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No doubt, everyone seems to know the names of my surfboards:
Rule Numbers: 20, 26, 33 & 34

October 1st, 2016:
I get a kick out of how they even know how to pronounce the name of the Bigun properly.

Sounds like they've been hanging around with Festus.

Get this: the longboarder who I think is named Willy, is actually going around bragging the he put a dent in my Bigun:
Probably the only thing he has in common with Dane Reynolds.
       He's pathetic when the waves get big. He gets out his pointed nosed longboard and sits out in front of everyone picking of the best wave and it's about a 50% chance he'll make the first bottom turn.
       Needless to say, there is a bunch of good wave that go to waste because of him.
       And if it wasn't for him, the Bigun would still be like new.
       I take it he's another one of those morons who are spreading rumors about me also. What a jerk, he must be evil.

Took the Bigun out yesterday:
Although I keep telling myself that I wish, I would have made the Bigun 2-5/8" thick instead of 2-3/4", it sure is nice when I look over and see how hard other guys are paddling against the current and on the Bigun, I just have to paddle like I'm mossing along.
       I'm quite happy with the foam placement in it because it gets into a wave early enough for those walled up waves.
       What is amazing about the board is how responsive it is. When I'm on a wave, it doesn't even feel like a heavy board at all, and after hitting chop on the Flying Panamanian this morning, I can see where that extra weight actually makes it a bit more stable.
This morning: I should have taken out the Bigun again and I should have worn my vest inside of my back zip. I was a bit cold when waiting and even the Kah-plunker would have been a better choice.
       Sally is in the process of getting some of the fat sucked out of her ass.
       I realized the a lower kick stop actually make the rail-guard seem a bit longer. The swivel got my rail the other day, and I figure that if it wasn't for the rail guard being held up by the Kick Stop, I don't think the angle of it would have screwed up her rail.
       Boy a 32 teeth per inch hack saw blade and a small air grinder with a 40 grit 3 inch disk worked real good.
       Bets the hell out of a 24 tooth and hand files.

Took my skids off my truck last night:
       The rust scale underneath them got out of hand. Rule 20, I never really needed them because I really didn't get to use the system as much as I should have after all these years.
       But really, I figure all a person would have to do is use some heat sink putty to protect the paint and just fill in any ware with welding beads and then just grind them off smooth.
       It would add up to less weight also.

Going to work on the template for my next board this weekend:
       I will start off as another Sally
       Then I'll put an MBM tail on it and then I'll reshape it by pulling in the nose a bit so that it will be closer to 12.5" instead of the 13" Sally has. Because of the narrower nose, I will be keeping it at about 5'11" instead of going shorter like I would on the next Sally. I think the next Sally will be about 3/16" narrower too. This next one I haven't figured out a name for yet will probably be about 19-13/16" wide. (I think.)
       My next board is going to have the same M-4 rocker and bottom shape as the Flying Panamanian.
       Going to shoot for the 2-5/8 thickness.
       PM Update: You'd laugh at the workmanship on my old MBM. One side had more hip than the other. On this next board the hip is going to be less prominent because of the additional width. However I did keep the original angle of the tail however it is 15.25 instead of 14.5" wide. I might bring it down closer to 15, none the less, it does look pretty good as it is.
       Oh,oh, happiness: Taking the front AM1's out of the drawer and give them a new home. Sally likes them just fine.

Good thing:
The last original founder of Israel is dead:
       Just think of how many killings of Palestinians are under his belt.
       I just can't imagine the leader of the Palestinians shaking hands with Benjamin Netenyahoo, who is destined to kill even more with the $4.2 Billion per year the US is providing Israel.
       The way I see it is that the leader of the Palestinians should have been dancing on his grave.

Around here:
I've been hearing, "she killed herself."
       I thought it was the bitch that looks like a Tranny, who has been spreading phony child molester rumors on me. She's so stupid, even after I heard her be told that I wasn't, the bitch is still out there spreading them.
       That bitch needs to go.
       Now I'm left wondering if it was either my aunt or sister who did themselves in.
       Please, let me know. I want details. Also, I suspect that Amazon is out to cover their tracks:
       I'm wondering if they can even bribe someone down at the IRS?
       When someone shows up to look at a table saw, and doesn't even let me see what they are driving, I know something is up and the only question is who were they there for?
       I think I got the answer now.

Finally there is many-
"Put Up or Shut Up":
Rule Numbers: 1 & 35

October 2nd, 2016:
Got to the point where everyone is thinking like me..

Enough of getting free advertising.

Finally many of my crew is thinking the same as me.:
They are using my name along with with their brand name.
       At least I'm able to change brand of traction pads and make them my own. I buy plain jane leashes and cut of the lable they charge us three dollars extra for.
       I make my own ear plugs because I don't feel like paying twice as much as just the one I need.
       No longer do I have to worry about what brand of surfboard I ride because you know that no matter what I ride, it's a good one.
       Shit, even the Kan-plunker has proven itself as a good board.
       But hey, I'm not the only one who is getting tired of hearing about who want's to sponsor me. And the ridiculous part about it is dealing with the ones's who are jealous of it. Like dealing with the negative aspects of it with out seeing any of the good.
       In other words: I'm getting tired of being abused by freeloaders.

Get real:
I'm not anything like the surfer who these surf product companies sponsor.
       I'm probably older than any sponsored surfer for one thing and I haven't won a single contest.
       The only thing I can take credit for is just getting-er-done. Like the surfer I heard say, "he doesn't fall." And just the other day I heard a girls say that she likes me because she knows I won't drop in on her.
       And you can bet there are some who say that my take-offs are a little insane.
       (All I have to do is walk out on the pier and I'll hear what people have to say about me.)
       I like to think I'm just pretty good at making the most out of an imperfect wave.
       Whether they have anything good or bad to say about my style, let me be the first to say that half the time when I try to use the style everyone and their brother is using, it doesn't work. (Like this morning, I did a fast pivotal cut back, and the wave left me behind.)
       You gotta admit, most wouldn't do things the way I do them, but somehow it just works for me.
       Maybe, my style is more like a box of chocolates because you can never figure out how I'll work over a wave.
       Yah know, I could end up doing something just like you would, but half the time, I don't have a clue myself, I just go with what I'm handed at the moment when it happens. I just do what ever comes to mind at the time it happens.

One thing for sure:
Just looking at the template I made yesterday, I can tell it's going to be one hot board.
       I'm a true believer in making just one template to fit from one end to the other, because I just don't think there is any better way to smooth out the transition from one end to the other as many do by fitting one template to another, just by drawing them out on a piece of foam.
       I did it with the Flying P, but all in all, it wasn't the surfboard I had planed on, however I did save myself from committing a weird mistake and I saved the blank and it still turned out to be a good board.
       None the less, the Flying P is about to find itself some competition for the same kind of wave with this next one.
       And this next one: I have been throwing around ideas for a name for it, and whether you like it or not, - I've been favoring in naming it the Bitch.
       Reason being, I could call it a MBM, or let us say: "My Bitch Model." It's Bitchin, don't you think?

Bitch on the rack

Sun of a Bitch
Rule Numbers- 40 & 50
October 4th, 2016:

I should have learned on the Flying P.
       That silly idea of working on the top deck first bit, just isn't too smart.
       The deal is I got anxious to use my new power sander and cut down the nose were the planer doesn't want to work so good. (inside of a curve.)
       Anyhow, after I got the skin of the top deck I flipped it over and started the bottom by taking away material for the flip in the kick, when I should have been sinking the rocker gauge in at the nose first, because the next thing I knew, my tail end was too thin.
       I actually had to redraw and shorten my board by an inch just to get what I got, -witch isn't much.
       I suppose I'll have to remove some of the bottom of the leash plug and place a small patch of cloth on the deck just to make one fit.

Anyhow, the end result:
Is that the M4 rocker wasn't going to work for me and I had to go with the rocker from my old Quad. (Same as Sally but with the traditional flip in the tail since it's a three fin jobber.
       The nose and tail are thinner so I left it at 2-11/6" thick to compensate for it. (However, I think the foam placement balance is good.)
       By time it's glassed, it should be 20" wide and the tail at 15.5.
       The nose area is narrower than Sally's at 12-3/4".
       I dropped the deck at the rails a little more than Sally's which gave the Bitch smaller rails, (but still soft and user friendly.)

Got a yard of rubber spreader:
       And I got the 3/4" one pass
       I'm picking up a better spraygun today. The new sanding pad for my power sander will have to wait until next month.

Are you complacent with Stupidity,
Evil and Failure?
Rule Numbers: 9 & 51

October 11th, 2016:
All the evidence I see, is that you all are.

Like a surfer told me about Kelly Slater,
       "that's just the way it is."

I realize most of you have no problem with breeding stupid people:
I hear all the time:
"He thinks we are breeding stupid people and he's right."
       But then no one asked themselves about what they are going to do about it.
       Well, voting Hillary into office sure isn't going to do anything about stopping it; other than spending more money on teaching stupid kids.
       Like I know a teacher who is making $80,000.oo per year trying to teach 7 stupid kids at a time.

Donald Trump, Billy Bush & Access Hollywood
Asked yourself why Billy Bush would get set on a shelf?

       That's because recording someone without them knowing it is against the law and then making the recording public is even more illegal on top of that .
       Nothing Donald said was illegal, so there was no crime committed, so Access Hollywood had no right in publicizing it.
       The fact that Trump isn't filing charges against Access Hollywood only backs what I've been saying all along, that Donald Trump was hired by the Clintons to be the next Ross Perot and to sabotage the Republican parties change of winning the election.

And as I said all along::
The best way to make an effort to stop breeding stupid people is to get rid of the GATT Treaty. And the second step would be getting rid of Obama's first to file patent laws.
       Trump is the only way you are going to be able to do that and voting Hillary into office, you can be sure you won't.

On the Debate:
       From what I saw: Donald smoked Hillary on Foreign Affairs.
       However, the media involved spun the whole bit to beating Donald up with stuff that is insignificant. Stuff he said on a bus ten years ago and I bet they had that recording available a year ago, but then again it would have washed by now .

And the Bit about the Clinton Surpluse:
       You know, the balanced budget and all:
       Well all he got you was deregulation in the banking industry and the lowered interest rates got you into paying more for your homes which got many of you underwater, which got you into the rescission.
       How come none of them in the media even think of mentioning that? (Nor Donald?)
       As I see it, it's plain stupidity.

Quiver rack by Sunnyside

Sally likes the big ones
Rule Numbers: 4, 20 & 35

October 16th, 2016:
She handles over head just fine.

Competition for the Flying P
Take-off -Off the lip; no problem.
       The refined rocker she has, she has proven worthy of taking waves late, much better than all the other Quads I've ridden.
       Funny thing: I've found myself stepping back instead of forward as I'm used to doing with my other boards. (A sign I got her set at the right length.)
       No doubt she has a few fans.
       By far the best board I've shaped so far.

A few days away:
I'll get to see how good the Fat Bitch is.
       Yeah, I should have taken a second session to fine tune the bitch, but I was just too anxious to get the pockets in and some paint one her and I didn't want to wait around doing nothing until night time.
       But I did break my previous time by shaping her in 4 hours, which I figure isn't bad for a rooky.
       None the less, I should have taken another 1/8 inch off the deck because she's a bit thicker than I would like to see.
       But then again, as soon as I changed the rocker template, I realized that I was making a board to replace the Kah-plunker and not the Flying P like I originally planed.
       Anyhow, there a lot less surface area under the Bitch than the Kah-plunker, and the thick area is within the chest and belly area and no doubt it will come in handy for those days when the waves have less pitch and just plain mushy from on-shore winds.
       I can say that the foil looks pretty good and the slimed down width should make her a little easier to get back out.
       The disappointing part about her is her weight. I think she weighs more than the Kah-plunker even though the volume is about the same or even a little less. (I think it has to do with the Millennium red foam is a little heavier then the US Blanks red.)
       It's got me thinking about trying a 4E & 4S deck with a small patch of 4E in the chest area and a 4S bottom and may be something I might do next time around. I figure that if I make a new board every month, the added durability of the 6E isn't so important as it used to be when I had less boards and I had to keep them longer. But then again, I'm not really into the jerky type stuff the other surfers are into so I really don't see having a lighter board is going to advance my surfing much, because I'm just not into trying to be a mister pro surfer type. I kind of like having a smoother style, cause just watching some of those other mister pro-surfer guys gives me a headache. It's like they are trying too hard and they are exhausting just watching them.
       Like yesterday: I had this one with the black beard surfed up towards me. He had a long ride before he even got to me and I was near the end where it was about to close out. He had plenty of time to plan out a way to go around me, (in fact he even went above me,) but he still felt like using his mister pro-surfer mind game on me.)
       He goes, "oh, it's you again!"
       Then the wave closes out on him and he starts cussing as if I'd done something wrong. (I just laughed because I know that it's what he thinks is crowd control,) like maybe it might scare me away or something. (The same kind of head games Dane Reynolds would try to pull over you could say.) Needles to say, many of you know just what I mean. Well I don't expect much better out of 8%ers now days.
       Kinda like the guys who get into auto body, with their cars. They think their shit don't stink and they don't realize that it's all been done before. And for those guys who want to play head games every time someone gets in there way: They should have gotten into a different sport, because in surfing, someone ending up in your way from time to time is bound to happen, and with all those mister pro-surfer working with in the surf industry, you can bet it will happen even more often in the years to come. So if you can't handle it, you should just give it up now and get over your belly-aching.
Got a kick out of that shark cage video:
       Just goes to show you how sharks will start hunting humans because divers keep feeding them.
       Doesn't anyone realize they are just putting humans into the shark's food chain?
       Even divers say, that sharks shy away from divers, -unless they feed or bait them with chum.
       Another fine example of stupidity.
       What a bunch of assholes I should add.

Where are the witnesses?
Like all these women saying things about Donald Trump.
       I just don't see anyone backing them up and it appears to me that any woman who has ever been around him could have very well been paid to say the things they are saying.
       I'm saying this because some of the things they have said, just don't add up. (Like the one who actually went back to him looking for a job,) and there are others who just sound like they are hopping on the band wagon.
       We had one like it with this mayor we had, who I didn't believe the fat bitch for a minute.
       Needless to say, the tax payers ended up handing them a shit load of cash.

Fat Bitch Surfboard by Sunnyside

My Fat Bitch
5'10.5" 20" 12.75" 15.5" 2.75"
Rule Numbers:

October 19th, 2016:
Small wave board for the Winter.

Less bottom surface area than the Kah-plunker.

The tail shape came from my old MBM template:
So that gave me an idea for the name.
       Whether you like it or not, - I've been favoring in naming it the Bitch.
       Reason being, I could call it a MBM, or let us say: "My Bitch Model." And this one of course is a Fat version.
       It's Bitchin, don't you think?

I should mention:
Even though it was only my second glass job; it beats the hell out of the ones I got out of Global:
       It's not perfect, but not bad either.
       Definitely, I prefer my own work.

Oh Yeah:
       I have to admit, I laugh every time I hear about it.
       Talking about the rumors going around about the folks at Lockheed martin killing themselves.
       Gee, you steal an invention from a Sentinel and you use it for killing people for profit and you actually think something good will come from it.
       Talking about stupidity; it's a good example of it.
       I bet the same thing is happening at Ford Motor Company.
       So be it.

Fat Bitch deck

Taking the Bitch for a ride:
Rule Numbers: 4, 21, 29 & 35

October 20th, 2016:
It looks as though we're getting smaller waves this week and I think I have just the right board for it.

Now that the hot coat is sanded;  -I realize that the Fat Bitch is noticeably lighter than the Kah-plunker.
With more of the foam placed in the center,
-the Bitch has a lighter feel to it also. I figure that it is in the 33-34 liter range, which is one or two less than the Kah-plunker.
       I mounted a traction pad yesterday and did my modification to it while I was at it.
       With the wider tail and being a tri-fin, I guessing I just may have found a good home for the rear EA fin that hasn't gotten any use out of. (I'm actually writing this Oct. 19 pm.)
       I think it will be a good in between board for between the Kah-plunker and Sally.
       Brought my Quiver up to five.

I wouldn't doubt the Kim Kardacian Jewelry robbery:
Could very well be a way of collecting insurance money.
       I figure they could have found a buyer before hand and then set up their own robbery as a way of recovering the money the spent on the shit.

On Harry's show:
Just way too many complements for me to handle.
       The kind of stuff that the women talk show do too much of. Like come on, they are not that great.
       And what the hell is all that hugging bullshit for?
       The fake kiss on the cheek? Shit that I so over it.
       Guess it goes along with the cell phone generation.
       And I would like to add that old man Buick who invented the overhead valve engine and got messed up with General Motors and myself have something in common. Neither of us has the need of a phone.
       And I really don't miss having one either.

On the debate:
Hillary had obviously spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would sound good to say.
       But what she really said was that she would do just like Obama and buy everything in an attempt to buy votes in just the right states in order to win the next election.
       Obama invested a lot of money into companies that just went broke.
       Not a good way of getting the country out of debit.
       But what the hell, the county is full of enough stupid people who will believe the crape she says.
       Donald brought up a very important fact that people should think about. Something the media just doesn't seem to zero in on. The fact that under Clinton's watch as Secretary of State, she lost $6 Billion Dollars and it still has not been accounted for. I'm left wondering where she has it hid.
       I should mention that since the time Ch. 7 (NBC) News piped my voice into the studio monitors instead of Dagmar's ear piece and she nearly jumped out of her shoes, I haven't witness the subliminal messages like I have in the past. They've seemed to come to a halt, until the other night. But the other night was different, instead of being within a news broad cast; it was during a weekly TV show. Instead of a voice buried within the background of the voice of the same person, it was a voice within the background noise of an outdoor street seen. I can't before sure, but I'm going to listen a little better next time, however what I do think I heard was, "I'm voting for Hillary."
       None the less, I thought all along that Hollywood folks or the news media would end up providing the evil bitch with subliminal messages.
       Something else I would like to mention is the polls the media has providing us all. I do not think they are necessarily true. Like they media says that Hillary is in the lead, but the local news station mention this morning that the on-line poll thing where people send in a text on their phones had it reversed by a lard margin. something like Trump at 55% and Bitch Hilary at about 30%.
       And of course the elections are rigged. It's because of the electoral collage vote system. The fact is, if this election isn't rigged, you can bet the next one will be. That's because Hillary will do just what Obama did. Buy a bunch of jobs in the key state. Burn a bunch of money on companies in those states that she would have to win in order for the electoral collage voting system will work in favor for her. Even Bush did the same kind of thing for his second election. it's nothing new and you can bet Bill Clintion did the same.
       I figure that the election will show use just what kind of percentage of people who are idiots as it is already. And by the next election, you can bet they will be even dumber than before. Basically, the way I see it is that you all are set-up to fail.

Fat Bitch deck

More like the Bitch is pregnant:
Rule Numbers: 9, 22, 26 & 65

October 24st, 2016:
More like the deck is crowned:
The thickest point only last two or three inches then it tappers off real quick in each directions.
       Under the front foot, the bitch is actually thinner than Sally.
       However the nose is crowned at the stringer like my other boards.
       Basically it has a bunch of foam under the belly and not so much everywhere else.
       The glass job is two weeks old now and it's ready to go but the waves are not co-operating. I was going to try it out this past weekend, but I decided not to take it into the weekend crowds.

I think:
Konye West was in on the robbery and Kim was oblivious to it.
       I was going to do a Poop Too script for how it went down, but I think you get the just.
       Coney probably talked to Kim on the phone just after her friends left and then he called the guys on the bikes.
       I'm wondering who was renting the rooms next door to the room Kim and Konye rented. I bet as a safety measure, in case Kim screamed. (You get the just....)

Funny thing:
Where lightning striked in Carlsbad:
       Rule 22, on top of that, I got a visit from Gunzalus, threatening to rob me of more money. Now he's driving around the block with his new trainee stalking me. Teaching him how to be a bully. Something the cops around here take pride in.
       I pointed out to the new rookies that they don't do any good because what would they do about the tranny looking gal above Pappy's who is spreading child molester rumors on me just like Gunzalus. I've even seen her do it a few times and even witnessed that Nessy shaper guy, (who she told,) even spread it even further using the, "suppose to be," line.
       And can you believe the tax payer's paid for special shirts for the cops around here that say. "Homeless Outreach."
       Yeah right. The bullies had the timers on the showers turned to zero so that the homeless won't find them useful. Now we've got smeller homeless around here.
       And it's a bitch for us surfers because getting the sand off or back is difficult if we don't have someone holding the valve open.
       Like what good are these cops? Like how many times this week have I heard people say, "they are going to tell him tomorrow." Like when do you think any cop will do anything about the money that has been embezzled from me? They sure like to harass me because I'm homeless, but the only reason I'm homeless is because they don't do their job. And the way they perform their job criminally would make anyone homeless. And you can bet the reason I am homeless is because the cops are criminals.
       Oh yeah, didn't I just hear that an innocent bystander just got shot by a cop? Where is the info about that?

Now the government has double standards.
Not only on the re-nigging on the National Guard sign up bonuses, but how they put one person for 30 years for granting about $50 million.
But really, how fair is that when Hillary was able to loose $6 billion?

Happy for the Cub fans
For a stronghold of a fan base I don't know who to congratulate more, the fans or the team.
       One thing for sure, I truly wish them the best of luck and I hope they can go all the way .

Do as I say and not necessarily as I do:
       Register to vote and be sure to vote!
       Something I'm not about to bother with because of too many reasons to list.
       But to list a few: when I have gone to vote, I was told I was not registered.
       Then when I was a convicted felon on probation and wasn't suppose to be able to vote, I found myself trying to get out of jury duty. (twice, one in Tacoma and once in Morro Bay.) I just can't see how I would want to be any part of a justice system that has done nothing but crimes against me .
       Then there is the part that I realize that most people are not intelligent to vote and the smart people are out numbered by them so the result of breeding stupid people has only set you all to fail anyways.
       And I saw the ballet booklet they have this year in California and I can't see where studying about everything on the six foot long ballet would be worth my time because noting on it would mean anything for a homeless person like me. Especially when I already know what matters that concern me will win and what will loose anyways, so why waste any of my time on it? What to get called for jury duty again? Not that stupid.
       Like who would even want to vote for Deral Issa? He is one who helped push the lousy patent reform through. But then if you don't vote for him, you would be voting in Applegate, another Democrat who is not only a creep, but one who would help Hillary rob your kids with more national debit. Either way, you loose there because the political parties are only supplying you all with a bunch of crooks to choose from.
       One thing for sure, I looking forward to the lack of tv commercials and the less Hillary and Trumps I'll have to see and hear about after the next two weeks are gone.

Gunzalus in cop car

It's been a while,
but Gunzalus is back at it again.
Rule Numbers 88

October 26, 2016:
Retaliation or robbing the homeless,

it's all the same.

Getting earlier in the day of course.
Or in other words, getting stalked by Oceanside Police.
       You already know that criminals with a badge can get away with anything .
       Just two days ago I told you he was stalking me and as you would have guessed he'd be robbing me at any time.
       Rule 88, I think we all could smell it coming .
       Truly a bully with a badge.

Citation by Gunzalus of Oceanside PD

Took the Bitch for a ride:
       Truly Bitch'in and I couldn't be anymore happy with her.
       Its got the vertical drive like my old MBM and has a lot of the same loose feel, minus the long nose that used to stick out so far.
       However there is much less need to shuffle my feet. Its quite responsive and has a good amount of control.
       It has just the right amount of float and catches waves real well. It paddles back out fairly easy yet it has plenty of lift through the mushy stuff.

Gee, another example of the fact that you all are breeding stupid people:
       Pilots showing up drunk to fly commercial airplanes
       Pretty much a total disregard for the safety of not only their passengers, but themselves.
       Kinna like what I told another surfer this morning, about how the tranny and Nessy actually put themselve's in danger when the spread phoney child molester rumors on me.
       I end up with the front steering and suspension of my truck sabotaged and then I end up driving down the same road as they do.
       The surfer agreed, that's a good example of stupidity.
       Like these stupid cops.
       If they are truly getting calls or complaints about me, you can bet it's because people have heard the rumors that the cops have spread. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that cause and effect. Then they expect a judge to penalize me for their wrong doing.
       And for those who wonder if the rumors are true or not: I don't think you even have to do any background check on me. Just ask any coach of any kid's baseball team, or even their parents. You can be pretty sure they've heard the same rumors and they've watched me like a hawk, and you can bet that they will tell you that I show no signs of being a child molester.
       I'm sure that they will tell you that I won't even talk to a child unless I'm spoken to, and I have no interest in their kids.
       I think it's safe to say that I've got better things to do.
       Seriously folks, the phoney rumors are all a result of putting missiles on my truck and giving them to the enemy so they can kill people with them. It's what you can call evil and it's just to bad that you all must feel complacent with it. It's just the way it is you say.
       Well you all pay for it.

Oh Yeah, if you happen to be one of those who feel that you are not complacent with the ongoing evilness:
       You better vote for Trump
       You need change and just remember that Hillary was one involved with giving my truck loaded up with missiles to the evil enemy.

Oh a correction:
       A person who doled out $15 million to the National Guards got 30 months in jail.
       (Not $50 Million and 30 years as I stated earlier.) But Hillary did have $6 Billion disappear on her watch. Not actually justifiable you could say.

Any magician will tell to it is just trick photography:
       Talking about what the Inside Edition did.
       They were two for two for slandering two hotel chains.
       They never mentioned even one hotel that passed their invisible paint on the beddings test.
       However one thing for sure, they were willing to smear the Hiatt Motel chain in order to do a number on Trump.
       I would believe it any more than the steel and aluminum pickup bed comparison General Motors did for a commercial.
       Who's to say they didn't line the inside of the tool box with lead on the aluminum bed. But really folks, the picture is cut and concluded with a different cut; so they didn't even have to use any tool box to do that.
       Then the other one with the dumping of cement blocks is cut to a cleaned up and spiffy clean beds; they could have made the holes with anything.
       Hell, in either commercial, they could have made a partial bed made out of any grade and and thickness of aluminum.
       So just because you saw it on TV; doesn't mean that you are looking at what they tell you that you are looking at.

One thing I didn't mention earlier:
       That before I even uploaded todays post:
       I drove to the other end of town and when I arrived, people in the parking lot were already aware and saying that the cops had just robbed me again.
       At first, I chalked up as fame, but now that I gave it a little thought, it was probably not just my popularity and lack of privacy or just the bugs placed inside my cage.
       The reason I say this is because from what I'm getting from the conversations I've heard over the past few hours is that the cops must have been somewhere in public, (like a coffee shop,) bragging about the fact that they just did it. So you can bet that it is more than just Guzalus that is in on it.
       (I should mention that two days ago, I had three cops show up and today it was only Gunzalus.) If that means anything at all, other than I would guess he called the others right afterwards, and they were in a coffee shop. But I'm willing to bet that it didn't even take a call, that they heard it over the police radio. (I bet they were jumping for joy and other witnessed it.)
       Sounds like the same team effort from the cops upon how they've been spreading the phoney child molester rumors. Needles to say, it all makes sense, because everyone and their brother has known for quite awhile that they've been doing just so.
       I wouldn't doubt Hillary and her Democratic party has been investing money into these crooked cops around here.
       Oh yeah: if the cops actually did get a complaint from someone, I'm willing to bet it wasn't even from any of the neighbors like Gunzalus said. I'm willing to bet it would have been the Tranny who has been spreading the rumors, because I've been parking on that street for years with no complaints, and the tranny live just up the street. (So my money is on the tranny.) Again, the cause and effect, caused by the cops in the first place.

It just would not happen:
Someone being fallowed around with child molester rumors.
Rule Numbers: 4, 9, 10 & 22

October 29th, 2016:
However, it would not happen to a real child molester.
I'm sure a child molester could leave the country and carry on as a normal person, but if it was part of a conspiracy, a plane ticket to another country would not stop the rumors, just as I learned in Australia.
       Whenever I showed up in a new town in Australia, I could pull into the first McDonald's and the employees would be telling each other, "that's him."
       At first I thought it was because of my book and the fame that came along with it, but eventually I realized I was wrong about that and now I wonder just how often they would spit in my food.
       Looking back now, I realize that the reason that the only reason my slop glider friends never heard of the rumors was because I had informed them of it beforehand and they had nothing to offer as financial help. Another thing I should mention was that I had found some street musician friends one night who had the ability to make a living at it, but by the time the next weekend came around, the cops had gotten to them and they were no longer wanting to be my friend.
       The fact is, those few slop glider friends and a musician in Yamba where the only friends I have ever had since the rumors began and I left Washington 16 years ago. (And I have to wonder how many of my friends from prior that time are still alive because I heard Speilberg and the government killed a bunch of them)

Got my thinking about the cost of those rumors:
You got to figure that each person spreading the rumors must have been single, to be able to travel were ever I went.
       And for the people in the little street side café in Newcastle to overhear that my aunt had stolen my invention, there must have been two people working on spreading the rumors and the reason the rumors didn't work on them is because I had shown them pictures and the literature I was either handing out or selling.
       When you figure out the cost of hotel rooms and travel expenses, the cost must have been close to a least $300,000 per year.
       You may think that would be too much money to spend on phoney rumors, but you have to remember that Lockhead Martin was getting $250,000.oo per truck and you can figure that at that price they were making at least 300% profit.
       So out of 2,200 trucks, over the 18 years, that only cost them the loss of $5,400,000 the profits of 28.8 trucks; a small price to pay for making sure I would never come across enough money to hire a law firm.
       As far as the cost of getting the Cops and firemen to spread the rumors, I'm sure it cost much less because I figure that most of them were just brainwash with nothing more than a cookie in the computer or cell phone, none the less, many of us have heard about Chowda, know as the recruiter here in Oceanside, so you can figure that that cost Lockhead Martin, or better said Tax Payers a few dollars there.
       So it isn't that difficult to figure out just how it could happen to a guy after all.
       Nobody would spend that much time or money fallowing a real child molester from country to country now would they?
       They fallowed me to three.

I heard another one committed suicide:
That's the rumor that has been going around the last couple days.
       The funny thing is, God or my Angles have blocked me from hearing the name. ably just go bad from not using it.
       I guess just knowing all the names would get to a person over time but some how I think I'm protected from the names is to protect me in the long run.

More cause and effect:
       All summer long we've been hearing the sponsor rumors.
       Well I'm pretty sure that is why there has been a flood of the phoney child molester rumors being spread around in the last month.
       Kinna like the Hollywood producers showing up in Morro Bay, -running their mouths off, only to get paid to go away.
       So you can figure that none of those companies were even interested in sponsoring me, it was probably just a few lone ducks who work for those companies running a scam of their own.
       Kinna like using their position for capital gains from outside the company, but I have to pay the price of it in a flood of rumors. And if I'm right about it, there have been surfer being paid to spread the rumors, even though they knew that many of you have known that they are not true because people like the tranny has kept at it even though they were told that I am not. And the rest of them like Nessy are are people just like many cops lacking common sense and don't realized that they were just used.

Rule Number 4:
       Yesterday I got a complement on my Bitch.
       As I turned around to take a look at who said that they liked my board, I was over-run by the same feeling I get from a complement on my truck and I couldn't even thank him for the complement because at this point after going through all the shit with the first three, I felt so over it. Like what does it really mater?
       I've decided that the idea of making one or two boards per month is a thought from the past and even though I have cloth for 10 more and enough resin for two more, I figure the next one will be the last for quite a while.
       All I care about is making one to replace the Flying P so that I can put the two boards that Global Glassing did, out to pasture.
       I'm not planing to sell any of the boards I make and if I run out of room for them, I'll just destroy them.
       In fact, I'm planning to just keep my quiver to four boards and I'll only make another board if I either brake a board or if one gets too badly damaged. The last half gallon of resin I will have will probably just go bad from not using it, but I'm alright with that because I must just prepare myself for handing my money over to the crooked cops because I think that was what all those sponsorship rumors have added up to.
       I feel like my boards are like my inventions and they are one something I have the ability to keep to myself and out of the hands of others.
      To be quite frank about it, I'm just sick and tired about everything that has anything to do with the surf industry about now. I've had enough of this place and its just like all the other places I've been, after five years of it, I wish I could find a place I like better but it took me ten years to come up with enough money to get there and it only lasted eight months and because of the corruption fallowing me from this country they sent me back to this shit whole of a place.

pumpin for holloween

I really, really like the Bitch:
Rule Numbers: 20

October 31st, 2016:
Fourth time out with her.

She's loose and really like dancing around on the face
Really good with an elevator.
       If I made any mistakes with her, I must have done then in all the right places, because she is by far the best small wave board I've ever had. Also, I can't say I have any regrets about leaving that extra 1/8" of foam because the extra thickness is more or less an equalizer for paddling against guys who are half my age. Once I'm up on the board, I don't feel any of the extra weight like I do with the Kah-plunker.
       As a result of the smaller and narrower nose, it doesn't get hung up on the waves while paddling back out either.

Another suspicion happens to be true.
Like why didn't the width of the Flying P increase once it got glassed?
       It's because someone at Global had sanded the radius off the rails.
       Rule 20 says I was a fool for even going back for a second one.
       I even heard a couple guys talking about them doing it to both my boards today and here all along I was waiting to here that because I felt all along that something was wrong with the rails on the first one they did for me and I wondered if it was just the final sander making sharp edges, therefore I made sure to leave the rails on the Kah plunker a little more round, but when I got it back, there was nothing round about them.
       So to say the least, the first three out of my first six boards got sabotaged.
       Needless to say, I'm much better off doing all my own work because then I know what I'm getting.
       For one thing, I know I get a lighter glass job because I don't load up the hot coat like production shops do because I'm not worried about a little flaw showing up here or there, and I can put in that little extra work at smoothing down the wraps so that there is less need for a bunch of hot coat, which means there is less chance of stress cracks like the ones I got before they even hit the water. Something my glass jobs didn't do before or after hitting the water.

I what to say the same thing as Oprah said about Hillary, but I'd say it about Donald:
Like, you don't have to like him to vote for him, because it's not like he'll be coming over to your house.
       It's a mater of getting rid of the bad trade agreements and getting rid of those bad trade agreements and lowering the corporate tax rates will not only create more and better jobs, but getting rid of them will also stop the legislation causing the selective breeding that has you all breeding stupid people.

Something I found kinna funny:
       The letter I received from Social Security
       It mentions that the doctor who claimed that I was in manic state, just from talking to me for about ten minutes, said that I could very well get better.
       Gee, I don't think there is any chance of that happing long as they keep fallowing me around with child molester rumors because it is just a self defense conditioning created as a result of being a victim of the rumors.
       As I said all along, I'm socially unacceptable because of the corruption that fallows me.
       Nor do I like the idea of my invention being used to create wars and killing innocent people for the sake of profit.

I think I've already come up with a name for my next board:
       I can assure you that any marketing analyst would tell you that a person should not use the names I come up with for my boards if they plan to market any of them to the public.
       However, that is something I'm obviously not concerned about.
       One thing for sure, with the names I come up with, we can be sure they are original and we will know when people are talking about my boards.
       I also think my thing will be my racing strips and I think each board will get what I call a hood ornament that is consistent with the name I give it.
       I also like the way I wrapped the strips around from the bottom to the top of the nose on the last one and on the next, I plan to wrap them around the tail and stop them under the area of the traction pad. Maybe someday I'll strip the top, but that seems like too much work and I'd rather just stencil a hood ornament on top.

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

Stupid Rules

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Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

My Stupid Movie Idea

The most revolutionary tool box in the world,
sitting in a room of poisonous insecticide

September 2009

The Rumor

And if you want to know more about the local Sheriff who spread phony rumors about me and his drug dealing brother, and even a recording of a drug deal going down you'll have to go to the

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New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

A few years ago, I wrote about a couple of these law makers at: Poop Bad Law.

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       I've actually tried doing a criminal background check on myself because I would love to find one that wasn't true. I've learned that even when they say it's free, that it is not. However, I did find one that will refund your money if you cancel a monthly subscription with 7 days.
Its at:

I'm the Dennis Sattler, 50 in Van Nuys CA, Lakewood Washington, Castic CA

But in reality now days, you only have to fire up a search engine.

And no I'm not the Dennis Sattler in Texas who hid in a closet and then killed his wife. But that goes to show you that if I have done any criminal act such as stalking a woman or molesting a child, just Googling my name would tell you.

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