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Please, if you are one of the locals on the central coast where I live,
please refer to me as Sunnyside.
Because I'm a little burnt out on the Stupid Rules Guy.

I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold.

I'm eventually create and index to certain segments so that readers will experience the happening in chronological order.





Moo Lah
(Column on Money)

Current Events


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El Loco
(the central coast)

Current events and Local news covering where I live


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April 29, 2008:
      Last night, or I should say early this morning, I ran into what people on the street say is the Morro Bay's police department's bad seed. Hell, just as I've said before - if it wasn't for all the good cops out there - the bad ones would get out of hand.
      In my situation, I just did what the character House might have done. I played the guy and he sure showed his true colors to his fellow officers. I was threatened to be thrown in jail, and admitted to a mental hospital and almost sprayed with pepper spray.
  Boy, this bully with a badge, comes prepared. Martin wares one of those oversized bullet proof vest that swat teams ware. Gee, in laid back Morro Bay. I'd say he's looking for trouble, but that's just only my opinion.      
      Good thing they had officer Kelly keeping him grounded and they don't have him running around the streets alone because that guy smells like trouble to me.
    Lets just hope the city of Morro Bay doesn't learn that hard way like Half Moon Bay did.
    Oh well, at least even the kids in HMB will tell you that all their cops are good ones now.
    I was going to splurge and buy two new badly needed injectors for my truck, but we can kiss them good-by because this bully just robbed me.
    Apparently officer Bargantzel was clueless as to my truck and who I am. He couldn't figure out why I would have to live like I do; with patents and all. However, he'll stand by his comrade's side and back him up and let him rob me. Then wonder why with patents and all.

May 5, 2008:
      Sorry to keep you folks hanging, but some cops thought they could all of a sudden dictate how I'd spend my spare time. Early in the morning of April 30th, the Morro Bay cops from the night before, (along with another one how wouldn't give me his name, but I'll find out,) came along ordering me around.
       Even though I was fully clothed and still had my computer on, (actually shutting down,) they wouldn't even look inside to see. However they wrote me up a ticket for another $96.00 for sleeping/camping as the night before.

Both nights I was working on my web-sites. The first night I was outside a internet/coffee shop and the second night I was outside the public library as I've worked many times before. Now why they decided to harass me after doing the same thing for almost ten months, I don't know why. (But yes I do, I just can't prove it.) But if you know the Morro bay area, you know that there isn't any coffee shops open all night. So you can go to the .info sites and try to have your browser show the page properties and you may find that much of my web-sites have been uploaded at all hours of the late night and early morning. See for your self.
      The punch line here is that the citation number are consecutive and I happen to have files on my server that can prove I wasn't sleeping or camping at the time of the citation. I even have new image files on my computer that were downloaded from a myspace web-site just a minute or two before they knocked on my door.
   Update: I found out when I went to get the paper work to contest these charges, that I won't even be able to plead my case before a judge. It will be investigated by the police department. Well my question is: who is going to investigate the police department. It's like the police department gets to police themselves.
  And another thing I found out. Every time the police department writes you up on the same violation as you've already had before, (within one year,) the amount goes up 100%, or should I say doubles.
      Nice law making these folks got going on here.

     Therefore, I had to learn how to save my web-site on the server and the use of the new domains is how I chose to do it. However I did learn that I could have saved myself some money by using sub-domains, but I'm still new at this so....
   Now I'm going to have to shut down my other web-sites Iwishyouluck and BooksbySunnyside, temporarily to do the same thing as this one. Now Synchro-link is going to be difficult, because I'm going to have to rebuild the whole site by changing all the web-page names and all the links to match. Good thing I didn't use mystupidrules and the primary host site, because 38 pages will be a lot easier than over 150. But what a bitch anyway.
    Soon to be added to the documents pages will be the images of the citations the Morro Bay Police departments want me to pay. I'd say its money well spent considering what a lawyer could get in return.
Stupid Rule Number 8

It kinna sucks, that I've got to be doing all this work, but I have to do it, because I have a bunch more material add.

May 31st, 2008:
      Sorry about the lack of work I've been able to up-load lately. I've been working hard just to be able to afford an oil change and a few new injectors, but unfortunately the City of Morro bay has decided that they need the money more than I do. Can you believe that I got the biggest run around trying to contest the two citations their bullies gave me.
    I went back and fort, to and foe. The rules change as we go. In order to speak to a judge on the matter, the city attorney informed me that he would have to issue a criminal warrant on the parking citation and march me down to the court house which would probably take all day. (Then I'd have to wonder if I got a crooked judge, because I could end up with a criminal record because of it.) Hell to keep it short, I'm still not done with the run around.

Another thing happened on my birthday that I feel is worth mentioning. My old best friend that I haven't talked to in over eight years sent me a message on MySpace. He was upset, and wondered why he wasn't worthy of being named in my lousy book. Hell, looks like the guy has some idea that I would want to pay him some money someday. Yeah, I figured people will come out of the woodwork the day my book starts making money.  Funny thing is, he doesn't know what his mother in-law said one day. Worthyness flew right out the window you could say.
    I happen to think, he needs someone else to argue with and not me. I miss the friendship, but not him.
     Update: the word on the street today was 'whiner." I guess he wants me to make him famous or something. I'd say he should have thought about that a long time ago. I'll have to post his message because if you have read my book; you'd think he was the one who is delusional.

June 7, 2008:
      Boy last week I was about to buy a police scaner, just to hear what the local cops were saying. I sure as hell didn't want to waste my money on one but I knew the rumors would weaken if I did. However, I began telling people about the game that went down in Santa Cruz and the supect that it was going on here in Morro Bay. However someone must have told the right person because already a week later, the rumors on the street change to "they burned his house down." I even heard a guy in the hardware store tell a clerk, "I would have smashed it up too." The I walk out and a couple of guys stood waiting for me to leave so that they could get a look at the back of my truck.
    I guy they see something other than just a disturbed guy driving a beat up truck. They are a little more open minded and they are finally looking at the big picture. Gee, it took damn near a year to leave all that crap behind. I was thinking of leaving this place behind because of the rumor mill that it is. But now that I have made it this far, which is a milestone in my thoughts, I'd hate to go elseware and start all over.
     What ever happen and who ever did what, thanks a lot  big time.

   Oh tonight I had another cop stop by while I was logged on at the library. He didn't write me any citation, but hell why don't they learn who to knock instead of pound the hell out of my door. If I hadn't heard his police radio, I would have had to fear of what kind of rowdy person I had out side. He was an older cop, with a young rooky, but I happen to think he could at least be polite. Guess he was teaching the young one how they serve and protect.
     What gets me is these bully cops think that they can scare me. Well, if you've read my book, you wouldn't know that I've experience pretty much everything I can expect out of these creeps. It would be pretty hard to top  what I've already gone through.
     However if any of those bullies out there want to try to top them, I'm sure the law allows them to do so, but I'll be sure to make them famous for their talents.      
       Ah it's 1:45 am, I better get out of here before he comes back and beats me up or something. But hey, maybe that would be a good thing so that it may just keep him from the urge of going home and beating his wife and kids.
    Bullies, can't stand them.

June 14, 2008:
      Gee would you ever think that if it wasn't for bullie cops, my life would be pretty boring.

June 17, 2008:
      Yesterday while I was putting groceries away in my cage while parked at the local shopping center, I overheard a conversation of two guys walking by. One said, "I thought he was a child molester"
      The other one said, "That's what the cops where saying, but he's not."
      Well, guess the cops were two facing me.
Rule No. 85. Yeah serve and protect my ass....

June 21, 2008:
      This morning I paddled out just north of Cayucos. One of the guys asked me if the blue truck was mine and whether I built it myself. I don't know if he even knew what he was looking at but I found it hard to determine if he was just making fun of it or not.
    However I took the serious road and they began with the beautiful day bit, I said, Yeah, waves are about the only thing they haven't been able to buy or bribe, but they have taken everything else from me. I bet you're going to give me the hand it over to the Lord bit too.
    That pretty much ended it, and soon they paddled in. I thought I'd get some wave then but two longboards showed up. If that wasn't bad enough, soon this pudgy guy on a twin fin showed up. Apparently he was a fireman who had been fighting the Indian fire up north of here. He began to tell everyone that I was a child molester, to snake me and not to let me have a wave. You can bet Affirmative Action has been making its rounds.
      I guess the police aren't the only ones spreading the phoney rumors.

It makes me realize that I wasn't so crazy trying to get political asylum in Australia.

June 22, 2008:
      Yesterday, a few of the locals were discussing the local cops. I told them about my experience with officer Martin and Kelly. It wasn't much of a surprise when Dominick said the he was assaulted by Martin. Others in the discussion also expressed that he is known as a bad cop.

June 26, 2008:
      For the last couple days, there has been quite a buzz about the crooks back in Tacoma. Apparently the statute of limitations has never ran out like they had thought it would.
       So for you who can put two and two together like the James Rockford character did, this will be getting quite interesting at this site. It's because I'll be posting some books excerpts from Burning Down the House within the days ahead.
      You may have noticed that very little is posted from my auto-biography and there is more than one reason for that. However, I'm certain that I can drop some real names when I do it, because the stuff that I will be posting is newsworthy. Plus the people I know about are just on the bottom of the ladder of the certain that goes up into the local government.
     You can bet that there will be people trying to stay out of prison and you can be sure that they will be snitching off others higher up.
     Another reason I refrained from posting the chapters was that - if you think Rule 77 is heavy and a little hard to believe - well you would have to be considered a little bit naive.
     Folks, these people I'm talking about did some very offal stuff, in the crudest ways. Basically they wanted me to kill my self and the extent that they went is just short of unbelievable. However, I have known who found themselves involved by being bribed. And I know who saw the dirty deeds being done.
       Bottom line, there is going to be a few public officials going down. And I don't know how far it's going to go. This kind of s__t should make it to the evening news all around the world.
  (Get this: If I had just a newspaper clip, I could get political asylum.)
       No doubt people talk and what goes around comes around. I want to see these folks go down.
      Beats collecting stamps.
             Stay tuned.

June 28, 2008:
      I can only guess Affirmative Action is in town, because I don't know of anyone around here that would put any time into such a thing. But oh, I'm scared.

Missing photo_______________.

July 5, 2008:
      As I've been waiting for the word on when this hearing with Morro Bay is going to happen, I've been realizing that there just isn't much chance of winning such a thing. See the deal is: the city is going to hire a retired ex-cop or judge to act as a arbitrator. As I see it, being an ex-cop, he's bound to side with the cops just as the ex-judge. Because it's all about money and the ex-judge or cop would naturally want to be hired again, so they are going to side with the city just to stay on the good side of the city. If they don't the city is out the money that they have to pay the arbitrator. And that arbitrator will probably cost the city almost as much as the revenue from the citations. So naturally the arbitrator isn't going to put the city in the hole.
    Now the question I have is what goes on when I contest the arbitrator, and it goes to another hearing. Does it go to a county court or do they hire another arbitrator? For sure the city will be in the hole even if I loose the second time around.

And oh boy, what a screwed up situation that have here on the 4 th. I'd say the bureaucracy of the fire and police departments sure made a mess out of the 4th of July celebrations. It was a sure sign of stupidity.

July 6, 2008:
      Kinna funny: last night I began work on my new web-page titled Bullies with a badge, and even though I didn't up load it. I got a visit from officers of the law. They came this time knocking on my door while I was practicing my bass at the local Albertson's parking lot.
      It was about 12:30 am and they said that they had a noise complaint. I find that kinna hard to believe, because just as I told the cop, "who is going to complain? There is nobody around and I've done this several times."
     I asked him who complained? But he said that they don't tell them, but it only takes one.  I happen to think he was just driving by and heard it.
    However, it did actually happen, don't you think I should make the BAY NEWS paper this time?
     He told me that there wasn't any camping allowed in Morro Bay. But the funny part of it was that I purposely parked near a motor home (Just as the kind that usually pull up where I camp out and start their generator.) However, the motor home just moved farther out in the parking lot and was still there this morning with its slid-out extended.
    I'd say the cops around here only see what they want to see. I've got pictures of two that moved in on my old turf that I'd been for 75% of 10 months.  Kinna sucks when I was where everyone could check up on me, and now I camp where it's not safe at all. Yeah serve and protect, my ass.
 Gee, since the end of April, practically all my journal entries are about being harassed by cops. Kinna the reason I wanted to get political asylum. Today, I just sat here on the web, looking at the places I used to surf in Australia. It made me home sick.
   Oh yeah, had another moron of the day this morning. Yippee.

July 9, 2008:
      The best day I had in quite awhile. Started out with a cop giving me a strong thumbs up. Which means not all the cops in Morro Bay are bad.
    Then I ended up with the jetty all to myself for over 3 hours in chest high waves with my quad.
      My quad is such a kick in the ass to ride in the smaller waves because it just shreds the hell out of them.

August 1, 2008:
      It looks as though it's going to be pretty hard for a cop to try to run me out of town any more. I finally got my truck registered in California. (I had to quit a good job in Santa Cruz because of it.) It seemed like every time I got established somewhere, they would run me out of town. (Kinna like Kelly and Martin, in MB.)
      And I've got some exciting news. It looks as though I will be putting together my third Caddy Trunk within the weeks ahead. It's because of a little something I got back. That is a garage. A place where I can put in shelving and have the place organized. (much better than a storage unit.) So I'll have someplace where I can stash an extra bed.

August 4, 2008:
      I dropped by the Morro Bay's  City Attornie's office today to find out when I'd get my money back. Gee, can you believe that it's been 3 months already? He said that there would be a hearing sometime in the fall. Gee, I wonder if they will pay interest on the money?
            I said, but I need my money now.
            So he said he's set up a hearing just for me.
  I guess some one in the city doesn't like the postings I've be putting on Cragslist, because they have been getting flagged as fast as I can post them. However, they sure do get a far amount of the visitors going to my journal page, which has gotten to be one of the most viewed pages now days.
      I guess there is a lesson learned here. That if your city is in a financial crisis, don't go after the homeless for revenue. Because to the homeless, a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks and they will fight for it. Also, you better have level headed cops in your town or they will cost you more than they are worth.

about mid August, 2008: I got a visit from two rooky cops while I was working on my web-site in the library at about 10 or 11pm. They were probubly just nosey and wanted to take a look inside my cage. However, they told me about the no camping bit and get this. They wanted me to leave my door open so they could tell that I wasn't sleeping.
      I had them wound up so much, I laughed when one said the F word.
     I asked, I asked what if someone tries to rob me? He said call 911. Yeah, I firemen in a firetruck do that for me in Australia. Then they drove off and left me waitng alone for the police to show up. The street gang just walked around the building and came after me with pipes.
(Yeah how safe is that? Serve and protect my ass.)

August  29th, 2008:You may like to have a look at the third Caddie Trunk @

September 9th, 08: Sorry I haven't posted much lately, but I've been pretty burnt out on the Internet thing. However, last month was a record breaker for the amount of traffic this site has seen.

September 12th, 08: Boy this web-site sure got popular in Japan all of a sudden. The visits and page loads are doing pretty good lately. 
            I guess they like the dirt on the US of A.

September 19th, 08:  Last night on Sept. 18th Just about midnight, I recognize a extremely loud pounding on my door. I was the same violent pounding as I experienced on June 7th.
  However this time I made sure to get his name. Sergeant R. Catlett is his name and lying is his game.      He had a backup of course; I figure it was for the possibility that Catlett would get me to assault him and then they could beat the crap out of me together.
     Catlett opened up the conversation by lying about not ever seeing me before. This time he made up some new rules. He said that the parking lot was closed when the library is closed. And if I didn't leave, he would arrest me for trespassing.
  Gee, if the city is hurting for money, they should clean up on Mondays because every Monday the library is close and the parking lot usually has at least a dozen cars parked there. And another time to clean up and fill those beds at the county jail would be Saturday nights when the AA meetings go on in the hall next door. I would like to see Catlett arrest some of the old ladies who frequent the place almost every night too.

But no - this is all about harassment, making up rules and giving orders as they please. It's something taxpayers have to do - that is giving the bullies like Catlett a badge so they don't go home and take it out on their wives.

As soon as I grabbed a note pad and asked Catlett to spell out his name for me, he refused retreated to his SUV be for I could get it. (It's hard to red small black lettering on a shiny name tag in the dark and isn't that against the law when cops won't give you their name?

Catlett high-tailed it out of there, but I managed to get the numbers of the back of their vehicles. And I would say I kinna owe his back up, (as I know now as officer Cantu,) an apology for the things I said in the heat of the moment. I happen to think the Cantu is just another innocent backup who otherwise would have left me alone.

Anyway, I just drove down to the police station and grabbed the red phone that is placed outside. I just asked for the names of the officers who where driving squad cars 805 and 803. All I managed to get was the correct spelling for Catlett before two cop cars pulled up to the curb and Catlett came rushing out the front door.

>To my surprise the one who I didn't get the name of on April 30th pulled up in a squad car but again he refused to give it to me or even get a look at it for that matter. And Catlett was there to make sure I wouldn't get close enough to get it from him.

Catlett was all over me and said that if I didn't leave, he would arrest me. I asked, "Arrest me for what?" He said, For obstructing police business." I said, "What police business?" Isn't there anything else for so many of you to do besides harass people? You guys need to get a life."
      Catlett said, "If you don't get into your truck right now, I will arrest you."
      "Yeah - right," I said.
      As I approached the driver's side of my truck, I looked my shoulder to discover Catlett had pulled out his handcuffs and was charging after me as I approached the door of my truck.
       I said, "God - I'm leaving - just leave me alone!"
      As I sat on my seat, I said, "Creep, -where do they get these guys?" I had to laugh. The whole bit was the most fun I've had in a long time.

I used to like older cops because I figured they at least had their head on straight, but this Catlett guy kinna changed that.

We need to find something for these Morro Bay cops to do; like painting restrooms. I've got some brush and rollers the city of Morro Bay can barrow if they can't afford any after paying the wages and insurance on so many cops. (I bet they burn up a lot of gas too; may be they should get them some bikes to ride around on instead.)

 It sure would be nice around here if the city of Morro Bay would go broke and become unincorporated again. The we could say good-by to the cops.

September 19th, 08:   Today I got the notice of the hearing on the 20th of October. The funny thing is, I had managed to get the names of three for the four cops involved: Bargantzel, Martin and Kelly. But this notice listed Martin, Kelly and two others I'm not aware of. What I'm trying to say is that at least one of them wasn't even there and the forth wouldn't give me his name.

September 20th, 08:  I Today I took a stroll down to the margarita festival to check out the bands. The first trip I was a bit early and people were still setting up their stands. However, to my surprises my buddies from the other night were there. I thought: What a deal I can get a clear look at their name tag and badges in the day light. Why don't I stroll over there a pay them a visit. It was quite clear the Catlett's back up didn't want me to see his identification, because when I stood right next to him, he turned so that I couldn't see it. It was clear to me as they stepped away from the booth that they were on to me. I knew I would probably catch hell from Catlett, but that was part of the fun so I went over to them for a better look. I didn't have to try very hard because Catlett #2 badge grabbed me by my shirt. He said, "I'm telling you only once mister Sattler. You fallow us around any more - I will put you in jail!"
     I said, I'm not fallowing you, I just wanted to get both your names. #2 and 3 I see."
    "If you don't leave right now I will throw you in jail."
    "I've been there before."
    He jerked me, turning away from him, But it was the wrong way. So I said, "But my truck is that way." However I didn't care I walked the wrong way anyway because I had enough of his bulling around for the day.
    Later in the day, I went back, not looking for trouble, but just to check out the band Guy Bud. But as soon as Once I got out in front of the band, guess who was over my sholder on the other side of the sound man?      Well not for long. Catlett skidadled out of there.
     I didn't like the way the sound man was doing his job. The Strat going through a Marshall sounded like a scratchy Telicaster and it way over powered the band and I could barely hear the bass. It sounded better from behind the stage as I was leaving. There I noticed that at least half of the people in the chairs had already left after about three songs into their set. I guess I'm not the only one who gets burned out listening to the blues progression.
    And there are the rumors that I'm going to jail, and last week there were the rumors that "they" wanted to help me. The new house; hell I want a shop, the last thing I want is neighbors. The one where they say: "he don't know it yet." And there are more, but I'm just tired of hearing them. I guess nobody loves me.
 To tell you the truth, If I had the money, I'd move back to Oceanside, because at least there, I can go around throughout most days with anonymously

September 24 th, 08:   I got out of Morro Bay for the day, that was nice. Gee, last night I had to wonder if I was being stalked by Catlett # 2 of the Morro Police department.
    Folks, I do want to make one thing clear. Although Morro Bay has a reputation for having nasty cops, not all of them are bad.
    When I first moved here a year age, I wasn't in town more than fifteen minutes and was pulled over on the Embarcadaro. And the officer had pulled me over just to check me out. Well I can't blame any cop for doing so, because the vehicle I drive doesn't look like the normal rig you se driving through town. I'm pretty sure the officer's name was Hannable. He said he just wanted to find out if I was a good guy and asked me why I couldn't just go with the flow. I told him, I going anyway I can get it. He said that he just wanted to check me out and I said that all he had to do was check out my web-site and that it was an open book to who I am and all about me.
   After running a check on me, we had a few words. I told him about the fire, my truck and all the police reports and court documents that were available on this web-site. He seemed to be a level headed gentleman and listened without jumping to his own conclusions.
   Since then we see each other around and I always get a friendly wave from him time to time. However from what I've learned, that Hannable is simi retired and used to work the beat in Fontana? Fontain? Anyway from what I gather -gang city, LA. Can you imagine; Morro Bay must be like a holiday picnic for the guy who seems to be quite the legend. Every one who has spoken about Hannable, (well except for one,) has had nothing but good things to say about the guy.
    A guy the other night expressed that Hannable doesn't just get drunk drivers of the road, he's know for keeping them for even driving in the first place.
    This guy said Hannable saw him walking towards his car when he was drunk and said, "You can either give me your keys, or go to jail." Hell, Hannable won over that guy's public opinion of him.
    I heard another story about a guy who Hannable did have to take to jail. I won't disclose any information about the arrest, but you can bet the guy would never hold it against Hannable and at the same time would have nothing but good to say about the guy.
    Oh, that one who bad mouthed Hannable. Well, that's where me and Hannable have something in common. The idiot who has never owned a car, bad mouthed and lied about me too. Can you imagine that such an idiot has a employer who will keep him around serving the public.
     I tell you what, that last thing I'd want is an employee who works customer service, telling lies about people. That's called slander and in the court of law, it would be a liable suit. Now the question one might want to know is -who would be responsible?
    Get this, the idiot had his boss kick my out of his place of business. And then made sure everyone in town knew about it.
         The guy played the smart guy card on me, but said I was too passionate. He took my phone number and said that he'd check out my web-site and call me to let me know if I was welcome back in his place of business. I guess he didn't like my web-site, but I doubt that his visitors have more than quaddrupled since then; as my web-site has. Where does the guy think he is? Hollywood?  

September 28 th, 08:   I Last night while I was parked at the library and there was an AA meeting going on; I heard a conversation outside my door that sounded like the possibility of a cop, talking on the phone about me. So I opened the door to find a man smoking a ciggy butt waring a blue shirt having a fireman's logo on it. I ducted back inside but I couldn't help but hear parts of his conversation. It sounded like he was talking to the police department and insisting that I must be in some kind of violation.
   I had already done all the work I wanted to get done, but I couldn't help but anticipate some cop arriving at my door to answer the complaint. However I decided to avoid the whole ordeal and spare the cops and I of the awkward situation; and I split. But what is it with these guys here. I've got more stories about guys here in Morro Bay who just want to give me a ruff time. (Later in El Local I'll tell a few of the stories.)

However today while sitting at the library, I heard a friendly knock on my door and the last thing I would have thought it was is another cop. But low and behold, it was Hannable. He had stopped by to thank me for the "glowing" things I had to say about him. I could tell it kinna blew him away; that people here has such kind words to say about him. But I have to say that it just blows me away seeing the kind of attention this journal page has gotten lately. And it's kind of nice to know that Hannable himself happens to be one of the readers who drop by this site from time to time
   The deal is: when I launched, I thought of this web-site as a loosing prospect. I didn't think it was going anywhere. But looking at the growth in traffic;  I see that I must be doing something right because it's leaving Synchro-link way behind in the numbers. It goes to show that it's not only the truck that people are dropping in for, it's the content. Content that is created by a guy as Hannable would say is a guy who marches by the beat of a different drum.
    Thanks for dropping by. 

September 30, '08:   Yeasterday I received an e-mail from Matt, I guy I met and sold a Lousy Book to in Victoria in the land down under. It was nice to hear from someone I'd known in better days, in a better place. When I woke up this morning, I was just tired of all this; tired of this web-site, tired of this town, tired of being alone, tired of being broke all the time, tired of wasting my life away. I was so tire of being stuck without even the fuel to get to where I need to go; I decided to do nothing and go watch some longboarders try to make something out of the small waves. But within minutes, I became tired of being a freak show because some guy wanted me to humor him with the looks of my truck. Being tired of it, I just looked way. But then I was also tired of being the asshole who can't take a joke anymore.
   Boy, what I would give to be that surfer in a mini van down under.....



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