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Kah-plunker surfboard by Sunnyside

Barbaric 8%ers:
What else can you call them?
Rule Numbers: 51

August 4th, 2016:
I don't know if writer's block is the proper word for it:
To say the least, I'm afraid of just repeating something I've said before.
       Like: didn't I tell you right off the bat over a year ago how I thought the Clintons hired Donald Trump to be the Ross Perot this time around.
       I think I even heard something about the Republican Party trying to come up with a back up candidate just in case Trump backs out of the race before the actual election.
       I guess it would be possible that he would throw in the towel in the last few days.
       None the less, if he was actually hired by the Clintons, he sure did sabotage the Republican party; at least he sure has made a go at it. You just can't bet he is actually serious about it. What is even worse is that Hillary is about as bad as you can get and you certainly don't want to get stuck with her. My only hope would be that God would send the Grim Reaper after her and she would never make it to January alive. (But then you would get stuck with that clown she picked for a VP and that isn't so hot either)

Get this:
I experienced a true sample of a Barbaric 8%er
       As I was walking away from my cage the other day; I spotted a guy walking over towards my truck and it was obvious he was about to take a piss by my back door.
       I told him not to and the guy told me that it's what every body does. And get this: he came at me and wanted to fight me over it.
       Hell I wan't going to back down, I kinna need a punk to unload on.
       But you know what? It was already too late, I noticed his buddy had already pissed behind my truck.
       And the night before, I heard a guy next to my truck and looked out an saw that he was pissing all over my tire.
       Just about two nights before, someone pissed all over the tire on the other side.
       Boy, this is the first summer I've ever looked forward to seeing it end; because I would like to see these morons and there cell phones and their Pokemon go home.
       It's just sickening to see what people have become.
       And oh: my big wave board got its first dent in it the other day. Just like what has happened to most of my other boards.
       It was a longborder.

Just Bluffing Yah All:
Rule Numbers: 2, 4, 8, 9, & 88

July 18th, 2016: Posted on August 8th 2016
Disregard all I told you all about the rails on my Quad.

I was just bull shitting you all, and then some.

And everyone in their brother has been talking about what happened to my Quad.
But you know me and my reluctance to create rumors, so refrained from contaminating the rumor mill.
       Let's just say that the surfing industry is more like the Hollywood film industry than you would think.
       It's quite similar in the way that Hollywood people will stand up for a criminal who is in prison by doing him favors.
       Just as the surfing industry will protect and stand behind their own murder, and even do favors for him.
       The only thing you can really call it is Evil and it's not difficult to realize that there are plenty within the surfboard manufacturing industry who will stand behind it.
       I may not be a famous as Kelly Slater is to the surfing community, however, to those outside of the surfing community, I have little doubt they know of him anymore than they do of me. And for the impression they are getting of the surfing community, it sure is not a very good one.
       Pretty creepy if you ask me.

See the deal is: If a perpetrator pulls something on you, the last thing you want then to think is that they were successful.
Reason being is that they will have a more difficult time proving to others that they did what they did.
       Or in this case, they would begin telling others what they did so that they would make others think I didn't know what I was talking about.
       Like if I would have come right out and published what I figured had happened to it, I doubt it if anyone would have believed me.
       So I was better off having someone else trying to prove me wrong.

What I'm getting at is that not only my first surfboard got sabotaged, so did my third.
Thinking just putting the Glassing responsibilities in the hands of other professionals would solve the problem, just isn't the case.
       See the deal is: that just about anyone can walk in through the doors at Global Glassing and take a sanding screen pad to someones board. (But it was an inside job by the management from what I heard and everyone know just who.)
       But of course it just may not be just anybody, and that is what the bluff was all about. Just to get them talking.
       Yeah, the flip in the tail just isn't there anymore and the board went from 20 & 1/8" before glassing to 20 1/8 after. (See the deal is: it should have ended up at 20 & 1/4".)
       The way I see it is that the perpetrator not only sanded the small radius edge off the bottom taking out some of the concave as well as the flip. They also sanded the radius off the outer rails making them boxy feeling and what many shapers would call a very hard rail and sharp ones at that. (Not very user friendly.)
       Get this: I even went back acting as if I was gullible enough to want them to do another board, just to hear what was said behind my back and see just how eager they would be to glass another one for me, but all I heard from someone who probably wasn't even one of their own employees was that I was a good shaper.
       Another thing I would like to mention: is that I couldn't help but notice the Kelly Slater rice paper labels just spewing out of the shelf, as if someone wanted everyone and there brother to notice them.
       And when it boils down to who actually sabotaged my board, I pretty much suspect one or the other and I'm pretty sure I know just who did it because that was the very reason I went back acting like I was stupid enough to go back for a third time. (I could see it in his eyes.)
       Anyhow, just as I figured, the last few days, all us locals have heard about is how my board was sabotaged.
       Boy, with those odds, of two out of four, I would just be smarter to just by one off the store rack and save myself the trouble of making one myself.
       But then again, I could just pay myself the $50 per hour and glass them myself. No doubt I can build a better board than any production board, because that is what they are.
       None the less, my Quad is still a good board for 2 to three foot stuff that isn't over head. Anything over that, I got a Flying P that can handle that. And I sure learned one thing, the farther I can stay away from the surfboard industry around here, the better off I can be.

painting the Kah-Plunker

Got a portable glassing stand and a new paint job on the way:
August 12, 2016:
I also made a jig for routing the fin boxes:
My next Quad just fits the 6 ft R blank
       You can see the lines of the Unibrow and its funky hip in there somewhere, and I realized I was never going to shape one so I drew out the M4 template inside it so that I had something to go by.
       I think I'm going to bring in the nose a bit because it is running just over 13 inches and I think I'm going to make it a little sharper at about 12.5 inches.

portable Surfboard glassing stand

M4Quad blank outlined

M4Quad patern template

He knows everything:
The three words I heard the most over the weekend
Rule Numbers: 26, 38, 65 & 85

August 15, 2016: (Uploaded on the 16th)
Sounds like my phone is bugged and they heard what I thought I heard.

It sounded muffled, but I bet they had a recording and they were able to re-play it.

(Talking about what my Dad said when he forgot to turn off his phone and stuck it in his pocket.)
In other words, you can bet my father is the one who knows everything.
       You gotta figure, there had to be a reason my old friend, (Rocky's brother,) stayed on the phone for almost and hour; and he did make sure it sounded like he had nothing to do with my cousin's family anymore, even though he and my cousin Julie had two kids together.
       And then if you remember, Julie had called my sister Donna before she bothered calling me back and then it took only three minutes before she pulled the wrinkle paper up in the mouthpiece trick.

With my Dad:
I didn't actually call him, I was just loading his number into my new phone and called him accidentally, but hung it up right away.
       Then you've gotta figure that with him seeing the area code flat out gave me away, -and he called me back.
       Annoying was how he jumped to conclusion that I was in some kind of trouble again, and I was looking for some money.
       I told him I was alright and that I had just mistakenly called him as a result of entering his number into my new phone.
       Unfortunately, he was at my sister's house and within the three minutes we were on the phone together, there was long quite periods after I has said anything. I actually had to ask for response and it didn't take much to figure out he was putting his had over his phone and holding two conversations at once as if he was being told what to say.
       I did ask him if he had made any money off the Chinese restaurant yet.
       But really folks, that's just something my sister had told him to tell me last year and I seriously doubt there was ever a restaurant he would invest in.
       You gotta figure that if my sister's name in on my father's checks, she is well aware of any money he has and she would have put dibs on it before any other woman would. To say the least, Donna would never let my father's money go into anyone else's pocket other than her's.
       Never the lee, the bottom line here is that I'm pretty sure my father has known about my aunt and my sister robbing me of any wealth I was going to receive.
       I bet it started with my aunt, and she got them on the crazy train, and then there was probably phony investigators asking questions about the suspected child molester. Then my sister got into it and I even wonder if my father got involved in helping her get a power of attorney.

What I get from it:
       I'm betting my father is well aware of everything and he's just protecting my sister so that she won't go to jail and very well himself too.
       It's pretty bad when your own father will let you go around being persecuted as a child molester, just so his devious daughter and aunt get away with crimes committed against you.
       None the less is when the government is right there behind it all.
Update Aug. 15th 2016:
       Sounds like my own father is in Jail.
       Did I get that right? This thing was written a couple days ago and it seems like it's already old news before I even get around to uploading it to the server.
       Boy, the whole Idea that my own father would be in one a game with all there rest, that puts it about even as the most devious bitch on guns smoke.
       I was thinking that if the Chinese restaurant was real, I was figured on telling him he should have watched less food cooking shows and watched more old Gunsmoke Westerns and learned how devious women can be.
       Can you believe with all the government mixed up with the this, but it's a mess and just looking at the cage all shinny and new, you can bet many looking mighty sharp.
       Kinna half the reason I put those bars on the truck, because all along I figured it would look more like hunting jail bars to some how knew all along, they could be one who could go to prison for. Kinna like I knew it would be coming for some. (You know what I mean.)
       Oh, it was on the 12th, at 3:38 PM my dad said that my ex-brother in laws father was over to see him and that he would call me back. And another this I was wondering about is that some where in there, there would be a dirty judge. I just feet that it is highly conceivable able that the government would have found a away to convince I was crazy or even a child molester. Probably put him on drugs and convinced him that it is so. Bet you it was a lot easer to get him to do it than it is to get any government official to do anything about. it. I really didn't get anywhere is with the cops in Westport over just trying to find Deloris's will.

New paint on cage

Paint job on K-quad

Got Dual Quads for my Quad:
Rule Numbers: 14

August 18th, 2016:
There is a color pallet there somewhere.

Not so hot on the color assignment on this one.

Not my best work but it looks nice for a surfboard:
I think after this one, I'll know what not to do on the next one.
       When I choose to put on the Dual Quads, I knew it was committing myself to a lot of work for them,
none the less, something had to save it.
       I happen to think it looks like a drag-boat. Been thinking about putting a Tachometer on it.

Got a Power Bright:
       Talking about being that much more civilized.
       Many of you take for granted: the ability to have and electrical outlet. One you can run a Skilsaw on or even an air compressor.
       This one should even run my welder, but I would be pushing it if I went after thick metal, however up to 1/8 inch stuff it should be good.
       Need to get some 75/25 so I can run the thinner wire and weld the light stuff I have to do. (Like the hole in my exhaust.)
       Can even run a shop vac and a planner at the same time, with 500 watts to spare for lights.

Got 75 yards of cloth:
       25 yds. of each 6-E, 4-E & 4-S
       Translates to enough cloth for 12 boards .
       I'm doing a little remodel in order to gain another surfboard rack.
       The way I can look at it is that I only have to invest $160 in a couple more blanks and fin pockets and I'll have my next three new boards, -paid for.

Surfboard Sally

Gonna name her Sally:
Rule Numbers: 26

August 30th, 2016:
5-11, 19-7/8, 13, 15-3/4, 2-5/8 approximately 33 liters

It's a Quad of course
I don't think I need to explain the name, but it has something to do with a girl I knew who went by the name, Marry. (She said, "everyone has needs.")
       None the less, the name Sally just seemed fit my new board better.

home made shaping rack

Got contoured pads on my rack.
Just something that you don't get on those store boughten racks.

Plus its lighter and tears sets up and down real easy. Portable you could say.
       I was going for a bit lightness and went for the Red US foam, but next time I'm going for either Millennium or Arctic foam because it's just too much of a hassle trying to do anything with foam that is so damn soft.
       Hence the reason I kept the paint job real simple.
       The Helpful Hint: those stick on foam letters at the 99 cent store work pretty good for stencils. (I later used a small artist paint brush with white paint to fix them up and covered the stringer.)

stick on letters as stencils

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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My Stupid Movie Idea

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September 2009

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
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