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Kah-plunker surfboard by Sunnyside

A whole week of Nothing new:
Rule Numbers: 4

June 7th, 2016:
Another one cashed in their chips.

Another one burned me out of a wave:
We saw an end of a bad spell and the first day of good waves, I got burned again.
       I realize the last three times some someone in the water burned me, we had nothing but bad waves for about a week.
       Kinna pisses me off because I get stuck with the crap they create, and it's not fair to me. And believe me when I say I wish I was just wrong about it, none the less I've been trying to stay away from others just because of it.
       Like I had some shit head try to tell me the other day that I should be happy and settle for less and just be happy doing nothing with my life other than surf. You know, the "you got screwed over, so just make the best of with what you got left."
       Then I have to deal with some shit head screwing that up for me too.

And the other day that same shit head said:
"You must have done something pretty bad for the women in you life to want to screw you over so bad.
       To tell you the truth, the only thing I figure that made them dislike me enough to screw me over so bad is that they have always considered me a looser because I didn't get married hand have children.
       I figure they didn't think I deserve the girlfriend I had, thinking I wasn't good enough for her. Maybe they were a little jealous of her, (is what I thought all along when we were together.)
       Then there is the deal were my girlfriend didn't want any kids and she sure made it clear that she didn't want to marry into my family because of the way they treated me.
       Then you got to considered how many women think they and their kids are more important than anything else. (Like the video of the woman in the airport, bitching about being held up, with her children as if she and her children made herself more important than any Tom, Dick or harry.)
       I figure that my sisters as well as my aunt just figured that I since I was "just a single man," that I was just a looser and I didn't need the money as much as they did.

Well there is an up side to all those bodies dropping:
       It's pretty clear to people on the street that I'm not a child molester, because they're all talking about how the cops have been spreading the child molester rumors and that I'm not one.
       I guess it's safe to say those dead bodies are convincing that they were the evil ones.
       Like one person said today, that the world is a better place without them.

Face it, Donald Trump never thought he would get so far:
       The stuff he said six months ago, -probably would have been over looked, but he just never fails to come up with some more zinggers.
       Heck, the judge was doing him a favor at letting him appear in court after the election was over.
       And I won't be the first to say that most judges are crooked, but I would not be one to say the one I'm about to appear before is so.
       Just a real bad example of how little common sense Trump has.
       Boy he sure caked on the brown makeup tonight.

Get this: .
       Just the other day, I had a general practitioner, give me a referral to a psychiatrist.
       Like talking to one of them is going to help me any more than the drugs they would want to put me on. Like they are someone who should be questioning my sanity, when they are the 8%er and I'm not. And like I'm stupid enough to waste my money on one.
       None the less, I figure that it will be the last time I'd ever waste one of my dollars on one of their doctors. (Gee, they'll give anyone a diploma.) You would think it would take some common sense to get one, but really, all it is is something that says they were given a book with the answers in it and then they were tested to see if they read the book.
       And oh, on this Molina Health Care:
       It's just a middle man between Medicare and the patient. Something Obama put in place. Instead of going to someone more qualified, you find yourself going to a clinic. Like putting two idiots between you and the doctor you should be seeing in the first place.

Disney is whoring out for Speilberg:
Rule Numbers: 65

June 9th, 2016:
They're putting a criminals name on one of their flicks.

But you can bet Spielberg isn't making any live appearances for them, or is he?.

They say he is directing BFG in Vancouver however I seriously doubt that it's true.
Unless he was able to buy off one of those crooked judges I told you about and got off for murder amongst other things in less than five years
       The more you look into it, you may realize it's just a finance deal and Disney plans to drop his distribution deal after the Flick is released next month .

Oh did you see that shark repellent leash video?
       I'm not going to say whether it works or not, but:
       The video is not a constant clip. .
       Could very well the same kind of trick they use on TV for the scratch or dent removing bit. (Done in reverse.)
       But with this shark thingy dingy, they could have used another sock with noting but foam inside.
       Boy it would sure be nice if we had some waves. In the past few weeks I only got two or three descent sessions in.

Religion and breeding barbaric animals don't mix:
Rule Numbers: 34 & 51

June 12, 2016:
50 dead and now you are crying about it.

Yet you'll vote another Clinton into office so you can be sure you'll keep on breeding stupid people.

You'll get what you ask for.
Dumber by the day and too damn stupid to do anything about it.
       The problem is not the guns, it's that you've got stupid people who are brainwashed by religion.
       You can bet there will be a whole lot more of them.

Spilled Milk:
Rule Numbers: 4,51

June 13, 2016:
Yet they send Matt Loure there to dramatize it more so the the Islamic State will get more bang for not a dollar spent.

There is no comparison:
In the summer of 2014 we helped Israel kill 3,000 Palestinians in the Gaza strip, and last summer we helped them kill 300 more on the West Bank
       We armed Rebels and ISIS in Syria and there is no telling how many we helped kill there.
       And lets not forget what we did in Iraq. Leaving all those tanker trucks behind so ISIS has the tanker trucks to steal oil with and plenty of weapons to enable them to do so.
       Gee, 49 dead and 53 wounded, I really don't see what you are all crying about.
       Just call it collateral damage, just like the thousands of inventors that are killed off just for the sake of stealing their inventions.

But really folks, the collateral damage is the loss of your intellect and that's why you are all turning barbaric.
The ridiculous part of it is that you all look to your politicians to solve the problem but they are the ones who legislated it.
       Breeding stupid people is the law.
       They call it: You reap what you sew.
       I'm a bit tired of hearing about it.
       Get over it and move on.
       (Just what people tell me all the time.)

On the Contrary:
Rule Numbers:

June 14th, 2016:
Not one word of opposition toward my last post.

The four words I've heard most:
"Spilled milk," and "he's right."
       I honestly thought I'd get some flack, but that was where I guessed wrong.
       It goes to show you that how people feel on the street is a far cry from how people are portrayed on TV by the media. I guess the proper way to think about it is just Drama, just like I said it was. It gave the politicians something to talk about other than their own dirty laundry.
       But really folks, there are more private inventors killed every week of the year, so what they are all fussing about is nothing more than a drop in a bucket.
       I seriously don't think the intellect of the human race has lost anything by loosing them.
       We still should take the horns off the trains because that will only help use out with getting rid of the stupid people instead of the smart people.

Speaking of stupid people.
Someone referred some moron to me about making their own ear plugs this morning.
       He said he checked out my web-site, but he sure as hell didn't retain anything from it. None the less he was stupid enough to think, -or I should say I was stupid enough to try to help the guy out and not realized the guy would think I wouldn't notice he had stolen a pair from me while at it.
       (After seeing that a pair of Doc's pro plugs are going for $17.00 a pair this evening, I'll think twice before show anyone any of mine again.)
       Anyhow, the idiot said was just fired over the weekend and I seriously think the brain damage from the booze or drugs will help him find a new job, nor his karma.
       The guy drives a brown compact truck with a canopy. I'm sure he talks too much and I doubt if he can surf worth a damn.
       None the less, you can bet if I ever see him in the water, you can bet I'll sure make his session an undesirable one. If he learns anything with that screwed up head of his, he'll learn to stay the hell away from me.
       I went looking for him this morning, but of course he was on the run. I'd never seen him around here before and lets just hope we don't see him around here any more.
 - You can bet my angles were in his ass like flies on shit.

Got an upgrade on my disability ranking today:
       You know, the good ol Social Security re-evaluation bit
       Four years ago, I got a bi-polar label out of the gal, but today I got a Manic State out of this guy and it took less than 15 minutes to get it.
       I asked, "does that mean I'm suicidal?'
       He said, "no."
       Once back home tonight, I looked up Manic State, and I have to say that it doesn't fit the socially unacceptable I told him I was, but if Manic State keeps the money coming into my bank account every month, I won't argue; after all I think those psychiatrist are nut jogs anyway, so who is he to say.
       I didn't even get to any of the good stuff, but the guy was at Scripps, (the last outfit to draw blood from me.)
       After thinking over everything he said, I have a strong feeling that he knew all about me before I arrived. He wasn't interested in asking anything more than he needed to.
       All I cared about was that he said he saw no reason I shouldn't be able to keep getting my Social Security and he thought I would.
       As crazy as it may sound, when I sounded the craziest, talking about my better brain capacity, and how getting smacked upside the head in Australia wasn't the best thing to be doing to a Sentinel, he responded with an answer that was an intelligent one. (I can't recall exactly the words he used, but it was one of understanding how much of a serious mater it was.)
       Most people would have responded with a smart-elic remark, but he understood were I was coming from because I was commenting on how Jesus was killed in his thirties and how I was just lucky to make it to 50 and I'm fortunate to have the Internet to where I could reach more people than Jesus did. And smacking me upside the heads wasn't the smartest thing to be doing. He understood what I was talking about.
       I think the last question he ask was whether I thought I could make a living without SS, and I said, "no." Thats when he said he had all the information he needed and said he was done with me.
       I said, "come on, don't you want to see pictures of where they stuck me with needles?"
       He couldn't get me out the door fast enough.

Sunnyside's Bigun surfboard

Bigun surfboard  label

It may not be a gun, but I'm calling it the "Bigun."
Rule Numbers: 35 & 55

Shaped on May 29, 2016 and posted June 17th:
It has my own design of a mellow rocker with a turned up nose.
       Got less concave and flip in the tail area than my original round tail. At the rear of the front fins there is a slight even double concave and ends up being a slight Vee off the tail end.
       Just a tad under 6' 4" (6' 3-3/4") and 19-1/2" wide with a 14-3/4" tail, 12-1/4" nose and 2-11/16", but with glass it is 2 3/4". (The original was 6'5" 19-1/4", 14-1/2", 11-1/4", 2-1/2".)
       The template is the same as the original except the last foot of the nose is pulls in faster in order make it an inch shorter so it would fit the bank I used and the tail has a bit more pin to it because its sort of a big wave gun but still under 7 ft.
       I'm counting on the extra foam and the mild rocker to make it into waves better than the Flying Panamanian. (I'm guessing it has about 33-34 liters of volume.)
       It does look a bit beefy but the deck tappers off more than my other two boards. It looks more like the more typical but it still has the extra thickness to the nose stinger I used on my other boards.
       My rail guides sure helped out at truing up the thing and getting the end result I was looking for without having brainwash eyes.
       I think the thing I learned mostly this time around was how to use a rasp: gently without pushing too hard. (It doesn't tear up the foam so much but cuts faster then sanding.) Wish I would have figure that out before earlier; it would have sped up things up. None the less, I still took too long, but I think a second time around on the same kind of blank would naturally speed things up.

Bigun rocker

Got a nice & clean glass job:
I went with 6 & 4 oz. E on the deck and 4 oz S on the bottom.
       It's on the heaver side on purpose. I went with Blue foam because a little weight can actually be a good thing in choppy waves. (Which we usually have when we get big waves around here.)

Wet sanding the Bigun

As for the final sanding, I did it myself.
I worked on a racing sailboat while I was in Australia. They don't use power sanders on the bottoms so they hire people to wet block sand the whole bottom by hand.
       So I guess it might make my surfboard faster.

mounting Track pad on Bigun

Got a Stephenie Gilmore Track Pad for it.
I figured the colors would go pretty good for one of my paint jobs, and isn't she quite a babe?
Of course I did my own modification to it too.

Are you land locked?
Got a Motorboat?
Are you into Wakeboards or Wake Surfing yet?

Well I know some guys who are not only good at glassing surfboards, but they've been at the forefront of the Wakeboarding Trend,
they know what works.

Tops of full quiver

Armed with a full Quiver

I tried an Implosion:
Rule Numbers: 4, 22, & 26

June 21st, 2016:
You know, -working from the far outside inward.

Those of you who have read my book, would know who Rocky is.

Well I called his younger brother, the one who married my cousin.
Yeah the guy who married the daughter of my aunt Rosemary Pace
       I'm sure he got a mind overload with too much information and I have to admit, I derailed a few times just trying to explain half of the shit I've been through. I have to admit, I would have done a better job if I would have known he would have still been on the phone an hour later.
       None the less, even though they've been divorced for about 20 year, they had kids but I did get my cousin's number.
       It wasn't a surprise to discover she had an automated answering set-up but I don't think I left any message because I realized I could have been hooked up to anything.
       Anyhow, I don't think anyone would call a missed number from out of state, right before they were going to sit down and have dinner with a friend at about 5:00. (Funny, my phone doesn't have a record of her call back.)

I only asked her one question:
Is my Dad still alive?
       She said he was but asked if she could call me back at this number.
       If you ask me, something was fishy.
       I'm pretty sure Rockies brother was Rockies brother. but my cousin, I couldn't tell one way or another .
       Maybe I should have called my Dad on Fathers day because it sure bothered me that I couldn't.
       I'm stuck wondering if it was and impostor playing my cousin, or could she have very well known about the whole con and just lying.
       And no she didn't call back.
       If she was real, wouldn't you bet she would have called her mother by now?
       But actually, I don't think that was my cousin at all. I think the government heard my conversation with Rocky's brother and knew who I was about to call next. They made her phone go to a voice mail she would have never received and they must have had some other girl call me back and that's why the call returned never showed up under my phone log, because it wasn't coming from the same number at all. They had enough time to get someone who sounded enough like her, but she wasn't briefed well enough to answer any of the questions I would ask, and that's why she cut it short in less than two minutes.
       Conclusion: I seriously don't expect a call back from her, especially if she was an imposture. None the less I figure starting from the outside will work into the middle, if you know what I mean.
       I'm willing to bet she will never call me back, and if I had to bet on it, I bet she was the real deal. I figure Rocky's brother gave her a call right before I did to give her the heads up, claiming that I must be crazy. She was probably on the phone with him when I called. I also bet that she didn't want to be the one to tell me that my father is dead. I wouldn't doubt that even the bro didn't know anything about that has gone on, my cousin did and doesn't want to be the one to either give me some true answers or lie to me if not.

PM Update:
       I'm guessing my cousin must have read my posting today.
       She gave me a call just before 5:00 this evening.
       Tell me why she would call my sister last night instead of calling me back like she said she would do.
       She said that my sister and I are not talking right now and I said of course not, she put a price on my head.
       And of course she said her mother would not have done something like stealing my patent, but then I replied that while was in Australia I was fallowed with child molester rumors and that was where I heard that she did so. (The people who were hired to spread the rumors didn't realize I could hear them talking about me, or I should say her.)
       Boy, I feel sorry for my father for marring into such a family of devious bitches. Right away my cousin was showing me just how snobby they can be.
       She asked me what was the reason for calling her and telling here about it and started wrinkling paper creating static on my phone.
       I told her that the only thing significant about the call was I just wanted her to know that her mother screwed over a Sentinel. (And there is something about the communication of a higher intelligence, where something is implied.)
       One of the things I've been wanting to mention, about why I can't ever see myself in another relationship: is that I wonder if there is any woman out there who feels that they are usually waiting for people to finish what they are saying because they already know what they are going to say. As for people like me, there aways seems to be stuff that is just implied. There is no reason even saying a lot of stuff people say. Like how stupid do you think I am? Like tell me something I don't know.

Yeah have to laugh at these law makers, trying to pass gun laws:
       I heard that California passed 8 gun control bills, but I don't know if Gov. Brown signed any of them.
       The law makers say that they want to make this country safer and somehow they think more gun laws will do such a thing. Well if they want to make this country safer, they shouldn't rely on on laws because so far they have proven ineffective because law enforcement is so stupid that they fail with the ones they have. If they really want to make this country safer, they need to make it smarter by breeding smart people instead of stupid people. A good way to start would be by not using horns on trains unless there is a none signal crossing. You've got to stop protecting stupid people also, that alone will save tax payers a shit load of money and weed out the stupid ones.
       Gee, the problem is not Guns, it's stupid brainwashed people who believe in a convoluted religion.
       Seriously, they've got a double standard: Meaning that government officials see nothing wrong with making the US tax payers pay for and give assault weapons to anyone in another country who calls themselves rebels. But they say they don't want any Americans buying any for themselves. Don't you see something wrong with that?
       They or should I say we? Fuss over a few people who end up dead by the use of them, but don't seem to care how many die in other countries with the weapons we pay for and give away. It's really silly folks.
       Boy, if there is ever a intergalactic invasion, those little six shot pee shooters would prove to not be enough. You'd hope you had enough rounds in you gun to find a weak spot in the body armor. You'd all be wishing you had missile launchers in the back of your trucks.
       Keep in mind, that they say that there are space ships up there that are about two miles long.
       If you have doubt about that, check out the space tether video.

Gee, some people are really stupid:
       Talking about that moron trying to assassinate Trump
       The idiot sure didn't realize that Trump is only where he is at to make sure Hillary gets into office.
       The stupid punk should have been aiming for Hillary because she is the real evil one that should be eliminated one way or another.
       As sick and unethical Donald Trump is, he wouldn't be able to screw things up as much as some might think. The fact is, just his plan to lower the corporate tax rate to 15% would do more good for this country than anything Hillary would ever do.

Alligators like Sharks:
       When humans start feeding them, humans put themselves into their food chain.
       The kids getting ate was bound to happen and you can be sure as long as humans keep feeding them, it will happen again .

On the ape getting the kid:
       I think it only showed how ridiculous women can be. Screaming about it only put the kid in danger.
       Stupidity showed up there. If it wasn't for the women screaming, the zoo officials could have waited until the ape got bored and created some distance from the kid and they could have tranquilized it, but with all the screaming, the ape wasn't about to let go and leave the kid alone.

Around here, the thing I've been hearing about the most:
       Is "he killed himself."
       Well it goes to show you that I'm not full of shit like many like to think.
       The more the heads roll, the more people who are out there whom have become believers, and I guess that's a good thing.
       I'm just looking forward to the day when a Clinton, or Obama head rolls.

Solid Proof that the Democrats want you all Stupid as hell:
Rule Numbers: 10

June 22, 2016:
Demo Congressionals, even our own Scott Peters are grandstanding on the House of Congress floor for fools.

Streaming videos of them protesting for a vote for gun control on the House Floor:
Yah have to laugh because the bills they want the Republicans to vote on Did Not Pass in the Senate. Therefore the sit in was nothing more than a publicity stunt for stupid people. Which of course convinced some stupid people to send them some money.
       Folks, if you didn't know already, I'll tell you that Bills can not even be brought up on the House of Congress unless they have Passed in the Senate beforehand.
       If that isn't a good reason for legislation for breeding stupid people I don't know what it is.

And why wait until know to tell my cousin about my devious aunt Rosemary?
I figured that they were all either aware of it or in on it. I figured my Angles would work them over anyway.

Oh Yeah:
       Like the bit about my sister stealing my identity so she could embezzle my inheritance I was suppose to get from Deloris:
       I figure the government was well aware of it while it was going down because you can bet that everyones houses and phones were bugged .
       I wouldn't doubt that either the government or its defense contractors help facilitated the crimes.
       The deal is that if I couldn't come up with the money, and even if I did come up with the money, I'd find it difficult to find a lawyer to take these criminals to court.
       I've already proved to myself already the other option of going to police isn't going to go anywhere. I've contacted the Westport police twice on just running down Deloris's will and didn't receive the forms the first time and still have not heard from the cop looking into it.
       But really folks, I'm not even convince I was actually talking to a cop anyway, but if I did, I bet the F.B.I. came walking through his door before he looked into anything.
       I've just known one thing: you can't hide from fame. When people begin to talk behind your back, you can not do anything to prevent it unless you pull out a gun and blow your head off. Incidentally, that is what they all figured I'd do to myself decades ago. They tried their best at trying to get me to do so, so many times, in so many ways.
       None the less, I heard someone else cashed in their chips today.
       Goody goody.
       Just think, Rosemary might even come to the conclusion that Leon, one who she introduced me to his father, would probably be still alive today if she didn't stab me in the back.
       But really, there is no way she can count the amount of people killed because of her actions. She's got a lot of dead people under her belt, she would have to live with that.
       Oh yeah, I seriously doubt if she made much money of my truck. because the people she was dealing with knew it wasn't hers in the first place. I bet they could have licensed my invention from someone else, but she was the better pick because she was able to work over my family where other couldn't so you could say she got used.
       Stupid bitch hah?

Tops of Quiver shaped by sunnyside

Armed with a full Quiver

Took the Bigun for a test drive:
Rule Numbers: 4

June 23rd, 2016:
There was a two south swells with a light southern wind.

Equaled weak wave for their size but a whole lot of current.

Which meant a constant paddle.
I only got one, however I have to say the board behaved very well.
       It seemed user friendly and paddled really nice.
       With the water moving around so much it was difficult to be in the right spot and if you got caught on the inside, you had some work ahead of you to get back out unless you were luck.
       I called the session short because I didn't want to get sloppy and end up banging up my board.

Bitch Hillary bragging about her foundation:
       Keep in mind, she keeps 11% of what is given to the foundation.
       And I wouldn't doubt that a good portion of what the foundation gives out is funneled back in to it so they get another cut of 11% on some of what they give back out. I bet they bounce that money back in and out a few times to where they probably get to keep at least 50% of that money.
       Talking about money from other countries I might add.
       Do you actually understand what I means by bouncing portions of it back? I sure as hell don't want to spell it out for some stupid idiots because they may not understand it anyway.

I saw the two Spielberg appearances last night:
       Those whores at ET & Extra bent over for him.
       The spot on Extra was nothing more than a picture overlaid.
       The speaking interview on ET was a blue screen trick made to look as if he was at the opening of BFG. However, the elevation was off and it looked as if he was standing on top of two or three soap boxes. (The guy behind him in the background looked as if he was looking at Spielberg's ass.)
       I take it that the clip they used of the crown was taken from and over the head elevation.
       Rule #50 maybe I should not have said anything about it because I'm only teaching them how to do a better job.
       Oh, I see that he provide the same clip that he gave ET to Access Hollywood.
       Funny thing I should mention is that although the video clips provided to ET and Access Hollywood were the same clip, the one use on ET had microphones with their logos on them and the one at Access Hollywood did not. What that means is ET blue screened over Spielberg's blue screen. Meaning a double blue screen of which I've seen Spielberg do before. Gee, what a bunch of whores.

I bet some people have thought I was either crazy or paranoid:
       Like the reaction I got from my a guy I know who noticed I had tape over the camera and microphone on my laptop.
       Well apparently Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook realizes just how easy a computer can get hacked.
       Just think of the flash cookies inside so many people's computers that can build a program to take over control of someone's computers.
       Something the Cal Poly Guys are well aware of because you can bet they know how to do it themselves.
       Shit, they've been doing that for at least a decade by now.

Got Slammed a couple times:
Rule No: 4, 14, 20, 36, 41, 50 & 55

June 26th, 2016:
I don't need to ramp up speed paddling into a wave with the Bigun.

If you do, you end up too far in and taking it too late.

However, the sand bar was lifting and breaking the faster too, which caught me off guard a couple times.
Seemed a little loose, but all boards tend to fell that way the first few times you use them. Maybe I should have started out with the bigger EA fin in the back.
       Same kind of thing happened with the Flying P, but after surfing it a few times, I went back to the smaller AM1 on back.
       None the less, after surfing my other two boards with more aggressive rails for awhile, I'm not so impressed with the more user friendly rails everyone else is using. Now that I'm used to the more aggressive rails, I kinna like the faster response I get with them. The softer user friendly rails just don't dig in and climb the face as fast.
       I figured the softer rails would be better in choppy waves but if I was to shape another one I think I'd keep it at about 2 5/8" and make the rails a little smaller.
       The blue foam seems to be much more durable and I think going with a double 4 oz with one of them "S" on the deck would be the way to go because I had my head hit the bottom with a single 4 "S" a couple times and nothing happened.
       I have to say, the Flying P is much lighter than my other two boards, but of course, that's the board I like to surf when the waves are good and it's quite aggressive. Most people like it the best too, I just wish I would have made it a couple inches shorter.
       I think the next board I shape will be just under six foot. I'll use a squash tail at 14-3/4" and make it 19-3/4 wide with my own nose design I used on the Bigun and at about 2 5/8" thick.

I've got to do something about a thinner wetsuit.
The bummer is that all the cheaper 2 mils are back zips.
       To pay near $200 for something that I want to trim the legs off just below the knee just don't seem sensible.
       I'm thinking I'll get a back zip and then cut out the rear baffle panel and hope it doesn't leak too much.
       The other route would be getting a sleeveless long leg setup which cost only about $100.oo
       What I just can't make myself go back to the Hybrid spring suit with extended legs I wore last year because I'm sure it has shrunk over the winter and it was just too tight in the crotch as it was. Maybe if I cut the sleeves off so that the shoulders will stretch out more.

Richard Gunzalus resurrected:
       Coulda swore he took a red shower.
       He sure had the same rough looking pock marked Mexican face.
       He must have put on at least 20 to 30 pounds though, because I don't remember him being as big, but then it may have been a runt he had for a partner this time.
       Maybe I was just wrong and he hasn't taken his red shower yet.

On the British Exit:
       I think the media played it stupid.
       In the weeks leading up to the vote, the media left any details for the reasons why they wanted to leave the EU.
       Even now that the vote is over, they reasons are pretty vague and nothing specific has been said.
       They either want people stupid or they are just too dam stupid to realize that they have been drawing a big blank. Or would it be that their only concern is to create drama.
       It's like how they have people protest the WTO but they are only caught up in the essence of it and they really don't know what they are protesting about.

       In my opinion I think the Exit is a good thing for the Brits:
       I think the drama the media is making out of it is only bringing them down temporarily.
       The best thing about it, that is if the Brits use any of those marbles in their heads is that they drop the GATT Treaty, or should I say WTO, and change their patent laws for the better. The Exit gives them the opportunity to legislate laws for their own country and not let corporations that control other countries control theirs.
       They should take the opportunity to stop systematically breeding stupid people like everyone else is.
       Or are they too far gone to know what is right or wrong?

Got my face planted into the stinger:
Rule Numbers: 77

June 28th, 2016:
My board rolled over and my foot got hung up on a fin.
It held the board in place until it smacked me in the forehead.

Not good on the board and not good on my neck.

I don't like waring a neck collar but think I'll be wearing one tomorrow.
       Oh yeah: Those Rusty fins, with extra cant; that I reshaped into EA's; they work real nice on the Kah-pluncker.
       They do just what they did for the Stoneman. They make the board loose and pivotal, especially during the launch, -than the EA's, but they provide better grip than the AM1's. They allow me to be that much more aggressive with such a big board. Or should I say they make the board feel smaller?

Real Creepy:
Two Old ladies in Blue hugging each other.
Them and all their clapping just cheeped me out.
       You have to wonder if she has an emotional support dog.

Benghazi bounces right off the Bitch:
Blame is put onto Obama

800 pages of crap that cost the US tax payers $7 Million.
I was amazed the Donald Trump even called Hillary a murderer, and not so amazed at how it bounced right off the bitch too.

Some money was made in the stock market
I bet the folks who sold their stock before Britain's vote are wondering when they should buy the same stokes back at discounted price before the prices go back up again.
       I figure that the EU is just worried who will drop out next and with that in mind, you can expect that they will try to make trouble for the UK as a result of that fear.
       The EU is obviously going to say the Brits will go broke, but in reality, the only Brit's who may see less money is the rich. As for the lower and middle class working folks: their standard of living will no doubt go up in time because they will have less influx of immigrants cutting their wages. (Something I heard a lot about when I was over there.)

Moron of the day:
Can you believe some moron made it onto the news this morning complaining about being put on hold after dialing 911?
       Well, this guy is one who is obviously suffering from cell phone syndrome.
       One of those people who actually think that the lithium Ion powered device gives him power.
       Something I find that women suffer from a lot; just ask any police officer because they have to respond to such frivolous calls.
       What I'm getting at is that this moron in San Diego sat on hold on his cell phone for three minutes instead of just rolling a refrigerator off a kid.
       The child died.
       Please, someone get a gun and shoot the guy.
We don't need him creating any more off spring as stupid as he is.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Featured book excerpt of the week




Woody the wooden dumpster on a Synchro-link.

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

The Loop

New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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For those of you who may feel I don't have better things to do with my time than molesting children or stalking women, I'd say do a background check on me yourself, because you can not believe anything any cop or fireman will tell you.
       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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Vaccinating Against Measles

Of course we can't forget about those evil little pyros that have some kind of idea that they are hero's of some kind and not just a bunch of kuckleheads that are too damn stupid to do anything else:
/First Responders/
Oceanside Lieutenant Committing Slander

(Unfortunately, this category has to include Lifeguards, because here in Oceanside, they have been proven to be criminals just as well.)


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