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Current events and Local news covering where I live

Please, if you are one of the locals on the central coast where I live,
please refer to me as Sunnyside.
Because I'm a little burnt out on the Stupid Rules Guy.

I changed the format as to the way the journal entries are posted. The change will allow the readers with a the ability to read the entries as the unfold.

I'm eventually going to create and index to certain segments so that readers will experience the happening in chronological order.

Moo Lah
(Column on Money)

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El Loco
(the central coast)

Current events and Local news covering where I live

October 14, 2008:
It was another record braking day for this website, we did it by a 15% margin. Also within a couple days - this week's traffic should surpass last weeks number with a couple days to spare. Not only that: in just a couple days, this month will have already surpassed the record braking month of September. Basicly I think it's safe to say that this web-sites traffic is growing by about 10% every week; at least it's has been for the past couple months. And for those marketing junkies who use That web-site is full of bull. It's got my web-site on the downward course when my server stats say the opposite.
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October 5, 2008:
Yesterday I pulled up to a stop sign on Main St. and notice the Trolley Bus had just pulled up next to me in the right hand turn lane. All the passengers were waving at me. Then the driver waved too. I waved back.
       Apparently my truck must be one of Morro Bay's tourist attractions now. That can't be all bad.

September was another record breaking month for MyStupidRules and last week was too. Every day I look at the stats for the last six months, the daily average goes up.

October 8, 2008:
For the past few days I've been getting hammered with the rumors that "they" are going to tell me in "two weeks." Gee folks, mark the day on your calendar.
 Also back on the street is the rumor that I'm getting sued.
      I wish I had a $10 bill for every time I've heard that before. I'd be sitting in New Zealand right now.

Also up on the street is how "they" want to help me.
   Heck, they will want to help me the day that I'm a dead man and then they will say that I was a dollar short and that they a day late.
    Tell me folks, the day you find out exactly who "they" are, you tell me so that we both know.
      Or simply Stupid Rule Number 26

October 11, 2008:
This morning on my way to work, I dropped my box and went inside to make a lunch to the day. while doing so I received a visit from officer Hannable.      Apparently he had read my journal and noticed that I had seemed quit depressed. I assured him that I was ok and it was just that I had run out of my Vitamin B complex and I'd finally scored some just the other day.
     But the amazing thing about this guy, he is about the only person who has shown any concern about how I'm doing. My own family hasn't given a damn about me for the past 13 years.
   Hannable reminds me of the cops I met in London. They're just as much goodwill ambassadors as they are cops. Kinna like the way men used to be.
   Now days, men often just want to get in your face and put you down some how.
   I can easily mention two right off the bat, who recently just got in my face or went out of there way to make things more difficult for me.
   Like this neighbor I met right after I had paid rent on the garage. He comes up to me and asked me if I knew of the rules. Like the garage is for storage only and you can't use it at night.
     But the real deal as I saw it, was just as I asked, "What about the electricity." (The garages run of the meter that runs the exterior lights for the apartments.)
   Well that's what the rules where all about. The guy is hanging out in his garage about five nights a week running compressors and everything else. He want's the electricity all for himself and his buddy who has a welder next to me. To say the least he doesn't want the landlord to notice any increases in power use.      Hell, he's trying to take over the whole place, it's a hang out for his friends and it's becoming a dumping ground for all his junk.
    Then he has the nerve to call the landlord and tells the landlord that I'm working in my garage late at nights and making noise.  (I'll have to right out the dialog later.)
      Whatta jerk. Sure glad he's one construction worker who isn't driving my truck.
     This guys latest project was painting a boat and building a trailer for it. The question is, does this guy realized you have to have signal lights and a license for a boat trailer?
   As soon as I get the time I'm going to put together a sub-page from Moron of the day, which will be call Central Coast Jerks.
 October 15, 2008:
This morning I woke up to the realization that
Morro Police department is already experiencing the back lash of how officer Catlett # 2 handle situations.
   What I'm getting at is that because of Catlett's threats of throwing me in jail for using the libraries WIFI at nights, I've taken up his suggestions and went out on the road to use the free WIFI that is available at many of the hotels in town. So just as last night, I was about to log on a little later than usual (11:00pm,) so I decided to not use the library and park in front of a hotel. (Which actually helps my web-site because people log on to find out about the beat up truck out in front.)
    However  the management of the hotels probably don't like the idea of having none patrons parked out front and I assume they called the police to have me removed. At the time, apparently I was on the Internet doing my thing when an officer came by and posted a 72 hour parking notice on my truck. Of course I wasn't in any violation and it only tied up an officer for a little while. (I got a kick out of the notice which apparently Morro bay is down to Photo copying their own forms, because I got a white copy instead of a yellow) But the real humorous part of it is the "condition of the vehicle was checked off as "poor."
Then under it, it was written out, "vehicle is in poor condition."
 Well I've got something to say to officer # 7: Of course, Christ oh mighty, I'm a poor inventor and what do you want me to do, drive a BMW? Hell, I'm lucky to just be alive and not on the side of the road eating worms for dinner. I'd be a little wealthier if I didn't have to buy the new windshield just to pay $400.00 more every year to register the dam truck in your state. And if I had the $200.00 the city of Morro Bay has tired up for the past 6 months, I'd be eating a little better right now. And last but not least, If you think that my truck is any less road worthy because of the way it looks. Just drop by and see me with your own vehicle and I'm sure I can point out a few things that the auto manufactures have sold you that actually is quite faulty. They are selling you not only a bunch of bull, they are selling you junk. And it might as well look like it, because you can't fool me with a nice and shiny paint job. At least my truck doesn't have a computer telling it what to do, I'm in control.
   You poor guy, you are already paying too much for the roof over your head because you don't see more trucks like mine, but obviously, you don't know what you are looking at. Some day, maybe just some day you will understand. Hell, you are just lucky to know this poor truck exist..

October 20, 2008:
This morning at 10 am I had my little meeting with the
Morro Police department, or should I say Robert Shultz the city attorney and I think Mr. T. Olivas who was just another private citizen who volunteered his time for the hearing. The D. Hamp must have been the captain of the police department, who didn't show. (I might have got Hamp and Olivas switched around, but I'll let you know when I get the decision in the mail) Anyway, officer Bargantzel was a no show as far as witnesses go. And although Robert Shults supplied copies of pictures of my truck and  the inside of my cage as exhibits A,B & C; Kelly sure had things all mixed up and all she would have done is read my journal to get the facts straight. However, all she did was lie anyway. Like the time I was offered to cross examine Martin and Kelly, I said. "What for? They are going to lie anyway."
  The whole thing was ridiculous, I rented and rave. As the private citizen who was taking judgment was concerned: that I would take it to the courts if the judgment didn't go my way.
    I said, "sure, why not, I want to show people just how our Justus system works.
  He mentioned that it would take time and he said that he didn't think I would make a very good impression in the courts by the way I was acting out loud and such.
       I said, I don't care, I'm flexible, I want to see where this goes. I've got five times the amount of traffic logging on to my web-site as before this all started, and we are about to show the people logging on just how our Justus system works.  I can't buy any better publicity than this. Hell, I don't give a damn if I win or loose, I can't buy this kind of publicity for $200.  I've got all kind of police reports and stuff from the past, but this is on going and I've got people out there logging on every day just to see where it is going to go."
     Get this: I didn't even mention the uploaded files. And as it turned out, the old site @ is now contributing to  about 25% of my traffic, (mostly from Japan.)   
    I pointed out to each of them, "I've got you, two cops and an attorney all just sitting here wasting tax payers money. Tell me: what has this hearing cost the City of Morro Bay so far. Hell, I want to see if the city will spend $500 on a $200 violation. I want to show people how stupid all this is."
     I'm guessing the guy who was acting as judge saw it my way, and realize that it would only cost the tax payer's more money if I take this silly little case through the courts. He probably won't let it go any further.
  But who knows? The fun may not be over yet; so stay in touch folks we may get to spend more tax payers money yet. Good day.....

October 24, 2008:
Apparently there was one good thing that came out of the hearing hosted by the Morro Bay
 city attorney Robert Shultz. That is after my little talk with him about the boat leaking bilge oil on Harbor Street, (which I mentioned and post in EL Loco about five months ago.) I see that the Morro Police department, made the guy put a bucket under it like I wanted.
Some good things can come out of bad things I guess.       We surfers would like to thank Robert Shultz for getting something done curbing some of the pollution we have to swim through.

October 25, 2008:
Apparently there are some of people who don't like me around here. And then there are the people who say that they want to help me. Gee, the other day I had to walk into the hardware store only to here some guys in the next isle talking about how my truck will be on the market next year because I should be dead soon. It kinna sounded just like the dying of aids rumors I heard about 13 years ago. Makes me not want to even go into public places around here anymore.
   If nobody can do anything about helping me, why don't they come up with a collection to help me come up with about $1,500.00 so I can move away.
    At least in Oceanside I can go un-noticed most of the time and if "they" come around the coffee shop with their phoney rumors, I can go off for a few minutes and "they" will shut up. And the guys who work at the coffee shop will only say, "I don't blame you." Around here they think they would be doing everyone a favor by just kicking me out of the place of business as if I'm the bad guy.
   To say the least, there is something wrong here and I think I've had enough of it. I think it's time for me to move on, but I can't because "they" keep taking my money from me. Last week they got $150 -$200.00 from my wallet. No telling how much from the weeks before.

October 27, 2008:
Well it's been more than two weeks since I was hearing that they were going to tell me in two weeks.
It's pretty sad folks, the news I've been getting bit by bit off the street. Every one is asking each other if I know about the person. Well I know who they are talking about but I don't know any of the details. It's sad to think I even have to weigh the possibilities of it being some sick prank, just to see if I would kill myself.
      It's sad to think that the very people who I had thought were going to be my friends shortly after I had arrived here, would rather have me in the dark about it all.
      To think that many of them thought of me as either paranoid or someone to be afraid of; is quite pathetic. I'd have to say crawl out of your box an realize that there is more going on out there in the world than just what is going on in Morro Bay.
       Guess they need to brush up on their communication skills. Maybe they should learn to be concerned about other peoples feeling as well.
     It's like I've said all along, "they" have taken every thing away from me. But I'm not the only one who has lost something here.
     I'm a tuff guy, I understand the world around me, it's the other people I feel sorry for.
     So wise up and don't be so damn stupid....
     For you folks out there that don't understand what I just wrote about, sorry I'm keeping you out of the loop. I just don't know enough details to go on making any statement. Yet, down in my heart, I just hope it's just another sick joke "they" play on me. I just hope not of it's true. Wish I could take a magic pill and it would all go away.

November 2, 2008:
Well looks as though some of them been figured out because there has been rumors going around about how the auto manufactures want to buy my truck, the "they want to make a deal with them," bit. something I can assure you thaty I've heard before. But as I can recall: the salesman who sold me the cab and chassis, told me, "they will buy it out from you and set it on a shelf."

   Can you believe I can't even do my laundery without some jerk calling the police on me?
  And oh, I got the chance to ask Officer Root, last night, "How come after all the times I have a run in with you guys, I've never seen it metioned in the police log, featured in the Bay News?"
   I should send the Bay News a e-mail, telling them of their short commings.
November 3, 2008:
   The jerk at the laundrymate even called another lady who works there during the day to get her to drop in to talk me down to the cops. The funny thing about it was I didn't even know about that until I saw her in the growcery store the next day. She said she called the cops instead and told them that she knew who I was and that she has never had any problem with me.
November 6, 2008:
  Last night while I was at the library, I had a fireman from next door call the cops on me.  Yeah, this time I waited around to see if I was right.

Funny thing: when officer Syles? showed up; before he even said anything about the complaint, I said, "I guess you just got a complaint from the fire department."
  He did say he got a call about me, but he didn't drill me or anything. We'd never met before and he just listened to my pitch about the fire. He seemed more interested in my truck (the back of it) than anything else. He said he'll check out my web-site.
Well the blond cop who showed up with Root the other night, Root, Syles? and Hannable seem to be a few of the reasonable cops in Morro Bay who you don't have to worry about.

Oh yeah, earlier in the day, I got a laugh out of this guy with a ramp truck, who was trying to load a shipping container. While I was sitting there poking fun at him, I had a run in with another female cop from Morro Bay's police force. She claimed to not know who I was and ran a check on me. Then she told me that I couldn't yell at the guy any more. Gee, isn't that like giving orders or something. I said, "Hey these guys are always laughing at my truck, why can't I laugh at them?"    Yeah, Rule No. 21

November 10, 2008:
 Tomorrow marks the 15th year since the day when lost my house to a fired department. Not only did they make sure I would never get to live in a house again, I now have them calling the police on me; trying to get me into trouble;15,00 miles from Tacoma

              Yeah, proud to be an American.....

November 14, 2008:
  Get this, the jerk I have for a neighbor, who wants to hog the electricity for him self with his own stupid rules. He was working out of town for the past few weeks. While he has been gone, he has left on all the 480 watts of lights inside and outside his garage making sure the amount of electricity usage dosen't go down. However it is nice not to have to come home to a bunch of tweaker's and thier cars and trucks in my driveway.
  And get this, for what ever generation they are, the college boys who rent the house I was working on; not only stole a gallon of stain from their own landlord, but they hacked the hell out of a tomato plant I was snacking on. Boy, wonder where they got their common sense from? Spoiled brats.

November 15, 2008:
  An amazing thing has been happening: the fact that was created in May of 2008 just to save the old files and up load times for evidence against the cops who where harassing me. However, the .info edition became popular in Japan in August and now with the European traffic, its performance is pulling ahead of the .com site. So now I've been working to make sure each site has the same material as the other. Funny about all that site ranking bit that is out there; it only ranks traffic from the USA.

 November 16, 2008:
  A funny thing has happened since Europe has found Is that BooksbySunnyside has been receiving a lot more traffic. It's the reason I felt I needed to go to London to peddle my book. I guess I was right about how the Europeans would like reading the dirty laundry of the US of A. I guess with Bushes war and everything; now more than ever.
    Anyhow; BooksbySunnyside is only getting about half as many visitors as, but the amount of time they spend there is more than triple of the time visitors spend at S-Link.
November 19, 2008:
  I got up and running. I would like you to sign up and post your own comments about the topics that are covered on this site. Soon I will be integrating comment links to the various current columns I provide on this site. Please stop by and log in to become a member because you may never know when you want to put your two cents worth in.   
November 27, 2008:
  Today is the day we are suppose to think about what we are thankful for. A day to be with family I guess.
    But the days of spending Thanksgiving Day with my family was over more than a decade ago. Since then, I've spent them alone in this world of solitary confinement I live in. However today I reminisced with the use of satellite mapping. A longed for the solitary travels of Australia. Thinking about the chicken patty sandwich I had the was a good one. At least I was happy with where I was at. And I do miss the friends I had there. Craig was actually born and raised in Santa Barbara, but had no desire to ever go back. He said, "What for?" He saw no redeeming qualities here either. I can't help but feel a little jelous of the guy, bnecause today I could see the place where we would fly our plans as if I was flying in one myself. (A little heart sick to be honest with you.)
   But top be thankful for something, I must say I'm thankful for the people who I work for and their faith in God. It's as if they are my family now because they are the only ones who hear of my problems and seem to make the problems much smaller than they are.
   As for the rest of you, I hope you can be thankful for your family and friends, because it the world we live in, most everyone has a price. Just be happy that they are not bough.
  Good day.

 December 3, 2008: 1:00am 
Uploaded at the public library where I could be cited for trespassing, camping or disrupting police business.
  Around here lately we've been hammered with the rumors about how "they" want to make a deal with me. Gee, how many times do I have to say it? It's just what the car dealers say to people because they want to look like the good guys. The fact is: the auto manufactures are not about to go around telling people that they want to make a deal with me when the truth of it is, they don't even want you to know I exist.
   Kinna silly to be even saying that around here when so many have read my shit and they know that I want to build it on my own. They also realize I can build a better truck anyway so why even bother putting it or even letting it go on to one of theirs.
     Basically  it would be detrimental to the invention to ever put one on to one of theirs. And if you don't get that, you are just too damn stupid to have one anyway.
    Morons, there are plenty of them out there and I don't think I'm the only one who thinks the same. And if you feel insulted by anything I write - what so ever - go tell someone who will give a damn.
    Some seem to think I need to have people like me, or as one guy said the other night that he couldn't respect me because I smashed my truck up. Well gee, you f__king moron, I don't give a dam what you think, I don't need to win any popularity contest because I'm the one who is driving the truck and you are not....

We are breeding stupid people here and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who give a damn, or even to say the least, "Smart enough to give a damn."

    Bottom line is the only way I see people getting the truck is by me selling my book. And so far, that doesn't look too promising. So if you are one of those people who tell me that they like my truck, you better learn how to read.

Oh yeah, on Thanksgiving and the day after, my web-site got a visitor from Tacoma. Kinna reminded me of the time I caught my parents driving by my place without stopping in.

New York has usually supplied the most visits to my web-site, fallowed by Washington DC. But lately Chicago has been in the lead and Toronto has been beating out DC.
     At first I thought it was because Obama had set up camp there, but the Toronto visits made me realized that the politicians don't really give a shit. It's the guys who make auto parts who wonder why they are building obsolete motorized horse and buggies.
(Maybe they are building the parts for the wrong people)
As far as the politicians are concerned, their only concern is the economy, and since the GATT Treaty was developed to stimulate economies after the war in 1947 on foreign countries, I seriously doubt they whether they give a damn if we are breeding stupid people.
  I got so much more, but I've got to get up early so I can go scrub a toilet.

Oh yeah, I had some other moron tonight, wanting his manager to call the cops on me. Gee, whatta Moron.
This guy has always gone around acting like he's my buddy. Should I include: Whatta idiot?
  Folks, we're are in deep shit. We got so many moons, what are we going to do with them? Let you daughter marry them? I feel sorry for you.

December 4, 2008:
  This morning I walked into the coffee shop and once again I were talking about me before I opened the door. However the guy inside could care less if I overheard what he was telling the others. He said, "he could save them but he doesn't want anything to do with them."
    Yeah I have to agree. Where I come from we don't sleep with the enemy. They've made my life a living hell and everyone has seen more inflation because of it. I would rather live in poverty and be the only one driving the truck the rest of my life than to see my invention on their trucks. Folks, these guys have tried to kill me and there is nothing I would like to see more than to witness their demise.
   If you are one of those brand loyal customers of theirs, I'd rather not see you driving my truck. Because supporting the Big Three auto manufactures is nothing short of supporting criminal activity.
   They are the bad guys and I can only hope that their own karma catches up to them.

December 5, 2008:
    Today I heard a conversation between a few locals that made it clear to me the results of the increased traffic to my web-site from the local community.
    The conversation was about bail out the auto manufactures are begging for. Now if I didn't hear the words form them, I wouldn't have bothered to say it myself because I really don't want to sound full of my self. However, they obviously have read enough of my stuff to have gotten the message quite clear without me even saying so.
    But for those of you who wonder what they were saying, I'll go ahead and fill you in on "their" opinions.
     Basically just as most people, they were against bailing out the auto manufactures and the lines that got me was: "They should give the money to him instead," said the lady. And the guy replied, "Yeah, at least he knows how to build a truck."
    Apparently they've been visiting my web-site and realize that it sure wouldn't be gambling their money away. And I would have to say myself, it would be pretty damn hard for me to lose money and it sure wouldn't take $34 billion to get it off the ground.     A   Lousy million would have me producing some kind of quantity. And think of what $10 million would do. And $10 billion would be they way to go if we were wanting me to produce a large volume of trucks.
   Now $25 billion would be righteous, and I wouldn't be back in two weeks saying I need $34 billion.
   But for some reason, I like the idea of starting out with reconditioned cabs from large trucks. I happen to think it would be the Green thing to do. In fact I wouldn't worry about my building my own until the supply of used cabs got a little short in supply. Or even make a new cab an option for more money.
   However, I happen to think the rearends should probably be ordered as new because it would be easier to order what I want directly from Dana than to go through reconditioning a used one. But then again, I bet there would be guys who would want to be in the business of reconditioning running gear.
   Oh well, that sounds kinna like a pipe dream doesn't it?

December 15, 2008:
    There has been a few people who have asked me why I haven't been writing much in my journal lately.
     To be frank about it, I've been a little burnt out about this whole Internet thing. Not only this web-site but what I find on the Internet as well. It's just the bad news. The idea that the government can even consider funding industries that operate so corruptly.
    Like Ford ripped the guy off who invented the delayed windshield wipers for fifteen years. Think about what the guy would have been able to do with the money if he was fifteen years younger.
    And just ask the people in the town of Yamba, Australia about the surfer in the little white van and the guys from Ford who went around town spreading rumors about the guy being a child molester. Sure they ran them out of town but why didn't they just throw them in jail? And why would anyone want their tax dollars to go to help these corrupt corporations out when what they should be doing is putting them out of business. They should not be allowed to exist and I find it hard to believe people will want to support such criminal activity..
    This week I rented the movie Hancock. I had to say that the script writer had a pretty good realization what isolation can do to a man.
    The super hero knew it was the right thing to do to get the bad guys, but he ended up hating the very people he was protecting. Of course the booze had something to do with it but the point is he was considered nothing more than a freak. (Like the scene where he goes, "What are you looking at!"
   There was something about the character I could identify with. Like the feeling that he didn't need to win any popularity contest. He didn't care if anyone liked him or not because he was just a solitary man with no friends because of his circumstances.
  Well in the movie, he ran across someone who cared enough to help him change his image and what people thought about him. But in my situation, all I witness is that all the people in the right places don't really give a damn.
   Like I can't tell you how many people have told me to tell Oprah about my story. Well, Oprah, Montel Williams, and the list goes on - already know about me.
    Oprah didn't give away 250 cars, General Motors did. And Oprah makes money off car commercials just like the others. The politicians are given money, just the same.
    Oprah and the others sell good news stories. Stories where their money have made a difference in making people's life's better. They are not about to tell you the bad stories about what kind of criminal activities their sponsors participate in.
     As phoney as they are, most people just say that you just have to except the good with the bad, but I'm a little upset to the fact that so many people just except the bad.
   Just like everyone had a story about a piece of junk car they had bought at one time, but they just except that they have no other choice but to buy their vehicles from bad guys even though they know that they are bad.
     Yet I have to live amongst people who try to tell me what a great place this is to be every day. Well apparently we do not live in the same world. No matter how many prayers I pray and no matter how many people I tell, and no matter how many people know about the situation; nobody is bold enough to stand up for what is right and do anything about it. They just roll over and play dead. To me, they are spineless and how can you even expect me to like them. The list of people I despise goes on so long, it's just unimaginable. 
    Like I'm suppose to care whether I'm respected or liked by anyone, when I find it difficult to like or respect anyone in return.
    All I can say is that I'm real and being phony just isn't my thing. So if you are one of those people who don't like me for one thing or another, go ahead and ask me if I even care?
   I'm the last person in the world who wants to be spreading the bad news and at the same time, I'm suppose to entertain you so that you will like me.
    However, I've checkout other web sites. And what I find is that everyone is doing the same thing. The people with blogs are usually reading through the newspapers every morning, looking for some news they can rehash in their own words. The video channels are all about sound bits or random acts of stupidity. And of course the web is a good place to post your artistic creations.
    But where are the ones by the Albert Enstiens and Teslas. However there are plenty of the inventnow sites where the main goal is to see if you are stupid enough to hand them over your invention.
    And of course there are the ones where you can chat about your car or truck as if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    But then you may wonder that the goal of this web-site is. Well, I was hoping that it would get the patent laws changed, and on the other hand I was hoping it would help sell my book so I could build more trucks like mine, but apparently that isn't going to happen for one reason or another. So what the hell am I doing here then? Wasting my time?

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November 11, 2007 thru April 27, 2008

February 27, 2007 thru November 3rd, 2007

September 20. 2006 thru February 20, 2007

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