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Kah-plunker surfboard by Sunnyside

The US Military to give free Boob Jobs to anyone who wants one:
Rule Numbers: 14, 19, 41, 88 & 100

July 1st, 2016:
It would be considered sex discrimination if they don't.

If they give out sex changes to any Tranny, Bisexual or Gay person who wants one:
Why shouldn't they give out Boob Jobs to straight women?
       I smell sex discrimination law suits if they don't.
       Still wondering when they are going to inform the public that the first lady Obama is a tranny?

On the Attorney General meeting up with Bill Clinton:
       I bet that wasn't the only meeting Bill Clinton or their constituents had with people involved in the investigation against Hillary.
       They've got to get the numbers to the Swiss Bank Accounts to them one way or another.
       I bet there was a whole bunch of people who knew when the Attorney General was going to take a trip on a plane, so it was a cinch to get someone in the Clinton clan in the airport at the same time.
       If you don't think it was a pay off, I think there is something wrong with you.

On the BFG Spielberg/Disney Movie
Take a look at the list cast and crew.
       First Assistant Director, Co-producer is Adam Somner, who has also worked on every flick Spielberg has produce in the last few years.
       If it wasn't for the gag-order, I'm pretty sure you could ask any of the cast and crew just who actually directed them, and they would say Adam Somner.
       But of course, most of the shit Spielberg has been involved in had been animation, which could actually be done in a double wide trailer in San Quinton Prison.

Do you think a Cat realizes that the Dog is of a higher intelligence?
Rule Numbers:4 26

July 4th, 2016: (Actually posted on July 8th)
Wonder if Cats think Dogs are crazy?

I bet a Dog would argue, then why don't they train cats to sniff out bombs?
Like these doctors or people in general who question my sanity.
       Don't see anyone trying to clone them.
       But do you think God would let evil people do such a thing?
       Of course not.
       One thing for sure, all I think about when I go to the beach is just how primitive people actually are and I always wonder what they would do without a cell phone? But then a Cat wouldn't realize the difference either. None the less, you all are breeding barbaric animals.

Spielberg is getting better at blue screen.
If it wasn't for the obvious ones just last week, - I would have had to think that the two I saw today were real appearances.
       But really, -I figure that the Little Whore actually went to San Quinton Prison to pull that on off.
       Or maybe the extra large left hand on the shoulder was someone else's.
       And the line up could have been blue screen if it was an actual video, but she would have had to gone to the prison to do it, -otherwise it was just a still picture photo-shopped.

You get what you sew:
Rule Numbers: 50 & 51

July 8th, 2016:
Cops assassinating people.

And cops getting assassinated.

You can call it getting ambushed, but I wonder how many are dead because there was calls to bring more cops to the scene, - creating more targets:
Just too many cops and they actually create crimes because of it.
       As I said before, "they will hire anyone to be a cop," even the ones who are not fit to be one.
       Oh well, five dead, but that the heck, they got a whole lot more of them where they came from.
       Silly that people care more about their cops than they do their inventors.
       Too bad they care more about their cops than the smarter people or the intellect of the human race. Let me be the first to say that you all are whining over nothing since the US has helped kill three hundred Palestinians just this year alone. And as far has the black guy the cops killed this year, I'd say that the cops are still ahead of the game so you are all crying over spilled milk and I'm already tired of hearing about it. You all kill more inventors every day of the week. Could have told to something like Dallas was going to happen a long time ago. The bullies with badges have only themselves to blame.
       Stupidity is why you've got people killing each other and you all are too damn stupid to do anything about it.
       What is silly is how people care more about their dogs than the inventors. Just Evil and Greed is what you all know and except.

They CD guy got set up by a stupid idiot.
He told the cops he had a gun, and then the cops were too damn scared of the CD guy to handle him, so they just assassinated the poor guy.
       Someone should beat the shit out of the guy who sicked the bully cops on him.
       And the guy with the gun in the car:
       The smart thing he should have been is placing the gun in view of the cop and better yet with the clip pulled out and the chamber left open. If it was a revolver, he should have unloaded it and left it in plain sight with the chambers left open.

Hillary will take money from anyone:
       Even a murder while he is still in prison.
       Did you hear that Spielberg gave her over a Million Dollars?
       Tell me he won't be asking for a Pardon from Bitch or Obama.

Think of Hilary's Emails as DWI's
It's like she got pulled over for driving drunk.
       She may not have caused and accident or killed anyone while driving drunk, but a cop would still be obligated to arrest her, throw her in jail and charger her with the crime . (But really, a shit load of people died under her watch as Secretary of State.)
       The very reason she should not be able to get away with she did and the very reason she should not be allowed to be president.
       The bitch has already proved that she can't be trusted with the basic requirements of the office of president.
       She's a looser, plain and simple as that.
      Just a lying stupid bitch.

Flying P masked for first stripe

Got a mushroom in my ear:
Rule Numbers: 35

July 13th, 2016:
Been growing it for about 30 years.

Beats having too much Bone in there.

Just wasn't enough room for growing it anymore
Had to have my ear sucked out, with a little scraping to loosen it up.
I thought I would need ear surgery for surfer's ear to remove bone, but I guess they call it swimmer's ear when you have fungus growing in there. At least I don't have to stay out of the water after surgery.
       Nothing better than good news.

Took some time and put some paint on the Flying P
I except things don't always turn out like you think they would.
I think it looks pretty good, but its still isn't as good as the first one that got sabotaged.
       Going to keep you guessing for a few days.

painting strips on surfboard

Got stupid people doing stupid things:
Rule Numbers: 4, 35, 50, 51

July 16, 2016:
So much for gun control in France.

A mile down the road with all those people and no-body had a gun.

And looking at the talent the cops had, they probably would have a problem shooting the broad side of a barn:
Wonder what will happen next week?
       It sure is getting quite common for crazy barbaric stuff to happen when you are breeding stupid people.
       Yeah have to laugh, at the fact that if you go to the beach, you see that in less than a quarter of a mile their is no less than ten cops to protect us from our own stupidity.
       The annoying part about it is that cops are just bully criminals themselves just looking for someone to harass.
       It's a proven fact that the cops are the very ones you should be afraid of.

Gee, did you see the covers of all the tabloid magazines at the supper market?
Hillary is getting a rash of shit, because everyone and their brother knows she is cooked as hell.
       Told you that she is an Evil Bitch.

Got some Sector 9's for $20 today:
       Kinna funky, being a longer stunt board with longboard wheels.
       I figure it will work good for surf checks and it's beat up enough that nobody will want to steal it if I stash it while surfing.
       I'll have to post a picture of it later.

It didn't even take a week:
Rule Numbers: 4

July 19th, 2016:
Three more dead cops.

Let me be the first to say that they brought it on themselves.

And let me be the first to say that anyone thinking that it will teach them something, I'd say that they are wrong. Shooting cops will only make them even more trigger happy.
It sure didn't take another week before someone went on a killing spree:
       Just what you get when you are breeding barbaric animals, they begin to act like them.
       As for the war veterans: you can pretty much figure that after going to fight for this country, they learn that this country is responsible for the wars, because the USA created them for profits of the defense contractors.
       Silly people, they got no common sense.
       Dumber by the day and just too damn stupid to do anything about it .

You should have seen one of Oceanside's finest this evening. One who is obviously full of himself; wearing his shades after the sun had gone down. (If that guy isn't a scary dude, I don't know what he is other than a typical bully with a badge.)

Oh Yeah on Trump's wife's speech:
       I bet if anyone bothered to look back farther, that the same speech had been used before Michell Obama used it.
       It's like the typical love letter. I bet if everyone sat down and wrote one, most of them will contain similar lines and no doubt most will people will discover that someone else wrote one just like their's.
       The very reason Hollywood producers will not look at a script unless it is solicited by either a lawyer or and agent. (Because many people end up with the same movie ideas.)

On the Coney West and Taylor Swift ordeal:
       I'd say Kim Kardasian just got her mister Coney West dickhead in a shit load of trouble.
       First off, it is against the law to record someone on the telephone with out them knowing it, and extremely illegal to publish such a recording.
       It is obviously something that any prosecutor can get the two of them jail time, and something that Swift should have no problem getting restitution from, on top of the derogatory statement of her being a bitch in his song.
       Wouldn't it be nice if she could make the asshole that he is and his bitch hand over a large portion of their wealth, and keep them in jail for a while?
       Hah, hah, hah.


FlyingP top paint

Bet you saw it on Instagram already:
Rule Numbers: 4, 30

July 24, 2016:
I've always had a thing for muscle car paint jobs.

It gets the nod.

Unlike the Hillary's pick for VP:
Someone should photo shop the two as clowns. While you should be of those two.
       Are you one of those people who are afraid of clowns?
       You can bet there convention will be striking similarity of a high school pep rally. (That was in Obama's play book.)
       I only went to one of them before I learned that you didn't have to go to them.
       Like put on you rose colored glasses folks, because they will surely fill you full of shit.
       Let me tell you that Burnie Sanders is full of shit. What an idiot.

On the Trump convention:
I think the Trump family did pretty good.

What I liked about the set-up, is that you get the conciseness of three bright and mature offspring behind him.
You can bet he would be afraid to pull anything without the three of them endorsing his actions.
       Basically, he would have to answer to them and they have more at stake than he does.
       And I think that not looking through rose colored glasses is the right approach because everything in his life has been rosy and seeing the trouble of others is the way it should be.
       The two things that he want's to do can only put the US on the right track, -which is getting rid of the trade agreements and dropping the corporate tax rate down to where the USA is where corporations will not only want to set-up shop, but to stay as well.
       You've got to realize that Northern Ireland's has a corporate tax rate of 12.5% and Obama has set the USA at 39%. (Common sense folks.)
       And I think it was better that the Republican convention was first, because now the Democrats have to worry about plagiarizing.

I didn't shape a new board this month, but I did pickup some Texflex fins for the back of the Kah Plunker:
       I figured that they would make it more consistent, and no doubt they put some drive and control into the board.
       Even though they are smaller at 10.73 they have larger bases and they seem just right with the AM1's in front. I just hope I don't need to go to EA's when the waves are bigger and then I won't have to switch fins around.
       Honestly, with the sharper rails, I think it will be just fine, because the board has plenty of grip of the rails. It just need some grip off the tail to give it drive when I need it.
       I happen to think its dialed in now, because the overall control factor is in there now. (I think the plastic ones were flexing on powerful turns which created a lot of fluctuation in the handling characteristics. Which let it unpredictable at times.)
       What's really cool is that I've already got some blue paint that will match them perfectly for when I built my next quad.

TexFlex Quad surfboard fins

Killing 3,300 Palestinians is one of Hillary's accomplishments,
according to Bill Clinton
Rule Numbers: 51 & 65

July 27th, 2016: (upload on 7-28-16
I was surprised myself when I heard him say so.

Let's not forget she armed ISIS directly in Syria.

$3 Billion a year to Israel wasn't enough, so Obama gave them $425,000,000.oo to reload during a cease fire.
Then he gave the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip $225,000,000.oo to rebuild, which Hamas and his terrorist organization got $75,000,000.oo to build more scud missiles to launch back at Israel.
       Which are made with diesel and fertilized they get from Israel.
       Quite an accomplishment I'd say.

I didn't bother listening to Obama:
       Because I can't stand how he says, "tah" instead of to.
       None the less, you can be sure he's full of shit too.
       You have to remember that there wouldn't be anything like ISIS if it wasn't for Hillary and himself.
       They provided ISIS with all the tanker trucks to steal oil and the weapons that permitted them to do so.

I have to say:
       The only reason I ever check out what is being said on "The Veiw," is to see what convoluted ideas the old hags have to say.
       They are so far off the rocker, that the only conclusion I can get from it is that the democratic party must have found a way to brain wash their pitiful 8% brain capacity.
       Doesn't any of them realize that mush of the stupidity ad craziness that is out their was created by Bill Clinton signing the GATT Treaty.
       Then to seal the deal of robbing the private inventors of everything they had coming to them, Obama under Hillary's watch pulled a patent law reform which made it first to file instead of first to invent; creating the largest theft pf intellectual property and putting the final nail in the coffin of your intellectual intelligence.
       What blows my mind is that I wonder how many people who are out there who are stupid enough to give these folks within the media any credibility. Basically, the people in the media who are brainwashing the public, are brainwashed themselves and they are too damn stupid to realize it.

Broken fin box

Going to miss it:
Rule Numbers: One

Won't have the money to fix it until next week.
Even though it was sabotaged, it's the board to have most days around here:
Wish it could have lasted more than 2 or 3 months before something like this to happen.
       Should have seen the top to bottom I did on it the other day.
       I don't know what style I have, but all I heard over the weekend during the surf contest was how I had my own style.
       Shoulda seen how I slide into a wave sideways the other day. I had a hold of the rail with my right hand and I was levering my way into the wave in a control slide. Did a couple actually. One with no hand on the rail in fact.
       Unfortunately, if I'm going to fall, it will usually be on a launch gone bad every once in a while..

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

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