I think EPP is the ideal foam to make them out of.
       Obviaouly I made three for three different position in the board and one extra for where I plan to take the next board to with an extra 1/8" of thickness.
       I plan to make some up of my own design, but for my next board for bigger waves, I figure that there is going to be a far amount of chop so a more forgiving rail is a good thing.
       Once you have a set of these, it's easy to see how one side of a board is thicker than the other, even on a board that was probably originally cut out by a machine, (like my old round tail.)
       Sounds like a shoot out of two sorts.
       Some folks where trying to compare my two boards.
       Well I'll be the first to say that they are not much for comparison because they are made to two different types of waves. However, to be honest, the Flying P would have to be the hotter board, but below head high waves, the Kah-plunker has to be the one to take out. None the less, the Kah-plunker sure seems to be growing on folks.
       You have to admit, depending on what angle you look at if from, it appears to present itself in different shapes. Like there is still a tad bit of the Al Merrick hip because the tail has all of the same angles and shape as my old Flyer Quad other than being almost an 1/8 wider. The added width of 1/2" to the Board starts to widen from the hips forward and that's why the hips are still there but not as prominent.
       And I see where I should have sanded a little more on the template in the nose area, if I was to want a more common nose shape. But I would rather copy what I did on another template board first, because if I did sand those spots a little more I might just decide I liked it better the way it is now. So I'll just save it the way it is just encase I want to go back to what I've got.
       Just one of those things you just can't see in a flat piece of fiberboard.

Sounds like I'm signed up:
If so, it's something I should be told, because I would think it would warrant that I be a little more presidential.
       From what it sounds like, there is no shortage of people who feel the desire to vote for me.
       I think we all realize that we've got to stop what is going on. Things just can't continue as it is because it's broken. Its set to fail and we've got to do something about it.

Raising some sick puppies:
Rule Numbers- 51

May 12, 2016:
I've learned to except that women just happen to think having the President of the United states and a movie producer kill off someone's family and friends can be humorous to them, (and their daughters.).

But today I learned that their off-spring can laugh at the fact that they can pay 1/4 of a Billion dollars for my truck and load it up with missile and give them to a terrorist group so the can wage a war that US military can fight and die over.

If that isn't barbaric, I don't know what it is
       Not to mention, I had another meathead pissing on my door step today.
       And oh, I see another Hollywood Whore Blake Lively whored out herself to that Rapist Woody Allen
       Just a few things people see nothing wrong with.

And while we are close.
I take it OZZY got fed up with Sharon and her Emotional Support Dog.
Any gal who needs ESD obviously wants a child that will never grow up and it's a sure sign of a wack job.
       More power to you Ozzy, obviously you've moved onto something better than an old hag. But tell me, are you sure the bitch hasn't embezzled half your money already?
       And I always have wondered: What happens when a dog takes a shit or piss on an airplane?
       Doesn't anyone realize that Dog piss is corrosive and aluminum corrodes very easily?
       Once that shit gets into the rivets holding the sheets, layers, and brackets together, there is no way to get it out of the cracks and clevises. Once that shit and piss gets in those places, it corrodes there is no way to stop the corrosion, so you can bet those airplane's structural integrity will fail sooner than later.
       I guess there are those stupid bitches who need emotional support because they are afraid the airplane they are riding in may fall apart.

They will sell a piece of foam to any moron:
Rule Numbers- 51

May 13, 2016:
I wouldn't doubt it was a fireman who boxed me in.

You know, one of those hot shot surfers with shit for brains.

He paddled right up to where I needed to be going and instead of taking off sideways, I ended up rolling my board over and screwing up the bottom of it:
Shit, I try to stay away from those morons and yet they come over to steal my wave and get in my way.
       Can't have anything nice when you have to surf with a bunch of stupid 8%ers.
       Fucking Idiots, they're born every day!

Dropping bodies:
Rule Numbers: 3, 4, 7, 9, 22, 24, 29, 33, 36, 39, 41, 65, 75, 78 & 88

May 16th, 2016:
Gee I thought he was dead already.

Goes to show yah I often get notified when the Grim Reaper gets their number.

Let's just call it jumping the gun.
Guess they got on a roll this week because it sounds like more than one cashed in their chips
       None the less, it sure makes those statute of limitation laws the government has to protect their criminals does not work for them in protecting themselves from the Grim Reaper.
       Rules 24 dictates that they should have known better than to burn a Sentinel.
       Like that 1,000 and 5,000 homes destined to burn.
       It was unclear to me when I got the impression, but it makes even more sense to me now.
       I suppose the criminals think that spending Billions more on firemen and the meatheads to put in them will actually do them any good other than cost the tax payers more money.
       Wouldn't you think it would much wiser to just pay me the money and spare themselves the headache?
       Maybe it's all about their sense of pride to have me sitting in a box day after day. (If you actually think that is something to be proud about.) I guess they think that they win that way.

Apparently Donald Trump never had it very good with women:
What I would like to know is: did Madonna actually go after Donald?
       Goes to show you that most women just want to have funds.

As far as the election:
The only question people should be asking is: who is Hillary going to pick to be her running mate?
       Reason being, is that I don't think God will let her live long enough to actually make it to the White house.
       I figure that they already have her on blood thinners, but that doesn't mean she won't have either a heart attack or a stroke.
       I think she is just dead meat still walking, for the time being.
       Just think of the money those politicians have burned up just running for the office.
       Like down here in San Diego: this Keven Faulner guy sure came across a bunch of money for commercials because you sure don't see any of the other candidates running them yet and we've sure seem a shit load of them from Faulkner.

New 65R blank for surfboard

This is where it starts:
Rule Numbers: 10, 35, 39 & 55

May 18, 2016:
(The makings of a new big wave board.)

Picked up the 65R blank yesterday.

I've got a few more preparations to do yet:
Like I made a better little sharky template today, and I think I'm going to make a few more rail templates before hand too.
       I think I'm going to pick up a heat gun to help speed up my paint jobs too.
       Just looking at the picture, you can see I picked a better blank for the board this time.
       I also went with the blue foam because a little more weight isn't going to hurt so much because it actually helps make the board a little more stable in chop, and when you hit the board in big waves, you tend to hit the board a bit harder, so a more dense foam can be a good thing if you want it to look nice after awhile. None the less, the board won't get near is much use as my others so I think it should be built to last a long time.
       I'm going to go with the 6-4 E glass on top and the 4 S glass on bottom because it sure seems to hold up pretty well.
       And after looking at the blank, I think I can keep the original 6' 5" length, and I'm thinking of only adding 1/8 to the width of the original. Also I'll bring the thickness to 2 5/8" and bring more of it up the front of the board so it should paddle a lot better than than my old one.
       This time around I'm going to pay more attention to my measurements so that the end product in more like I intended instead of just letting it take it's own like my other two.

Today we finally got a few decent waves.
I actually got to see the tip of my Quad crest the top of the wave a few times. (Kinda like old times.)
       But believe it or not, a few days ago, in some more size-able waves that were quite junky, I had a blast on it because even though I only got a couple long ride, the short sections I got was like the board was just tearing them up. (Charge!)
       Yesterday, I felt my foot hit something on my board, but before I could check it out for damage, I caught another wave. Boy it was loose. Turned out I broke one of my spoony fins.
       Lately, it seems like my popularity has hit another level. Seems like more and more people approach me after I get out of the water. Like yesterday I was approached my a guy who wanted to interview me for his web-site. (Which one? I didn't ask because I really didn't care although I think I should from now on because the guy claimed to be a friend of a friend of Kelly Slater's, and of course I didn't have anything good to say about him. (And I couldn't tell you how many guys I've met who claimed to have known Kelly, but do they really know the real kelly Slater?) Obviously, they don't and I really don't think there are many who really know him who really like him.
       None the less, I should mention that there are a lot of guys who happen to like the way I shaped the nose outline on my Kah-plunker. I've decided I like it to because it's still sharp at the tip area. Sure I could have put a little more radius in it and even made my board and inch shorter, but I think it helps smooth out the bumps and plow through the water better during those times I bury the nose.
       (In the picture about, you can see just how thick I left the nose, but just the other day, I drove that think into the sand pretty hard. It didn't come up broken, and that's a good thing.)
       I think next month I might make two or three boards. I think I'll make another Quad at 5'9" 19-13/16" 2-11/16" w/ 15-3/4" tail. (I think it will be better for my weight unless we are stuck with one foot or small two foot wave, which the Kah-punker was made for.)
       Also I'm thinking of making a new squash tail at 6-0 or 5-11 19-3/4 2-5/8 14-3/4. (Both out of 60R blanks.)
       After I make the Squash, I'll have a better Idea of what I want dimensions I want the next round tail to be. (Probably on the 5-11 19-3/4 range.) I just have to get a better feel for what an old man like me can actually ride. That's why I made the boards I made so far, because of Rules Number 39

It just smells funny:
Rule #10, Old bitch Hillary, claiming that she is going to rely on Bill Clinton to create jobs.
       Hell, he created the NAFTA Treaty and that sent a shit load of jobs across the border into Mexico and the products come back into this country tax free.
       And also don't forget how he created a false economy in the housing industry by having Greenspan lower the interest rate that drove up the prices of houses.
       And of course that wasn't enough, he husband deregulated the banks so that they could set everyone up on loans that were sure to fail, which got use all into the recession.
       Sure Obama fixed it alright, he took half the value out of you money and now you are paying twice as much for everything and you are not making any more than you were.
       Boy, I sure don't understand how anyone can think the bitch is able to fix anything, because her husband sure screwed things up the way I see it.
       Oh yeah, Bill Clinton signed the GATT Tready and he has got you all breeding stupid people and you are all that much dumber because of it. And that's no fooling.

Got my own Biggun Rocker template:
Rule Numbers: 1, 4, 10, 29, 35 & 55

May 22th, 2016:
Also came up with a M-4 inspired Quad template

(Had a template from that Bag of glue I had and I realized I was never going to use it so I reshaped it into something better. (Next to it is my 6'5" stretched M-4 template.)

It should be just under 6 ft. and about 19 3/4" wide.

M-4 Quad template

I also made up my own rocker template for a big wave board.
       The deal is, my original M-4 was a signal to double concave; and then there was a flip in the tail that pretty much took away any of the Vee that was there. So I if I was wanting to leave a Vee for better handling in a tube, I would need to have less flip in the tail to do so. Otherwise I could end up with too much rocker in the tail when using the original template. (Something I was worried about on the Flying P, but it turned out just fine because I compensated for it by lessening the flip.)
       Also it is better to have a milder rocker template to gauge from because it's always easier to and rocker to the ends than it is to take away rocker in the middle. (Kinna like Rule # 53 )
       The lower photo has the original M-4 Rocker guide with the Biggun placed on top so you can see the shuttle difference.

Biggun rocker template

Biggun rocker template compared to M-4 rocker

I also went over my old boards and made rail gauges.
       I also got my hand on a shapers square for laying out fins and checking widths. I'll have to say, that the boards I made are much more accurate than than my old boards that were originally cut on a machine. I can tell you right now, my own craftsmanship as a shaper is superb.
       If you look at the selection of rail templates I put together, the MBM at 20" up is more like the rails I put on the Flying Panamanian. That got me thinking.
       The photo Below shows how I fine tuned the gauges I put together.

Railguide templates

Sanding rail guides

Wiener! Go away!
You are a f___ing pervert and we don't need to know anything more about you.
       We've seen enough of the moron. Get him off my TV.
       Rule No. 10, the last thing we need is him on the Government payroll because it's nothing short of burning the tax payer's money.
       Like the $4.5 billion dollar destroyer sitting in San Diego harbor. Clearly an open check for something that was never bid on after kicking the tires because it did not exist.
       Another one of those things that was destined to have cost over-runs from the get-go. .
       Just America building a war machine I suppose.
       A perfect example of the wrong people having the possession of the checkbook that belongs to the US Tax Payers.

You bet you are fired!
Talking about the cops that Tased a guy to death.
       There has been a number of cop shootings lately that I should have covered. But you know, isn't something I like to invest my spare time into.
       However, I do feel bad for not getting around to giving the cop who showed up at the school and shot the shooter the Silver Bullet award. (Sometime within the last month. -Nice shot!)
       None the less, when will they ever learn to be civilized?  (Taking about the bully cops.)
       Oh well, stupid people does as stupid people do when you are breeding stupid people.

How much money do you think you spent?
Rule Numbers: 4 & 20

May 23rd, 2016:
Killing a Talibon in Pakistan:

You used two drones with two Hellfire Missiles each.

$67,000.oo for each Missile
$268,000.oo plus what it cost to keep the drones in the air. (I heard that they cost more than a maned airplane to fly and that's why they can't afford to use them for border patrol.)
       Well at $60,000.oo per hour, you can figure that the one Taliban member in a car cost you all at least $360,000.oo to blows up.
       Sure there has to be at least a half a dozen cheaper ways to do the same thing, but there would not have been as much profit for Lockheed Martin.

Same goes for little children in foreign countries and Prince's music:
Madonna, please leave them alone.
       I didn't hear the whole song, but the fragment I did hear was just annoying to me.
       I can't say I watch much of any of the Billboard award show, however - I have to say, I'm surprised myself, that the only person that impressed me at all was Rihanna.

Beach by diesel and dynamite

Beach by diesel and dynamite:
Rule No.: 4, 9, 20, 42, 50, 51, 56 & 60

May 24th, 2016:
Incidentally, this is where they dumped the dredging last year.

Then they used dozers to push the sand south of the pier, while a good portion of the sand was sucked out by the rip under the pier.

At least this year they are going to dump it farther south of the pier which makes more sense:
But how much Diesel and Dynamite is being used to back fill this spot to save the parking lot?
       However, pushing the sand up the beach with the dozer only makes the side-current more powerful and it will just help was the sand out from the rocks under the pier.
       Yah just can't win unless you learn to use nature to preserve the beach.
       Would have saved you a bunch of money and pollution if they would have just paid me the money .
       Wonder how much is going to burn this year? .

None the less:
We around here have to listen to all the rumors about how they are going to tell me and how they are going to give me and how they are going to pay me.
       But talk is cheap and the default is how they will aways figure out a reason not to.
       Rule #42: What ever they used on Morro Bay, you can bet they are using it around here.
       And oh, on those sponsor rumors: Rule #56

I should add that May 16th marked the deadline:
       For getting a presidential candidate on the ballot for the General Election in Texas.
       So Rule# 60

Bill Clinton actually laughed at being accused of being a murder:
Rule Numbers: 10

May 25th, 2016:
Donald trump accused Hillary of being a murder.

But of course she must be innocent because the"they ruled it a suicide.

But no one is counting how many private inventors have died because of Bill Clinton signing the GATT Treaty:
You have to laugh at the fact that you are all breeding stupid people because if it and you are all too stupid to do anything about it.
       People voting for Clinton is a sure sign of just how right I am and how stupid people are.

Deadman Chowda's business card

A true collector's idiom
If I new he would kill himself,
I would have taken better care of it.

None the less, I bet they are a little rare now days.
Any offers?
       Just one of those bullies who thought he could harass a Sentinel and get away with it.
       Guess the Grim Reaper had something to say about it.

Socially unacceptable:
Just experienced getting my chain yanked, because some would rather do business with a murder and his constituency than a Sentinel.
       It's the reason Evil exist, -because people except it.
       None the less, it's only a good thing to escape the negative darkness.
       Oh, get this, I had a guy this morning try to tell me how it will all end..
       He said he figured it out. I told him I've heard it all before and I didn't want to know. I figure that it's just another sign that people have already learned to surrender and give up on the future. Like the end of the world is coming, because the Bible says so. So you better buy a ticket to God. Or should I say that Rule #42 because there will aways be another preacher out there trying to show you a path to Heaven, for a price of course.

Set yourself on fire:
Rule Numbers: 51

May 27, 2016:
You might even get a few "likes," on social media.

Something I'd like to suggest to Oceanside police officers Cunniff and Peppard.
I can't recall what the name of their captain was, but it would be a good thing for him to do too.
       But maybe it would be better if they would save us the hospital bills and they would just do us a favor and take a red shower.
       Yeah, I can just smell it coming. I can see the evil in their eyes. The more of them dead, the better.

Pretty creepy around here.
You have to laugh at how many police that are being dispatched just to keep people safe from each other just because Donald Trump is going to arrive.
       And he's the lesser evil over Hillary.
       But really people the lesser evil is any Tom, Dick or Harry that runs as an independent.
       You gotta figure the the two major parties have high-jacked your government into something that is all about funding their parties.
       You can bet they all know about me and Spielberg and how they gave the enemy weapons and they are not telling you about it so how honest do you think any of them are, -even Donald?
       Most of you can stare evil in the face and not even realize it.
       I honestly think you should take the horns off of trains, because natural selection would be that anyone stupid enough to get ran over by a train, -should be dead. You need to stop protecting the stupid people and protect the smart ones. And that means you should stop killing the smart people systematically with your stupid patent laws, because you need them and they are getting pretty damn scarce.

A bit Barbaric:
Rule Numbers: 51

May 28, 2016:
Steal a car. Lay on the ground like the cops tell you. And they still sick the dog on you.

Bully cops in LA with a dog to terrorize.

See the same video as I did?
Sure mangled the guys arm for no reason. Kinna needless to use the dog if you ask me.
       Then did you see where a cop didn't just jump out of the way? Talking about the motorcycle cop who jumped on the hood and unloaded the clip at the guy in the car.
       Of course, his didn't survive, because the cop found a reason to get away with killing a guy.
       Oh yeah, did I ever mention the guy that got tased fifteen times? He's dead too.
       And it sounds like another bad cop cashed in his chips, -so I guess that's a good thing.

Then you got the going on in San Diego yesterday:
The wanna be city attorney found out what politics is all about.
       He was backing up, holding his cards up, but the cops decided he wasn't backing up fast enough for them, so the ran out and tackled him.
       Just another case of brutality. The kind of brutality the job he is after, which requires him to justify.
       Wonder how much money Tax Payers had to dish out for law enforcement over 10,000 people showing up to support Trump.
       I wonder how much money Tax Payers have had to pay for Trumps secret service security over the past year? Anyone got that figure?
       Wonder what amount of money used of police on top of that?
       I think anything more than six months worth of campaigning is just overkill if you ask me. There should be some kind of time limit for such security imposed upon the elections.

Kudda told you that:
Rule Numbers: 4, 9 & 65

May 31st, 2016:
Did you hear Kelly Slater was arrested?

Sounds like they got my sister too.

At least that's what I've been hearing on the street, but if you saw the posts from way back, I'd thought I'd heard that before.
       The question I have is: will they start blue screening Slater like they do with Speilberg?
       I bet he bailed out but i wonder if my sister was able to bail herself out with my money?
       I bet Slater will head for south of the board and or buy a fake passport if he doesn't have one already.
       He'll probably go to a third world country with no extradition policies.
       Oh yeah, it sounds like that Polanski guy who raped a 13 year old is going to get extradited from Poland, which is a good thing.

The thing with Slater was probably my Angles telling me it was going to happen before it happened, like a lot of things I've told you before. But the my sister going down with him was a bonus.
       Like the problems with mosquitoes and now the sharks.
       Just wait and see. If these divers keep feeding sharks, you will see the day went whole packs of sharks will show up at a beach and actually hunt down humans in whole groups at once.
       Silly people will be willing to pay big money to put in shark nets everywhere because people are just too damn stupid to make it against the law to feed sharks and scuba divers are just too damn stupid to stop feeing them.
      Oh well, when will they ever learn?

I'll also tell you right now:
       That carrying on with the Olympics in Brazil will be one of the stupidest things you all ever did.
       it will lead to the spread of the Zika Virus in a big way and if you think it is out of hands now, you just wait and see what kind of problem you have once it is all over.
       Oh well, you are breeding stupid people as it is, and of course you'll just speed up that too.
       Just don't say nobody warned you about it.
       One thing that has not hit the charts yet is how many people will end up with neurological disorders because of it. It may not show right off the bat but later on it may come to the surface.

Oh Gee, did you hear about what that San Diego cop posted on Instagram?
       The bitch was asking for a riot.
       Like they were looking forward to a riot to happen.
       Needless to say, they've had problems with police elsewhere turning gathering into a riot situation by escalating it.
       Kinna like them saying that you have the right to gather, but as soon as there is some minor problem, they decide to call it an illegal gathering and they begin treating it as if it is a riot and begun pushing people around . A bunch of bullies.

Wooden dumpster for a Synchro-link

Figured out a material list today:
       To turn my Woody into a portable shaping booth.
       Going to add 2-1/2 ft. to the sides with 6 inch sky light strips at about 4 to 4-1/2 ft. high, so that I won't need lighting.
       I'll put a false floor in it so I'll have some storage underneath and a flat floor all the way across.
       I figure all I need is a 500 watt inverter to run a planer and a 1500 watt one should run my air compressor.
       But then again, I also might get a generator, because it would be nice to be able to use my welder and skill saw from time to time.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week




Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

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Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

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