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Please, if you are one of the locals on the central coast where I live, please refer to me as Sunnyside.
Because I'm a little burnt out on the Stupid Rules Guy. 

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I've  had the chance to know a few people who were  actually had schizophrenia and delusional. And none of them ever remotely experience anything as I have.
(I think too many people watched The Beautiful Mind.)

What I'm trying to say is here is if you think of me that way, mental illness or paranoia, doesn't fit the bill. I know better. If there was a pill I could take and this stuff would all  go away, I would have taken it a long time ago.
  Regardless, if a person is actually mentally ill or not, it's no laughing mater. To poke fun at people are mentally ill is truly a sign of a social disease we have in this society. It's sad to have to point out just how demoralized parts of our society has become.

I've got a couple links to web-sites to show you a prime example of the social sickness we have in this country.
     No wonder why people in other counties don't like us. It's because people in the US are known for liking  to kick people when they are down.

This here is a link to a forum where I had a 26 year old woman telling me about the guys who work construction. At this link you will find out just what I mean by some of the people who frequnt the forum at

Sorry, pulled the whole thread. (It was pretty hard core rude. You should have seen it)

Update: funny how I had a link at going for a while. It was about how we are breeding stupid people. It was too heavy for the melvine who runs it so he closed it so no one could make any more comments on the tread. But then after a bunch of visits with it closed, he finally pulled the link to  it. But check this out, they still have it on their server. - thread.

I wouldn't be surprised if you think like I do. Like I'm sure glad I'm a part of history and I have a lousy book to sell, because I'm not so sure I want these kinds of people driving my truck.


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Those Pesky Car Guys

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Book Excerpts



Feburary 27, 20007 thru November 3rd, 2007

November 3rd, 2007: Sold the last book I had available last night. Looks as though I have to put less time into my web-sites and do some type setting for the last rewrite I did and get the printer going again. Could have

Oct. 26, 2007: Almost have BooksbySunnyside ready. I've got to decide if I'm even going to use PayPal. Now with a few new links I think I'll streamline things out with these four sites. I'm cheating with the documents page through. I just have to doup a few files.

Boy I tried to help out someone this week and boy what a hassle. Total stress is what you can get from the guy. .

Oct. 17th, I've been inserting the roll over scripts all day. It gets old hearing the rumors all day. I need to get an MP3 player. I've got to find time to get my forth web-site up and going. I'm planing to pull all the Synchro-link stuff out of MSR. And decide which Book Excerpts go with it. My web-site for the books isn't going to have all the excerpts either. A lot of work....Oct.14th: Apparently I needed to get rid of the old password and statcounter.

And this whole thing with this web-site and all? I got rid of the counter, changed my passward. You like the new roll overs?    SR No.26.

Oct. 6'07:A major component has been added to the site. It's the new Site Map. You wouldn't believe how much work it is putting such a thing together. I doesn't have anything about the books that are available for sale because I just picked up a new domain name for a separate site for the books and book excerpts. That will be up and running later. Also, I will be pulling the web-pages about my truck someday soon. They will all be available only at

October 4th, 2007: Rule No. 77; I managed to stop a saw blade with my left hand yesterday. Looks as though I won't be surfing or playing my bass for a while. Anyhow, I've been doing extensive work on my web-sites. One major task I have at hand is that I'll be putting together a site map for all the links available on this site. Quite the chore to say the least. However, I'vebeen posting a lot of new things in too many places to list. Please have a look around.

For Picture of my fingers
M&D Warning
Graphic Nature Under the Class of Blood and Guts

Sept. 29, 07: I felt it was an appropriate time to launch my newest web-site. It's called:
It's a little premature as for the material I'll be posting, but I've had the domain name for a couple months now so I launched it for something else to do once in a while.

Last night I sure set the stage for some new rumors. It was dark and I had thought my bed was on the hook. But instead I must have let the truck roll back and picked it up from underneath. About half way up on the truck, it let go. It sled right off the truck. The stuff inside went flying. Could have been worse, I could have ripped my fenders off.
          Today I finally got around to replacing the burnt out work lights on my headache rack. Until I moved to the central coast I very seldom even operated my system especial at night. Now I use it almost everyday.

Sept. 15th, '07: I can't bring my mind to even want anything to do with this shit any more. This web-site bit is just seems to be a waste of time when I get the feeling that we are too dumb already to do anything about the selective breading that is going on. I'm sure all the people in the right places know about it, but what I get from knowing that they do just make me too damn depressed to even be involved in a loosing battle. I guess we're going to end up just a bunch of babbling idiots. But we'll save the last sealion.

Sept. 9th, '07: Within the next few weeks, MyStupidRules will be going through some major changes. One of the first changes is that the Current Events will be redirected to the blog. I feel other peoples ideas and opinions are important and their comments will make what used to be Current Events more entertaining as well as interesting for the returning visitors.
       Another thing I would like to and is that the amount of returning visitors is on the rise as well as the length of stay.
       Also the amount of traffic to this website has more than doubled in the last couple of months, so I'm finding that what ever I may be doing with this site, it must be right.
       The hardest part of upgrade will have to do with the index page. It's going to geared more for the younger generation who are just looking for amusing information. Therefore the home page is going to be less serious and more of a site map and or directory. What is now the home page will be shifted to the first of three introduction pages. (Now all I need is some time off from work and I think that is coming soon. So stop on by again, later.

September 8th, 2007: Now that I've been here on the central coast for about six weeks, I'm convinced that it was the right move for me. The people here have excepted me better than I could have expected. I didn't even make the drive down the Embarcadero the first day before being pulled over by a cop. He was a nice fellow and said he was just checking me out to find out if I was a good guy.
     Then I even heard some folks came into the coffee shop trying to spread their phony child molester rumors and they were sent packing.
     Then today I heard what some of the folks were saying about me. I'm not going to say what they said because I don't want to sound too full of myself - but hay - I or anyone for that matter, couldn't be more proud.
       Therefore I want to say thanks to the locals for welcoming me here. And one thing for sure, you got it right.  

September 1st, 2007: I finally added the EL Loco column I'd mentioned about earlier. I've also been working on web-pages set up for The Girl of the Day Award column that will be coming soon. However, I have put together some of the individual Girl of the Day index and web-pages. 
      It's too bad Sarah M. Gellar will be left out, since she really doesn't care about people being who they want to be like she says. I've learned that she will just let me sit here with this record of stlaking her without even clearing my name. A little self centered if you ask me and it reminds me about a thing one of her ex's said: "She's the cutest and she knows it." We can assume that she must be stuck on her self.

August 31th, last week was a record week. and this month has had twice as much activity as two months ago. I expect things to cool off a bit but they will be back.  I noticed that there are people in New York Googling my name more often. I but it's the publishers rethinking about my book. I figure in  year from now, they will be wondering how much money they have left sitting on the table.
       The traffic to Synchro-link has been picking up too. The name is catching on. It looks as though people remember it pretty well.

August 19th: I discovered the I'd been granted a patent in Canada. It was granted on August 7th. I found out by checking the information on my application at the CIPO.
     It's kinna sad that there isn't anyone I'd care to call up and tell. No body to calibrate with. My family told me to sell my truck and forget about it, and I probubly would have ended up dead if I would have done that. Other people around here would just say congratulations, just to be polite. At least the folks in Great Britain would actually mean it. Kinna wish I was over there right now, we'd be party-in.

August 12th, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss Australia. It's like being home sick. I'm tired of hearing people saying they feel sorry for me, when I feel sorry for them. This country isn't as great as they think it is. I feel sorry for the guys who fight the stupid wars for this currupt place.  

August 5th, 07: These kelp farmers sure leave a bunch of dead rotting kelp all over the beaches on the central coast. I got out and had no water to shower so I rinsed off at the outside shower. But just the inside of my suit was enough to stink up my box. Even the water taste like rotten kelp. Yuck. It's pretty boring here. Kinna sucks when there is no where in this country I want to be and I'm a prisoner here.
I just don't know why they haven't just killed me by now. This is truly a living hell.

July 22: Boy, State Street in Santa Barbara sure turn into to a little micro-brewery city.

July 20th, 2007: Once I made my mind up, I couldn't get out if there fast enough. I made my way up the coast about 300 miles. Cooler weather and things a bit slower here. I can't believe people here actually drive slower than I. Kinna nice, but I wonder if I'll get bored.
     I think it's going to be quite a drive to the surf spots though. Too bad those cops screwed up my spot that was only 5 minutes away in Oceanside.
    I saw: "Legalize Freedom," written on the back of a van the other day. No Sh_t.

July 19, 2007: droped by Sarah Michelle Gellar's publist's office. Funny how Nichole King didn't work there any more, but I think Paul Baker sliped up and said he'd have Nichole dig up the file and see what was there.
         Boy, do I ever have something to say about the Sheriff's Department in LA.
(They said that there was nothing on the computer about me.
        I also drove across LA to get a copy of the arrest report, only to have a black cop tell me that I'd have to hire a lawyer and supeina the court to get one. I mentioned that I had thought it was suppose to be public records. He wouldn't even let me in the door and threatened to arrest me if I tried. (I guess I'll have to write it all out in my book.)
(Update: August 12th, it's been about 3 weeks and I haven't heard back from SMG's publisist. It looks as though it's impossible to even prove that I've never been around her. I guess everyone has a price.)

July 10, 2007: It looks as though Oceanside has hired a couple more rooky cops.
      Last night I didn't even get my engine turned of before I had one all excited. It was a young black one with a mustache and it wasn't long before he had another young rooky on the seen. The second one was blond with glasses who seamed to think he knew everything. At least the black one listened to my spiel, (somewhat,) with out jumping on the mentally ill band wagon. But it wasn't too long into the breading stupid people bit before the blond was insinuating that I was mentally ill or on drugs. To say the least, I was talking way over his head and he has the mentality of a 17 year old girl who thinks they know everything.
      Boy, they sure liked the idea of being bullies with a badge. The black one was already making up his own rules. They had nothing on me but treated me as if I was guilty of something. I happen to think they like ordering people around. Like they got this new idea of making you cross your legs while you has your ass sitting down on the curb; like it isn't hard enough. Then they both had to try out their new flashlight in the eyes to see if you are on drugs or something. it's just flat annoying. 
       Here the cops moved into my turf where I'd called home base for over a year, (A new Starbucks opened up.) so I moved down the street where I wasn't bothering anyone for the few past months. Now I have to wonder if I can find a place that is as handing for me. What a hassle. Like I told the come. "Hell they burned down my house 12 years ago, and they rigged my phone, and they by off my jobs; so where am I suppose to live?"
      Then after about an 1/2 hour 45, another black cop shows up to smoke his cigarette. Gee, How much do these guys cost the tax payers? As I left, I had to wonder if they had something to do with Affirmative Action, because it's getting close to September; that time of year they like to clean me out. Hell I'm still waiting for the Canadian Patent and if it wasn't for the two copes last year, I would have had it already. But you know, it's already half expired because of the GATT Treaty. Wonder if it will ever amount to anything? One thing for sure; I'm sure glad they aren't driving my truck.
     Update: I drove by my spot and for several days a big simi truck had been parked in my spot.

I've got someone who has a job searching the web for my posts. They flag them so that the get removed. Thank to Craig for not letting them censor his site. Backpage buckles every time even though I wrote them a letter explaining the good fight.

June 25th, Got my new surfboard Friday and got fired today. It looks as though my buddies in New York an not escepting my cookies any more. But what one stat report as with the use of another. I still having then drop by more than ever. My Stupid Rules is out preforming Synchro-Link almost 3 to 1.

June 4th, some funny  things have been happing lately. Things I think I'm better of not saying anything about, (for now.) However I got an e-mail from a guy in the SF bay area. He was sorry to say that I'm not the only one. From what I gather he's had a bit of a problem with a Fire department and the troubles have been stalking him for eleven years. I'm not sure if he's some kind of extremist or not but I'm going to try to find out more. I think it's just the kind of thing I'd like to get my blog started off with. I'd like it to be where many of us victims can congregate.

May 24th, I got my NY buddies back. They all use Opera 9.01 browsers, if that isn't a clue. They haven't discovered a new photo I got yet.

A funny thing happened tonight. I met another inventor/investor tonight. I pitched him my BS Plan and he kinna liked it. I actually had him interested until I told him about the stuff I had to go through and the document to prove it. (By the way I couldn't even show him the documents on this web-site because they had been hacked and I had to reload them.  He thought I should have got political asylum too.

       So when you hear those rumors as I have had to listen to all this week, about how everyone wants to help me. Just face it, it scares the piss out of most people. Like I asked him: "Do you think I will still be alive by the time the next election rolls around?" He didn't want to say anything but, "Take care of your self." Yeah thanks, bud.

May 21th: Beats collecting stamps. A funny thing happened this week. I had noticed that some folks in New York had been logging on directly to the third Stupid Rules page. One IP from  Brooklyn across from the park returned 28 times. The other from 34th st. on Long Island 24 times. Then I took a look at the page and realized that its the page with horny Clinton on it. That lead me to believe that it was a good chance that Clinton himself or his wife Hillary was checking it out. (Sure just a coincidence I've been told.)
       But the interesting thing about it all is that I mentioned it to my father over my phone and he to must of thought I was jumping to conclusions too. However those visits stopped after that. Tell me: Do you think I have any privacy on my phone or what? Heck I've proved it time and time again, but now I'm pretty damn sure who is on the line with me.  And if anyone can find out, please let me know. Here is the IPs 21-visits  22 visits 19 visits
New York, Brooklyn, United States, 23 returning visits
17th May 2007   04:37:46 AM No referring link

May 14th, I look at the fact that there has been a better than 10% repeat. And Canadians make up about 16 % of the traffic. is just days away. The funny thing is that it's striped down so much, eventually a true reader will find their self over here, getting the real world where there are a few bumps in the road.

May 11th, kinna strange how a person like myself can even have enough time his hands to even make daily journal entries into some kind of a web-site.
      For what ever reason, I see that it will not work. It's been a long time writing out to who ever was at the other side of this thing and now I've  got to figure out how to make it go global. I'm not so sure I was ready for it. I just thought people liked the way I write.

May 9th, I've been changing the page layouts and watering down this web-site. I'm thinking of dividing the journal entries into two separate journals. One for the web-site and the other for my daily life experiences.

May, 2nd 2007: yesterday my page numbers dropped of considerably. However today at noon we are already ahead of yesterday and the thing that really maters is that the ones I get, actually read. The new index page seems to be working because for the folk who drop by aren't likely to leave on the first page.

The thing I learned most out of this weekend is that I have to brake my web-site into two now. Within weeks I'll have up and running and it will be much better for the truck enthusiast. It's not going to feature anything about the history I've had to endure. This is because many truck enthusiast don't even want to know about it. will focus on the dumbing of society and what we must do about it. It will feature my book excerpts, documents and the entertainment aspect of what is suppose to be about.

Each site will only have one link going to each other. In the next few weeks you will notice that the Synchro-link button will be opening to the new site that will eventually have its own ULR. Synchro-link will soon be standing on it's own.

April 30, When I got on line in the morning, I check the blog to see what people had to say. To say the least, I was very disappointed. I could not believe how cruel so many of them could be. I wrote out the response I had thought about over night,and it turned out pretty good. It was the pitch about turning over the keys to a potential buyer.
    But as I was writing it I wrote about how they were reacting like a bunch of school girls when some one else shows up to school with a new pair of designer jeans that no one else has. As if their noses where all bent out of shape. The letter had turned out good, but the disappointment. I finished it with, "my Lord God please help us."
    I pushed the publish button and it acted like it did once before. And then I checked, this time my letter was gone and it dawned on me just what I had been participated in. I'd been bloging on two sites and only got one compliment on each one. All the other entries were negative. People trying to make fun of a guy who they were saying was a nut case. Even if a person was truly a nut case, it would be about the cruelest things people could say. I felt sorry for the humanity instilled amongst them.

I realize that there is a percentage of people who can't comprehend the corruption I've had to endure, but saying 40-50% would be highly exaggerated. And then the ones who do would less likely even say it to my face as a way to be polite about it. But 90% and making public humor about it means there is something wrong here folks.
      As a result of it, I realize I need to put my own forum together. And I'm going to have a category called: Call Me Crazy. I want those people who actually want to be that rude to have a place to try out their talents. I'll say bring it on, I've been called worse and words will never hurt me. But the real reason I need to have that spot for them is so that I have somewhere they can dispose their trashy mind. The real reason for it is so I can have another place for people who genuinely want to ask me intelligent questions and voice positive thoughts and ideas.

I'll just have to prescreen the entries and place them in the proper category. Everyone will have their comments posted.

April 29, '07:Today I had a guy quick chat with me saying that he'd paid $17,000.00 for the patent on my truck in1993. He couldn't produce a picture. I told him any paper isn't worth jack anyway. I said, "Where's your proto-type.? He came back saying he had 7. I told him, "That's not going to stop me from sending off the last $560 for the next one. And if you want to try to shoot me down, do it in public."

Wow you would believe this. I'd been battling it out with these guys in the forums for three days. Only a couple gave me any support. The rest only tried to make me look like a nut case and even tried to incriminate me. It was like I was on trial on one site while others on the other site were trying to insult me. Then along came what appeared to be a woman and she treated me with respect and actually asked the most intelligent questions. Politely.

Gee no wonder why the divorce rate is so high. It's like a bunch of ravaging animals. I don't know if it's jealousy or just a bunch of bent noses. but something has got to change. These guys don't deserve to have my truck.

(This is actually a letter I wrote to a pen pal on myspace.)
Yesterday I must have forgot to take my B-100, because I actually had to take a sleeping pill at about 2:30am. Yesterday was a big day for me and the excitement from it kept me awake. I broke a record and served up 264 web-pages and passed the 10,000 web-page mark this morning. I found some on-line Forums that are logged on by truck enthusiast. It seems like I have guys who either work in the auto industry or government who try to shoot me down by trying to tell people I'm some kind of nut job. The responses were good, bad and rude but with the comments and the new tracking java scripts for my web-site, all of it helped me reformat my cover page to walk people through the confusing aspects on my history. Now I've got readers and people stay on my site for much longer periods of time.
     The fun part of it all is the guys who try to shoot me down in the forums. I sure you realize that I know how to respond and I can handle any debate they throw at me. It sure gets them all going because I know how to put them in their spot. As the result if it, it shows other people their true motivation. It only gets more people to check out my sight.

April 28th: I got my first random e-mailed comment about my web-site today. I got a kick out of it so:

"Matt ___
you sound like a raving lunatic on your site.....get over it gives life takes...stop being such a god dam victim man, you're waisting your one cares.  Just my 2 cents worth.

Dear Matt ____:
     Thank you, I needed that. Yeah maybe I'm the only one who cares that we're breading stupid people. Go ahead and call me crazy, it will only make me even more happy that you're not driving my truck, because that would be real crazy.

actually, we are breading stupid people, i completly agree...but the only solution is to show a wonderful example for others...inspire the change you want in others, and you'll be doing the world a favor. I didn't mean to offend you if i did sorry about that

yeah, I'll admit, and I've written in the journal entry about the problem of me not being people friendly as I should be. But if you've had to go through all the hell I have to go through from day to day, you might understand. In fact just leaving the country didn't stop it. the manufacturers are everywhere, and I always find myself defending myself from phoney rumors. It get old, especially when all you want to do is have a nice day and go surfing. My web-site is under constant change, input from others only helps. The real me isn't found on the front pages.

This Matt guy really doesn't have a clue, because it doesn't mater what kind of "wonderful example" I set for others; inspiring people is not going make any difference as far as the further degradation of the human race. Changing the patent laws is the only way to stop us from getting dumber by the day. The more out spoken I get, the better off we all are towards getting this problem noticed.
       For instance, with all that crap I had to endure this weekend; it doesn't mater what those goofy blogers think of me. I know my page numbers more than doubled. And even though I didn't play into their game today, the numbers were about the same or better. I've got repeats and they are reading more and staying longer. So go figure. Thanks a-holes.

April 27: Hay, I've got some serious heat, I even had to clean up my web-site a little bit. Someone was going around and flagging all my adds. They got a whole bunch of them deleted so I had to do something about it.

This morning I had a Jehovah's Witness show up at the door of my cage where I slept last night. He was pushing his newsletter and he didn't want mine unless I read his and walked over to his mini-van parked in the same parking lot. (With wife and mother inside.) As I drove off to check the waves, stopped by his van to just touch on my own message to him, it became fairly obvious to me when he picked up his cell phone; It was a set up, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I'm just glade they didn't have it planed out with a cop, because I pretty sure I would have found myself in jail with a couple convincing lies from the mother and wife. Maybe I was just being paranoid, but I've been set up more than once before, more than twice, get the idea? I Guess I have some folks who don't like my God's Creation column.
    And if your are wondering about my own newsletter, you can find it at the third
Current Events Page

April 26th: Someone was trying to run a scam on me over the last week. I thought it was a scam right off the bat, but I played along with it to find out where it would go. I kept my mouth shut and didn't tell a sole as to what I was doing. I did a few things to get the folks who are invading my privacy all excited just to find out if they would speak. Then I was hearingtheir remarks on the street, and the funny thing about it is that I can't figure out whether the rumors were planted for me to hear on purpose, or did they just get excited and leak confidential information that should have never left my E-mail account. One thing for sure ; it had people going. How stupid they think I am? Heck it would sure make and interesting chapter in my book and you wouldn't believe how they tried to pull the scam. They used a so called legitimate business and special favors one could say. (Or did their site get hacked.) (I figured it out, someone dupicatied the site and make links avalible that shouldn't have unless i was a paid member.)
         Now I understand how this journal entry might sound off the handle, but the folks who heard the rumors and were spreading them can make good sense of it. It's our little secrete. You'll have to just stay in touch and maybe I'll let the cat out of the bag.
       Now that the freak show is over, I guess I'll go back to serving up the folks at CNN the hardest core porn I can find.

April 24th: So far this month this web-site has broken records. The page averages have been way up.
       I must be kind of eccentric. Because the things people say about me goes from one extreme to the other. You can be sure that narrow minded people will usually tell me I'm crazy and that they don't believe a word I say. But on the other hand, the people who actually read my literature are in extreme contrast. Like the other day I heard a lady in a parking lot, who was telling her friend about me. (She must have checked out my web-site.) She told her friend, "He's brilliant and he's making fools of us."
     And the other day a Rastafarian who had read some of my material said: "You're out of control!" I didn't know what to think about that until he said, "I love you!"
     That's just how my life goes from day to day. At least I have some people with me.

April 22nd: Have you ever got involved with something because you wanted to be helpful and then wondered if you were even in a postion to be helpful? You found yourself wondering if you were just being selfish?
      And the only way to know what the out come could be is by fallowing though with it, yet you worry that some how you may be let down.

April 20th just I added a new page to the Health & Environment column. It's called Whats Up Doc.

April 11th, I updated the Stuff they put on TV.
I noticed that I served up 224 web-pages yeasterday. Kinna a new record.

April 12th: I posted some new material about what has popped up in the news; in Current Events. And I did a feature on a gal and her father's company called Magna, in Those Pesky Car Guys.

April 11,'07: I've been busy resizing the photos and making hyperlinks to larger versions. The result is that you will notice that the web-pages load much faster now and the links to larger or other similar pictures is a nice feature.
     And of course last week while writing to a gal on myspace, I had an e-mail (which was a work of art) disappear in front of me. It reminded me of Ted Turner and the folks at CNN News. Therefore, you can bet I've been doing my best at entertaining them. I've taken up a looking up the most hard core, painful looking porno for them. I am amazed at the pain some girls will inflict upon themselves. I can only think the reason for it must be a drug addition and the need for their next fix. I suspect that the people behind the camera find girls who are open to doing mild porn and them get them addicted to the drugs just so they will have a sex slave to exploit. And that's when the pain in the ass begins.

April 2, 2007: I finally posted the Letter and Poem written by Michaela Wesson.
         This place has been getting hammered with the rumors of the stolen patent. Yesterday I even heard: "His patent was stolen by a friend who sold it for $10 million, hope he doesn't kill himself. Boy, what a smoke screen that's been. I've got a whole chapter on that one as well as other rumors, but I'll just save them for my book because people well get them ass backwards and be spreading even more. Please, I don't want to hear about them so shut the f__k up.

March 31,2007: Hey I found my old song lists. I've posted links to three of them in the side bar of the TUNES column.

March 26,'07 I'm adding a new Column today. It's a link in Putting Words Together called Letters, a place where I'm going to be posting letters that I have written. Most of them have gotten no response of course. The first one I'm posting is one I sent to the folks who bring us the Snickers Marathon Bar.

March 25, 2007: I've been too busy and tired from pounding nails lately to do much more with this site. However this site has changed a lot of what is being said on the street. Those old phony rumors are pretty much no existence any more, because when people hear them, they also check out this site and learn just why the rumors are there in the first place. By the way, I've got more material I've had on the back burner and this week I should find the time to develop the pages. Thanks for dropping by anyway.

Feb.27'07: I posted a new column today. I'd like to invite you to take a look at Mad Science. It's a part of the Health & Environment


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